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					Apron Feeder RKF

               ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik
               Excellence in Technology

Apron Feeder
by ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik

ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik
are one of the world’s leading
manufacturers of machinery
and plant systems for the
mineral processing industry.

Based on decades of
experience, our engineers are
engaged in research and
development. The results have
become an integral part of
processing technology.
Customers worldwide benefit
from our innovation power.
Whether standard or
customized designs – whether
concepts to save energy or
to reduce production and
maintenance costs –
ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik
always offer complete
solutions that are often opti-
mized in cooperation with the

Reliable, safe, profitable,

ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik.


                                     Stationary Single Shaft Impact Crusher
                                     fed by two Apron Feeders at
                                     Cementos Progreso S.A., Guatemala
                                     Type PB 200/250
                                     Capacity: 1,100 t/h
                                     Pre-homogenisation of raw materials by
                                     online analysator controlling and co-
                                     ordinating the speed of the two apron

                                     Stationary Single Shaft Impact Crusher
                                     fed by three Apron Feeders at Cruz Azul,
                                     Aqua Caliente, Mexico
                                     Type PB 200/250
                                     Capacity: 1,000 t/h
                                     Pre-homogenisation of raw materials by
                                     online analysator controlling and co-
                                     ordinating the speed of the two apron

ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik
Apron Feeder with tractor chains

ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik
Apron Feeders are operated
worldwide to convey all kind of
raw materials in different
process applications. They have
proven their reliable design in
heavy duty applications from the
cement production to the mining
industry. They are used to feed
different crushers with run of
mine raw materials including
lumps up to a size of 2m or are
integrated as dosing systems for
further drying and/or grinding

So far ThyssenKrupp
Fördertechnik has built Apron
Feeders with a width up to 3 m
and a length up to 30 m.
Lifetime lubricated tractor chains
and rollers with sizes from D 4      3
up to D 11 are chosen according
to the toughness of the task
ensuring high safety factors and
a long lifetime.
ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik
Apron Feeders are installed in
horizontal as well as in inclined
applications. Due to the special
design of the aprons an inclinati-
on range from 20° to 26° can
be realized. In addition the bed
height of the conveyed material
stays constant ensuring an
equal material flow to the further
process. The high inclination
also allows to built compact
installations and to reduce the
length of the Apron Feeder
keeping the investment costs

ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik           4

Apron Feeders are designed for
conveying capacities extending
to above 14,000 t/h.                 3
For either stationary, semi-         ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik Apron Feeder
mobile or mobile use.                RKF 2,2 x 15,8 – D8
                                     with inside chain arrangement.

                                     ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik Apron Feeder
                                     RKF 2,4 x 17,0 – D9
                                     with outside chain arrangement.

Head end drive station
and tail end tension station


The head end drive shaft of the
ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik
Apron Feeder is supported in
heavy duty dual row spherical
roller bearings and housings.
Fixed on this shaft are the cast
steel sprocket wheels which are
divided into segments allowing
to change the single elements
without disassembly of the
chain. In addition support rings                                             6
for the slide shoes of the aprons
are installed on the shaft to
avoid bending of the aprons and       5
                                      Apron Feeder RKF 3,0 x 8,3 – D10
spillage at the discharge point.
                                      during assembly in
                                      ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik workshop.
The tension of the chain can be
regulated by the spindle adju-        6
sting device at the tail end shaft.   Drive shaft of
                                      Apron Feeder RKF 2,5 x 26,0 – D10
This device allows in combinati-
on with the movable drive shaft       7
to optimize the discharge point       Tension shaft of
e.g. into the crusher.                Apron Feeder RKF 3,0 x 8,3 – D10

Drive systems

                                                 ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik
                                                 Apron Feeders are operated with
                                                 hydraulic as well as electro-
                                                 mechanical drives. Each drive
                                                 system is designed to provide the
                                                 required torques even for starting
                                                 under full load conditions.

                                                 Electro-mechanical drives consists
                                                 of a planetary gear in hollow shaft
                                                 design in combination with an
                                                 AC-motor. The speed of the Apron
                                                 Feeder is controlled by a variable
                                                 frequency converter allowing to
                                                 reduce the speed stepless down
                                                 to 25 % of the nominal speed.
                                                 With hydraulic drives the speed is
                                                 infinitely variable over the entire
                                                 speed range from nominal speed
                                                 down to standstill. This can be
                                                 achieved either by axial piston
                                                 motors in combination with a
                                                 planetary gear or directly with an
                                                 Hägglunds hydraulic motor opera-
                                                 ted without additional gear box.
                                                 Due to the sensitive setting ranges
                                                 of all drives it is possible to com-
                                                 bine two or three Apron Feeders
8                                                obtaining already in the crusher a
                                                 pre-homogenization of the raw
                                                 materials for the cement
Three Apron Feeders with hydraulic drives.

Hydraulic drive with axial piston motor

Hydraulic drive with Hägglunds motor

Double electro-mechanical drive

10                                               11

Heavy duty impact table and apron design

                                    ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik
                                    Apron Feeders are designed with
                                    an increased number of rollers
                                    and side rails in the hopper area
                                    to achieve a regular load distri-
                                    bution in the feeder steel struc-
                                    ture. For additional protection of
                                    the supporting building struture
                                    ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik
                                    Apron Feeders could be equip-
                                    ped with an impact table being
                                    provided with heavy duty choc
                                    The maintenance free slide rails
                                    are made of special steel
                                    allowing to operate the Apron
                                    Feeeder without additional
                                    greasing system.
                                    Thanks to this environmental
                                    friendly design feature grease
                                    spillage is avoided and the
                                    safety in operation is increased.

                                    ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik
                                    Apron Feeders are equipped
                                    either with cast reinforced welded
                                    aprons. Every apron is designed
13                                  with a special sealing lip guaran-
                                    teing a minimum of spillage
                                    during operation. The thickness
                                    of the top plate can be chosen
                                    according to the requirements.

                                    Heavy duty impact table with choc absorbers

                                    Maintenance free slide rails

                                    Cast aprons checked by surface crack test

                                    Sliding shoes of aprons

                                    Reinforced welded aprons
15          16


ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik         Increase the productivity of your
are attaching great importance     machinery and equipment.
to service.                        Get in touch with
                                   ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik –
Committed employees,               wherever you are.
experience and the ability to
tread new paths together with
the innovative power, flexibility
                                        Inspection services
                                        Stand-by emergency services
and know-how are the
foundation on which the
                                   •    Repair services
                                        – on site
successful co-operation with            – in the workshop of the
our customers is built.                   service centre

Project research, damage
                                        Diagnostic systems
                                        Maintenance contracts
analysis, planning and
modifications aimed at a
                                   •    Spare parts services.

modernization and an increase
of the output of machines and
plants in conjunction with a                                           17
worldwide after-sales service                                          Spare parts store.
which also covers the
equipment of other
                                                                       ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik control and
manufacturers.                                                         diagnostic system.

Maintenance and repair                                                 19
services offered by                                                     Whether direct personal collection or
                                                                       worldwide airfreight – we give our
ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik
                                                                       customers the fastest possible and most
include expert on-site                                                 economical method of delivery.

Repairs are carried out by
highly qualified staff using
high-quality and tested spare

                                   17                                  18

ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik
Partners of the mineral processing industry

Product range
Crushing technology                                     Grinding technology
•  Stationary, semi-mobile and
   mobile crushing plants                               •
                                                           Ball mills
                                                           Rod tube mills
   Gyratory crushers
   KUBRIA® cone crushers                                •
                                                           Hammer mills
                                                           Roll mills
   Double-toggle jaw crushers
   Single-toggle jaw crushers                           •
                                                           Separating systems
                                                           Water injection systems
   Impact jaw crushers
   MAMMUT® single-shaft hammer crushers                 Feeding and conveying systems
   TITAN® double-shaft hammer crushers
   Impact crushers                                      •
                                                           Apron feeders
                                                           Chain conveyors
   Roller crushers
   RollSizers                                           •
                                                           Reciprocating plate feeders
                                                           Vibrating screens
•  SIEBRA® swivel-arm crushers
                                                        •  Wobbler feeders

Screening technology                                    Filtering- and drying technology
   Linear vibrating screens
   Circular vibrating screens                           •
                                                            Magnetic separators
   Elliptical vibrating screens
   Eccentric vibrating screens                          •
                                                            Vacuum belt filters
                                                            CHF vacuum belt filters
   Screener Fines screening machine
   Grizzly primary screens                              •
                                                            Separating cyclones
   Vibrating screen feeders
   Unbalance drive units                                •
                                                            Cyclone clusters
                                                            Disc filters
•  Aqua vibrating separators
                                                          Systems for power plants
                                                          Coal preparation systems

                                                        Modernization, Refurbishment
                                                        After-sales service                Technical details subject to changed. Printed in Germany. Apron Feeder 01 GB 11.10

    ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik GmbH
    Schleebergstraße 12, D-59320 Ennigerloh, Tel.: +49(2524)30- 0, Fax: +49(2524)2252

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