Marshfield Saddle Club by nikeborome


									                                       He♥rtland Stables & Show Arena
                                          Dressage Schooling Show (2-days)
                                            Saturday, October 24, 2009
                                                Judge: Nicole Trapp “L”
                                                   WDCTA & NCWDC* Recognized

Maiden: Horse & rider have not won a 1st place in that level
before this show season.                                              Please Put a checkmark by the test(s) you wish to
Protective Gear: Hard hats and boots required for all classes.        ride and mark the Jr. or Sr. checkbox below.
Entry Fees: $20 per class. Post entries will be $25 per class.
Closing Date: All entries must be postmarked by Oct. 10 .
Refund: One week prior to show with a veterinarian certificate.                  Level/Test                 Total
Arena: All Saturday and Sunday classes will be held indoors.          1.     Intro Test A – Jr.*
Stabling: $25 for 1 overnight; $20 per day; $35 for two nights        2.     Intro Test B - Jr.*
or Jump out Fee: $5.00 for Tie-to-Trailer-for-the-Day.                3.     Intro Test A - Sr.*
Shavings: Available at $8.00 per bag.                                 4.     Intro Test B - Sr.*
Camping: $12/night. RV Electrical hook-up included.                   5.     Training Level, Test 1
             Water available via hose to campsites.                   6.     Training Level, Test 2
Riding Times: Enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope,
                                                                      7.     Training Level, Test 3
if email address is not available. Times E-mailed and/or via
postal mail on the Monday or Tuesday prior to show. Arena             8.     Training Level, Test 4
size might be reduced for Intro (or Training) tests if necessary.     9.     First Level, Test 1
Awards: Ribbons to 6th place. Jr & Sr. High Point awards.             10.    First Level, Test 2
Coggins: Copy of 2009 negative test must be included with             11.    First Level, Test 3
entry. Original must be presented for all horses at the show.         12.    First Level, Test 4
Dogs: All pets must be on a leash. Management has the right
                                                                      13.    Training, T.1 - Maiden
to impound pet if necessary. Prefer dogs be left at home.
Food Stand: He♥rtland Cafe is open Saturday and Sunday!               14.    First L. T.1 - Maiden
Directions: From the West: Go 7 miles east of Stevens Point           15.    2nd % -Test#
on Hwy. 10W; turn on North (left) then quick right on Deer Rd.        16.    3rd Level & above %:
for 1/4 mile. From the East: 9 miles west of Amherst on Hwy.                Test:
10, turn right on North&Deer Rd (or QQ to Deer), go 1/4 mile.                                    st
Motels: Best Western 715-341-5110; Fairfield Inn 342-9300             17. Musical Freestyle (1 & up)
Holiday Inn Express 715-341-0000; Discount for Heartland Stable           Level:
SUNDAY SHOW: See separate form (over). Different Judge!              SUBTOTAL of Class fees:
Entry Form: One entry form per horse & rider combination.                                                     Jump-
No substitutions of horse or rider. Fill out separate entry form                                             out fee:
for Sunday’s show – printed on back of the Saturday form.
Checks: Make checks payable to Heartland Stables.                                                            Stabling
Mail: Entries, checks, copy of neg. 2008 Coggins, and                                                        Shaving
SASE/Email to: ♥ Betty Foss, 7510 Deer Road, Custer, WI                                                     Camping
54423 ♥ Phone: 715-592-4171 if questions.                                                                   TOTAL:
Stabling: #    #1or2? Overnight   DayOnly    JumpOut                  In order to process your entry, please sign release below:
        Arrival Day & Time: _______________________
        Stable With: _____________________________                    Neither He♥rtland Stables LLP, the judge, employees, nor
                                                                      volunteers will be held responsible for any and all claims
Camping:         Yes   RV Hookup:        Yes ($12.00 total)           regarding damages, losses, or injury to property, animals, or
                                                                      person (spectator or participant) arising from this show.
         Jr. Rider        Sr. Rider
                                                                      I have read and understood the above.
Rider's Name: ____________________________________
Address: ________________________________________
                                                                    Signature (exhibitor, parent or guardian if under 18 years of age)
                                                                      Checklist:            Tests check-marked
Phone: __________________________________________                                           Jr./Sr. noted
Email:    __________________________________________                                        Signed Release
Date of Birth, if under 18: ___________________________                                     Copy of Negative Coggins
                                                                                            Personal contact info and Email address
Name of Horse: ___________________________________                                          Self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE)
Breed: __________________________________________                                           Payment (to Heartland Stables, LLP)
Age: _________ Sex: _________ Height: _____________
*NCWDC (North Central Wisconsin Dressage Circuit)

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