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Minutes of AGM 2010


									                           South Birmingham Ramblers
                  Draft minutes of the 18th Annual General Meeting
                                        held at
                                    Oddingley Hall
                           Thursday 18th November 2010

Present Eleanor Thorne, Roy Millard, Viv Millard, Moira O’Sullivan, Len Pates, Val
Balmond, Steve Fletcher, Chris Armstrong, Liz Walkling, John Russell, Chris Field,
John Gaunt, Judy Witton, Stan Witton, Christine Merryman, Tricia Murray, Jenny
Corless, Isobel Pettitt, Margaret Harris, Dennis Hodges, Mary Parsons, Keith Payton,
Ray Pollard, Bob Armstrong, Nancy Phang, Yuan Phang, Lesley Wilkinson, Ian
Wilkinson, Peter Broadhead, John Gaunt, Carole McNeary, Janet Steele, Liz Blakey,
Dennis Webb, Larry Moody, Jean Perring, John Bowen, Pam Morris, Dave Morris,
Sheila Lennon, Jean Godfrey, Sam Dear, Bob Sutton, Jenny Shardlow, Dorothy
Hargest, Peter Rookes, Jean Rookes

Apologies John Chapman, Jackie Spearpoint, Sue Loose, Jean Holliday, Carol
Miller, Margaret Clewett, Gary Rootham, Anne Rootham, Diane Sutton, Mike Sutton.

Eleanor described the format of the evening. After the reading of the minutes from
2009 there would be reports from the committee members, followed by the election
of the new committee, any other business, then refreshments, and finally a DVD
made by Mike Sutton of our holiday in Lynton in 2008.

Ian Wilkinson and his wife Lesley were present at our meeting. Ian is the
Warwickshire Area Secretary.

Minutes from AGM of 2009 These were read and approved as a true record –
proposed by Roy Millard and seconded by John Gaunt.

Matters arising Eleanor described how short walks on Tuesdays or Thursdays had
not alleviated the large numbers on Wednesdays, but had instead brought us new
members and encouraged previously non-walking members to walk again! New
walks leaders had been mentored and encouraged by more experienced leaders.

Chairman’s Report Eleanor was pleased to report that South Birmingham Ramblers
had had a very successful year. There has been an increase in membership and an
extended programme of walks. She thanked Gary for the enhanced website with its
downloadable programmes and full information. She explained that it was
instrumental in recruiting new members. She thanked all the committee for their hard
work over the year. As 2010 was the 75th anniversary of the Ramblers we had
walked the first stage of St Kenelm’s way as our Baton Walk. Other themed walks
have been incorporated into our programme, the parliamentary walk around central
Birmingham, the battle of Edge Hill walk on its anniversary, the Christmas Mince Pie
walk and the Spring bluebell walk, and very soon the samosa walk. She thanked all
those who have organised the themed walks, including Liz for organising this year’s
linear walk and Don Hazzard, whose invaluable historical descriptions have
enhanced walks.
She described the liaison with the Get Walking, Keep Walking campaign, which has
helped this group to walk in the countryside, and which will continue next year.
This year we had our first newsletter which was well received, and so we are
planning to produce one next year in July. She asked for contributions to this
newsletter, from jokes to poems, recipes and walking experiences.
She thanked Len and Val for the invaluable work they have done in organising our
social events this year.
She reminded members that there should always be a backmarker on a walk and
that it spreads the load if we take it in turns to back mark.
Eleanor talked about the Ramblers’ campaign work in keeping open foot paths and
repairing styles and the Dead-end campaign which is highlighting the threat to public
footpaths due to local authority cutbacks. We will be discussing how we can take
part in this important work this year and asked for ideas and support from the
membership. It is hoped that working parties can be arranged for later in the year
and asked for members to join these.
She also asked those who were interested making up the working party at Kings
Norton Nature Reserve on November 27th, to give their name to Jean Perring.
She thanked all members present for their careful attention to her report.

Secretary’s Report Liz mentioned the statistics that Viv has pulled out of the walk
registers that have been running since January. See Appendix 1 These registers
and other information that walk leaders may need is now available on the website
and can be down loaded if necessary. Keith has offered to run a map reading and
navigation course for members and information can be found in future programmes.
There are now 80 names on the e-mail list. She forwards all e-mails sent by
members and some of those sent by outside agencies if they are relevant to walking.
She will ask Gary to post the minutes for this meeting on the website so that they are
available for everyone to read.

Treasurers’ Report and Statement of Accounts. Moira explained that South
Birmingham Ramblers have 2 bank accounts, one is the Main ( or charity) Account
and the other is the Self-funded ( or Social ) Account.
The Main Account is used to support the Ramblers core charitable objectives of
promoting walking, preserving footpaths, protection of the countryside, access and
freedom to roam. In our group most of the money we receive from the Ramblers is
used to produce our programme and send it out. Last year we received £400 from
the Ramblers, but since we have used up most of our reserves and the group is
growing we have asked for £600 this year. The Self-funded Account is used to run
our social activities, some of which have made a small profit which has been used to
subsidise other activities.
The full Treasurer’s report can be found in Appendix 2.
She thanked John Russell for examining the accounts.

Membership Secretary’s Report Jackie wrote that our membership stood at 234 at
the beginning of September, though the Ramblers database is still not completely
settled. Subscription rates have increased from the beginning of October coupled
with a £10 reduction for new members who pay by direct debit. She is stepping down
from the job as she is walking less at the moment because of her fractured arm. She
wished her successor well.
Wednesday Walks Secretary’s Report Steve thanked John who had helped with
the Wednesday programme for the latter part of the year. He thanked the walk
leaders and especially the new leaders, as although the first walk can seem very
daunting it is also very rewarding. The charts derived from Viv’s statistical analysis of
all the walks registers showed that Wednesday walks were still the most popular
walk of the week. See Appendix 3. He felt that walks secretaries needed to co-
ordinate walks to ensure that walks in the same area were well spread over the
programme. The facebook site has meant that it has been easy for us to share
photographs and it is regularly used by members.

Sunday Walks Secretary’s Report Sue wrote that as she would be flying to the
Maldives during the AGM she would not be able to join us! Sunday walks have been
well attended with numbers up on last year. Saturday walks have not been so well
attended but this is to be expected as they are more challenging and further from
Birmingham. She thanked walk leaders for the amazing walks that have been
planned this year. She particularly liked Patrick’s walk in the Berwyns.

Footpaths’ Secretary’s Report John reported that 68 problems with footpaths had
been raised this year, with Worcestershire (where we walk most of all) having 52 of
these. The most significant reason being damage to styles, but obstruction of paths
came a close second. He described how planning applications can adversely affect
public footpaths, but described 3 incidents where our intervention had supported
objections to planning applications.
He gave a very important description about how we should proceed if we are aware
of a foot path problem and described how the group could deal with a future where
Councils’ Footpaths maintenance resources would be severely reduced. This can all
be found in Appendix 4

Social Secretary’s Report Len gave thanks to everyone who had helped in our
social events and said we had had some very good ones.

Publicity Officer’s Report Roy told us about the Ramblers’ Media and Publicity
workshop that he had been on. He has put up posters in local libraries and the
Lickey and Waseley Country Parks, and the Ramblers leaflets have been left in
libraries. He has made a name board which has been displayed at our events. His
main job has been putting together the quarterly programme ready for publication,
which is now quite a task since we have so many more walks and social events. He
said that he has enjoyed his time as a committee member but feels that he should
step aside now. See Appendix 5

Area Representative’s Report Viv gave us a detailed report about the activities that
connect us to the Area and Ramblers as whole. These included the Festival of
Winter Walks between the 26th December and 3rd January where walks are open to
the public, the ongoing campaign for Coastal Access and the important campaign to
ensure that rights of way and access are not lost in government cuts. She described
the anniversary picnic where 234 walkers attended and a newly set up group for
walkers in their 40’s and 50’s. She reminded us of the High Speed Rail consultations
with landowners that are being dealt with by Head Office and the Ramblers financial
The Area AGM is being held in Coventry Central Hall this year on Saturday 5th
February, 10am for a 10:30 am start. All are invited, and there is a lunch and
afternoon walks.
She reminded us that although any one can go walking, it is the Ramblers who help
maintain the footpaths that are so important in helping us enjoy our walks!
All members can attend Area meetings, so if you wish to attend, please let her know.
Her full report can be seen in Appendix 6

Election of Officers.

Chair: Eleanor Thorne was nominated. Proposed by Larry Moody and seconded by
Val Balmond.
Secretary: Liz Walkling was nominated. Proposed by Steve Fletcher. Seconded by
Viv Millard.
Treasurer: Moira O’Sullivan was nominated. Proposed by Viv Millard. Seconded by
Larry Moody.

Proposals from the floor.
Roy Millard proposed that we create the position of Short Walks Secretary. Duties
will be to put together a programme of walks that are no more than 5 miles long.
These walks will be on days advised by the committee and will include evening
walks in the summer. This was seconded by Ray Pollard and accepted by the
Roy Millard proposed that the name of the Sunday Walks Secretary should be
changed to Weekend Walks Secretary now that our Summer programme included
walks on Saturdays.
Duties would be to put together a programme of walks, on days advised by the
committee, to give us a more varied programme of lengths and locations. This was
seconded by Ray Pollard and accepted by the membership.

The election of officers continued.

Wednesday Walks Secretary: John Gaunt was nominated. Proposed by Steve
Fletcher. Seconded by Dave Morris.
Weekend Walks Secretary: Sue Loose was nominated. Proposed by Larry Moody.
Seconded by Len Pates.
Short Walks Secretary: John Gaunt was nominated. Proposed by Steve Fletcher.
Seconded by Yuan Phang.
Footpaths Secretary: Chris Field was nominated. Proposed by John Gaunt.
Seconded by Roy Millard.
Social Secretary: Len Pates was nominated. Proposed by Peter Rookes. Seconded
by Dave Morris.
Publicity Officer: Steve Fletcher was nominated. Proposed by Roy Millard. Seconded
by Chris Field.
Membership Secretary: Val Balmond was nominated. Proposed by Viv Millard.
Seconded by John Gaunt.
Area Secretary: Viv Millard was nominated. Proposed by Roy Millard. Seconded by
Sam Dear.
Peter Rookes asked that Val Balmond should continue with her involvement in
organising social events over the next year.
Webmaster: Gary Rootham has agreed, with our thanks, to continue in this post.

Appointment of an Independent Examiner of Accounts: John Russell was nominated.
Proposed by Moira O’Sullivan. Seconded by .Viv Millard.

Any Other Business

Eleanor stood up and showed the analysis of the registers from the last 12 months.
We have had 221different walkers on our walks over this period.
12 of our members have walked over 40 walks.
Dennis Webb has taken 57 walks.
Larry Moody has taken 75 walks.
Len Pates has taken 76 walks.
But Chris Field was our top rambler with 82!! He was given a certificate and a bottle
of wine.
Larry Moody was awarded a certificate and a bottle of wine as a reminder of his
rescue of a sheep on a walk near Bidford.

Viv Millard pointed out that we still have people who are walking in front of the leader
which means that walks can get strung out.

Dave Morris said we should have a culture in which it is possible for walk leaders to
be able to remind those in front of the walk leader that they should not be there.

Liz Blakey asked that we have at least half an hour for lunch. She had been on a
walk recently where the people at the back had got so strung out that they had had
little time to eat their lunch. Some people at the back had turned the wrong way in

Tricia Murray said that walkers have a degree of responsibility for them selves. On
the walk that Liz was describing the back marker had recced the walk and had a
map, so any walker unsure of the way should have turned to him!

Ray Pollard suggested that we make more of a point in the programme of this,
stating more clearly that walkers should not go in front of the leader.

Janet Steele pointed out that everyone knows that it should not ever happen that
walkers go in front of the leader.

Jenny Corless asked that Wednesday walkers who lead the shorter walks should
make sure that the pace is not too fast.

Ian Wilkinson congratulated Roy Millard on the wonderful job he had done of chairing
a meeting of the Area recently when Mike Bird had not been able to take the Chair.

John Russell congratulated the committee for the excellent work they had put in over
the year.
Eleanor thanked the members of the committee who were stepping down this year,
Roy Millard, who has been on the committee for about 10 years, Jackie Spearpoint
who has been the Secretary and also membership secretary and John Chapman
who will no longer be our footpaths’ secretary. She thanked Len for the hard work he
had put in to developing the programme of short walks over the year.

The meeting was adjourned for refreshments, which were followed by a wonderful
DVD made by Mike Sutton.

Appendix 1

South Birmingham Ramblers                    E Daines (29/8)                 1
Members’ Walk Records                        Anne Dates    (24/8)            1
                                             Eileen Davies (19/9)            1
January 2010 to November 2010                Ian Davies                      10
                                             Gail Dawson                     20
Jenny Adlam (4/7)               1            Dixie Dean (n)                  1
Arafeh Aldpanah                 2            Sam Dear                        21
Karen Alexakis                  2            Sally Delmont                   11
Val Balmond                     49           Anne Dent                       8
Nvala Beilby (new)              1            Eileen. Dinsmore                3
Ray Beilby (new)                3            Cynthia Dodson (25/8)           2
Valerie Bell (2/9)              3            Mike Dodson (8/9)               1
L Benfield (28/10)              1            Kate Dunlop                     2
Marion Betteridge (19/10)       1            Chris Ellis                     2
Jim Bird                        3            George Errington (15/9)         1
Sheila Black ?                  1            Nan Errington (15/9)            1
Liz Blakey                      15           Ann Eyre                        19
Phil Bond (19/10)               1            Sheila Eyre                     8
John Bowen (19/10)              2            Gail Fergus (7/9)               1
Peter Broadhead                 17           Chris Field                     82
Tom Broomhall (20/5)            4            Barbara Fitzpatrick             16
Ronnie Brown (11/8)             1            Graham Fletcher (4/8)           9
Barbara Burden (28/10)          1            Steve Fletcher                  27
Rita Byford (27/7)              1            Elaine Fox (5/8)                1
Mike Cadby                      33           Val Gallagher (25/7)            9
Chris Cahalane (28/10)          1            John Gaunt                      37
Sheila Callan                   1            Keith Gent                      4
Caroline Cartwright             1            Anne Gibbons (guest)            1
23/5/10                                      Christopher Gibbins             1
Harry Cattermole                40           Jean Godfrey                    24
Carol Cattermole (28/10)        1            Roger Golsby                    3
John Chapman                    24           June Golsby                     3
Joan Chapman                    19           Sue Gould                       18
Josie Chapman                   18           Margo Green                     3
Robin Chapman                   3            Rachel Guy                      8
Ann Maria Charles               5            Charlotte Halligan ?            1
(n17/6)                                      Annette Halligan                2
Eileen Cherrington (n           2            Irene Halligan                  21
                                             Dorothy Hargest                 1
Margaret Clewett                21
                                             Margaret Harris                 8
Margaret Compton                1
                                             Wayne Hawkes                    22
Cath Cook (20/10)               1
                                             D Hazzard                       15
Phil Cook (20/10)               1
                                             S Hazzard                       10
Lynne Corfield (25/7)           10
                                             Tricia Henley                   6
Jenny Corless                   13
                                             Ged Hickman                     4
Mike Cunningham (27/7)          1
                                             Margaret Hickman                23
Tony Hill                   23   Jim Parry (6/10)          2
Diane Hindley               45   Anita Patel (23/6)        2
Denis Hodges                20   Len Pates                 76
Jean Holliday               27   Joe Patrick               7
Jan Home (10/10)            2    Keith Payton              12
Jean Howell                 3    Susan Pemberton           1
Jim Hoyle (n)               2    Jean Perring              30
Olly Hughes (8/9)           1    Isabel Pettitt            13
Mike Ilsley                 1    Nancy Phang               24
Linda Jackson               4    Yuen Phang                24
Jimmy James (19/10)         2    Don Phillips              25
James Jones                 3    Wendy Piercy 27/5/10      3
Jenny Jones (19/10)         1    Ray Pollard               9
Kauros Karbaschi            2    Graham Price              1
Bill Lacey                  6    Helena Pursey             7
Dillis Lacey                6    Hannah Pursey (13/10)     1
Martin Lavery               6    Linda Ravenstage (7/7)    1
Sheila Lennon               24   Liz Roberts(28/10)        1
Sue Loose                   17   Jimmy Rogers              25
John Lovesey                12   Jean Rookes               14
Vicky Lowe (19/10)          1    Pete Rookes               14
Lorna Loy                   15   Anne Rootham              11
Trina Lucas (5/8)           1    Gary Rootham              8
Patrick McElroy             31   Chris Rose (19/8)         3
T McGivan (29/8)            2    John Russell              15
Jan McManus                 19   Martin Russel             1
Carol McNeary               24   Clare Sandervick (8/8)    1
Roy McShane                 1    Carol Scott               2
Maggie                      4    Diane Shearer (n 17/6)    1
R.B. Matthews               21   A Shinstall               1
Barbara Mayo (19/10)        1    Anita Sims                23
Chris Merryman              16   Morgan Smith              1
Marie Milanec 30/5          1    Jackie Spearpoint         5
Roy Millard                 46   Sarah Spencer Smith       11
Viv Millard                 44   Stella Stait              9
Carol Miller                19   Diane Stead               28
Steph Miller (guest)        7    Janet Steele              28
David Mims                  1    Carol Stefaniak           2
Larry Moody                 75   Jan Stefaniak             2
Colin Moore (Worcs 10/8)    1    Sue Stevens (guest)       1
Stan Moore                  19   Sue Stokes                25
Dave Morris                 27   Les Stokes                23
Pam Morris                  23   Tim Stubbs                1
Edith Morrison              32   Bob Sutton                16
Rosemary Mountford          12   Diane Sutton              15
Jennie Mumford              1    Mike Sutton               15
Tricia Murray               20   Rob Swainston             22
Elaine Neasom               22   Josie Swaithe             5
Robert Neasom               9    David Sykes (guest)       1
Gareth Neild (6/10)         3    Dorothy Taylor (n 17/6)   1
Sandra Nicholson            10   Simone Thomson (4/7)      1
Stephen Nicholson           13   Eleanor Thorne            31
Denise O’Sullivan (guest)   2    Hazel Tickle              6
Moira O’Sullivan            19   Ray Tier                  9
A Owen                      2    John Tobitt               12
G Owen                      2    P Tobitt                  7
Sheila Palin                10   John Tones (2/9)          1
Mary Parsons                11   Sandra Tonks              20
Andy Tonks                    16            Denis Webb                    57
Trevor                        1             Sue Welland (guest)           1
Brian Turner                  9             Phyllis Westwood              1
Ann Upton                     5             Helen White (new 11/6)        1
Jon Venvil                    22            Kate Wilcox                   5
Jean Venvil (guest)           2             Primrose Williams             49
Liz Walkling                  48            Judy Witton                   45
Joanne Walsh                  3             Stan Witton                   30
Sheila Waters (19/10)         1             Margaret Wood                 10
Dorothy Watson (aug)          1             Daviv Woolgrove (25/8)        2
Glenn Watson (Aug)            1             Chris Yeap                    18

Appendix 2

South Birmingham Ramblers
Treasurer’s report for the AGM Thursday 18th November
Although this has been a difficult year for the Ramblers
nationally as it has lost income in the recession, the South
Birmingham group has finished the year in a healthy state
Main (or Charity) account
The main account must be used to support the Ramblers’ core
charitable objectives of promoting walking, preserving
footpaths, protection of the countryside, access and freedom
to roam. In our group most of our costs are associated with
the production of our quarterly walks programmes. We receive a
grant from the Ramblers to enable us to do this.
Last year, we were asked to make economies and reduce our
reserves in order to reduce our need for funding from central
office. Accordingly, we asked for ₤400.00, the same amount of
funding as in the previous year. We have, therefore, used up
some of our reserves to pay for first aid kits to carry on
walks and to support the production of the programme.
We started the financial year with ₤268.33, received ₤400 from Area
and .25p bank interest and ended the year with ₤70.00 to carry forward. We spent
₤442.80 on producing the programmes, ₤62.82 on first aid kits and ₤92.96 on admin,
the AGM and committee meetings.
We have also cut down our production costs by doing more of
the photocopying and collating ourselves and finding cheaper
stationery supplies. Although postage costs have increased, we
are trying to reduce these by giving out programmes by hand
and using e-mail for a lot of communications. Clearly, we
could make more savings in this area as more ramblers have
access to the internet but we are committed to continuing to
use the postal service for those who would prefer this.
However, as our membership is growing, and the cost of room
hire and postage is also increasing, we have asked for ₤600.00
for the coming year and are waiting to hear if it has been
agreed. .
Self-funded (or Social) account
All social activities should not make a loss but should fund
themselves as the name suggests. We have organised several
very successful activities this year which have usually
covered their costs and, in several cases, have made a small
profit. Some of this surplus has been used to subsidise other
social activities which benefit members e.g. the garden party
and refreshments for the 75th Anniversary Walk. However, we
need to be mindful that we have been asked not to hold too
much money in reserves so we need to continue using some of
the surplus to fund other social activities or we could
transfer some of our social account funds into our main
account. If we are deemed to hold too much in our reserves, we
risk having our funding from central Ramblers reduced in the
We brought forward ₤156.10 and made a profit of ₤63.38 on the
various social activities thus ending the year with ₤219.48 to
carry forward.
I would like to thank John Russell for examining the accounts.
Moira O’Sullivan
Treasurer             30/09/2010

South Birmingham Ramblers           Self-funded or Social Account

Breakdown of social activities        01/10/2009 - 30/09/2010

                   Income                 Expenditure            Profit
Day Walks
Cotswold Trip      490.00                 460.00                          30.00
  total            490.00                 460.00                          30.00

YHA weekend        628.25           628.25              00.00
YHA membership                      25.50               -25.50
Whitby weekend     8558.00          8558.00              00.00
 total             9186.25          9211.75             -25.50

Xmas meal          738.00                 787.15                          -49.15
New Year lunch     774.00                 774.00                            00.00
Retirement gifts     24.98                -24.98
Quiz               115.55                   60.00                           55.55
Skittles           123.00                   25.00                           98.00
Anniversary walk     31.41                 -31.41
Garden Party         20.13                 -20.13
Barn Dance           31.00                                                   31.00
total                     1781.55         1722.67                   58.88

Total in Social a/c     11457.80               11394.42            63.38
We carried over ₤156.10 from last year so, as at 30/09/2010, we have
in the self- funded (social) account.
Appendix 3

Appendix 4

South Birmingham Ramblers AGM 18 November 2010

Footpaths Secretary’s Report
   1) The Footpath’s Secretary’s Role
   The Footpath Secretary has a duty to ensure that footpaths
are maintained to an adequate standard by the responsible
Local Authority, and to try to ensure that footpaths are
protected from inappropriate development.

   2) Dealing with Footpath Problems
   All members should report any problems that they come across
on footpaths to the Footpaths Secretary. These problems might
be anything which prevents a footpath being used safely; it
could be that the footpath is blocked, that a stile is damaged
and unsafe, or the footpath is not properly waymarked or its
route is indistinct.
   Reports to the Footpaths Secretary should contain
descriptions of the location and the nature of the problem,
together with the grid reference of the problem. It is helpful
if the County involved is mentioned.
    Councils often ask for the Path Number, but as this would
normally require a visit to Council Offices to inspect the
Definitive Map, it is usually not possible to obtain this.
Lack of the Path Number has never prevented a trouble report
being accepted by the Local Authority, however. The date on
which the problem was observed should also be given.
   3) Footpath Problems Dealt with

   Since last years AGM, 68 footpath problems have been
reported to the relevant Councils;

               Council                          Number of Problems
               Birmingham City Council                           1
               Herefordshire                                     2
               Lake District                                     1
               Oxfordshire                                       1
               Shropshire                                        3
               Staffordshire                                     3
               Warwicks                                          5
               Worcestershire                                   52
               Total                                            68

          Nature of Problem                 Number of Problems
          Damage to bridge                           2
          Damage to stile or kissing gate           25
          Fly tipping, littering, etc                5
          Health & Safety Hazard*                    3
          Pathway obstructed                        22
          Waymarking/signposting                     9
          Misc                                       2
          Total                                     68
     (*Health and Safety problems often refer to barbed wire being used in
     a fashion likely to cause injury to walkers.)

   Time does not permit follow-up to check that all these
defects are dealt with, but casual observation, when chance
subsequently takes a walk past a location after a reasonable
interval, indicates that most (and probably hence, all) are

   4) Planning Applications
   Proposed development can often impact adversely on public
footpaths, and it is important that we comment where necessary
to protect public rights of way. We receive copies of relevant
Planning Applications from Birmingham City Council, but we
also need to be alive to anything we see of this nature-for
example Planning Advertisement notices adjacent to paths we
use- on walks.
   In my report to last years AGM one of such case, a Planning
Application lodged for Security Gates at The Old House,
Cookhill, was observed during a walk. In this case we lodged
an objection with Wychavon District Council. Our objection was
based on the fact that the proposed gates would block the
public footpath. Planning permission was granted, but the
Council assured us that the footpath should not be obstructed.
Subsequently a Member ( Wayne Hawkes) checked on the completed
development during a recce in the area and reported that the
work carried out does not obstruct the footpath.
   In the past year, we have dealt with two further Planning

    1) The Group input objections to an Application to permit a
       Motocross track and park at Compton Worwood Farm, Kinver (
       Staffs County Council ref 19/00434/cou ). This case had
       been picked up by members on a walk in the area; we have
       subsequently been advised that Planning consent had been
    2) The Group also raised objection to Birmingham City Council
       Applications 2010/04691/PA and 2010/03141/PA, as these
       Applications, for the development of the Egghill Estate,
       would obliterate an unrecorded public path which we are
       seeking to have added Birmingham’s Definitive Map. This
       case has still not been determined.

  5) The future
     I am stepping down this year as Footpaths Secretary, and
  I would like to thank all members for the support that they
  have given me over the past three years.
     An issue for the future concerns the cutbacks in Council
  Funding in the next few years. It is likely that Councils’
  Footpaths Maintenance resources will be severely reduced,
  and that the usually excellent service that we have received
  from this source will not be sustainable. City of Birmingham
  Ramblers and, I believe, some other Groups do provide
  volunteer working parties to assist Council staff in
  repairing or improving footpath facilities. City work with
  Warwickshire County Council; we have probably used kissing
  gates that they have installed or stiles that they have
  repaired, etc. The work is carried out on the basis that the
  Council supplies the materials and initial training, and
  also some subsequent supervision. South Birmingham may wish
  to consider mounting a similar effort, perhaps in liaison
  with Worcestershire County Council, which is the Local
  Authority area which we most often walk in.

                         (John Chapman)
                     (Footpaths Secretary)
                                                 14 November 2010
Appendix 5
South B’ham Ramblers Publicity Officer’s Report AGM
November 2010

Last month I went with Steve and Liz to the Ramblers
Media and Publicity workshop at St Martins in the
Bull Ring.

We were there from 10 o’clock and finished at 4 in
the afternoon with a very useful hours lunch chatting
to other groups.

We were split into two groups and had to pick a theme
walk for the day and work out how we would promote
this walk in the media, including radio and TV.

Our team theme was “Speed Date” walking, suggested by

We had to anticipate awkward questions such as “would
the naked rambler be allowed to take part?” or even
“nookie” in the bushes. It was an interesting day.

I’ve put our posters in six local libraries and at
Lickey and Waseley Hills Country Parks and the
Ramblers leaflets in the libraries.

We also had our name board and leaflets at the Barn

The main job is putting together the quarterly
programme and with all the extra activities this is
quite a task.

I’ve enjoyed being on the committee and helping to
make things work, but now think its time to be a back

Roy Millard
Appendix 6

South Birmingham A G M -Area Representative’s Report - 18th November 2010

The reason I am on the committee is to represent this group at the
quarterly meetings of the Warwickshire Area of the Ramblers’
Association. My job is to report back to the committee on any
important issues that are discussed.
Festival of Winter Walks this year is going to be sponsored by
Baxters and our club walks planned between 26th December and 3rd
January on our present programme are going to be included in the
Festival. These walks are advertised as open to the general public
and are organised to encourage new people to join the Ramblers
The ongoing campaign for the RA at the moment is Coastal Access –
so, if you find any problems down by the sea, the Ramblers would be
pleased to hear from you. The association is very worried that
government cuts will mean county councils getting rid of specialist
staff, and are campaigning to ensure rights of way and access remain
on the agenda. To cut their costs, Birmingham Council have already
asked Birmingham City Rambling Group for help to finish their
Definitive Map. The RA would be grateful if as many members as
possible would lobby their local councillors, or MPs, asking them
not to cut back on footpath support. It would be a shame for all
the improvements we have witnessed over the last few years to go to

75th Anniversary Picnic. 234 walkers attended. We were the 3rd
largest group there. It was thought by the meeting that a good
opportunity for Ramblers’ publicity was missed, and if a future
event was organised, we should approach the press for some sort of
A new 40’s 50’s Group has been set up under the umbrella of the West
Midlands 30’s to 40’s group because members are moving on in years.
This has been discussed quite energetically at the meetings because
there was a worry that members would be poached from existing groups
and that Ramblers would not really gain any new members as a result,
but there was overwhelming agreement to giving the idea a go.
High Speed Rail: Only consultations made so far have been with
landowners. Route is being amended. Head office will be dealing
with this as it is country-wide. We may be involved later when we
know what footpaths will be affected.
The RA has been losing money for the last couple of years, but
things are improving. Last year there were redundancies at head
office and in Wales and Scotland. They are mostly blaming the
recession and increasing costs for having to dig deeper into their
reserves. The new Customer Management Computer System is working
properly now and the aim of the RA this year is to finish with a
bigger membership next October that this one. Subs are to increase
from 1st October by £1.50yr. But there is a £10 reduction for 1st
year of membership. Subs have unfortunately had to go up by £1.50
from October, but there is a £10 reduction for first year

Area AGM
Coventry Group is organising next year’s Area AGM in Coventry
Central Hall, 10am for 10.30 start. We had a good turn out last
year, which pleased me because I do keep boasting that we are an
ever-expanding group. The meetings are quite interesting and you do
get an insight into the workings of the Ramblers’ Association.
Adrian Morris, Head of Walking Environment for the Ramblers, will be
giving a short talk. Please try to come. A free buffet lunch is
included and short local walks are organised for the afternoon.
You all know the benefits of walking or you wouldn’t be doing it
week after week. The RA works hard for us all, campaigning for
paths, mending stiles, way marking, and fighting our cause at public
enquiries. They make a huge amount of difference to our enjoyment
of walking, but do not always get the credit. As I have said
before, anyone can go walking without being a member of the
Ramblers’ Association, but everyone needs to know that the paths are
there for them because of the Ramblers’ Association.

Don’t forget that these meetings are open to all members, so if you
want to come along at any time, please let me know.

Viv Millard – Area Repretative

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