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					                                         Natural Horsemanship
                                         Association of Northern
                                         Nevada July 2010 News

2010 Board Members:
                                                             July Meeting Highlights:
Dar Meredith, 775-972-1127
Vice President:                           * The general meeting was called to order at 6:25 p.m. with a welcome from
This position is open                     the Club's President, Dar.
Activities Coordinator:                   * Debbie Tayler made a motion to approve last month's meeting minutes.
Debbie Young, 775-972-6886                Rebekka Rhodes seconded the motion which passed without opposition.                       TREASURERS REPORT: Beginning balance: $1793.40, Income from
                                          memberships: $60, Expenses comprised of a website fee of $12.95, ending
                                          balance: $1840.45.
Debbie Tayler, 775-846-8918
                                          * There are a couple of new members bringing the total to forty-five (45) paid
Assistant Secretary:                      * Lisa Mae explained how the library operates and encouraged members to
Louise Fernandes, 775-425-0778            utilize it.                        * Dar mentioned the items for sale--T-shirts for $15. There are also trail
Newsletter Editor:                        riding essential kits for $10, and trail first aid kits for $25.
Rebekka Rhodes, 775-972-9025              *On 7/10/10 there will be a trail ride at Bird Springs at 9:00 a.m. Bruce               Nething and Nancy Horvath will provide lunch afterwards.
Treasurer:                                *On 7/25/10 there will be a trail ride along the Carson River in Silver Springs
Debbie Young, 775-972-6886                at the Boy Scout Camp at Ft. Churchill at 10:30 a.m. It takes about two hours                       to get to Ft. Churchill from Reno. Bring mosquito spray and brown bag
Web Master:                               lunch. NOTE: This ride has been rerouted to start at the Lemmon Valley
Jann Hehn, 775-852-7261                   Arena beginning at 9:00 a.m.                        *Pending activities include a clinic by Rebekka Rhodes on 8/14/10 at Roger
Membership Director:
                                          and Marianne Merriam's place at 8600 Lakeside Drive, Reno, Nevada, 89511
                                          titled, "You Ride the Horse You Lead". What happens on the ground is
Nancy Horvath, 775-972-7702
                                          pertinent to what happens in the saddle. Your work on the ground is the key
                                          in helping your horse yield to pressure and connect to you. The morning
Librarian:                                session will consist of work on the ground and the afternoon session might be
Lisa Mae Woods, 775-762-                  in the saddle. The goals are unity, flow, communication, and trust. Dar will
                                          send out an e-mail with the flier to club members.
Mail membership dues to NHANN c/o         *The club is discussing hosting a game day event as well as a mock trail trial
Nancy Horvath, 10220 Pathfinder Way,
                                          in the near future.
Reno, NV 89508; $25.00 individual, and
$35.00 family, annual dues.
                                          * The meeting was adjourned by a motion from Debbie Tayler followed by a
                                          second from Debbie Young.
.                                                                                  Member's
                   July "New Member”
                                                                              “Horsemanship through my
                           Information                                        eyes”.

                                                                              This month’s story is submitted
Maureen Kimberling:                                                           by Louise Fernandes.
I call it a "Dream come true". I must have fallen in love with horses very
early in life, as my mom had to put reins on my tricycle. The reality of      On my journey to perfecting my
having a horse didn't happen until my late 50's, and now I have two           horsemanship skills, I have
Foundation Quarter Horses. Nifty is 29 and Dream, her daughter is 15.         noticed a mind set of other
They do live at home, since we moved to Chilcoot almost a year ago. I         horseman (usually a lot more
did live in Santa Cruz, so I think that explains why my first lessons and     seasoned and skilled than I
riding friends were doing Natural Horsemanship. So that is what got me        might ever hope to be) that are
interested in NHANN. My goal is to learn anything I can about horses,         totally convinced that their way
their care, how to read what they are telling me, be skilled in               is the only way. How can I
groundwork, and carry that into the saddle, and ultimately ride like a        argue with that? After all, I
"cowgirl." (I still have "dreams" to come true.) So I am very interested in   come up extremely short in
educational events with NHANN, play days where we just get together           comparison when I measure my
and learn from each other in a fun way, and meeting others to just hop on     experience against theirs.
our horses and go for a ride and enjoy the treasures of this beautiful
country around us.                                                            I have owned and cared for my
                                                                              own horses for a period of four
                                                                              plus years. A mere pittance of
Sam DiMuzio:                                                                  what many others have done.
Hi there! My name is Sam DiMuzio and my trailer backer-upper/husband
is Brian. We have two, 3-year-old, Nevada, gelded mustangs that keep          However, to my credit, I have
me busy. Rhyolite is a strawberry roan from the Fox Mountain herd             lived many hours vicariously
north of Pyramid Lake. Apache is a grulla from the Southern Nevada            through the lives of well known
Management Area near Nellis AFB. People commonly refer to him as a            clinicians, and horseman by
“test-site pony”! No glowing, yet. I’ve had them both for over a year        way of their publications, live
now. Apache was started under saddle last summer through the Prison           or written.
program, though that was not a good experience for both of us and I
ended it early. Rhy is allowing me on his back and is being very patient      As I’ve continued on this
as we both try to figure out what I am asking for! I practice Parelli and    journey, I have formed my own
have been having a fantastic time and great success. Along with 2 cats        opinions of what I think is good
and a dog, we live in Antelope Valley. I mainly trail ride, but do have       horsemanship. I also try not to
some interest in barrel racing and jumping one day. The boys are my           get stuck in a mind set.
first horses. I had other family that owned horses while I was growing up,    However, there are some
so I’ve been horse crazy since I was 5. I like to take the boys for walks,    opinions that I hold that you
to clinics, and to expose them to new experiences and places. I joined        will not convince me to change.
NHANN to participate in more activities with like-minded people and I         For instance, I have only gaited
look forward to having lots of horsey fun this summer!                        horses, and I have been told
                                                                              that in order to get them to gait
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                                                                                    Member’s Corner
                                                                                    (Continued from page 2)

                          EVENTS                                                     that in order to get them to gait
                                                                                    properly, I can’t use a snaffle
                                                                                    bit. I believe that all horses can
 8/12/2010-Thursday                                                                 be ridden in a snaffle bit, and for
August NHANN Meeting!                                                               their entire lives. And I believe
Time: 5:15 PM Board Meeting, 6:00 PM General Meeting.                               that it’s not the bit that causes
Our guest speaker is Louise Smith-Egstrom, with a topic of “Introduction to Trail   gait, it’s the inherent ability of
Trials”                                                                             the horse to be naturally gaited
Location: Round Table Pizza at Reno Town Mall, 4007 South Virginia Street.          or not. I also believe that a
                                                                                    horse that is without braces in
“You Ride the Horse You Lead” clinic by Rebekka Rhodes.
                                                                                    its body, will have better
Time: 9am to 4pm. The clinic is being held at the Merrry M Ranch, 8600              performance than those that do.
Lakeside Drive, Reno, Nv. Contact Debbie Young for more information at 775-         I believe that there is no such
972-6886.                                                                           thing as a “gaited horse
                                                                                    saddle”. You either have a
On going                                                                            saddle that fits, and stays out of
Private Tack Sale:                                                                  the horse’s way, or you do not. I
M. J. Hamble,, (775) 345-7506                                      don’t believe that you have to
English tack for sale. You can purchase the whole trunk for $500 or buy             have a gaited horse shod a
individual pieces. She has a saddle, breeches, leather halters, etc.                particular way. And I don’t
                                                                                    believe in the forced un-natural
8/25/2010 through 8/29/ 2010 – Wednesday through Sunday
The Nevada State Fair:                                                              way of going that I see in the
1350 North Wells Avenue, Reno, Nv.                                                  show ring of the Tennessee
                                                                                    Walkers. Beauty may be in the
                                                                                    eye of the beholder but, I see
                                                                                    movement that looks hideous,
                                                                                    not to mention very stressful on
                                                                                    the joints in the legs. I’ve seen a
                                                                                    video of an upper level dressage
                                                                                    horse being ridden with his
For a more complete local calendar, please go to                                    tongue hanging loosely out of
                                                                                    the corner of his mouth, and
Also, don’t forget to check the Natural Horsemanship of Northern                    blue to boot! You will never
Nevada’s website for future club related events at             convince me that this is okay.
                                                                                    Where is the beauty in that?
                                                                                    What would that feel like to the
                                                                                    horse? What kind of damage is
                                                                                    being done to the living tissues
                                                                                    of that horse’s tongue?

                                                                                    Well, as inexperienced as I am, I
                                                                                    am proud to say that God gave
                                                                                    me the gift of discretion, and
                                                                                    good intuition, and I will always
                                                                                    use it!
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                                                                            CLASSIFIED ADS

July Presentation –
                                                                            HORSE FRIENDLY PRODUCTS:
Our scheduled presenter, Louise Smith-Egstrom, was not able to make
                                                                            Timberline Saddle Company Custom
the meeting due to unexpected car problems so Nancy Horvath brought         Saddles: Western, Dressage,
a DVD by Richard Shrake titled "Resistance Free Training of the Older       English, Trail and Endurance
Horse" which was viewed by the membership. The DVD showed how               models. Allow a 60-90 day delivery
to measure your horse to determine athletic ability, control of the horse   for custom orders. Custom saddle
while leading, lead changes, etc.                                           pads, girths and cinches, bridles and
                                                                            accessories available. Tacky-
Thank you to Nancy for sharing her video library with us!                   Tack Saddle Pads – extreme
                                                                            comfort and non-slip security;
                                                                            washable and breathable. Turtle
                                                                            Snapsquick release ties.
                                                                            Skidmore’s Leather Care products.
                                                                            Contact Mark Rhodes, 775-972-
                                                                            9025 or email

                                                                            NATURAL HOOF CARE by Debbie
                                                                            Correct trimming for balance and
                                                                            performance with an emphasis on
                                                                            treating the whole horse. Contact
                                                                            Debbie at (775) 846-8918 to
                                                                            schedule an appointment.

                                                                            SAFE START HORSEMANSHIP:
                                                                            Beginning horsemanship: riding
                                                                            instruction, with emphasis on safety,
                                                                            communication, and learning all
                                                                             aspects of horse care, riding skills,
                                                                            and how to have fun. Please call or
                                                                            email for more information. South
                                                                            Reno. Private lessons are $30.00
                                                                            per hour.
                                                                             Will instruct ages five thru adult.
                                                                            Contact Jann Hehn 775-852-7261,
                                                                             or Email

                                                                            REGISTERED MORGAN HORSES
                                                                            FOR SALE:
                                                                             We are offering a two year old filly
                                                                            and one year old colt for sale. Visit
                                                                            our website for more information

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