Free Energy For Enslaved Humanity Now by takesales


									Free Energy For Enslaved Humanity Now

It seems a mere hundred years ago a Mr. Nikola Tesla offered the gift of
free energy for all humanity and J.P. Morgan said no. Mr. Edison, Mr.
Westinghouse and others in the know, said amen. Today's money power
and those in the know are still saying no. And today Mr. Frederick W.
Wells, Vice President of Future Energy Concepts Inc. and Mr. David
Seigler, President of Future Energy Concepts Inc., in Prescott, Arizona,
are offering the same gift. Unlike Mr. Tesla, they are not taking no for an

You see, today they do not need a banker to approve their gift. They need
the people to accept it. And they need the people to help them provide it.
They do not yet have a donation button at their web site because they
don't have an IT staffer to install one.

Volunteers anyone? But money is not the only way we have to accept
their gift.Just before I began writing this I checked their recently posted,
14 minute YouTube video, the whole world ought to see right now, if such
a thing was possible. The more people who see this, the more likely it will
come to market, downsized and improved.

If we check out the comments of the skeptics, the wanna be engineers
and the folks who are excited and delighted about this video, we will also
see Fred is connecting with people working on similar technology. Water
power just went open source. Nikola Tesla, who had some silly hope of
profiting from his gift, had only hostile competitors. But now we all know
who the bad guys are, we have a very rough idea of all they have cost us
the past century if we include the wars and the corporate monopolies.
And we see the new way can only be cooperative effort. Our cooperation
with Future Energy Concepts will put the war and power mongers on
notice. Nobody is taking them for an answer any more. Send this article
to everyone on your mailing list and in your social networks and see what
happens. But then, maybe you couldn't care less.Let us daily increase in:
wisdom, love, gratitude, reverence, healing, peace, joy, happiness,
laughter and prosperity.

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