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									                                Zombie Walk 2010
                            3:00pm Saturday 24th July 2010

                               Event Information Pack

General information -
The zombie walk will take place in Birmingham city centre on Saturday 24th July 2010
at 3.00pm and is a charity fundraising event. We will be gathering in the public park
behind Centenary Square / Birmingham Rep Theatre from mid-day. We will be
getting people together dressed up as zombies to do a walk around Birmingham in
aid of raising money for our chosen charity. We will be providing a zombie make-up
service for people taking part in the event for a minimum of £2.00 donation to our
chosen charity, Birmingham Childrens Hospital.

Charity –
Our chosen charity is the Birmingham Children’s Hospital. We feel this would be a
great charity to work with as it’s a local charity to the location of the zombie walk
and is a worthy cause. We also used this charity for the 2009 Zombie Walk.

Make-up Service –
We will be providing a make-up service to raise money for our charity prior to the
event in the public park behind Centenary Square. We require a minimum donation
of £2.00 towards the charity per person and we will then give you a ticket to use. This
ticket will enable you to get your make-up done by our professional make-up team.
The Running Order –

   Time                      What’s happening?                         Location

 12.00pm         Zombie make-up workshop will be running.        #1 Public park behind
                                                                  Centenary Square.

  1.00pm        Monster Energy Drink will be handing out free    #1 Public park behind
                energy drinks to zombies from approx 1.00pm       Centenary Square.

  2.30pm        Prep-talk to explain the event to all zombies.   #1 Public park behind
                                                                  Centenary Square.

  2.45pm        Meet at the start point ready for the zombie     #1 Public park behind
                            walk to take place.                   Centenary Square.

  3.00pm                  The zombie walk begins!                #2 Centenary Square

  3.05pm      Flood into centenary square and infest the area.   #2 Centenary Square

The Route:
The walk will begin in the public park behind Centenary Square. This is behind ICC
and The Rep Theatre. The route is going to be fairly straight forward and you won’t
need to be a genius zombie and you definitely won’t need a map. You will basically
just follow the horde of zombies. We’re going to be covering the main areas where
we think are going to be busiest, such as Victoria square, pigeon park by the
cathedral, the high street and the bullring. We may even stop to ‘infest’ some places
on the way, such as oasis market, but just keep with the rest of the horde and don’t
go walking off; as tempting as human flesh may seem!
(See the route we will be taking below.)

Walk from Centenary square > Victoria Square

Walk from Victoria Square > Pigeon Park (The Cathedral)

Walk from Pigeon Park > Oasis Market

Walk from Oasis Market > Birmingham High Street

Walk from Birmingham High Street > The Bullring

Walk from The Bullring > Victoria Square

Walk from Victoria Square > The Sound Bar (Zombie after-party)
Safety –
Whilst on the walk please do not jump on any cars or cause major obstructions to
roads or public places. We want people to see this event as a positive thing and not
something that cause any trouble.

Meeting point(s):
#1 – Make-up Workshop


                                                                     Birmingham Library

                               Birmingham Rep Theatre

                                                 #2 – Centenary Square

                     Symphony Hall
#1 – You must be at the public park behind Centenary Square for 2.00pm to
register your details to take part in the zombie walk. You can also donate

#2 - Centenary Square is where the zombie walk will start from.

The Zombie After Party –
This year we will be having an after-party for all the zombies to carry on the fun into
the night. We will be holding our after-party at The Sound Bar, Birmingham, which is
where the walk is going to finish. It is open to people of all ages, but you will need to
bring ID to prove you’re over 18 if you wish to drink alcohol at the after-party. Entry is
free to the after-party and there will be some great drink deals and music on.
                                     Zombie Walk 2010

                               In association with Zombie Aid

                  Raising money for Birmingham Childrens Hospital

                                      Contact Details

   For any enquiries, directions or problems on the day contact -

                                       Event Manager
                                      Jamie Chapman
                                        07825 881 023

                                Assistant Event Manager
                                      Arron Dobbins
                                      07904 963 487

 Please note: We will not be held responsible for the actions of people taking part in this event and by
taking part in this event you agree to have your photo taken and used for the commercial purposes of
                                           the zombie walk.

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