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Measuring Advertising Performance 2011


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									                         A two-day conference on communications
                         planning, measurement and accountability


Measuring Advertising
Performance 2011
                         Chaired by: Nick Higham               BBC News

30th – 31st March 2011   Speakers:
Jumeriah Carlton Tower   Paulo Alves              Nick Turner
London SW1, UK           BMW UK                   Deloitte UK
                         Ann Perkins              Peter Haslett
                         Heinz UK                 Ipsos ASI
                         Alastair Fairgrieve      Graeme Hutton
                         McDonalds Europe         Universal McCann
                         Gary Twelvetree          Mike Bloxham
                         Barclaycard              Media Behavior Institute,
                         James Murphy             Center for Media Design at
                         Future Foundation        Ball State University

                         Les Binet                Sol Ghafoor
                         DDB Matrix               AKQA

                         Benoit Garbe             Adam Graham
                         Millward Brown Optimor   Saint

                         Nick Southgate           Rolfe Swinton
                         IPA                      Apollo Mobile

                         Alan Mitchell            Dr. Jeffrey Graham
                         Author                   Initiative

                         David Pandit             David Penn
                         BBH                      Conquest
                         Richard Helyar           Jennie Beck
                         BBH                      Kantar Media
                         Gordon Farquharson       Lucy Howard
                         Camelot UK Lotteries     AMV BBDO
                         Simon Goodall            Dan Hill
                         Saatchi & Saatchi X      Sensory Logic Inc.
                                    Welcome to Measuring Advertising                       A speaker line up of industry leaders will
Measuring Advertising Performance   Performance 2011                                       update you on:

                                    Delivering effective, accountable marketing is         •	 The	consumer	agenda	–	how	the	recession	and	its	
                                    tougher than ever. The rules of engagement with           lingering aftermath have shaped the consumer
                                    consumers have changed, the number of channels            outlook
                                    have multiplied and marketers must reassess their      •	 Sophisticated	ways	of	thinking	about	digital	
                                    entire approach to brand communications.                  marketing, and examination of the implications
                                                                                              for measurement and evaluation
                                    In this new environment, Warc’s Measuring              •	 The	best	brand	builders	in	the	world	—	what	
                                    Advertising Performance conference will provide an        lessons can we learn from them?
                                    up-to-the-minute briefing on the latest developments   •	 Measuring	digital	and	social	media	campaigns	
                                    and practice in communications planning,               •	 Accountability	best	practice	
                                    evaluation and metrics.                                •	 Case	studies	from	Barclaycard,	McDonalds,	BMW,	
                                                                                              Camelot and Heinz
                                    The conference will address key advertising and
                                    performance questions including: how do you make
                                                                                           What have our past delegates said?
                                    your advertising spend work harder for the brand,
                                                                                           “Very interesting, detailed presentations - enjoyed
                                    how do you plan and develop an effective campaign      the real examples”
                                    and what are the key techniques that help measure
                                                                                           “Very informative and interesting”
                                    the effectiveness of different channels.
                                                                                           “Engaging, challenging and enlightening”
                                    The agenda focuses on four themes crucial to
                                    marketing measurement. During the first day you
                                                                                           Who will I meet?
                                    will hear new ideas about how advertising works
                                    and planning effective campaigns. The second
                                                                                           Measuring Advertising Performance 2011 offers an
                                    day covers measurement challenges in digital
                                                                                           excellent opportunity to network with other delegates
                                    and social media and marketing analytics and
                                                                                           from the UK, Europe and beyond. Companies
                                    accountability. Both days include presentations from
                                                                                           represented at the 2010 conference included: Walt
                                    leading brands on their approach to marketing ROI.
                                                                                           Disney, Vodafone, Lowe London, Billets and AGB
                                                                                           Nielsen Media Research.
                                    If you are in the brand communications business,
                                    Measuring Advertising Performance is the one
                                    conference you should attend in 2011.

                                    We look forward to seeing you in March.

                                    Sponsored by                          Supported by
Conference Agenda              Day 1: 30th March 2011

9.15    Chairman’s welcome                                                          12.20   It’s the metrics stupid – time to challenge conventional
        Nick Higham, Correspondent, BBC News                                                wisdoms?
                                                                                            •	 Do	current	assumptions	about	marketing	metrics	guarantee	that	
                                                                                               marketers can never learn and improve their performance?
9.25    The consumer agenda
                                                                                            •	 What	new	insights	do	neuroscience	and	behavioural	economics	
        •	 How	has	the	recession	and	its	aftermath	reshaped	                                   bring to the metrics debate?
           the mind of the consumer?
                                                                                            •	 When	we	talk	about	marketing	‘effectiveness’	do	we	mean	‘effective’	
        •	 What	are	the	implications	of	this	for	the	effectiveness	of	                         for	the	marketer	or	‘effective’	for	the	consumer:	whose	‘effectiveness’	
           marketing communications?                                                           are we measuring?
        James Murphy, Editorial Director, Future Foundation                                 Alan Mitchell, Author

9.45    Beyond the click                                                   New
                                                                         Research   12.45   Q&A with speakers
        •	 How	is	new	technology	offering	different	ways	of	
           communicating with people?
                                                                                    13.00   Lunch
        •	 How	can	new	ideas	from	neuropsychology	help	interpret	data?
        •	 What	are	the	most	sophisticated	ways	of	thinking	about	digital	
           marketing and what are the implications for measurement                  14.10   Data, data everywhere – planning by numbers
           and evaluation?                                                                  •	 How	do	you	blend	hard	and	soft	data	to	understand	consumer	
        Les Binet, European Director, DDB Matrix
                                                                                            •	 New	tools	and	approaches	to	measurement	and	evaluation

10.10   The best brand builders in the world –                             New              David Pandit, Head of Data, BBH &
                                                                                            Richard Helyar, Head of Research, BBH
        what lessons can we learn from them?
        •	 Results	from	a	study	commissioned	by	Jim	Stengel,	formerly	
           P&G’s CMO                                                                14.45
                                                                                             PANEL: Media meshing – the art of maximising spend in
        •	 Which	brands	have	created	the	most	value	in	the	past	decade?	
                                                                                             a multimedia world
        •	 What	did	these	brands	do	to	be	so	successful?	
                                                                                              •	 How	do	you	find	the	right	combination	of	media	channels	to	
        •	 What	is	the	importance	of	brand	purpose,	culture	and	                                 target today’s media consumer?
                                                                                              •	 What	is	the	best	way	to	maximise	your	budget?
        Benoit Garbe, Vice President, Millward Brown Optimor
                                                                                             Jennie Beck, Global Director, Kantar Media
                                                                                             Graeme Hutton, Director of Consumer Insights, Universal McCann
10.45   Q&A with speakers
                                                                                             Mike Bloxham, Director, Insight and Research, Center for Media
                                                                                             Design at Ball State University USA & Co-Founder, Media Behavior
11.00   Coffee                                                                               Institute

11.20   Context – understanding its impact on advertising                  New
        performance                                                                 15.25   Coffee
        •	 New	research	to	help	us	put	behavioural	economics	
           into practice
                                                                                    15.45   Maintaining momentum from communication through to
        •	 How	does	context	work	in	advertising?
        •	 How	can	you	measure	it?
                                                                                            •	 How	can	we	better	understand	the	journey	a	consumer	makes	from	
        •	 What	are	the	future	implications	for	brand	strategists?                             experiencing brand communication and making a purchase?
        Nick Southgate, Behavioural Economics Consultant, IPA                               •	 What	can	we	learn	from	this?
                                                                                            •	 How	can	you	ensure	the	best	return	for	your	investment?
11.45   Case Study: Barclaycard                                           Client
                                                                                            Simon Goodall, Director of Strategy, Saatchi & Saatchi X
        •	 How	one	of	the	world’s	biggest	brands	is	driving	best	
           practice in marketing effectiveness
                                                                                    16.10   360 degree feedback, 365 days a year –                               Client
        •	 Sharing	learning	across	global	markets                                           the McDonalds story
        •	 Review	of	the	‘rollercoaster’	campaign	and	the	potency	of	‘fame’	                •	 How	McDonalds	optimises	its	communications	strategy	in	key	
           versus product advertising                                                          international markets
        Gary Twelvetree, Global Brand Director, Barclaycard                                 •	 The	measurement	tools	McDonalds	uses
                                                                                            •	 How	McDonalds	and	its	agencies	have	applied	the	learning
                                                                                            Alastair Fairgrieve, VP – Chief Insight Officer, McDonalds Europe

                                                                                    16.45   Q&A and close for the day

                                                                           Detailed agenda and speaker biographies at www.warc.com/map2011
Conference Agenda             Day 2: 31st March 2011

9.00    Registration                                                                 12.55     Q&A

9.15    Welcome back – Chairman’s summary of the first day and                       13.10     Lunch
        overview of day two.
                                                                                     14.10     Camelot – the analytics behind optimising returns for              Client
9.30    Measuring digital and social media campaigns                        New
                                                                                               good causes
        •	 Approaching	the	challenge	of	evaluating	the	effectiveness	                          •	 The	analytical	challenges	faced	by	the	UK’s	national	lottery	
           of digital                                                                             operator
        •	 Learnings	from	some	key	product	categories                                          •	 Techniques	and	methodologies	used	to	support	evidence-based	
        •	 Key	considerations	for	optimising	digital	spend                                        decision making

        Peter Haslett, Chairman, Ipsos ASI UK                                                  Gordon Farquharson, Senior ROI Insight Manager, Camelot UK

         PANEL: Grown-up measurement for a grown-up channel                          14.45     The secret of emotionally effective advertising
          •	 How	effective	is	digital	media	compared	to	traditional	platforms?
                                                                                               Dan Hill, President, Sensory Logic Inc.
          •	 What	initiatives	are	on	the	horizon	that	will	help	brands	plan	
             and evaluate their digital activity better?
                                                                                     15.10     Heinz case study: Emotion – the key to creating award              Client
         Sol Ghafoor, Analytics Manager, AKQA
                                                                                               winning ROI
         Adam Graham, Managing Partner, Saint                                                  •	 The	consumer	insight	behind	a	recent	Heinz	UK	campaign
         Rolfe Swinton, Co-Founder, Apollo Mobile                                              •	 How	the	effects	were	measured	at	category	and	brand	level
                                                                                               •	 Halo	effects	for	other	products	in	the	Heinz	portfolio
                                                                                               Ann Perkins, Head of Insight, Heinz UK &
10.40   Coffee
                                                                                               Lucy Howard, Board Planner, AMV BBDO

11.00   Beyond the Holy Grail: analytics in an age of change
                                                                                     15.50 –   Q&A
        •	 An	approach	that	ensures	we	continue	to	encourage	creativity	and	
           innovation, as well as accountability
        •	 Case	studies	–	how	the	approach	works	in	practice                         16.20     Close of conference

        Dr. Jeffrey Graham, Worldwide Director of Performance, Initiative

11.30   Social infection – deconstructing the value                         New
        •	 Which	brands	have	created	the	most	buzz	around	the	world?
        •	 Why	have	these	brands	became	socially	infectious?
        •	 What	forces	can	we	harness	to	create	great	social	ideas	that	light	a	
           fire under a brand?
        David Penn, CEO, Conquest

11.55   BMW’s approach to marketing ROI, brand learning                    Client
                                                                                               Book now to avoid disappointment
        and measurement                                                                        Book at www.warc.com/map2011
        •	 What	are	the	risks	and	pitfalls	of	making	decisions	on	marketing	
           spend based on the wrong indicators?                                                Call Clare Beveridge on +44 (0) 20 7467 8122
        •	 Setting	the	marketing	budget
                                                                                               Email clare.beveridge@warc.com.
        •	 Balancing	rational	and	emotional	messaging	in	the	car	market
        Paulo Alves, General Manager – National Communications and CRM,
        BMW UK
                                                                                               About Warc
12.30   Marketing accountability – Improving marketing                                         Warc is the most comprehensive marketing
        effectiveness                                                                          information service in the world. We are a trusted
        •	 Using	marketing	measurement	and	accountability	to	manage	the	
           value of marketing                                                                  resource, recognised for the provision of the latest
        •	 Best	practices	that	are	being	employed	by	leading	organisations                     in-depth case studies and cutting-edge thinking.
        Nick Turner, Marketing Effectiveness Practice Lead, Deloitte UK                        Find out more at www.warc.com

                                                                            Detailed agenda and speaker biographies at www.warc.com/map2011
The Speakers

                     Gary Twelvetree              Paulo Alves, General Manager                                   Nick Turner
                 Global Brand Director     – National Communications and CRM           Marketing Effectiveness Practice Lead

                         Benoit Garbe                                Ann Perkins                          Alastair Fairgrieve
                        Vice President                             Head of Insight                  VP – Chief Insight Officer

                       Simon Goodall                 David Pandit, Head of Data                                  David Penn
                   Director of Strategy        Richard Helyar, Head of Research                                         CEO

                       	James	Murphy                                 	Jennie	Beck                           Adam Graham
                      Editorial Director                           Global Director                        Managing Partner

                            Les Binet                             Graeme Hutton                                Rolfe Swinton
                    European Director               Director of Consumer Insights                               Co-Founder

                                                            Mike Bloxham, Director,
                                                   Insight and Research, Center for
                  Gordon Farquharson             Media Design, Ball State University                            Peter Haslett
           Senior ROI Insight Manager      and Co-Founder, Media Behavior Institute                               Chairman

                      Nick Southgate                                  Sol Ghafoor                              Lucy Howard
     Behavioural Economics Consultant                         Analytics Manager                               Board Planner

                         Alan Mitchell                     	Dr.	Jeffrey	Graham                                       Dan Hill
                               Author        Worldwide Director of Performance                                      President

                                                     Detailed agenda and speaker biographies at wwww.warc.com/map2011
                         Book now at www.warc.com/map2011

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