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									The Georgia QSO Party

       Get All 159
     counties on the

           The first GQP was 1962
  One or two events may have been missed
   along the way but next time it the 50th
                  Georgia QSO Party

                 The second full weekend in April. Two sessions
                         Saturday 1800z to 0400z (Sun)
                      Sunday 1400z to 2400z (10 Hrs each session)

               GA Stations work everyone, Everyone else
                              works GA
                                  160/80/40/20/15/10/6 *
                               Phone: 1.865, 3.810, 7.225, 14.250, 21.300, 28.450, 50.135
                               CW: 1.815, 3.545, 7.045, 14.045, 21.045, 28.045, 50.095

                       Classes: Mixed/PH/CW (RTTY, PSK etc in CW)
                     Plaques, Prizes, and Certificates are awarded to winners in
                     Club, State, County, PH, CW, Mixed, other categories…

Breakfast ??         *Most active bands
GA looks for States (51),
Provinces (13),
And DX.
 – DX are not mults, but count as QSO Points
Everyone else looks for GA Counties (159)
Rovers are “new” as they change counties
Mults are per mode, but not per band.
Points – PH=1 CW=2
See gqp.contesting .com for full rules and a list of counties and provinces
                    2010 Stats:
                    355 logs, 49,783 QSOs +
                    158 Counties activated (Burke) +
                    51 State/Provinces entered =
                    19 Rovers were on the road +
                    111 GA Stations -
                    228 State/Prov -
                    16 DX Stations +
                    119 Mixed Entries -
                    133 CW Entries -
                    103 PH Entries -
Top: Greg,
NM2L in snow
flurries in April
                                                Operating Hints
                                                You send and Log:
                                                 “W4AW 599 BIBB” (or the actual county you are in)
                                                GA Stations- Do not send GA in the exchange, always send a county.
                                                You do not have to add any /M, /COBB, or other suf f ix to the call.

                                                You Receive and Log:
                                                “W0BH 599 KS” -when working an out of state station
                                                The location should be one of the 51 State or 13 Province abbreviations.
                                                 -ARRL sections should not be used.
  Use the standard                              We do sort out "VE3" as "ON" and some other variations f or Canada.
 2 letter postal                                MD is separate f rom DC.
 abbreviations for
 the states.
                                                When working a DX station, log "DX" as the location, not the country
                                                pref ix.
                                                “PA3ARM 599 DX” -as an example of what you would log.
                                                We do also check f or slips here and try to f ix them if we can.

                                                When working another GA station, Log the County abbreviation, not "GA"
                                                NE4S 599 COBB - f or example
Alberta [AB] for (VE6, VA6)                     If the station does not send the County, you can log "GA" as a last resort.
British Columbia [BC] for (VE7, VA7)            You will get credit f or GA as a state multiplier worked when you log a GA
Manitoba [MB] for (VE4, VA4)                    county.
New Brunswick [NB] for (VE9)                    GA counties are not multipliers f or GA stations, but do count f or QSO
Newfoundland/Labrador [NL] for (VO1, VO2)       points.
Northwest Territories [NT] for (VE8)
Nova Scotia [NS] for (VE1, VA1, CY9, CY)        This last item gives rise to the oddity that "GA" should not be in any of the
Nunavut [NU] for (VY0)                          logged Qs f or GQP. But GA should be used f or Location in the header.
Ontario [ON] for (VE3, VA3)
Prince Edward Island [PE] for (VY2)             Out of state stations and DX should sent their locations as in the
Quebec [QC] for (VE2, VA2)                      examples above.
Saskatchewan [SK] for (VE5, VA5)                The list of Abbreviations and Multipliers is at
Yukon [YT] for (VY1)                  
                                                along with the f ull rules.

                                                Log all the dupes, it is f aster and is sorted out in score processing.
 Top Pic: John, K4BAI
                                                Do your best, the score process is very forgiving.
 Eavesdrop on John for “On-the-Air” operating
         Rovers…. They make it fun!
                                Rovers may use a driver and be Single
                                – Rover must do all operating and logging
                                – Safety first, some laws may apply here
                                Rovers are not classed by power
                                – Run as much as you can
                                – All are grouped together for awards
                                A rover may also submit a separate
                                home log
                                – Home county is not in the Rover Run Log.
                                – Saturday day on the road, Sunday at home
                                Fixed stations are grouped QRP/LP/HP
Now That’s a Rover!!            – 5W/150W/1500W
3 el A3 with 40M kit
30 foot Pneumatic mast
Ft1000mp, 500w TenTec
                                Fixed Stations may split to CW and PH
(I wish I had it back!! NE4S)   – But not enter as Mixed also, Qs are to be
                                  used once
Rare Counties
It seems that the one we miss is the "rare" one.
 – It is hard to say what misfortune befalls the rovers or why no fixed
     station got on the air from some counties.
At is a historical record of
counties we have missed in recent years.
A good route would be one that visits a few of those counties that had 0Q's
or have a low ham population as part of a trip you would find enjoy.
We try to coordinate activity of Rovers and Fixed operation. Please let us
know of your plans at as soon as you can.
Fixed and Rover can also post listings at
Middle and Southern counties “tend” to be missed.
Burke was only 2010 miss
Terrell and Twiggs were the only ones missed in 2009! Echols, Atkinson, Wilcox,
Seminole, Berrien, McDuffie, Glascock, Hancock, Lincoln, Charlton, Jasper, Jenkins,
Screven, Burke, Brantley, Elbert, Hart, Franklin, Jones, Putnam, Dade, Baldwin,
Pickens, Liberty, Stephens, Richmond, and Columbia have been missed in prior years.
Put some rovers on the road
Get your club and county members active

  Top Pic: Tad, WF4W, and his portable station in rare Seminole Co.
Your Club - Your County
 How can your club participate?
 Sponsor a plaque or prize

 Put the GQP link on you site
 Get your members active in GQP
    And enter a log with your club
    designated for score.

 Get some rovers out on the road
 -Short runs, 2-10 counties nearby

 Put your club station for GQP
Remember to use your “Official” club name when
entering your club.
 – Everyone spell it the same way, avoid abbreviations.
 – Use ARRL registered Club name if you have registered
 – Send a note to to get your
   plan posted on the web site.

Help is available for log problems (Late, Missing, Didn’t do a log, ???)
 – Contact NE4S ASAP after the Party Dates.
If your club was not entered in last GQP---
Perhaps scores went to other area clubs
– SECC – SEDXC – Local – County
– SECC and SEDXC are NOT eligible for club awards
In March or early April have a GQP
presentation at your club meeting.
Use this PowerPoint, or invite one of the GQP
Team to your meeting.
                       Logging Programs

 WinGQP by NE4S,                   Free at:                    GQPLOG byW4GKF, DOS based, Free at:            

   N3FJP Software

                                  Supports most State QSO Parties       Supports 7QP,AQP,AK,CQP,CO , FQP,
                                  Free Download.                        GQP,ILL, IND, LA, MQP,MN,MS,NEQP,NC,
                                                                        OQP, OK,PA,TN,TX,WA,WI QSO (and more).
                                                                        GPS Enabled software, Free Download

Free at:
                                         CT by K1EA    Supports CQP,FQP,NEQP                          NA by K8CC
                                            Free Download                            Supports major QSO Parties.
                                                                                  Can add a QSO Party with TE utility.
 More at:                                      Free Download
               State QSO Parties
                                                       The Georgia QSO Party

 Florida QSO Party

                     South Carolina   North Carolina

Texas QSO Party
                            Thank you
 Donations for plaques are $20 currently.
  – You will be listed as a sponsor on the plaque, and on our web
  – Contact Chaz, W4GKF at
 Donations for the bonus prizes can be made by a note to Skip, K4EAK

                              The GQP team
Jim, W4QO and Bob, W2WG are on the team for GQP 50

            Greg, NM2L, Scott, KB4KBS, and Skip, K4EAK have joined us in 2010.

Mike NE4S     Chaz W4GKF            Lee WI4R        John K4BAI    Gordon K 4OD

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