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									PWS JD

                       JOB DESCRIPTION
JOB TITLE:                           PUPPY WALKING SUPERVISOR

DEPARTMENT/LOCATION:                 Puppy walking department.
                                     Operations -Dog Training School /
                                     DT office / Home based
                        Job title:   Puppy Walking Manager

                       Location:     Dog Training School / Home based

MAIN PURPOSE OF JOB:                 To manage a puppy walking
                                     scheme, including the recruitment,
                                     training, support and line
                                     management of approximately 50
                                     volunteers. To ensure the required
                                     number of volunteers are in place to
                                     take the allocation of six week old
                                     puppies from the breeding centre.
                                     Developing all puppies in line with
                                     standard operating practices,
                                     monitoring and reporting on the
                                     required social, temperamental and
                                     health standards. Problem solving,
                                     highlighting puppies to be
                                     withdrawn and supplying the agreed
                                     number of young dogs at the
                                     required standard for the
                                     commencement of their guide dog
                                     training. To act as an ambassador
                                     for Guide dogs, promoting good
                                     public image, actively supporting
                                     fundraising initiatives where
                                     appropriate and communicating the
                                     Association’s strategic direction.

DIRECT/INDIRECT           Direct:    Line management responsibility for
                                     approximately 50 volunteers made
                                     up of Puppy Walkers, Puppy
                                     Walking Mentors, and Puppy
                                     Walking Boarders.

V6   03 08 10                                                            1

                               Indirect:     The tutoring of Trainee Puppy
                                             Walking Supervisors as required.

Please attach an organisation chart of department showing where this job fits in.


Personal, capital or revenue budget:

Value of equipment:                          Equipment relating to Puppy
                                             Walking use i.e. training equipment
                                             and cages and runs. Information
                                             systems equipment, mobile
                                             telephone and a company vehicle.

Services provided:                           Management of a puppy walking
                                             scheme including: the recruitment,
                                             assessment, selection and on going
                                             training and development of
                                             volunteer Puppy Walkers, Puppy
                                             Walking Mentors and Puppy
                                             Walking Boarders.

                                             The provision of induction training
                                             and regular puppy class, training

                                             The provision of staff training and
                                             development within the department
                                             and as part of other technical
                                             training or induction programmes.

                                             Active support and liaison with
                                             other departments within the
                                             Association and externally in line
                                             with business need. This in
                                             particular will involve regular
                                             support for PR, fundraising and
                                             volunteering initiatives.

                                             Active participation in and data
                                             recording for various canine
                                             research projects aimed at better

V6   03 08 10                                                                       2

                                                             informing the health, social and
                                                             temperamental development of the

                                                             Support to the SPWS in the
                                                             selection and testing of potential
                                                             breeding stock.

Signature of Functional Director:..................................................Date: ....................

Signature of Head of Department: ...............................................Date: ....................

Signature of Line Manager: ..........................................................Date: ....................

Signature of Job Holder: ..............................................................Date: ....................


1. The management of a scheme to ensure that all puppies are suitably homed
   cared for and developed. This includes placing the allocated numbers in a
   timely fashion and managing volunteer holiday and sickness leave.

2. Identifying the scheme requirements and in liaison with volunteering actively
   promoting and advertising for the recruitment of Puppy Walkers, Puppy
   Walking Mentors and Boarders.

3. Responsibility for the recruitment, assessment and selection of Puppy
   Walkers, Mentors and Boarders.

4. The support, education, training, continual development and retention levels
   of all the volunteers for whom they have direct responsibility.

5. Setting and managing the workload of the Volunteer Mentors to enable
   additional support for new Puppy Walkers and those working on specific
   development plans with their puppies.

6. Assessing monitoring and recording the puppies’ social, educational,
   temperamental and physical development. This involves maintaining accurate
   and current documentation including CAS and Health records.

V6      03 08 10                                                                                             3

7. Identifying temperamental and behavioural issues and ensuring the
   application of appropriate problem solving solutions. Recommending puppies
   for assessment or withdrawal to Puppy Walking Manager or Senior Puppy
   Walking Supervisor.

8. Planning organising and conducting training classes on a regular basis to
   provide best practice, education and support to puppy walkers and boarders.
   This includes identifying and negotiating the cost of suitable venues.

9. Performance managing their volunteers, setting and reviewing objectives,
   initiating development plans and taking appropriate action in line with
   standard operating practice and volunteer policies and procedures.

10. Liaise with the SPWS regarding the suitability of potential breeding stock
    (PBS) and work in conjunction with DCWA on managing health procedures in
    preparation for final PBS assessment.

11. Assessing and deciding the appropriate time for castration and spaying,
    temporary boarding and the commencement of training in line with current
    operational guidelines, standards and requirements.

12. Investigating and documenting complaints, and accidents relating to puppies
    and volunteers and taking appropriate action, in line with the current
    complaints, volunteer grievance, disciplinary and health and safety guidelines
    and policies.

13. Encouraging and supporting effective liaison and communication with
    volunteers, technical staff, other departments and external bodies to promote
    PR, fundraising initiatives and Guide Dogs strategic objectives.

14. Organising and conducting inductions to inform new volunteers and staff
    about puppy walking and the aims and objectives of both the department and
    the Association.

15. Active involvement in and data recording for regular canine research projects.

16. Managing own learning and continued professional development including the
    involvement in ongoing projects and initiatives.

V6    03 08 10                                                                   4

                               JOB FACTORS

Judgement is required when:-

-     Making independent decisions on the timing and content of behavioural
      advice, placing and removing puppies from volunteer homes and general
      planning and organisation of own and volunteer workloads.

-     Assessing suitability and potential of volunteers as puppy walkers,
      mentors and boarders.

-     Identifying the needs and abilities of each volunteer and applying an
      appropriate training approach.

-     Allocating puppies to appropriate walkers taking into consideration breed
      and temperament of the dog, appropriate environment and the potential
      abilities of the volunteer puppy walker.

-     Providing appropriate advice, training and support to volunteers in line
      with their individual development needs their circumstances and the
      requirements of their puppies.

-     Assessment of temperamental and physical maturity when identifying the
      appropriate time for neutering and providing young adult dogs for training
      in line with operational need.

-     Identifying and deciding the appropriate approach and management of a
      temporary transfer or the removal of a puppy to alternative suitable home.

-     Applying appropriate techniques and solutions to resolve health and
      behavioural problems and communicating actions to the appropriate

-     Deciding, in liaison with the manager, about the ongoing suitability of
      volunteers and taking appropriate remedial action. This may include the
      withdrawal of puppies or dispensing with the services of individual

-     Identifying suitable puppy walkers and puppies for fundraising, PR
      activities and other media events in line with current policies

V6   03 08 10                                                                      5

-      Assessing the performance of trainee puppy walking supervisors, puppy
       walkers, mentors and puppy boarders and applying appropriate
       development approach.


As a lone worker, planning and organising is primarily the sole responsibility of
the worker.

This is required when:-

Planning and organising own workload including prioritising visits, puppy
placements, interviews, puppy classes, training and administration and to ensure
appropriate resources are in place to cover variations in puppy numbers and
volunteer circumstances.

This involves planning and organising;

-      Group based activities and venues for puppy walkers training and

-      Work activities to ensure the safety and welfare of self, volunteers,
       puppies and others.

-      Numbers on the scheme and identifying when further recruitment is
       necessary and when there is further capacity for the placement of pups.

-      The workload of volunteers including puppy walkers, boarders and

-      In liaison with internal and external partners to ensure the correct
       operational processes are adhered to.

-      Training for trainee Puppy Walking Supervisors, Volunteer Mentors and
       other staff as required.

-      Individuals must consistently communicate to both internal and external
       partners in line with local and national communication guidelines. This will
       include: Internal. Welfare, breeding, operational, fundraising and
       communication departments, colleagues, peers and line management.
       External, Vets, specialists, volunteers, public service providers and
       members of the public.

V6    03 08 10                                                                      6

-    Communication is required both verbally and for the production of written
     reports and requires input into business systems.

-    Initiative and flexibility are constantly used in the planning, organising and
     Implementation of the training programme in order to accommodate the
     Individual needs of the puppy, volunteer and other staff members.

-    Creativity is required for problem solving and for making appropriate
     responses to sensitive, unexpected or unplanned situations.

-    Evaluating working practices in order to improve the scheme efficiency
     and effectiveness.

-    This job has a direct impact the quantity and quality of puppies available
     for training as future guide dogs. This in turn has a direct impact on the
     provision and quality of service provision.

-    The role has a direct impact on data input into information systems and
     research projects which facilitate training of individual dogs and the
     assessment of training methods and dog populations.

-    This job also has an indirect impact of the Association’s financial
     effectiveness. Improved puppy education leads to a more cost effective

-    The role impacts on the achievement of fundraising targets through the
     quality of support provided.

-    As a key Contact with volunteers, external partners and members of the
     general public the role impacts upon Guide Dogs’ relationships, reputation
     and image.

V6   03 08 10                                                                     7

The minimal level of qualification/experience prior to appointment including;

2 ‘A’ levels (Grade D or above, one of which must be a science subject) or

and / or extensive work experience which demonstrates the ability to study at
Foundation Degree level.

A full UK valid driving license, or be able to demonstrate how the role can be
carried out without this.

Skills and experience required or demonstrating clear potential to be developed
as part of the training programme;

-     Teaching, training, coaching, mentoring and supervisory skills as required
      for one to one and group work
-     Planning and organising self and others
-     Information gathering and problem solving
-     Highly-developed verbal and effective written skills.
-     Dog behaviour, handling and understanding as well as an understanding
      of dog law.
-     Basic PC skills (email; Word; Excel; file management)


-      The minimum period to attain qualification is 24 months based upon the
       current training programme followed by a further 18 months to reach full

-      Volunteer management training

-      Excellent interpersonal skills

-     Ability to work as part of a team and unsupervised

V6    03 08 10                                                                    8

V6   03 08 10   9

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