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					 joined-up thinking                                                                                                                                        barclaycard commercial

The Barclaycard Commercial Becta Home Access card
Working closely with Becta, the government agency promoting learning through
technology, Barclaycard Commercial has pioneered a card to distribute grants
for home computer equipment.

Innovative solutions                              Complete control                                         Another tried, tested and
When Barclaycard Commercial was invited           As already mentioned, the grant dispersal                trusted solution
to run a pilot programme to develop an            card contained a range of pioneering                     After such success with the pilot, Becta
advanced grant dispersal card, they               control mechanisms. These were tailored                  has now awarded the contract for the full
jumped at the chance to create an innovative,     to Becta’s needs and included:                           roll-out of the grant dispersal card
bespoke solution for Becta which would            • budget limit                                           programme to Barclaycard Commercial.
help disadvantaged families to easily access      • single transaction safeguard                           And with the experience gained from the
the financial support they’re entitled to.         • geographical restriction                               pilot, Barclaycard Commercial is in an
After all, this fitted well with the company’s     • merchant block to individual                           excellent position to create innovative
values of innovation and community support.         merchant level                                         solutions for other organisations –
They set about creating a payment mechanism       • authorisations at point of sale.                       of course, tailoring the solution they
which offered security and accountability          All of these measures were useful in helping             produce to individual needs.
while facilitating the distribution and           to prevent fraud. For example, the single                In fact, with over 12 years’ experience in
reconciliation of financial grants to              use limit meant that if there was £700                   delivering trusted payment solutions
families of children who qualify for a            available on the card but only £500 was                  to the public sector and as a Buying
package of support in gaining internet            spent in one transaction on the package of               Solutions-approved framework supplier
access at home – including a device,              support, the further £200 wouldn’t be                    of the Government Procurement Card,
connectivity and support.                         available to any potential fraudsters after              Barclaycard Commercial can help
With the grant securely transferred to            already having been used once.                           deliver real efficiency savings to all types
them, the family would then be able to            But it wasn’t just the controls that proved              and sizes of public sector organisations.
purchase an authorised package that               valuable. One of the objectives was to                   With a range of solutions to suit travel
best met their needs from a range                 provide Management Information (MI),                     and prepaid needs, they can help cost
                                                  and Barclaycard Commercial’s new self-

                                                                                                                                                           tried, tested, trusted
of approved suppliers – giving them                                                                        savings and efficiencies go from strength
flexibility and choice.                            serving Online Services tool enabled Becta               to strength.
                                                  to identify the number of cards issued,
The objectives                                    the number of transactions conducted and                 Proven benefits
The need to have stringent fraud controls         the utilisation of grants and cards. All this            • Zero fraud on programme to date
in place was obviously going to be essential,     information has been vital in helping to in-
                                                  form strategic decisions for a full roll-out.
                                                                                                           • Helped over 90% of the eligible population
                                                                                                           • Key learnings based on the pilot and MI for
                                                                                                                                                           Public sector payment solutions you can be sure of
and something that Barclaycard Commercial
                                                                                                             full roll-out.
took very seriously when creating                 Greater efficiency                                                                                         We have over 12 years’ invaluable experience in delivering trusted payment solutions to the public sector and
their proposition.
                                                  It’s right to say that the pilot’s success                                                               Buying Solutions has once again approved us as a framework supplier. Our payment solutions can deliver
In fact, it was one of the three key objectives   shouldn’t be judged only by targets being
set by Becta:                                                                                                                                              real efficiency savings to all types of public sector organisations – with ongoing product innovation that
                                                  exceeded and controls holding their own.
• to securely distribute grants to                                                                                                                         ensures the cost savings and efficiencies continue to go from strength to strength.
                                                  Perhaps the most important point of this
  qualifying families                             trial was that it proved the efficiency
• to provide management information               savings that could be made through                                                                       The benefits of public sector payment solutions from us:
  on grant distribution and redemption            innovative payment solutions such as                                                                     • Approved Buying Solutions Supplier of GPC Visa for a third consecutive term
• to support utilisation of cards through         those from Barclaycard Commercial.                                                                       • Established expertise in the public sector, providing specialist knowledge and understanding
  marketing communications.                       Both Becta and Barclaycard Commercial                                                                    • Dedicated public sector team, helping you to get the best from your programme
Exceeding the targets                             believe that the cost of this process of
                                                  grant dissemination is considerably                                                                      • Strong, independent UK bank, supporting investment and continued payment innovation
A total of 12,000 grants were issued during                                                                                                                • A range of solutions for your organisation’s procurement, travel and prepaid needs.
                                                  less than alternative methods, such as a
the pilot, 47% above the target. And,             paper-based voucher scheme. And that’s                   Becta’s grant dispersal card is
equally as important, there were no               without considering the other benefits that               just one example of how
cases of fraud, meaning the control                                                                        Barclaycard Commerical can                      Together we can deliver more.
                                                  come with electronic solutions which
mechanisms Barclaycard Commercial                 s i m p l y a re n ’ t a va i l a b l e w i t h l e ss   deliver innovative payment                      Call our dedicated support team on 0800 046 6812 to find out more.
implemented had worked effectively.               innovative methods.                                      solutions to the public sector.                 Barclaycard is a trading name of Barclays Bank PLC.
Plus, as Barclaycard Commercial worked
                                                                                                                                                           Barclays Bank PLC is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
closely with Becta to organise and                                                                                                                         Registered in England. Registered No. 1026167. Registered Office: 1 Churchill Place, London E14 5HP.
produce a series of clear, well-planned
communications to target families who                To see how Barclaycard Commercial can deliver innovative solutions
hadn’t used their cards within an agreed             for you, call their dedicated support team on 0800 046 6812.
timeframe, 98.9% of all cards issued
were redeemed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Together we can deliver more.