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									Meet Your
Ancestors in
Homecoming Scotland 2009
 2                                                                                                        Meet Your Ancestors in Clackmannanshire

                                                             Gartmorn Dam, the earliest
Clackmannanshire is celebrating the Year of                  reservoir in Scotland; John
Homecoming and the 250th anniversary of the                  McNab (1732-1802) was a
                                                             poor herdboy whose fortune,
birth of Robert Burns with a programme of
                                                             made at sea, founded Dollar
events to help everyone discover what makes                  Academy; David Allan of Alloa
the county so special and to celebrate its heritage          (1744 -1796) was a significant
through historic kirkyards and ancestral tourism             Scottish artist; Sir Ralph
trails, an 'art in the kirkyard' project and theatre         Abercromby of Tullibody
                                                             (1734-1801), was a distinguished military commander;
performances in the kirkyards. We want people                John Paton (1768-1848), founded in 1814 what became the
to visit Clackmannanshire to trace their ancestors           world-famous wool-spinning empire of Patons & Baldwins
and see relatives and friends. We want those                 of Alloa; while the Jamieson family helped to make the
who live here already to find out more about                 county an important whisky distilling centre.
their county.
                                                             Robert Burns himself visited the county on several
                                                             occasions, including in 1787, when he stayed at Harviestoun
Clackmannanshire-born people have been players on the        Castle and was 'knighted' by Lady Catherine Bruce of
world stage – to name but a few, Sir William Alexander       Clackmannan Tower with the sword of King Robert Bruce.
of Menstrie Castle (c.1577-1640), poet, statesman and        Burns was inspired by these visits to write two poems about
scholar, founded the former colony of Nova Scotia; the       the county, 'The Banks of the Devon' and 'Fairest Maid on
enlightened and innovative John Erskine, 6th Earl of Mar     Devon Banks'.
(1675-1732), was Secretary of State for Scotland and among
his many achievements was the construction in 1713 of        Whether this is your first visit or one of many, or you live here
                                                             already, join in our celebrations and make this Homecoming
                                                             Year one to remember in Clackmannanshire!

                                                                                                              Top: Dollar Academy
                                                                                                          Far Left: 6th Earl of Mar
                                                                                                                      Left: John Paton
                                                                                                 Below: View of Clackmannanshire

                                                                                                    Alloa Old Kirkyard

Hanging Together
for Homecoming
Art Installation
Alloa Old Kirkyard and Greenside Cemetery, Kirkgate
8th June - 5th July

This special installation will celebrate the importance of
family and ancestry. It will be developed on site, based in
the Mar & Kellie Mausoleum, for the first two weeks and
on display in the kirkyard afterwards. Hanging Together
was formed in 1993 as a group initiative by professional
artists in the Stirling area interested in raising the profile of
creative activity, through engaging with both social and
historical contexts outside the gallery norm. They have
placed individual and collective works of art in a
variety of situations.

Their first project, which gave the group its name, was
at Stirling's Tolbooth, a site of both prison and summary
justice. Further projects included 'Show on Ice' an event
staged outside The Albert Halls in Stirling involving the
layered melting of a block of ice; 'X_SITE', a virtual internet
exhibition, 'Memento Mori' in Greenside Cemetery, Alloa;            8th - 21st June
'Solar' in Alloa Tower; 'needwantmusthave' at the Thistle           Visitors can meet the artists who will be
Marches; 'Car Booty' at Kildean Market; 'Commoun Kist' in           working on their installations. Karen Strang
Stirling Libraries and 'Salt' at Culross Palace.                    will be in Alloa Library, where she will be
                                                                    creating small, hand-made books.
They have also worked on a number of Polish-Scottish
exchange projects involving working residencies and                 21st June - 5th July
exhibitions in both countries and the setting up of a Polish        The completed works will be launched on
cafe in Alloa town centre.                                          Sunday 21st June and will be displayed in
                                                                    the kirkyard until 5th July.
Hanging Together are Nicola Carberry, Paul Eames,
Carolyn Mason, Peter Russell, Karen Strang and Val                  Opening times
Shatwell. They are delighted to be returning to the Old             10.00am - 12 noon & 2.00pm - 4.00pm
Kirkyard in Alloa and look forward to engaging with visitors
in the working phase of the project and once the works              Admission free
have been completed.

                                                                                    Old Kirkyard,

Historic Kirkyard Trails

                                                                                    West Tour

Guided tours of the historic kirkyards will take place from                         Wed 1st Jul
July until late September. The tours will include all the                           Sun 19th Jul
older kirkyards, which contain fascinating buildings and                            Wed 22nd Jul
intriguing gravestones, and will also give people lots of                           Sun 2nd Aug
other interesting details about the heritage of the county.                         Wed 5th Aug
Full and half-day tours are available.                                              Sun 16th Aug
                                                                                    Wed 19th Aug
West Tour                                                                           Sun 6th Sep
Alloa Old Kirkyard and Greenside Cemetery, Tullibody                                Wed 9th Sep
Heritage Centre and Tullibody Old Kirkyard, the old                                 Sun 13th Sep
graveyard at Logie and Alva Old Kirkyard.

Full-day tour: 10.30am - 4.20pm (in time to catch 4.35pm train)
Start and end points: Alloa Railway Station
Half-day tour: 1.00pm - 4.35pm                                                      Old Kirkyard,
Start and end points: Tullibody Heritage Centre                                     Alva
Sandwiches and refreshments will be available at
Tullibody Heritage Centre or bring a packed lunch.
                                                                                    Old Kirkyard,
East Tour                                                                           Dollar
Tillicoultry Old Kirkyards, Dollar Kirkyard and Dollar
Museum, Muckhart Cemetery, Clackmannan Old Kirkyard                                 East Tour
and Clackmannan Tower.
                                                                                    Sun 12th Jul
Full-day tour: 10.30am - 4.20pm (in time to catch 4.35pm train)                     Wed 15th Jul
Start and end points: Alloa Railway Station                                         Sun 26th Jul
Half-day tour: 12.00 - 4.45pm                                                       Wed 29th Jul
Start and end points: Bridge Street, Dollar (opposite Castle                        Sun 9th Aug
Campbell Hotel)                                                                     Wed 12th Aug
There are several cafés in Dollar or bring a packed lunch.                          Sun 16th Aug
                                                                                    Wed 26th Aug
Tickets:                                                                            Sun 6th Sep
Full day Adult £8.00 Concession £6.00                                               Wed 16th Sep
Half day Adult £5.00 Concession £4.00                                               Sun 20th Sep

To book tickets please call the Contact Centre on 01259 213131.
A little light walking will be involved, but please bring wet weather clothing
and footwear with you. An Historic Kirkyards Trail leaflet will also be available
to enable people to go on self-guided tours. For further details please contact     Old Kirkyard,
the Museum and Heritage Service on 01259 216913.                                    Muckhart

                                                                  Theatre in the
                                                                  Historic Kirkyards
                                                                  The historic kirkyards of Clackmannanshire are the last
                                                                  resting places of many people who helped to shape the
                                                                  history of the county. From the famous to the unknown, they
                                                                  all made a contribution to the life of the county and deserve
How to research                                                   to be remembered.

your ancestors                                                    Theatre performances will take place in the atmospheric
                                                                  surroundings of the old kirkyards of Alloa, Alva and
                                                                  Tullibody. The events will be staged by award-winning
Finding out about your own ancestors can be fascinating,          The Walking Theatre Company, which is based in Argyll
as well as sometimes moving, surprising or even shocking!         and committed to creating theatre work that gives access
Family history research is extremely popular now, but for         to Scotland's dramatic landscapes and amazing history for
those of you who have never tried it before, we have              all people in all locations. They encourage their audience
developed a research resource to help you do just that.           to get involved in the performances. The performances
This resource, called 'Tracing your Ancestors in                  in our kirkyards will focus on some of the people who are
Clackmannanshire', will give you some basic information           buried there and who are 'brought back to life' to tell their
on how to get started as well as details of the information       stories (see overleaf).
and facilities available. It is available as a downloadable pdf
on To help you make a start, there          Tickets: Adult £7.00 Concession £5.00
will also be a training session in Alloa Library.
                                                                  To book tickets please call the Contact Centre on 01259 213131
How to Research your Ancestors                                    Tickets are limited to 50 for each performance, so please book early
7.30pm - 8.45pm on 18th June                                      to avoid disappointment. You will be moving about, but please bring
Alloa Library, Drysdale Street, Alloa                             a folding seat if you need to sit down and a torch for the evening
                                                                  performance in November.
Tickets: £3.00

To book tickets please call the Contact Centre on 01259 213131
10                                                                                                             Meet Your Ancestors in Clackmannanshire

Maids, Merchants                                                  Silver, Soldier and Spice
and Magnificent Men
A Few Tales of Tullibody                                          Stirring Stories of Alva
Tullibody Old Kirkyard                                            Alva Old Kirkyard
Friday 4th September 3.00pm and 7.00pm                            Saturday 19th September 3.00pm and 7.00pm

                     Tullibody is an ancient parish with a        St Serf's Church once stood in the old kirkyard of Alva.
                     fascinating history. Parts of the Old Kirk   The burial vault of the Erskine family, once the lairds, is still
                      may date back to 1149 and it was            there. The stories of three brothers – Sir John Erskine, who
                       restored in 1539. The early village        made and lost a fortune in silver; Dr Robert Erskine who
                        grew around the medieval church,          was physician to Tsar Peter the Great; Charles Erskine, Lord
                         but around 1800 the Abercromby           Tinwald, who became Lord Justice Clerk - are remarkable.
                         family of Tullibody House moved it       In 1775 John Johnstone, who had made his fortune in
                         further south. A tannery was built       the East India Company, bought the estate. He built a
                        in the 19th century and the village       new mausoleum in the kirkyard and his grandson James
                       grew bigger.                               Johnstone gave the Johnstone Park to the people of Alva
                                                                  for their health, recreation and enjoyment.
This performance will focus on the tragic tale of forbidden
love between a 15th century priest and the 'Myretoun              Meanwhile, Andrew Orem, from Methven, settled in Alva,
Maid'; the influential Abercromby family and Sir Ralph,           worked as a butcher, joined the army and eventually fought
its most famous son; the Knox family, who established a           at Culloden. His somewhat scandalous family included a son,
brewery in nearby Cambus, and Robert Dick, the self-              James, who once walked naked into Alva for 'a trifle of money'!
                                 taught botanist and
                                 naturalist. The narrator will
                                 be his mentor, the baker
                                 William Aikman.

                                  Top: Robert Knox III
                                  Middle: Robert Dick
                                  Clockwise from left:
                                  Sir Ralph Abercromby
                                  Sir John Erskine
                                  James Johnstone
                                  John Johnstone
Meet Your Ancestors in Clackmannanshire                                                                                                 13

Earls, Engineers                                                             Partnership events
and Entrepreneurs                                                            in Clackmannanshire
Exciting Events in Alloa
Alloa Old Kirkyard                                                           Ramblers Walk Homecoming Scotland 2009
Thursday 5th November 3.00pm and 7.00pm                                      The aim of Walk Homecoming Scotland 2009 is to
                                                                             encourage all who live in Scotland, as well as those
                                          The Earls of Mar and many          returning from far away, to walk about and enjoy its
                                          other people were buried in        wonderful cultural and historical heritage. It is the first
                                          and around the old medieval        step in a programme which culminates in the Glasgow
                                          church of St Mungo. The            Commonwealth Games and aims to create medal (gold,
                                          church was enlarged and            silver and bronze) walking routes which will start and
                                          the tower built in c.1682 by       finish from 'walking hubs'. Clackmannanshire Council has
                                          the mason Tobias Bauchop,          identified Gartmorn Dam Country Park Visitor Centre as a
                                          whose house still stands in        'walking hub' from which the walks will radiate. Details of
                                          Kirkgate. The Old Kirk was         the walks are available on and on
                                          condemned in 1816 and              maps which will be available from the Visitor Centre.
                                          mostly demolished. The Mar
                                          & Kellie Mausoleum was built       25th Summer Season of Scottish Country Dance
                                          on the site of the Mar Aisle of    Cochrane Hall, Cochrane Park, Alva
                                          the Old Kirk and the Erskine       7.30pm on Thursdays from 11th June - 20th August
                                          family are still interred there.
                                                                             This programme of dance has been arranged in association
                                          Of the many people who             with RSCDS Clackmannanshire branch. There will be a full
                                          helped Alloa to become one         dance programme with live music in the splendid setting
                                          of the first industrial towns in   of the Cochrane Hall at the foot of the Ochils.
                                          Britain, this performance will
                                          'bring to life' the visionary      Tickets: £5.50 payable at the door
                                          6th Earl of Mar; Robert Bald,
                                          the enlightened mining             The 153rd Famous Alva Games
                                          engineer and some of his           Johnstone Park, Alva
Top: 6th Earl of Mar                      contemporaries; the Paton          From 12.30pm on Saturday 11th July
Middle: John Paton                        family of Kilncraigs Mill and
Bottom: Robert Bald                       one or two others who also         Alva Games provides the perfect family day out with a range
                                          have their stories to tell!        of traditional events including athletics, cycling, Highland
                                                                             dancing, heavyweight events and tug-o'-war. The crowning
Tickets: Adult £7.00 Concession £5.00                                        glory of the day is the British Championship Hill Race which
                                                                             is one of four hill races run over Torry. The traditional fair
To book tickets please call the Contact Centre on 01259 213131               will operate every evening from 8th July. This year there
Tickets are limited to 50 for each performance, so please book early         will be a special Homecoming tent at the Games.
to avoid disappointment. You will be moving about, but please bring
a folding seat if you need to sit down and a torch for the evening           Tickets: Adult £5.00 Concession £2.00
performance in November.
14                                                                                                      Meet Your Ancestors in Clackmannanshire

                                                              Meet Your
                                                              Ancestors in
                                                              Homecoming Scotland 2009

Clackmannanshire Council would like to thank the              We have produced two sets of commemorative postcards
many people and organisations who have assisted our           which celebrate the county and to encourage people to
Homecoming programme financially and given their              visit. These are available in libraries and council buildings
time and expertise to help make it possible. We would         throughout the county and from the Museum and Heritage
like to thank, in particular, Homecoming Scotland for a       Service on 01259 216913.
substantial award and Clackmannanshire Heritage Trust
                        for a generous grant towards the
                        programme. We are very grateful for
                        their enthusiasm and support.
                                                                                                            Friends of
                                                                                                     Museum & Heritage Service
Homecoming Scotland is a Scottish
Government Initiative managed by
EventScotland in partnership with

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