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					Glasgow 2014 - Role profile:

 Job Title:         Press Officer

                    Communications (Functional Area: Media)

 Reports to:        PR Manager

 Direct reports:    PR Manager

 Job Purpose:       The purpose of this role will be to proactively execute Glasgow 2014’s News
                    Management Strategy to the Scottish media, and manage issues as they

 Date:              07/02/2011

 Grade:             4

 Key                Reporting Relationship
                    This role will initially report to the PR Manager, with operational liaison with
                    other teams within the Communication Department and other Functional
                    Areas. The reporting line will be to the Head of Media when this role is in

                    Key Objectives

                    To work with the PR Manager/Head of Media to execute the News
                    Management Strategy and deliver a cohesive media service for Glasgow

 accountabilities   The Press Officer will be primarily responsible for the execution of the News
                    Management Strategy to the media.

                    News Management

                       To promote the image, initiatives and policies of Glasgow 2014 in a
                        consistent and co-ordinated way that supports the rest of the Media Team
                       Day to day responsibility for media enquiries about Glasgow 2014, for
                        venues, sports, transport, sustainability, financial issues such as the
                        Annual Report and Business Plan, Health and Safety and other policy
                       Writing and production of media articles, quotes and press releases
                       Issue pre-agreed statements to the media as required
                       Day to day handling of media enquiries with the Senior Press Officer and
                        PR Manager/Head of Media
                       Proactively identifying opportunities to promote Glasgow 2014, getting
                        approval and executing them
   Managing the media for specific projects
   Provide out of hours cover for media enquiries

Relationship and Client Management
   Providing support to the Senior Press Officer on sponsorship issues,
    which will include media management for the appointment of sponsors
    and working closely with the sponsors’ PR departments
   Supporting all the relevant FAs
   Advise stakeholders and other organisations about Glasgow 2014
    activities, plans and messages
   Work with the Games Partners’ and stakeholders’ press offices to ensure
    consistency and good planning
   Manage service providers for media services including the press cuttings
    service, the broadcast alert service, magazine subscriptions, online
    subscriptions and wire services
   Organise the logistics for venue and site tours for media and VIPs for the
    Organising Committee
   Develop and manage relationships with reporters, including developing
    and maintaining a thorough media contacts database

Media Relations

   Ensure that all communications going out to the media are accurate,
    timely and relevant
   Be a professional and capable representative for Glasgow 2014 to the
   Provide support to the rest of the Media Team on Media Relations

Campaign Implementation and day to day responsibilities
   Providing support for Glasgow 2014’s Communications Strategy for
    London 2012. Please note this may include a medium term work
    assignment at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and you
    must be available to travel accordingly
   Setting up and running the logistics for photo calls and press
    conferences, including managing Op Notes and managing attendance
   Providing media support for specific campaigns, such as “Sport Your
    Trainers”, countdown milestones, media launch of pictograms and media
    launch of the mascots
   Working with the Marketing and/or Publications teams to deliver
    Marketing materials such as brochures, promotional items and
    information packs where required
   Working with the Events Co-ordinator to provide media support for
    internal and external events and fora ensuring a consistent message is
    delivered to all stakeholders
   Working with any external support service providers, such as PR
    agencies, to deliver specific campaigns
   To deputise for the Senior Press Officer when required
   Writing and production of presentations, website content, speeches and

                       Booking photographers for media launches
                       Managing procurement processes and the associated administration for
                        the Media Team
                       Working with the Events Co-ordinator to manage the logistics for Media
                       Providing support on the management of our communications planning
                       Writing briefing for internal use

Skills/Competencies Required:

Knowledge:                                       Specialist Skills:
   A good knowledge of multi-sport Games           Excellent writing, spelling and grammar, with
    is desirable                                     a writing style that is succinct and engaging
   Excellent computer and IT skills, including     Attention to detail and a commitment to
    proficient use of Microsoft Outlook, Excel       accuracy
    and Word                                        Demonstrates a good balance between
   Good understanding of new and social             responsibility and initiative
    media                                           A proven ability to deliver effective media
   Experience of campaign implementation            coverage under pressure
    and using different elements of the             Must be able to analyse a wide variety of
    communications mix to achieve the best           issues quickly and understand their
    results                                          implications
                                                    Ability to translate strategies and plans into
                                                    Good time management and prioritisation

People Skills:                                   External Impact:
   Excellent communications skills, both           An ability to understand and appreciate other
    written and verbal                               organisation’s points of view and is able to
   A willingness to work in a spirit of             respond accordingly and manage issues as
    partnership                                      they arise
   Ability to represent the organisation to the    Ability to work with highly sensitive material
    media professionally at all times                and keep it confidential
   Has a “can do” attitude and is a genuine        An understanding of the political environment
    team player                                      in Glasgow and Scotland
                                                    Values inclusiveness in all its forms
                                                    Must understand external pressures in the
                                                     decision making process

Decision Making:                              Creative Thinking / Innovation:
   Must be able to demonstrate an               Must be able to think creatively in the media
    understanding of clearance and approval       industry
    processes and why they are important         Must have experience of identifying positive
   Must be able to demonstrate good news         stories from dry subjects and getting them
    judgment and what makes a good story          covered in the media
   Must be able to work to tight deadlines   
   Demonstrates a commitment to striving
    for the best

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