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WINTER 2009/2010 Newsletter                                                www.                       

Barclaycard team deserve the credit!
                                                          We were all stunned by the results of this one-day
                                                          visit, a day that passed in a whirl of paint brushes,
                                                          stepladders, wallpaper and filler, resulting in the
                                                          ground floor kitchen – formerly not a favourite
                                                          part of the building! – being transformed into
                                                          a light, bright and very clean place to be.

                                                          While half of the team beavered away in here,
                                                          the others attacked a very drab and dingy top
                                                          floor area, repairing sills, cleaning and painting,
                                                          and presenting us with a brand new loo seat!
                                                          Barclaycard allow these DIY teams a budget and,
                                                          once they had bought the decorating equipment,
                                                          they very kindly bought us mugs, teatowels, a
The Credit Risk Department of Barclaycard                 kettle and cutlery – items we were rather short of!
adopted KidsAid for a year, during which time
they set about organizing in-house fundraising            We are extremely grateful to Barclaycard
events, supporting KidsAid events where                   and to the wonderful team from Credit Risk
possible, and providing us with a team of                 who put all of their skills and energy to work
DIY enthusiasts to help with the on-going                 to help bring KidsAid House even more up to
refurbishment at KidsAid House.                           scratch. Thank you from everyone at KidsAid.

   Second Gala Dinner Success
September       19th   heralded    Live music to get even the
the second annual KidsAid          worst wallflower up on the
Gala Dinner, held again at the     dance floor was provided by
ever popular Empress Suite         Aerosoul and our thanks to
at Towcester        Racecourse.    them and to Beth McGonnell
Guests enjoyed the three-course    for the gorgeous floral table
dinner and then our cheeky         decorations, and thanks also
auctioneer, Sam Pinkham, used      to My Chocolate Occasion
his charm and banter to cajole     for the KidsAid branded
guests into bidding as much        Belgian    chocolate    bars
as possible for the excellent      for each guest. The event
items on offer – all generously    raised almost £3,500 and
donated     for    the    event.   we thank all of our guests
                                   for their valued support.      Above: Diners gather prior to the three course meal.

   Kidsaid House, 85 St.Giles Street, Northampton, NN1 1JF Tel: 01604 630332
As 2009 drew to a close....

Food with a Thought for KidsAid
Northampton’s Maha-Raj-A restaurant has
been host to 4 KidsAid Indian Evenings
recently, offering diners a special price of £20
per head for a 3-course meal with options,
and sharing the takings with the charity.
Supporters who enjoyed this special deal said
what a wonderful idea it was, as everyone wins!
The restaurant is busier than normal for
a Monday evening, the diners enjoy a
fabulous Indian meal for a very special
price, and KidsAid have received a total
of over £1500 to date. This is a very
popular event, and we will be holding more
Maha-Raj-A evenings in the new year.               Diners enjoy the KidsAid evening at the Maha-raj-a

KidsAid Christmas Fair
                                                   Special thanks go to Stephanie Wilson for
                                                   organizing the very successful Christmas
                                                   Fair, and to Vicky Darby for allowing us to
                                                   hold the Fair in her lovely home, and to Sally
                                                   Hanrahan and all the other stall-holders for
                                                   taking part and for their generous donations.
                                                   The event was very well attended and
                                                   the total raised came to around £1200.
                                                   Trustee Maria Verroca-Stevens baked some
                                                   of her famous cupcakes for the occasion.

                                                   Tempting and Delicious!
                                                   Maria’s cakes on sale at the Christmas Fair

Something cooking at KidsAid!!
We mentioned to Fil Lombardi, the Manager
                                                           Original Kitchen
of Magnet Kitchens in Lichfield, that we could
                                                           receives some tlc!
do with some kitchen units for the 2 kitchens at
KidsAid House. The existing kitchen furniture
is very old and has certainly seen better days!

When Fil organised the pre-Christmas changeover
of display kitchens at his showroom, he very kindly
gave us the entire kitchen from the previous display.
A Time to Dance for KidsAid
Every 2 years the Mayhew School of Dance
hold a charity dance concert and this year their
chosen charities were KidsAid and Asthma UK.
The concert was held at the Cripps Theatre in
the Northampton Boys’ School, on 7th and 8th
November, and featured ballet, tap, Greek national
and many other forms of dance in a 2-hour show.
The concert was a huge success and the Mayhew
School of Dance presented a cheque for £1400
to each charity. Well done to Mrs Knight, Principal
of the School, and everyone who took part.

 Ring in the New....
 KidsAid is proud to announce the addition            There will be an official opening by members
 of Art Therapy and Drama Therapy to its              of the Teckman family, and the room will be
 existing services. This extension to the             known as the Michael Teckman Art Room.
 therapeutic disciplines allows KidsAid
 to work with a wider client base, and we
 welcome our new therapists, Pauline
 Hall (Art) and Jeanette Ellis (Drama).                 the   Michael Teckman
 The new Art Therapy room, generously
 sponsored by the Michael Teckman
 Trust, is now completed and will                              art room
 be     in  use    from   January    2010.


 We have a sink unit with cupboards, a
 tall cupboard unit and drawer unit, plus a
 4-piece wall unit, the whole thing complete
 with stainless steel sink and worktops.

 We cannot thank Fil and Magnet
 Kitchens enough for this incredibly
 generous donation – we are now looking
 for someone to install it all for us!
                                            A BIG Thankyou!!
 Puppets in the Post!
When we contacted The Puppet Company,                              We are most
we asked if they possibly had any slightly                         grateful to the
damaged or soiled puppets that we could                            lovely people
beg, for use in our Play Therapy rooms.                            at The Puppet
What arrived a short time later was the most                       Company for
amazing collection of colourful characters –                       this donation
everything from the Tales of the Riverbank                         – thank you
mole and his friends – complete with tweed                         for our new
jackets and waistcoats! – to large hairy                           puppet family!!
Muppet people in bright green and pink.
And all of the puppets were perfect, brand
new. And there were so many of them!

KidsAid is constantly indebted to the                                 Our thanks also to -Nova Security Systems
on-going help and support of Martin Cronin                            for installing a security camera and
and Paul Asplin. whose work behind the                                helping with our alarm system, fire risk
scenes is key to the essential refurbishment                          assessment and other security matters;
of KidsAid House. DIY jobs, decorating,                               QSS for sorting out our electrical
collecting and delivering heavy items of                              problem and to EnGas for getting our
furniture, taking rubbish to the tip, carrying                        rather ancient heating system going!
heavy cupboards up the many flights of                                 Benn Security and Coles for helping
stairs…. Nothing is too much trouble and                              with   the    many   keys   we    needed;
everyone at KidsAid is most grateful.                                 Andrews Office Furniture for our new
                                                                      Board Room table and Reception desk;
                                                                      Carpet Line for our lovely new kitchen
                                                                      floor; and E.P.S Office Furnishings of
                                                                      Rushden for the biggest Nobo board ever!

           100                                                                                     Board of Trustees
           CLUB                                         MEMBERSHIP
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                                                                                                   Treasurer: Charlotte Marten
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