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									Union of Brunel Students
Clubs and Societies Development Fund Application
The Development Funds have been set-up to support the improving activities of Clubs and Societies.

Sports Federation Committee and Societies Guild Committee will meet on a monthly basis to assess
applications. This means that Clubs and Societies will know within 6 weeks of submitting their
application if they have been successful.

The Committees have the right to; accept, reject, modify or defer applications. If the application may
be suitable for funding through a different source, the Committees can propose the submission on
behalf of the Club / Society. This may extend the process but may result in larger amounts being

There is currently approximately £3000 in the Sports Development Fund and £1000 in the Societies
Development Fund. This is to give applicants an idea of the potential funding available.
Throughout the year these figures will increase and decreased based on income and successful

Most of the money raised comes from events in the Academy and therefore all successful bids should
treat the financial award as the equivalent of a sponsorship arrangement and not a donation. A
portfolio will need to be produced within a stated period, showing the effects of the additional
funding. Clubs and Societies will be expected to take part in any promotional activities connected
with the Development Fund.

Projects that require funding into two academic years will be accepted and may be allocated, but the
committee will only confirm future payments in exceptional circumstances. If you require any
further information on this point or on the application process please speak to Michael Blasebalk, the
Student Activities Manager.

Awards from the Fund will be based on one or more of the following criteria:

   Development:
    The application shows how the Club/Society will develop and expand the current services
    provided to their membership and the Students’ Union. Stronger projects will show set-up costs
    and how it would then be sustainable.
        Example – Support for climbing qualifications for four first year students means more
        members can attend sessions and the Club has cover for a few years. The increased numbers
        result in extra fund-raising which goes towards continuing the process.

   Improvement:
    The application shows how the Club/Society will improve and enhance the current services
    provided to their membership and the Students’ Union, making them more professional.
    Sustainability should also be considered within the application.
        Example – An inflatable tumble mat for Cheerleading improves technique and allows more
        members to take part. This means that expensive trips to local clubs are not necessary.
   Planning for the future:
    The application shows how the Club/Society have looked forward and identified the steps that
    will need to be taken to allow future members to benefit.
        Example – Changes to regulations/equipment that will come into force after the Olympics
        have to be planned for in advance to prevent huge bills.

The following criteria may be used but are not given the same level of priority as the above:

   Opportunity:
    The application will identify an opportunity that may not have been available at the time of the
    Development Plan being submitted.

   Additional Support for Core Activities:
    The application will state the reasons why further funding should be allocated to the Core running
    costs of the Club/Society.

The more relevant and supporting evidence you can give in your application the better your chances,
as the award committees may not have a knowledge of your activities.

Union of Brunel Students
Clubs and Societies Development Fund Application
Club / Society Name:

Contact Name:


Mobile Number:

Title of project / Purpose of this application:

A brief explanation on the purpose of the application (do not use more than 100 words):

Amount needed to fulfil the project:

Amount your Club / Society can contribute to the project:
Total requested from the Development Fund:

Which Criteria would any award be based on:

How many people will benefit from this application this year and in future years:

How will they benefit:

Is this a one-off project or one that continues for a period of time:

If this is not a one-off what steps would be taken to make this project sustainable:

What is the Timescale for implementation if awarded funds:

You can use the following space to mention anything not already stated in support of your application
(maximum of 200 words). Catalogues or other materials can be brought in to assist your request but
the main body of the application should be in electronic format.

Completed forms should be emailed to with the title box stating
Development Fund Application.

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