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					Bulimia Treatment The Facts
Approximately ninety percent of bulimia cases occurs in young women , and this problem which
affects eating behaviors can sometimes be fatal so getting bulimia treatment fast is crucial. Bulimia
is well known, and it is known by eating binges and inflicting oneself to purge. A number of bulimics
will get rid of what they've eaten by consuming laxatives. The distortion includes feeling fat when
frequently that is not true. There are extraordinarily distorted ideas relating to food and being
heavy. What is often noticed in girls is for bulimia to occur in the years following puberty. A few
additional psychological components include social pressures at school and feelings of depression.

The main dangers associated with bulimia include increased dehydration and malnourishment. This
illness can strike almost anyone if the situation is right, and some famous women have passed away
from the problems of bulimia. The artist, Karen Carpenter, attempted to defeat bulimia for some
years. However she eventually died of heart failure due to the devastating consequences this
condition can exact on the body. Bulimia can be successfully cared for, but obviously it is of critical
importance to begin treatment immediately.

However, the untreated disorder can cause severe deficiencies of nutrients and minerals which lead
to other difficulties. When heavy use of laxatives is involved, then that can make the person severely
constipated. Additional problems include the throat and mouth due to excessive exposure to
stomach acid from so much vomiting. The acid regularly being introduced into the mouth may lead
to gum infections, swelling and unusually high amount of cavities. Subsequently, there are perhaps
fatal injury to the kidneys and heart capabilities. The problems connected with chronic and severe
dehydration are a dangerous decrease in healthy levels of electrolytes. When that occurs, then that
is the time period when the heart can fail plus lead to death. The estimated fatality rate due to
bulimia is ten percent.

The bulimic can get successful treatment from psychologists, psychiatrists and various other medical
specialists. Doctors might enlist the help of a professional dietician to design a special diet to deal
with critical loss of nutrients. The patient will engage the services of professional therapy to correct
the unhealthy behaviors involving eating excessively and elimination. Extra efforts will center on
education and awareness of the damaging nature of bulimia. Naturally there will be bulimia
treatment designed to identify the issues that can cause the patient to take part in bulimic behavior.
A high percentage of bulimics will need to learn ways to express themselves and what is on their
minds with people, and that could help in the recovery process.

Bulimia might be fatal, but it may well be successfully defeated and resolved. The patient's family
need to be involved and provide as much help as possible. Added supportive attempts may involve
group therapy as the patient works to get better from the disorder. The overall key to success with
bulimia is when the person suffering with it can express that he or she has this problem. The patient
has to understand there exists an extremely harmful perspective associated to food and something
needs to be done.

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