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					                                     F.No. 14-50/2009-10/CIET/TPOM
                      Central Institute of Educational Technology

                                                                      Dated 13.12.2010

Subject: Display of Limited Tender document for the purchase of Digital Still Cameras and
accessories through limited bid enquiry- regarding

Please find attached a copy of the Limited Tender document for the purchase of Digital Still
Cameras and accessories for CIET, NCERT to be displayed on NCERT Website for inviting
sealed Limited Tenders / Bids from dealers dealing with the product.
Kindly upload the same on the NCERT website for wide publicity on 14.12.2010.

                                                                         (K G Mathur)
                                                                         Head, TPOM
Encl. as above

         14-50/2009-10/CIET/TPOM                                             14.12.2010

M/s. _____________________

Sub: Purchase of Digital Still Cameras and accessories through limited bid enquiry -

Dear Sir,
            CIET, NCERT intends/interested to purchase of Digital Still Camera and accessories, as

Sr.      Items                                      Quantity
1        Digital Single-Lens Reflex(SLR) Still      2 Nos.
         Camera with 18mm-55 mm lens, lens
         Hood, UV filter and supplied case
         Model-D90 and supplied accessories
2        Lens: 18mm-200mm F/3.5-5.6 G ED VR II      1 No.
         with supplied case
         Model-AF-S DX Zoom(NIKOR)
3        Lens: 12mm-24mm F/4 G IF-ED with           1 No.
         supplied case
4        Flash Gun: For D 90 camera                 2 Nos.
         Model SB-800
5        Digital Camera                             1 No.
         Model- COOLPIX- L 22
6        Digital Camera                             2 Nos.
         Model- COOLPIX -S 570
         You are therefore requested to send your Bid, as per terms and conditions enclosed, in a
sealed cover to the under signed on or before 30-12-2010. The quotation received after the due date
will not be entertained.
                                                                                  Yours     faithfully,



                                F.No. 14-50/2009-10/CIET/TPOM
                       National Council of Education Research & Training
                            Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi – 110016.

   Terms and conditions for acceptance of Limited Tenders, for the supply of Digital Still Camera
   and accessories.

   1. The tender should be sent in Sealed cover duly supper scribed as tender for ‘Digital Still
       Camera and accessories’

   2. The Bid should be addressed to the Joint Director, CIET (NCERT) Chacha Nehru Bhawan, Sri
       Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi – 110016.

   3. Bid will be accepted up to 4 p.m. on 30-12-2010.

   4. Bid will not be accepted if they are received after the specified date and time.

   5. The Bid should be put in the “Bid Box” placed in the room No. 114, at 1st floor, Chacha Nehru
       Bhawan, CIET (NCERT) Shri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi – 110016.

   6. The Bid should be signed by the authorized person and his full name and status should be
       indicated below his signature.

   7. Overwriting, cuttings erasing, if any, should clearly be indicated and should be signed by the

   8. Store will be supplied F.O.R. destinations as specified and other charges such as Octroi,
       packing, forwarding, freight, insurance, loading, unloading and clearance etc., will not be
       borne by CIET (NCERT). Store will have to be supplied within the stipulated period after the
        receipt of the purchase order otherwise order may be cancelled and no correspondence in
        this regard will be entertained.

    9. All Central Tax will be borne by the purchaser (if applicable). However, it is to be clearly
        mentioned whether the taxes are included or excluded in the quoted rates.

    10. The supplier will be fully responsible for the loss of their stores in transit and will also be
        responsible for safe arrival at the destination in good and working condition.

    11. Catalogues/full particulars of the item should be furnished with the Bid.

    12. The quantity of the items indicated is subject to increase/decrease at the discretion of the
        competent authority without assigning any reason.

    13. The successful bidders has to deposit the Bid security @10% of value of the purchase order
        in the form of an Account payee Demand Draft, F.D. R., Bank Guarantee from a Commercial
        Bank in an acceptable form.

    14. No advance payment will be made. The Bid demanding advance payment in full or parts are
        liable to be rejected without any notice.

    15. The payment will only be made after having an inspection, satisfactory working performance
        report and proper installation.

    16. Payment against the supply of the items will be made direct to the supplier through Demand
        Draft/Cheque against pre-receipt bill basis. No request for other mode of payment will be



    17. In case of any clarifications, further details of specification etc., kindly contact the Store
        Officer TPOM Division (CIET) in any working day between 2:30 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. by fixing
        appointment, if possible, through Tel: 26864801 Ext.113.

    18. Indicate guarantee, delivery period for item and its installation period.

    19. The acceptance of Bid (s) will rest with the council authority CIET (NCERT) who does not bind
        to accept the lowest Bid and reserves the right to reject or partially accept any OR all the
        Bid(s) received without assigning any reasons.

Copy to: -

        All notice Board of CIET/NCERT for information

    1. NCERT website
    2. Guard File

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