IL Springield 1902 n by DonKrieger


Historic Directories Letter by Letter in separate volumes

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									G m . 8, O o n n r ~ ~Prer. r, Authorized Ca~ital$10.000,000 Aeeete Jan. 1,-1900, ~ 2 0 0 . 0 0 0

Marine Bank Bldg. Telephone 335.

456 NAG



Nagal Henry, lab S p Mattress Co, res 432 w Herndoil Nagel Lisette. treas S Hospital and Tr school, bds same NAIL0 SKIRT AND WAIST PARLOR, Olian Bros, Proprs, 213 S 5th, Tel Main 1421 Nancarrow Nathaniel, retired, res 1009 e s Grand av Kance Fannie 19 (wid Zachariah), furn rlns 122 e Washington; res same Naney Dariiel, rnls 115 e Jefferson Napier Theodore R, (c) barber, bds 1008 e ?Ifason Naramore C Ernest, trav F ITiedlocher, res 917 n 8th Narainore Nancy (wid Chauncey), res 1 O O 1 n 1st Nash L, grinder Sattley Mfg Co, bds 1318 Loveland av Nash Martin, condr Wab R R, res 816 s 9th Nash Richard S, cond C P & S t L, res 825 n 8th Nash Susan, (c) bds 213 w Washington Il-asrnith A M, h~mberman, bds S t Charles Hotel Nason TVm H, finisher I11 Watch Co, bds 1147 n 5th Nass Charles A, mach, res 519 Bergen Sation Charles (Ferguson & Nation), res 1711 e Carpenter Nation George W, lab, res 2125 e Brown Nation Raas, plumber, bds 223 s 3d Nation Howard G, elk, bds 1711 e Carpenter Kation John E, lab, res 2002 s Kansas Nation John J , blksmith Sattley Mfg Co, res 1403 s 10th Nation Walter R, lab Wab R R, bds 1104 s 10th Nations Charles, elk W H Good, bds 1218 n 8th Nations Wm, fireman, res 1218 n 8th National Biscuit Co, E S Collette, Mngr, 922 e Cass National Cash Register Co, Charles Forgey agt, 504 e illonroe National Loan Co (W H McConnell), 6311h e Adams NATTERMANN JOHN J, Propr Farmers' Exchange Saloon 400 E Adams, Tel Main 1044, res 1821 S 6th Naughton Edward, miner, bds 5 Starne's Sta Naylor Abner, (c) watchman Leland Hotel, res 830 s 3d Naylor Artbur, (c) porter Tieland IIotel, bds 830 s 3d Naylor George W, clk .Jacob Reichstein, res 21514 n 5th -


' JOHN G. LANPHIER, Jr. Telephone INSURANCE 2 Main 2474 320 S.5th St.

Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield

ESTATE Edwin A, Wilson REALand Insurance, Las on
j ,



NEE 457


a ,

Naylor Mabel, bds 215y2 n 5th Naylor Margaret (wid Wm), res 621 n 3d Nead Javan G, nlach Sattley Mfg Co, bds 1119 s 14th Neal (see also Neill) Neal Albert A , asst supt Capitol Rldg, res 325 IT Jackson T Neal Alexander, lab, res 713 n 10th Keal Arthur M, tmstr, res 1313 s Walnut heal Charles N, dental asst G C C a r r ~ t h e ~bds 750 11 4th s, Xea1 Harry, (c) wks L B Brandon, bds 729 s 18th Neal James F, (c) lab, res 801 s e Grand av Neal John, tmstr, res 1228 Madison Neal John, steam fitter, res 1123 n 3d Neal John R, elk Myers Bros, res 750 n 4th Neal John R J r , elk J F Booth, bds 750 n 4th Neal Joseph. police State House, res 821 s Feldkalnp av Neal Lena 11, res 1212 e Washington Neal Lewis F , elk E F Hartnlann Co, bds 750 n 4th Neal Margaret Mrs, (c) dom, res 721 s e Grand av Neal Nettie Mrs, (c) dom 1005 s 6th Neal Oliver, miner, bds 1645 e n Grand av Neal Richard, miner, bds 1645 e n Grand av Neal Robert L, elk, bds 750 n 4th Neal Soame B, appr, bds 409 s New Neal Wm, died Feb 20, 1901 Neale Elmer, miner, bds 1027 n 15th Neale Heber, miner, res 1614 e n Grand av Neale John, miner, res 1027 n 15th Nealon Catherine, wks S Woolen Mills, bds 909 s 3d Nealon Frank R, hlpr Wab shops, res 830 s 13th Nealon James T, carp John Sinie, bds 909 s 3d Nealon Mary J Mrs, res 909 s 3d Nebjnger Alexander, pres The Xebinger L Co, res 822 1 6th 1 Nebinger Leather Co The, Alexander Kebinger, pres, leather and findings, 209 n 5th Xehinger Susan L, stenog, bds 822 n 6th Needham Edward, fireman C & A Ry, bds 126 Union Neef (see also Neff) Neef Alfred, clk Emil Keef, bds 502 s TT7alnnt Neef Clara, bds 919 e Reynolds


Opens New Series March 1st and September lst, each year.

+ Homestead Ass'n


Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield

458 NI3E



Seef Caroline, bds 502 s JTalnut Secf Della, bcls 202 s Spring Xeef Elizabeth (117id John), res 348 n Reynolds . Keef Emil, licluors 509 e -lIon~oe,res 502 s \lTalnut Keef Francis J, student, bds 502 s JITalnut Keef Frank ( F Neef & Bro), res 309 IT Edwards Seef Fraiik I\', clk A A Little, bds 1157 n 1st I Seef E'rederick E, student, bcis 502 s TlTalnut NEEF F & BBO (Franli and Willialn), Saloon a i d IlTholesale Dealers in Lenlp's S t Louis Beer, 115 X 5th, Tel Main 138 Seef Harry, electr, bds 202 s Spring Seef Jacob C, cigarmkr I1 L lIij~trnan, 305 IY Canedy res See£ 3lary A, mlnr, bds 919 e Iteynolds Keef SIary, bcis 348 TT Reynolds Seef Rlathias, saloon 231 n 5th, res 219 m Calhoun W a e l Mathias, bartndr E F Threde, res 919 e Reynolds Neef I\latthew J , saloon 1157 n lst, res sanie Neef Otto F , chef Leland Hotel, res 202 s Spring Keef TITnl (F Neef R: Bro), res 319 n 6th . Neef W1n C, clk 0 J drrnbrnrter, bas 309 n Eiln.arc1s Keer Alonzo E, driver, bds 1704 e Jaclison Keer Catherine A, flxrn rms, res 315:b s 5th Seer Daisy, cloiil 1220 e E d ~ r a ~ d s Neer David A, carp, res 1704 e Jackson Neer Harry L, niach A L IIde & Sons, bds 315Yt s 5th Xeer James, lab, res 1319 e Adanis Seer Kittie SI, bcls 3151/(2 s 5th Neer Nathan J , div pass agt B & 0 S-TV, res 118 e Washing) ton ( A Neer Oscar, wks J A Kimn~el, bcls 1319 e Aclains Neerman Augustus G, drirer U S Ex Co, res 518 n 5th Neernian Edward H, clk U S Ex Co, bds 518 n 5th Nees Clara, bds 501 s 11th NEES DENNIS, Saloon 117-119 S 7th, Tel B r o ~ ~ n res 501 113, S llth Nees Elizabeth ill, elk Frank Azzara. bds 501 s 11th h'ees Erasmus, retired, res 1621 s 11th Nees Louis, miner, bds 1621 s l l t h Neff George, lab, res e Ash s e cor Middle N~ff John A, carp. res 313 TY Miller

Mortgage Loans

NATHAN COLE Ill. Naf 1 Bank Bldg.

Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield

Tel. Main 1033.

208 S. Sixth St.

&EL 458

Keff Ricke A, wks 111 Watch Co, bds 313 TV Miller S e h e r Benjanlin F, clk, res 102 e Scarrett Neher Grace, bds 1021 s 8th ~Xeher John II ( N H a y & Co), res 1021 s 8th S e h e r Jnclson, painter TTab shops, res 1017 s 8th Keher Nelson, retired, bds 1017 s 8th Keher \\T1n J, clk. res 106 e Allen Seill (see also Kesl) Keill Frances I1 Mrs. res 521 s 7th Keill Jessie A, finisher S Electric Co, bds 521 s 7th Neilson (set. also Nelson, Nielson) Keilson David C, mratehmkr TI1 \\'atch Co, res 1154 n 7th Neilsoil Edward 13, miner, bcls 1334 n 8th Keilson Fairly T,finisher Ill TTTatch Co, bds 1334 n 8th Seilson George, miner, res 1334 n 8th Keilson George rc', miner, bds 1334 n 8th Keilson John I\', lnach opr Ill TTratch Co, bds 1:334 n 8th Seilson Marion C, student, bds 1334 n 8th Seilson \JTnl 11, inach opr S Electric Co, bds 1334 n 8th Seinkemper Rudolph H , miner, res 920 Calhonn av Yeisley E P, mach, bds 927 s 8th Kel illichael, miner, bds TV s 5th I n of Iles av Nelch Adam, contr 502 n 4th, res same Kelch Anna L, bds 502 n 4th Kelch Charles, bricklyr, bds 524 n 12th Kelch George, brlilyr, bds 502 n 4th Nelch George K, bricklyr, res 1118 n 6th Kelch H a r r y G, bkpr, bds 1007 e Jlonroe Xelch Henry (Selch, Patteson & Striffler), res 1007 e Monroe Nelch J a n e (wid J o h n ) , res 524 n 12th N\j,lch, Patteson 65 Strifller (IIenry Kelch, John O Patteson, J c h n Striffler), paving contrs, 215y2 s 5th Aielch Philip, contr 717 n 4th. res same Nelch 7TTalter A, cllc R 31 Docknm, res 1118 n 4th Kelch ?Vm, lab, bds 524 n 12th Nelch C m T, bricklyr, bds 502 n 4th V Nelson (see also Seilson, Kielson) Nelson Alice, ( c ) char Odd Fellon~s' Rldg, bds 530 TIT Canedy Nelson Arnold, elk G U Tea Co, bds 538 n 2d Nelson Charles, ( c ) bricklyr, res 909 e Carpenter



Makes Abstracts of Title for All Lands and Lots in Sangamon County B A S E M E N T ILL. N A T ' L BANK BLDG. - TEL. MAIN 54

Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield

l!~I~ih'!~ I N ~ S , Bulk CrOen 9 9
460 NEI,


JAMES A,.DMonroe St., , ~ ~ 623-621 E AVLIN



Nelson Charles L, (c) barber G C Hinton, res 411 n 12th

NELSON CHARLES S, Physician and Surgeon, hours 9 to 1 a 1
m, 2 to 4 and 7 to 8 p m, 1315; X 5th, Tel Blain 452, res

800 N 7th, Tel Main 2853 Nelson Emma, (c) dom, bds 909 e Miller Nelson Eugene, (c) lab, bds 909 e Carpenter Nelson Frank, (c) lab, bds 701 n 2'd Xelson Georgia, clk G S Connelly & Co, bds 538 n 2d Nelson Gustave P, painter, res 538 n 2d Nelson Hall, 631 e Adams Nelson Harriet B, bds 921 wT Jefferson Nelson Hattie, (c) dom 426 s 9th 'Nelson Helen 114, bkpr, bds 921 w Jefferson Nelson Henning E, res 925 w Governor Nelson Henry E, (c) lab Sangamon C Co, bds 1625 e Mason , Nelson Henry L, lab, bds 1128 e Capitol av Nelson Jane E (wid John E), res 1211 e Capitol av Nelson Johanna (wid Peter), bds 1117 s 3d Nelson John, bricklpr, res 814 e Carpenter Nelson John, slsmn L B Price Mer Co, rms 801 e Monroe Nelson Leona, (c) dom C B Overaker, bds 530 w Canedy Nelson Leonard, wks P E Taintor Nelson Louis R, clk A Eielson, res 822 s 7th Nelson Louis R, carp Bettinghaus & Son, bds 917 n Walnut Nelson Manford H, died May 11,1902 Nelson Mary (wid John), res 1211h s 7th Nelson Mary, died Oct 14, I301 Nelson Maude, (c) bds 530 w Canedy Nelson Nels (NJ Mellen & Co), res 1212 s 4th Nelson Ole, res 921 w Jefferson Nelson Ole K, cabmkr, res 621 .cv Capitol av Nelson Peter, coachman 1130 s 6th Nelson Selby E, bkpr Swift & Co, bds 207 e Adams Nelson Sigrid, maid 815 n 5th Nelson Solona, ( c ) dom 701 s Walnut Nelson Sophia, (c) doln 603 s 7th Nelson Thomas, (c) bartndr C C Lee Nelson MTm, (c) brklyr, res 530 w Canedy Nelson TTn1 C, lab, res 1128 e Capitol av Nesch Edward, lab, bds 1418 s ~o;eland av

323 S . 5 T H ST.

Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield




213s. 5thSt
Tel. Main 1674 NEU 461


Sesch Lambert, lab, res 1418 s Loveland av Nesch Wm, bds 1418 s Loveland av Nesselhauf W, foreman G & A Ry, bds 208 w Jefferson Sessler Frederick, student Concordia College, bds same Nettle Charles E, cond C P & St L, res 131 s 2d Nettle Richard, cond C & A Ry, bds 131 s 2cl Kettle Wnl A, elk G S Connelly & Co, bds 131 s 2d Nettleton Alice A, bds s s e s Grand av 3 e Pop& av Nettleton Ayine E l opr C U Tel Co, bcls Wnl Nettleton Nettleton Charles 6,bds s s e s Grand av 3 e I'ope Settleton Harry, bcls s s e s Grand av 3 e Pope av Nettleton Peter, miner, bds Wm Nettleton Nettleton Wm, gdnr, res s s e s Grand av 3 e of Pope av Neu Charles W, elk R P Herndon & Co, bds 817 s 3d 7 Neu Edwin H, elk R E Herndon & Co, bcls 817 s 3d Neu Ida K, mlnr R F Herndon & Co, bds 817 s 3d S e u Jacob, bds 433 w Adanls Neu John A, bkpr R F I-Ierndon & Co, res 128 w s Grand a u Neu John C, lab S Woolen llills, res 817 s 3d Neu Wm F, agt Prud Life Ins Co, bds 817 s 3d . Keubich Anna 31 (wid Charles), bds 710 n 7th Neubich Jacob F, pressman Phillips Bros, res 1126 s 12th Neudigate Mary E, res 709v2 e Adams Neuman (see also Newman) Neuman Barbara (wid Frederick), bds 206 s Glenwood av Seuman Edward TAT, student, bds 321 s Douglas av Neurnan Etta, dom 531 s Glenwood av Neuman Herbert, lab, bds 1729 e Monroe Neuman Jason, miner, res 1729 e Monroe Neuman John A, tinner J C Neuman, bds 321 s Douglas Xeuman John C, furnaces 304 e Monroe, res 321 s Douglas Neuman Louis, pipeman Eng Co No 2, res 415 w Canedy Neuman Lulu E l tchr, bds 321 s Douglas av Neuman Wm C, student, Concordia College, bds same Neumann Charles, wlrs W R Thompson, bds same Neumann Charles A H F, student Concordia College, bds samc Neumann George T, wks Jones Adams C Co, bds 830 s College Neumann Henry I?, bkpr, res 830 s College Neumann Otto, student Concordia College, b&s same Neurenburg Joseph, lab, res 909 e Capitol av

Preddie's lhop H~use{,,,,,~;~,:;~;~~~.


Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield


fearness and Jaddlery Mfgrs.
463 NEV

E, Washington



Nevell Annie (wid James), res 1423 e Reynolds Nevell James, lab Wab R R, bcls 1423 e Reynolds Nevell John, sec foreman Wab R R. bds 1423 e Reynolds Nevell Wm, lab, bds 1701 e Reynolds Neves Albert V, brakeman C & A R R, res 820 n 5th New (see also Neu) New Hope Baptist Church, (c) 803 e lliller NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO O N Y, W m E HendeyF son, Agency Director, L Hastings Walsh, Cashier, 300-305 Pierik Bldg, Tel Main 628 Newberry Albert, brakeman, rms 1008 s 8th Newburne IIarry W, billiards 22455 s 5th, bds 1225 s 5th Newburne John \LT, retired, res 1030 e n Grand av Newel1 Clarence W,wtchmkr I11 717 Co, bds 1000 e n Grand av Newel1 Leland B, clk R Haas Elec & J4fg Co, bds 424 s 2d Newell Martin L, reporter Appellate Court, res 424 s 2d Newell Mary E, bds 424 s 2d Newell Mason H, bds 424 s 2c1 Newell Robert A (Newel1 & Sanford), bds 728 n 2d Newell Stephen, tnlstr Wheeler Ice Co, res 114 w AIadison Newel1 & Sanford (R A Newell, E W Sanford), contrs 551 Klein Newlin Currency, student C B College, bds 1321h n 5th Newlin John, harnessmkr, res 627 IIerndon Wrwlin Kathryn, tchr D~xBoisschool, bds 925 .ic. TVashington Nen~linWm C, tchr, bds !I25 l\Tashington Newlin \JTm 8, S t Aud office, rrs 925 m TVashingtoa mes Newman (see also Neuman) Newman Lizzie, hskpr 1002 s 7th Newman Thomas T, lab, res 1701 e Capitol av Newquist Charles, mach 7Vab shops, res 727 s 9th Newquist H a r r y A, appr T a b shops, bds 727 s 9th Nenrquist John E, appr Wab shops, bds 727 s 9th Ne~vquistMay, dom. bds 727 s 9th Newquist Oscar F , boilermkr XTab shops, r r s 1003 s College Nemquist Otto F , hlpr T5Tab sbops, res 1018 s 13th Sewton Charles D, lab 'CITabshops, bds 1500 e Brown Newton James B, lab, res 1500 r Brown Xc11:ton !20hcrt. (c) niincr, rc? PnO 4 1% ? ; c ~ ~ t o rHoherf , ' ( c ) miner, b . 1 ~PO0 s 18th l h.

Dealer in Wrought Iron Pipes and Fittings Ice and Refrigerating Machines, Boiler Tel Engines, Eleotda and steam Plants. 42it

F, M, R00SA PInmbingltdiigha a ~ i ~i~ in

Waior Htatilg

42 1 E Was hington m

Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield

(Former1y Brown & Canfleld)



Tsl. 47%


Finest Flowers Plants....Bul bs.... Seeds
NIC 463



Newton Susan H, bds 1500 e Ero~vn Newton Thomas, (c) miner, bds 800 s 18th Niccolls Charles C, carp, res 1456 n 3d Niccurn Louie K, tchr, bds 1003 s 3d Nichol Robert, miner, res 1015 nTJefferson Nicholas (see also Kiccolls, Nichol, Nicholson, Nichelson, Nicoll) Nicholas Gertrude 11, stenog, bds 1731 e Edwards Nicholas John, miner, bds 1217 s 17th Wicholas Lena, spinner, bds 1731 e Edwards Nicholas Louise (wid Anthony), res 1731 e Edwards Nicholas Tm J, tinner R Matheis, bds 1731 e Edwards Nichols Amelia E Mrs, boarding 523% e Monroe, res same Nichols Charles, mach Sattley Alfg Co, res 1127 s 11th Nichols Charles B, clk N Hay & Co, res 805 n 9th Nichols Cornelius, bridge carp, bds 310 Elliott av Nichols Edna, res 728 e Aladison Nichols Ewing D, barber J I3 Parks, bds 609 s 12th Nichols Frank A, weaver, res 1220 e Monroe Nichols Frederick, barber 418 e Jefferson, res same Nichols Lottie, bds 1004 e Mason Nichols Patrick, lab, res 722 e Reynolds Nichols Richard, carp C: & A Ry, bds S t Charles Hotel NICHOLS WALTER B, RIngr Spriligfield Brokerage Co, bds 812 N 6th Nicholson Alice, trimmer B Alhright, bds 620 Ridgely av Sicholson Frank RI. lab, res 928 n 8th Nicholson George, miner, res 1911 s 8th Nicholson George R,lab, bds rear 1241 Edwards Sicholson John, miner, res 620 Ridgely av Nicholson John J r , miner, bds 620 Ridgely av Nicholson Margaret, wks I11 Watch Co, bds 928 n 8th Nicholson Sarah, bds 620 Ridgely av Niclirelson Charles, lab Dawson H & T Co, res 142 n Grand av Nickelson Henry, lab Damson I & T Co, 142 w n Grand av 3 Kickey Chas TV, bkbndr E W IIamann, bds 1429 e Capitol a!r Nickey Ernest H, appr David Odam, bds 1429 e Capitol av Nickey Grace Dug, prop Enterprise Cleaning Co, res 1730 t! Capitol av


BLANK BOOKS1Edward H, Hamann

Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield

Plans. Stock Sale in January and July of eaoh year. Loans in foroe January 1 , 1800, $160,000. Marine Bank Building. Tel. 335. GEO J. BARRIFTT, 8ec.


464 NIC


Sicliey TJTniA, evangelist, res 1429 e Capitol av Kicoll Byron I ,lab, res 921 s 14th T Sicolls C E, carp, rcs s s Washington 1T Amos av I Siectbalcl X u g ~ ~ s t n s (wid Constantine), res 521 s 12th Nielson (see also Selson) Xielson Christine Dl tchr Lincoln school, bds 817 s 9th Xiemeyer TI' H, ast supt Xet Life Ins Co, bds 1 1 w Jefferson 1 Nierhoff Bernard, miner, res 1529 s State Kierhoff Henry, bds 1529 s State Siesen Agiies S, bds 718 s State Xiesen Catherine 31, smstrs, btls 718 s State Siesen Jacob h,tailor G B Thornberry, bds 718 s State Kiesen Mae - . 718 s State 1 bcls Kiesen Marie (wid TJ71n), res 718 s State Xiles Elizabeth, don1 730 n 6th Kiles Lotus N, carrier P 0, bcls 410 s 8th Xils Strancl, miner, res 1109 Osborn av Xisius Carl N, stripper A H Schlange, bds 357 ~v Carpenter Sisius Joseph, locksmith P Nisius, bds 357 w Carpenter NISIUS PETER, Locksmith, Grinder and Umbrella Repairer 404 E Adams, res 357 W Carpenter lsee adv under classified umbrellas) Kix Frederick, driver I11 Dairy Co, bds 2131,/2 e Jefferson Nix Otis 1 , lab, res 1229 e s Grand av 1 Nixon Morris, retired, bds 1532 Lincoln Noack Berrlhard F , student Concordia College, bds same Noack Frederick J , student Concordia College, bds same Noble Wm, (c) blksmith, res 625 n 3d Il'oblett Grace 31, bds 724y2 e Monroe Noblett Roy BI, clk Noblett's Laundry, bds 724y2 e Monroe Noblett Thomas J , propr Noblett's Laundry, res 724v2 e Monroe Noblett's Laundry, Thomas J Noblett, propr, 724-726 e Monroe, tel 510 Nodine Josephine A, bds 625 w Jefferson h'odine IVm, res 625 w Jefferson Nokes Wm V, lab, res 2004 e Capitol av Nolan Anna M, clk Pfohl & Smith, bds 1408 e Jackson Nolan Charles, (c) miner, res 1029 e Mason M, Nolan Ed~vard mess Sattley Mfg Co, bds 1408 e Jackson

~ ~ ~ ; b t re,. ~ ~ ~601 l , $ main ~


1 3 So. State St. 0


Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield

H & ~ M OI N ~ A CO.


$480 LOT
KOIi 465


N ~ L

Xsndent Agent, Marine Bank Bldg,



Solan Francis E, eilgr C P & S t L, res 936 n 9th Solan Geolage, ( c ) lab, bds 1224 e 3Iason Solail Jaines, il~lclrA L Ide &. Sons, bds 436 ii 5th Xolna James, miner, bds 1631 e -1dalns Solan Jolun H, retired, ~ C 329 s State S Solan John 31, clli- J 31 Fitzgeralcl, bds 1408 c Jackson Solan JIartha (mid Thomas), bds 113 n 5th Solan Nary, (wid John), res 1631 e llclalils Solail Ylatilda, bds 221 111 Tl~ashiagton Solar1 Noses, ( c ) lab, bds 1756 Noffatt av Solall ?\'ellie E (wid Alichael), rcs 1408 e Jaclison Solall I'atricli, res 221 TV Tashington Solail Timothy, lab S C R y Co, res 1035 n 5th Solall n T n lQ, bartndr JbT X HHaGns, bds 1631 e hdams Soll August, miner, res 1139 Reservoir Soll Carl C J r , jeweler 111 TTatch Co, res 1119 e It~servoiSol1 Charles, miner, res 1145 Reservoir Sol1 Conrad, miner, res 1131 n 14th Soll Edward A, miner, bds 1145 Reservoir Soll John, miner, bds 1129 n 14th Ko!l Theaclorr, miner, res 1704 s 16th Solleii Catherine, bds 1516 e Carpenter Solleli John, baker, res 1 1 e Jefferson 11 Sollen Katherine T, bkpr G 8 Co~lnelly& Co, bds 436 n 5th Xollen 1 Lanretta, asst bkpr, bds 436 n 5th 1 Xollen Peter, lab, res 1516 e Carpenter Sollei1 Peter Jr, miner, bds 1516 e Carpenter Xonnamaker Andrew, bkpr, res 505 s Glenwood Sonilelnann August, bds Iiloxvard Hotel Konnemann Charles F , mlclr, res 1012 e Jacks011 Xnnnemanu Jacob, bds 917 e Capitol av Xon~lernannl1ary C 31rs, bds 1012 s 13th S o n o ~ n a n r l n F, coremkr, res 1510 e Lincoln I SOOII~I~I (wid John), ues 1237 n 9th Margaret Xoonan Jlatthew, janitor Odd Fellows Bldg, bcls 1237 1 9th 1 Korbirt llartin, miner, res 1834 s Pierce Xordella F r a n k G, tinstr, res 1346 11 6th Sorden Theodor(. IJ, student Concordia College. bds same Kordmeyev Annie (mid Jolin), res 1301 Peoria Ril Ycr4cct TFo~nfis tmtr KEcelc:. Ice Co. rcs 802 u 1st .J.

Electric light Fillures, Rns, Uors and Supplies
324 S, 6th St.

--ELECTRO-PLATING'Phone Main 354

Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield

1REISD L Ill!!,
'466 NOR



M~hsPilsier BWi Beer u i nr c da


Norfleet Thomas M, engr, res 1139 w Edwards Norman Anna, student, bds 1108 n 9th Norman Benjamin F , hlpr Wab shops, bds 1221 e s Grand av Norman John, lab, res 1209 e \ITashington Norman MTm, eng C P & S t L, res 1108 n 9th Norred Fenton M, trav, res 816 s 3d Norris Frederick, wks C U Tel Co, bds 307 e Monroe Norris Henry M, blksmith Sattley Mfg Co, res 1830 s 6th Norris May (wid George), res 418% e Washington Norris Lula, bds 112 n 10th Norris Wm H, miner, res 2014 e s Grand av North Alfred A, tmstr Baker & Baker, res 220 e Vine North Alice Mrs, bds 909 e Mason' North Lillie, bds 220 e Vine NORTW SIDE GREENHOUSES, David Wirth, Propr, 1101-3-5-7 ' n lst, Tel Main 688 North Wm R, trav J A Davlin, res 1522 s 5th 1 Northcott Iron Wm A, lieut gov state of Ill, res Greenville, I 1 NORTHERN MUTUAL INVESTMENT CO, J R Miller, Pres; GW filurray and J G Friedmeyer, Vice Pres; G H Craft, Sec; Benjamin Rich, Treas, 128v2 s 6th, Tel Main 1621 NORTHWESTERN LIFE & SAVINGS CO OF DES MOINES, IA, Will L Conner, Mngr ; D E Hall, Cashr, 22 to 25 I11 Nat '1 Bank Kldg, Tel Main 1854 NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL LIFE INS C of &filwaukee,'CVis, O J F Cad~vallader,Dist Agt Southern Ill, 225y2 s 6th (see adv classified Ins Cos Llfe) NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL LIFE INS C OF MILWAUKEE, O WIS, Joseph S Cantrall, Dist Agt, 205% s 6th Norton C W, lineman C U Tel Co, bds Clark House Norton Frank, houseman 500 s 6th Norton George 31, res 1054 n Rutledge Norvell Cecil A, bcis 911 s 4th Norvell D Rae, bds 911 s 4th Norville Ignatos, miner, res 204 s John Norville Joseph, miner, bds 204 s John Kovelty Candy Co, The, D A Grammar prop, 117 s 5th Xovey Jules, miner, res n s n Grand av 3 e e Grand av Nowitslie Stanley, miner, bds 1752 s 2d Nuckolls Adelia ( v i d J o h n ) , bdq 117 n State



Fu~B!yer Taxidermist

Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield



O'BR 467


Nuckolls James H, cond S C Ry, res 117 n State Nness Anna F, bkbndr, bds 619 w Washington Nuess Henry, tailor, res 619 w Washington Nuess Henry J r , sterotpyer S News, bds 619 w Washington Nuess Mary M, bds 619 w Washington Kuess Otto L, bds 619 w Washington Nuess Rose P, tchr Du Bois School, bds 619 w Washington Nuess Sophia, ladies' tailor, 410 s Spring, res same Nuess Win, bkbndr Phillips Bros, bds 619 w Washington Nugent Myles, brtndr J J Collins, bds Collins House Nunes Caroline M ((wid Wm T ) . res 931 n 9th Nulles Frank El painter, res 1107 n 3d . Kunes J Wesley, elk, bds 500 w Canedy Nunes Louis A, agt Warder, Bushnell & Glessner Co, office 417 , e Jefferson, res 500 w Canedy Kunes Louis B, wks J C Neuman, res 548 & Canedy Nunes Luella C, mlnr Boston Store, bds 931 n 9th Nunes TTm H, tmstr, bds 500 w Canedy Nusbaum Alice, bds 429 n 6th Susbaum Albert, jewelr Ill Watch Co, res 1129 e Pine Nusbaunl Benjamin, live stock, res 429 n 6th X\'~sbauin llollie Miss, bds 1129 e Pine Nusbaum Sylvia, bds 429 n 6th Kussman Laura, bds 1707 e Capitol av Russman Thomas J , lab, res 319 n 15th Nutt Mary A (wid Isaac M), res 933 s 5th Nye Ancil F , bds 124 e Washington (G) Nye Bertha M, bkpr, bds 124 e Washington ( G ) Nye Frank A, carp C A Bower, res 528 w Allen Nye Viola F (wid Marvin J ) , res 124 e Washington ( G )

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O'Banion Annie (c), res 1206 s 16th O 'Banion George ( c ) , lab, res 1705 e Stuart O'Banion Obidiah (c), miner, bds 1206 s 16th O'Berto Annie, bds 20 Starve's Sta O'Berto John, miner, Starne's C M Co, res 20 Starne's Sta O'Brien Andrew J, miner, res 608 n 13th


* DuBo'Sl
405 Pierik Bidg

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Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield

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