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									                                          STEVE SCHUH
Grand Haven, Michigan 49417                                            

                                        CAREER SUMMARY
An accomplished Sales and Marketing Executive with extensive leadership experience in high-volume
and high-level B2B sales, new business development, event planning and execution, loyalty and
partnership agreements, P&L management, consumer marketing, sales channels management, and
product launches. Strong analytical, interpersonal, team development and general management skills.
Distinctive ability to align people and resources for sustainable growth.

                                       AREAS OF EXPERTISE
New Business Development
      By leading a national sales team of VP-level sales professionals, secured delivery
       platform and service agreements of television video content with five of the nation’s top
       six broadband service providers, resulting in $17.6 million revenue. Developed a new
       $600,000+ annual revenue stream by closing the company’s first direct middleware
       contract for customer deployment.
      Expanded partnership and loyalty programs as the AT&T Broadband Corporate
       Partnership Manager, by signing advertising and merchandising agreements with
       packaged goods, hospitality, and electronics companies. Agreements resulted in $12
       million annual revenue and significantly raised customer retention rates, recognized by
       the industry’s leading marketing association.
      From 2005 - 2010, directed and implemented marketing and sales programs that resulted
       in 6 consecutive years of revenue and free cash growth for 2 regional cable operations,
       surpassing industry averages. Both turnarounds surpassed budget goals, and reversed
       previous trends of customer losses.
      Marketing and Sales strategies and tactics resulted in 2008 - 2010 average annual revenue
       growth of 9% (industry average 6.5%), and free cash flow growth of 12% (industry
       average 10%) for a regional operation with annual revenues of $260 million.
      From 2008 - 2010, re-organized structure and functionality of marketing and sales
       department, impacting 60+ staff and contractor personnel, resulting in YOY revenue
       generating units growth from the direct sale channel.
      Raised company profile in two regional operations from 2004 - 2010 through strategic
       partnership deals with local government, sports franchises, and private sector institutions,
       resulting in overall average of 15:1 value-to-cost ratio.
      Led strategy and execution of company’s Iowa Flood of 2008 disaster plan response,
       resulting in over $200,000 raised and donated locally to flood relief agency partners. The
       events featured celebrities and Iowa natives Ashton Kutcher and Olympian Shawn
       Johnson, and were reported in over 80 national and international news media outlets,
       raising company image and profile throughout regional business community. The
       campaign was recognized with major cable industry awards: the CTAM Mark Award,
       Beacon Award, and CableFaxies Award.
      Surpassed the 2003 budget for all sales channels of a major Colorado operation, driving
       year-over-year performance increases of 26% for video and 41% for high speed internet
       profit lines.
      As point person for nation’s largest cable services provider, negotiated the first regional
       retail services contract in 2003, expanding the retail partner footprint in Colorado by 150
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Product Marketing
      Led or executed on both a regional and national platform all of the most significant
       consumer product launches within the cable/telecom industry since 1993, including all-
       digital video, high-speed internet, video-on-demand, DVR, high-definition (HDTV),
       telephony, and Loyalty Programs.
      From 2008 - 2010, instituted own college student market segmentation plan, adopted as
       company Best Practice, and applied to company’s #1 student population service region,
       resulting in a YOY targeted customer segment increase of 5%, and 3.5% decrease in mid-
       year (January) customer loss.
      From 2006 - 2007, recognized by corporate leadership for leading the fastest regional
       digital telephone service launch in company history, doubling the industry’s month-over-
       month new customer penetration average, and establishing a company-wide product
       introductory Best Practice.
      Launched in 2007 a new TV video programming tier targeted to serve the regional Latino
       customer market segment, enhancing the company’s standing within the community and
       reducing customer losses within that market segment.
      Spearheaded the successful launch of a new High-Definition (HDTV) TV video service
       in 2005 which resulted in year-end positive variance of 25% over budgeted new
       subscribers for that profit line.
      Implemented a wide range of best practices for telecom competitive response, direct
       sales, college segmentation, subscriber retention, advertising management and customer
       bill marketing
      Negotiated partnerships with major movie studios, securing exclusive value-added
       offerings for digital pay-per-view (PPV) video TV users and doubling movie buy rates by
       5+ points (2.5%industry average).

P&L Management and Organizational Leadership
      From 2004 - 2010, consistently exceeded budget goals for revenues up to $260 million
       while surpassing budget goals for digital video, high-speed internet, and telephone
       customer net gains.
      From 2004 - 2010, managed and directed the marketing, sales, and advertising budgets of
       over $9 million via oversight and direction for headcount of over 80 staff, vendor, and
       agency personnel.
      For two regional organizations (in 2004 and 2008) migrated headcount of direct sales
       personnel from outsource to in-house, resulting in higher sales performance, greater
       customer satisfaction (higher retention), and lower sales organization turnover.
      Developed a highly-competent, motivated retail sales staff, and launched a new field tech
       incentive plan, significantly improving communications and sales performance.
      Championed a highly successful regional media co-op advertising program with industry
       partner Comcast/Michigan, which reduced our broadcast TV and radio costs by 60%.
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                                 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

MEDIACOM COMMUNICATIONS                                                                  2008 to 2010
Director of Marketing and Sales
Senior marketing and sales executive for a regional system of 220,000+ customers serving 440,000
homes based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Manage and execute a $9+ million annual budget. Reporting
directly to the Regional VP/GM, leading a 54-member department comprised of marketing, sales
channels, contractor and ad agency personnel.

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS                                                                   2004 to 2007
Director of Marketing and Sales
Senior marketing and sales executive for a regional system of 198,000 subscribers serving 350,000
homes in West Michigan. Managed and executed an $8+ million annual budget. Reported directly to
the Regional VP/GM, led a 30-member department comprising marketing, sales, collections, contractor
and ad agency personnel.

COMCAST CABLE COMMUNICATIONS                                                                       2003
Regional Manager - Sales Channels
Primary leadership responsibility for managing the growth of regional retail partners. Served as sales
liaison for Marketing, Operations, Billing, Customer Care and Accounting. Managed the Company’s
regional Do Not Call telemarketing adherence. Represented the region and division at company sales
meetings and identification of issues and solutions.

DEMANDVIDEO CORPORATION                                                                   2000 - 2002
Vice President - Sales
Served on the senior management team with responsibility for the start-up of VOD/PPV content and the
platform aggregator. Managed all sales activity, contracts and forecasting through a five-member staff
and reported directly to the CEO.

AT&T BROADBAND                                                                            1993 - 2000
Corporate Manager of VOD/PPV and Partnership Marketing                    1998 – 2000
Regional Marketing Manager - Video, PPV and Special Products 1993 – 1998
Reporting directly to the VP of Video Products, developed pay-per-view (PPV) strategies and tactics for
company-wide implementation. Managed national agencies, operations and marketing vendors as they
related to the PPV budget business lines. Earlier, for TCI (acquired by AT&T), managed marketing
initiatives in the Dallas-Ft. Worth market with three direct reports and several agencies.

Served as: National Advertising Executive for the Dallas Times Herald; National Advertising
Representative for The Papert Companies; Southwest Regional Sales Manager for CWO&O
Regional Markets Group; and Marketing Director for the Dallas Observer.

               BS        Communications         University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

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