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TAC 611


Sweets Prince, (c) lab, res 610 s Spring S~veiss Josephine, wlis Abbott Bros, bds 1629 s e Grand av S~venson Hans, finisher I11 Watch Co, res 6257:rL e n Grand av Swenson Julius, trav, bds 1015 s 6th Sv~ensonSigne, don1 912 s 4th Smettart W m R, bralieman Wab R R, res 705 s 11th Swett Wm W J r , sec The Retail AIerchants' Assn Mutual F i r e Insurance Go, res 1177 n 3d Swezey Henry, lab, res 510 n 12th Swezey John A, lab, res 224 w Aiaclison S~vezeyLucian, coachman 529 s 4th 7 Swift & Co, who1 meats, G I Colby, mngr, 301-303 e Adalns Swigert Hannah E , nurse, 1112 e Nonroe, res same Smirles Henry G, cllc Boston Store, res 631 w Monroe Switzer George H, chf clk ship dep Sec of S t office, res 1022 w Governor Smitzer George 31, elk S t Nicholas Hotel, bds same Sword Mary A (wid George W ) , bds 1007 s College Sylvester George W, painter, bds 1324 e Washington Sylvester Joseph J , res 1324 e Washington Sylvester Victor M, mngr Franli Simmons, res 1024 n 8th Symmes Thomas F , trav, res 441 m Allen Symmes Charles P, student, bds 441 ~y Allen

1'aher Wm, stndent Concordia College, bds same Tabor Anna F , bcls 1i305 Enterprise Tabor John (McClintick & Tabor), res 1305 e Enterprise Tabor Lydia B, bds 1305 e Enterprise Taborn Charles, ( c ) gdnr e s Pope av 1 n Rochester Rd Taborn Edml~ncl,(c) miner, res 1921 e Brown Taborn Hardy A. (c) n s e s Grand av 3 e Pope av Taborn Josiah, ( c ) janitor S t Ins Dept, bds 326 s 4th Taborn Louis B, clk F Simmons, res 1312 e TITashington Taborn N a r y A Mrs, (c) res 1915 e Brown Taborn Perry, ( c ) cement mkr, bds 326 s 4th Tacke Charles F, carp, res 312 s Glenwood av Tackett Jesse, lab, res 2038 e Clay Taconas Anthony. miner. bds 1503 e Pasfield




Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield


612 TAC



WHISKIES a SPECIALTY Sample Room-214 S, 5th St,


Taconas Clemence, miner, res 1503 s Pasfield Taffee Charles, driver F Elshoff, bds 1204 e Monroe Taffee John N, clk Boston Store, bds 1204 e Monroe Taggart Ethel (wid A!,va O), bds 726 e Reynolds Taggart Harriet, (c) don1 416 e Madison Tahan Thomas. cond C P & St L, bds 1101 n 10th Taintor Alva B, wks P E Taintor, res 1614 Matheny av Taintor Burgess, retired, res 702 Black av Taintor Charles E, wks P E Taintor, bds 1303 n 9th Taintor Cora D, bds 1303 n 9th Taintor Irene, student, bds 1303 n 9th Taintor Pearl E, bBpr P E Taintor, bds 1303 n 9th Taintor Phineas E, side walk contr, 2141,$ s 6th, res 1303 n 9th 'Talbott Anna R, bds 908 s 2d Talbott Benjamin F, comp E EI IIIamann, bds 830 n 5th Talbott Charles R, slsmn G A Van Duyn & C6, rnis 428 OdJ Fellows' Bldg Talbott David C, farmer, res 908 s 2d Talbott Edward H, mngr Cudahy Pkg Co, res 4221h e Monroe 1040 s 2d Talbott Edward R, trav Elev Milling Co, Talbott James D. lawyer, bds 730 w Jefferson V Talbott J e ~ n i e (wid James L ) , res 730 TV Jefferson Talbott John G, asst supt Met Life Ins Co, res 1614 s 7th Talbott Mary E. died Mch 24, 1901 Talbott Philip G, bds 730 w Jefferson Talbott Rose C, strident, bds 730 w Jefferson Talbott Susan, died J a n 23, 1901 Talbott Walter A, dairy e end Iles av, res same Talbott Wni M, foreman S Cement Co, res 424 w Miller Tall Gustav, (c) miner, res 3 W End Coal Co Row Tammany James F, janitor Union depot, res 222 n w Grand a v Tangler Carl, painter, res 1604 Matheny av Tanler Henry, horseshoer, bds 117 e TJnion Tanler John A, tmstr P Vredenbargh L Co, res 117 e Union Tanler Wm F , packer S Electric Co, bcls 117 e Union Tannahill George, res 1210 e Washington Tannahill George W, foreman, res 306 w Adams Tanner Cora E (wid John R). bds 629 s 6th Tanner Frank, watchman Sattley Mfg Co, bds 1617 s 7th Tanner John R, died May 23, 1901 Tanner J Mack, sec St Bd of Pub Charities, res 1112 s 7th Tanner Thomas F, bkpr, bds 1617 s 7th

John I. Rinaker,,,,,,Architect and Sup? .
Designs for all kinds of Buildings. Drawlngs furnished promptly.

Eloom 45, Franklin Bldg.

T l Main 1224. e.

Springield, ILL

Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield



TAY 613

Tarr John, lab, res w n Grand av 3 \v Lincoln av Tarrent Ella R, tchr Enos school, bds 333 Elliott av Tarrent Julia T, stenog R G Dunn & Co, bds 333 Elliott av Tarrent Margaret L, tchr Starne's school, bds 333 Elliott av Tarrent Mary V, wks I11 Watch Co, bds 333 Elliott av Tarrent Michael J, lab, res 333 w Elliott av Tash Thomas H, wks Sattley Mfg Co, res 920 n 9th Tate Albert, (c) miner, res 1027 e Miller Tate Frank, lab, res 710 s 10th Tatman Alexander, stone cutter, bds 1224 e Adams Tator John, lab, res 1319 e Washington Tawney Albert, eng, res 915 n 8th Taylor Ada J , (c) bds 1605 e Reynolds Taylor Adniond, (c) waiter C C Lee, bds Lee Hotel 8 TAYLOR ALEXANDER DOUGLAS, Physician, office ho~zrs to 10 a m, 2 to 4 and 7 to 8 p m, 320% S 5th, res same, Tel 562 Taylor Arthur, brakeman C P & St L, bds 123 e Adams Taylor A Louise, student, bds 1024 w Edwards Taylor Charles, miner, bds 1116 Patton av Taylor Charles A, blksmith Sattley Mfg Co, res 1415 s 11th Taylor Daniel, res 1335 n 5th Taylor Daniel H , mach, res 1815 s 9th Taylor Elizabeth, (c) res 1529 e Mason Taylor Ella Mrs, (c) res 223 e Carpenter Taylor Fannie E, clk Boston Store, bds 1335 n 5th Taylor Florence, (c) bds 1518 e Mason Taylor George (Jordan, Taylor & Co), bds 1113 s 8th Taylor George, (c) lab, bds 1607 Moffatt av Taylor George A, houseman 703 s 8th Taylor George E, miner, res 1124 Osburn av Taylor George VIT, clk W E Coal Co, bds 833 n Walnut Taylor Grace B, stenog G U Tea Co, bds 1210 e s Grand av Taylor Harriet R (wid Francis), res 113 w Monroe Taylor Harriet S, phys, bds 113 w Monroe Taylor Harry, mach I11 VI!atch Co, bds 619 e Adams Taylor Harry, (c) turnkey County Jail, res 1518 e Mason Taylor Hattie, (c) dom 107 e Allen Taylor Horaee, (c) brickmason, res 426 n 10th Taylor Isaac 13, phys 11555 s 5th, res 115 s Walnut Taylor James, bds 1000 e Miller


318 South Fifth St.
Tel. M a i n 968-

Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield

Contractor and Builder
Estimates Furnished
Office, 207 E. Capitol Ave. Telephone. 961

614 TAY



TA~LOR JAMES L, Physician, office hours 8 to 9 a m, 2 to 8 and 7 to 8 p m, 511% E; Vashington, Tel Main 1452, res 1314 N 6th, Tel Main 583 Taylor Jennie B, mlnr 517 e Washington, bds 407 s TValnut Taylor Jesse B, res 1233 n 5th Taylor John, (c) lab, res 205 n 15th Taylor, supt W E Coal Co, res 833 n TjTalnut Taylor Joseph G J r , lab, bds 833 n Walnut Taylor J Orville, prin Ridgely school, res 1164 n 3d Taylor Laura A, clk, bds 1336 n 5th Taylor Lemuel, (c) miner, res 427 w Reynolds TAYLOR LEWIS C, Physician, hours 9 to 10 a m, 2 to 4 and 7,to 8 p m, 12-15 I11 Nat'l Bank Bldg, Tel Main 231, bds . Leland Hotel Taylor Idoren A, lab, res 18 Mill ROTV Taylor Margaret, bds 1000 e Miller Taylor Martha, (c) bds 1616 s 17th Taylor Martin V, rcs 1025 n Walnut Taylor Mary L (wid James), res 1535 e Mason Taylor Mary L (wid Thomas), bds 1530 e Reynolds Taylor Nancy E (wid Wm), res 531 w Jefferson Taylor Percy L, phys 49-50 Franklin Life Bldg, res 105 w s Grand av Taylor Pleasant T , ( c ) miner, res 1721 e Icanusas Taylor Richard, mBs Culver Con Co, res 528 n 8th Taylor Robert, plnrnber, bds 121 e Adalns , Taylor Robert, (c) res 126y2 n 6th L Taylor Xosco~ (Roscoe Taylor 6i Co). res 217 s State Taylor Itoscoe & Co, (Roscoe L Taylor), grocers 1109 ~v Governor Talyor Savilla, bds 1025 n Walnut Taylor Sydney 13, pass agt C & A R R, res 103 e Adams Taylor Simeon 11, retired, res 311 s Walnut Taylor Thomas, miner, bds 1115 Patton av Taylor Thomas, miner, bds 1523 e Adams Taylor Thomas, mine insp, res 1112 Patton av Taylor Thomas J, miner, res 926 Calhoun av Taylor Thomas 11, gdnr, res s s e s Grand av 2 e Pope av Taylor Walter, (c) waiter St IVicholas Hotel Taylor Walter L, cigaumkr, bds 1428 s 14th Taylor Warren. prin DuRois school, res 1241 m Washington 1 Taylor \Nill, asqt sec Franlilil~1 Ins Co. bds 531 w Jefferson



( [lea, J, Riffer,
319 south 5th Street

Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield

JrOY ghha
1 AY '



" IMain 691 T~ .

>""'nrolean Hotel $9 Eafe E
THA 615

Ope0 all hours


Taylor Wm, bds 118 s 8th Taylor Wm, wks J N Watts, bds 222% e Washington Taylor Wni A, blksmith Sattley 3lfg Co, res 1428 s 14th Taylor Wm A, miner, bds 1124 Osburn av TayIor Wm E, bkpr S Dairy Co, bds 1335 n 5th Taylor Wm H, ell<Franklin Life Ins Co, res 1014 w Edwards 'I'aylor Wnl L, cllc MTE Coal Co, bds 833 n Walnut Taylor Winslow H, horse trainer fair grounds Teachers' Training School, Sarah L Montgomery, prin, 6th n w cor Enos av Tean Antone, lab, bds 1601 s 14th Tean Benjamin, lab, bds 1601 s j4th Teater Terence B, arks, res 1300 e Washington Tebbe August, lab, bds Ziriak Burg TECUMSEH LIFE INSURANCE CO, John C Perdue, Pres; Z T Dungan, V Pres; Frank E Dooling, Sec; Thomas \Ir Wilson, Treas; 400-404 Pierik Bldg, Tel >lain 283 (see right bottom lines) Tefft James 0, brakeman C P R. St L, res 842 11 9th Tcft George, bralier~lanI C' R R, bds 630 n 6th Telgemeier IIugo, coachman 500 s 5th Telgmann Bernard, porter S 1Tospital Tr school Ternmes Adelaide (wid Joseph), res 707 s 15th Temple George 34, clk J C Temple, bds 1635 e Carpenter Temple James C, grocer 1635 e Carpenter, res same Terry Charles TV, blrpr lllerchants Oil Co, hds 308 n 5th Terry Charles W, porter Reinboth & Poland Terry Gilbert L, fireinan Eng Co No 6, res 1617 s 9th Terry James A. (c) barber C: C Hinton, res 1226 e Mason Terry James B, slsmn Singer Nnfg Co, rms 415 n 5th Terry John L, piano tuner 926 11 3d. res same Terry Mary, (c) dom 227 e Jackson Terry Roe JI, (c) hostler, res 1724 e Ada~ns Terry TVm P, res 1515 s 6th Teseil John, miner, bds 1025 n 14th Teubner John, nlaltster, res 318 -\v Calhourl av Teufel i\Iary A (wid Christopher F ) , res 913 e Carpenter Thacher Charles 13, trav, rms 112 c Charles Thacher Clara (wid Ralph), slnstrs, res 400 n 5th Thacker Leonard, lab Sattley hlfg Co, btls 1530 s 7th Thain Ethel I?, bds 221 n IV Grand av Thain Ross H. lab, hds 221 n -\rTGrand av

PlERlK BLDC. 1 6 S. 6th Tel. 382 1



Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield


SPRIIGPIBLD GITY in January and July of eaoh year. SAYINGS AND LOAH A SSOCIATIOI Three Plans. Stock for Sale
Loans in force January 1, 1900, $160;000. Marine Bank Building. Tel. 335. Gzo J. BARRETI. Bec.

6 1 6 THh




Thani Wm H, stone cutter, res 221 n w Grand av Thalley James F M, student Concordia College, bds same Thalley Jones P, coachman 618 s 6th Thally Lucius, student Concordia College, bds same Thannen Joseph E, bartndr Carl IIolz, res 1600 s Spring Thaxton Jacob I!,lab, res n s Rochester Rd 3 e McCreery av Thayer Archibald F, died April 15, 1902 Thayer Edward R ( J Thayer & Co), bds Leland Hotel Thayer Elizabeth D (wid Wm P ) , bds 818 w Edwards Thayer Erastus W, died May 3, 1902 THAYER J & CO (Edward R Thayer), Dry Goods, 520 E Adams, Tel Main 1683 Thayer Martin R, eng, res 508 s Walnut THAYER MAUDE, Asst Librarian I11 State Library, bds 508 d Walnut 1 Thayer 1 Russel Jf, civ eng C P & St L Ry, bds 508 s Walnut Thayer Sophia (wid A F ) , res 214 w Reynolds Thayer TVm P, trav, res 619 s 7th Theil Alberta, dom 450 w Canedy Theilken Bernard D, miner, res 1327 s Walnut Theilken Gerhard, painter, res 726 n 2d Theisen Charles J, mach, bds 1128 e Laurel Theisen Frank J r , miner, bds 1128 e Laurel Theisen Frank J, lab, res 1128 e Laurel Theisen John, miner, res 1836 s 11th Theisen Joseph N, tinner, bds 1128 e Laurel Theiss Benjamin, miller Elev Milling Co, bds Western Hotel Thiell Alberta 11, bds 1515 s 1st Thiell Casper L, plasterer, res 1515 s 1st Thiell Mabel L, bds 1515 s 1st Thimmig Anna M, dom 612 n 5th Third Presbyterian Church, Rev James E Rogers, pastor, 7th s e cor Bergen Thissi Magdeline, res 1412 e Capitol av Thoemies Peter, miner, res 1114 s 12th Tholle Gordon, (c) porter 1227 s 6th Thoma Albert C, saloon 2136 n 8th) res same Thoma Anna (wid Louis), res 1175 n 9th Thoma Anna V, wks I11 MTatch Co, bds 1175 n 9th Thoma Charles El student, bds 2119 n 9th Thoma Frances S, tchr. bds 929 n 5th Thoma Frank, farmer, res s s 1~Jefferson 9 w Amos av


&.. ;


Telephone Main 2474

320 S. 5th St.

Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield

ESTATE Edwin A, Wilson REALand Insurance. BANK BUILDING, Loans

Tel. 335


THO 617


Thoina George, clk Reisch & Thoma, bds 929 n 5th Thoma Henry (Reisch & Thoma), res 929 n 5th Thonla Henry A, clk Reisch & Thoma, bds 929 n 5th THOMA HUGO, Saloon and Pool, 424 E Monroe, Tel Green 145, res 2119 N 9th, Tel Brown 1251 Thorna Hugo J r , student, bds 2119 n 9th Thoma John, miner, res 1120 n 1st Thonia Rose, tirner I11 Watch Co,bds 1175 n 9th Thomas Alfred G, brakeman Wab R R, res 1124 e Pine Thomas Amarilla, clk Boston Store, bds 509 w Allen Thomas Andrew, wks C P & S t L, res 1610 e Adams l'homas Belle Mrs, dom 429 n 5th Thomas Bert P, lab, res 744 s College Thomas Charles, car inspr I C R R, res 1501 e Reynolds Thomas Charles, (c) lab, bds 340 n 13th Thomas Charles, (c) lab, bds 1228 e Mason Thomas Clement, carp, res 714 s 15th Thomas Even, miner, bds 529 w Miller Thomas Green, (c) miner, res 1716 e Cook l'homas Hugh, res 1127 e Jefferson Thomas Jemima D (wid J D), bds 103 n Walnut Thomas Jessie H, trav, bas 217 IV Jackson Thomas John, car rep C P & S t L Thomas John, miner, bds 1714 e Stuart Thomas John M, (c) driver G F Bisch, res 1228 e Mason Thomas Mary J, smstrs Hal1 & Herrick, bds 1716 e Cook Thomas Oakey, ( c j lab, bds 10 W End Coal Co Row 'rhomas Rosa, folder H W Rokker Co, bds 1 1w Jefferson 1 Thomas Roscoe, (c) porter VIT J Pogarty, bds 716 n 7th 1 Thomas Rosetta (wid Carl Ii), res 1 1w Jefferson Thomas Walter, (c) cook S Ii Willis, res 1330 e Adams Thomas Wm, bds 1610 e Adams 'I'homas Wnl A, ( c ) miner, res 2044 e Stuart Thomas Wm W, florist, res 509 w Allen Thomason Albert E, miner, bds 800 Ridgely av Thomason Edith M,wks I11 Watch Co, bds 800 Ridgely av Thomason Wrn, lab, res 317 s Glenwood av Thompson Ada, bds 912 s 4th Thompson Albert R, tilerman E n g Co No 1, res 436 Canedy Thompson Arthur E, boilermkr Wab shops, bds 727 s 8th Thompson Austin H, contr 116 s Glenwood av, res same Thompson Benjamin F, lab Sattley Mfg Co, res 1706 s 8th


nankDoolingj I~sura~ee bans and
402-404 PlERlK BLDG
Insure in Good Companies, and see that your Policies read correctly.

Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield

'Il!John Bressier Co
618 THO

Headquarters fer

rCor. 6th and Adams St.




Thompson Bessie, bds Thompson Hotel Thompson Caleb E, lab, rcs 1503 s 10th Thompsoil Caroline A, dressnlkr 847 s Spring, bds same Thonipspn Charles, carp, res 847 s Spring Thompson Charles I), student Concordia College, bds same 'I'hompson Clara, student, bds 401 s Glenwood av Thompson Edgar A, carp, res 320 Cox Thonlpson Edward, wks, bds 1120 Sangamon av Thompson Edward, lab Sattley Mfg Co, bds 230 w Adams Thompson Ella, res 1012 e Mason Thon~psonElla Mrs (wid Xelson), res 431?4 e Jefferson Thompson Ernest, lab, bds 1011 e Adams , Thompson Fearing S, carp, res 126 n w Grand av Thompson Frank, mldr Capitol Foundry Thompson Frank (2, diecl May 24, 1900 Thoinpson P r a n k F , carp, res 921 n Klein Thompson F 14, carp, bds S t Charles Hotel Thompson Freeman, miner, res 1919 s 10th Thonlpson George A, carp, res 134 n w Grand av Grand av Thompson Zannah I, bcls 134 n 1%~ Thonipson Harriet C, bcls 1204 e Monroe Thoinpson H a r r y M, lab Sattley A4fg Co, bds 1701 e Jacl\-son THOMPSON HOTEL, T A Thonipson, Propr. 228 N 7th V TI-~on~pson Jacob C:, 2d asst supt pub inst, rnlr 406 s 5th Thompson Janles R , carp, res 921 s 17th Thompson Jane l l r s , bds 401 s Glen~voodav Thonipson John TIy, carp, res 1000 s 16th Thompson John \V, lab, licls 224 Calhoun av THOMPSON JOSEPH S, Pension Attorney and Claiin Agent and Sotary Public, 221?4 S Xth, rcs 50855 E Adains Thonlpson J Edvard, ( c ) grocer 806 e \yashington, res 1125 s 12th Thompson Katie, dressmkr, bds 401 s Glenlvood av Thompson Liz&, elk Johnston-EIi~tcher bds 1028 s 13th Co, Thonlpson Lonreana C, dialer I11 \TTatch Co, bds 1201 e 3lonroe Thompson Lucretia, (c) res 919 e Carpenter 'rhompson l\larshail, ( c ) lab, res m s TVheelcr av bet Clay and Kansas Thompson IIary, dom 801 s 7th Tllompsoli 3lason \IT, expressmn, res 628 n 13th Thompson llinnie, s n ~ s t r s IIall & Herrick, bds 847 s Spring


Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield

Tel, Main 1033,

208 S. Sixth St,
- -


THK. 619

Thompson 3lyra Mrs, notary public 221% s 5th, res 50854 e Adams Thompson Nancy B, (c) cook, bds 721 s e Grand av Thompson Neal, miner D B Coal Co Thompson N Rarrett, trav, res 219 w Cook Thompson Stephen, bds 134 n w Grand av Thompson Severt, carp, res 401 s Glen~voodav Thompson Theodore. wlis Ill Watch Co, res 1113 n 10th Thompson Thomas J , tmstr, res 1120 Sangainon av Thompson Thos R, ( c ) elk J E Thompson, bds 919 e Carpenter Thompson Thomas T, cashier Wab R R, res 400 s Glenwood av Thornpson Walter, clk, rlns 430 w Jefferson Thompson W M, carp, res 1601 e Lawrence av Thompson Wm, ( c ) lab, res 1314 e Carpenter Thompson Wni, lab, bds w s n Lincoln av 3 n of Jefferson Thompson TVm A, prop Thompson Hotel, res 226 n 7th Thompson Wrn E , carp, res e s Cantrall Rd 2 n Oak Ridge av Thompson W m J , carp, res 728 s 14th Thompson Win R, dairy Ash r, e cor 15th, res same Thoinson Marieanne, bds 1144 w Monroe Thomson Samuel I , nlaeh Wab shops, res 917 s 9th Thomson Wm, trav, bcls 1144 IV Monroe Thorine John I,, lab, res 1427 Ledlie av THORNBERRY GALLIE B, Merchant Tailor, 506 E llonroe, res 1225 N 5th Thornburgh John W, tmstr, res !409 s College Thornton F E. wks S Transfer Co Thornton Green, ( c ) miner, res 6 \ E n d Coal Co Row V Thornton Quince, miner, bds 539 Amos av Thornton Warren, ( c ) lab, res 433 s Douglas av Thorp Thomas, gdnr, res w s Peoria RLI 7 n fair grounds Thorp Robert. miner. res 709 n 7th Thrasher Albert, trnstr, bds 430 n 10th Thrasher Leo E , lab, res 1103 s 17th Thra~vlE d ~ ~ l a r rrs 209 s State d, Thraml Elizabeth hlrs, hds 209 s State T h r a ~ v Lula, bds 209 s State l Thrawl Alollie. bds 209 s stat^ Threde Ernest F, saloon 321-323 e IVashington, res 824 e Edwards Throckinorton Julia C, clli, bds 609 w Jefferson

T H E SANGAMON COU NTY ABSTRACT WALTER 6. COMPANY Makes Abstracts of Title for All Lands and Lots in Sangamon County




TEL. M A I N 54

Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield

~ Bain


WRCONS! I Jomes A. Davlin
~ ~ I I


623 - 625 E. Monroe
Tel Main 491

620 THR



THROCKMORTON NEVILLE I, Carp Bridge a n d ~ u i l d i n g e partment C & A Ry, res 609 w Jefferson Throckmorton Neville I J r , elk, bds 609 w Jefferson Throop Claude A, student C B College, bds 1523 n 5th Throop Stephen B, wks I11 Watch Co, res 1523 n 5th Thunderburg Thomas, lab, bds w s Cantrall Rd 2 n of Oak Ridge av Thurman Calvin, (c) bds 211 s 14th Thurman James, wks State House, bds 302 w Lawrence av Thurman Jessie, died Nov 21, 1900 l'ice Charles, coachman 624 s 2d Tice J C, bds 530 s 6th Tidwell George W, blksmith, res 1223 s 11th Tiernan James, miner, res 1701 s 15th Tiernan James A, lab S Boiler & Mfg Co, res 1004 s 16th Tiernan Margaret, bds 1701 s 15th Tiernan Mamie, bds 1701 s 15th Tiernan Michael, lab S B & M Co, bds 1701 s 15th Tiernan Robert, miner, bds 1701 s 15th Tierney Elizabeth, bds 326 s State Tierney Hugh, miner, res 1515 e Jefferson Tierney Nellie, dom 810 s 7th Tietgen Harmon W, cla C & A R R, res 404 s 9th Tiffany Lansing C, state veterinarian, res 612 s 5th TIFFANY M BERDJifi MRS, Pianaforte Tchr and Concert Pianist, 612 S 5th, res same Tiffany Mary B, bds 612 s 5th Tilbury Alice M (wid Charles N ) , bds 1025 n Walnut Tilford James J , (c) lab, res 416 n 7th Till J Prank, tailor V H Officer, bds 121 s 2d Tilley John, miner, res 1710 n 8th Tilley Jotin D, grocer 823 e Washington, res 401 s 7th Tilley Mary, bds 1710 n 8th ?'illman Charles F, carp, res 1316 e Jackson Tillman Wm, miner VCT End Coal Co Tillotson Benjamin 31, wrapper C A Gehrmann, bds 1032 s 3cl Tillotson Lillie M Mrs, smstrs, res 1032 s 3d Tilly Charles, (c) mlner, res 614 s Spring Tilton Mary C (wid Bion), res 523 Bergen Tilton M C, res 523 e Bergen Timm Gustav J , barber 426 e Jefferson, res 108 w Reynolds Timm John, tmstr, bds 405 Reynolds


323 S. 5 T H ST.
1 2 8



Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield



2 13 S. 5th St.
Tel. Main 1674
TOD 621


Timm Michael, shoemkr 205 e JefTerson, res 405 w Reynolds Timmel Anna (wid John), res 508 s 10th Timmins Charles C, wks C Lanphier J r , res 628 n 8th Tindle Alciem H, painter, bds 1603 n 8th Tindle Walter, brickmkr, res 1209 e Brown Tinker Albert, mldr Capitol Foundry, bds 913 e Capitol av Tinkle Eva E, clk Court of Honor, bds 291 e Allen T, ; Tinkle Wm T T wks S Gas I Co, res 219 e Allen Tinsley Thomas, ( c ) porter S t Charles Hotel Tinsley Thomas, lab Sattley Mfg Co Tipps Wm, lab, bds 1709 e Adams Tipton Charles H, died March 3, 1902 Tipton Clifton IJ,clk Frank Simmons, res 303 s Glenwood av ' Tipton Ethel, bds 303 s Glenwood av Tipton George TV, mach, bds 1017 n 1st Tipton John XI, printer Phillips Bros, res 1017 n 1st Titmann Harry A, cigarmkr, rms 425y2 e Washington Titmann Herman, tinner, res 218 w Jefferson Titus Alfred 11, treas The Culver Con Co, bds 307 m Vine Tobank Anthony, miner Woodside Coal Co Tober Abraham, clk John Oberman, bds 812 e Carpenter Tober Simon, pdlr, res 812 e Carpenter Tobin David, asst tkt agt I C Ry, bds 910 n 4th Tobin Frances NI Miss, elk, bds 1700 e Washington Tobin James, live stock, res 823 n 7th Tobin John, farmer, res s s w Jefferson 8 w Amos av Tobin John J , removed to Lincoln Tobin May, bds 823 n 7th Tobin Robert, eng, res 1700 e Washington Tobin Samuel A, sec The Retail Merchants' Assn, res 215 w Edwards Tobin S Chester, bds 529 s Spring Tobin Wesley, elk, res 1820 s ,6th Tocinski Stanislau, miner, res 1601 Moffatt av Todd Albert J, carp, res 1219 e Adams Todd Andrew A, wks Capitol Laundry, bds 1858 s 2d Todd Annie L 'I\Irs, res 1707 e Lawrence av Todd Edward J, lab, res 1109 e Reynolds Todd John F, (c) lab, bds 801 s e Grand av Todd John F, (c) lab, bds 1717 e Stuart Todd John H, lab, res 1700 s Pierce Todd Lillian. waitress S t Nicholas Hotel

Whisldes i

!&E&EDD!E'S J.THIBST Pro@.PABLOB -FRED. YAGER, ...115 North Sixth Street...

l Cipars

Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield


Carriages, Buggies and
622 TOD

402 404 E, Washington Bicycles T ~ I1331 .



Todd Lillie E (wid Frank), res 1900 e s Grand av Todd Lincoln F, (c) tmstr, res 1717 e Stuart Todd Smith G, lab, bds 1700 s Pierce Todd Wm, miner Jones & Adams Todd Wni, res 1015 n 6th Todd Wm (Todd & Ramstetter), res 1015 n 6th Todd & Ralnstetter (TTTnl Todd. H A Ramstctter), proprs Capital Laundry, 727 e Vashington Toland Charles, bds Windsor Hotel Tolerton Sadie, doin 1204 s 6th Toles Charles, (c) lab. res 1119 c Reynolds Tollin A El nrd wkr Sattley l l f g Co, bds 412 e 6th Tolly Charles, clk TV I1 Good, bds 1411 nlonumeilt av Toltzniann Einil, illiner, bds 1202 s 16th Toltzmann John, miner, res 1202 s 16th Toiner George H, bds TVindsor Hotel Toiner George EI, eng, res 517 s 9th Tomer Nellie Mrs, tchr C B College, bds 517 s 9th TOMLIN CHARLES W, Mngr FIome Co-operatiye Co, 330 Odd Fellows Eldg, bds 820 S W Grand av Tomlin Florence, (c) bds 1713 e Jlason 'Yomlin Walter, miner IVoodside C CO Toliilin Elisha, porter 31 TTTright,rms 817 e XTashington Tonlliilson Elizabeth El bds 945 IY Callronn av 'I'oinlinson Frances K ( ~ v i d TIT),res 1037 s College C Toinlinson Francis K, elk, bds 1037 s College To~~ilinson Frank, appr Register. bds 317 s Glenwood av Tomlinson Prank 11, lab, bds 945 w Calhoan av Tonllinson George A, rest 324 e Jefferson, rnls 414% e Washington Tonllinson Harry Dl clk C F Icuechler, hds 1037 s College Tomlinson Hugh, cook G E Huskey, rms 220 n 5th Tonllinson H R, lab Sattley 'RIfg Co, bds 724 s 8th Tomlinson James, rnis 427% e Jefferson Tolnlinson John FIT, miner, res s s nr Jefferson 3 TV of Amos av Tolnlinson Lewis, elk Wm Zoellner, bds 1037 s College Toinlinson lionis, porter 324 n 4th lonllinson Nlcholas B, steam fitter, res 945 w Calhoun a: Tongate Frederick A, mach, res 1006 s 15th I'onjcs Helen R (wid John L ) , res 725 s College Tonies Henrv E. bds 725 s College 'I'orr'irq ,Tolln"~~. contr 1033 11 4th. res same

F, M, R00SA P/umbinl, 181 fittiat, !tiam and dol Wabr Bedinl;
Dealer in Wrought Iron Pipes and Fitting.

Ice and Refrigerating Machines. Boiler Tel Engines. Eloctrio and Steam Plants. 4 2 i



42 1 E. Was hl ngton

Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield

Grass Farm Garden

SEEDSA. C. BROWWl 217 sI5th
Formerly Brown & Canfield.

Tel. 472


TEA 623

Tonjes Louise, elk, bds 725 s College Tonn Emil, student Concordia College, bds sarne Tooker N L, lab Sattley l l f g Co, bds Normandie Hotel Toole Marie, dom 314 s w Grand av Tooney Jarnes, bds 520 e JefYerson Topping John S, lab A L Ide & Sons, res 1200 e Edwards Torrance Georgia IJ, ~vks,bds 235 1 14th 1 Torre~icc Caleb R (Torrence & Torrence), res Cowden, I11 Torrence Thornton C (Torrence & Torrence), bds 523% e &Ionroc qORRENCE & TORRENCE (Caleb R and Thornton C), Lamyers, 523% E Washington Torrey Frances M, cgrmkr H L Hartman, res 1330 e Reynolds Torrey Leinuel C, appr XTabshops, bds 1105 s 13th Torrey Louis C, fireman S C Ry Co, res 1105 s 13th Torstensen Hans 13, foreman Phillips Bros, res 1500 s Walnut Torstensen I-fulda A, bds 1500 s Walnut Tottle Charles, miner, res w s 5th 2 n of Iles av Towel Frank, miner, res 1321 Ledlie av Towle Marcia, stenog See of State's office, bds 508 s 6th Townsend Clara B (wid Justus), res 521 s 7th Townsend Eli, lab, bds 1229 s 8th Torvnsend Renry G (1\1oon & Townsend), res 408 n 13th To\msenci Justns, died Dec 27, 1900 Townsencl Koxia A, dom 1515 s 6th Townsend Sarah, (c) don1 313 s Glenwood av To~onsleyCharlotte Alrs, removed to Chicago, I11 Toy Charles F', lab, res 1117 e Carpenter To~ier Caroline, bds 541 Black av Trabue Paul, electrician, bds Clark House Tracy Bridget, mks Ileland Hotel, bds same Tracy Florcnce Helen, clk Rrisch & Thoma, bds 1726 e Cook ' TRACY FRANK E, V Pqes The First National Bank, res 1101 S 6th, Tel Alain 553 TRACY FRANK W, Pres The First National Bank and Capital Electric Co, res 1131 8 6th, Tel Main 210 Tracy XT1n A, fireman C P & S t I , res 1620 Lincoln ; 'I'raqer T~onis detective, res 423 w Washington I%, Trainer Christopher C, rcs 123 s 2d Trainer John, pdlr, res 909 e Adanis Trainor Xicholas, painter R F Kinsella, res 1110 n 7th Tranq A TI, d;ed ?opt 23, 1901 ..





Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield

L O A N S M A D & AT A N Y TIME Oface open each week day from 8 21. m . 'till 6 p, m. Call tor particulars. GEO. J. BARRETT, Sec., Marine Rank Euilding. Telephone 335.

624 TRA



Trapp Henry, miner, res 1915 s 15th Trapp School, Edward Anderson, prin, e Mason n e cor k t Traub Frieda, nurse S Hospital and Tr school, bds same Traugott Abraham, rabbi B'rith Sholem Congregation, res 850 n 6th Traugott Jacob, bds 850 n 6th Traylor Edward 1, clk Wab R R, rcs 707 s TV Grand av - Traylor James B, trav G E Coe, res 1123 w Edwards Traylor J a y B, bds 1123 w Edwards Traylor Marie F, tchr, bds 1123 w Edwards Trers Wm, res 1619 s 10th Trent Elenrg, porter Leland Hotel, bds 1025 s 1st Trent "reodore C, barber, res 1020 e Adams 'Trewatha Ida llrs, cook Home for Friendless, 1300 s 7th Triangle Flats, 9th s w cor Peoria Rci Triebel Otmer 11, shoes 107 n 5th) res 1205 11 3d r' Tribe1 Otto L, bcls 1205 n 3d Trihey Anastasia G, bkpr, bds 1202 e Washington Trihey Elizabeth, bcls 1201 e Washington Trihey Michael, tinner Wab shops, res 1202 e Washington Trihey Nellie, bds 1202 e Washington Trimble Arthur, lab Sattley Mfg Co, bds 636 w Herndon Trimble Benjamin F, bartndr J P Mockler, hds 408 s l l t h Triirlble Eugene S, lab Sattleg Mfg Co, res 636 TT, I-lerndon Trimble BIaud, student, hds 636 Herndon Trjmble Minnie, student, bds 636 T-erndon Trimble Samuel E, saloon 212 s 5th, res 1459 n 4th Trimble Sarah. res 408 s l l t h Trimmer Walter, e r ~ g & A Ry, rms 118 e Washington (B) C Trinity Lutheran School, Robert Schoknecht, prin, 121 e Jefferson Troesch Angela, bds 820 s 14th Troesch John. carp, res 820 s 14th Troesch John G, tailor 107 n 4th, res same Troesch John M, boilermkr, bds 820 s 14th Troesch Mary D, bds 916 n 5th Troesch Mathias, tailor, res 916 n 5th Troesch Mathias J r , tailor S J Willett, bds 916 n 5th Troesch Peter, tailor V H Officer, res 113 w 'Mason Troeschier Wm, tailor J K Payton, bds Barnes Hotel Trost Annie, bds 1700 e Cook Trclst Charles, police, bds 1700 e Cook


Household Ooode Moved

anti store*


80. I Telm Main

State St. 601


Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield




$480 LOT
Tit0 625


H A RCO. N /I 6 MO


EDWI N A. WILSON, Resident Agent, Marine Bank Bldg,


'Frost Elizabclh Jl, bds 1700 e Coolc Trost IIenry, cliecl May 1, 1901 Trost Johanna (11 icl EIenry), rCr 1700 e Cook Trost Louise, bcls 1700 e Cook Trost Minnie. el!<, bds 1700 e Cook Trotter Alice U, elk, bdr 503 m Jef'crson 'hotter Bessie C, stenog, bds 303 w Jefferson 1 Trotter Clara A, tchr Pall~lerschool, bds 403 1 1st Trotter Franlc J , printer, bds 503 m Jeflerson Trotter George 1, nlldr, b ~ i s ' 503 TT, Jefferson Troltcr George \IT, grocer 224 TT Jefferson, yes 503 same Trotter John R,retired, rcs 1154 n 8th Trotter John K, harnessmlrr, res 405 n 1st Trotter John E , jeweler I11 TYatch Co, bds 503 \r Jefferson Trotter T~ouiseS, dressm1i1-, bds 503 TV Jefferson Trotter N a r y D, dresslnkr 508-310 e Xdanls, bds 405 n 1st Trotter i\I Elizabeth, bds 5G3 IT Jefferson T~notterSnsan. student, bds 50:3 IT .Jefferson Trotter JIT:n E , tailor S J T\Tillctt, btls 405 1 1st 1 Trout Benjamin, lab, bds 110211 13th Trolit Jennie, hds 1102 n l 3 l h Tront Joseph, liorsesllorr C R .Tor!clu, bds 1015 e Jliller Tront Aiary J (wid ISenjamin), 1.e~ 1102 n 13th 'Front ;\lortlicia, heater, bds 1102 n 13th Tront Thomas d, capt chem enc Co No 2, bds 1102 n 13th 'I'roxell Emma, hds 108 n TiTalnnt 'I'rosell George TIT, \17lis Sattley l l f g Co, bds 125 s Glenwood av Troxell Isaac, res 128 s Crlen~voodav Trosell Ora, bds 128 s Glennood av TROXELL ROBERT W, clli T S Troscll, btls 512 S DougY las av Troxell Roy G, rem clli The S 1 & T Co, bds 512 s Douglas av , Troxell Ruth E, bcls 105 n Walnut Troxell S w a n (wid Peter), res 108 n TIT:ilnut TROXELL WARFIELD S (TIT S Trosell & Co), res 512 8 D o ~ ~ q l a s Tel Green 923 av, Troxell 1Yn1 I-', real estate, 215 s 6th, hds 108 n TTalnnt TROXELL W S & CO (TVarfielcl S Troxell), Ins~xrance, Real Estatc and Loans 215 S 6th, Tel Alain 1254 (see bottom end) Troy John P, opr Postal Tel Cable Co, res 920 n 7th Trov JTartin. req 920 n 7th


Electrical Engineer and Contractor,

324 S. 6th S t .

'Phone main 354

Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield

F. Reisch &

Bimini Bottled Beer

626 TRO

TUN -.


Troy Afartin V, clk W &IPayne, res 801 s 15th Troy Patrick, flagman, res 1608 n 11th TROY EUROPEAN HOTEL AND RESTAURANT, Strong Brou, Proprs, 220 S 6th, Tel 11dirl 691 (see right top lines) Troy Theresa, bds 920 n 7th TruchinsBi Emma, bds 812 s 16th True Fldward, miner, bds 1806 s 5th True Thomas J. painter, res 1505 s Walnut Truitt Charles E, tinner TJTmFoster, bds 433 n 5th Trumbo \Vm (Starr & Trumbo), rcs 702 s New Truslci. Samuel, bds 1705 e Adarns Trutter Clara 31, bds 109 e JefTerson TRUTTER COAL CO, Joseph Tratter, Pres and Gen'l IIngr, - Joseph G Trutter, Sec; Coal Miners and Shippers, 103 E Jefferscn, Tel Main 324 Trutter Eleanor B, bds 109 e Jefferson Trutter Joseph, sup pres the Itoyal Circle and pres and gen'l mngr Trutter Coal Co, res IpB e Jeflerson Trutter Joseph G, sec Trutter Coal Co, bds 109 e Jefferson Trutter Theresa 34 (wid Edward), bds 109 e Jefferson Tuck Jos W, finisher Spfld Cement Co, res 5081/! c Jefferson Tucker Charles, res 326 w Adarns Tucker Emma, bds 326 w Adams Tucker George W, carp, bds 326 w Adams Tucker ITorace, (c) miner, res 1521 s 17th Tacker James N, carp, res 400 TY Chenery Tucker John, eondr S C lip Co, bds 326 w Adains Tucker Luther El brakeman brab R It, rcs 906 s 13th Tuclcer Robert T, (c) miner, res 1529 s 17th Tncker W m , trav, bds 209 s Walnut Tucker TJTmC, bds 1425 e Cook Tucker David, miner, res e Adams s e cor IIcCreery av Tuhy Stephen, student Concordia College, bds same Tulley Alidre~v,bllisniith, res 1820 Peoria Rd Tnlly Christopher, lab, bds 621 n e Grand av Tully Patrick, miner, res 1426 e Monroe Tully Patrick J , miner, bds 1426 e 190.nroe Reece's T~aandry,bds 1426 e lionroe Tnlly Sarah A, Tnnis Etta, ~vlcsII T Loper, bds 422 \j7 Adams Tnnney Geo J, horseshoer Pillo & Kenneth, res 438 w Reynolds Tunney James J, saloon 1431 e Adams, res same Tunnev John, miner, res 534 w n Grand av



Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield



TUR 627





Tunney Nellie, bds 1431 e Adams Tunitall John H, plasterer, rcs 1434 Jlonume& av Tuday Efie (wid Oscar), cik St Bd of Prdns, rms 307 9 5th Turley Fannie A, launcl, bds 609 s 12th Turley Frances C, phys, 404 Myers bldg, bds 628 e Capitol av Turley Francis, wks Reece's Laundry, bds 609 s 12th Turley Jesse D, driver Vogt Dry Goods Co, bds 609 s 12th Turley Louise, lannd, bds 609 s 12th Tnrley Mattie M, bds 609 s 12th Turley Thomas J , lab, res 609 s 12th Turner Alfred W, res '1137 n 9th Turner Anna Mrs,, res 1127 Division Turner Anne (wid Albert), bds 615 s Douglas av Turner Archa J, carp, bds 922 s 14th Turner Arthur, lab, bds 1127 Division Turner Bertha, bds 919 s 13th TURNER CHARLES B, Gen Sec Y 19 C A, res 104 W Charles \ Turner Cicero T, lab, res 1014 s 14th Turner Clarence, hostler, bds 1127 Division Turner Edward, carp, res 1813 e Capitol av TURNER EDWIN H, Fire Insurance and Rental Agent, 506 E Monroe, res 1308 s $lenwood av Turner Ethel M, student, bds 104 w Charles Turner Frances E (wid Albert), res 703 s 7th


Turner Hall 112 s 3d Turner Harvey, miner, bds 1813 e Capitol av 'l'urner IIarvey 11, bds 1236 e Stuart Turner miner, res 1603 s 11th Turner Henry M, res 1103 s 16th Turner James M, wks Starr & 'I'rumbo, bds 826 e Capitol av Turner Logan C, loc eng Rep I & S Co, res 1143 Reservoir Turner May, dom 1035 s 2d Turner Nettie, died Oct, 14, 1901 Turner Pinkney L Rev, retired, res 330 s State Turner Robert, lab, bds 2013 Peoria Rd Turner Sarah, bds 1737 e Reynolds Turner Wm C!, lab Wab R R, res 1236 e Stuart Turner Wm P, tmstr, res 919 s 13th Tilrney Julia P (wid Esket E ) , bds 919 w Jefferson

Patents, Cgpyrights,

Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield


628 TUit



WHISKIES a SPECIALTY Sample R o o r n ~ 2 i 4 5th St, S,


Turnrerein Band and 01-cF~stra, s 3d 112 Turpin Katie. ( c ) rms 1208 s 14th Tuttle Edward, elk Reliance TCRCo, 1x1~- TT \\lillialns 526 Tuttle George, carp, res 421 ~v Cancdy Tuttle Hermarl H, phys, 17-18 I11 Xat'l Banlr hldg, tel main 668, bds S t Nicholas Hotel Tuttle J a n e Alrs, res 526 IT IVillianis TWENTIETH CENTURY PHARMACY, Clarlcion & Mitchell, Proprs, 5th S I T L Cor illonroe TWENTIETH CENTURY RESTAUEANT, AIilton TIumpert, I'ropr, 113 N 5th, Tel Qreen 122 , Twig=; Anna C (wid Ohediali), res 1326 1 6th 1 Twigg ilnnie, bds 1521 llatheny nv Twigg Charles, mi~ier,bds 1521 ~ I n t h e n yav Tmigg ETerman. miner, bds 1521 RZatlleliy av Twigg Louisa (mid Henry ) , res 1521 RIatlreng av Twigg Max, miner, bds 1521 Rlntheny av Tmyman Arthur, clk, rn1s 404?4 e Adamr 4 T ~ v y m a nHenry P, cllc, bds 122.5 n 8th T\vyinan Irene, stenog Sattley nlfg Co, bcls 122,j 1 St11 1 Twyman Salnnel H, solr J F Cadwalladc~a.Dist -1o.t So Ill Northwestern A I u t ~ ~ Ilife I n s t o , res 1225 n 8th al Tyler Frances, ( c ) doill. 713 11 41h Tynan Jolin, tmstr, res 3035 s 3d Tynan Jolin J r . tltlsts, bds 1035 s 3d Tyson Albert, lab Sattley Rlfg Co, res 816 e Vine

ULRICH A LOUIS ( E R Ulrich & Sons), res 1227 S 'ith, Tel Main 299 Ulrich Charles, res 813 s Gth ULRICH CHARLES M ( E fi Ulrich & Sons), res S i S s 6th, Tel Main 260 TJlrich Edward R, bds 813 s 6th ULRICH EDWARD R JR (E R Ulrich & Sons), res 517 S 'ith, Tel Main 327 ULRICH E R & SONS (Edward R J r , A T.onis ant1 Charles 11)) Grain RTcrchants 41-43 I 1 Xat'l Bank Bldg (6th floor); 1 Tel Main 304 (see front cover)


Y. M. C. A. Bullding. Cor. Flfth and Capltol Avenue.

Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield

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