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Release diode by nikeborome



 Editorial Contacts:                                         NEW PRODUCT RELEASE
 Eric Smoker
 +1 408 734 9974

 Barbara L. Rice
 BLR Marketing Communications, for VueMetrix
 +1 408 497 3886

  VueMetrix Inc. Introduces the Vue-MV-21 High-power, Low-noise Laser
                     Diode Controller at LASER 2007

               DiodeGuard™ laser diode protection system included

       Sunnyvale, Calif., June 18, 2007 – VueMetrix Inc. today announced the
release of their new Vue-MV-21 laser diode controller. Based on the VueMetrix
proven and fully integrated laser diode control platform, this new high-power, low-
noise controller offers 10A, 21V operation. In addition to increased power
specifications, the Vue-MV-21 comes with VueMetrix's new DiodeGuard laser
diode protection circuitry built-in.

       “The enhanced performance of the Vue-MV-21 gives our customers the
flexibility to operate more diodes in series than was possible with earlier
VueMetrix controllers,” said Eric Smoker, VueMetrix vice president for marketing
and sales. He continued, “The introduction of DiodeGuard with the Vue-MV-21
offers the assurance that operating diodes in a longer series has less risk of
complete system failure than with other controllers.”

      As with all VueMetrix controllers, the Vue-MV-21’s laser diode system
control features allow customers to accelerate their product development by using
use the same platform for development and the final product. The VueMetrix
microprocessor based platform includes user settable power current and operating

      960 Hamlin Court, Sunnyvale CA 94089   Phone: 408-734-9974  Fax: 408-734-7997
temperature limits; and it can be operated via RS-232, USB or analog inputs in
either CW or pulsed mode. The Vue-MV-21 is available in both OEM and stand-
alone configurations.

      All VueMetrix controllers include standard diode safety features like over
and under voltage limits. The new DiodeGuard, offers increased protection against
the possibility that a single in-line failure will cause a cascade failure of the entire
diode string.

      The Vue-MV-21 and DiodeGuard are the latest additions to the VueMetrix
broad product portfolio of laser diode control systems, subsystems and software.
VueMetrix products address the needs of a variety of industrial, commercial and
research markets and include laser diode-pumped solid state laser controllers with
multiple TEC drivers; multi-channel laser diode, high current laser diode and TEC
controllers; high compliance voltage controllers for laser diode bars and stacks.

       VueMetrix new Vue-MV-21 laser diode controller and DiodeGuard will be
introduced at LASER 2007, June 18-21, 2007 in Munich, Germany. VueMetrix
will be represented at the AMS Technologies stand number B1.301 at the bi-annual

About VueMetrix Inc.

       VueMetrix Inc. is a leading supplier of systems for the control of laser
diodes. Our highly-integrated laser diode controllers are compact, self-contained
and cost-effective, yet versatile enough to satisfy the most demanding
requirements. Available as stand alone or embedded controllers, the VueMetrix
portfolio of flexible laser diode control electronics offer all the functionality of a
research system in an OEM form factor that is ready for design-in to commercial
products. We help our customers accelerate the development and introduction of
laser diode-based systems by setting the industry standard for flexibility, cost
effectiveness and ease of integration.

      More information on VueMetrix is available at, by
sending an e-mail inquiry to, or by calling +1 408-734-9974.


      960 Hamlin Court, Sunnyvale CA 94089   Phone: 408-734-9974  Fax: 408-734-7997

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