Daytona Rear High Wing Spoiler Installation Instructions

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					                                         Daytona Rear High Wing Spoiler
                                                Installation Instructions
                                            Application: 2005–Daytona Pickup Model

Before installing this product, read through the entire installation procedure and
check to make sure all items are present.

Packaging List for Complete Rear High Wing Spoiler Kit

Item                                        Quantity
Molded Spoiler (#DAYHW-04)                       1
Footpad Gasket, RH (#DAY-011-0002)               1
Footpad Gasket, LH (#DAY-011-0001)               1
9/16” Cable Clamp (#19563 DAY-011-0009)          2
15/16” O.D. X 3/4” I.D. Rubber
        Grommet (#4433 DAY-011-0007)             2
Push Pin (#4696488 DAY-011-0006)                 2
Ball Stud (#5JR31-007)                           2
M6-1.0 Flanged Nut (#DAY-011-0005)               2
M6 Hex-Head Screw and Washer
        (#AH-0198-011-02)                        2
M6 X 10 mm Hex-Head Bolt (#DAY-011-0003)         2                                 FOOTPAD GASKETS
M6 Flat Washer (#DAY-011-0004)                   2
D-Pillar Bracket with Weldnut (#REBRK-04)        2

Equipment and Supplies Required
15 mm Socket
Pneumatic Torque Wrench (Torque Control Tool)
Drill                                                         BALL STUD WITH FLANGED NUT
Center Punch Tool
Vacuum System
Touch-up or Rust Inhibitor
                                                            HEX-HEAD SCREW
Deburr Tool                                                  WITH WASHER           CABLE CLAMP
Pneumatic Caulk Gun
Mix Tubes
Alcohol Wipes
Gap Blocks
                                                          GROMMET       PUSH PIN
Pliers                                                                                HEX-HEAD BOLT
                                                                                     WITH FLAT WASHER
Suggested Materials
Mopar® Structure Adhesive Kit (#05017148AA)                                  BRACKET
Mopar® Adhesive Dispenser (#05016571AA)

1104-R03030048-AA                           Page 1 of 7                          1-800-59-ROUSH
 1.   Installation Precautions                        3.     Installation Preparation
      1. Place ignition switch in the OFF                    1. Lower the tailgate.
          position.                                          2. Remove the two tail lamp
      2. Always apply the parking brake                         assembly screws from inside
          when working on a vehicle.                            the inner bed area. (See
      3. Block the front and rear tire                          FIGURE A.)
          surface to prevent unexpected
          vehicle movement.
      4. Operate the engine only in well-
          ventilated areas to avoid
          exposure to carbon monoxide.
      5. Do not smoke or use flammable
          items near or around the fuel
      6. Use chemicals and cleaners in
          well-ventilated areas.
      7. Batteries produce explosive
          gases, which can cause personal
          injury. Therefore, do not allow                  FIGURE A
          flames, sparks or flammable
          substances to come near the                        3. Carefully pull the tail lamp
          battery.                                              assembly out using a straight
      8. Keeps hands and any other                              rearward motion. (See
          objects away from the radiator                        FIGURE B.) Release the tabs
          fan blades.                                           from the grommets and rest the
      9. Keep yourself and your clothing                        tail lamp assembly out of the
          away from moving parts when                           way.
          the engine is running.
      10. Do not wear loose clothing or
          jewelry that can get caught in
          rotating parts or scratch surface
2.    Pre-Installation
      1. Wear eye protection.
      2. Thoroughly clean tailgate before
         starting installation.
      3. Park the vehicle in a position
         that provides adequate access to
         the truck bed rear and sides.                          FIGURE B

                                                             4. Use the same steps to disengage
                                                                the tail lamp assembly on the
                                                                opposite side.

1104-R03030048-AA                       Page 2 of 7                             1-800-59-ROUSH
         5. Pull off the tailgate bumpers. Cut
            and remove the bumper push
            pins. (See FIGURE C.)

                                                         FIGURE E

                                                                3. Position the right and left side
                                                                   templates to the truck as follows.
                                                                   (See FIGURE F.)
                                                                    a. Line up the curved corner of
                                                                        the template with the
                                                                        curved corner of the truck
                                                                        rail. The cap post hole
                                                                        should be located directly
FIGURE C                                                                below the one represented
                                                                        on the template. Tape the
4.     Template Installation                                            template in place.
                                                                    b. Fold the long edge of the
         1. Obtain the installation template.                           template down and tape it
            Lay it out on a flat surface and                            in place.
            review the information. Be sure                         c. Fold the short portion of the
            to understand the shape and                                 template in place against
            orientation of the template                                 the inner truck bed. Tape it
            before cutting.                                             in place.
         2. Using scissors, cut along the
            marked lines to obtain a right
            and left side template. (See
            FIGURE D and FIGURE E.)

                                                         FIGURE F

                                                                4. Mark the center point of the
                                                                   cable/grommet hole and bracket
                                                                   bolt hole shown on the template.
                                                                   Refer to the drawing included.
                                                                   (See FIGURE F.)

1104-R03030048-AA                          Page 3 of 7                               1-800-59-ROUSH
      5. Center punch the marked areas
         to prepare them for drilling.
      6. Drill the cable/grommet hole and
         bracket bolt hole. (See
         FIGURE G.)

                                                      FIGURE H


      7. Deburr the drilled holes.
      8. Repeat the procedure on the
          opposite side of the truck.
      9. Mark the center points of the
          spoiler forward and rear fastener
                                                      FIGURE I
          holes shown on the template.
          Refer to the drawing included.
      10. Center punch the marked areas                   15. Press the grommets into the
          to prepare them for drilling.                       cable/grommet holes.
      11. Drill the fastener holes.                       16. Obtain a vacuum and remove the
      12. Deburr the drilled holes.                           debris from the bed area.
          (See FIGURE H.)
      13. Repeat the procedure on the                 5. Spoiler Installation
          opposite side of the truck.
      14. Apply clear sealer/touchup paint                1. Install the mounting hardware.
          to the drilled holes.                                  a. Apply adhesive to the ball stud
          (See FIGURE I.)                                           bracket. (See FIGURE J.)

                                                      FIGURE J

1104-R03030048-AA                       Page 4 of 7                                  1-800-59-ROUSH
         b. Install the bracket into position
            through the tail lamp opening.
            Press it firmly into place.
            Ensure that the bracket and
            holes align properly.
            (See FIGURE K.)

                                                        FIGURE M

   FIGURE K                                                 2. Place the spoiler assembly onto a
                                                               protected, clean surface with the
         c. Using a socket or wrench,                          mounting surface facing up.
            install the hex-head bolt and                   3. Clean the gaskets and spoiler
            washer through the side of the                     mounting surfaces with an alcohol
            truck bed into the bracket.                        wipe. Allow to dry 3-5 minutes.
            (See FIGURE L.)                                 4. Locate and install the gaskets on
                                                               the mounting surfaces. (See
                                                               FIGURE N.)


        d. Install the ball stud in the
           bracket. Place the ball stud nut
           in position by hand through the
           tail lamp opening. Insert the                   FIGURE N
           ball stud down through the
           bracket and hand-thread it into
           the nut. Hold the nut in
           position with a socket and
           tighten the ball stud with a
           flat-head screwdriver. (See
           FIGURE M.)

1104-R03030048-AA                         Page 5 of 7                              1-800-59-ROUSH
    5. Using two technicians, hold the                  10. From the underside of the truck
       spoiler over the mounting holes and                  bed rail, locate and hand thread the
       feed the cables through the upper                    mounting bolts up through the rail
       post holes in the upper bed rails                    into the spoiler. (See FIGURE Q.)
       through and out the grommet
       holes. (See FIGURE O.)

                                                      FIGURE Q

FIGURE O                                                11. Using a 15 mm socket and torque
                                                            wrench, tighten the mounting bolts
    6. Install the cable end loops around                   to 85 lb-in.
       the tailgate latch strikers. (See                12. Check that the spoiler is mounted
       FIGURE P.)                                           securely and fits flush against the
                                                            bed rails.
                                                        13. Take out slack from the cables.
                                                            Feed excess cable back into the bed
                                                        14. Install 9/16” clamps onto the
                                                            cables. (See FIGURE R.)


    7. With the cables through the holes,
       position the rear end of the spoiler
       to the ball stud.
    8. Using a downward/forward motion,
       push the spoiler forward until it
       locks into place on the ball stud.                FIGURE R
    9. Position the forward end of the
       spoiler onto the truck.

1104-R03030048-AA                       Page 6 of 7                             1-800-59-ROUSH
    15. Push the cable loop ends against
        the base of the tailgate latch
        strikers. Place the tailgate bumpers
        into position. Install the bumpers
        using two new push pins. (See
        FIGURE S.)


    16. Carefully push the tail lamp
        assembly back into the opening so
        the tabs engage. Install two
        mounting screws from the inside of
        the inner bed area. Repeat on the
        opposite side of the truck.
    17. Close the tailgate and check that it
        engages properly.

1104-R03030048-AA                        Page 7 of 7   1-800-59-ROUSH

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