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P.O. Box 3985, Accra Office Tel: 021 672 842 Mob: 020 812 7649 Fax 021-667327 Location: Guggisburg Ave. Korle-Bu Road, Opp. Korle-Bu Lorry Station

Date: 18th May, 2009

Corporate Communication Tigo Ghana Ltd Accra-North Ghana

Dear Sir/Madam, SPONSORSHIP FOR HIV/AIDS AWARENESS CAMPAIGN CARNIVAL Due to the recent spate of HIV/AIDS infection mostly among the youth in Ghana, we the above organization wish to seek sponsorship for the attached programme. This is an HIV/AIDS AWARENESS which intends to educate youths of the Greater Accra Region on their sexuality and HIV/AIDS. Such an activity in collaboration with other stakeholders and your outfit will go a long way in educating the youth, thereby preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS. It is also intended to support and further social responsibility initiatives which your company holds dear. Attached is an overview of the proposal, its intended estimated sponsorship/budget, company registration certificate, recorded theme song and an event poster for your kind perusal and consideration. We hope you find this proposal workable and we look forward to a successful engagement. Yours Faithfully,

……………………………. Mr. Daniel Yaw Asomani (CEO. CAP NOBLE AGENCY)

…………………………. Mr. Charles Akoto (EVENT ORGANISER) 020-5915315

………………………………. Mr. Shadrach Cofie (EVENT P.R.O) 0249-808440

OVERVIEW OF THE PROGRAMME CAP NOBLE AGENCY is a General Merchant dealing in break/bulk importation and supplies of general goods. Our specialty with a firm target on social responsive initiatives includes Medical Consumables, Dressings, Equipment and Instruments, Nurses Uniforms, Hospital Furniture et cetera. This proposal however targets the youth who are our future. We have realized with dismay the recent rise in the number of youths with HIV/AIDS. This is mainly due to the lack of effective and appreciable information dissemination to the youth. HIV/AIDS has thus become a disease which poses danger to not only our present generation but that of the future. Making them conscious of its nature and effects through the means of music is what this proposal intends. PROGRAMME We intend to organize the above proposal for two days. The first day, Friday 21st 2009 will be a seminar/workshop themed “THE PREVENTION OF HIV/AIDS-IT BEGINS WITH YOU” at the St. Michael And All Angels Church, Korle Gonno-Accra. This is intended to sensitize mostly the youth in the Greater Accra Region. Participants will be drawn from the various Second Cycle and Tertiary Schools in the Region. Resource personnel and various stakeholders will also be invited to share their knowledge with the youth. The second day, Saturday 22nd August 2009 will be for a Clean-Up of the Fevers Unit of the Korle-Bu Hospital in the morning and later a carnival dubbed “COME TO THE LIGHT CARNIVAL” at Roger Street, Korle Gonno. This seeks to unearth the creativity and ingenuity of today’s youths. By so doing we will help them realize their potentials. These talents will help them concentrate on fulfilling their destiny. SPONSORSHIP SUPPORT & BENEFITS This platform offers a unique and attractive opportunity for you to interact with participants through your sponsorship supports. These sponsorships for the above intended course will be as follows; 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. A Large Banner from your company which will be the used as stage background banner. T-shirts and paraphernalia of your company which will be worn by main participants. Company souvenirs and products which will be awarded to Resource Personnel and Talented Youths. Company posters, stickers, flags etc to ensure effective publicity on event route. Company Personnel to publicize company products and services to our main target group, that is, the youth. 6. Promotion of company products through special sales. 7. Sponsor Media Advertisement (Print & Electronic). CONCLUSION It is the desire of the above event organization that the above proposal will be considered as its intentions will go a long way in promoting healthy sexual lives among our youth who are our future leaders. This event if undertaken shall be promoted nationwide as its objectives are good for all. Counting on your immense support and consideration.

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