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									R.L.POLK & CO.'S

Springfield City Directory.
-1 9021n e. northeast. nr, near. n s, norths~de. n m, northwest. opp: opposite. opr, operator. l? 0, nostoffice. ybotdg, photographer. pk, park. pl, p!acc. police, policenlan. phys, physician. pres, presideut. prin, princrpal. prop, proprietor. pub, publisher. R R, railroad. Ry, railway. E 31 S, railwtiy mail scrvicr. res, residence. rills, rooms. slsmn, salesman. s, south. s e, southeast. sec, secret:try. s s. southside. st, street. stenog, stenographer. supt, superintendent. s w, sonthwest tel, telephone. tel opr. telegraph operator. tchr. teacher. trav, :I@, traveling agent. treas, treasurer. vet surg, veterlhaf. surweon. v pres; vice president w Irest. nhol, wholesale. wld. w ~ d o u .

oomp, compositor. : ~ g t agent. , cond, conductor. :tppr, :~pprentice. confr, confect:oner. :ism. associ:ttion. colltr, contractor. asst, assistar~t. cor, corner. av, avenue. dr.p, deputy bartndr, bartender. d t ~ p tdrpnrtment. , hds. boards. dist, district. bet, between. dorn, domcstic bdndr, boolcbinder. e, e t ~ s t . bldg, bnildiog. rlev. opr, elevat,ur op blksmth. l,l:~cksmith erator: blk, block. eng, engineer. c:rrp, cnrpciitcr. e s, east side. car rep, c:lr r ~ l ~ & i r ~ ? r express, expressman . cgsh, c:tshier. gdnr, "ardcner. civ. cup, c i v ~engineer. l genl, gent'ral. (c), colored. Ins, In.;orance. clk, clerk. I:tb, 1:tborer. co, company. macb, machinist. cr~ll, col!ector. rnngr, manxger. coln, conin~issioner. mras, messenger. 11, north.

ABBEY ARTHUR L, Transfer and Storage 220134 E Washingtun, Tel Nail1 2101, res 307 m Vine Xhl~ey Charles A, tlnstr , L Abbey, bds 307 w Vine 4 Abbott Bras, (Samuel E , Lows E and Joseph I?) box innfrs, 926 e \T'ashington Ahhott Joseph P,(Abbott Rros) res I l l 5 e JefYerson ,kbhott Louis E (Abbott Bros), bds 927 n 8th Abbott Saniuel E , (Abbott Bras) yes 805 e Miller Xbbott Thornas 13, mBs Abbott Bros, res 814 e Enterprise Abel James C, insp S E € & P Co


Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield

GEO. 9. CONNELLY, Pres. E. A. WILSON, vice-PPOS.


Marine Bank Building-Tel. 335

40 ti1312






Abell Charles L, retired, res 1228 s 8th Abels IIenry, sec Franklin Life Ins Co, res 1006 s 2d Abels Herman, elk Franlclia Life Ins Co, bds 1006 s 2d ABSTRACT TITLE & GUARANTY CO, THE, Henry C Latham. PWS; r George Pasfield, V Pres; Edward J Chenery, D S P ~ George 13 Souther, Treas; 603 E Washington, Tel ; Rlain 80 dcadcrny of Our Lady of the Sacred IIeart, in charge of Sisters of S t Dominic, n w cor Lincoln av and Monroe Aclcernlan Alice (wid Philip J r ) res 911 s Fourth ilckernlan Artemus TV, wks J C L Ackerman, res 1144 N 4th ACKERMAN ETTA MISS, artist, 528% e Adams, bds 1500 s 6th ACKERMAN HARRY, 1lng.r People's Creciit Clothing Co, 226 s 6th, res 201 e Capitol av Ackerman Wm f1, clk E E Staley, bds 1180 n 4th Aclierman John C L, rug mnfr, s s n Grand av bet 4th and 5th, res 1180 n 4th Ackerman Philip, died Aug 7 1902 Acton Joseph, carp, bds 131 s 2d Acton Lee, carp, bds 131 s 2d Adair Margaret J, (wid Willis) bds 900 n 3d Adair Rebecca T Alrs (wid John RI), rnls 714 s 6th Adair Wm, coachman, 618 s 2d Adair TVm, trav, bds 219 w Jefferson Adams Andrew, lab, res 900 s 16th Adams Benjamin, driver Engine Co No 2, yes 521 s 12th Adams Charles, lab, res 308 Carpenter Adains Charles, brkman X'abash R R, res 1513 s 9th Adams Edward, lineman W U T Co, bds 308 n 5th Adanis Effie E, bds 1309 s 11th Adams Elizabeth, bds 900 s 16th ADAMS EXPRESS CO, J A Ready, Agt ; 216 s 5th7Tel Rlain 470 Adanis Frank, eng Wab R R, res 1426 e s Grand av Adams Grant A, brick lyr, res 217 n English av Adams Henry C, tinstr S Rlonnment Co, res 816 s Pasfield -4dams Isaac R, carp, res 913 n 7th Adams James, clk C F Kunz, bds 618 e Washington Aciams James L J r , elctr R IIaas E AInfg Co, bds Clear Lalie rd ?h mile e of city

f JOHN G,LANPHIER, Jr. Telephone IN.SURANCE:Main 2474 320 S, 5th st. '

Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield

b - :.% ~ * * ~ ~ ~ e h ~ > ; p t -.i 7" '



-8.'. "




- .'- 7-




ESTATE Edwin A, Wilson REALand Insurance, Las on


BOA 4 . 1

Aclams Janies R, fireman C P & S t L, rPs 921 e Biasox Adams John F,appr K Ahtheis, bds 900 s 16th Adalns John F, carrier P 0, res 1339 n 4th Adanls John Q, motor S C Ry, rms 1017 e Rionroe Adarns Joseph, died Aug 17, 1901 Adams Joseph J, bartndr r\' 1 3 Kranip, bds 900 s 16th Adanls Lottie IJ, bcls 313 1t7 Mason Adaius Louis 11, tmstr, res 717 e n Grand a r ddams Louise, tvks Reece's Laundry, bds 70734 e Adams Adams L, ~ r k s State EIouse Adams Ahldred, bds 705y2e Washington Adams Selson L, mach A L Ide & Sons, bds 1309 s l l t h A d a m Peter, hlpr \lTabash shops, *bds 900 s 16th 4dams Theodore, res 119 e Union Adams 1l7alter F, eng Wabash K. R, res 1430 e s Grand av Adams XTm E, mach Ill Watch Co, res 1304 n 3d Adams 11,\'m11, carp TVoodside C Co, res 1309 s l l t h Adams 11-n~J, cash R F Ilerndon & Co, res 336 n 2d Adams 1ITmJ. miner, res 1112 n 9th Adder~nannJennie, dom, 109 r llralnut Adel J Conrad, student, Concordia college, bds same Adelmann Gabriel J , carp, res 819 s 14th Adelmann Helen, dom 217 s 1st Adelsberger Mildred, student, bds 414 s Spring Adelsberper Ophelia R (mid J o h n ) , res 414 s Spring ADJUTANT GENERAL'S OFFICE, James I Smith d d j t Gen, 3 rnl 4 (first floor) State EIouse, Tel 46 Adkins see also Xtkins Adkins Alexander, ( c ) eng, Pure Ice &: Cold Storage Co, res 215 e TTnion Adkins Elizabeth hlrs, res 106 m &son Adlofl' E n d 11, stero I11 State Journal, res 1423 s College ' Aelter Anthony, miner, bds 1627 s 1st AETNA FOUNDRY & MACHINE CO, THE,Geo N Blaclr, Pres; ZTerman Pierik, V Pres; Joseph D Shaffer, Sec and Treas: John W Black, Gen'l Aingr; Engine Builders and hlachinists, 908-918 E JIonroe Agan see also Eagan Agan Eugene, lab, res 224 TV Reynolds


q P A



-- 3

Rank PIERIK Doolingj Insurance, ail l~ans
402-404 Ee


Insure in Good Companies, and see that your Policies read cor:ectly.

Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield

tCor. 6th and Adams St.
42 AGE


Agee James R, brkman, res 1027 s College ,4hI Martha, bds 1404 e Stuart -4hlmann IVnl I-I, lab, S Gas L Co, res 303 ThT Madison Ahlsted Gustave, miner, res 633 Hay Ahlsted ITelen, bds 633 Hay Ahnert AIax:P, florist, bds 923 e Carpenter Ahnert Aloritz W, pattern mkr S IRfnfg Co, res 923 e CarAhnert Selma, bds 923 e Carpenter Ahrens IIenry J r , brtndr MTm Link, bds 505 n 6th Ainsworth Elizabeth (wid L W ) , matron Lavina Beach Union Chapel and Reading room, res n e cor Sangamon av and Ainsn-orth Xary E, bds n e cor Sangamon av and 15th Akin Eclward C, res 502 s 2d Akin Edward W, res 330 n 6th Albers Minnie L, milliner Vogt Dry Goods Co, bds 1401 e ifTashington hlbers Settie, dom 527 s 4th ALBRIGHT BESSIE ()rid Irvin E ) , Milliner, 215 N 5t,h, reB same Alden Ainanda A, wks F R Coats, bds 1515 e Washington Alclen Charles IT, matchman Eng Co No 6, res 1515 e WashAlden Clarence 0, briclcmkr, bds 1515 e MTashington Alclen Elizabeth J, bds 1515 e Washington Alderson Christopher, miner. res 1 1 Osborn av 11 Alderson John C, carp, res 1417 e s Grand av dlclerson Mary (wicl George A) res 1725 s 18th illdrich Charles C, clk Henry Klaholt, res 1317 s Pasfield Aldrich Ednrard C, elk Henry Klaholt, bds 1317 s Pasfield Aldrich I r a C, bds 1317 s Pasfield Aldrich Sarah (wid Arnold), bds 541 Black av Alenganie Anglo, miner, res 1130-e Aliller Alexander Anna 31, blipr H M Griswold, rms 405 n 4th Alexancler Benjamin F , miner, res 1912 s 14th Alexander Charles, lab, bds 1716 e Stuart Alexander Chester, (c) tmstr, bds 1503 s l l t h Alexander David F , lab Wabash shops, res 913 s l l t h






Nathan Cole

Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield

208 S. Sxh St. it
Tel. Main 1033.

; p B *



- -3

ALL 43


Alexander Ferdinand, res 1019 s 1st Alexander George B, (c) brickmkr, rcs 906 s 18th Alexander Harold IT, bds 913 s l l t h Alexander Henry R, (c) elk A J Marshall bds 1503 s 11th Alexander James, (c) porter C C Lee, rm~6201/~Washington e Alexander James h1, clk G N Wiggins, res 118 n Douglas av Alexander Joseph C, (c) lab, res 1122 s Pasfield Alexander Linnie, bds 1300 e Cedar Alexander Nettie (c) dom, bdq 1122 s Pasfield Alexander Roy, del clk G K Wiggins, bds 118 n Douglas av Alexander Samuel, (c) tmstr, res 1503 s l l t h Alexander Thomas, towerman VCTab R R, bds 1141 Reservoir Alewelt Frank, miner, res 635 n 14th Alfonso Louis, hlpr Wab shops, bds 208 n 13th Alford Abraham H, brakeman C P & S t L, res 1027 n 14th Alig Chris, grocer and saloon 301 IV Carpenter, res same Alig E Mae, stenog Hal hI Smith, bds 301 w Carpenter Alig Frank, clk Chris Alig, bds 301 m Carpenter dlkire Adeline (wid Janles P ) , res 1315 n 4th ~ZllrireAlbert 11, farmer, res 1401 n Bond Arkire Annie M, stenog TTTn1H Anderson, bds 1315 n 4th -4lkire A Dwight, clB f r t dept C & A Ry, bds 1401 n Bond Alkire Gertrude R, bds 1315 n 4th illkire Julia J, bds 1315 n 4th ALKIRE LYDIA C (wid W e n ) , Furnished Rooms 320 S 2c? Flat C, res same Alliire Mabel E, tchr blcclernand school, bds 1315 n 4th Alliire Mary A, tchr, bds 1315 n 4th Alkire Mattie, bds 1315 n 4th Allcott Enlnia, res 6131,$ e Adams Allen Alexander Rev, pastor Christ Episcopal church, res 527 s Jlralnnt Allen Archibald, (c) lab, bc?s 1102 e Mason Allen Arthur, (c) lab, bds 1.109 e Jaclrson Allen Arthur W;nlach Wab shops, bds 302 s 11th Allen Bridget E, dressmkr, bds 1700 c Adarns ALLEN CALVIN C, Sole -4pt D H Baldwin & Co, Alnfrs Pianos Tel Brown 178, res 322 S 2d, and Organs, 412 E Ad~nls, Flat F





X. *Y





4 .&a



Makes Abstracts of Title for All Lands and Lots in Sangamon County B A S E M E N T ILL. N A T ' L B A N K BLDG. TEL. MAIN 4 5 i




Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield





WRiONS! % Jomes R. Duvlin

623 - 625 onroe
Tel. E. Main 491

44 ALL

R Id. P O I l K AND C 0 . j ~


Allen Dora, ic) bds 1409 e Jackson Allen Elizabeth 11, clk R F EIerndon & CO,bds 515 s 11th Allen FJlmer A, barber J C Stewart, res 1012 e Washington ALLEN EMMA F MRS, Teacher Piano, Harmony and Thorough Bass, Studio 500 Odd Fello~\rs'Bldg, res 322 S 2d, Flat F Allen Fannie V, bkpr, bds 107 e Adams Allen Frank, agt, res 537 Smith Allen Frank, driver Capital Laundry, 'res 1145 Peoria rd Allen Frank 12, (c) miner, res 1631 e Jackson Allen Franklin G, student, bds 527 s Walnut Allen Harry, (c) tirlstr ill D & Transfer Co, bds 825 e Carpenter Allen Helen L, stenog, bds 527 s Spring , Allen R ~ n r y wks Wab shops, bds 1513 s l l t h Allen Henry, tmstr, res 1125 s College Allen Henry C, tmstr, res 1500 s 18th Allen Henry 11, agt German Am Pub Co, res 107 e Adams Allen Herbert V, coll, bds 107 e Adams Allen Ida, (c) bds 1409 e Jackson Allen Isaac, lab, res 1225 e Washington ' Allen James, eng C I & S t I;, res 515 s l l t h Allen James, ( c ) porter 629 s 6th Allen Jaines 11,niach Wab shops, bds Normandie hotel ' Allen James P, elk 1 W Allen, bds 1106 s 8th Allen James T, clli Elahoff Rros, bds 515 s l l t h Allen Jarnes W, tnistr TJ S Gypsum Co, bds 927 s Pasfield Allen John C , removed to Chicago Allen John, lab, bds 1712 n 8th Allen John TV. died Apr 26, 1900 Allen John W, lab Sattley 1 Co, bds 1530 s 7th 1 Allen Jlable Miss, stenog 11 A Jones, bds 211 s Glen~voodav Allen Margaret I IIiss, stenog B H Rrainerd, bds 1106 s 8th Allen Mary E, (wid Leander) bds 409 s l l t h Allen JIaade Miss, removed to Chicago Allen ;\laurice, mach TVab shops, bds 3513 s l l t h Allen Jlollie J, res 1300 e Washington s l l e n Jliriam, bds 1000 s 8th Allen Sathan, (c) lab, res 1409 e Jackson

TEL- MAIN 1 2 %

323 S. 5 T H ST. @ @ * a

Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield



2 13 S.5th St.
Tel. Main 1674
A'L'L' 45


Allen Nellie, ( c ) bds 1701 e Capitol av Allen Norman C, hlpr Wab shops, res 1915 s 10th Allen Orlando B, slsmn M B Horn, res 939 n Klein Allen Ottie V, bds 107 e Adams Allen Patrick, saloon 631 e Washington, res 1106 s 8th Allen Itobert C, bkpr, res 120 s Lincoln av Allen Shelby C, lab, bds 1300 e Washiiigton ,411en Teresa Ii, ~17ks Watch Co, bds 515 s 11th I11 ALLEN THOMAS W, Cigars and Billiards, 224 S Sixth, bds 1106 S Eighth Allen Walter hlcC (McAnulty & Allen), master in chancery U S Circuit Court, res 151 n Douglas av Allen Zachariah T, tmstr G: S Gypsum Co, res 927 s Pasfield Allen's Hall, 631 e Washington Allewelt Anna 0, milliner C A 13owsmon, bds 123 n Lewis Ally James H, printer, rnis 41354 e Adams Allgood George, driver, res 2030 Peoria r d illlgood Janies F , miner, res 642 Calhoun av illlqood John W, res 1059 n TiTal1:ut Allgood John W J r , watchman, res 1009 n Walnut Allmann Johanna, (wid John) res 355 w Carpenter Allyn Marian, bds 838 s 5th Allyn Nelson L, blrpr Henry Klzholt, res 315 s Pasfield Almdalt Axel E, coachman 1105 s 6th , Alpers Franli, fireman I C R R, bds 1022 e Washington Alred Robert IT, lab, res 2004 e s Grand av Alsbury John W, lab, bds 450 w Allen Alsbury Sarah M, res 450 w Allen Alsenious Henry, lab, bds 1400 w Lawrence av Alspaugh Charles, fireman C P & St I , bds 800 n 7th ; Alston John I, student Concordia college, bds same Altenbaumer Charles F, mach MTab shops, bds 1304 e Pine Altenbanlner George G, appr Wab shops, bds 1304 e Pine Altenbaumer Henrich A. died Kov 2, 1901 Altenbanmcr JIary, (wid Angust) res 1304 e Pine Altenbaumer Nary E, clk Lienhart & Son, bds 1304 e I'inc Altenbaumer Rose L, wks Noblett's Laundry, bds 1304 e Pine A l t e n b m m e ~ r n , appr Wab shops, bds 1304 e Pine W Altger Lizxle, -1vks Leland hotel, bds same




FRED. J. YAGER, Prop7r.115 North Sixth Street...



Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield




SCHLIERBACHBLUCKE F,402-404 g Washington
Carriages, Buggies and Bicycles 'Tel. 1331
46 ALT



% f


9MI -





Altmansberger Rachael, don1 816 s 4th Alwelt see also All~veltand Alewelt Alwert Sophie, dom 1009 s 2d Alyea ,~acob, janitor Franklin Life Bldg, res 1014 s Spring Ambidexter Departn~mtal Institute, Rev J H IIcDaniel, Prer, (c) ; J E Thompson, Sec; Frank W Tracy, Treas; 902 S 12th Ambrose Catherine, bds 1801 e Jackson Ambrose George J , dep county elk, res 1730 e Jackson Ambrose John, miner, res 1801 e Jackson Ambrose J Sell, died Feb 5, 1901 Ambrose l'homas F , topman, bds 1801 e Jackson Ambs Charles, res 1139 n 4th Ambs John, grader S \Voolen Alills, res 121 w Madison Amedink John, miner, res 1127 e Pine American Berkshire Assn, N H Gentry, (Sedalia, 310) Pres; C F Mills, sec; Thomas Rees, a u h t o r ; DeWitt Smith. treas ; .512Y2 e Monroe AMERICAN EXPRESS CO, C &IFarao, A&; 214 S 6th. Tel - , Main 48, Depot Ofice 511 E ~ a d i s o n American Rampshiredown Sheex, Assn, F E Wakeman. (Bedford, Ia) i r e s ; Wnz H llills, sec; R J Stone (Stonington, 111) treas ; 51244 e Monroe American Home (nlinthly), American Home Circle, pnblrs, 309 Ocld Felloivs' Bldg AMERICAN HOME CIRCLE. THE. T h n - W Wilsnn P v o s . C - , - ---, - -- - s . '-..."--) Rogers, V Pres ; M B Garber, Sec : 0 J Lucas (Lathant, Ill), Treas: 209-211 Odd Fellows' Blda, Tel Main 1822 American Live Stock Assn. T \V Harvev ( ~- i c s = - 0-. --,,---p . , T11) Prrs . , h , C F Mills, Recy; DeWitt Smith, Treas; 512% e Monroe American Saddie Horse Assn. A M Rowman (Saltville, - . --. . -Va) Pres ; C F Milis, Sec ; J T Mather (Jacksonville. 111) , Treas, 512Y2 E Monroe AMERICAN SHORTHORN BREEDERS' ASS'N. Charles R Leonard (Re11 Air, No), Pres; J Frank rather (w$ liamsville, Ill), V Pres; John M Groves, Sec; B 0 r Cowan, Asst sec; D 7N Smith, Trean 218 8 F i f t h --Ames Edward A, driver Am Ex Co. rrns 809 s 8th , Amis Con E, (c) leader the old time Methodist Mission rms 804 e Washington










F, M, RO0SA Phmlilg, Oai riling, #earn P I Iwatt! !Beiting ~ ~
Ice and Refrigerating Machines Boiler Tel ~ n a i n e s Electric aria steam +]ants. ,

Dealer in Wrought Iron Pines and Fittinevr -





42 I E.Was hlngton

Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield



AND 47


-4mory James, (c) coachman 516 s 5th Amos John, granite cutter Spfld Man Co, bds Windsor Hotel Amos John M, farmer, res 217 11 Arnos av Amos John*T, lab, bds 937 s College . Amos Mattie E, wks iVoblett7s Laundry, bds 937 s College Amos Thomas, lab, res 937 s College -4inrhein Christopher, baker, 1158 n 8th, res same Amrhein Frederick, baker, res 1107 n 7th -4rnrhein Jlary, don1 321 IIerndon .Amundsen Louis H, jeweler Ill Watch Co, bds 928 e 1 Grand 1 av A 0 I Hall, 627v2 e Adams T Anderson Albert, (c) porter S E Trimble, rms 820 e TT'ashington Anderson Alberta, bds 602 nfaple av. Anderson Andrew, (c) bds 645 n 2d Anderson Anna, tailoress, bds 1208 n Bond Anderson Ann (mid John \V) res 1727 s 7th Anderson Augnstns ITT, contr, res 1113 e Carpenter Anderson Caroline nlrs, res 81.8 s 12th Anderson Charles, (c) rms 124?$ n 6th Anderson Charles, (c) janitor Odtl Fellows' Bldg, rins same, Anderson Charles, tinstr, res 1233 n 4th Anderson Christopher, yardman, 201 w Monroe -4nderson C W, died nlch 21, 1902, Anderson David, (c) miner, res 2018 Peoria rd Anderson Delia (wid Henry C), res 1303 e Jackson -4nderson Edward, prn Trapp school, res 113 n Walnut Anderson Edward A, plumber Riefler & Perkins, bds 427 IV Adams Anderson Emil, ydman, 1443 s 2d Snderson Emma, dom 628 e Capitol av John H ) , res 427 w Adams Anderson Einma ( ~ v i d Anderson Frank W, mach IVab shops, rms 1209 s 9th Anderson Frederick, bricklyr res 1710 e Brown Anderson George, lab, bds 1123 e illadison Anderson George, (c) lab, res 817 s e Grand av ANDERSON GEORGE, Merchant Tailor, 322 E washinkton, res 825 S College

Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield

Three Plans. Stock far Sale in January and July o f each year. Loans in force January 1 , 1900, $160,000. Marine Bank Building. Tel. 336. GEO J. BARHETT, Sec.


48 AND


Anderson George, tinstr, res 1016 e &Tiller i\ndersori George K, carp, bds 1129 s 12th Anderson George C, bds 633 w Monroe ANDERSON GEORGE E, Editor aiid Gen71Mngr The Springs, field S e x ~ ~ 409 E Adams, res 126 n Glenyood av, Tel 3lain 1434 Anderson George W, cond C P & S t L H R, res 904 n 12th Anderson George TV, eng Aetna F & M Co, res 521 s 9th $nderson George I , tailor G Anderson, bds 825 s College V Anderson Harmon 4, trav, bcls 1303 e Jackson Anderson Henry C, trnstr l'he I~aFayetteSmith Grocer Co, res 1000 s 17th Anderson Ida J, tailoress, bds 1208 n Bond Anderson James, carp Frederick Grhlman, res 832 n 8th H, Anderson J a n ~ r s room tndr T W Allen, bds 1303 e Jackson Anderson John, died May 4, 1901 Anderson John, died Feb 5, 1902 Anderson John, miner \TToodside C Co Anderson John, tailor F T Kuhl, bds 1208 n Bond iZnclerson John, transfer, 511 N 4th, res same Anderson John, ( c ) wks State House, res 625 n 2d Anclerson John A, coachman 1215 s 4th Anderson John C, barber, bds 1727 S 7th Anderson John T, miner, res 1409 S 5th Anderson J L, died Feb 11, 1900 Anderson Lizzie F JIrs, bds 1403 s 1st ANDERSON L SPERRY, Photographer, 511-513 E Washington, tel Green 131, res 638 TV Monroe Anderson JIahalia 32rs ( c ) , res 822 E Plliller Anclerson JIahalia A, died J a n e 17, 1901 Anderson Margaret (wid,J o h n ) , res 1511 E Jeffers,on "* Anderson Marie 13, 1~71~s Watch Co, bds 919 N IValnut I11 Anderson Nary (wid Joseph), res 1131 n 5th Anderson Mary, ( c ) dressmaker, 645 n 2d7bds same Anderson Mary E lwid George W ) , res 1310 s 8th : Anderson llatilda, clli ( S Connelly & Co, bds 1131 n 5th Anderson AIattie lliss, bds 1727 s 7th A n d e r p n May E , cllr G S Connrlly & Co, bds 1511 E Jefferson Anclerson 3Iilicent B, bds 427 w Adams


Household Goods Moved and by



I03 SO. State St. ~ ~ ~ 1a i. 601 n


Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield

HARMON 6 co.


EDWlN A. WILSON, Resident Agent, Marine Bank Bldg, -4 ND SPRINGFIELD CITY DIRECTORY. ANS 49
Anderson Nellie, wlis F R Coats, bds 1511 E Jefferson Anderson Otto P, carp Otto Redeker, res 1327 Leadlie av Anderson Peter, bds 633 Hay Anderson Peter, tailor, res 2208 n Bond Anderson Peter, lab F Reisch & Bro, res 919 n \TTalnut anderson Rachel, dom 1227 s 7th Anderson Richard, ( c ) lab, res 1313 e Jackson Anderson Sarah, bds 621 n 3d Anderson Susan W (wid James), res 1425 e Capitol av Anderson Thomas, carp, rms 122 e' Washington Bnclerson Wm, wks S Transfer Co, bds 1123 e illadison Anderson Wm (c), miner, bds 921 E Cass i *4nderson Wm, (c) miner, res 1212 e Mason ANDERSON WM H, Lawyer and Notary, 228-229 Odd Fellows' Bldg, bds 1027 S 7th . Anderson 11-m T, miner, res s s Clear Lake av 4 e of McCreery av Anderson JV E, brakeman C P & S t L, bds 413 n 6th Andrew James, brtndr R A Guynion, bds 1403 E Reynolds Andrew John, eng, res 1403 e Reynolds 12ndre~~ Kathryn, elk S E Morris, bds 1403 e Reynolds Andrews Emma A, res 634 s 5th Andrews George L, res 1102 e Mason dndrus Bert, finisher I11 Watch Co, rms 1026 n 9th Angel Lillian, clk $ E Morris, res 113 s Pasfield Angel1 Bernice S, stenog C P & St L Ry, bds 500 s Douglas Angello George E, wks State House, bds Hotel Normandie Angello Wm J , res 628% e Washington , Angier George W, clk G S Connelly & Co, bds 614 s 5th ANHEUSER-BUSCH 'BREWING ASSOCIATION, John A Heard mngr, e Carpenter, s w cor 3d, tel l\lain 177 Ank George A, electr State House, rms 408% E Adams Ankrom Dula B, res 100 w Mason Ankrom Jesse H, tmstr, rins 701 N Rutledge Ankrom J Urban, barber 214 s 6th, res 435 n 5th 4nnerl Josephine, dom 1142 n 5th Anning Herbert, stone cutter, res 1630 e Brown Ansell Alice D, music tchr, bds 105 w Allen Ansell Delia (wid James), res 1118 s 15th


$ I 0 SECURES $480 LOT


Electrical Engineer and Contractor,

324 8. 6th St.

Euo~iwo sum=LlEs 'Phone Main 364


Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield

F. Reisch & B~OS.~?~,:!'." Bimini -Bottled Beer

50 t l N S .



Ansell Jennie S, clli C A Gehrmann, bds 105 w Allen Ansell Laura, mach opr Ill Watch Co, bds 105 w Allen Ansell $1 Elizabeth, stenog Elevator Milling Co, bds 105 w A1len ANSELL OSCAR, Machinist 319 S 3d, res 109 W Allen Ansell Wm, lab S Woolen AIills, res 105 w Allen Anson Harry, tmstr S Dairy Co, bds 112 s 1st Anstice Edgar R, carp, bds 1603 e Jackson Anstice Eclmrard R, lab, res 1603 e Jackson Anthony Herbert B, (c) printer, bds 1323 Enterprise Anthony Ifark (c), barber, res 1323 Enterprise Appel Jacob M, clk State Aud office, res 1036 s 2d Apple Versa B, milliner James Furlong, bds 324 n 2d APPELLATE COURT, I V C Hippard elk, State House Arbnckle Elmer ( c ) , brtndr Wm Johnson, bds 213 vr ITTashington Arbuclile Frank (c), miner, res 1900 e Kansas Arbucl~le Ilernlan (c), lab, bds 1725 e Kansas Arbuclile Leslie (c), janitor I11 Nat Bk bldg, res 225 e Carpenter Archer America lliss, res 319 s Lincoln av Archer Isabel illrs, bds 2201 Peoria rd Archer John, retired, bds 319 s Lincoln av 1 Arhaus TV, miner Stearns C 1 Co ARION HALL, Frank Wiedlocher owner, The Arion Clab lessees, n 4th n IV cor Jefferson Arion Clab, Charles Merklin, pres ; Max Afeyer, see; Herman Staab, treas; August Diebold, steward; 325 e Jefferson Armantrout Henry, lab Sattley Jlfg Co, bds 927 s 8th -4rmbruster Emma I;, res 831 n 7th Armbrustcr Ernest F , jeweler 0 J Armbruster, bds 831 S 7th Armbruster Herman R, city electrician, bds 831 n 7th Armbruster Isabella (wid *4lphonso), res 1168 n 3d Armbruster Julius TV, trav I11 Watch Co, res 639 s TTTalnnt Armbruster Lena ill, tchr Ridgely school, bds 831 n 7th Armbruster Otto J, jeweler 105 n.5th, res 1115 n 5th Armbruster Rose T,tchr Trapp school, bds 831 n 7th ARMBRUSTER RUDOLPH H, Tents, Awnings, Afattresses and Flags, 307 S 6th, Tel Main 925, res 1237 S 5th, Tel brain 1553




Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield



ARM 51

Arrnbruster Winifred S, bds 1237 s 5th Arlnory Hall, 308 e Washington Arms C IV, lab Sattley Mfg Co Arms J T, blksmth Sattley Mfg Co Armstrong Albert H, mach A L Ide & Sons, res 1520 n 4th Armstrong Anna, bds 509 s 7th Armstrong Anne E, bds 1520 n 4th Armstrong Annie, bds 1821 s 7th Armstrong Annie T, smstrs Lang & Co, bds 1039 s Spring Arnlstrong Arnold W, wks I11 Watch Co, bds 105 e Monroe Armstrong Bros (Harry H & John D ) , tinners, 1154 n 6th Armstrong Charles A, lnngr Sangamo Club, res 827 S 5th Armstrong Edward, mach A L Ide & Sons, bds 320% s 5th Armstrong Edward R, clk Smith & Luers, res 225 w n Grand av Armstrong Elizabeth (wid James), bds 509 w Allen Arnistrong Elizabeth, tchr Trapp school, bds 609 n 4th Armstrong Ella B, bds s s TIT n Grand av 2 w of Lincoln av Armstrong, George, mach, rcs 2100 E Jackson Armstrong Harry H (Armstrong Bros), res 1520 n 4th Armstrong Ida M, bds s s w n Grand av 2 w of Lincoln av Armstrong Janzes 11, elk, res 909 n 5th Armstrong Jesse, miner, bds s s w n Grand av 2 w of Lincoln av Armstrong John, electr, res 320v2 s 5th Armstrong John, wks E Salzenstein, bds 1009 e Jefferson Armstrong John C, elecr S Electric Co, bds 1520 n 4th ,trrnstronq John D (Armstrong Bros), bds 1520 n 4th Arnlstrong John F, lawyer, 217% s 5th, res same hrnistwong John A, justice, 116% n 5th7res s s IV n Grand av 2 m of Lincoln Armstrong John H, miner, bds s s w n Grand av 2 m of Lincoln av Armstrong Roy D, finisher S Electric Co, bds 1520 n 4th Srnlstrong Thomas (Armstrong & Lauer), res 609 n 4th Armstrong Thomas S, wks State House, res 105 w Monroe ARMSTRONG WILBUR P, Physician and Surgeon, 532 E Capitol av, tel Main 643, res 824 s Gth, tel Main 687 Srmstrong Wm, \vBs E Salzenstein, res 1009 e Jefferson

405 Pierik Bldga )IDrawings, Blue Prints, Etc,

Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield


ARMSTRONG & U U E R (Thomas Armstrong and Henry J C
Lauer), Wall Paper and Paints, 407 E Adams, Tel Main 496 A m Frank L, lab, res 1026 e Jefferson A m Nellie, bds 1026 e Jefferson Arndt Theodore, student Concordia College, bds same Arnold Alfred V, carrier P 0 R F D, res 602 w Jefferson -4rnolcl A L, mach Sattley M Co, bds 901 e Capitol av drnold Charles D, bds Clark house Arcold Ella M, carrier P O R F D, bd&602 w Jefferson Arnold Emil J-, carp, res 1536 Lincoln Arnold Finley C, lab, bds 1618 s 17th Arnold George, carp, res 1629 e Washington Arnold George, wks S Matt Co, bds 614 w Calhoun av -4rnold Harold, appr J H Feltham, bds 1536 E Lincoln Arnold John F,wks S Bodiler & M Co, bds 115 w Lawrence Arnold John H, res 936 s Cleveland av Arnold Louise Mrs, f u r rms 105% n 4th, res same Arnold I ~ u c y(wid Douglass), res 1618 s 17th Arnold Mabel ,(wid Stephen P V ) , bds 703 s 8th Arnold Mary, res 804 e Washington Srnold S P V, died Feb 1, 1901 1 Arnsen Martin, grinder Sattley 1 Co, bds 417 Black av ernor Arthur James, miner, res 616 Calhoun av Arthur Katie, bds 322 n 8th Arthur Sarah (wid Samuel), res 1135 w Governor Arthur Sherman, wks Johnston Hatcher Co, res 322 n 8th Artsman Edward, res 413 n 4th Artsman Oscar A, bds 413 n 4th Arvin Sylvester, tmstr, res 2026 e Kansas Asbury Arthur, lab Sattley M Co, bds 830 s 9th Aschauer Albert G, clk R N Dodds, bds 529 n 6th Aschauer Charles W, sdmn 917 e Washi.ngtan, res 529 n 6th Sschauer Charles W, student, bds 529 n 6th Aschauer Clara R, bds 529 n 6th Aschauer H e m , bds 529 n 6th




3.3. Henlrel, Pn.

U. C,Moore, Sec'r,

M. C. A. Building. Cor. Fifth and Capltol Avenue.

Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield



ATE 53

Asey Joseph W (c), miner, res 1817 Frank Ashbrook Wm A, fruit grower w s Cantrall rd 2 n Spring Creek, res same Ashcraft Henry, tinner, bds 509 s New Ashcraft Richard C, grocer, 1400 s l l t h , res 1402 s l l t h Ashley Frank S, cond Wabash r r, res 1133 s 7th Ashlock Elizabeth, bds 1324 e Jackson Ashton Charles A, plumber, res 2037 e Edwards Associated Press, 514 e Monroe Aszman Franz, wks Goss & &lcGrow, res w n Grand av, s e cor B & 0 S-W R R Ater A, lineman C T Tel-Co J Atkins Edward 'vV, eng C & A R R, res 438 n 5th Atkins Hattie L, stenog, bds 1416 s 7th Atkins Henry, miner, res 406 n 10th Atkins Palmer, clk G S Connelly & Co, res 1416 s 7th Atkinson Cyrus, (c) brbr J S Murray, res 1718 e Washington ATKINSON ELBRETTE, Tinner 207 E J-efferson, bds 123 S 2tl Atteberry Albert T, mach Sattley 31 Co, res 539 w n Grand av Atteberry Alvin R, blksmth, bds 539 nr n Grand av Atteberry Wm, clk Stuart Uroad~~~ell, 539 w n Grand av bds Atteberry Charles B, carp, res 328 s State Atteberry Henry E, tinsmth 615 e Monroe, res 1010 w Monroe Atteberry Wm W, blksmth, res 537 IV n Grand av J Attorney General's Office, Ho~vland Hainlin, atty gen?l, 2d floor, State House, tel 572 Atwood Annie, stenog, bds 309 w Washington Aurelins Wm J , clk E A Wilson, res 1159 n 7th Austin Jacob B (c), lab, res 1709 e Grand av Austin Vattie ( c ) , bds 1716 e R'eynolds Autenrith Pa,ul, bds 1328 e n Grand av Auxier Daniel J , tmstr J H Schuck & Son, res 702 w n Grand av Ausier Sarah E, wlrs I11 Watch Co, bcls 702 w n Grand av Averill Charles D, accountant, 541 s IV Grand av, res same, tel Green 551 Averill J Etta, bds 541 s w Grand av Averill TTTilbertC: painter, res 619 s Lincoln av Avery Albert, teamster,. bds 730 e Reynolds Avey Horace M, wks Capital Monument wks, res 900 n 1st

T h e Home Building and Loan



318 S, Fifth Stl

Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield


D; A ; D Vares,


0 120"'". C ~ P ~ I O I 14 17"
Tel. 961

5.1 AVE


Avey John W, tmstr, res 1001 Reservoir Ayer E May, stenog The Abstract and Title Guaranty Co, bds. 315 w Washington Ayer Frank B, stenog, bds 315 T T ~Washington Ayer. Jennie E (wid George A ) , res 315 w Washington Ayer Wm M, clk Franklin Life Ins Co, res 706 s New Ayers Ada I ,bkpr, bcls 104 w Allen ; Ayers Edith M, cash C F Knechler, bds 104 w Allen Ayers Emm$D (wid David B ) , res 431 s 7th Ayers Eugene, bartndr J J Nattermann, res 1704 s 5th Ayers Fred W, ex mess, res 310 w Jefferson Ayers Horace D, appi" T a b shops, bds 431 s 7th Ayers Mary H (wid Byron TV), res 104 w Allen Ayers JI Roy, mail carrier I' 0, bds 431 s 7th Ayers, Evelyn R, bds 521 s State AYERS GEORGE E, Lawyer and Eotary, 5 First Nat'l Bank bldg 100Y2 s 6th, tel Main 385, res 521 s State Ayers Sophia H (wid David), res rear 820 n 5th Azzara Franlr, coiifr 422 E JeEersoa, res sanie

BABB ALBERT, Veterinarian 320 S Sth, Tel 674, res 527 S 7th Babb ITelen A, phys 305-306 Odd Fello~l-s Bldg, res saine Rabcoclr Andrew J, dep U S Blarshal, res 230 IV Capitol av Babcock Charles A, clk City Water Collector's office, bds 230 m Capitol av Babcock Elias H, res 624 s ?;e~v Babcock George S, clk B A Lange, bds 230 IV Capitol av Babcocli James A, coll, res 222 w Edwards Babcock John, blaclrsmith, res 324 n 2d Babcock Leonard L, stenog S Mnfg Co, bds 130 e TTTashington Babcock Madeline, bds 820 n 6th Babcock Oliver K,phys 530 e Capitol av, res 820 n 6th Babcock Sarah A (wid Isiac), res 330 n 6th Bzbeuf Walterl, clk Paul Bitschenauer, bds 201 w Coolr Babicky Frank, miner, bds 1701 n 9th Babicky Frank J r , miner, bds 1701 p 9th Rabicky John, miner, bds 1701 n 9th

C O J. R T R E. l E T
319 S O U T H F l w T n S T R E E T .

and Estate Loans

Polk's Springfield City Directory, 1902 - Archives/Special Collections - Norris L Brookens Library - University of Illinois at Springfield

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