Building Support Solutions with Windows PE

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					Building Support Solutions
with Windows PE

Mark Myers
Senior Program Manager
Industry Engagement & Engineering
What Is Windows PE?
  Windows PE is a reduced version of Microsoft’s
  Windows Operating Systems
    ex. Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and soon
    Windows codenamed “Longhorn”
  Windows PE is built using a command script to
  compile the correct binaries into a customized
  version of Windows PE
  Replacement to MS-DOS and 16-bit
  dependencies. Please be aware we are ending
  the availability of MS-DOS Licensing as of
  Windows PE will become the base platform for a
  variety of Longhorn features and support solutions
What Is Windows PE
  There are 3 hardware-specific versions of
  Windows PE available as of Windows Server
  2003 SP1:
    x86 32-bit
    x86 64-bit
  Windows PE was designed for a variety of
  support-based usage scenarios
    As a base platform for computer manufacturing tests,
    diagnostics, and OS deployments
    As a base platform for computer based recovery and
    support related solutions
    As a base platform for ISV and IHV retail support
    oriented solutions
Windows Preinstallation Environment
   Windows XP Pro/2003                    Windows PE
                                        Customizable Boot
     Complete OS Solution
     Full Drivers      NTFS           Windows PE is a scaled down
      Full APIs     Full networking      copy of Windows XP or
                                              Server 2003
     Mass storage device support               It replaces
                                       MS-DOS in deployment and
      16/32-bit program support           diagnostic scenarios.
       Integrated Development
                                             Forced reboot
      Programming Frameworks            Every 24 hours of uptime
                                      .NET Framework IIS ASP.NET
        Application Services
                                      Limited Drivers NTFS
                                        MSMQ Transaction Service
           Media Services
                                       API subset Media Services
           Web Services
         File/Print Services           Hardware (x64, x86, Itanium)
                                       Distributed File Service
      Network Access Services          Mass storage device support
                                       STS RAS PKI Smart Card
     Directory/Security Services       32/64-bit program Kerberos
                                      Active Directory WMIsupport
Why Windows PE is Important
  Reduces both manufacturing and support related costs
     Eliminates dependencies on a variety of OS centric 3rd party tools (MS-
     DOS, Windows and others) thus reducing or eliminating development
     Performance increases with regard to manufacturing output (factory
     Provides for a Microsoft supported platform to build and ship PC’s and
     deployment tools within the industry
     Ensures a faster time to market due to synergy between existing 32/64 bit
     drivers and Windows software solutions (porting of Windows apps is
  Synergy between factory tools and enterprise customer deployment
  support tools (build it once, ship it internal and external)
  Works with non-MS products for OS deployment
     Ex. 3rd party PXE servers, variety of OS type deployments supported, etc
  Reduced Longhorn tools transition time and cost for OEM’s, System
  Builders, and corporations
  Provides for a variety of 3rd party retail opportunities for ISV/IHVs to
  build and ship support or OS deployment solutions
Longhorn Version of Windows PE
  Feature parity with Windows Server 2003 SP1 Windows
  PE feature sets
    WMI support for access to multiple hardware based providers and classes
    Windows based driver injection and PnP boot support
        Inject in Windows based 32/64-bit device drivers within Windows PE for reliable test and diagnostic
        Ability to flash the system BIOS and device ROM’s within Windows PE

    RAMDISK boot support for Hard Drive (HD), Compact Disc (CD),
    DVD, USB Flash Drive (UFD), and Pre-Boot eXecution
    Environment (PXE)
        Min 256MB required on boot machine
        Read only Ramdisk today
        Sub 30 second boot times possible using either network or USB Flash Drive (UFD)

    Internet Connection Firewall support
        Ensures Windows PE safe from viruses, worms, etc

    WinPE Boot support on USB Flash Devices
        Currently an OEM only feature in XP/Server 2003
        Supports sub-30 second boot times on platforms supporting USB 2.0 in core BIOS
        (IBM, Dell, and Gateway)

    Formal documentation; Application debug and Win32/64-bit APIs
    NOT supported
Longhorn Version of Windows PE (con’t)
  Additional features currently being finalized:
    Support for PnP within Windows PE with faster driver PnP due to
    new inf. parsing design
    Ramdisk support for up to 32MB of Read/Write scratch space
    File-based Write Filter support for allowing writes (registry, drivers,
    etc.) even when booted on read-only media such as CD or DVD
    Implementing a boot manager on EFI just like x86 32 and x64
    based systems (ex. boot.ini)
    Smaller default size (under 100MB) with faster boot times based
    on WIM boot support. Compressed Windows PE at 60MB
    New servicing infrastructure on par with Longhorn solution
    Additional F6 media supported (CD/DVD, UFD, and network
Partner Solutions Built on Windows PE
Business Solution Demo
Eurosoft QA+ Win32: Boot2Test
Your Key to Testing Success!

Brad Marrs, Chief Technology Officer
Sharon Richards, President Eurosoft (US)
How Eurosoft Diagnostics Work with
Microsoft WinPE
  Developed internal WinPE build
  processes to include drivers, applications, etc.
  Gained technology knowledge: RIS
    RIS boot WinPE allows total centralization and distribution of
      test image
  Special-case test issues covered:
    Serial Port / Modem / Network / Video / WMI
  Read all about Eurosoft: get your flier at back of room
  Visit for information
Time is money. Reboots Take Time
WinPE Saves Reboots!
  UFD is your key to testing success!
    Test image centralization is not a requirement
    Fast with USB 2.0 core in the BIOS
  Eurosoft Boot2Test gives the best of both test worlds
    Initial Boot into Eurosoft Pc-Check Memory Test
    Quick Reboot (no POST) into WinPE to run QA+Win32 tests
    Results linked as series: can be centralized in PC Builder
  Read all about Eurosoft: get your flier at back of room
  Visit for information
Business Solution Demo
Softthinks Windows PE Solutions

Steven Benton, Director of OEM Sales
Grant Barry, Field Application Engineer
Unattended System Deployment in WinPE

                           Windows 2003 RIS Server

              Notebook                               Desktop

                        - PXE Boot on RIS Server
                - Partition
- Create Recovery Transmit Sales Order # or Model #
                    - Test Suite to Recovery Partition
- Download Software & Win PE Download and Boot
- Disconnect from Server and Deploy Software to User Partition
- Reboot to Windows, Install S/W & run Manufacturing Test (Seal Image)
       SoftThinks WinPE Tools

              Thumb Drive

 2nd HDD                             Server
RecoveryEmail Defrag
  LANData Backup
   LAN AntivirusCreation
   Hard Partition
    System Recovery
     File Explorer
          Disk Access

                                      USB HDD
Call to Action
  Migrate all DOS-based test, diagnostic and
  manufacturing toolsets to 32- or 64-bit, including
  3rd party vendors as soon as possible
  As an OEM or System builder, ensure your BIOS
  supports USB 2.0 booting as a core supported
  If your interested in licensing Windows PE,
  please email Licwinpe @
Community Resources
  Windows Hardware & Driver Central (WHDC)
  Technical Communities
  Non-Microsoft Community Sites
  Microsoft Public Newsgroups
  Technical Chats and Webcasts
  Microsoft Blogs
Windows PE Resources
  General questions regarding the OPK: Askwdk @
  Technical Assistance during the Beta: Askwinpe @
  Licensing information for Windows PE: Licwinpe @
  Windows Pre-Installation Environment User’s Guide
  (Winpe.chm on the Windows PE CD or within the OPK)
  Preinstalling Microsoft Windows XP Using the OEM Preinstallation Kit
  Whitepapers are located at:
    Windows PE Overview Whitepaper
    Windows PE Datasheet
    Windows PE Technical Overview

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