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Real Life Weddings. - Lizzie and Dave didn't need a big hotel or a


                                                                                                                                                               Lizzie Brown and david rudge
                                                                                                                    Date Saturday 4 August 2007 Ceremony & reCeption Kirknewton House Stables, Midlothian

                                                                                           Lizzie and Dave didn’t need a big hotel or a
                                                                                          huge budget… but they couldn’t have done it
                                                                                                       without their friends!

                                                                     dinburgh University student Lizzie first set eyes on David on      But the couple soon realised they would rather do things
                                                                     a working holiday in Cornwall. It was a whirlwind romance, themselves, and have a more private event. “For example, we wanted
                                                                     but when it was time to go back to Edinburgh, it was too dif- to bring our own booze, and not have guests paying six pounds for
                                                              ficult for either of them to say goodbye for good. The next summer a glass of wine,” says Lizzie. “It was just so difficult to find a venue
                                                              saw David and Lizzie still together, this time in Edinburgh! After that was flexible.”
                                                              some hard decisions, Lizzie decided to move to Cornwall with her          They were saved by a conversation Lizzie’s Mum had had on a
                                                              man and transfer her course in Applied Arts down there. In 2006, train! “Mum’s work colleague suggested Kirknewton Stables, as she’d
                                                              they firmed up their marriage plans, despite being in their final years just been to a wedding there,” says Lizzie. “And hey presto!” The
                                                              at uni. “It literally went from, oh, we’ll have a really                                 beautifully converted Stables offered a flexible ‘blank
                                                              small, nice little wedding, to what we did, which          “The gazebos we’d canvas’ which they could decorate and furnish as
                                                              was have a big massive party!” says Lizzie. “Our par-                                    they liked.
                                                              ents were very supportive and gave us a free rein –       set up had all been              Thanks to strong friendships and the generosity
                                                              without them, it wouldn’t have been possible.”           destroyed in a storm” of artistic pals, Lizzie and David didn’t have far to
                                                                With Lizzie from Inverness and David from                                              look for some of their suppliers. “The flatmate I’d
                                                              Birmingham, the couple felt that geographically,                                         abandoned to move to Cornwall is an artist, and
                                                              Edinburgh was a good central point for everyone, and they chose a she did all the artwork for the stationery,” she says. Friend Natalie
                                                              date to coincide with the Edinburgh Festival. “What was really nice Riachi was in her final year as a fashion design student, and agreed
                                                              was that lots of people hadn’t been to Scotland before, so they made to make Lizzie’s gown, the florist was a family friend, the cake was
                                                              a holiday out of it,” says Lizzie.                                      made by David’s mother, the cars were owned by parents... And
                                                                “We had two insane trips to Scotland to find a venue,” she explains. to top it all off, the food was provided by Lizzie’s ex-colleague and
                                                              “We had appointments at all these inappropriate fancy hotels and friend Lucy, whose company The Round Kitchen came up from
                                                              even ended up in a haunted castle.”                                     Cornwall for the occasion!

XXX   RLW summer 2008                                                                                                                      RLW summer 2008   115
    The event unofficially began the day before the wedding. “We’d hired             sleeves. “There are photos of me and him carting these really heavy bottles         With a final touch from a creative friend – a stylish bow on Dad’s BMW           which is called a ‘Tentipi’. “It was so beautiful, and because we’d done it all
  Kirknewton Stables for two days, and spent the first day setting everything        across the lawn,” David laughs. “Sam the photographer couldn’t believe it – it    – Lizzie and her Dad were off. Professionals Sam and Susan from Clear              ourselves, I wasn’t nervous – I knew everyone would come through.”
  up,” says Lizzie. This meant some guests who had arrived early ‘mucked in’         wasn’t the usual wedding morning for him!”                                        Photography had been asked to capture the day’s unfolding events. Being              Lizzie had to pass by the cake, however – and noticed that the wrong tier
  and helped out wherever possible. The tent was set up on the lawn, thanks            Meanwhile, Lizzie was in a local hair and beauty salon with her bridesmaids.    such a creative pair and working in the arts, Lizzie and David had had a           was on the top. “I quickly moved it around, leaving a big thumbprint,” she
  to the kind permission of the stable owner, and the idea was for an indoor/        On the way back, they spotted Robin, one of the groomsmen, wrestling to           problem finding photographers who were on their creative wavelength...             says. “I suppose I was still in planning mode!”
  outdoor wedding. That night, Lizzie sat in bed with her sister listening to a      put up a sign which pointed the way to their forthcoming event.                   without costing a high proportion of their wedding budget!                           She walked in to the unique canopied setting and saw David calmly waiting
  storm howl outside. “It was awful. I thought the worst,” she says.                   Back at the house, dress designer Natalie helped Lizzie into her gorgeous         “We spent I don’t know how many hours looking at other people’s wedding          in his Armani suit, giving no hint of the chaos of just an hour before! The
    On the wedding morning, however, there was no bad weather news, and              gown while the girls got ready. David’s Dad arrived from Kirknewton with          photos on the internet,” laughs Lizzie. “The price and the fact they offered       beautifully sunny day showed the tent at its best. “It was so gorgeous, there
  so she began to get ready with the girls. Further away, David awoke to his         the bridal bouquets – and of course knew all about the chaos going on             a CD attracted us to Clear at first, but we thought their photographs were         was this lovely orange glow that was absolutely amazing.”
  mobile phone going haywire. “Four missed calls are never good,” he says. “It       behind the scenes. “We couldn’t understand why he seemed a bit agitated,”         gorgeous when we saw them. And they were so nice as people.”                         Lizzie’s entrance was accompanied by Dave’s close friend Stu Downes, a
  turned out that the gazebos we’d set up had all been destroyed.”                   Lizzie says. And as David adds, “It was around about then that I was just           “The fact that there were two of them was an advantage too,” David adds.         blues guitarist, who sang Bob Dylan’s ‘You Belong To Me’. Then a friend
    So instead of relaxing on his wedding morning, David ended up in B&Q             leaving the stables to get ready!”                                                  During the day, Sam and Susan were incredibly unobtrusive. “It felt like         from Cornwall sang ‘She Moved Through The Fair’ to accompanying
  with his best man buying up replacements. Then when he arrived on site, he           However, order having been restored there, Shirley, a family friend and         they were wedding guests,” Lizzie says.                                            musicians. “They were practising outside the tent before the ceremony
  discovered that one of the gas canisters they’d hired in for the caterers didn’t   one-time florist, was busy decorating the function spaces. “We’d agreed to          As Lizzie arrived at the Stables, she saw for herself how perfectly everything   apparently,” laughs Lizzie.
  contain any gas!                                                                   keep things simple,” says Lizzie. “I really liked David Austin roses, so she      had slotted into place. “It felt exclusive, like our own personal event,” she        Another unusual aspect to the ceremony was that instead of a hymn,
    “Charles, the owner of the stables, was brilliant. He had some spare ones        used them in our bouquets, and gladioli as displays for the ceremony.”            says. “The gardens were beautiful.”                                                the audience sang along to the couple’s favourite Gary Dunne song. “No
  and allowed us to use them instead,” he says. However, they had to be                Not only was she busy setting up, but Shirley had also driven the flowers         Because Lizzie and David felt that all their guests should be there for the      one thought it would work, but it was sooo beautiful,” smiles Lizzie. The
  transported to the right spot, so he and his best man dutifully rolled up their    up from Somerset!                                                                 whole event, all 100 were waiting for her in the specially constructed tent,       couple chose Humanist celebrant Ivan Middleton to conduct their service.

116     RLW summer 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                                RLW summer 2008     117
 “Literally every word we said in our ceremony had       and he said it was the best food he’d ever had at an   fun, and there were also two DJs to keep the party
 been created by us and Ivan was just great. He made     event,” Lizzie says. The couple relied on Gordon’s     lively. Even the groom, in musician mode, got up on
 it really special,” says Lizzie fondly. “We met him     Cater Hire for their tableware, cutlery, crockery,     stage to do a song.
 several times before the wedding and he was just        bar and barbecue equipment. “The team were really        The most amazing part for Lizzie was something
 very, very nice.”                                       helpful in the lead up to the wedding and let us       she hadn’t planned. “At the end of the night, all the
   As congratulations were offered outside the tent,     make lots of little changes with no fuss,” the bride   guests filed outside and formed an arch with their
 Pimms and homemade scones were served, adding           remembers. “The quality of their glasses and plates    arms, which we walked through to the car,” she                                                             China, Cutlery, Glasses, Crystal, Cut Crystal,
 to the very relaxed atmosphere. Guests had arrived      was excellent.”                                        recalls. “I didn’t know it was going to happen, it was                                                     Banqueting Chairs, Tables, Bars, Fridges,
 from all over the country and were chatting together      Despite all the fun at the meal, the speeches were   amazing.”                                                                                                  Cookers, Refrigerated Trailers, Barbeques,
 happily. Meanwhile, as there weren’t enough chairs      surprisingly emotional, with many of the guests          In the car, Lizzie realised that David was crying.                                                       Chair Covers, Coloured Table Linen, Glass
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Charger Plates, Coloured Glasses, Delivery
 for the ceremony and reception areas, the ushers        shedding a tear or two. They ended on an upbeat        “The whole day had just been so full of joy,” he says.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Service, Return Dirty Service
 were busy in the background moving them all into        note with bridesmaid Maggie giving a witty speech      “I can’t describe how it felt.”
 the building again!                                     about the bride and groom.                               For Lizzie and David, it hadn’t just been a big party.
   “It was like magic, we hadn’t even been aware they      When it was time for the evening entertainment,      Being surrounded by the love of family and friends
 were doing it,” says David.                             the guests returned to the spectacular tent, where     had been something of a revelation for them. As
   The beautifully converted stable building was the     a whole PA system had been set up by their friend      Lizzie says, “It was incredible what people did for
 venue for the meal. Lizzie’s cousin Michael piped the   Mark. “He was brilliant and had set up mics for the    us, it was so humbling. We realised how lucky we
 couple in between cheering guests.                      speeches and everything,” says Lizzie.                 were.”
   The wedding breakfast was buffet style, with            Having had a practice session in their garden at     photography:
 scallops, huge salads, barbecued steaks and king        home, Lizzie and David had no trouble dancing to       Clear photography,
 prawns prepared by The Round Kitchen. The               ‘The Newly Weds Waltz’, which was led by David’s, t: 0131 467 9956
 fresh food left the guests smacking their lips. “One    brother’s ceilidh band, Mooncoin. With all the
 of my uncles is very used to posh function dining,      musicians at the wedding, there was no shortage of

                 bride to
      “Organise something that you know you’re going to
      enjoy. It’s a lot of hard work, but worth it – don’t be
      afraid to ask for help. Of course, have things like a
                                                                                                                                                                                                           ...and much, much more!
      professional photographer, but for other aspects it
      makes the day more personal for everyone if they’re
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Stiellsmuir Farm Woodlands Road Blairgowrie PH10 6LE
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Tel: 01250 872237

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