5 Off Page SEO Tips

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					5 Off Page SEO Tips

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Succeeding online happens when the right traffic gets to your website. Success, for your
business, could be internet sales. It could also be an increase in foot traffic to your brick and

mortar store. Whatever your measure of success is, getting a lot of the right sort of website
traffic can help you achieve it.

Adding unique content to your website can definitely help your SEO. But another thing that can
help you is an effective off page campaign as well. Off page search engine optimisation
campaigns drive up your website’s rankings and will also drive targeted human traffic to your

site as well. Here are five tips for off page SEO success:

Do Blog Commenting

Blog comments can create valuable links. Comment on DOFOLLOW blogs that are related to

your niche and the link that points back to your site or blog could be considered a popularity
vote and could increase your site’s perceived relevancy to your subject matter. The more
relevant Google believes your site is to your topic, the better for your site. Where possible,
comment on blogs with an even more established presence than yours.
Tip: Don’t spam other blogs; your comments won’t get through. Provide valuable contributions
to conversations and you’ll have a better chance of achieving a link and of directing traffic from
that blog to your own site.

Participate on Relevant Forums

There are several ways forums can help you with off page SEO. Forums typically allow

signature lines that allow you to put a link to your site. Every time you start a thread or respond
to a thread, your signature link will show up on the site. Search engines and people could both
pay attention to those links.

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Create Some Link Wheels

Many Web 2.0 sites can be utilized as part of an off page SEO campaign. Squidoo, for instance,
allows you to create a topical online page. This is like an article but can have some interactive
qualities as well. You can feed videos, RSS feeds, images, comments, and other elements

through them to drive up your rankings and bring traffic to your website.

Leverage Video Marketing

Video marketing can point people to your website. Videos can go viral so if someone posts your

video on their site, this could result in plenty of attention for your website. If you don’t have
videos, you can even turn your blog posts into video presentations.

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds can be easily subscribed to in order to drive people to your website when you publish
a new blog post or something similar. RSS feeds can also be submitted to RSS directories and
other services and being picked up could bring you traffic and increased rankings as well. Try
adding your blog feed to services such as Google Reader, FriendFeed, and

Online Press Releases

Write and submit press releases can do a lot for your website. They have huge viral potential

and could make a massive difference to your SEO efforts. If you don’t know how to do this,
your SEO Company can help you.

It takes a diversified approach to succeed online, especially if you’re in a competitive market. A
solid on page and off page SEO strategy could help you increase your rankings, increase your
popularity, and boost your online profile.

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