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									    IM GOLF Tournament                                                                   IM Sports ~ Fall 2010

 REGISTER:                September 14 – 17
                          at Room 2, IM Bldg. (8am-4:30pm).

***Space is limited. Sign up early!!***

         Women (Individuals OR Teams of 3-4)
         Men        (Individuals OR Teams of 3-4)
         Fraternity (represented by 1-2 Individuals OR 1 Team of 3-4)

                   Sunday, Sept. 26 ~ All Divisions

 COST:             $ 28.00 per player, walking              Fees are non-refundable
                   at the time of entry with your PSU ID+Card. Cash or Check payable to: PENN STATE.

         TEAMS: 3 or 4 players may compete as a team.
         Your 3 best scores will determine your team's score.

         INDIVIDUALS: ALL players are competing for the Individual Championship.

         COURSE: Penn State White Golf Course - 18 hole tournament.
         Report to the Penn State Pro Shop to check in 30 minutes prior to your tee time.

         GOLF RULES: USGA rules with IM modifications and IM General Rules will govern play. Our
         Golf Tips are designed to speed up play. No Caddies or Spectators on the course.
         IM Rule: Players must pick-up their ball at +3 (triple bogey).

         ELIGIBILITY: PSU ID+Cards will be checked to verify eligibility at every IM event. Varsity Golf
         members are ineligible for Intramural Golf. Former varsity letter winners of any collegiate program
         may not participate in the same sport until one full year after receiving the letter. PGM majors are
         limited to 2 per golf team and are not eligible for individual play.

                   QUESTIONS:          INTRAMURAL OFFICE, Room 2 IM Bldg
                            Office Hours: 8:00am - 4:30pm Mon – Fri
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