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					Spa & Treatment Rooms
terms & conditions
Your Day in the Spa        Personal items         Booking policy
We ask that you arrive     We recommend           Credit card details will
15 minutes before          that you look after    be required to book
your appointment to        your valuables, as     any treatments of 2
either fill in a medical   we cannot accept       hours or more.
questionnaire if you       responsibility for
are a new client or        their loss.            Cancellation policy
to simply relax prior                             If you wish to cancel
to your treatment.         Reservations           your appointment,
If you are late for        We recommend that      please provide 24hrs
an appointment, it         your Spa reservation   notice, otherwise 50%
may be necessary           be made at least 3     of the treatment cost
to reduce the time         weeks in advance of    will be charged.
allocated to your          your treatment.        If you are on a pre-
treatment in order                                paid course, your
not to inconvenience                              treatments may be
other clients; however                            deducted.
the full treatment
charge will be levied.
    facial treatments

     body treatments

  body scrubs and wraps

sun and tanning treatments


 manicures and pedicures

    beauty treatment
facial treatments

                            Refresher Facial                                  Lakeside Aromatherapy Facial
                            A refining and cleansing introductory             This Aromatic Facial is based on
                            Facial based on Hungarian Moor Mud,               the ancient and influential art of
                            which refines and re mineralises dull,            Aromatherapy. Centred on a global
                            lifeless skin.                                    bouquet of skin renewing aromatic oils, a
                            30 minute treatment                    £30        sensory experience that imparts complete
                                                                              relaxation. 90 minute version includes an
                                                                              invigorating foot soak, foot massage and
                            European Deep Cleansing Facial                    couperose ampoule.
                            (Customised Facial)                               60 minute treatment                     £55
                            A purifying treatment which includes a            90 minute treatment                     £75
                            gentle exfoliating peel to remove dull
                            surface skin cells, deep-cleansing masque
                            and botanical extracts to rejuvenate and          Teenage Facial
                            nourish the skin.                                 A deep cleansing facial treatment for
                            60 minute treatment                    £55        Teenagers which includes a gentle
                            includes a facial massage                         exfoliating peel to remove dull surface
                            75 minute treatment                         £65   skin cells, extractions and masque to
                            includes a facial and acupressure massage
                                                                              calm and balance the skin. The Client
                                                                              will be educated on their skin and how to
                            Antioxidant Vitamin C Facial
                                                                              properly treat it.
                            This Facial antioxidants, including
                                                                              60 minute treatment                     £45
                            Spirulina Algae rich in protein, vitamins,
                            minerals and Botanical Extracts, to
                            combat premature aging, disrupt hyper
                            pigmentation and provide skin with a
                            healthy glow looking smoother and
                            younger looking. Includes a Vitamin C
                            Ampoule to take away after the treatment.
                            90 minute treatment                        £85
                                                                                                  facial treatments

Mother To Be Facial                             Gentlemen’s Facial                                Soothing After Sun Facial
This deep cleansing, relaxing Facial            A deep-cleansing, therapeutic Facial              An après-sun Facial which soothes,
treatment for the expectant Mother is           designed specifically for the special skin        hydrates and nourishes skin that has been
anything but basic. It includes a gentle        care needs of Men. Relaxes the Skin as it         over exposed to the elements. Includes a
peel, a relaxing face, neck and shoulder        refines Pores. Includes a luxurious massage       calming Lavender and Aloe masque as
massage and a re mineralising masque to         and deep-cleansing masque. Specifically           well as a cooling application of hydrating
rejuvenate and balance the Skin.                addresses sensitivity and razor burn.             Botanicals to protect skin while calming
60 minute treatment                      £55    60 minute treatment                        £55    redness.
                                                                                                  30 minute treatment                      £35

Facial Upgrades                  The following can be added to any facial as an additional treatment.

Vitamin C Ampoule                               Intensive Repair Ampoule                          Eye Rescue
This antioxidant treatment strengthens skin     A Healing and Soothing Treatment for Cell         This intensive eye treatment is designed to
elasticity and helps prevent premature          rejuvenation. Lending elasticity and firmness     diminish fine lines and wrinkles up to 27%,
aging caused by UV exposure.                    to skin tissue, visibly smoother and more         improve dark circles, relieve puffy eyes,
extra treatment                           £15   youthful.                                         improve clarity and totally rejuvenate
                                                extra treatment                          £15      this delicate area for brighter, more
Couperose Ampoule                                                                                 luminescent eyes.
HYDRATING ANTI-REDNESS TREATMENT -              Glycolic Treatment                                extra 30 minute treatment £20
Gentle - This anti-redness serum cools,         This exfoliation treatment helps to refine skin
calms and leaves the skin feeling velvety       texture, minimize the appearance of fine
soft. Benefits fragile capillaries.             lines and encourage a balanced skin tone.
extra treatment                          £15    extra treatment                             £15

Kerstin Florian - Established over 30 years their products are formulated to help
maintain the natural balance, elasticity and appearance of healthy, youthful skin.

body treatments

                            Lavender Dreams Ultimate                       Marine Therapy Detox Kur
                            Experience (Aromatherapy)                      (Thalassotherapy)
                            Relax. Dreams of Lavender, inhale the          Spirulina Algae, rich in trace elements,
                            calming and balancing benefits of wild         is believed to cleanse the body from
                            lavender in this completely uplifting          impurities as it simultaneously nourishes
                            and rejuvenating spa experience which          the body with vitamins, oxygen and amino
                            includes an invigorating full body scrub,      acids. A dry brush is followed by the wrap
                            a warm wrap, and body massage                  and a crème and oil application.
                            including stones.                              90 minute treatment                     £115
                            90 minute treatment                     £95

                            Lakeside Aromatherapy Kur                      Gentlemen’s Kur
                            (Aromatherapy)                                 This energising treatment uses essential
                            This unique treatment begins with a            oils, leaving the body relaxed and
                            foot soak and foot massage, then an            revitalised. The treatment begins with a
                            invigorating mineral salt and essential        brisk salt/eucalyptus oil exfoliation followed
                            oil exfoliation followed by a luxurious        by a relaxing massage.
                            aromatherapy massage using essential           90 minute treatment                        £105
                            oils chosen by the guest. Includes
                            Aromatherapy Bath Kit
                            90 minute treatment                     £105

                                                                       Lakeside Park Hotel and Spa
                                                                        ...indulge, relax and renew
                                                                                                 body scrubs

Thermal Mineral                                 Turkish Salt
A deep cleansing body exfoliation utilising     An invigorating thermal mineral salt
a thermal mineral Body Scrub based on           exfoliation. Rich in minerals and
granulated pumice stone, thermal minerals       trace elements, with your choice of
and aromatherapy oils.                          Aromatherapy oils.
30 minute treatment                       £40   30 minute treatment                       £40

Gentle Chamomile
Luxury Scrub                                    Lavender Crush
Chamomile and gentle granulated pumice          Starts with an invigorating full body
stone are swirled over the body to gently       exfoliation to detoxify the skin. Lavender
buff delicate skin types. The treatment         Body Spray is massaged into the body.
is completed with the application of a          Known for its healing and soothing benefits,
delicately scented chamomile body spray         Lavender also draws out toxins and
or chamomile body lotion. 30 min version        balances the senses.
includes application of Chamomile Body          60 minute treatment                        £55
Spray. 60 min version includes 2-step scrub,
Chamomile Body Crème application and
60 minute treatment                      £55
30 minute treatment                      £40

Beautiful skin for every woman at every age

body wraps

                            Spirulina Wrap                                    Sunless Tanning Treatment
                            Using an all-natural, live Spirulina Algae,       Kerstin Florian has searched worldwide for
                            this seaweed treatment imparts essential          natural elements to create the most natural
                            vitamins, minerals and protein to nourish and     looking tan without the sun. This luxurious
                            revitalise the body. Very effective when used     treatment begins with a gentle exfoliation
                            as part of a slimming or nourishing program.      and continues with an application of a
                            Includes a mini-Facial during the wrap.           botanical firming sunless tanning lotion.
                            60 minute treatment                         £65   60 minute treatment                         £45

                            Essential Oil Wrap                                Hydrating Wrap
                            This luxurious application of selected            The perfect hydrating treatment for dry, sun
                            Aromatherapy Oils mixed with re mineralising      exposed skin. Pure Algae blended with Aloe
                            body crème relieves muscle tension,               Vera is warmed and applied with essential
                            promotes detoxification and hydration.            oils of your choice to create this fast
                            During the wrap, drift peacefully through a       absorbing therapy which soothes the body.
                            face and scalp massage.                           The guest will also enjoy a luxurious scalp,
                            60 minute treatment                       £55     foot and hand massage.
                                                                              60 minute treatment                         £55

                                                       Touch was never meant to be a luxury,
                                                    the healing hands of touch are reciprocal
                                                                                 manicures & pedicures

Aromatherapy Manicure                          Moor Mud /Spirulina Pedicure
This Deluxe Manicure incorporates              This Pedicure helps to stimulate circulation
a unique French Gommage hand                   as well as revitalise and re mineralise tired
exfoliation treatment. The Hands are           feet. Using the purifying and remineralising
soaked in thermal minerals, the cuticles       Moor Mud (Spirulina Masque optional),
enriched with our special Myrrh Nail           the feet are wrapped in thermal bags
Oil. A relaxing hand and arm massage           and heating booties. A remineralising foot
completes the treatment.                       bath, and massage with therapeutic Foot
Suitable for Men & Women                       Balm follows.
60 minute treatment (with polish)       £45    75 minute treatment (with polish)          £75

Alpine Foot Treatment                          File And Polish
Begins with a relaxing foot soak in Thermal    Basic file and polish using Nail Varnishes
Mineral salts. Rough skin is exfoliated        from the Jessica Range.
with a creamy Eucalyptus salt mixture          15 minute treatment                      £15
then soothed with a massage featuring
a natural foot balm rich in Menthol,
Eucalyptus and Lavender.
60 minute treatment (with polish)        £45

Our facilities are unsurpassed on the Island
with attention to detail on every level


                            Lakeside Signature Massage                         Pregnancy massage
                            We invite you to enjoy an unsurpassed              With this nurturing massage your therapist will
                            level of relaxation in this enhanced classic       soothe and calm your ever changing body
                            Swedish massage. Choose from a selection           through this special time, leaving you feeling
                            of aromatherapy oils. Enjoy soothing menthol       pampered and indulged.
                            foot balm massaged into the feet. Treatment        60 minute treatment                         £60
                            finishes with an acupressure facial and scalp
                            90 minute treatment                          £60

                            Back, Neck &
                            Shoulder Massage                                   Extremities Massage
                            A deeply relaxing massage, relieving tension       Pampering for hands, head and feet. This
                            and stress in the back, neck and shoulder          treatment begins with a luxurious foot bath
                            area. This massage will leave you refreshed        and massage including signature Pressure
                            and relaxed.                                       Points. The treatment continues with an hand
                            30 minute treatment                       £30      and arm massage, shoulders and neck, and
                                                                               finishes with a Scalp massage.
                            Classic Full Body Massage                          60 minute treatment                        £60
                            A massage created to give you an all over
                            experience of manipulative techniques,
                            releasing stress, tension and toxins.
                            60 minute treatment                     £45

                                                                             Expert hands by qualified
                                                                     therapists will ensure your stresses
                                                                        of everyday life will disappear

Hot Stone Massage                              Soothing & Detoxifying Massage                 Hopi Ear Candling
A full body massage using warm basalt          This massage concentrates on the back of       Ear candling will balance and relieve
stones anointed with aromatherapy oils,        the body. Beginning with a vigorous body       tinnitus, sinus blockage and help with
this luxurious massage leaves you deeply       brushing to increase circulation, then a       tension headaches, this ancient technique
relaxed and muscle tensions melt away.         warm moor mud masque is applied to the         is relaxing and soothing, treatment is
60 minute treatment                     £55    back area to cleanse and detoxify whilst       followed by a pressure point massage.
                                               your therapist massages the backs of the       45 minute treatment                    £26
                                               legs using lymphatic drainage movements.
Reflexology                                    The moor masque is then removed and a
Working on the reflexes of the feet this       deeply relaxing back massage will follow.
treatment aids balance and relaxation.         60 minute treatment                      £45
Energy pathways through the body are
cleared through the manipulation of mini
massage movements.
45 minute treatment                      £26

Indulge yourself and promote
ultimate relaxation

wedding packages

                            Mini Pamper Day
                            This is an indulgent treat ideal for Brides pre-wedding parties.
                            You will be welcomed into our Spa before your day of pampering. We will then
                            escort you to our Pool facilities, which include Sauna, Steam Room, Spa Pool,
                            10 metre Swimming Pool and Experience shower. A two course lunch including
                            a complimentary glass of house champagne awaits you in The Brasserie. Your
                            day concludes with a relaxing mini facial and back massage and full use of our
                            relaxation area. Please remember to bring swim wear and wear leisure clothing
                            for this relaxing treat.
                            minimum of five people required                                   £90 per person

                            Wedding Preparation Day
                            Let some of the stress of your wedding preparation drift away. Recommended a
                            few days prior to wedding day and ideal for the bride, bridesmaids and mothers
                            of the bride and groom.
                            You will begin your day using our pool facilities, which include: Sauna, Steam
                            Room, Spa Pool, 10 metre Swimming pool and experience shower. We will then
                            conclude your preparation day with a Refresher Facial, Express Pedicure, Aroma-
                            therapy Manicure* and an Eye brow shape.
                            price per person                                                              £100
                            *Manicure and Pedicure includes a polish. French polish extra £5.00

                                                                            Make your special day
                                                                               a spectacular day
                                                                                       wedding packages

Bride to Be                                                                            Professionally applied
A perfect way de-stress on the run up to the big day. Recommended a few                wedding make-up.
days prior to wedding day. We will begin your day with the Turkish scrub making        Discuss your exact wedding make-up needs at a
your skin super silky and ready for your honeymoon. Indulge in a refresher facial,     consultation and pre run, we can provide make-
express manicure and express pedicure* finishing your treatments with an eye           up application for the bride, and anyone in the
brow shape and lash tint.** Allow your polish to dry while you enjoy full use of our   bridal party that would like to feel extra special for
relax area with complimentary herbal tea of your choice.                               the big day. Prices are based on individual needs
price per bride                                                             £110.00    and requirements.
Use of spa facilities £10.00 extra                                                     Please book at least 10 weeks prior to the
*Manicure and Pedicure includes a polish. French polish extra £5.00                    wedding date.
**Tint test is required 24hrs prior to treatment

Stag Package
The ultimate way to start your stag celebrations. Relax using our pool facilities
including; Sauna, Steam Room, Spa Pool, 10 metre Swimming pool and experi-
ence shower. Then be escorted to the treatment room where you will receive a
back massage to soothe tired muscles and a gentleman’s facial which will leave
you thoroughly relaxed. Finish your day at the Brasserie and enjoy a 2 course
meal with a complimentary bottle of beer or glass of house wine.
price per person, minimum of 3 stags                                        £110.00

let the stress of your wedding day
drift away with our expert services

day spa programmes

                            Mini Pamper Day                                    Chill Out Spa Day
                            This is an indulgent treat for small groups and    Begin your day with a refreshing experience in
                            ideal for Brides pre-wedding parties.              the spa pool, sauna, steam room and swim
                            You will be welcomed you in our Spa before         in the 10metre pool. Then relax and enjoy the
                            your day of pampering. We will then escort         Brasserie with a two-course lunch.
                            you to our Pool area, which includes Sauna,        Finish your day with either a full body
                            Steam Room, Spa Pool and Swimming Pool. A          massage and eastern scalp massage or a 60
                            two course lunch including a complimentary         minute facial and back massage - Be totally
                            glass of house champagne awaits you in The         spoilt!
                            Brasserie. Your day concludes with a relaxing      price per person                         £100
                            mini facial and back massage and full use
                            of our relaxation area. Please remember to
                            bring swim wear and wear leisure clothing for      Two of a kind package
                            this relaxing treat.                               Pampering and massage for two at Lakeside
                            minimum of 5, price per person               £90   Park Hotel and Spa.
                                                                               This enjoyable and relaxing day includes full
                            Afternoon Delight    (from 2pm to 5pm only)        use of our pool area which includes spa,
                            This mini pamper session includes use of our       steam room, sauna and swimming pool. The
                            fantastic spa facilities including steam room,     Brasserie overlooking the lake, awaits you for a
                            spa pool, sauna and 10 metre swimming              three-course lunch including complimentary
                            pool. Then relax by having a taster back,          glass of wine.
                            neck and shoulder massage & a taster facial.       Finish your day with a full body massage and
                            Finish your afternoon by continuing on to          facial and leave totally revived and relaxed.
                            the Brasserie where you can indulge in a full      price per person                          £135
                            cream tea: to include tea or coffee, tea
                            cakes, and sandwiches.
                            £40.00 per person
                                                                       beauty treatments

Romantic Couples Spa Day
Treat your loved one to a pampering treat at       Waxing
Lakeside Park Hotel.                               Full leg            45   minutes     £24.00
Indulge in our Spa’s pool area, which includes     ½ leg               30   minutes     £17.00
steam room, sauna and swimming pool                Full leg & bikini   60   minutes     £33.50
before enjoying a Romantic three-course
                                                   Bikini              15   minutes     £ 9.50
lunch in our Brasserie overlooking the lake
including a complimentary glass of house           Underarm            15   minutes     £ 9.50
Champagne.                                         Eyebrow             15   minutes     £ 7.00
Finish your day with a soothing back massage       Lip/Chin            15   minutes     £ 6.50
to complete some well deserved “you” time.         Lip & Chin          15   minutes     £13.00
Based on two people, price per person £115
                                                   Back                30   minutes     £14.00
Deluxe Pamper Days                                 Chest               30   minutes     £12.00
Begin your day with use of our fantastic spa
facilities including steam room, spa pool,
sauna and 10 metre swimming pool. Then             Tinting
continue on to our Brasserie for a three-course
                                                   Eyelash tint        30 minutes       £12.00
lunch, including a complimentary glass of
house wine, finishing with a facial, full body
massage, and a choice of either a manicure         Eyebrow tint        15 minutes       £7.00
or pedicure in our spa.
price per person                            £160   Lash & brow tint    30 minutes       £19.00

For the very best in service and attention ask at
reception about our ‘Spa Membership’ packages

 Spa & Treatment Rooms
 Lakeside Park Hotel, Wooton Bridge
       Isle of Wight, PO33 4LJ

  Hotel Reception (01983) 882 266

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