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					Seattle MLK Celebration Committee 2009-2010
Seventh Meeting, January 5th, 2009


Attendance & Introductions

Call to Order
Chair Gossett called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm; everyone is wished a
happy new year. The busiest part of year putting this celebration together. This
year we have a broad committee and expect to have broad turnout. There is a
meeting next Tuesday and next Thursday at 7pm. Next Thursday may be at
Garfield. Please sign in, if this is the first meeting include contact information.
Use principals of Unity.

Chair Gossett asked for everyone to sign in and introduce themselves with
names and organization affiliation.

Moment of Silence
The committee took a moment to remember and honor fallen warriors and
heroes. Mr. Rye, submit name of Mr. Brutis-antiapartheid activist for
remembrance and Percy Sutton the lawyer of Malcolm X lawyer is also
mentioned. Moment of silence is observed.

Review of Minutes from December 1, 2009
Few moments are taken to look over minutes. Oscar Eason moves to adopt
minutes, Lacey Steele Seconds. Minutes are adopted, amendments are
    Corrections to spelling of Cliff Holland
    Add Salah (spelling full name- Kamilah can you look on this weeks
      attendance sheet and add him to last meeting, I really couldn’t catch his
      name. Call me if this is confused!)
    Proposed Benediction is not being done by Dow Constantine
Minutes adopted as amended.

Discussion of 2010 MLK Rally & March- Subcommittee
updates/status reports
Councilmember Gossett asks if committee wants T-shirts to be made for this
year. Mr. Northington has contacted, Mr. Gossett to inquire. Last year committee
had t-shirts made for volunteers and to be sold. Last year did not make much
money since there were so many volunteers. Clifton raised that last year many
volunteers got t-shirts and did not do anything. Councilmember Gossett was
pleased by volunteer turnout last year and any volunteer got a t-shirt. Mr. Eason
moved to accept proposal, Shomari seconded, proposal accepted. Abdul-aleem
asked if there this year volunteer t-shirts are going to be a different color than the
ones being sold. This is proposed to stay the same. This year there is a volunteer
committee, so the coordination of, # of t-shirts needed is being taken care of.
Only volunteers coordinated before day of event will receive a t-shirt. Lacey is co-
chair of committee and will have number of t-shirts needed. Abdul-aleem asked if
prices and profit will be the same. Chair Gossett says it is, committee will get $4
profit for every $10 t-shirt. Proposal is voted on and accepted by committee.
Committee members are expected to arrive by 8:30am to receive t-shirt and

Julie Horowitz reported for subcommittee. There was mailing party on Dec 20 th at
LELO with 20 volunteers. On January 2nd subcommittee passed out flyers in
Central District.
Meeting Saturday 1/9/10 at LELO in Columbia City at 10:30 to pass out flyers in
Columbia City and Beacon Hill-, will pass on to Kamilah to get on website, Fellowship for reconciliation sent out information in their
mailing; if your org can do this, contact Julie. Shomari connected Julie with Solid
Mr. Holland will get flyers out to select Safeway stores and Promenade on 23 rd.
Larry Tutes thanks Julie and LELO.

There is a Facebook group and Twitter, if you want to be made an administrator
to add contact Chris Ihler. Please send out invites from your account and
encourage your friends to be friends with the committee. Suggestion for Kamilah
to send out invite to committee listserve. Madge passed out flyers in White
Center, going to Burien next and will go to downtown. Tamika will pass out flyers
at Seattle Central Community Center. Chris Ihler is covering Seattle U;
information is going out to UW main campus and other UW branches.

Hip Hop
Keith delivered subcommittee report. At last meeting updated committee that Hip
Hop event date is Jan 8th, due to city furlough day on the 15th. Have limited time
to promote event. Sunday did facebook campaign. Artists put flyer on their
pages. On Monday did evite, created you tube video and sent it out, sent out
information through e-mail. Budget is finished; event is ready to go, focused now
on getting people to bring vegetarian food for potluck. Need to buy cookware for
prizes. Looking for people to get flyers out, flyers will be ready tomorrow. Give
contact information to Keith if you want to promote. Only have 2 days to promote.
Keith will send out digital information so committee members can promote over
Internet. Event is Friday 1/8/09 at Garfield Community Center 6-8, performances
6-7, Food 7-8, new this year offering vegetarian food contest.
KL Shannon presented for subcommittee. Speakers/performers approved from
last meeting are listed; additional names were proposed from larger committee to
increase diversity. Sub-committee recommends 5 more individuals, sub-
committee is asking committee to approved recommendations and will present
final recommendations at next meeting. Lacey Steele moved for adoption,
seconded. Chairman Gossett is concerned about the time. Subcommittee is
confidant there is enough time for all speakers. Each speaker will have no longer
than 5 minutes. New recommendations are: Tammy Nguyen works with Got
Green Campaign, Janice Green from NAACP, Antonio Florez from Comite, Lisa
Dauggard the Deputy Director of Defender Association working on Racial
Disparity Project, Asha Muhummed a Somali activist. Next week there will be
recommendations of who will speak when, additions accepted by committee.

New recommendations for entertainment Ralph Roberts, signs; Alexes Green,
spoken word performer recommended by Eddie Rye. Councilmember Gossett
recommended Josie Howell for Black National Anthem, he will contact. Linda
Tenell has recommendation for benediction and choir. Subcommittee is still
looking for further recommendations of benediction and choir. Governor is
interested in participating, waiting to hear back from her staff. Councilmember
Gossett will call her staff if they do not call, Oscar Eason will also follow up. If
they do not contact by tomorrow it is too late. Concern that she is not in line with
committee; she must be if she is to speak. Entertainment order will be
recommended at next committee. Muckleshoot is one word, please correct name
if we are to honor him.

Madge has 22 places that will give food: restaurants, people, and hotels. Krispy
Kremes, bagels and coffee will be there for committee at 8:30. Food donation is
coming along. Ezells is on board. Eddie has an additional 3 places for food. Cliff
secured pop and water, thanks for doing such a great time. Food/drinks can be
dropped off at Garfield anytime after 7am. Cliff is recruiting volunteers from
African Americans veteran group like last year, will recruit around 10. Lacey is
requesting for a room reserved for coffee and food, and that this information is
somewhere for volunteers. Paying for cafeteria worker. Unclear if we are paying
for custodians. Seattle Vocational Institute is creating signs. This year there will
be larger signs for workshops. This year there will be heat.

Shomari gave report for subcommittee. Submission deadline passed yesterday
at 12pm. 14 submission received. Extending deadline to this Friday, want
committee to ask people they know to add workshop topics/proposals. Annette
read off these submissions:
       Declaration of Emergency by the Homeless Community
       Race, Gender and Equity in the New Green Economy
       Recruiting Mentors to Save a Generation
       Military Recruitment in a Time of War: What would MLK Jr. Say to
        Today’s Youth?
       Ending Banishment
       Getting to “Medicare for All”
       What you NEED to Know About Divorce, Parenting Plans and Child
       HIV in the Black Community- Prevention and Education
       National Health Care Reform- What did We Win? Did We Make History?
       How to Fight Discrimination in the Workplace?
       A Year After Gaza: Demolished Housing, Devastated Health
       Economic Justice for Small/Minority Business
       Grassroots Organizing for Healthcare and Human Needs: Building
        Community Power and Putting Forward Solutions.

Councilmember Gossett will submit one on voting rights and prisoners. Want
workshops to relate to theme, housing, healthcare, jobs and education. Will post
large posters and pass out small flyer on day of. Students will be available to
show to classrooms, classrooms will be on one floor. Census workshop will be
good topic, also putting up a booth next to other vendors. Oscar Eason in past
felt there were too many workshops but thinks this year it is imperative to have
workshop on jobs and achievement gap. Annette will put workshop together on
academic achievement gap. Submit workshop proposals on website. Other
workshops will be submitted on payday loans, police misconduct, patriot act and
how it applies in local community.

Jean reports subcommittee sent out 60 informational e-mails and contacts and
will work on press releases. Front-page information is being printed in Facts
Newspaper tomorrow.

KL and Bob checked out Garfield. Bob thinks most of setup will be same as
years past. Many people got stuck behind east side or risers, proposing putting a
screen and speakers to include these folks in rally. Bob will get an estimate to
committee. Federal building will be same as last year. Chair Gossett will sign
federal building papers next year. Lacey, clarify if gym will open larger, this is not
possible. If there is ice like last year how will we get de-icer? Need to talk to
Dave, in maintenance, Madge will call. Committee members will bring bags just
in case. Unclear if buses are organized to leave right after march arrives. Bob
Barnes would like to insure 3-minute time limits are kept, communicate this to
speakers and let them know that sound will be turned off. Must be flexible to let
people finish speeches if they are finishing up. Lacey is in charge of time limits.
Program committee will follow time and let speakers know sound will be turned
down. David is a bus driver and will give information of who to call at metro to
Chair Gossett. What time will folks arrive back at Garfield to start dispersing
food? Few buses will leave at 1:45, 2:00 and 2:15. People in mass will not arrive
till 2.

Lacey reports if you need volunteers give the number in and what you need them
to do to subcommittee in writing.

Other Business
Lacey would like to ask vendors for a contribution. Committee agrees

      1/19/10 Census event, 6-7:30, Central Area Senior Center- do not want to
       miss out on census, determines funding.
      Next Thursday County MLK Jr. event with John Lewis, 12pm free at
      Erin from Puget Sound blood center is looking for folks to pass out
       information, if you are interested please let her know. Looking for people
       of color to give blood. There is national effort to find a blood marrow donor
       for a lady in New York, have black and half Latino. Cheek swab is the way
       to take the test. Easiest to find a match in your racial group.
      4/10/10 Street bands in Central District, want to place bands with
       community org during the day. Will hand out info during rally
      Chris Ihler- if you know youth groups who would like speaker on
       entrepreneurship and business/economic topics contact him.
      At next meeting will have information for African American legislative day
       2/12/09 in Olympia
      Campaign to save basic health- will deliver petitions to legislature, details
      Tamika Jackson from Phi theta Kappa Alpha Chi Zeta brought pledge of
       $150 and will bring volunteers from Seattle Central Community College

Committee adjourned at 8:35