VISTA Project Goals 2008-09 by liuqingyan


									F. Tennessee State University/Tennessee Campus Compact VISTA Project Goals

1. List the tasks and activities AmeriCorps*VISTA member(s) and Leader(s) must perform to implement the
   strategies described in the project plan(s). These tasks and activities should logically relate to the overall
   project goals and activities you propose in Part III, Project plan for AmeriCorps*VISTA Project Applicants.
   This section will include more detail on the actual service activities, and should not include direct service
   activities. Create as many different assignment descriptions as needed for the project.

Project Goal I: Create and expand community service and service-learning infrastructure in Tennessee colleges
and universities.

List of Tasks and Activities:

       Use the Furco Rubric to assess the levels of infrastructure in all TNCC member institutions

       Promote administrative and faculty action necessary to create/approve a permanent organizational
        structure to carry out responsibilities for sustained service-learning and community service activity

       Create documents to assist the institution in framing organizational infrastructure (including such
        documents as: mission statements, vision statements, staff job descriptions, short/long-term plans or
        strategic plans and institutional goals, inter-department agreements, administrative and faculty
        responsibilities, training curriculum, etc.)

       Design service-learning curriculum materials and a system for sustained faculty training

Project Goal II: Create and expand mutually beneficial college-community partnerships that link university
resources and needs with community resources and needs
List of Tasks and Activities:

       Provide guidelines and resources that facilitate community partnership development at TNCC member

       Expand federal work study activities through member campuses

       Create and expand sustainable service programs (e.g. mentoring, tutoring, leadership training, service-
        learning, etc.) that connect higher education students with at-risk K-12 students in both in-school and
        out-of-school settings

       Provide on-line resources to support community partner development

Project Goal III: Develop training programs that will ensure sustainability of high quality service-learning on
TNCC member campuses

List of Tasks and Activities:

       Provide on-line and print resources to support faculty knowledge and skills in service-learning

       Develop and implement Faculty Service-Learning Workshops
      Provide support for sustainable faculty development on TNCC member campuses

2. List the recommended skills and qualifications that an AmeriCorps*VISTA member or Leader should have
   to successfully complete the project plan.

       The following recommended skills and qualifications apply to all member assignments.

    College degree (A.A./A.S. or B.A./B.S.) or demonstrated ability to meet requirements for service
    Strong commitment to community service, especially in at-risk communities
    Knowledge of and interest in working with youth, college students, administrators and faculty
    Motivation to contribute to various project initiatives
    Demonstrated leadership skills
    Strong organizational skills, project and multi-task management, public speaking, event planning
    Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including ability to work with diverse populations
    Computer literate (including competence in word processing, with some knowledge of excel, power
     point, and publishing programs)
    Ability to drive and access to a vehicle

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