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					Honeystone Design is a branding and                A Selection of Clients and Projects

communications agency providing visual
                                                   Rolls Royce                            1
solutions tailored to the needs of the client.
Using a blend of creative skills and commercial    The BRIT Awards                        2
awareness to create, evolve and revitalise
                                                   City & Islington College               5
brands to achieve your objectives.
                                                   Sabre Developments                     6
Our specific services include Corporate            Barclaycard
Branding & Promotion, Identity, Corporate
Literature, Advertising, Magazines, Direct Mail,   Deutsche Bank                          8
Exhibitions and Web sites.
                                                   Selfridges                            11

                                                   Asian Rich List                       12
                                                   Greek Rich List

                                                   Axiom Capital                         13

                                                   Charles Taylor Consulting plc         14

                                                   Sports Media International            15
                                                   Flying Pictures

                                                   The UK Sports Institute               16
                                                   New Bridge Street

                                                   Pedini                                17

                                                   Bombardier                            18

                                                   Le Meridien Spa & Resort              19
                                                   OceanStyle Yachting
                                                   Lewis Charles

                                                   Hudson York Farrell                   20

                                                   Brahm                                 23

                                                   Kasaka River Lodge                    24
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has an unsurpassed brand image
producing cars with supreme refinement. For the launch of the
new Rolls Royce Phantom, a 32 page brochure was produced
with a luxurious leather embossed cover and a uniquely designed
CD pocket to hold digital press releases, specification details
and photographs for media and clients. It was housed in a gloss
laminated slip case with a silver foil blocked logo.

  Rolls-Royce’s A4 magazine advert.

The BRIT Awards is an annual music awards show that
celebrates the successes of UK and overseas music. It is the
biggest annual music awards in the UK with the ceremony
attracting over 6 million TV viewers every year. Extensive
branding across all platforms was provided, from passes to
posters, branding boards to 7ft statues. Honeystone Design
has unrivalled experience handling major event requirements.

                                                               A series of promotional items were produced
                                                               to support the instore promotion of the event,
                                                               magazine and CD in hundreds of retail stores
                                                               across the UK.

               The BRIT Award ticket holders and tickets.

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                                                                                                                                                                                                    Backstage at the 2000 BRIT Awards digital media area
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                                                                 logo on
                                                         99 BRIT

                                                                                          Branding has become a key part of sponsor and event
                                                                                          awareness. We are well versed in the design, manufacture
                                                     ed the 19

                                                                                          and installation of branding, signage and associated items.

                                                                                          Savvas Pavlou, director of Honeystone Design was the
                                                  We proje

                                                                                          official back-stage photographer for The BRIT Awards
                                                                                          from 1996 until 2000.

    The British Phonographic
    Industries annual report and
    accounts using photography
    from the BRIT Awards event.

            The BRIT Awards guidelines were produced for
            media, public relations and design agencies who
            required elements of the brand to create their own
            advertisements and press releases.
The BRIT Awards produce a free magazine that has
a distribution of 485,000 copies which is by far the
highest print run of any music publication in the UK.

City and Islington College is one of London’s leading colleges,
with over 21000 full-time and part-time students of all ages and
with over 400 qualifications. The brief was to re-design their annual
prospectuses for both further and adult education.

 Sabre Developments is one of the UK’s leading
 developers of historically important properties.
 Specialising in the refurbishment and restoration of
 listed buildings throughout the South of England.

 We created a luxury 6 page concertina fold
 brochure held in a stylish silver slip wallet.

Barclaycard is a global credit provider owned by
Barclays plc in the UK. With 19.2 million customers in
the UK it is currently the leading UK credit card issuer.

Our brief was to dramatise the association of
Barclaycard and Premier League, working on
displays at key events, in Barclays buildings and on
internal communications promotions, right through
to producing the ribbons for the winning trophy.            Barclaycard Premiership ticket wallet which
                                                            was used to hold tickets for Premier League
                                                            football matches for Barclaycard executives
                                                            and special guests.

                                                            Barclaycard Premiership large hanging
                                                            banners were placed high above the reception
                                                            area promoting Barclaycard’s sponsorship of
6                                                           the Premier League.
                                                     Barclaycard and the Young People’s Trust
                                                     for the Environment produced a series of
                                                     newsletters and brochures to mark the
                                                     launch of a £3 million, three year sponsorship
                                                     programme called Barclaycard LivingLand.

Barclaycard’s launch folder for the Sainsbury’s      Barclaycard LivingLand was a project to combat
Nectar Card. The Nectar loyalty card is a loyalty    the lack of environmental awareness among
card scheme in the United Kingdom issued by a        young people. It provided free educational
partnership of suppliers including the supermarket   material which was recognised as part of the
chain Sainsbury’s. The cover images were taken       British National Curriculum.
from the Barclaycard television advertising
campaigns from 1972 until 1994.

                                                   Deutsche Bank is one of the world’s leading financial
                                                   service providers with a broad private clients franchise.
                                                   It has established itself as one of the world’s leading
                                                   investment banking houses.

    We produced Deutsche Bank’s ‘Spotlight’
    monthly newsletter that communicated a
    combination of company news and special
    features for employees globally.

    Deutsche Bank hold many global
    conferences that require branding.
    The aim of the conferences is to bring
    together key industry executives, investors,
    financial and sponsors. We handled all
    aspects of design and installation.

We created Deutsche Bank’s invitation for the annual
Wimbledon Tennis Tournament. The ticket holder
incorporated an invitation with a programme of
the day’s events and a luggage tag that included
each guests hotel room number and was sent to
executives and special guests.

                                                             Deutsche Bank asked us to design a set of Corporate
                                                             Guidelines that their employees could email to the
                                                             various international design agencies considering all
                                                             forms of print and web design. It has since evolved
                                                             into an in depth manual with 72 pages and is now
                                                             also available as a printed document.

     A ‘CRE Today Tip Sheet’ for Deutsche Bank’s employees
     explaining how to use their new intranet system.

Selfridges is a chain of department stores in the United
Kingdom. The flagship store in London’s Oxford Street is the
second largest shop in the UK after Harrods. We designed an
internal campaign for employees who work in concessions to
show loyalty and to create a set of values for the company.

                                                                    Banner display for the reception and communal areas.

                                                               Leafets distributed to all employees
                                                               in branded envelopes.

A set of three A2 posters placed around the
employee areas of the department store.
     Asian Rich List Magazine profiles Britain’s Top    Greek Rich List Magazine is a luxury 96 page magazine and
     300 Asian millionaires and consists of 120 pages   website profiling Britain’s Top 100 Greek Millionaires. It is compiled
     of profiles and articles.                          by Philip Beresford, Editor of the Sunday Times Rich List. It also
                                                        featured articles contributed by Forbes in the US, Global Investor in
                                                        the UK and included the top 10 Wealthiest Greek Americans.

 Greek Rich List front covers – Issue 1 (left)          We handled all elements in the production of Greek Rich List
 and issue 2 with a gold and black cover with           Magazine including design, print buying, print management,
 the logo silver foil blocked.                          advertising sales, distribution, copywriting, public relations,
                                                        marketing, web site design and maintenance.
Axiom Capital specialise in providing
financial advice to both public and private
UK and overseas corporates.

                                              We created a new brand for
                                              Axiom Capital by designing
                                              a six page roll fold brochure
                                              which was also carried over
                                              into a mini website.

                             Charles Taylor Consulting plc is listed on
                             the London Stock Exchange and provides
                             management and specialist advisory services to
                             a wide variety of industries and their insurers.

 Previous literature looked dated and uninspiring, continiously repeating the
 same imagery. They wanted something fresh and modern but keeping within
 their corporate guidelines.

 We produced Charles Taylor’s annual company report and account and used
 creative graphic montages adapting previously supplied shipping images.         is a leading Private Equity group, with offices
                                                                                in the UK and France with more than €2 billion
                                                                                of funds under management. We created a set
                                                                                of moving cards using the actual street signs
                                                                                directing you to their new offices.

 A set of annual reports for Charles Taylor’s club members of The Standard
 Steamship Owners’ Protection & Indemnity Association (London & Bermuda).

is a sports media and marketing company
based in Germany. We helped by designing a                                                Branding for Flying Pictures the
presentation for them to use for Ford’s World                                             world leader in the provision of
Rally Team.                                                                               aerial filming. The campaign was
                                                                                          sponsored by Lurpak.

                                                Ariba is a provider of Spend Management solutions
                                                which helps companies analyse, understand, and
                                                manage their corporate spending to achieve increased
                                                cost savings and business process efficiency.

                                                Ariba direct mail campaign, by mailing only the remote
                                                control and asking potential clients to fill in the reply card
                                                to receive the car Ariba got a 95% response rate.                            15
     The UK Sports Institute is a department of UK Sport and was founded
     to provide the country’s best sportsmen and women with the support
     services and facilities. We were asked to design their corporate brochure.

                      New Bridge Street is a leading firm of executive remuneration
                      consultants in the UK, advising over one-third of the FTSE 350.

                                                                                        New Bridge Street’s brief was for us to update and
                                                                                        brand the many reports and surveys produced every
                                                                                        year. Working as a set, complimenting each other
                                                                                        and creating a colourful display in the reception area
                                                                                        where they would be housed.

Pedini has been producing kitchens since 1956 and
was one of the first to develop the modular kitchen
as it is today. We designed a brochure to launch the
‘Outline Elite’ range of kitchen appliances.

     Bombardier manufactures state-of-the-art planes and trains and is
     present in more than 60 countries on five continents. The requirement
     was for a fresh look at existing branding used for internal communications.
     The refresh would last for a three year period. The previous look was dry
     and soulless, images of trains with bland typography.

     We proposed a fresh and inspiring design concept, incorporating colourful
     imagery complimented by graphic patterns created from train maps.

Various magazine and brochure advertisements
can be created for all of our clients. Translation
into any language is also available upon request.


Le Meriden Limassol Spa & Resort

          OceanStyle Yachting                        Lewis Charles Securities   19
     Hudson York Farrell is a market-leading recruitment consultancy specialising in
     support staff. We took on board all aspects of design and branding from exhibitions
     and recruitment drives to adverts in magazines and corporate literature.

                                                                                           A selection advertisements in the HYF corporate branding style.

                                                                      A double page advertisement in a free weekly London circular.

Variations to the corporate branding style were also considered for                     A Hudson York Farrell Creative Services department mail shot
other departments, special events and exhibitions.                                      sent to clients updating them on the latest candidate profiles.

     A Hudson York Farrell Human Resources department’s
     corporate brochure.

Brahm is one of London’s leading interior design companies
renowned for bespoke luxury and cutting edge creativity.
We created a unique bespoke leather folder with an
embossed logo on the front to house their portfolio of
projects. We also designed company brochures, a website
and hand written invitations wrapped with a paper belly band.

                                 Kasaka River Lodge is a 22 bed luxury
                                 en-suited tented camp nestled on the
                                 banks of the Zambezi River in Zambia.

     Kasaka River Lodge brochure, a multi-fold
     concept creates a unique look to a brochure
     with beautiful imagery from our own photographer
     and specialist image libraries.

Honeystone Limited
Tel: + 357 25 634 924

                        Honeystone is the Sole Authorised Agent of Magic Concept & Rubiks
                        Products in Cyprus. A Magic Concepts brochure is also available to download
                        on our website, for more information or to arrange a
                        demonstration please contact us on +357 25 634 924.