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Here’s what some Handyman Club
of America members had to say about the Rapid Shark™…..
This is one of the best tools I have in my tool bag. I’ve used it for stripping electrical wires
[and] cutting cedar shakes. Replacing the blade is a snap, and the handy extra blade stor-
age is so easy to use. Everyone should have a Rapid Shark in their tool bag or box.
Todd Gianotti, New Hampshire

I have used the utility knife with wire stripper for one month. Ease of cutting, excellent.
Handy wire stripper, super. This utility knife has an excellent feel when using it for all
occasions. The best utility knife on the market. I recommend it to all.
Mitch Eisenberg, Arizona

I used it on several electrical jobs – it worked well. All the tools I need in one package.
Blade storage was handy. Did not get in the way. Very compact design and easy to use. I
liked it!
Steven King, Kansas

I really enjoyed using the razor blade part of the Shark. The serrated teeth worked well.
For quick wire jobs the wire cutters and stripper did the job.
Fred Folts, Michigan

The design of the tool is very creative in incorporating the wire stripper with the retract-
able cutting blade. It is useful for cutting drywall and electrical work.
Ed McCandless, Pennsylvania

Love the quick change knife blade. Don’t have to find a screwdriver to change the blade.
It has so many useful features in one compact tool!
Charles Peterson, Washington

The overall usefulness of this product is without equal.
James Welch, Kansas

I must say your Shark product is the best tool I have ever used for wire stripping, cutting,
and [as a] utility knife. I have recommended your product to my co-workers and friends.
Donald V., Texas

It eliminates the need for two tools. The wire stripper worked great and the utility knife is
sturdy and sharp.
Lawrence Corkey

I wired an entire machine shed with the Shark. [It was] nice not switching tools any time I
needed a knife. It is easily manipulated with one hand.
Harold Hubner
                                                                           Rapid Tools – April 2008

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