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					                                                     Leeds Civic Trust – Complete Booklist
                                                     This list is frequently updated.                      Last edited: July 2008


Title                                                                                   Author                                          £

The Commons, Waste Lands and Urban Moors of Leeds                                       Graham Branston                              5.00

A Celebration of Leeds                                                                  John Morgan and Davi d Joy

Meltdown-Words and Images from a Yorkshire Foundry(Clarenc e Road)                      Heads Together Productions                   9.95

The Great Exodus-E vacuation of Leeds Schoolchildren 1939 -1945                         Roy C Boud                                   8.00

Leeds-Pevs ner Architectural Guide                                                      Susan Wrathmell                              9.99

Building Stone Heritage of Leeds                                                        Francis G Dimes and Murray Mitchell          8.95

Grand Memories - The life and times of the Grand Theat re and Opera House               Patricia Lennon and David Joy               14.99

Great Leeds Stories                                                                     David Thornton                               9.99

Cent ral Leeds                                                                          Rose Gibson and Michel e LeFevre            12.99

Leeds City Business                                                                     J Chartres and K Honeyman                   15.00

The Making of Leeds                                                                     David Goodman                                9.99

Edwardian Leeds in Postcards                                                            Grady and Stringer                          11.95

The General Infirmary at Leeds A Pictorial History                                      Malcolm Parsons                             10.00

Thoresby Society Mi scellany Vol 13, Second Series, 2003, incl;                         Thoresby Society                            12.00
    * The Journal of Sarah Mayo Parkes 1815 and 1818

    * William Potts of Leeds, Clockmaker

    * Percy Alfred Scholes (1877-1958) Music Critic, Educationalist and Encyclopaedist

    * The Leeds Elections of 1834 and 1835

    * Obituaries - Eric Lord Empsall; David Metcalf Watson

Thoresby Mi scellany Vol 14 2nd Series 2004                                                                    Thoresby Society            12.00

    * Leeds and the Jacobite Rebellion 1715 and 1745 J Oates

    * What was the Relationship bet ween Elite Culture and Power in the Town of Leeds from 1760 to 1820? Sue

    * Edward Baines Editor: Great Man, Great Liar? The Press Assessment. David Thornton

    * Sunday Schools in Leeds; Church Associations for Children and Young people Leeds 1836-51 H.W.Dalton

    * The Thores by Society Library and Archives Joan Newiss

More Annals of Leeds 1880-1920 William Benn                                                                    Thoresby Society            22.00

Blue Plaques of Leeds                                                                                          Peter Dyson & Kevin Grady    9.95

Leeds Then and Now                                                                                             Brian Godward                8.95

Leeds Heritage Trail                                                                                           Brian Godward                9.95

East End – West End                                                                                            Maurice Beres ford          17.99

Leeds Golden Acres (The story of a Park and its People)                                                        Tony Shelton                 5.00

Aspects of Leeds 3                                                                                             Lynn Stephenson Tate         9.99
A History of Leeds                                                                          W R Mitchell                        15.99

The Fields Laid Waste                                                                       Christine Croft                     15.00

A Look Down Memory Lane                                                                     YEP                                 18.99

The Georgian Public Buildings of Leeds and West Yorkshire                                   Kevin Grady                          9.50

An Illustrated History of Roundhay Park                                                     Steven Burt                          9.95

Kirkgate Market                                                                             S Burt & K Grady                     2.50

The Picture Story of the City of Leeds                                                      David Thornton                       2.50

The General Infirmary at Leeds A Pictorial History                                          Malcolm Parsons                     10.00

The E volution of St James’s                                                                Pamela Pennock                       4.00

The King's Mill, Leeds. History and Archaoeology of the Manorial Water Powered Corn Mills   John Goodchild & Stuart Wrathmell    7.00

The Struggle for a Community in a Multi-Ethnic Inner City Area - Paradise in the Making     Max Farrar                          19.50

Potts of Leeds - Five Generations of Clockmakers                                            Michael Potts                       45.00

Leeds Pocket Album                                                                          Francis Frith                        4.99

The Irish Diaspora in Leeds                                                                 Ant Hanlon & Corinne Silva          17.50

The Changing Face of Leeds                                                                  Brian Godward                       12.99

Memories of Leeds                                                                                                                5.99

More Leeds Memories                                                                                                              9.99

Title                                    Author                                        £

Crowd – Poems from a Northern City       Noel Whittall                             2.50

An Enduring Flame – The Brontë Story     Wendy Bardsley

The Leeds Tapestry 2000                  Kate Russel & Barbara Walker              5.00

Making a Backcan                         M Hartley & J Ingleby                     2.95

Making Cheese and Butter                 M Hartley & J Ingleby                     2.95

Making Dry Stone Walls                   M Hartley & J Ingleby                     2.95

Making Swill Baskets                     M Hartley & J Ingleby                     2.95

Making Woven Hurdle                      John Boakes                               2.95

Pens Profiles and Places                 Marian Troughton                          8.95


Title                                                              Author                          £


Briggate Yards and Arcades (rev. Nov 2007)                         Peter Brears & Kevin Grady   5.00

Places of Worship                                                  Janet Douglas                2.50

Civic Pride                                                        Brian Godward                3.00

Leeds City Station to Holbeck Walk                                 Victorian Society            1.00
Exploring Green Spaces in Little Woodhouse, Burley and Hyde Park      Freda Matthews                        1.00

Woodhouse Square                                                      Freda Matthews                        3.00

A Walk Around Little Woodhouse (Trail One)                            Freda Matthews                        2.00


Title                                                                 Author                                   £

The Second Battle of the Marne                                        Paul Greenwood                       19.95

Dark Peak Aircraft Wrecks 2                                           Ron Collier                           9.95

Yorkshire Airfields in the Second World War                           Patrick Otter                        12.95

War Memorials in the Cemeteries of Leeds. Inscriptions and Det ails   Yorkshire Archaeological Society      4.00


Title                                                                     Author                                      £

An Illustrated History of Alwoodley                                       Stephen Burt                             9.99

Old Alwoodley in Photographs                                              Stephen Burt                             9.99

Beeston Days                                                              Beeston Loc al History Society           2.75

George's Family (Bramley)                                                 Dorothy Riley                            5.99
Bramley Half a Century of Change                                Anthony Silson                 5.99

Bramley 21st Anniversary Album                                  Bramley History Society        5.00

Our Village - Bramley (Limited Edition)                         Bramley History Society        4.30

Bramley Carnival Remembered                                     Bramley History Society        4.00

Yards ‘n’ Yards of Bramley                                      Bramley History Society        3.50

Bramley Anniversary Album                                       Bramley History Society        4.00

Bramley - The Village that Disappeared                          Bramley History Society        4.00

Calverley in Old Picture Postcards                              Ruth Strong                    9.95

Memories of The Bank and East End Park                          Alma Radcliffe                 2.00

Memories of our East Leeds                                                                     5.00

Further Memories of our East Leeds                                                             5.00

The Heritage of East Leeds; From Bronze Age to Industrial Age   David Owen                     3.50

The development of East Leeds south of York Road                Derek Rams dale                2.00

Far Headingley, Weetwood and West Park Neighbourhood Design                                    7.00

Far Headingley (Weetwood & West Park)                           David Hall                    18.00

Farnley in Focus                                                Farnley Local History Group    3.50

Aspects of Farnley                                              Farnley Local History Group    2.00

History of Fulneck Girls' School                                Ruth Strong                    5.00

Halton The Story of an East Leeds Village                       J Gilleghan                   12.50
Focus on Holbeck in 1881                               E ve Tids well                           9.95

Hors forth                                             Alan Cockcroft & Matthew Young           8.99

Hors forth Remembered                                  Hors forth Village Historical Society    3.50

Hors forth Remembered Vol 2                            Hors forth Village Historical Society    3.00

Hors forth Guides 1 – North Horsforth                  Hors forth Village Historical Society    3.00

Hors forth Guides 2 – Inns Taverns and Public Houses   Hors forth Village Historical Society    3.00

Hors forth Guides 3 – Woodside and its Industries      Hors forth Village Historical Society    3.50

Hors forth Guides 4 – Transport and Communications     Hors forth Village Historical Society    3.50

Hors forth Guides 5 – The Green                        Hors forth Village Historical Society    3.50

Picture Story – Kirkstall Abbey                        David Thornton                           2.00

Leeds City Station to Holbeck                          Chris Hammond                            1.00

Meanwood Village - Valley People and Industry          Casperson & Hopwood                      5.00

Meanwood in Pictures 1852 - 1960s                      Peter Bewell                             7.50

Meanwood in Pictures Vol 2 1960s to 1999               Peter Bewell                            10.00

Meanwood in Pictures Vol 3 2000                        Peter Bewell                            10.00

Meanwood Quarries and Quarrymen                        Cynthia Ruston                           7.50

Oak Leaves One (Oakwood)                               Oakwood & District Historical Society    3.00

Oak Leaves Two (Oakwood)                               Oakwood & District Historical Society    2.00

Oak Leaves Three (Oakwood)                             Oakwood & District Historical Society    2.00

Oak Leaves Four (Oak wood)                             Oakwood & District Historical Society    2.00
Oak Leaves Five (Oakwood)                          Oakwood & District Historical Society    2.00

Oak Leaves Six (Oak wood)                          Oakwood & District Historical Society    3.00

Oak Leaves Seven (Oakwood)                         Oakwood & District Historical Society    3.00

Oulton Village Guide                               Oulton Society                           1.00

Pudsey                                             Pudsey Civic Society                     7.99

Lets Go Walking in the Pudsey Area                 Pudsey Civic Society                     0.30

Walks Around Puds ey, Farsley and Calverley        Pudsey Civic Society                     2.50

Pudsey in Old Picture Postcards Vol I              Ruth Strong                              9.95

Pudsey in Old Picture Postcards Vol II             Ruth Strong                              9.95

Israel Roberts 1827 – 1881 (Pudsey)                Pudsey Civic Society                     5.00

A Second Pudsey Album                              Pudsey Civic Society                     3.50

The Puds ey Round – A 16 mile walk round Pudsey    Pudsey Civic Society                     0.30

Around Rothwell                                    Simon Bulmer and Eric Wright            12.99

Around Rothwell Vol II                             Simon Bulmer and Eric Wright            12.99

Then and Now - Rothwell District                   Rothwell & District Historical Soc.      4.50

The History of Rothwell Castle and Medieval Life   Rothwell & District Historical Soc.      5.00

Albert Brown's Story of Rothwell                   Albert Brown                             3.00

Rothwell and District in Pictures Past             Albert Brown                             5.00

People and Places in Wortley                       Wortley Local History Group              2.50

Wortley Churches and Chapels                       Wortley Local History Group              2.50
Stonebridge Mills Wortley                                              Wortley Local History Group                     2.50


Title                                                                                      Author                                                    £

Religion and Place in Leeds                                                                John Minnis with Trevor Mitchell (English Heritage)    7.99

St. Augustine's Leeds Centenary Book 1905 - 2005                                           Maureen Leahy & Margaret Newman                        6.50

Adel Church Guide 1150 - 2003                                                                                                                     2.00

The Story of St Hilda's Cross Green Leeds                                                  Stephen Savage                                         4.00

Kirkstall Abbey                                                                            Guy Barnes                                             4.50

Mount St Mary’s Church 1851-2000 (Richmond Hill)                                           Patrick Gavan                                          3.50

Mount St. Mary's Schools Leeds 1853-2003                                                   Helen Kennally                                        10.00

A Goodley Herit age (History of St Aidan’s Church)                                         Barrie Pepper                                          6.00

Steps Along the Way – A History of the Church and Parish of St James The Great, Woodhall   Jane Tinker                                            6.00

Leeds Parish Churc h                                                                       A Pitkin Guide                                         2.00

A Greater Wonder – History of Methodism in Barwick-in-Elmet                                Arthur Bantoft                                         2.75

Worship North and East of Leeds                                                            John Gilleghan                                         8.50

Leeds Jewry 1930 – 1939                                                                    Amanda Bergen                                          2.50

Leeds Jewry – A History of its Synagogues                                                  Murray Freedman                                        6.00

The Jewish Schools of Leeds 1880 – 1930                                                    Murray Freedman                                        6.50
Essays on Leeds and Anglo-Jewish History and Demography                                  Murray Freedman   6.00

The Leeds Church Institute – A History                                                   A Mason           9.00

St Saviour’s Church Leeds and the Ox ford Movement                                       R Yates           3.99


Title                        Author            £

The Landlord’s Tale          Barrie Pepper   6.99

Old Inns and Pubs of Leeds   Barrie Pepper   4.99


Title                                                                 Author                  £

Thomas and Elizabeth Nicholson-The Quaker Founders of Roundhay Park   N Hurworth           3.00

25 Characters in Leeds Jewish History                                 M Freedman           6.00

Walter Farquar Hook                                                   H W Dalton           2.75

An Extraordinary Man – Don Patterson, St George’s Crypt               Robin Carmichael     1.00

Benjamin Gott of Armley House Leeds                                   V ME Lovell          2.00

Mother Agnes of Leeds (Agnes Logan Stewart 1820-1886)                 Stephen Savage       4.00
Smeaton of Austhorpe                                                       R F Laurence           2.70


Title                          Author               £

Leeds Cinemas                  Robert Preedy    12.99

50 Years of Stage and Screen   Arthur Riley      9.95


Title                                                                           Author                       £

Airedale and Wharfedale Memories - Railway Memories No. 7                       Steven Chapman            9.75

Beer and Blue Buses (Samuel Ledgard)                                            Don Bat e                29.95

The Canal and River Sections of the Aire and Calder Navigation                  Mike Taylor               9.99

The History of Mann's Patent Steam Cart and Wagon Company                       John Pease               24.99

The Manchester and Leeds Railway - The Calder Valley Line                       Martin Bairstow          10.95

Canal Transport Ltd                                                             Geoff Wheat               4.60

Leeds and District Traction Engine Club 40th Anniversary Archive Phot ographs                             6.50

Leeds in the Age of the Tram                                                    Graham H E Twidale       14.99
Leeds Trans port Vol 1 1830 - 1902                                J Soper                            21.00

Leeds Trans port Vol 2 1902 – 1931                                J Soper                            35.00

Leeds Trans port Vol 3 1932 - 1953                                J. Soper                           35.00

Leeds Trans port Vol 4 1953 - 1974                                J. Soper                           35.00

Wallace Arnold                                                    Roger Davies & Stephen Barber      16.99

Video – West Riding Steam                                         Cine Rail Archive Series 2         18.95

DVD – Leeds Trams                                                 Leeds Trans port Historical Soc.   19.00


Title                                       Author                   £

Leeds Picture Map 3rd Edition               James Brown Designs   2.00

Leeds Street Atlas                          Leeds City Council    7.50

OLD O RDNANCE S URV EY MAPS                                       2.20

       Hors forth Woodside and West Park

       Cross Gates and Halton

       Chapel Allerton and Gledhow

       Wortley and Old Farnley

       Holbeck and New Wortley
   Leeds (Osmant horpe)

   Leeds Harehills, Buslingthorpe and Chapeltown

   Roundhay Park

   South Leeds

   Nort h West Leeds

   Cent ral Leeds

   Hors forth

   Kirkstall

   Meanwood

   East Leeds

   Headingley

   Morley

   Armley

   Bramley

   Hunslet

   Dewsbury

   Guiseley

   Yeadon

   Pudsey (Chapeltown and Fulneck)
       Beeston and Beeston Hill

       Bramley (North) & Rodley 1906

Large scale maps:

       Headrow

       Leeds Lower Briggate and Riverside 1847

       Leeds Stations 1863

       Town Hall and Park Square - Leeds 1847-63

One inch sheets:

* Sheet 70: Leeds, Wetherby & District 1910


Title                                                                                                      Author                           £

Yorkshire in the World                                                                                     Kenneth J Biggin              8.95

The Good, the Bad and The Ugly. An Architectural Walk through Bradford City Cent re and Littl e Germany.   Christopher Hammond           3.50

A Guide to Otley                                                                                           Christine Dean & Paul Wood    8.50

Yesterday’s Yorkshire – A Celebration of the Industrial West Riding                                        T Sutton                     17.95

Aspects of York                                                                                            Alan Whitworth                9.95

A Region at War (Video/DV D) - 60 mins                                                                     Yorkshire Film Archive       14.99
* A Region on the Move (Trans port - Video/DV D) - 55 mins                                                 Yorkshire Film Archive         14.99

* A Region at Play (Leisure - Video/DV D) - 55 mins                                                        Yorkshire Film Archive         14.99

* From Coast to Country (Video/DV D) - 55 mins                                                             Yorkshire Film Archive         14.99

* A Region Growing Up (Education - Video/ DVD) - 55 mins                                                   Yorkshire Film Archive         14.99

* These videos/dvds are produced by the Yorkshire Film Archive and presented by Richard Whiteley OBE. They are a collection o f unique films reflecting a century
of life and times in Yorkshire from the earliest days of filmmaking.


Title                                                                                     Author                   £

Four Cups to Fame 1907-08 : Hunslet’s Four Cup Winning Season                             Bryan Smith          12.95

Starting out in Local History                                                             Simon Fowler          7.95

Curious Cures of Old Yorkshire                                                            Dulcie Lewis          7.95

Surprising Lives - Beckett Street Cemetery Trail (booklet)                                Thackray Museum       1.25

Life on an Angle 3 (A Selection of Talks from BBC Radio Leeds Sunday Breakfast Show)      Barry Overend         4.95

St George’s Crypt – Entertaining Angels                                                   Ian Clayton          12.99

Searching for Surnames - A Practical Guide to their Meanings and Origins                  John Tiford          11.95

A Dictionary of Old Trades Titles and Occupations                                         Colin Walters        12.95

Haunted Leeds                                                                             Kenneth Goor          8.99

Heroes, Villains and Victims of Leeds                                                     Stephen Wade          9.99
Yes Sister, No Sister                   Jennifer Craig    9.99

Yorkshire and the History of Medicine   Malcolm Parsons   6.00