Biodegradable Apron by nikeborome


									                          Biodegradable Apron
                          • 1.0 or 2.0 millimeter thickness
                          • Biodegrades naturally through microorganisms such as bacteria, algae, and fungi
                          • Can be recycled, composted, or mixed in with trash
                          • The following tests have been performed on the film:
                             – ASTM D5209-91 “Standard Test Method for Determining the Aerobic
                               Biodegradation of Plastic Materials in the Presence of Municipal Sewage Sludge”
                             – ASTM D5338.98 “Standard Test Method for Determining Aerobic Biodegradation
                               of Plastic Materials under Controlled Composting Conditions”
                             – ISO 14855 method “Evaluation of the Ultimate Aerobic Biodegradability and
                               Disintegration of Plastics under Controlled Composting Conditions”
                             – ASTM 5511 “Standard Test Method for Determining Anaerobic Biodegradation of
                               Plastic Materials Under High-Solids Anaerobic Digestion Conditions”
                          • Film is manufactured in the USA
                          • BPA-free and PLA-free
                          • Disposable or multiple uses
                          • 36 inches x 51 inches
                          • Long shelf life
                          • 100% Polyethylene
                          • Latex-free

                          Product Usage
                          • General purpose for the commerical and food industry
                          • Protects garments
                          • Ties in the back
                          • Available in single or multi use packs
                          • Disposable, made with eco friendly materials

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