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           AT THE

                  MOBILITY ROADSHOW
 The Mobility Roadshow first started in the early 1980's at the Road Transport Research site
at Crowthorne and rapidly grew into a major European exhibition for disability products, often
 opened by Royalty. After a number of successful years the Roadshow moved from Crowthorne
 and visited various sites around the UK, often at fairly remote airfields and seemed to lose its
   importance and became smaller. This year the Roadshow went to the Peterborough 'East of
     England' site which is a purpose built venue and, in my opinion, the best location since
      Crowthorne (it's also nearer to where I live!) so I hope it has now found a new home.

   The previous indoor parts of the Roadshow were located in large marquees which were fine
 until the sun shone and they became very hot and stuffy. Now, at the Peterborough site, there
 is a permanent air conditioned hall, hard surfaced outdoor area and a large car park, all very
                               wheelchair friendly.

The day I went with my wife, Jan, was one of the few hot and sunny days this year and the air-
  conditioned hall was most welcome. Jan found it hard going in the outside heat as there was a
lack of seating areas, although I think that applies to most exhibitions, and it is one of the few
 occasions where being in a wheelchair has its advantages! For me it was a journey back in time,
as I had been an exhibitor at the Roadshow since the early days, and it proved a chance to meet
                            up with some old associates.

  Not much seemed to have changed over the years, some of the old companies were no longer
  there to be replaced by newer companies doing much of the same. Most of the major motor
 manufacturers were there with adapted cars which visitors could test drive and an indoor test
  area enabled wheelchairs and scooters to be tried out. One item that caught my eye was a
 scooter/golf buggy. Fitted with wide tyres so as not to damage the greens, it could raise the
occupant to a standing position so that a golf swing could be undertaken, a snip at only £16,000!

  In the afternoon we met up with our friends from Ataxia East who had managed to aquire the
  use of a meeting room and, once the keeper of the keys had been located, a brief meeting was
              held enabling the mobile amongst us to rest their weary feet.

 A very good show and a'must' for anyone intending to buy an adapted vehicle, wheelchiar or
             scooter and any product associated with outdoor mobility.

                      STOP PRESS
                MOBILITY ROADSHOW 2011
                   30TH JUNE, 1ST & 2ND JULY,

  In many ways, NAIDEX compliments the Roadshow in that it shows products for use about
the home, such as bathroom aids and stairlifts, although some specialised vehicles will be there.

It will be at the ExCeL centre in Docklands on the 29th and 30th September and it has been
 arranged with ExCeL for 250 disabled parking spaces, located within close proximity of the
   venue to be made available on both days of the show. Spaces are available to blue badge
 holders only and badges must be displayed at all times. These spaces will be free of charge.

Naidex South is a brand new product showcase in London with hundreds of products on show to
aid independent living - including wheelchairs, scooters, adapted vehicles, pressure releiving
 beds, walking aids, recliner chairs, stair lifts, access equipment, daily living aids and much,
                                   much more!

 Try test and compare thousands of products to get inspiration and help you make the right
purchasing decision. Attend the free lifestyle demonstrations to help you stay fit and healthy
             and get the latest information and advice on independent living.

      (OK so I cheated, most of the above has been taken from their press release!)

 15 members attended our meeting on 7th August and it was a pleasure to welcome a few
 members to their first meeting. Alex and Simon Bonney came and, although neither of them
 suffer from Ataxia, I realised that I have met Simon's sister, Harriet, a couple of times
 at Ataxia UK meetings. Harriet is one of the trustees of Ataxia UK and the reason that I
  failed to associate them is, although Simon and Alex live in Buckinghamshire, Harriet is
   Chair of the West of Scotland Branch based near Glasgow, only about 500 miles away!

 Also with us for the first time was Daphne Field from Henley-on-Thames who had come with
 Rosemary. Realising that they lived close to each other I had managed to put them in touch
           although treading carefully with due deference to data protection.

         We covered a wide range of subjects in the 2 hours and the raffle raised
                           £72 to add to branch funds.
                      NEXT MEETING
Our next meeting is scheduled for 2.00pm on Saturday the 2nd October at the 'WAMDSAD'
building on the Braywick sports ground and we will be joined by Mike Garret of Ataxia UK.

                      AWARENESS DAY
By now all of you who have given me your postal address should have received a few leaflets
which you can display prominently in your local area to let more people be aware of Ataxia.

Hopefully, the more people who become aware of Ataxia and the way in which it affects our
daily lives with the loss of mobility, amongst other problems, the more funds will ultimately
                be raised to help fund treatment and, hopefully, find a cure.

There are still places left for this years conference at Stansted although all the adapted
rooms have now been reserved. Bursaries to help with the cost are still available and will
 now cover, not only the conference fee, but the evening dinner as well. Also, the cost of
                       parking will be covered by Ataxia UK.

The conference takes place at the Radisson Hotel, Stansted Airport, on Saturday 9th Oct.

                          NEW MEMBERS
We are pleased to welcome the following members who have recently joined us and we look
                          forward to meeting them soon:-

                            Katrina Greville from Reading
                        Marguerite Griffiths from Letchworth
                        Jonathan Dews From Leighton Buzzard

                          LATEST NEWS
It is alleged that Jonathan Ross was caught shop lifting in Harrods kitchin appliance section.
          In his defence he claimed that he thought "It was a whisk worth taking"!!
                         DATES FOR YOUR DIARY

               2nd October 2010         Meeting at 'WAMDSAD'
                                              with Mike Garret of Ataxia UK
               25th September 2010            Ataxia Awareness Day
               9th October 2010         Ataxia Conference at Stansted
               27th November 2010             Lunch at the Robin Hood

                       YOUR COMMITTEE

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            Tel: 01438 747160                          Mob: 07887 992490
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                                   Dee Johnson
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                                 Tel: 01628 412626

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