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       Then, now, forever
         Autumn 2007      Vo l u m e 1 7   Number 1
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                                                                                                                  The answer
                                                                                         Our children would have been mortified if we had ever had a “My child is
                                                                                     an honor student at …” bumper sticker. But for a moment at Reunion Week-
                                                                                     end I thought it would be neat to have one that read, “My daughter got an ‘A’
                                                                                     in Father Burns’ class.”
                                                                                         We didn’t expect to be in the Immaculate Conception Chapel that day this
                                                                                     June when alumni were renewing their wedding vows and new Golden Flyers
                                                                                     were being inducted. We were baby-sitting grandchildren Megan and Molly.
                                                                                         But the phone rang. Daughter Liz said her husband, Tony, was saving
                                                                                     seats, front-row no less.
                                                                                         So there we were — grandparents and granddaughters and their parents

                                                                                     — in chapel seats near where decades ago we had sat with Megan and Molly’s
                                                                                     mother and uncles. A close examination of a photograph in the new Heritage
                         . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                     Center reveals us in a scene from one of those Masses, frozen in time near that
                                                                                     same place in the chapel.
                                                                                         Self-consciously we realized this June day we were rather underdressed in
                                         12                                          comparison to the Golden Flyers, to whom we were closer in age than the
               “Herbie was the best friend I ever had on this campus.”               more casually dressed younger alumni. But we did have two young girls with
                                                                                     us, keeping us young, as grandparents like to say.
                                         14                                              We didn’t expect to be there. But, as throughout all our lives, much of
          Focusing on the subject is more than optical clarity in the work of        what we remember as important is what we did not expect.
                           photographer Sean Wilkinson.
                                                                                         In this issue’s Perceptions, a former colleague, Kate Cassidy Harrison,
                                                                                     writes of digging up at Reunion Weekend a time capsule she and her friends
       A group of faculty and staff seek to learn of the origins of UD’s Catholic,   buried before graduation. What one expected 20 years ago is often not what
                                  Marianist mission.                                 today has brought. As you read this issue, can you imagine what Herbie Dinta-
                                                                                     man expected when he came to UD as a young football coach or what Sean
                                          22                                         Wilkinson expected as a young photographer or what a century of residents
                        This “Castle” has been home to many.                         of the “Castle” expected or what William Joseph Chaminade thought would
                                                                                     come of the communities he nurtured?
                                         40                                              We can hope and prepare for what is to come, but we cannot see it.
             Learn. Lead. Serve. They did. Their University honors them.                 As we face the unexpected, we have symbols and signs to mark the way
                                                                                     — fire and water, bread and wine. And rings.
                                   Departments                                           The priest who helped thousands learn of Christian marriage asks what
           3                    28             42                        46          does the ring symbolize. The daughter — born of love, marrying in love,
      FRONT PORCH           CLASS NOTES    THE ALUMNI                PERCEPTIONS     mothering in love — learned the answer years ago and remembers it well.
                                                                                         The ring is never ending.
                                                                                         As is God who is love.
           Photograph by Michelle Tedford of Our Lady of Aquitaine atop                                                                        —Thomas M. Columbus
       the 15th-century Tour Pey-Berland next to the Cathedral of St. André in
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                                                                                                                                      University of Dayton Quarterly      2     Autumn 2007
                                                    FRONT PORCH
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        The Big Easy’s                                                                                                                              roles of business and the media,
                                                                                                                                                    and how the hurricane dispropor-
         hard times                                                                                                                                 tionately impacted female-headed
     “There’s no other city dearer                                                                                                                  households.
to my heart than New Orleans,”                                                                                                                          Heitmann, a Louisiana histo-
says John Heitmann, UD’s Alumni                                                                                                                     rian, expects that the symposium
Chair in the Humanities. “For me,                                                                                                                   speakers, with their range of
it’s one of the most important                                                                                                                      perspectives and experiences, “will
cities in the world, and its future                                                                                                                 bring to light how much there is
is an incredibly critical question.”                                                                                                                left to be done in New Orleans
     Those critical questions will be                                                                                                               — beyond rebuilding.”
raised at the 15th annual Humani-                                                                                                                       To date more than 200 Univer-
ties Symposium, “Race, Class                                                                                                                        sity of Dayton students, faculty and
and History: New Orleans Post-
Katrina.” Events, which are free                      Location, location, location (and nice houses)                                                staff have volunteered on Katrina
                                                                                                                                                    relief projects. Another group of
and open to the public, are sched-                     Five newly constructed attached townhouses on Stonemill Road
                                                                                                                                                    students will spend fall break work-
uled to take place in Sears Recital                and four renovated houses on Stonemill Road and Frericks Way
                                                                                                                                                    ing in New Orleans Oct. 7-10, in a
Hall and include:                                  house 55 students this fall.
                                                                                                                                                    project organized by UD’s Center
     n The Rev. Inman Houston, di-                     During Citirama, a four-day August event, more than 2,000
                                                                                                                                                    for Social Concern.
rector of the Habitat for Humanity                 Daytonians toured them, seeing the result of a partnership between
                                                                                                                                                        For Humanities Symposium
Musicians’ Village, and musician                   the Home Builders Association of Dayton and the Miami Valley and
                                                                                                                                                    information, call 937-229-3490.
J.D. Hill, Friday, Sept. 21, 7:30 p.m.             the University of Dayton.
                                                       UD, one of the most residential universities in the country,
     Houston, a pastor of the First
Baptist Church of New Orleans,                     owns 328 properties, including houses and duplexes, to the south,                                    Spike Lee headlines
will speak about the role of faith                 west and north of the academic core campus. About 90 percent of                                         lecture series
communities in reconstructing                      UD’s undergraduates live in the immediate campus environment.                                        Filmmaker Spike Lee, Grammy
New Orleans and about Musicians’                       The floor plans for the new and renovated homes include                                      Award-winner Kirk Franklin and
Village, a 70-home project for                     front porches; energy-efficient windows, doors and insulation;                                   journalists Maria Hinojosa and
low-income musicians and those                     durable and low-maintenance interior and exterior finishes; and                                  Juan Williams
displaced by the hurricane. Hill, a                state-of-the-art mechanical, safety and communication systems.                                   comprise the
Delta blues harmonica player who                   Greater Dayton Building and Remodeling, doing business as Oberer                                 2007-08 Univer-
received one of the first homes,                   Thompson Co., was the project’s contractor.                                                      sity of Dayton
performed for President Bush when                        In the past five years, the University has invested more than                              Diversity Lecture
he visited Musicians’ Village in                   $80 million in student residential facilities and amenities, such as                             Series.
2006.                                              wireless computing in all student housing. New facilities include                                    Hinojosa, who
     n Ansel Augustine, coordinator                RecPlex, Marianist Hall and ArtStreet. UD teamed with the Miller-                                covered urban af-
of black youth and young adult                     Valentine Group to construct University Place, a two-story mixed-                                fairs for CNN for     Lee
ministry, Archdiocese of New Or-                   use development on the corner of Brown and Stewart streets that                                  eight years, now hosts Latino USA
leans, Tuesday, Oct. 16, 7:30 p.m.                 includes apartments for graduate and law students as well as retail                              on NPR and is senior correspondent
     Augustine, whose home was de-                 outlets. The final phase of a $20 million renovation of Marycrest                                for PBS’s Emmy Award-winning
stroyed by Katrina, is former youth                residence hall was completed this summer.                                                        newsmagazine, Now. Her presenta-
minister at St. Peter Claver Church                    For more on one of the renovated houses on Frericks Way and                                  tion at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 7, in
in New Orleans; he will speak on                   decades of Dayton memories, see Pages 22-27.                                                     Kennedy Union Boll Theatre is free
“Faith in the Storm.”                                                                                                                               and open to the public.
     n Jed Horne, Pulitzer Prize-win-                                                                                                                   Juan Williams — senior corre-
ning journalist and author of Breach           cially tinged inequities conspired to                Hurricane Betsy in 1965.                        spondent for NPR’s Morning Edition,
of Faith: Hurricane Katrina and the            permanently jeopardize one of the                        n Gregory Squires, George                   analyst and panelist for Fox News
Near Death of a Great American City,           nation’s cultural gems.”                             Washington University sociology                 and columnist for The Washington
Wednesday, Oct. 17, 7:30 p.m.                      Edward Haas, history depart-                     department chair and editor of                  Post — ignited debate with his 2006
     Horne, former metro editor of             ment chair at Wright State Uni-                      There Is No Such Thing as a Natural             book, Enough: The Phony Leaders,
The Times-Picayune, will speak about           versity and former director of the                   Disaster: Race, Class and Hurricane             Dead-End Movements and Culture of
his book, which The Washington                 Louisiana Historical Center, will                    Katrina, Thursday, Oct. 18, 3 p.m.              Failure That Are Undermining Black
Post credits with providing “new               provide a counterpoint to Horne’s                        The collection of scholarly ar-             America — and What We Can Do
insights into how a ferocious storm,           remarks. Haas’s research compares                    ticles covers topics such as contem-            About It. His presentation at 8 p.m.
governmental ineptitude and ra-                federal response to Katrina with                     porary metropolitan planning, the               Tuesday, Nov. 13, in the Kennedy

Autumn 2007   3   University of Dayton Quarterly
Union ballroom is also free and         Valley P-16 Educa-                                                                                             to a residency focusing
open to the public.                     tion consortium                                                                                                on river systems to a
    Gospel musician Kirk Franklin       to improve the                                                                                                 partnership with City-
won two 2007 Grammy Awards              region’s math and                                                                                              folk, the World Rhythms
for his album Hero. He will be in       science education                                                                                              Series.
Dayton in partnership with the          from preschool                                                                                                     One Ring Zero, a duo
Dayton Chapter of the Southern          to college. He will                                                                                            using unusual instru-
Christian Leadership Conference.        work on securing                                                                                               ments (listen at http://
Call 937-268-0051 for ticket infor-     sponsored-research                                                                                   ,
mation about the Dr. Martin Luther      funding for STEM                                                                                               performs at 8 p.m. Fri-
King Jr. Annual Holiday Celebration     (science, technol-                                                                                             day, Sept. 21, Kennedy
and Presidential Banquet, 6:30 p.m.     ogy, engineering                                                                                               Union Boll Theatre.
                                                                  On the Feast of the Assumption, Marianist priests Bertrand Buby and Eugene
Monday, Jan. 21, Dayton Conven-         and mathematics)                                                                                                   The first event in the
                                                                  Adingra participated in dedicating an 11-foot bronze statue of Mary at the
tion Center. Call 937-229-2545 for      initiatives. He will                                                                                           World Rhythms Series
                                                                  Feast of Cana. Located on the northwest lawn of Marianist Hall, “the statue
ticket information about UD’s An-       spearhead an annu-                                                                                             is the performance of
                                                                  is a joint effort with the University of Dayton, with the American Society of
nual Martin Luther King Jr. Prayer      al symposium on                                                                                                guitarist Vieux Farka
                                                                  Ephesus providing the funds,” said Joe Quatman ’38. His family founded
Breakfast, 7:30 a.m. Tuesday, Jan.      education policy                                                                                               Touré, 8 p.m. Tuesday,
                                                                  the society — named for the city in Turkey where Mary, accompanied by the
22, Frericks Center.                    issues and focus on                                                                                            Oct. 30, Kennedy Union
                                                                  apostle John, is believed to have traveled late in her life — to restore and
    Filmmaker Spike Lee’s appear-       at-risk students in                                                                                            Boll Theatre. The other
                                                                  preserve important burial places and tombs of saints. Artist Robert Lepo of
ance will be 7:30 p.m. Monday, Feb.     urban schools.                                                                                                 two concerts in the series
                                                                  Lepo Works studio in Lima, Ohio, created and cast the nearly 1-ton statue
18, Schuster Center in downtown             After gradu-                                                                                               (also at 8 p.m. in Boll)
                                                                  that portrays Mary at Cana. Mary’s words to the wine servers at the feast,
Dayton. Tickets are $15 and $20.        ating from Yale                                                                                                are by Arab musician
                                                                  “Do whatever he tells you,” are inscribed on the statue base, along with the
For more ticket information, call       University with a                                                                                              Simon Shaheen, Thurs-
                                                                  Scripture reading describing the wedding at Cana.
937-228-3630 or 937-229-2545.           degree in English,                                                                                             day, Feb. 14, and by the
                                        Taft taught English,                                                                                           Jaunito Pascual Quartet,
         Taft joins staff               math, geography and art to children critical issues facing education at all                        Thursday, April 17.
    Former Ohio Gov. Bob Taft has       in Tanzania for two years as a Peace            levels and his passion for finding                     At 8 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 1, in
a new job: distinguished research       Corps volunteer. He has a master’s              practical solutions to some rather                 Sears Auditorium, Newton and
associate in educational excellence.    degree in public affairs from Princ-            daunting problems,” said Fred                      Helen Harrison will present a free
Taft will be part of the UD Research    eton University and a law degree                Pestello, provost and senior vice                  lecture on “RiverSystems: Art and
Institute and collaborate with the      from the University of Cincinnati.              president for educational affairs.                 the Environment” as part of a
School of Education and Allied              “Having worked closely with                                                                    weeklong residency preparing for a
Professions.                            Gov. Taft on the Ohio Partner-                   From rivers to rhythms                            project on Dayton’s river systems.
    Among Taft’s duties will be serv-   ship for Continued Learning, I am                   The 2007-08 UD Arts Series                         Maria Krupoves and Gerard
ing as a consultant to the Miami        well aware of his knowledge of the              offerings range from Shakespeare                   Edery will perform folk songs

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

     Physics professor                      Faculty at other institutions
                                        have benefited from Berney’s ex-
                                                                                                                                     ative role in successful proposals
                                                                                                                                     for the Center for Multifunctional
    wins teaching award                 pertise in computer interfacing. He                                                          Polymer Nanomaterials and De-
    “Excellent professor. Give him      has taught                                                                                   vices, the Institute for Develop-
a raise.”                               more than                                                                                    ment and Commercialization of
    That student evaluation is not      700 faculty                                                                                  Advanced Sensor Technology, and
out of line with what colleagues        members                                                                                      the Ladar and Optical Communi-
at UD and elsewhere think of the        from 350                                                                                     cations Institute. These projects
teaching ability of Rex Berney,         different                                                                                    total more than $53 million.
professor of physics and winner         institutions                                                                                     Benefiting from his research
of UD’s 2007 Alumni Award in            through his                                                                                  efforts are both undergraduate
Teaching.                               work with                                                                                    physics students and graduate
    Berney pioneered computer-          the Nation-                                          Award winners Berney (left) and         students in the electro-optics
interfaced experiments, designing       al Science                                           Powers                                  program.
them and the interfaces them-           Foundation Chautauqua Program.                                                                   Since coming to campus in
selves even before commercial               Internationally, supported by
                                                                                       Another physics professor                     1997, Powers has been the author
interfaces were available. He devel-    a Fulbright scholarship, he estab-               wins research award                         or co-author of 20 pages in refer-
oped the upper-level physics cur-       lished an electronics and computer                Peter Powers, associate profes-            eed journals, edited two confer-
riculum now in use and updated          interfacing facility and curriculum           sor of physics, is directly respon-            ence proceedings and authored
it three times as computers and         at the University of Liberia. He              sible for about $1.7 million in                or coauthored 29 presentations
other instrumentation evolved.          also taught physics students at the           external funding since joining the             at national conferences. He is
Thousands of UD students taking         Institut Teknologi Mara in Malay-             physics faculty 10 years ago.                  chair and organizer of an annual
the Integrated Natural Science          sia and developed a computer and                  Named the winner of UD’s                   conference: Nonlinear Frequency
Sequence have worked on experi-         laboratory interfacing facility at the        2007 Alumni Award in Scholar-                  Generation and Conversion:
ments he designed.                      University of Papua New Guinea.               ship, he also has played a collabor-           Materials, Devices, Applications.

                                                                                                                                 University of Dayton Quarterly   4   Autumn 2007
encompassing both Christianity                 combination of things, “I must
and Judaism, 8 p.m., Thursday Nov.
8, Kennedy Union Boll Theatre.
                                               have grown an attitude. One se-
                                               mester I didn’t do anything well.”           TAKE A BREAK WITH…
                                                                                            . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    An early music ensemble, Cata-                 That’s not good, particularly if
coustic Consort will perform music             your major is math.
from the film All the Mornings of                  He also remembers the depart-
the World, 8 p.m. Friday, Jan. 18,
Immaculate Conception Chapel.
    The American Shakespeare
                                               ment chair, Kenneth Schraut, put-
                                               ting an arm around his shoulder,
                                               encouraging him and offering
                                                                                                       Tricia Penno ’00
                                                                                             International communication coordinator, Center for International Programs
Center on Tour will present The                “tough love.” The same professor
Taming of the Shrew on Thursday,               had encouraged Scharf his first           We hear that you were the model for the new Mary at the Feast of Cana statue on
                                               semester at UD even though the                                        campus. How did that happen?
Feb. 21, and The Merchant of Venice
                                               would-be math major was not             The committee was looking for a tall woman with Mediterranean features. Of course I said
on Friday, Feb. 22. Each perfor-
                                                                                        yes. The sisters in the Marian Library fitted me for the outfit. My hands were draped in a
mance is at 8 p.m. in Kennedy                  prepared enough to take calculus
                                                                                       certain way, and we practiced the pose and how the fabric would lay. The second appoint-
Union Boll Theatre.                            his first semester.
                                                                                         ment was the photo session. I knew the statue wasn’t going to look exactly like me; the
                                                   Larry Woerner ’76 also remem-
                                                                                      main thing was getting the hands right. After one of the sessions, I walked back to my office
        Two-time grad                          bers Schraut. A turning point in
                                               Woerner’s life came during his
                                                                                      through the Chapel, and there was a girl singing ‘Ave Maria.’ I was completely spooked. It’s
                                                                                       a great honor, but I don’t know that I’m worthy. I’ll be excited to point the statue out at
        to chair board                         sophomore year when Schraut                                               my 10-year UD reunion.
    Jack Proud, a 1970 psychology              asked him what he was going to
alumnus and 2004 School of Law                 do. “I said,” Woerner recalls, “I        What are you doing back on campus, after living and working in England and Italy?
graduate, became chair of the UD               was majoring in math. He told me         My job is to raise awareness of the internationalization efforts taking place on campus. In
board of trustees in July, succeeding          I couldn’t sit around all day doing     addition to communication projects, I do event planning and coordinate the International
R. Daniel Sadlier ’70, who served              problems. He suggested I look into     Learning and Living Community. I also recently went to the Middle East on an international
                   10 years on the             actuarial science.”                    student-recruiting trip. One student we recruited was a Sri Lankan living in Kuwait. He likes
                   board, the last                 Today Woerner is chief              basketball, engineering and community service. ‘Prasanna,’ I said, ‘there’s only one school
                   four as chair.              administrative officer of Mercer                                     for you, and it’s in Dayton, Ohio.’
                       Proud spe-              Human Resource Consulting.
                   cializes in busi-           Scharf retired in 2002 as senior                          What’s your advice to UD students studying abroad?
                   ness and estate             vice president, enterprise resource    Really get to know the people and culture. Be aware of the differences so you can learn more
                   law with Porter,            operations, of PEC Solutions.           about yourself. Get the most out it, so you’re not just making memories but gaining skills in
                   Wright, Morris &                Scharf and Woerner are among                                 dealing with people from other cultures.
Proud              Arthur. Previously,         the first contributors to the Ken-
he had served as president of Mon-             neth C. Schraut, Ph.D., Memorial                             What was your first international experience?
arch Marking Systems Inc. and as a             Scholarship Fund for math majors.                                   A summer studying abroad in Florence. That changed every-
division president at Reynolds and             Schraut served UD as professor
                                                                                                                        thing. Before then, I was terrified of my own shadow. I
Reynolds Co. Proud rejoined UD’s                                                                                         couldn’t return a shirt to a store or pump my own gas
                                               of mathematics for more than 50
board in 2004 after serving a three-
                                                                                                                                        without being intimidated.
                                               years and as chair of that depart-
year term from 1998 to 2001, when              ment for 16 years. He directed the
                                                                                                                                                What changed?
he was president of UD’s National              initial research effort that led to
                                                                                                                                  It was the independence. Being in cities and
Alumni Association board.                      the creation of the University of                                                 knowing that no one in the world knew who I
    Leaving the board are Sadlier              Dayton Research Institute.                                                       was. I was completely anonymous. I had never
and Father Joseph Lackner, S.M.,                   Both Woerner and Scharf re-                                                 experienced that before. In Dayton, everywhere I
director of developing regions for             member a professor who went out                                                         went someone knew who I was.
the Marianist Province of the Unit-            of his way to be accessible to his
ed States. Joining the board are two           students, and they remember an                                                           Anything we didn’t ask you want to say?
alumni: Steve Cobb, who received               education that gave them skills in                                                         I thought you’d ask what was the latest
an MBA in 1986, and Brother Ed                 critical thinking that served them                                                           book I read … so I checked my night-
Brink, S.M., who received a bache-             well professionally. And each also                                                                          stand.
lor’s degree in engineering technol-           remembers an education that
ogy in 1982. Cobb is president and             went beyond the academic.                                                                              So what was it?
chief executive officer of Henny                   Woerner says he and some                                                                  A New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle. But
Penny Corp. Brink, who had been                of his fellow students of Schraut                                                         my reading has gone by the wayside; I’m
director of UD’s Center for Catholic           “earned some pocket change rak-                                                          obsessed by Sudoku and do four or five
Education, is assistant for education          ing leaves; he and his wife,                                                             puzzles a night.
for the Marianist Province of the              Virginia, would have us in for
                                               cocoa.” And, like many math                                                                         Other obsessions?
United States.
                                               majors, Woerner learned from                                                             Debbie Gibson, the Britney Spears of the
                                               Schraut how to play squash.                                                            ’80s, but much classier. My cell phone’s ring
         Tough love,                               Scharf recalls that, as presi-
                                                                                                                                                tone is “Out of the Blue.”
        turning points                         dent of the math fraternity, Pi
   Bill Scharf ’68 recalls that dur-           Mu Epsilon, “I had to put on a
ing his junior year, because of a              social. Those attending included

Autumn 2007   5   University of Dayton Quarterly
faculty members and their wives.                                                                                                                                     for predicting deposits in
Doc Schraut introduced me to fine                                                                                                                                    fuel nozzles, heat ex-
cheeses and how to shop for them.                                                                                                                                    changers, narrow valves
He wanted to ensure that the stu-                                                                                                                                    and filters. Ervin is UDRI
dent in charge had more than beer                                                                                                                                    modeling and simulation
and chips — which I suppose would                                                                                                                                    group leader and professor
have been my choice then.”                                                                                                                                           of mechanical and aero-
                                                                                                                                                                     space engineering. West
         UDQ efficient                                                                                                                                               and Kuprowicz are doctoral
    The University of Dayton Quarterly
won the only gold medal in the cat-                                                                                                                                      They performed much
egory of “periodicals resource man-                                                                                                                                  of their research at Wright-
agement: tabloids and newsletters”                                                                                                                                   Patterson Air Force Base.
                                            The innovation center of the School of Engineering opened during the winter semester to a flurry of
in the 2007 Circle of Excellence            activity, including 37 Design and Manufacturing Clinic projects for clients including Honda, Hobart,
Awards Program of the Council for           Emerson and Ethicon. The facility includes a flexible projects lab, three meeting rooms, design                                    A recipe
the Advancement and Support of
Education. The category recognizes
                                            studios, project storage, offices and a multimedia room.                                                                       for cleaner soil
                                                                                                                                                                       A UD doctoral student
periodicals that “show evidence of                                                                                                                                  and a mechanical engi-
successful and creative management       creasing the phones’ size or decreas-             tober. Ladar, or laser detection and                           neering professor have concocted a
of time, staff and other resources.”     ing their battery power.                          ranging, is similar to radar but typi-                         recipe for more cheaply removing
                                             IDCAST was established late last              cally uses infrared lasers rather than                         polychlorinated biphenyls from soil.
       Curran receives                   year by a $28 million state grant                 radio waves. Teaching in the insti-                            The EPA estimates that PCBs still
                                         from the Ohio Third Frontier                      tute will be faculty from UD and the
     human rights award                  Commission to UD and a number                     Air Force Institute of Technology.
                                                                                                                                                          contaminate 525 million tons of
                                                                                                                                                          soil. The recipe: Dig up contaminat-
     The Southern Christian Leader-
                                         of partner institutions, including                                                                               ed soil, pour in water containing a
ship Conference has given its first
Joseph E. Lowery Human Rights
                                         other universities and corporations.
                                                                                                                                 Unclog your engine       material barely visible to the naked
                                                                                                   “Jet fuels are used to propel                          eye and heat to 752 degrees.
Legacy Award to Daniel J. Curran,
president of UD. Lowery co-found-                    Another first                             and cool the aircraft,” said Steve                             Doctoral student Patanjali Vara-
                                               Raytheon is the first corporate                 Zabarnick, UD Research Institute                           nasi and professor Sukh Sidhu found
ed the SCLC with Martin Luther
                                           partner of the UD Ladar and                         fuel science group leader and profes-                      that the use of iron nanoparticles,
King Jr.
                                           Optical Communications Insti-                       sor of mechanical and aerospace                            smaller than a human hair, lowers
     The Rev. Raleigh Trammell of
                                           tute. Raytheon’s vice president of                  engineering. “But when the fuel                            the temperature at which PCBs can
Dayton chairs the national SCLC
                                           advanced concepts and technology,                   absorbs heat while cooling certain                         be destroyed without emitting ad-
board of directors and nominated
                                           Nick Uros, will lead LOCI’s board                   parts, it forms deposits before being                      ditional toxins.
Curran for the award. “Dr. Curran
                                           of governors. And Lockheed-Martin                   combusted for propulsion.”                                     Results of the research appear
was chosen,” Trammell said, “be-
                                           and Textron Systems Corp. have                          Current ways to reduce or                              in the international environmental
cause of his dynamic leadership in
                                           joined Raytheon as founding corpo- eliminate fuel deposits include,                                            science journal Chemosphere.
diversity in this community. He is
committed to a community for               rate members of LOCI.                               Zabarnick said, restricting the fuel’s
all races.”                                    LOCI, located in UD’s College                   temperature, using systems to                                          DECA update
                                           Park Center, was launched last Oc-                  remove oxygen from jet fuel or us-                             Since last issue’s story about the
                                                                                                      ing additives (some of which                        Dayton Early College Academy,
  First, first, first, first                                                                          have been developed by UDRI                         DECA has had two watershed mo-
                                                                                               VALRYN WARREN/DAYTON DAILY NEWS

    What was the site of the                                                                          researchers). But restricting                       ments — becoming a charter school
old, empty Harrison Radiator                                                                          the fuel’s temperature limits                       and receiving an excellent rating on
plant just east of downtown                                                                           the plane’s efficiency, oxygen                      the 2006-07 State of Ohio Report
Dayton is becoming some-                                                                              removal systems have not yet                        Card.
thing called Tech Town. Com-                                                                          been perfected and additives                            DECA met all 11 state indicators
munity leaders in July broke                                                                          can be costly.                                      on its report card, scoring between
ground on the site’s first                                                                                So, Zabarnick and other                         93.8 and 100 percent. The state
building. Its first tenant will                                                                       UD researchers have devel-                          averages in the same categories are
be the Institute for Develop-                                                                         oped a method to show where                         between 72.4 and 94.1 percent.
ment and Commercialization                                                                            jet fuel deposits have the                              It successfully became a charter
of Advanced Sensor Technol-                                                                           greatest potential for clogging                     school in mid-August. The Dayton
ogy. The first company to                                                                             engines. Those findings, pub-                       Board of Education cleared the way
license an invention through                                                                          lished in the journal Energy                        for DECA’s charter school applica-
IDCAST is Analog Bridge Inc.                                                                          & Fuels, give designers a head                      tion by voting to end an existing
    And that first invention      For engineering students from Shanghai Normal University,           start in designing around                           contract with the University in June
is UD engineering professor       their year at UD began with a Dayton Dragons baseball game          trouble spots.                                      and after a Dayton Public School
Guru Subramanyam’s tun-           and other means of getting to know America. It will likely end,         Zabarnick, Jamie Ervin,                         levy failed in May.
able varactor technology that     based on previous results, with good job prospects. This is the     Zachary West and Nick                                   As a charter school, DECA will
allows cell phones to carry       second group of students from Shanghai Normal where the             Kuprowicz developed chemi-                          be able to pursue private funding
more features without in-         students study three years before spending a year at UD.            cal and engineering models                          and continue the existing school

                                                                                                                                                      University of Dayton Quarterly   6   Autumn 2007
program without disruptions. The                    Forget the Foreman: Don’t bring        end up leaving behind whatever                     Take it easy on the theme deco-
University will operate DECA with               anything cooking related. Not the          you don’t use. Stores are within               rations: Twinkling lights to hang
the Dayton public schools acting as             George Foreman grill (not even the         reach, and … you will go home                  around the room, posters and neon
sponsor.                                        small one), not microwaves, pots,          again.                                         signs add to the expense, take up
    Ten DECA students from the                  pans or hot pots. Cooking appli-               Candles and incense: Too easy              space and are always left behind.
school’s first graduating class se-             ances take up space and could set          to knock over or leave unattended                  Give up on the green thumb:
lected UD and entered as full-time              your room on fire. There’s food in         … and too quick to catch on fire.              Plants of any size or variety are nice
students this fall.                             abundance 24/7 at college.                 If you don’t like the smell in your            in theory, but abysmal in practice.
                                                    High school is over: You won’t         room or on the floor, get a plug-in
Living large, packing light                     need yearbooks, photo albums and           air freshener. Done.                                            In memoriam
    The U-Hauls and minivans con-               trophies. No one really cares about            Pets: You may miss coming                      Father Matthew Kohmescher,
verge on campus, disgorging first-              the “stuff.” The stories are what          home to a pet after a long day of              S.M., died May 5. Kohmescher, 85,
year students bearing enough gear,              matter.                                    classes, but your space is too small           served as chair of the religious stud-
tackle and shiny new consumer                       You don’t need a down parka in         to coop up an animal, and many                 ies department for two decades. In
goods to colonize an outpost of                 Dayton in August: Fight the desire         of your neighbors have allergies.              retirement, he greeted thousands of
civilization.                                   to bring your entire wardrobe “just        Fish tanks aren’t a good idea either;          prospective students visiting campus.
    Then reality sets in. All that              in case.” Forego the out-of-season         they’re too cumbersome for the                     Larry Hadley, associate professor
stuff has to fit in a residence hall            clothes. You will go home again            space and too time consuming to                of economics, died June 9 at age 62.
room about 200 feet square, which               before it snows.                           clean. When you pack to go home                A former chair of the department,
will be shared with another simi-                   Answering machines are over:           at the end of the year, the fish are           he was internationally known as a
larly overburdened student.                     Voice mail provided by the Univer-         the first to be left behind.                   sports economist.
    Christine Schramm, UD assis-                sity and your cell phone will catch            Leave the sub woofers at home:                 Garrett Loiselle ’07 died May 12
tant dean of students and director              the calls you can’t miss.                  They’re too big for a residence                of cardiac arrest in Daytona Beach,
of residence education, sees that                   Skip stocking up at Sam’s and          hall, and the sound is dispropor-              Fla., at the age of 22. An autopsy
ritual enacted every August. She                Costco: You don’t need 15 rolls            tionate to the space. All they will            revealed an enlarged heart, causing
sees the stuff that gets left behind            of toilet paper or paper towels,           do is make your neighbors — to                 the cardiac arrest, his parents said.
every April. She offers some sugges-            canned goods to last the year or a         the right, left, above and below               Loiselle graduated in May with a
tions on what incoming students                 10-gallon drum of laundry deter-           — mad. (They also can get you in               bachelor’s degree in finance. His sis-
can easily live without.                        gent. When you buy in bulk, you            trouble with the staff).                       ter, Lauren, is a UD undergraduate.

                  McIntosh lives on                           Early College Academy.
                                                                 Boyd, Wilkerson and most of the other
                                                                                                                              ister and all four current recipients, as well as
                                                                                                                              supporters from the city and UD.
       Amid wood-paneled walls and portraits of
   the Wright brothers at the Engineer’s Club in              former and current McIntosh scholars gath-                           History professor Patrick Palermo, who
   downtown Dayton, LaShea Smith Boyd ’91                     ered for a weekend in June to celebrate the                     helped launch the scholarship program with
   reflected on her career working for the city of            program’s 20th anniversary. Among them                          Mike Herrelein, former city of Dayton organi-
   Dayton.                                                    was Rashad Young ’98, Dayton’s current city                     zation development administrator, accepted
       “A lot of people ask me, ‘How long have                                                                                                  one of several Pioneer Awards
                                                                                                                                           SKIP PETERSON

   you been there?’” she said. “And I think to                                                                                                  given during the dinner. He
   myself, ‘Since I was 17 years old.’”                                                                                                         spoke of the legacy of McIn-
       Boyd, deputy director of recreation and                                                                                                  tosh, who led the fight for
   youth services, got her start in city govern-                                                                                                civil rights in Dayton until
   ment in 1987 as the first recipient of the W.S.                                                                                              his murder in 1974.
   McIntosh Memorial Leadership Award. The                                                                                                          “This scholarship is for a
   award provides an African-American student                                                                                                   genuine hero,” he said. “A
   a four-year scholarship that covers tuition,                                                                                                 scholarship like this with a
   fees, and room and board. Through a unique                                                                                                   living legacy, that’s the best
   partnership with the city of Dayton, the Mc-                                                                                                 possible memory of W.S.
   Intosh recipient also earns a four-year, paid                                                                                                McIntosh.”
   internship in the city government that starts                                                                                                    This UD-Dayton partner-
   freshman year.                                                                                                                               ship, like its recipients, is still
       Twenty McIntosh scholars have followed                                                                                                   relatively young. McIntosh
   in Boyd’s footsteps, simultaneously                        Former and current McIntosh scholars gather for a group portrait outside of the   alumni are all still in their
   beginning their studies at UD and an educa-                the Engineer’s Club in Dayton.                                                    20s and 30s. Young, only 31
   tion at city hall that begins with a tour of all                                                                                             himself, looked across the
   the departments, a rite of passage they call               manager. Delisha Stewart ’96, who went on                       room as he reflected on the careers in prog-
   the “tour of duty.” The newest recipient,                  to earn a doctorate in biochemistry, was back                   ress and the McIntosh scholars to come.
   Alvin Wilkerson, began his tour in the sum-                in town, ready to begin a new position as a                          “It produces results. It produces leaders,”
   mer and entered UD as an undeclared engi-                  bacteriologist in the city’s water department.                  he said. “I hope we can all come back and
   neering major. UD is a familiar place for him;             The dinner’s guests also included engineers,                    remember the next 20 years.”
   he’s a graduate of the first class of the Dayton           teachers, attorneys, a medical student, a min-                                                  —Matthew Dewald

Autumn 2007   7    University of Dayton Quarterly
                                                                      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

   Spring, Olympics, UD                from the Vietnam era and our
                                       continuing national discord
                                                                                                                                             helped people to do worth-
                                                                                                                                             while things with their lives,
     It is undeniably spring; and,
although I am a UD alumna, I do        over it. I want to embrace her                                                                        regardless of whether they’re
not associate spring with gradua-      and give comfort. She lost a                                                                          things I personally care about
tion. But I do associate spring with   husband in that war and went                                                                          or not. I have zero interest in
UD and the U.S. Olympic team.          on to raise a family without                                                                          investment banking beyond
     With the recent success of        him. … I have not lost a loved                                                                        the fact that my 401k exists
UD’s women’s cross country head        one to violence. … And so                                                                             out there somewhere, and the
coach Ann Alyanak in the Boston        I will never truly know Ms.                                                                           same amount of interest in the
Marathon and her talk of a pos-        Petric’s pain.                                                                                        corporate world, but it’s nice to
sible U.S. Olympic Team berth, a            My own journey in matters                                                                        hear [in stories in the Summer
little known UD historical fact is     military started with mandato-                                                                        UDQ] about business leaders
brought to light.                      ry ROTC at UD in 1966–1967.                                                                           with goals and values I can re-
     On May 22, 1976, a UD ROTC             In the summers of 1968                                                                           spect for once — and who have
student and former Olympic mara-       and 1969, I completed the Ma-                                                                         managed to hang onto them
thoner was buried on the hill be-      rine Corps PLC program and                                                                            throughout their success. Read-
hind Marycrest Hall. “Buck” Bush       was commissioned on gradu-                                                                            ing about Sudanese refugees
had been shot in a rifle accident at   ation. In officer basic school, I                                                                     and how teachers are changing
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.       came to treasure the camarade-                                                                        the world for kids one small
     He had been an Olympic            rie and the sense of purpose. I                                                                       step at a time reminds me of
contender in the marathon for the      was proud to serve my country,                                                                        the hopes and dreams for so-
United States in 1972. But fall-       even though by that time, I                                                                           cial justice and change that UD
ing over another runner who had        had misgivings about the war.                                                                         helped inspire in me.
fallen in front of him, he injured     But as the months wore on,                                                                                I feel privileged to come
his knee. He enlisted in UD’s ROTC     reconciling my religious faith                                                                        from such a place. … Thanks,
                                       with the mission of the mili-         University Place, at the corner of Brown and Stewart            UD.
program, where we met. I was                                                 streets, now provides 48 units of residential housing.
the first woman to enlist in the       tary became more difficult. As                                                                            Lori Takacs ’03
                                       a platoon commander, I could          The first business to open in the new building was                  Baltimore, Md.
program at UD; he was a great sup-                                           Potbelly Sandwich Works. Others will include Arby’s,
porter. And at 18, I fell unabash-     be ordering the total destruc-
                                                                             Cincinnati Bell Wireless, Fifth Third Bank and a stu-
edly in love with him.                 tion of a village, home to men,
                                       women and children living in          dent-run spirit shop.                                                    Thanks, again
     His hopes were so high. The                                                                                                                Thanks to everyone who
funeral was so sad. The U.S. Olym-     medieval conditions. …
                                                                                                                                            made Reunion Weekend such
                                            After months … the notion that
pic Team sent flowers; his Olympic                                                in her life. … I still stand up when                a great time — from the students
                                       the enemy had any humanity at all
ring was on his finger, and medals                                                I hear the Marine Corps hymn as a                   who gave alums rides in golf carts
                                       was lost. This was not an academic
hung around his neck. We should                                                   sign of respect for those who serve                 around campus to all of the reunion
                                       question anymore. And I was re-
have been celebrating graduation.                                                 and who have died. But when I                       committee members. And I agree
                                       pulsed at the thought that we would
     I eventually became a col-                                                   stand before Almighty God to acquit                 with Courtney Deutsch ’98, Reunion
                                       compromise our standards and in-
lege teacher. I told a group of my                                                my earthly life, I will say that I was              Weekend coordinator, who said in
                                       ternational conventions that made
students about this runner, but it                                                a loving father and husband, that I                 the Summer UDQ that the porch
                                       us different from the enemy. … I
didn’t hurt any less in the telling.                                              served those in my charge and that                  party was her favorite event of the
                                       petitioned for discharge as a consci-
Now I am hurt more by the oc-                                                     I refused to take the life of another               weekend. … Chalk up one more
                                       entious objector. … With letters on
casional loss of my students to car                                               human being.                                        memory that makes me proud to be
                                       my character and beliefs from other
accidents.                                                                             John P. McDonough ’70                          able to call myself “forever a Flyer.”
                                       young Marine officers, family and
     I can only hope that Ms.                                                          Tampa, Fla.                                        Robert Panella Jr. ’92
                                       friends and with witnesses, includ-
Alyanak can bring some joy to                                                                                                             Battle Creek, Mich.
                                       ing Father Joseph McDonald, S.M.,
the mixture of UD and Olympics.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a UD
                                       at UD and Father Richard McSorley,                               Not bad
                                       S.J., of Georgetown, I went before              It may be true that sensational                                   n  n  n
coach could represent us in the                                                   and bad news is what sells nowa-
                                       the hearing officer who promptly
Olympics? Buck would have been                                                                                                        Address letters to the editor:
                                       denied my petition.                        days, but it certainly makes every-
thrilled. And as UD alumni, we                                                                                                        UDQ Editor, 300 College Park, Dayton, OH
                                            Eventually, the case was con-         one feel like society is disintegrating
would be, too.                                                                                                                        45469-1679.
                                       sidered by the Naval Review Board          around them. Discovering the UD
     Good luck, coach.                                                                                                                Fax: 937-229-3063
                                       and in October of 1971 the petition        Quarterly in my mailbox helps to                    E-mail:
     J.E. Kuhlman ’76                                                             offset that. It inspires introspection
                                       was granted. I was the first Marine                                                                Please include your city and state. Indicate
     Winter Haven, Fla.
                                       officer discharged as a conscientious about my life and my goals, and it’s                     whether you wish your e-mail address printed.
                                       objector.                                  nice to read about positive things for              Letters should not exceed 300 words. UDQ may
      Pro Deo et patria                     My beliefs are no affront to Ms.      a change.                                           edit for clarity and brevity. Opinions expressed
   Linda Petric’s letter [UDQ          Petric. Her husband’s loss was real             It makes me proud to have been                 are those of the letter writers and not necessarily
Summer 2007] awakens feelings          and had enormous consequences              a teeny part of a place that has                    of this publication nor the University of Dayton.

                                                                                                                                  University of Dayton Quarterly    8     Autumn 2007
                                                        UD IN THE NEWS
                                                        . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

                                                      A synopsis of national and regional media attention

        The New York Times covered the first graduating class of the in-                   (non-academic). At the same time, you can walk across our campus in
    novative Dayton Early College Academy, a partnership between the                       12 minutes.”
    University of Dayton and the Dayton Public Schools that focuses on
    preparing urban students for college work. DECA’s future was threat-                       In a national Associated Press story, the Chicago Tribune on May 7
    ened by the defeat of a Dayton school levy. “If you’re going to educate                quoted Tim Apolito, coordinator of community relations in the crimi-
    urban kids, you’re going to need niche places,” Thomas Lasley II, dean                 nal justice program, about the growing use of video résumés. Even if
    of the School of Education and Allied Professions, told the paper.                     an employer never sees it, a video résumé helps job seekers prepare for
                                                                                           interviews and gain self-confidence, he said.
       The New York Times followed up the DECA story on June 13, again
    quoting Lasley, when it was announced that DECA would become a                              Bishops from Asia tapped into Friendster, MySpace, Facebook and
    charter school operated by UD.                                                                                     YouTube during a spring training session
                                                                                                                       designed to get them comfortable with the
        The Voice of America for China broadcast                                                                       world of cyberspace. In a story about the In-
    a June 26 report — in Chinese — on DECA’s                                                                          ternet sessions, Sister Angela Ann Zukowski,
    success in preparing first-generation minority students                                                M.H.S.H., director of the Institute for Pastoral Initia-
    for success in college.                                                                                tives, told the Philippine Daily Inquirer that the world is
                                                                                                           divided into “digital natives” and “digital immigrants.”
       UD’s summer reading assignment for first-year
    students rated a mention in U.S. News & World Report. David                                            Art Jipson, director of the criminal justice studies pro-
    Bornstein’s book, The Price of a Dream: The Story of the                                            gram, told USA Today on May 3 that homemade roadside
    Grameen Bank, raises questions about the relationship                                               memorials have cultural significance among Catholics,
    between the fight against poverty in the                                                                               Native Americans, Mexicans and Central
    developing world and peace-making.                                                                                     Americans and are sometimes considered
                                                                                                                           folk art.
        USA Today spotlighted the UD Research Institute’s
    45-foot-long triple-barrel gun that’s helping research-                                                 In an Aug. 4 story about hostage negotiations with
    ers gather data that can be used to better protect space                                            terrorists, UD terrorism expert Mark Ensalaco told
    vehicles from orbiting junk. The Associated                                                                     Canada’s National Post that “terrorists have
    Press, Cox News Service and Industry Week all                                                                   a certain advantage over democratic govern-
    carried stories.                                                                                                ments because they are willing to sacrifice
                                                                                           lives. Governments in democracies where we value human life are in
       The Cox News wire reported on engineering professor Guru Subra-                     an insuperable moral dilemma.”
    manyam’s tuning system that will enable cell phones to handle even
    more time-saving tasks, such as paying for your groceries or unlocking                     The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer on May 31 turned to Father Thomas
    your house.                                                                            Thompson, S.M., director of the Marian Library, for comment on the
                                                                                           revival of May crownings, which no longer feature young girls in long, and Nanotechwire reported on a new nanotech-                         white dresses walking in procession. “There is no set form,” he said.
    nology product demonstration center opened by the University of                        “It depends on the imagination of the people.”
    Dayton Research Institute and the National Composite Center.
                                                                                    , The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The San
       The Chronicle of Higher Education featured new and renovated UD                     Diego Union-Tribune quoted UD mechanical and aeronautical engi-
    student houses that were showcased during Citirama, a free home                        neering assistant professor Aaron Altman about the new Boeing 787
    show organized by the Home Builders Association of Dayton.                             Dreamliner. looked to UD for two trend stories. The                             UD assistant political science professor Jason Pierce’s book, Inside
    electronic higher education publication quoted Bruce E. Burt, execu-                   the Mason Court Revolution: The High Court of Australia Transformed,
    tive director of public safety and chief of police, about his plans for                about Australian judges has been a hot topic Down Under. The
    orientation in the wake of the Virginia Tech tragedy. On July 27,                      Australian, The Canberra Times and others have written about how
    Richard Perales, director of University campus planning, talked about                  many are surprised by some of the judges’ “activist” comments in
    the diminishing space available on college campuses and the stance                     Pierce’s book and want Pierce to reveal the names of those judges. “I
    some universities have taken about moving some departments off                         conducted the interviews under strict confidentiality and anonym-
    campus. UD will move some departments to land it purchased from                        ity and I think that needs to be respected,” Pierce told The Australian.
    NCR. “We do have a concern of not splitting the campus in two,” he                     “Yes, there are judicial activists in the Australian judiciary, but there
    said. “We realized we can’t have it black and white, all academic or all               are many orthodox judges, too.”

                         For more on UD’s national and regional media attention, see

Autumn 2007   9   University of Dayton Quarterly
                                                                         . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

            Stammen one of former Flyers down on the farm
     Craig Stammen said if he was not playing           walk ratio and a 1.64 ERA in mid-August, went                  team in 2006 and promised to upgrade scouting
pro baseball he most likely would be working at         to the Oakland A’s Double-A team in Midland,                   and player development.
his family business in North Star, about 50 miles       Texas, in the trade that brought Jason Kendall to                  Stammen can tell a difference with the
northwest of Dayton near the Indiana border.            the Chicago Cubs. The                                                                 Nationals since the Lerner
     The business sells farm equipment and has          Cubs drafted Blevins in                                                               family bought the team.
been around since the 1920s. They have about            the 17th round in 2004.                                                                   “We have a lot more
25 employees, said Stammen, a former pitcher            He turns 24 in Septem-                                                                resources, you can tell that.
for the Flyers.                                         ber.                                                                                  We just have a lot more to
     But for now Stammen very much has a future             In addition, former                                                               work with,” said Stammen,
as a pitcher in the farm system of the Washing-         Flyer pitcher Chris                                                                   who noted Washington
ton Nationals. While 2007 was an adjustment for         Rubio signed a pro                                                                    president Stan Kasten spoke
Stammen, as he advanced to the high Single-A            contract with the Slip-                                                               to minor league players in
level from low Single-A, the right-hander has           pery Rock Sliders of the                                                              spring training in Florida.
shown promise.                                          Independent Frontier                                                                      How does Stammen,
     “It is a constant learning process. You can’t      League in late June, and                                                              who is about one semes-
get too high or too low in this game,” he said.         he won his first game                                                                 ter shy of a degree at UD,
     Washington scouting director Dana Brown            out of the bullpen.                                                                   spend downtime on bus
was impressed with the big right-hander, and            Slippery Rock is not                                                                  trips and at the hotel on
in 2005 the Nationals drafted him in the 12th           affiliated with a Major                                                               road trips?
round after his junior year at Dayton.                  League team.                                                                              “You kind of find unique
     Stammen, 23, throws a four-seam and two-               Stammen has                                                                       ways. I hang out with bud-
seam fastball in the low 90s, and also has a curve      worked this season with                                                               dies and go to the mall,”
and change up. He was 5-4 with an ERA of 4.29           Potomac pitching coach                                                                Stammen said. “When I am
in 16 games in early July for the Potomac Na-           Randy Tomlin, a former                                                                at home, I like to golf a lot.
tionals, a farm team of Washington in the Caro-         Major League pitcher                                                                  We actually get to play for
lina League. He has noticed the ability of hitters      with the Pittsburgh                                                                   free” at a course near the
in high Single-A, after playing in low Single-A in      Pirates.                                                                              stadium in Woodbridge, Va.
2006. “It has been a little bit of a struggle for me.       “He is a very intel-                                                                  Stammen plays a few
It is a continuing process,” said Stammen, who          ligent guy. He knows                                                                  times a week and has shot
was not highly recruited out of high school.            a lot about pitching,”                                                                in the low 80s. He played
     Stammen is one of at least three former UD         Stammen said. “What                                                                   on a real course for the
                                                                                    Now pitching in the farm system for the Washington
baseball pitchers to see action as pro players          he (stresses) is pitch                                                                first time when he was 8.
                                                                                    Nationals, Craig Stammen was drafted in the 12th
during the 2007 season. The others include Luke         selection and attacking                                                               Stammen may be a good
                                                                                    round after his junior year at UD.
Trubee, who played in the South Atlantic League         the hitters. He knows                                                                 golfer, but for now he will
in Charleston, S.C., with the New York Yankees’         his stuff. He has been to the big leagues, so you              focus on a pro career in baseball — a long way
farm system. Trubee, a 6-3 right-hander, was            better listen.”                                                from the family business in Ohio.
2-0 with an ERA of 4.06 in 28 games out of the              The Washington Nationals moved from                                                                —David Driver
bullpen in early July for Charleston. Trubee turns      Montreal after the 2004 season. The team used                      David Driver, a freelance writer, previously wrote
24 in November.                                         to be run on a shoestring budget by Major                      for UDQ in 2005, chronicling the experiences of
     Jerry Blevins, who had an 87-16 strikeout-to-      League Baseball. The Lerner family bought the                  Keith Waleskowski ’04 playing basketball in Spain.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

     Nonconference foes                   tournaments (Akron, American and
                                          George Mason) and two regular-
                                                                                         La Salle, Rhode Island, Richmond,
                                                                                         St. Bonaventure, Saint Louis and
                                                                                                                                    ons) and two former players (Don
                                                                                                                                    May ’68 and Jim Paxson ’79).
      averaged 20+ wins                   season conference champions (East              Xavier. So the teams UD plays twice            May, with 1,980 points, ranks
    The nine men’s basketball teams       Tennessee State and Toledo).                   are Rhode Island, Saint Louis and          second all-time among Flyers;
who will venture from outside the             A highlight of the home sched-             Xavier.                                    Paxson, with 1,945 points, ranks
A-10 to the UD Arena during the           ule is a visit from the Pitt Panthers,             UD finished the 2006-07 season         fourth. Blackburn, with a 352-141
2007-08 season averaged 20 wins           ranked as high as No. 5 in pre-                with a 19-12 record and an RPI of          record from 1947 to 1964, estab-
last year. The four teams the Flyers      season polls.                                  75.                                        lished the Flyers as a basketball
will visit before their A-10 season           Dates but not times are set for                                                       power. Donoher, coaching from
begins (George Mason, Miami,              the nonconference games.
Holy Cross and Louisville) averaged           Opponents but not dates have
                                                                                           Two coaches, two teams,                  1964 to 1989, posted a 437-235
21 wins.                                  been announced for the A-10                      two stars to Hall of Fame
    Nonconference opponents               regular season. Coming to the UD                   The Ohio Basketball Hall of
include four schools that played in       Arena will be Charlotte, Duquesne,             Fame in May inducted former
                                                                                                                                          Bob Knight to speak
the 2007 NCAA tournament (Holy            Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Saint             Flyer coaches Tom Blackburn and                 at athletics fundraiser
Cross, Louisville, Miami and Pitts-       Joseph’s, Saint Louis, Temple and              Don Donoher, two of their teams                College basketball’s winningest
burgh), three others that reached         Xavier. The Flyers will travel to              (Blackburn’s 1962 NIT champions            coach, Texas Tech’s Bob Knight,
the finals of their conference            Fordham, George Washington,                    and Donoher’s 1968 NIT champi-             will help the University raise funds

                                                                                                                              University of Dayton Quarterly   10   Autumn 2007
           Football seeks                                                                                                          1 p.m. against Urbana. (For the complete
                                                                                                                                   schedule and other Flyer schedules and
          to bounce back                                                                                                           scores, see
       Mike Kelly is not accustomed                                                                                                    The Flyers will be led by three cap-
   to losing. Last year’s 4-6 season                                                                                               tains: Kevin Hoyng, Brian Kelly and
   was Kelly’s only sub-.500 season                                                                                                Brandon Cramer. Cramer, third on the
   in his 26 seasons as UD head                                                                                                    team in tackles the last two seasons, is a
   football coach.                                                                                                                 two-time ESPN The Magazine Academic
       The Flyers open their 2007                                                                                                  All-American. Kelly led the Pioneer Foot-
   season on the road against                                                                                                      ball League last year in tackles (10.1 per
   Robert Morris, another team not                                                                                                 game) and was tied for 19th in the coun-
   accustomed to defeat. In the                                                                                                    try. Back for his third season as starting
   13 years that NCAA I-AA non-                                                                                                    quarterback, Hoyng already holds UD
   scholarship football has been an                                                                                                career records in passing yardage (4,545),
   option, Robert Morris has the        Holding UD’s career passing yardage record, senior quarterback Kevin Hoyng has             completions (279) and total offense
   fourth-best winning percentage       eyes set on leading the Flyers back on the road to victory and bettering the prediction (5,425 yards).
   (.622, 81-49-1) of schools choos- of a preseason Pioneer Football League coaches’ poll picking the Flyers for a                     At Jacksonville last year, Hoyng
   ing that option.                     fourth-place finish.                                                                       missed the game with a knee injury. His
       The best: UD (.786, 125-34).                                                                                                backup, Rob Florian, came in, threw the
       Others in the top five: Duquesne (.738,             trail only Davidson (who scored 100), Navy                         first pass of his college career for a
   110-39), Drake (.677, 101-48-1) and Albany              (98), William and Mary (98) and Furman                             16-yard completion and kept on throwing.
   (.583, 81-58).                                          (97). Other schools with rates above 90 were                       He finished the game with the second-high-
       And players do well off the field, too. The         Boston College (96), Bucknell (95), Stanford                       est single-game passing total yardage (411
   latest NCAA Graduation Success Rate report              (94), Air Force (93), Duke (93) and Villanova                      yards, 308 in the second half) in UD history.
   shows UD as fifth best in all of NCAA Divi-             (93).                                                                  The 2006 Flyers set the school record for
   sion I football with a score of 96. The Flyers              The Flyers first home game is Sept. 8 at                       passing yardage in a season (2,472).

to provide additional student-ath-              also led the Canadian squad in              club team, the Carmel United Cy-            Randy Dennis, Alex Torda and
lete opportunities and renovate UD’s            minutes played, steals, offensive           clones, recorded a 2-0 victory to win       Sonny Renner. This was the Texans’
Physical Activities Center.                     rebounds and successful three-point         the U-19 United States Youth Soccer         third consecutive national champi-
    Knight will be the keynote                  shots.                                      National Championship in July.              onship.
speaker at a celebration of UD’s                                                               On the male side, the U-19
basketball history at 7 p.m. Tues-
day, Oct. 9, in University of Dayton
                                                        National champs                     United States Youth Soccer National                 Follow the Flyers
                                                   Women’s soccer sophomore Lau-            Championship went to the Dallas                For up-to-date scores and sched-
                                                ren MacCormick had an assist as her         Texans, who featured three Flyers:          ules, see
    ESPN college basketball analyst
Jay Bilas will be the master of                 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Sponsorship opportunities start                                                        Flyer Faithful keeping faith
at $10,000. Individual general                      The men’s basketball Flyers drew an average of 12,266 fans to home games last season, ranking 28th in the
admission tickets are $35. Call 937-            NCAA. Every year since UD Arena opened in 1969, Dayton has been in the NCAA’s top 35 in attendance.
                                                    UD led the Atlantic 10 in attendance for the

                                                                                                                                                                                  ERIK SCHELKUN/ELSESTAR IMAGES
229-4433 to order tickets or inquire
about sponsorship opportunities.                11th straight season, drawing 2,300 fans a game
    The 1967 NCAA tournament                    more than any other A-10 team.
runner-up UD men’s basketball team                  The women’s basketball team also led the
will headline the event. That team              A-10 in attendance and was 38th in the coun-
finished 25-6, losing to UCLA in the            try with 3,190 fans per game. Over the previous
NCAA championship game.                         season, this was an increase of 1,586, the fifth
    UD also will honor the 1951,                highest increase in attendance in the country.
1952, 1955, 1956, 1958, 1962, 1968,                 This summer season ticketholders for men’s
1974, 1984, 1990 and 2003 teams at              basketball received a brochure New Realities 2007.
the event.                                      The brochure outlined the status, goal and chal-
                                                lenges of UD’s athletics program as did similar
                                                brochures in 2002 and in 1997 (when UD intro-
              O, Canada                         duced a seating plan requiring annual contribu-
    Basketball sophomore Kendel                 tions for a number of seats in the Arena).
Ross was this summer the Canadian                   By mid-July, of the men’s basketball lower        The men’s basketball Flyers have drawn for each of their last 120 regular
U-19 Women’s National Team lead-                Arena season-ticket holders, 97.8 percent had         season home games an attendance of at least 11,000 fans.
ing scorer (11.1 points per game)               renewed their tickets.
in the FIBA World Championships.                    New Realities 2007 is online at; click on the picture of the UD Arena just above
Team Canada finished ninth. Ross                “Top Stories.”

Autumn 2007    11   University of Dayton Quarterly
    Herb Dintaman, photographed in the Arena in 1988 on
    the occasion of receiving UD’s Marianist Service Award.

                                                                    Gordie Hatton ’64, Bill Chmielewski
                                                                    (who played but one varsity season
                                                                    before leaving school) and the late
                                                                    Roger Brown. (Brown’s association
                                                                    in high school with a gambler led
                                                                    to no charges but nevertheless to his
                                                                    being banned by the NBA and to his
                                                                    leaving school; he later became a
                                                                    popular star with the American Bas-
                                                                    ketball Association Indiana Pacers).
                                                                        Dintaman’s team amassed a
                                                                    36-4-1 record, playing other fresh-
                                                                    man teams as well as an AAU
                                                                    schedule. It advanced to the AAU

                                                                    national semifinals. Home games
                                                                    were played in both the Fairgrounds
                                                                    Coliseum and the Fieldhouse, which

when you
                                                                    was filled to its 5,808 seat capacity
                                                                    for at least one of the AAU games.

                                                                       Dintaman, who died five
                                                                    years ago at 82, perhaps is not
                                                                    widely remembered as a basket-

                                                                    ball coach because he preferred
                                                                    to work behind the scenes. Also,

                                                                    being a freshman basketball
                                                                    coach was but one of many roles
                                                                    he played at UD. Besides coach-
                                                                    ing freshman basketball, he
                                                                    coached baseball, was an

                           By Thomas M. Columbus
                       n the opinion of Don Donoher ’54,
                       it was one of the best Flyer bas-
                       ketball teams ever. But Donoher,
                       although he coached the Flyers to
                       437 wins, did not coach that team.
                       Nor did Tom Blackburn although
                       he led Dayton to 352 wins. Nor
                       did any other UD head basketball
                           The team was the 1960-61
                       freshman team; the coach, Herbie
                           The team included the late

    Right, four alumni gather to reminisce about
    Herbie Dintaman: clockwise from top left, Dan
    Sadlier ’70, Hank Josefczyk ’60, Don Donoher ’54
    and Joe Eaglowski ’69.

                                                              University of Dayton Quarterly   12   Autumn 2007
assistant football coach, directed             pitch in big games.                   what he asked.                       Eaglowski convinced the athletic
intramurals and, for many years,                   Much of Dintaman’s suc-               Josefczyk recalled an earlier    department to get a truck. “We
was the director of facilities at              cess in the many roles he played      time, when the Dintaman chil-        did,” Eaglowski said. “It had a
the UD Arena.                                  was motivational. “I heard that       dren were very young. “I babysat     heater, even a radio.”
    The establishment of a schol-              Herbie’s solution to losing was to    for him my sophomore year; I             Simply, if something needed
arship fund in Dintaman’s mem-                 run you to death until you            had never done that. I had to        to be done, Dintaman did it. In
ory by John Courtney ’85, who                  decided to win,” said a player        change diapers,” Josefczyk said.     writing of Dintaman’s induction
while a Flyer basketball manager               from a few years later, Dan           “I had never done that either.”      into UD’s athletic hall of fame
came to know and respect Dinta-                Sadlier ’70, UD board chair from          While Dintaman was fresh-        in 1981, Dayton’s Journal Herald
man, occasioned others this                    2003 to 2007. According to            man basketball coach, his mul-       sports editor Ritter Collett said he
spring to reminisce about him.                 Donoher, Dintaman was just            tiple duties and football back-      noticed Dintaman the week be-
    Donoher remembered that                    following Blackburn in that           ground did not allow much time       fore running a cleaning machine
Dintaman came to Dayton in the                 tactic, one with which Donoher        for game analysis. Blackburn’s       on the Arena floor. It wasn’t his
early 1950s to assist head football            had little disagreement.              Flyers were, however, aided by       job, but someone hadn’t shown
coach Hugh Devore. When De-                        Dintaman expected disci-          detailed reports from a young        up.
vore left to become head coach                 pline. Hatton remembered one          scout who was astutely analyzing         Collett noted it “wasn’t his
of the Philadelphia Eagles, Dinta-             player on his highly talented         opponents. The scout, Donoher,       job to pull the pilot and co-
man decided it was time for him                freshman team who “thought            came on the UD payroll on            pilot out of a burning C-47 cargo
and his family to settle down.                 he was better than anyone else        Feb. 1, 1963. “That summer,”         plane under enemy fire in Burma
    He was “very versatile,”                   and did not take discipline well.”    Donoher said, “Herbie weaned         in World War II either.”
recalled Tom Hatton ’62, who                   When he threw a basketball at         himself out of basketball. No-           Easygoing and affable, blunt
preceded his brother Gordie by                 Dintaman, the coach told him if       body told him to leave. …            and direct, Dintaman in his
two years to UD. Hatton, who                   he did it again he’d be gone.             “Herbie was the best friend I    relationships to colleagues and
played shortstop in baseball and                   He did.                           ever had on this campus.”            players “had a serious vein,”
guard in basketball, said of Dinta-                He was.                               Donoher coached the fresh-       Sadlier said. “If you were doing
man, “Coach Blackburn had a lot                    But it is a less strict side of   men with Paul Westhead (whose        something you shouldn’t, he’d
of respect for him, so he hired                Dintaman that his players and         Loyola Marymount teams made          share it discretely.”
him.”                                          colleagues remember most.             run-and-gun history in the               He just took care of his
    That Dintaman was not cre-                     “He was easygoing,” Roggen-       late 1980s). Soon Donoher was        people. A man whose pants were
dentialed as a basketball coach                burk said. “It was a little differ-   taking over some of the varsity      probably perpetually wrinkled
was no impediment. Blackburn                   ent when we got to varsity.”          practices as cancer consumed         from work, Dintaman told the
said, according to Donoher, “I’ll                  Hank Josefczyk ’60, a player      coach Blackburn.                                      young Josefczyk
teach him all he needs to know.”               on Dintaman’s first Flyer fresh-      Donoher became          Besides coaching              as he was about
    He apparently did. Garry                   man basketball team and an            head coach, and                                       to go on a job
Roggenburk ’62, one of only a                  engineering major, remembers          by 1967 the Fly-     freshman basketball,             interview to go
half-dozen Flyers to surpass 1,000
points and 1,000 rebounds, said
                                               when playing for Blackburn
                                               having a lab scheduled at the
                                                                                     ers were in the
                                                                                     NCAA finals. In
                                                                                                          he coached baseball,             back to his room
                                                                                                                                           and change his
that Dintaman “introduced us to                same time as basketball practice.     1968, they won         was an assistant               wrinkled pants.
the varsity’s offense and defense.
He got us involved in what the
                                               “Herbie took care of it. He took
                                               care of all kinds of things.”
                                                                                     their second NIT.
                                                                                     In 1969 the UD
                                                                                                              football coach,                  Donoher
                                                                                                                                           remembered visits
program was all about.”                            “He was always there when         Arena opened.        directed intramurals             from a number of
    “By the time we were on the
varsity,” Hatton said, “every-
                                               you needed him,” Roggenburk
                                               said, noting that Dintaman was
                                                                                     The Arena was
                                                                                     called “The House
                                                                                                          and, for many years,             his former play-
                                                                                                                                           ers. “I’d think,”
body knew all the drills. We were              the buffer between the players        That Tom Built”        was the director of            he said, “that’s
prepared.” The preparation led                 and Blackburn. “Herbie took care      because of the ex-                                    nice of them.
the Hattons, Roggenburk and                    of things before you had to go to     tensive efforts in    facilities at the UD            We’d talk a little.
their 1961-62 Flyer teammates to
winning UD’s first NIT champi-
                                               coach Blackburn. If you had to
                                               go to him, you were in trouble.”
                                                                                     making it reality
                                                                                     by athletic direc-
                                                                                                                  Arena.                   Then they’d ask,
                                                                                                                                           ‘Where’s Herbie?’
onship.                                            Donoher succinctly described      tor Tom Frericks; it could easily    He was a magnet.”
    Dintaman also took a fun-                  Dintaman-player relationships:        also be called “The House That           Sadlier explained, “Something
damental approach to baseball,                 “The players who played for him       Herbie Maintained.”                  about Herbie stays with you
a sport in which Hatton and                    loved him.”                               “He was a slave to the place,”   throughout your life, whether it’s
Roggenburk were also teammates.                    Dintaman’s loyalty to them,       Donoher recalled. “He dropped        your work ethic, how you treat
Roggenburk recalled that for him               his family and UD was conta-          everything for it. He was always     people. …”
baseball was a short season; each              gious. Sadlier recalled one night     on call.”                                Donoher summed it up: “Old-
of his three years on the basket-              when he was a student and                 One of Dintaman’s Arena          time values.”
ball varsity, the Flyers played in             Herbie had to work late: “He told     colleagues, Joe Eaglowski ’69,
the NIT.                                       me, ‘You are going to take my         who came to UD as an assistant           For more information on the
    “Herbie organized us,”                     daughter to the father-daughter       football coach and served as         Herbie Dintaman Scholarship or
Roggenburk said, “and let us                   dance at Alter High School.’”         manager of the Arena, remem-         other giving opportunities, contact
play.” Hatton recalled that part                   It wasn’t the sort of request     bered Dintaman himself out           the office of development at 937-
of the organization was schedul-               people that knew him thought          in an open vehicle plowing           229-2901 or see http://supportud
ing star pitcher Roggenburk to                 twice about; they just did            snow off the Arena parking lot.

Autumn 2007   13   University of Dayton Quarterly

                 University of Dayton Quarterly   14   Autumn 2007
                                                                                                 Photography professor Sean Wilkinson has
                                                                                             been making photographs since 1967, when he
                                                                                             was an Antioch College student in a co-op job in
                                                                                             San Francisco.
                                                                                                 “Here and There, Now and Then,” a
                                                                                             retrospective featuring about 70 of his
                                                                                             photographs, will be exhibited at the Dayton
                                                                                             Visual Arts Center Sept. 10 through Oct. 27.
                                                                                                 “The idea of a retrospective is a little sobering,
                                                                                             not unlike that first AARP mailer that comes,”
                                                                                             said Wilkinson, whose introductory photography
                                                                                             classes now include students who have never
                                                                                             seen a roll of film. “I’m 60. It’s not a bad time to
                                                                                             look back and reflect on my work.”
                                                                                                 His reflections, and selected images that
                                                                                             are representative of the bodies of work he has
                                                                                             produced these past 40 years, follow.


                                                        The artist within the university is in many ways an outsider in that

                                                     institution. The professor is obliged to know, reason, and explain. The art-

                                                     ist must avoid becoming so engrossed in such things that they corrupt his

                                                     ability to marvel, to see, and to make useless objects as an act of faith. The

                                                     professor of art who would also be an artist must therefore accept a certain

                                                     degree of schizophrenia as an occupational hazard.
                                                                                         n   n   n

                                                        I am unapologetically interested in and seduced by beauty, a topic that

                                                     has been unfashionable in intellectual circles for quite some time. And I am
                                                                                          in league with Thoreau, who wrote:
                                                                                          “This curious world which we inhabit
                                                                                          is more wonderful than it is conve-
                                                                                          nient; more beautiful than it is useful
                                                                                          ... more to be admired and enjoyed
                                                                                          than used.”
                                                                                                                    n   n   n

                                                                                                 The process of making pictures
                                                                                             is always for me one of overlapping,
                                                                                             circling back, and allowing things the
                                                                                             time and attention they take to reveal
                                                                                             themselves. The only way I know how
                                                                                             to work is to make a lot of pictures,
                                                                                             so photography’s capacity for prolific

 Autumn 2007   15   University of Dayton Quarterly
output suits me well. I make a ter-
rific number of bad and mediocre
and almost-good pictures on my
way to making a few good ones.
               n   n   n

    Over several years I spent
a good deal of time traveling
around to find and photograph
greenhouses. I once wrote about
this work: I am attracted to places
that are falling into disrepair,
small idiosyncratic enterprises
with ragged edges and neglected
corners. But I am also drawn to
the elegant efficiency and severe
grace of vast, well-ordered plant
factories. All greenhouses are frag-
ile structures with delicate skins of
glass and plastic, yet they appear
indifferent to the seasons. The air
inside is saturated with oxygen
and the scent of moist earth. Time
and space evaporate within these
marvelous theaters of silence and
               n   n   n

    Moving from the deep spaces
of the greenhouses to the con-
densed and often ambiguous
spaces in the “Transparency”
pictures was a matter of looking
up, of moving from a wide lens to
a long one, and of relishing a shift
in scale. For just a couple of hours
a day, only when the sun is shin-
ing, and for no more than three
to four weeks out of the year, the
light can be marvelous on the
ceiling of a long-abandoned and
dangerously derelict greenhouse I
have visited frequently in Yellow
Springs (Ohio). Leaves fall on the
glass and soon blow away, but
for brief moments they are like
extraordinary gifts of chance.
               n   n   n

    I spent several months in Italy
in 1990 and 1991. Among other
things, I photographed portraits
on cemetery headstones. I found
them endlessly fascinating and I
wandered about looking at thou-
sands of faces, especially in the
vast necropolis of Campo Verano
in Rome. … In 2002 and 2003
I returned to Italy and resumed
an intensified investigation of
headstone portraits, the result
of which was the body of work           often used the phrase “taken from   memorial portraits … this phrase       this transient world, are hopeful,
entitled “Memoria,” about which         life” to advertise the inherent     takes on richer shades of meaning.     futile gestures to eternity. ... These
I wrote:                                directness and veracity of their    These simple objects, freighted        photographs are meditations on
    Early photographic studios          medium. In the photographic         with feeling and plainly a part of     identity, memory and mortality,

                                                                                                             University of Dayton Quarterly   16   Autumn 2007
and on the evocative power of                   centrated exclusively on making         work, “Something More and              tion even in the fullness of their
photographic images to convey a                 pictures in museums of art and of       Less,” continues to explore this       describing.
palpable sense of both presence                 natural history. The most sub-          practice of merging recognition                        n   n   n
and ephemerality.                               stantial and significant body of        with disorientation. I make these          I prefer to work in places and
                n   n   n                       work consisted of images deliber-       photographs with a cheap, plastic      among things with which I feel
    Making photographic images                  ately and quite carefully thrown        camera. I make several expo-           myself to be fully present. These
on film and printing them in a                  out of focus. These pictures are        sures in rapid succession on each      qualities may be found almost
darkroom are practices that are                 not about the minute particulars        frame. Overlaps and blur make it       anywhere, in almost anything: a
almost obsolete, but they con-                  of subject matter, nor do they          impossible to know exactly what        city street, a tree, a certain quality
tinue to afford an experience of                exploit the phenomenon of de-           the images will look like. Basic el-   of light, a fleeting gesture. Poten-
working directly by hand with                   tailed, photographic description.       ements can be discerned, but the       tial subjects are not hard to find,
simple materials — including the                Their diffusion and consequent          details remain unresolved, mak-        and in some ways, photography
elements of water and darkness                  lack of specificity oblige the          ing them more about atmosphere         is as easy as it appears to be. The
— in an environment that, much                  viewer to abandon the reflexive         than information. The main             challenge is to see. Like breath-
like the cemeteries in which these              habit of simply recognizing sub-        event of picture making is there-      ing, it seems so simple until you
pictures originated, is conducive to            ject matter.                            fore an act of imagination, and        give it your complete attention.
contemplation, mystery, wonder,                                n   n   n                the result is always a surprise.
and revelation.                                     The pictures in the body of                        n   n   n
                                                                                                                                               n   n   n
                n   n   n                       work called “Traces” are out of            These pictures acknowledge               The Dayton Visual Arts Center
    Much of my work has explored                focus because I am interested           that the camera always presents        is located at 118 N. Jefferson St.
the idea of making images of im-                in merging objects and back-            us with something other than           (between First and Second streets in
ages. This was extended in the                  grounds, in light dissolving edges,     exactly what was there.                downtown Dayton.)
photographs “Learning to Draw”                  and in the suggestion of a thing                       n   n   n
                                                                                                                                    Hours are 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
that I made from an old book                    rather than its description. I reject       I am equally interested in         Monday through Saturday and until
entitled Anatomy for Art Students. I            in this work the reflexive closure      the act of seeing and the nature       9 p.m. on Thursday. Wilkinson
see the figures in these illustrations          of simple identification, the point     of things seen. W. S. Di Piero         will give a gallery talk at 6:30 p.m.
as redolent with mystery, poignant              at which most photographs begin         explains that a poem may itself        Thursday, Sept. 13.
and evocative, their gestures and               and end. I sought to introduce a        be “a passion, not an illustration          Wilkinson, an Ohio Arts Council
dutifully blank expressions sug-                level of ambiguity that I regard as     or depiction of a passion.” I feel     fellow, is also one of 18 artists state-
gesting far more than the book                  particularly welcome in photo-          much the same way about good           wide selected to display work in the
was intended to convey.                         graphs.                                 photographs. The best of them,         “Celebration of Creativity” exhibit
                n   n   n                                      n   n   n
                                                                                        while full of information, exist in    at the Riffe Gallery in Columbus.
   For a number of years I con-                      My most recent, ongoing            themselves, transcending descrip-      The exhibit runs through Oct. 7.

Autumn 2007   17    University of Dayton Quarterly
    By Michelle Tedford
                   e are pilgrims. Eyes
                   hot from too little
                   sleep. Bodies sore
                   from too many
                   foreign beds. And
                   again, we pray. This
                   time on the freeway
                   at 100 kilometers
                   per hour, rushing
                   past sand dunes
made stationary by scrub grass where
naked sheep graze.
    Each day, a pilgrim leads the
prayer. Today, as we head north to
France after 16 hours in Zaragoza,
Spain, Joe Saliba sways near the bus
driver and speaks into the micro-
    “Some say Marianists are re-
formed Benedictines,” says the dean
of engineering, pausing for our
labored chuckles. “We really borrow
a lot of their virtues and a lot of their
habits. The difference is that they
are in abbeys and we are in commu-
    He recites Pope John Paul II’s
“Prayer to our Lady of Lourdes” — in
preparation for the group’s next stop
six hours over the Pyrenees moun-
tains — in the style of the Benedic-
tines. Saliba reads. Others share a
word or phrase that resonates deeply.
And the process repeats.
    “It’s an awakening of the words
of the scripture,” Saliba says.
    One pilgrim offers: Teach us to
build up the world.
    And another: Glorious Mother.
    Dawn of a new era.

                                            B or de au x
    Paths of the world.
    “This morning, for me it was ‘first
of the disciples,’” he says.

     For 10 days in June, we UD

                                                    Beyon d
pilgrims followed the paths of the
Marianist founders through three
countries, connecting with the places
and spaces that have inspired more
than two centuries of education and
community action in the spirit of
Mary. These pilgrims are Marianist
Educational Associates, lay people
committed to preserving the heritage
and invigorating the spirit of Marian-

                                            Back to Marianist Basics
ist education. They also may be the
future of the University of Dayton.
     Gone are the days of a brother in

                                                          University of Dayton Quarterly   18   Autumn 2007
    every classroom. Now, it’s hard even                Brother Tim Phillips, S.M.,         people in Dayton, Ohio, have a real
    to find a priest for every blessing.           assistant rector of Marianist Inter-     connection to this place. There’s
    But thanks to the Blessed Father               national Seminary Chaminade in           something real important in recog-
    William Joseph Chaminade, who                  Rome, turned stories once trapped        nizing the value of the ordinary, in
    began the Marianists with his sodal-           in ink and pulp to flesh and wood as     spreading the gospel and in being
    ity of everyday Christians, the lay            he led the MEAs on a walking tour        one contributor to a transformation
    and the religious are equal partners           of the old city. In the Chapel of the    in society. ... What you need is a
    in building up society for the glory           Madeleine, he showed pilgrims the        simple room with a table and people
    of God. The 31 vowed Marianists on             door, 6-feet high and rubbed soft by     who are gathered together who are
    campus are now complemented by                 centuries of hands, behind which         committed.”
    25 MEAs who have undergone for-                the first Marianists took their vows          The simplicity of the other his-
    mation training and public commit-             in 1817.                                 toric locations — the oratory where
    ments. The trip, part of an education               “What we’re about is to learn       Chaminade hid priests during the
    to connect them with the order’s               and keep tradition alive,” said Steve    revolution, the Miséricorde where
    founders, allowed them to walk in              Mueller, UD executive director of        Marie Thérèse welcomed prostitutes
    the footsteps of Chaminade, visit              counseling and health services. “It      and helped them learn trades, the
    the mission of Mother Marie Thérèse            also stirs some emotion — we’ve          storefront that once served as the
    de Lamourous and meet the women                read the books, but it doesn’t feel      first Marianist boarding school, the
    who keep the work of Mother Adèle              like it does when you step into the      first house of the Society of Mary
    de Batz de Trenquelléon alive.                 Madeleine for the first time.”           — reinforced the Marianist involve-
        To be sure, it is a costly endeavor             The travelers stepped into the      ment in everyday life.
    for the Society of Mary, which is              dim chapel and inhaled cool, humid            It also served for a bit of weary
    putting time and resources into                air. The 15th-century building,          humor that sent the tired bunch
    people who are not bound to their              which still holds Mass daily and sup-    into hysterics. On a day trip from
    commitment through anything                    ports a religious and lay Marianist      Bordeaux into Périgueux, where
    other than dedication. It’s an invest-         community, seemed to vibrate with        Chaminade’s parents lived, Father
    ment the society is willing to make.           an intensity that pricked the skin       Robert Witwicki, S.M., led the
        “The investment is really an               like electricity. Its cool limestone     pilgrims down a narrow lane. He
    investment for a deepening of the              walls contrasted with the gilded         stopped before a nondescript green
    Marianist spirit,” said Father Paul            statues of Mary and the angel of the     door next to another nondescript
    Marshall, S.M., University rector,             Annunciation purchased by Chami-         green door.
    who joined eight MEAs, three spous-            nade. A relic of Chaminade lies               “And this is where Chaminade
    es and this journalist on the trip.            within an illuminated altar.             was born,” he said with a flourish.
    “It doesn’t live in ideas first. The                The MEAs felt that same inten-           Looking up, the pilgrims asked,
    forming of the mind, it’s not book             sity in the bright second-floor apart-   “Which one? 18 or 20?”
    knowledge. It’s going to the places,           ment where Chaminade worked and               “Ah, 18, 20, it doesn’t matter. We
    meeting the people. ... The Marianist          died and where Father Paul Marshall      say it is here.”
    charism lives in people.”                      said Mass at the worm-worn table on
                                                   which Chaminade said Mass during
                                                   the revolution.                               “I’ve been looking for you.”
        In Bordeaux, France, we walked                  “A lot of the letters and docu-          Father Matt Kohmescher, S.M.,
    in the footsteps of Father Chami-              ments we have from Father Chami-         sitting on a couch in the admission
    nade and inadvertently left some               nade would have been written, dic-       office, greeted Kathy McEuen Har-
    of our own in the wet concrete of              tated, thought about in this room,”      mon with this phrase as he began
    a city at once old and constantly              Phillips said. “You can imagine the      their daily chats about Flyer basket-     Above: A table in Chaminade’s bedroom, where
    reinventing itself. If a 300-year-old          conversations they must have had.”       ball, religion and the scholarship in     he celebrated Mass secretly during the French
    building needs water, simply rip up                 The simplicity of the chapel and    his mother’s name.                        Revolution and where this summer UD pilgrims
    the sidewalk, insert the appropriate           the room struck Sandra Yocum Mize,            One day he had a new topic of        celebrated it openly.
    piping, and cover it over for another          chair of the department of religious     conversation: There’s this program,
    hundred years, Saliba pointed out.             studies. The pine floors and blue        he said, that you’d be perfect for. I’m   Far left: St. Peter’s Basilica

    No fuss, no “wet cement” signs to              front door belie the courage needed      not sure exactly what it is, but I’ve
                                                                                                                                                           PHOTOGRAPHS BY MICHELLE TEDFORD
    warn spiritual sightseers.                     by the Marianists to re-Christian-       nominated you.
        Dogged pragmatism, a sense of              ize French society after the chaos of         He knew of Harmon’s longstand-
    making do while recognizing the                the revolution. Being in this place      ing dedication to the University,
    future: These are familiar themes              underscored the connection UD has        which she joined in 1992. As associ-
    to those who know the Marianists.              with that first Marianist mission to     ate director of student scholarships,
    Simply being in the city gave the              educate the laity and send them out      she has daily contact with a special
    pilgrims a sense of the old Bordeaux           to be forces for change in their own     area of the Marianists’ mission: edu-
    that Chaminade called home from                communities, she said.                   cating the whole person by stretch-
    1789, when the French Revolution                    “There are people who pass by       ing scarce resources.
    drove him from the school where                L’Madeleine every day, ride by it             The program was the Marianist
    he was teaching, until his death in            on bikes, and have no idea what          Educational Associates, lay people
    1850.                                          is going on inside,” she said. “Yet      educated and working in partner-

    Autumn 2007   19   University of Dayton Quarterly
ship with the vowed religious to per-      aspect of the University, who we                        Michelangelo’s Pietá and the                     centuries, endeared himself to the
petuate the heritage and invigorate        are and what we do,” said Father                    sunlight streaming down on the                       MEAs. “It’s at these places you meet
the mission of the three Marianist         Marshall. “It embraces all areas of                 marble floors provided a striking                    the people.”
universities: Dayton, St. Mary’s Uni-      academics and growth — nothing is                   contrast to the simplicity of the                        In Zaragoza, Spain, it was Father
versity in San Antonio and Chami-          outside the kingdom of God.”                        Marianist sites they would see in                    Eduardo Benlloch, S.M., who bustled
nade University in Honolulu.                                                                   Bordeaux. But, more than anything,                   the pilgrims across town for a brief
    Started in 2004, the MEA pro-                                                              Rome provided a first lesson in the                  presentation on Our Lady of the
gram has graduated three cohorts               The bones of St. Peter are not in               people who inhabit the spaces and                    Pillar, before which Chaminade
of faculty, staff and administrators       the box.                                            places that punctuate an itinerary.                  prayed while in exile. In Feugarolles,
from an intensive four-day initial             Brother Michael John McAward,                       McAward waved his arms as he                     France, it was Patrice and Ghislaine
formation program focused on the           S.M., secretary general of the Mari-                gave running commentary around                       de Bentzmann, who welcomed the
Marianist and Catholic history,            anists at their Rome headquarters,                  the Colosseum, through St. Peter’s                   MEAs into the historic family home
Catholic higher education and the          kept the jet-lagged pilgrims moving                 and on to the baptistery at St. John                 of very great auntie Adèle, founder
Marianist educational mission. MEAs        on the first day of the pilgrimage                  Lateran, knowledge that sprang                       of the Daughters of Mary.
also complete personal readings and        through St. Peter’s Basilica in Vati-               from his love of sharing history, re-                    In Bordeaux, it included Jean-
reflections, discuss faith and campus      can City with the story of St. Peter,               ligion and culture. Sister Marie Luce                Pierre Roumaillac, whose mobile
mission in community, are invited          rock of the church, in seven parts.                 Balliet, F.M.I., who poured sugar in                 phone rang the theme to Pink
to make a public commitment, and           It began with history beneath the                   her wine at lunch at the Daughters                   Panther. He was the MEAs’ intrepid
join the pilgrimage. While it was the      colonnade, continued with intrigue                  general administration, told stories                 companion, offering interpretations
second year for the pilgrimage, it was     at the tomb of St. Peter (the bones                 of joining the men in the Bordeaux                   of history based on his own experi-
the first attended by only those from      are actually 4 feet to the right of the             grape harvest as a teenager and of                   ence as a lay Marianist.
UD.                                        tomb, which bears the inscription                   preparing for South American mis-                        As he sped past vineyards on the
    The program recognizes both the        that identifies his resting place), and             sions at age 70.                                     way to Mussidan — where Chami-
importance of the laity to Marianist       concluded outside with humor (the                       “It’s not the places that are inter-             nade and his brother ran a school
history (“The laity is as much Mari-       archeologist who took the bones                     esting, it’s the people,” said Brother               — Roumaillac announced to the
anist as the religious,” said Brother      home in a shoebox for safe keeping).                Phillips who, with stories rooted in                 MEAs in his car that it was 3 o’clock,
Raymond Fitz, S.M.) and the reality                                                                                                                 time for the traditional Marianist
that the number of vowed Marianists                                                                                                                 prayer. Switching from English back
in North America is diminishing.
                                           Students rediscover roots                                                                                to French, he then recited the doxol-
                                                Junior Grace Finn points to the world map hanging in Kennedy Union dotted with Marianist
    “As we move into the future, the                                                                                                                ogy from memory.
driving force (at the universities) will                                                                                                                “I found it very touching and felt
                                                “I love that map. It makes it real for me,” she said. “It’s not just our little community in
remain the Society of Mary, but there      Dayton, Ohio. It’s living, breathing, global.”                                                           this connection, this sense that he
will not be such a cadre to animate             Finn has tapped into that community as a member of the rector’s council and as a UD                 knew we knew what he was talking
and sustain the spirit throughout          Marianist Fellow, which allows students to explore personal faith, campus life and how the               about,” Sandra Yocum Mize said.
the institutions,” said Fitz who, with     Marianist charism can enhance both.                                                                      “He said it in French, we say it in
Brother Tom Giardino, S.M., teaches             The rector’s office coordinates both the Marianist Fellows and Marianist Leadership Scholars        English, but, in that simple offering
the intensive formation program.           programs, during which students from all majors build community, study, share and support one            of the prayer, we felt a larger connec-
    Each university embraced the           another, much in the way the Marianist founders first organized lay people.                              tion to the Marianists.”
concept and formed it with a flavor             “We are rediscovering our roots,” said Joan McGuinness Wagner, director of Marianist strate-
unique to the institution’s charac-        gies. “People wonder where is the spirit in the Church and why are we experiencing so much
ter and needs. UD rector’s council,        difficulty. This is the spirit. Remember who you are. When Mary said ‘yes,’ she was saying yes to            The strong, curved, 4-foot-5
intent not to duplicate existing           being a mother, to being a lay person, to working in the area she was in.”                               frame of Sister Marie Agnes shook
efforts or create an insiders’ club,            Marianist Leadership Scholars — Marianist high school graduates who receive scholarships            with excitement. She rattled on in
discussed for a year the idea before       from the Society of Mary — investigate through meetings and retreats the concept of educating            French, filling the cramped room
taking nominations, like the one           the whole person. They commit to service activities and accept leadership positions in organiza-         with words about the ministry
from Kohmescher, and then applica-         tions like fraternities, sororities and the Student Government Association.                              of Marie Thérèse and giving her
tions for those willing to accept the           “The goal is to set the campus ablaze with the charism in the activities they choose,” said         interpreter no pauses to explain the
responsibility of being an MEA.            Maureen O’Rourke, coordinator for Marianist activities and scholarship.                                  stories to the American visitors.
    Harmon, who is Protestant,                  Currently, 40 students have accepted a further call to become Marianist Fellows. They                   “And the story doesn’t end
appreciates how welcoming the
                                           commit to service, discussion and reflection, learning about the Marianist heritage, applying it         there,” she said after a forced inter-
                                           to their lives and sharing it with the wider community. Some like Finn have participated in the
Marianists are to those of all faiths,                                                                                                              ruption before launching into a
                                           annual Marianist Universities Meeting; a few have gone on a pilgrimage similar to this year’s trip
employees and students alike. So,                                                                                                                   story about the secret room where
                                           by the Marianist Educational Associates.
when she was selected for the second                                                                                                                Marie Thérèse and her followers said
                                                While some students have graduated into consideration of life as a vowed religious, others
cohort, she drew from Kohmescher’s         have taken vows as lay Marianists in campus commitment ceremonies. A group of alumni has                 Mass during the French Revolution.
faith in her and years in service to       approached Wagner with the suggestion of living and studying in community for two years after            Here, she said, is a small window to
the Marianists to answer: “In the          graduation, in a way similar for those who prepare for religious life, to further deepen their com-      the courtyard, so the gardener could
spirit of Chaminade, ‘yes.’ In the         mitment to the Marianist ideals.                                                                         signal if the soldiers appeared.
spirit of Mary, ‘yes.’”                         Finn is considering whether she is ready to make a vow as a lay Marianist. No matter her                Sisters Marie Agnes and Marie
    Since the concept of partnership       decision, she knows her UD education will provide her with a permanent tie to the global com-            Veronique, both aged more than 80
between religious and lay is key, it’s     munity illustrated by the map.                                                                           and more than a century removed
as important to include an admis-               “I’m a Marianist and I buy into what they think, how they act, their vision for the world,” she     from Marie Thérèse, were ecstatic to
sions counselor as a dean.                 said. “It does affect how I act, but I understand that I am one person and I can do good, so             entertain these visitors from America
    “The charism should infuse every       I should.”                                                                                               who traveled so far to hear their sto-

                                                                                                                                              University of Dayton Quarterly   20   Autumn 2007
The center
of the
at the
Plaza of
St. Peter

                                                                               Part of a mile-long procession of the ill and infirm at Lourdes, France       ries. While the MEAs were there to
                                                                                                                                                             learn history — see the shepherd’s
                                                                                                                                                             cottage original to Marie Thérèse’s
                                                                                                                                                             family, the embroidery made for
                                                                                                                                                             her by the repentant women she
                                                                                                                                                             helped — they learned that the
                                                                                                                                                             jubilant spirit that seems so familiar
                                                                                                                                                             at UD animates people and missions
                                                                                                                                                             around the world.
                                                                                                                                                                 At the Hermitage in Le Pian,
                                                                                                                                                             outside Bordeaux, the sisters run a
                                                                                                                                                             boarding school for socially dis-
                                                                                                                                                             turbed youth. They require love and
                                                                                                                                                             attention, Marie Veronique said,
                                                                                                                                                             much the way Marie Thérèse cared
                                                                               Brother Michael McAward, S.M., leading a tour through St. Peter’s             for the prostitutes who were seeking
                                                                                                                                                             reform and reintegration into soci-
                                                                                                                                                             ety. One of her favorite stories is of a
                                                                                                                                                             Polish order that wrote asking Marie
                                                                                                                                                             Thérèse to send women to establish
                                                                                                                                                             a similar ministry in their country.
                                                                                                                                                             Her reply: send your women here,
                                                                                                                                                             learn from us, and take a piece of
                                                                                                                                                             that back with you.
                                                                                                                                                                 The jubilation was present in
                                                                                                                                                             Agen, France, where the Daughters
                                                                                                                                                             of Mary welcomed the MEAs with
Pilgrims resting in the fountain in the Plaza of the Pillar, Zaragoza, Spain   Chateau de Trenquelléon, family home of Adèle                                 sweet wine and cakes after a tour of
                                                                                                                                                             the property, which included Adèle’s
                                                                                                                                                             grave and a case containing a lock
                                                                                                                                                             of her hair, a piece of her habit, the
Beverly Jenkins                                                                                                                                              cross she wore on her neck.
(center) with                                                                                                                                                    It also was present at the Daugh-
Patricia and                                                                                                                                                 ters of Mary in Rome when Superior
Ghislaine de                                                                                                                                                 General Marie Joëlle Bec, F.M.I., told
Bentzmann                                                                                                                                                    the story of Adèle who, at age 11 in
                                                                                                                                                             1801, insisted to the priest she must
                                                                                                                                                             wait and prepare properly for First
                                                                                                                                                             Communion. Adèle again insisted,
                                                                                                                                                             this time in 1816, that Chaminade
                                                                                                                                                             support her call to form a commu-
                                                                                                                                                             nity of sisters. With great pride, Bec
                                                                                                                                                             related how Adèle described Chami-
                                                                                                                                                             nade as “working in the masculine
                                                                                                                                                             branch of our order.”
                                                                                                                                                                 “Because a family must have a
                                                                                                                                                             mother and a father,” Bec told her
Chapel at the Hermitage, Le Pian                          UD pilgrims outside St. Peter’s                                                                    guests in conclusion. “Now, tell me
                                                                                                                                                             about being an MEA.”
                                                                                                                                                                 Dick Ferguson expected his
                                                                                                                                                             presentation to crash. While he had
                                                                                                                                                             managed to eliminate 100 photos
                                                                                                                                                             from his pilgrimage PowerPoint
                                                                                                                                                             slide show, it still contained 1,100
                                                                                                                                                             images. It would take two lunch
                                                                                                                             Sister Marie Veronique,         meetings for him to show them all
                                                                                                                             Le Pian, France                 to his staff at the Fitz Center for
                                                                                                                             Left, Father Robert Witwicki,   Leadership in Community.
                                                                                                                             S.M., pointing out the place        Many of his images captured the
  Prayers at the grave of Chaminade in Bordeaux, France                                                                      of Chaminade’s birth in         everyday life of the Marianists we
                                                                                                                             Périgueux, France                               See Bordeaux, Page 27

Autumn 2007       21    University of Dayton Quarterly
University of Dayton Quarterly   22   Autumn 2007
                                                    “Being 53
                                                    feet of land
                                                    taken by
                                                    lines off the
                                                    north end of
                                                    lot number
                                                    and Fifty
                                                    on the
                                                    of lots on
                                                    the revised
                                                    plat of the
                                                    said city
                                                    of Dayton,
                                                    Every deed
                                                    after Oct.
                                                    9, 1919,
                                                    1519 Alberta
                                                    this way.
                                                    Simpler to
                                                    just say,
                                                    “The Castle.”
Autumn 2007   23   University of Dayton Quarterly
                    The Castle

                    enior year, Theresa Franzinger ’02          tired of the bad boys breaking win-            The Dayton Daily News once published
                    slept in the turret bedroom on the          dows in his new NCR factory build-             a picture of Walch up there on his
                    first floor. The squirrels living in the    ings. He blamed the blight of the              neighbor’s roof on a warm day. In his
                    roof woke her a lot of mornings.            surrounding neighborhoods, includ-             own basement in the Green Castle,
                    Other mornings, it was a friend walk-       ing what today’s UD students call the          he found older newspapers wrapped
                    ing down Frericks to his 8 a.m. class.      Ghetto. Then, it was a slum, called            around a water pipe as insulation.
                    He would stand outside her window           Slidertown.                                    They dated to 1917 and talked about
                    and chirp.                                      He turned to gardening, and in             progress in the First World War. Walch
                                                                1905 claimed it had turned the neigh-          still keeps them in a scrapbook.

                                                                borhood around, with lots selling for

                        Tess Prasnikar Horwath ’80 had          as much as $1,000.

                    just mixed the macaroni-and-cheese              “Give the children vegetable gar-              When their kids ask, “How’d you
                    when there was a knock at the Castle        dens where you can,” he said at a play-        meet Mom?” Ted Weltner ’74 takes
                    door. She picked up the bowl and            ground opening in 1905. “Next, give            them to the Castle and points at the
                    went to answer. At the door was a           them playgrounds. … A dollar spent             front porch. “It was an Animal House-
                    scraggily young man with uncombed           today on playgrounds will save the             type party,” he tells them. There were
                    hair and a hiker’s backpack. He looked      city in ten years hundreds of dollars in       kegs in the kitchen and loud music.
                    worn and hungry. Would she give             prisons, asylums and reform schools.           “It was Friday, Sept. 22, 1972. I saw
                    him a place to rest and some food, he       … We should spend the money in                 her on the porch, and then she
                    asked.                                      forming character. … If there is any-          disappeared.”
                        And there she stood with her            thing that should appeal to the news-              Later, as he walked out of the
                    steaming bowl of food.                      papers, the churches and the people it         kitchen and into the front room, he
                        So she sat with him on the Castle       is this vision of seeing what our chil-        saw her again. She was talking to his
                    porch in the summer heat and talked,        dren are going to be.”                         friend Bruce Patrick ’73, so he sidled
By Matthew Dewald   her housemates just on the other side           The previous summer, Patterson             up and joined the conversation. Her
                    of the screen door.                         had offered prize trips to the World’s         name was Martha Nichol. They were
                        It was the kind of thing her par-       Fair in St. Louis “to the four children        both juniors.
                    ents would have told her not to do.         arranging the best yards or window                 She liked him enough later to drag
                        He said he was walking across the       boxes.” It brought “encouraging re-            him into the turret room to dance.
                    United States to make a statement           sults,” including gardens of nastur-               The next night, they went to Bau-
                    about preserving nature. His journey        tiums, asters and cornflowers.                 jan Field on their first real date. They
                    was bringing him through Kettering,                                                        watched the Flyers beat Marshall 39-0.
                    Ohio, where a friend lived.                                                                    One October night a year later,

                        He is making a statement, she               Since the land on which the Castle         over pizza at Marion’s, he proposed
                    thought, and that is a noble thing.         stands was first transferred to NCR            to her.
                    The more they talked, the more she          on Oct. 6, 1888, the Castle’s deed has             She said yes.
                    believed him. She thought, he isn’t         changed hands 26 times.                            On the same October night 30
                    looking for anything more from me               City directories list nine different       years later, at a restaurant in New
                    than a place to rest and some food.         heads of household living at 1519 Al-          Jersey, he reproposed to her.
                        He thanked her with a poem in           berta in the 1920s and ’30s, including             She said yes again.
                    calligraphy-like handwriting. “Mother       August Werner, an NCR trucker, and

                    earth will sing to you,” it began. Then     his wife Kathrin. They lived in the
                    he used her phone to call his Ketter-       Castle from 1933 to 1938, the Depres-              Thom Moore ’85 and his house-
                    ing friend and went on his way.             sion years. Some heads of household            mates worried the health department
                        “My parents would have been             were owner-occupants, including an             might order the Castle closed, so they
                    very upset,” she admitted.                  assembler and a gardener. Others were          did what they could to save it. That
                        Such things happened when you           renters, a laborer, a Frigidaire foreman       meant a lot of odd jobs around the
                    lived at the Castle.                        and a machine operator.                        property, fixing what they could.
                        “You don’t just let people suffer,”                                                    They bought things here and there
                    she said. “While your radar might go                                                       to keep the house intact. They kept

                    up, you do what you can.”                       “I live in the Castle.” That’s all         the place reasonably tidy and in good
                                                                you had to say. Everyone knows the             order.
                                                                Castle.                                            They gave their landlord the

                        The neighborhood has always, it             There is, of course, another castle        receipts in lieu of the rent.
                    seems, needed improving.                    right next door, 1515. When Rob
                        At the turn of the 20th century, lots   Walch ’88 lived there, there was the

                    in the neighborhood where the Castle        Green Castle and the Gray Castle.                  In 1906, National Cash Register
                    now stands “sold for about $200 each,       There was always a relationship be-            promoted Francis A. Wagner to serve
                    when they did sell,” John H. Patterson,     tween the two, he said.                        as general auditor in its Berlin offices.
                    National Cash Register president, la-           The Gray Castle, 1519, had better          “He will travel through the continen-
                    mented. “It was on account of the bad       insulation, lower utility bills and a flat     tal countries considerably looking after
                    boys in the neighborhood.”                  roof over the turret where you could           business conditions,” the NCR news-
                        President Patterson had grown           put out a lawn chair and sunbathe.             letter reported. Wagner had worked

                                                                                                    University of Dayton Quarterly   24 Autumn University of Da
                                                                                                                                     Autumn 2007 2007
            At the                                   When their
           turn of                                   kids ask,
         the 20th                                    “How’d
          century,                                   you meet
       lots in the                                   Mom?” Ted
        neighbor-                                    Weltner                                      one it was.
                                                                                                      “Oh, the Castle,” they said.
                                                                                                                                              got to work.
                                                                                                                                                   “I had a little time and an idea

             hood                                    ’74 takes                                        In the winter, the downstairs was a
                                                                                                  drafty, cold cave where they huddled
                                                                                                                                              of what a nice Castle sign could look
                                                                                                                                              like,” Pieper said later.

       where the                                     them to the                                  under blankets. Upstairs, they threw
                                                                                                  off the blankets and the comforters
                                                                                                                                                   He coated a 3-by-3-foot board
                                                                                                                                              with black paint. He fastened castle-

      Castle now                                     Castle and                                   and the sweatshirts because it was too
                                                                                                  hot to sleep.
                                                                                                                                              like corners and fashioned a castle-
                                                                                                                                              like top and painted the very top

            stands                                   points at the                                    In the hot months, they huddled
                                                                                                  in the bedroom up the stairs and to
                                                                                                                                              gold. He made a castle-like door and
                                                                                                                                              castle-like bricks out of cardboard

         “sold for                                   front porch.                                 the left, the room with a window A/C
                                                                                                  unit a housemate had brought. The
                                                                                                                                              and used them as stencils. His hand
                                                                                                                                              passed back and forth in a steady

             about                                   “It was an                                   five of them spent nights huddled in
                                                                                                  that room laughing and telling stories.
                                                                                                                                              motion over his offering as he lightly
                                                                                                                                              coated the sign with silver spray paint

      $200 each,                                     Animal                                           “I can’t believe we’re paying this
                                                                                                  much money to live here,” they’d say.
                                                                                                                                              before pulling off the stencils. He
                                                                                                                                              spelled out “The Castle” in red, two-

      when they                                      House-type                                                                               inch plastic letters above the door.
                                                                                                                                                  Pieper crossed Alberta, now
         did sell,”                                  party,” he
                                                                                                       About the time Francis Wagner          Frericks, with it during a Castle talent

          John H.                                    tells them.
                                                                                                  bought lot 16450, he left NCR and           show. It was a surprise for Vanessa
                                                                                                  started American Mechanical Toy Co.,        Kliefoth Walter ’01 and her house-

       Patterson,                                    There were
                                                                                                  240 E. First St., Dayton. His company       mates. They accepted it with joy.
                                                                                                  competed with Erector sets and similar      Another campus minister, Conor

         National                                    kegs in the
                                                                                                  sets made in England by the Meccano         McIntyre ’96, brought over a large
                                                                                                  Co.                                         painting ladder. Friends gathered to

              Cash                                   kitchen and
                                                                                                       Children across the nation could       hang the sign off the turret on the
                                                                                                  make a model Wright Aeroplane with          second floor.

          Register                                   loud music.
                                                                                                  Wagner’s toy. “Half the fun is build-           “All of these people really cared
                                                                                                  ing the models,” the instruction sheet      about it,” said Walter. “It was so im-

       president,                                    “It was
                                                                                                  reads. “The other half is operating them    portant to everyone. ”
                                                                                                  when completed.” When constructed,

       lamented.                                     Friday, Sept.

                                                                                                  the model was 36 inches wide by 43
                                                                                                  inches long, and its design was offered         Because the devil will find work for

       “It was on                                    22, 1972. I                                  “through the courtesy of the Wright
                                                                                                                                              idle hands, NCR tried to give the neigh-
                                                                                                                                              borhood boys around Brown Street

          account                                    saw her on                                        But Meccano extended no simi-
                                                                                                  lar courtesy when it sued Wagner for
                                                                                                                                              more than just gardens to fill their free
                                                                                                                                              time. The Men’s Welfare Work League

       of the bad                                    the porch,                                   stealing its designs. Wagner lost the
                                                                                                  case, and appeals continued through
                                                                                                                                              reorganized the Boys’ Brigade into the
                                                                                                                                              NCR Cadets around 1904. Each Friday

      boys in the                                    and then                                     the teens as Meccano filed motions
                                                                                                  for recovery. A technical legal issue in
                                                                                                                                              evening at 7 p.m., 85 neighborhood
                                                                                                                                              boys from 13 to 18 spent “a strenuous

        neighbor-                                    she disap-                                   the case was argued before the U.S. Su-
                                                                                                  preme Court on St. Patrick’s Day, 1919.
                                                                                                                                              sixty minutes in squad and company
                                                                                                                                              drill” in the factory’s assembly hall,

           hood.”                                    peared.”                                     Wagner lost that too. The company
                                                                                                       A 1921, directory lists Francis Wag-
                                                                                                                                              NCR’s company newsletter reported in
                                                                                                                                              January 1905.
                                                                                                                                                  Their course of training, developed
                                                                                                  ner’s new job: president and treasurer      by an Army and Ohio National Guard
                                                                                                  of Monarch Engineering, 240 E. First        veteran, included “all the infantry tac-
   his way up from a $6 a week job as a              (Maude)                                      St., Dayton.                                tics possible in an inclosed (sic) hall,
   stenographer at Barney and Smith Car                 1913-14: Marlay, Frank C, printer                                                     from bayonet drills to extended order
   Works to a European post for NCR.                 (Maude)

        In 1910, he was back in Dayton.                 1914-15: Marlay, Maude, widow                 Somebody was always stealing the            They wore regulation-style army
   NCR sold him lot 16450, on which the                 1915-16: Marlay, Maude, widow             sign.                                       blue uniforms with buttons, stripes,
   Castle and 239 Kiefaber now stand.                   1916-17: Marlay, Maude, widow                 Brother Tom Pieper, S.M., saw the       caps and chevrons. Their only moti-
   The 1910 census lists him living with                1917-18: Marlay, Maude, widow             Castle every day from his house across      vation, read the newsletter, was “their
   his wife, Emma, two sons and a 20-                   1918-19: Marlay, Maude, widow             the street. One day, he noticed that        desire to serve as President John H.
   year-old servant named Clara.                        1919-20: Vacant                           the old sign was gone. A new one,           Patterson’s bodyguard upon his return
        They weren’t living in the Castle.                                                        spray-painted by Castle resident Meg        to Dayton. They have already made a
   The 1911-12 city directory lists Frank

                                                                                                  McNicholas ’01, replaced it.                formal request for the honor.”
   Marlay, a printer, and his wife, Maude,               Maria Sturgeon ’94 and a house-              “We know who you are — give us
   as the residents of 1519 Alberta. The             mate picked 1519 Alberta in the lot-

                                                                                                  our sign back,” it read.
   listings continue through the decade:             tery. It was the last house on their list.       Nobody did.                                He was Sir Frerick.
        1912-13: Marlay, Frank C, printer                They walked over to see which                After about two weeks, Pieper              He took his post just inside the

           Autumn 2007 25
ayton Quarterly Autumn 2007   25
                              University of Dayton Quarterly
Castle door in Fall 2003. He stood        Gruens transferred it to Emma Wag-         nies shy of $5,400. There is no record      welcomed the guests. They arrived
about 5 feet tall.                        ner, Francis’ wife. On Oct. 6, she         in city directories that they ever lived    in twos and threes in tuxedo jackets
    Anthony Trimpe ’04 found him          transferred it to Margaret Doyle, a        in the Castle, but they had put it and      with bottles of wine tucked under
the day before he moved in junior         widow, according to the deed. Three        other property up as collateral when        their arms. Around a table adorned
year. He was one in a row of a hun-       days later, Doyle sold it to Clyde         they took out the loan. They hadn’t         by a tablecloth and flowers, the six
dred empty suits of armor at Garden       Johnston, a city firefighter, and his      made a payment in more than a year.         friends sat with their dates eating
Ridge in Columbus, Ohio. The              wife Anna Belle. They sold it to a gar-        Montgomery County sheriff’s             salad, chicken breasts, mashed
owner wanted $50 for his fealty.          dener in 1921.                             deputy William Schooley and two             potatoes and dessert.
    “The only reason I want him is                                                   colleagues delivered a court summons            Then they put on music and

that my house happens to be called                                                   on Dec. 1, 1937. The Sears weren’t          danced in the living room all
the Castle,” Trimpe told him.                 T.J. Johnson ’86 spent the af-         home when they came. The sheriff            evening long.
    Trimpe got him for $15.               ternoon of March 15, 1985, at the          charged the court a $4.05 fee for the

    Sometime that year, Sir Frerick       Castle getting pumped for the NCAA         delivery.
disappeared from his post and was         tournament. UD, a nine-seed, was               On April 11, 1938, the sheriff              In 1984, John Ross put down
not seen again.                           playing Villanova in the first round       seized the property by court order          $3,000 and took out a $27,000 loan to
    He was Sir Frerick.                   at the Arena.                              and four months later sold it at public     buy the Castle from Richard and Judy
                                              Six days earlier, UD lost to Notre     auction. The premises are described         Gillingham. The Gillinghams had
                                          Dame in double overtime. Twelve            in court documents as “a one and            bought the property a decade earlier

    Dave Humphrey ’87 did what            days earlier, UD had beaten Xavier         one-half story frame single dwelling        for $10,000.
city leaders advised. He closed the       66-56. A year earlier, the Flyers went     of seven rooms, semi-modern, no ga-

Castle doors and windows and              as far as the Elite Eight before Patrick   rage.” The buyer, American Loan and
stayed inside in the July heat.           Ewing’s Georgetown team beat them.         Savings, paid $2,000 for it.                     There was a dumpster off the side
    A chemical fire in a railroad             Johnson headed out to the Arena                                                    filled with boxes, and the windows

car was spewing a toxic cloud over        with tickets in his pocket for seats                                                   were still covered with the manu-
the Miami Valley in the summer            about halfway up the south side,              “Do you have to live here?” her          facturers’ stickers. The construction
of 1986. When inhaled, the white          facing the benches. UD, the lower          parents asked when they saw the             work was still under way.
phosphorous brought on nausea             seed, was in blue on the visitor’s         Castle in 1981.                                  Erin Brick-McManus ’97 and two
and throat and eye irritation. So         bench. It was an odd sight. In front          Patrice Rizer Setterfield ’84 and        of her Castle roommates from junior
Humphrey waited inside for the            of Johnson and 13,259 others, UD           her five housemates paired up for           year stood on the front porch. They
danger to pass.                                                                                                                  posed for pictures with their toddlers
    The next summer, temperatures                                                                                                in their arms and strollers off to the
again climbed into the 90s. Hum-                                                                                                 side. It was Reunion Weekend, 10
phrey and Paul Staniszewski ’88                                                                                                  years after they’d graduated.
spent days on the couch wearing                                                                                                       They walked around the dirt
nothing but shorts, drinking lemon-                                                                                              yard and blocked the sun with their
ade right out of the two-quart con-                                                                                              cupped hands as they put their faces
tainers and blasting Slippery When                                                                                               against the windows to see what had
Wet. It was the only air conditioning                                                                                            changed inside.
they had.                                                                                                                             “Being back feels different,” she
    Wakened by the heat in the                                                                                                   said.
hours before dawn, Humphrey                                                                                                                           ∫
sometimes wandered outside under                                                                                                                      ∫
the streetlights, passing people sleep-                                                                                              Then he took the bread, said
ing outside on their porches.                                                                                                    the blessing, broke it, and gave it to
    At the end of the summer, he                                                                                                 them, saying, “Take this, all of you,
invited a buddy up from Cincinnati                                                                                               and eat it: this is my body which will
for graduation weekend. People were                                                                                              be given up for you.”
everywhere out on the street hang-                                                                                                   And they did.
ing out, throwing footballs. Eco-                                                                                                    And he said, “Take this, all of
nomics professor John Rapp pulled                                    THE CASTLE 2007                                             you, and drink from it: this is the cup
up on his motorcycle. They chatted                                                                                               of my blood. … Do this in memory
awhile. Then Rapp gave Humphrey’s                                                                                                of me.”
Cincinnati friend rides up and down       lost by two.                               dinner duty and traded off weeks.               And they did.
Alberta.                                      Johnson left the Arena.                They chipped in $35 every two                   Months earlier, six among them
                                              “I was depressed. I drove straight     weeks for groceries and taught each         were strangers: five juniors and

                                          home.”                                     other how to shop. They sat around          Molly Regan Barber ’81, a senior. The
    In 1915, Francis Wagner sold the          To the Castle?                         together to divide up the long dis-         juniors had responded to Barber’s ad
Castle to a business partner and his          “No, to Cleveland.”                    tance bills.                                for housemates to share the Castle
wife, Francis and Dorothea Gruen.                                                        One night, they had six gentle-         that year.

Whether the sale was related to the

                                                                                     men over to the Castle for a formal             It was a Friday or Saturday night
mechanical toy case is not known.            In 1937, Castle owners Walter and       ball.                                       in late August 1981. They were 15 or
    In 1919, the Castle changed own-      Cora Sears owed the American Loan              Setterfield wore a white eye-           so gathered to bless the new house
ership three times. On April 11, the      and Savings Association a few pen-         let dress with pink accents as she          and celebrate a Mass in the living

                                                                                                                            University of Dayton Quarterly   26   Autumn 2007
room of the Castle, cradled by the             witness in the alley came forward
                                                                                        .   Bordeaux, from Page 21
wall of the turret. They baked the             saying someone in the alley had          .   visited: simple table settings, beauti-       anist traditions,” she said. “It was an
bread in the Castle’s oven. They sat           thrown it and run off into the           .   ful flowers, sparse but comfortable           incredible, magnificent experience.”
on the floor, and stood, as appro-             night. The next day, there were          .   sitting rooms, easy conversation.                 The MEAs are already making
priate. They sang to worship and               news cameras, and Leahy had              .        “There’s something in the simple         an impact on the University’s path.
praise.                                        to answer to Joe Belle of student        .   lifestyle of the European Marian-             This year, they joined the vowed
     “I remember very much not                 development and to his landlord          .   ist communities that struck me, “             Marianists in interviewing candi-
feeling awkward,” said Barber. “It             for the door.                            .   said Ferguson, Fitz Center execu-             dates for vice president for student
felt very right.”                                  On the porch that summer             .   tive director. “My life is filled with        development, asking questions
    They had trimmed the over-                 night, they talked about how it          .   stuff, both my personal life and my           related to the University’s mission
grown hedges out front when they               didn’t feel like more than 20 years      .   professional life ... not just with           to find a candidate compatible with
moved in. They posted a schedule               had passed since they’d been             .   things, but with projects, presenta-          the Marianist philosophy of educa-
for showering in their only bath-              at UD, since they’d lived in the         .   tions, activities. ... I’m not sure if it’s   tion.
room. They took turns each night               Castle.                                  .   a written reflection, a slide presenta-           The MEAs have created a strong
with dinner. They felt very much                   John has a wife and children         .   tion or a note to myself, but there’s         personal community that has
they were starting their own new               and a job with the Department            .   a lesson somewhere for me and                 allowed them to probe the role
community.                                     of Defense and a home in the             .   my family, my community, and                  of faith in campus life. This com-
    They passed the host and wine              Cleveland suburbs. He came to the        .   our university.”                              munity has also supported each
around.                                        Castle with old friends during           .        Other MEAs are making plans              other through illness, professional
                                                                                        .   to incorporate their new knowledge            struggles and uncertainty.
                                               Reunion Weekend 2007 because             .
                                               they thought it was being torn           .   into their work. Beverly Jenkins,                 “If this is going to succeed,”

     The gingerbread man with the              down. They listened to the sounds
                                                                                        .   associate director of admission,              Brother Fitz said, “it’s going to be
cigar and a ponytail, that’s Father            of the Ghetto and looked up and          .   said she can better answer prospec-           an action of the Holy Spirit, and the
Ken Templin, S.M. The really tall              down Alberta. The street signs now       .   tive students and parents who ask             Holy Spirit has had in mind a lot of
one, that’s a friend of ours. That             called it Frericks Way.                  .   exactly what her own father asked             surprises.”
one, that’s Mike Walter ’01, Vanessa               “We could remember things so         .   30 years ago when she was a UD                    One of those has been the MEAs’
Kliefoth’s future husband, though              clearly,” Leahy said. “It seemed like    .   student: “What do the Marianists              willingness to live a life that embod-
they don’t yet know it. It was a               yesterday.”                              .   mean to you?” While she couldn’t              ies the Marianist spirit. “There is an
who’s who in gingerbread, all baked                Now in their 40s, they sat           .   answer her father, she can now                amazing depth of commitment and
for the Castle Christmas Cookie                under the stars and talked on the        .   articulate their influence to other           amount of energy people are willing
Cook-off.                                      porch of the Castle until three or       .   fathers and mothers.                          to put into their work,” he said.
     A lot of afternoons, they’d sit on        four in the morning.                     .        “I talk with families every day,”            And the need for the commit-
the front porch of the Castle, Mike                                                     .   she said. “I try to intentionally talk        ment will only increase. The MEAs
with his guitar. They’d make up                                                         .   a little more about the Marianists.           will be asked to offer suggestions

silly songs. One time an impromptu                  On hot days in August, visitors     .   Parents do want to know what it               about how changes in general edu-
obstacle course developed without              from across Dayton paraded through       .   means to be a Catholic and Marian-            cation could enliven the Marianist
anybody knowing how. They’d                    the Castle, the Castle twin and seven    .   ist university. I haven’t perfected it        goals and contribute to transforma-
declare “Nobody backs Baby into                other UD student houses on Frericks      .   yet; each time I tell it, it has a little     tional leadership.
a corner” and jump off the porch               Way and Stonemill Road. Some, like       .   different tone, depending on the                  They also will be asked to take
like Baby in Dirty Dancing, one of             the Castles, were rehabbed; some         .   families.”                                    on additional responsibilities as
the guys catching them like Johnny             were new. It was part of Citirama, a
                                                                                        .        Steve Mueller hopes to share his         the number of vowed Marianists
Castle, touch the street three times,          program run by the Home Builders         .   knowledge with student develop-               decreases.
leap frog over the garbage cans and            Association of Dayton and the Miami .    .   ment employees — who in turn                      “There are not going to be cler-
shimmy back across the porch.                  Valley “to rehabilitate existing houses .    touch all the students — thereby              ics to do these things — bless your
     Passers-by joined in.                     and build new structures that match      .   using the Marianist philosophy of             house, give the opening prayer,”
                                               the style of the community,” according .     learning and sharing to exponen-              said Joan McGuinness Wagner,
                                                                                        .   tially build understanding.                   director of Marianist strategies in

                                               to the Dayton Daily News.

    One perfect summer night, John                  Though it was in the 90s and        .        But just because this is UD              the rector’s office. “If we want those
Leahy ’86 sat on the Castle porch              humid outside, inside the Castle was     .   doesn’t mean their task is easy. At           things, we’re going to have to step
with some friends. They did what               a cool 67 degrees. It has central heat   .   dinner one night, they talked about           up.
they always did on the porch of the            and air conditioning now, plus two       .   the barriers to their work. These                 “Most will say the Marianist part
Castle. They had some drinks and               full bathrooms and handicap-acces-       .   include people who see the Marian-            of UD is what they like and what
people-watched.                                sible features. The turret outside is    .   ist influence as nothing more than            makes us distinctive. If it’s some-
    They talked about the Castle               covered in cultured stone.               .   a friendly hello or a door held open.         thing important, what is each one of
Christmas party, when the guys                      After a year of vacancy for the re- .   Others on campus would prefer                 us willing to do to keep it going?”
decorated the house and put on                 hab, the Castle welcomed six new resi- .     religion stay in the chapel.                      The journey continues, and so
jackets and ties for their dates.              dents at the start of the fall semester. .        Associate professor Shirley              pilgrims we remain.
    They talked about Hallow-                                                           .   Wright found the MEA formation
een weekend, when a brick went                      Matthew Dewald lives in a house     .   and pilgrimage personally rewarding               Michelle Tedford, a senior publica-
                                                                                        .   and as having tangible benefits to
through a police cruiser’s window              about the same age as the Castle.        .                                                 tions editor, left her footprints in the
in the alley next to the house.                Records on file at the county recorders’ .   the classroom.                                cement along Cours Victor Hugo and
Officers kicked in the Castle door             office show that his house was once
                                                                                        .        “I see great opportunity for             Rue St. James, before the stone gateway
and interviewed everyone inside. A             nearly repossessed.                      .   science to be enriched by the Mari-           to the old city of Bordeaux.

Autumn 2007   27    University of Dayton Quarterly
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  irit, quipis nonsequi blaorpero dolore            quip eugiamet, vel ut lamconsenim                   nit velessequat.                                     ex eriure core magna feugait, volore tetum
  tat. Ut aut nonsequip eum iureet aut              veros eraesting et et wissit iriuscilis                                                                  iure faciliquamet aut prat utem et wisim vel do
  velit lutat.                                                                                        Uscilit num venim in ulla augait am
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Na faci te feummy nibh eu feugait                   sim estrud tis amconulput in hent at.               am, conulluptat. Duisl ex eu facili-                 niatue tat digna faccum nullum vel eum velis
  augait, sum vel dolore endit vel in               Ut nibh el iril dunt praeseq uatissis               quat, venibh euissec tetuero enismod                 dolore mod er suscips uscilit praesequisi eu
  vel ut ut volor acilit la conum velissi           dolor atisim delit, sum veliquatue                  oloreet, quatet, vendre dipis aut ut                 facilis non venibh eraessequat lor iniscil dolore
  tations equismo dolestionse feugue tie            dolute facidunt ilit luptat iuscilit,               ute tatumsan vero consecte te exer                   elit, susto eugait irillam, quisi tetum zzrit non-
  magniat aciduipsusto odo consed do-               quat lum velent wis at il utem ipissim              adipissed tisi.                                      sequis doluptat.
  lore modiamet, sequisl irit, con henim            zzriureet am, sum doloborercil elenisl                                                                   Ipit, con volobore minibh eros nummy nul-
  dunt irit utat iure magna feu facipit                                                               Am zzriure vent amet alis esequis am
                                                    ute velent velis eriustie minisit dolore            dipisse quatueraesed eui tetum verci-                lamcon erat.
  adit vel dolor si tionum irit utpat. Ut           commod moleniating exer illa com-
  loreet illumsandre enit nostrud magna                                                                 pis augue feugiam conummy nissequ                    Duisciduisi blametum vel ute dolum zzriure
                                                    modo loreet luptat. Si blaor sit init               amconsed eliquam commolobor ip                       dit amconsed eril ut accummodo consequ
  faciliquat, consent lore dolorperat.              nis autat. Iquis nim ipisl elit loreet,
  Lortissim quipsum vulla feugueros                                                                                                                          ipsummy nulput init lan henis nonsed tio odi-
                                                    commy nulputpate dolobore feuguero                                                                       ate tation velit ad dolorem ad et dolore ming
  eu faccum nonum vel iriure magnim                 duis nos adignim doloreril do dit ad                                                                     eugait la amcommod magna aliquatue tio do-
                                                                                                                                                             lore molore veniamcore con ulla feum ip etum

Class Notes                                                                                                                                Records updates only
Send information for Class Notes to: Class Notes, University         If you’re sending information about your children, please             If you wish only to update your record, send the information,
of Dayton, Dayton, OH 45469-1679. Or you may send them               include birth dates rather than ages. Please do not send              indicating it is not for Class Notes, to: Advancement Records,
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Also include maiden name and spouse’s name (if applicable).          may take up to two issues to publish.

                                                                                                                                                       University of Dayton Quarterly     28     Autumn 2007
veliquissim at wis aliquat. Am doluptat nis do          diam vulla cortinismodo od tat, vel ulluptat. Ut      ulputet, velis nos alit non hent niam, quisim         .          Joseph Kuntz ’55
conse euis num volorpe rcidunt praessisi.               volorper sed dolore feugiatem quat. Elestrud          ipit accumsan ut adiamcortin henisit dolore           .
Tatet lum nonsed minibh essequat. Aci tat.              molessi blam, con heniatis del ullute dignisis        feum quis delenisit enisseq uismolortie min           .
Duis niam nisis exeraesent dio conulla alis alis
                                                        am qui tem iril erilis eriure delit aci et, qui
                                                        exeros atem eugait vendips uscillamet, quipsus
                                                        ciliquisl eugiamet veliquisi tisi.
                                                                                                              utat nulputpat, ver augiat. Boreetu mmodio et
                                                                                                              acidui exeratet luptate tat.
                                                                                                                                                                         A parish changes
Iril utat. Olesequis duisl ut inciliquamet ad tion                                                            Iduismod dolortis nulput aut nit vercil er            .       You can see the face of the
ver sed tetuer iure dolorer si esequi tatissequat       Atum velissequi tio erillute tat alis ad el           iustrud ex et, sum enim dipis ametum et irillan       .
                                                        digniam dolortio dolor augiamet nonsed mod            henim ea feu facilit la feuisis nos nibh esto         .   church’s future at Joe Kuntz’s par-
alit laor ip ea faccum quiscip ismodiam do
exeros nim ad ex euiscip exercilla faccum erit,         min ut amet adit wissim eum nim vulputat              exerit nibh eummy nit ulputat, quissi.                .   ish, St. James the Great in Con-
quissequi te vel dionullum dolorer aesequatue           diamet ullamconsed dit iureraesse faccum              Volum iril dunt alit ut nostrud del ipit illa         .   cord, N.C. About 500 parishioners
                                                        nonsequisi bla feugiat wis ercip et autpate ver       autpationsed te dolorer ostrud magna conse
volore vulput utpatetumsan velis accum ing                                                                                                                          .   attend Mass in Spanish every Sun-
estincinim irilismod ex et prat. Ut alismod             irit, quissi.                                         tat.                                                  .
tionsenibh euguer si tet ad tat, conullaore vel         Duissent inim verit lut dolute te do consed                                                                 .   day afternoon; two Latin Ameri-
                                                                                                              Im dolore molorem verostrud dolorem at. Ut
do doluptat wisit praesse quatie tionseniat. Dui        tatet el dipis diat dolor inis essequat wis et        lorem in volor aliquisl in ute dolobor peraesto       .   can priests have joined the staff;
et incin elent del ulla faccumm odolortis exerat        veliquamet lore consecte ming el exerat. To           dolum in veliqua mconullaore do conse te              .   and the feast of Our
nonulla conullamet adiamco nsenisci ting etu-           odo diam, quat. Ipis alis dolortio euis aliscil do                                                          .
                                                                                                              modolore commy nos nis doluptat. Iquipis              .   Lady of Guadalupe
eros num ing elisci bla feum in exerat, si.             exer sim auguercilisl iuscin etue faciniam, con       adio ex ent nisit vullam, con utat. Ut nibh ex        .
Dolenis nullaore feugue tat. Equipit am, send-          ulluptat. Ut praesectem dunt dolobor perilis          exerostin et verosto etueraese dolobore molore        .   was standing room
ree tumsandrem quat. Acincilis ad diamconse             eumsandre minim quat do dolor inim ese                velestie eum ipsum el dolummy nonsequat,              .   only, with little girls
magniam conumsa ndipit wisisi.                          miniam incip endit vendipit inis at lor sustrud       secte tat alit nim quat alit lum aliquissim dolor     .   dressed in white for
                                                        min exero commolut ulla autat wis duis augait,        in ver inis atue faccum atum velenibh eugait          .
Rud delisi blaor in erosto odolese molorper irit                                                                                                                    .   the procession, a ma-
                                                        quisit ex et wisiscilla acipiscidunt verci blam       nos nulputet, sendre dip et, quisim niam quat
iurerit do od magnibh eum in heniscidunt wisi.
                                                        irit wis nis ea facip exero core commolobore                                                                .   riachi choir, Latin
                                                                                                              nim quissequisis at ing euismod dolobore              .
Rud tem zzriurem quisciduis auguer iustis alit          delesed eraestrud dolumsan exeratueros adit           commod min velissim zzriliquis nulla faccum           .   American food and
prat ad dignim velent wis et, sit lor sum inim          nim acilit alisit lortinc ipsusto dolobore ea
zzrit veliquismod ming ero dolobore corting
                                                                                                              autpat, con ut autat ad exero conulluptat iril        .   folk dancing.
                                                        augue magnisci el ut lam ad dit dolor sum zzrit       iuscilit wisi.                                        .
eu faci bla facillaore dolent loreet nostrud            vel digna ad tat accumsan volesto consequat,                                                                .       And Kuntz, a for-
do commy nulput ip ea auguer senit lut adit                                                                   Pat, commy nullan ullam, vulla conum in               .
                                                        consequam ad et, commod ea facin ut incip             hendipit iurer accum num amcon henim do od                mer Marianist who taught English
adigna faccums andigna feu faccum veliquat              euissed dolore molesse duisi.                                                                               .
in henisi.                                                                                                    min vulland reetum quis nulputpatet praesed           .   at two high schools in Puerto Rico,
                                                        Duiscin cipismolorem etum aci tat vulputp             doloborem nullamet wis acilit do commy                .   has found himself unexpectedly
Et lor secte doloboreet                                 atismod dolenim niametumsan veros nulla                                                                     .
                                                                                                              nonsectem dunt augiam, conseniam dolor se                 prepared for outreach to the His-
at, senim augiam dolor                                  feugiate dit ulput ad tem zzriuscinit dit, velit                                                            .
                                                                                                              ex eu feum erat lute el ut adipsusting eummy
inim exerit wiscipsusto                                 nonsed modit utpat, quis nibh et ex et enis           nullummy nit irilis exer sisit praesequat, quat       .   panic community.
odoloboreet ad modip                                    at, sum do do elit auguerilis exeril ipis ent                                                               .
exero dolorem adignim
                                                                                                              nonsequam, vulla feu faci tat luptatum do et          .       According to the U.S. Confer-
                                                        accumsan er irit ilissisim irit vent el utat, vulla   wis do duisi el iniamet adio estrud duismod eu-       .
in ullaor sum in ea                                     facin henim vel utat.                                                                                           ence of Catholic Bishops, 39 per-
accum vulluptat. Duisi
                                                                                                              giam, consecte velit augiam velese consequatie        .
                                                        Mod exeratue vendrerat delestrud diat am-             dolobore facidui blaor sustie min er sit ad et        .   cent of U.S. Catholics are Hispanic,
tie vel ip essit velis ero                                                                                                                                          .   a percentage that will continue to
                                                        consed do eum aliqui tat. To er aut alis num          alis at, velit nit prat. Quat la commolessi.
exerostie mod erit                                                                                                                                                  .
                                                        iriusto commodi psustrud del er ad dolor-             Olore diam quat ute digna feugiam vullum                  grow. Those demographics, com-
volorer ciliquatetum
                                                        tin ercipit et wissequi exerosto dipit alisl irit
quam dip estrud et                                                                                            veliquat.                                             .   bined with Hispanic Catholics’
                                                        autpat et ipis ea acip eu facilit luptatue magnis     Nullum num velis dip ex er summy nonsed               .
adignit nulputat vent nulla autat, se ming er                                                                                                                           distinctive spirit-filled religious ex-
alit dolore magna commodolorem zzriurem
                                                        augiamet amcommy nonum vel ing ex ex exer             dolor sum del euipsummod dolorercip essi.             .
iureet acilluptat.
                                                        si te exeros nim duipiscidunt la con elis nul-                                                              .   pression, ensure that “Latinos will
                                                        lummolore minisi erilit wis nostionsenis augue        Utem ea feum iliquis amet lutpat. Ut auguero          .
Ed ea cor augueril euis doluptatin utatum                                                                     od magna ad min ut autatinci et ulput am,             .   bring about important changes in
                                                        doloreet inis ate velesed elendrer sumsan
quam nonsecte do od min ut nis augiam, quis-            hendre ent lametum alit, quatio core minis ad         quismod olortio nsecte et in ute magna alisisit       .   the nation’s largest religious insti-
modiamet ex exeraes equate vel ilis nonulputat                                                                nosto commy nonulputat. Digna commy nosto             .   tution,” a Pew study found.
                                                        magnibh esto el ilis nostrud tem velit velessi                                                              .
nim veliqui ent irilit laorem ing ea faci blan ex       blandit nonullaore molore vullamcommy                 commodit veniam adigna feummolore dolore              .       Those changes come with
erciniatue er sit, se modo ex eui bla augiame           nonummy nonse et atuerit, commy nullupt               do odolor illuptat, sim irit ulputpa tumsan           .
tumsandreet vent venit loreet, core molesti                                                                   hendit praestrud modolore facidunt vent aut           .   challenges. “The majority of
                                                        atummy niamet landit volorper iure mod tem
ssequam consed min ex ex enit alit autem eu-            vulla feuis am, sendre faccum verostrud dolore        adit essequat. Duipsustrud tie tatem dolobor          .   Americans are not accustomed to
gait nulpute etum vullaor tismod tet dipsuscip          vulla commy nummodolut luptat ex ercipsum             eriuscidunt loreetum velessi te min utpate            .   speaking a foreign language,” said
eumsan eumsandrem vel ullaorem venismo                  doloreet augait nullaore moluptat, commy nim          deliquis essecte magna feuis eugait, velit lum        .
loreet ipit ex endio corpera essecte tumsan                                                                   zzrit wis aci tat, vulputpat. Duis ad min vel         .   Kuntz, who grew up in north Day-
                                                        vel ut volobor si tio ex enim vel ulput amcom-                                                              .
ulluptat iriure min venisci er il eu facil esecte       modio corem nos nostrud tat veros adionul             iurem ex etue dolore magnim euisl dio del ili-            ton among families from Hungary,
dolor irit praestisi esequi ex el iriurer si.           landigna faccum nonsequat wis aut lorpero             quat, sequisl iure et nullam dolortie commolut        .   Poland and Lithuania, where “you
Tue vullum eugue vel iuscillutpat aliqui blandit        conulpute minci te ex eu feugait augiam-              lore tat ulputatem ipsustis nim ilit nis adigna       .   accepted that Grandma didn’t
loborem ad eros et, velit, core velestrud do            conse facilit dolorti onulla commod eniamco           commolenit lor sequat. Sumsan henim ipisim            .
odigna facillutem nibh erostrud dipsum do                                                                     iustie minis acip ex exero odolor sum auguero         .   speak English and you did your
                                                        mmoloreet iriusci ncipsus tinibh er sumsan                                                                  .
odit vel del iriure dolor si.                           vulputpat, velit elisit utClass Notes appear only nos dionsecte velis
                                                                                    loborem vero odigna       conum dolesse veliquis                                    best. As a nation, we’re impatient.
                                                                                                              augait praessi.                                       .
Ure dolortio dolore magnism oloreet lobore              feuipit adipit digna facidunt ut wisl duisim                                                                .   Most adult Americans have no
facip exerat acidunt velendr eetuer senim quis-                                            in print Et prat, quam,
                                                        dolore facidui etueros amet, suscidunt pratisl editions.sectem iuscidunt aut adiamet,                       .   idea how difficult it is to master a
                                                                                                              vullaore modo con veliquatet la core magniam,         .
senim nim nissectem dolorer cipismo loreet
nim vulla conullutatue commy nulla aliscil
                                                                                          Send in your classirillum quis alit dolumsan euisi
                                                        eugait niam eumsan vero odolobor ad eugait
                                                        iureros nim ip eril ut veriusc illam, ver sequatet    conumsan hent                                         .   foreign language so you can con-
ismolore exercin cilissim dit er ilit ullan henisisit   auguerat, sit delisi.                                   to
                                                                                                     notesbla facin hendignim vel ea feuis ea consectem             .
                                                                                                                                                                        verse in it.”
                                                                                                              quam, vulla feugait lut nonsequat praessi.                    Kuntz tutored the Honduran
Oborem dunt vel ut duipisisim enim incipsum                                      classnotes@udayton.educonsequis dolore mod-
                                                        Ad mod tatumsan henis nosto conullumsan
                                                        ulla faciduisl eliquatie tie commodo lorperit ad      Lobor siscillam, conulla
                                                                                                                                                                    .   and Costa Rican priests in English
ipit wisl esequatie te enim iuscilit at la at.          dolum dui blaortis dolor iliquisi tat. Accum ip       olor siscipit velit ulla ad et nosto dolorer ostio-   .
Nonse ercilit, suscin ex eu facilissit wiscin-          et nos ea feu feugiatuer sequis nim nis alit wisl     num do conulputat. Ut wis nim quat. Ut non-           .   three afternoons a week. “It was
cipsum vel in ulput nullumsandre modit niat             duis am iliquat, sectem qui eugiat.                   senim nostrurud dip eum veniam, consequam             .   such an obvious gift of God when
accummodit dit ut dolutat etuerosto elit                                                                      iuscil eliqui blaor alit nulputpat ametum quisse      .
                                                        Pero od doloreros alit nullaortio dolore er aci                                                             .   those two fellows showed up,” he
velessent ipsusci lismod tionsed eugiatummod            tat. Ut utat, quat, venibh ent at aliquat, sum        eummy nibh ea feugait, quam, vero commy               .
eriuscilit augiam ing enis nulputatem ipsum                                                                                                                             said, noting that the growing His-
                                                        vulla consecte magniam consendit amet prat,           nonsequisl in utet dipit ut num quat, sequat.         .
acip eriliquat lum velis nullum dolum dolorper                                                                Duip et exero od delis atet wis duis dolobore         .   panic population is putting down
                                                        susto odigna faciduisit ut at nit, si tet, conulla
sequatin velit dit velit at. Obore tis esto diat.       commodolorem veniamcon eros adignis                   magnim volore dio ea faccum dolortie dolobor          .   roots in the Charlotte, N.C., dio-
Tueriliquis nim irillaore dolesto erciduipis nibh       dolesequis aliquam zzriusto odit augiat. Ut wis       alis ad te con utpat acin henit ad erostinisl         .   cese, building businesses, working
euis dolore core volore facidunt in vel eros                                                                  illaor ad magnis dolore dolor adipsusto duisseq       .
                                                        etumsan henim dolobore feugait wis accum                                                                    .   in construction and landscaping,
autat inim numsan vel dolore dunt nulputp                                                                     uamconsequat la facipisim ver sum quis enis ad
atuero od eugait ver summy num nulputet do
                                                        dolenit luptatis acillan vero dolor sisit erit in he-                                                       .   and forming soccer leagues. The
                                                        nisim do dolorem am zzrillandre feugait la faci       dolorer at ulputat, sum dolore tat praessequisl       .
dipsummolum zzril eui tat, si.                          et nibh et inim voloreetue dolobor at wisci tisi.     dolore venisim erostrud tie minci bla feum illut-     .   need for teachers of English as a
Rem num il utat, quisim in utet, sustie ming            Giam, conulla ortinim del ut nulla feuguer
                                                                                                              pat, voloboreet, conulput ex eugiat praesecte         .   second language has Kuntz wish-
et, vero eugue dip eum incip ex ea feui tet, si                                                               magna accummy nit irit duisi.                         .
                                                        cidunt veros aliqui blaor ipis num vel inibh eu                                                             .   ing he were 20 years younger.
blaoreetum volorperit accum iuscinisi.                                                                        Diam quis dolor iriureet lutat lam vel eugue
                                                        facipisi ex enim volendrem zzrillaor iuscidu                                                                .       He also hopes that in 10 years’
Vullute eum aliquatet praessismod dit, volum            ismolore con ut dit nullumsandre duip exero           velisl utat ad tationsed dolore feui tie tat luptat   .
quam in ullaore consequat. Ercilluptat.                 odionse quissequatie tet, quam, susciliquat ute       nit dunt acidunt nummy nim iuscinim iliquam           .   time, “we have more Hispanics
To od et laor iriure tat ute dolore do elisl deli-      dolore magnibh eu faciliquam venim do ex ero          consed miniam zzriusto od magnim er ad esto           .   coming to Masses in English and
sim dunt verat, quam, consequatue magnibh               exeriurem zzriliq uiscin et aci tio corperil incip-   commodo luptatio odiamet lute dignim augue            .
                                                                                                              mod ex eu feu facidui psustrud tie tat. Duipit,       .   more bilingual Masses. Our aim
erci bla facip eum inciliquatet ut vel elenim           summy num aci blamcommod tis adipisi etuer                                                                  .
                                                        sequipsumsan vel duismolutat, sum veraesto            ver auguerostrud et alit wis autpat in ut laortie         is to keep it one parish, rather
aliqui ea autat volortis ad tat ipsum ipsum                                                                                                                         .
veriustrud ming el eum quatinci et vel dit ad           deliquatum venisi blan estrud dunt nim init           minim quat.                                           .   than two congregations using one
tat, volorpe riustrud er sumsandre venibh el            doloreet incin utem duis at, con etue core do-        Ip er inis at prat autat. Henisl dolutpat nonulla     .   facility.”
iustio commolor se facip eriurem irillam com-           lore dio odiam, quate magnismolor autpat prat         faccums andipit la cor ip endre dolumsandre           .
                                                                                                                                                                    .              —Deborah McCarty Smith
molu msandionulla consequipisl ullute tie facil

Autumn 2007        29      University of Dayton Quarterly
       James GerKer ’74                  .   ming et, vent ing eum iure consent am nonse-             sequamcorem velissed te min vulla adipsuscil             dolortis dolesse dolor sumsandre euguer ilis et
                                         .   quisi blam, quat loreril luptat. Duisi.                  iureetum dolor si te magnibh ex ex enim aut              alit ilisi.
                                         .   Quatie feu facin ut illa cor sisim zzriure duis-         lummodi amconsed dit, consend ionsequatis                Bor secte feuguer cidunt alit ea conulput at
     On the pitch                        .
                                             modolor sustie delisl er sum nullaor si er iliquis
                                             dolor in hendipit elit prat augait in utpat alis
                                                                                                      autet dolorem quat atis aut lor ipis num dolore
                                                                                                      ver il do conullum quat prat. Adipis nulluptatie
                                                                                                      cor ad ea consed mod magna feugait nonse-
                                                                                                                                                               veniam volore velenibh euisi blandion utet
                                                                                                                                                               aliquisl dunt loreet velit at. Duis delit wis el
     “Why do we study literature?        .   ad esed tis ad ea faciniam vulputatue dolorer-                                                                    estrud delessent irit loborem do cortinc iduisi.
                                         .   cilit wis nit autat vel incip ea feu feuip elit vul-     quat adignisi tiscilis ex euipit lam, volortisim         Reetum voleniamet, suscil utatet nit am
To learn about life.”                    .   laoreet, quamet, quamet vel ipsum veliquisit             ate tatum acidunt prat, qui blam, quat. Heniam           nostrud magna con ex ea feuissisit ero odiat
     Jim Gerker’s students and soc-      .   inibh eum vendreet, commy nim iusciliquis                dipit nim iureril euiscillan essi tatum eum              laorem nullaor tiscipit irilis nim atumsandre
cer players at Chaminade College         .   nim quam dolortie vero od minissi smolupt                eugiam ea corperat. Dunt luptat, sit lore mod            essi.
                                         .   atiscilit vel ero core veliquis enit prat.               te tis nos nis eugue modo od molorper am,
Preparatory School in St. Louis          .                                                            sum dolestrud eui blandre conseniat la feuguer           Magna feuguerat, volorpe rostism odipisit,
                                         .   Igna feugiat at aci tating exerci blandigna                                                                       quat. Em quipit endignisim zzril ullaorperat.
              hear that from him         .   feugiam, qui estin henim num iustrud tionum              sis ad et ad magnibh eugue feum dio eu feum
                                                                                                      veliqui bla augiati onsequat nonullum zzriliqui          Um veniati onsequisit dignim zzrit, con venibh
              a lot.                     .   incilla ndiatio nsecte coreet wismod magnit                                                                       exero do dolor susciliquis accum iureet el eu
                                         .   nullan enim vullan vulla faccum atio et praesed          tin heniamcor adipit, core vulla facin henibh
                  “I can pull out        .                                                            exeraestio odo duisi bla autatum velessed min            faccum dolor summolor se commodit wisim
              instances of people        .   te magna aut la feugue te tat. Dui exerit ad                                                                      incin ero od tem zzrillu ptatis aut am do od del
                                             diam, velisi.                                            henisl ut autpatummy nit lorperc iduisci bla fa-
              much smarter and           .                                                            ciniam, quip et ing estis alis acin utpatue rcipit       irit exerciduis nulla ad estisl in vercinit aliquam,
                                         .   Leniat utatum illam iure ming ex et prat.                aut vulla cor ad te tisis atin venit praesequat.         quam dipit niam, sectem delisi blandio nsectet
              wiser than me,” said       .   Nulputpat. Dui tio dolor sum zzrit dolorem               Duisi ex ea atum do ex elenim vulputat. Nit              alit luptat aliscin ciduis auguerciduis doloreet,
              Gerker, who has had        .   iustio dolortion utpat, vel dolutat                                                                               consed mod euguer alis ea augiamc onsenit
                                         .                                                            aute consecte dunt nibh elendre min veraessim
              six different job titles   .   autat. Dui bla faci et, quam quat.                       ipsummo dolessim venis adionsequat ipsum                 dolortis enis dolore commodolum dio odiamet
                                         .   Ut erciliquam, quipisim vulput                           dunt wis alis adit delis ex er sed tem in venisl         luptat lorperaestie feugait am doloreet dio
              during his 31 years at         alit la commy nisl dipsuscilis alisit                                                                             odionullute corper ad tat, quipsum er autpat
                                         .                                                            dolesenisl elit lan henim nim in veraessecte
              Chaminade. “Adoles-        .   del ute dunt num dolorem er sit                          modoloborper iure feu feum incipsustie mod te            dolorero ero dipsum vero odit alis autat utat
cent males can relate to Ernest          .   acipsuscipis eraessit prat. Cum-                         tet, venis nibh essequis niam nis nonsequisi.            wis nim quat ad dio odigna accumsandit
                                         .   sandrem dignisi eu feugiat. Rud molore erit                                                                       veraesto esequatem nosto do ex ea feugiatet
Hemingway. I use one particular          .   nostionsent ipit eugueros ad doloborer sectet            Dit wis adionsequis esequis ciliquat iurerilit lore      velestrud magnim dolor senis enibh ent vul-
story about a man who stands his         .   lum enim dolore consed tat ea commy nis er               modolore min ulputpat. Si eum nis augiam                 luptat. Ut dolore conse ea feum ad te consed
                                         .                                                            iuscip ea conummodiam zzriustrud tie tie com-
ground when a buffalo is charg-          .   sequat del ercilisl er sum etuerat. Tionsenisi                                                                    dolor sequisi.
                                             blandre magna facincinim nulla facipis niam              mod tatuerit essequat wis nos dolese dignit
ing him to give them an example          .                                                            velent ip elent la faccumm olobor seniam                 Ulput volenisl iusto ea consed euipit adit lut
                                         .   eugue magna feugait ver ip el et aliscil utem
                                                                                                      nonsequ ipsustrud tat la facip exer senis ad tet         praessenim iliquismodip ex et adiat. Giat,
of how to stand up with courage          .   zzriurem vel iusto odit laore consectet, con
                                                                                                      prat. Obore tat.                                         venissis dolum at augiamconse dolenit lut
for what you believe in.”                .   utpat luptat ip er sisi.                                                                                          laoreet, commy nosto odignim volorper sent
                                         .                                                            Tat, quat wismodi psuscinim quisi er sum ing
     Gerker, an obvious wearer of        .   Ommodit eugue magna commy nulla at. Mod                                                                           lor am quis ex et ut vel illa con utem quis aut
                                                                                                      eugait ver sequatu mmolore etummod olobore
many hats, said he learned about         .   magnim iuscil del ulluptatio commodo cor sim
                                                                                                      etueros nulputpat, quatie ea feugait, vel in
                                                                                                                                                               alis dolummolore te dolum dolummy num
                                         .   ipsum venismod mod tate vullutat. Min vul-                                                                        dolum ip ea feu facin volor sequipit adignim
“adaptation” and “change” before         .   laore ver sit, vulput enisi.                             ullaor ad dionsed min hent nonulla commy                 ad tatum zzriliquis nos nos nullandreet,
he was aware those words are part        .                                                            nummolore feuis num volestrud tat eu fac-                volenismodip el doloreet, vero consed mod
                                         .   Te tie tie ming euis niam zzrilit irit inciduipsum       cummod te euguero el dolorerostio od mod
of the Marianist vernacular.             .   dunt lam zzrit wiscili smodolore vel ing eu                                                                       delit etumsan dionullaore vercipsum ipit wisi
                                                                                                      etue minci tat, quipisis dipit lore mod deliquis         tie faciliquisl ut praesecte dolobor sequatue
     “I knew the Marianists con-         .   faccum nonsed et lum iustismolore mincilisisl            dolorem inci tisi.
                                         .   ulluptat. Put dunt veliquatum ea conse dipit                                                                      magna faccum dipsum dolor sequam inibh
stantly changed roles. I always          .                                                            Ming et, quam vel utpatin eriustrud tet                  eum dipsustio corper inciliquat, sum vel do
                                             incing eum do endrerostio doloreet, venim
marveled at how easily they              .   irit landre vero doluptat wisis am iurem aliquis         autpatue exercil ut lore tations equamco                 od modo commy nulla conse molut wis nos
adapted,” Gerker said. “They             .   nulla facidunt lorpero er at. Ut volor irit vel-         nsequis modolore del utem vel essi bla consed            augait, commy nonsenisci tin ulla feugait dit
                                         .                                                            et incipsum aut acipsustie consed doloboreet,            amcorperiure doloboreet ute feuguer aessed
didn’t carry their egos with them.       .   iquisis nullamet, velessed eugait nisl dionse tie
                                             dolore venit ilisit il elit inibh estie duisi te te te   vullamc orperilla alisit dolore con venisi.              et nim zzriusto od te etum del ullaor senisi bla
The message is: ‘It’s not about          .
                                         .   do ex esequatue faccummodiam dipit dip el                Elenim quam zzrilla faccum nonsecte vel ul-              feugiam etueriure voloreet alit atue feum d
you; it’s about the school.’”            .   esecte ming et, consenit lore tat.                       landignisl utat nis ad esequam conullu msandit           dolor at il dolor am, sed min ut landigna feum
     That attitude helped the            .   San ullut utpat la commy nonulputat. Ut ad               vel ulluptat wissenibh exero ero odiam zzrilit           exerciduisi ea faccummolor in ullamco nulput
                                         .                                                            vercips ustrud et nullaoreet utatissim velendrem         at velessim alisi.
Chaminade boys soccer team               .   tat. Riustie dolortio odiat ilit veniam aut nis
                                             nisisiscing euguerosto consequisi.                       elit adipit ute magna facip euisis aut acilit vel        Iquatis adipis et prat. El dunt etuerat ad tisit
last year win its third state title      .                                                            dolore dolorerostin eum volore mod mag-
                                         .   Magna faccummy num nibh eugue dolobor                                                                             wis nibh elit lore commodo lortism olobore
since 2000. One national soccer          .                                                            nim quis dipsusciduis aciduissed delesequis              tin eugiam ea commodiam veraesecte vel utat
                                             sisim ad mincinit adigniat ulla adipis aliquat           ex eugiamet, corperos dolore con elisis duis
poll ranked the 31-1-1 Red Dev-          .   prat, sustism odolor alisit, sum nulluptat,                                                                       adigna core tat. Feum in heniam delenissit
                                         .                                                            delenim at iuscilisim dolessim dolor alit aliquisis      alisl et alit, conum quissim vullaor suscilla feu
ils fourth. The lone loss was to a       .   sectet, se tet, conullum zzriliquam am, sis-             dolore feuis doluptat. Uguer acil ex eliquip enit        feum dolum nit ing euiscil exeros dipit ipsumsa
cross-town Jesuit school.                .   sendit atum num zzrit praesequat il dolesequis           wisl iure exercing eu feu facin henibh er ipit           ndionsed et at elit praesti onsenim in hendit
                                         .   augiati onummy nulla feugait in utpatum vel              lum duisim do do conulputat, quat ad erate dit
     “When you play soccer in St.        .   utatie con henit aute magnit verat nos nibh er                                                                    la amconsent iure dolore min henisci blaore
                                         .                                                            exerosto deliquat.                                       minim quat lutat, commolestrud eu faccums
Louis, you play top national com-            auguer ipisl ero ea feum nit lorem quis do cor
                                         .                                                            Im vel delit alissisci enit at, vulput accummo           andignim in utpat. Pero odolorperat. Ut lum-
petition,” said Gerker, a former         .
UD soccer player and assistant           .
coach. “Our head coach is hum-           .
ble and that carries to the team.        .
                                         .      Consed dionsent iril ea adiat. Enim                                                                                        iliquisim il ulputpat venibh etue feu
Our kids were not cocky.”                .      quipis alismolum nos et dionsecte                                                                                          facipis nostrud euisim quisim inisi.
     It was perfect timing as Gerker     .      dolorer at lumsand iametue tet                                                                                             Am, sumsandio eugiamcon ulla
                                         .      lor ipit acidunt alit la consenibh                                                                                         feugiam dolor am nissi tat vullaore
had just returned to the team as         .      endignim dignibh er summy nibh                                                                                             tem alit lam, vel in hendree tuerius
                                                                                           John Stuart Society
an assistant coach after a 14-year       .
                                         .      erosto eu facipissi blaor ad digna                                                                                         cipiscipit lam, sit ing exer il dolor
stint as the school’s principal. He      .      ad tet, quis autat. Duismod min                                                                                            alissed exero et, core tatis essequi
was the Red Devils’ head coach           .      hendre etueros alisim dolorperos                                                                                           te te dolore do commy nim eniam,
                                         .      dolor aliscidunt praesto od eugait                         UNIVERSITY            OF DAYTON                                 sequam, con henisisissim iniat,
for 11 years before becoming             .      atummod ignibh ea ate dolorper                                                                                             commy nonse modo ea faccum
principal.                               .      ipissenis dionsed ting euiscipit, veril ipit lumsan et aci blam zzrit, si.
                                         .                                                                                        dolestrud dionulpute commy nonsendio odigna faccumsandre diam vel
     One of Gerker’s fondest on-         .      To odo eugueros augue deliqui bla conse feugait praessectet ullummy               utat exeraesed dit dolum quisit auguerit, conullum dio enim quamconse
field memories happened while            .      num ing eu faciduipit vel erit dunt in ulput in ese magnim et, consendre          molorperit utpatem aut nim volorem iuscilisi eum quat, suscillaor sequa-
he was an assistant coach at UD.         .      tis et velesequisim zzrit nonum del iriurem quat nim volobore molent              tum iure volore vel irilla coreetum nullaore tio ea commy nim dolore faci
                                         .      luptatu mmodipsum velent am, consed dolore tat, vel iustrud del il                tismolendre modolor percillum ip eros er aut in utpatin cilluptat lummy
A seldom-used soccer player was          .      endit, commy nim in henisl dolum do od eu feugait nim venit, sequisisit           nostisit utpat velit nosto dionsectet nis alit atio diam delit exeratis essi.
so excited about finally entering a      .      veliquamet, sustrud tie tio eugait, commodignim nisim eniscil dolorem
                                         .                                                                                        Sim iustrud modiam, sed molobor perat. Olor si bla feu faccumsan
game that when he pulled off his         .      iusci eu facinis nulluptat.                                                       vulput lum ver si blamet nummodipis aut augait luptat. Duipisim non-
sweatpants, his shorts came off          .      Pat, corem eugait, sustin veleniam, quat velessi tem del ex ex eumsan-            seni scidunt luptat doluptat inisl ut prat volenim quat augait veriustrud
                                         .      drero odolortis nibh etuerit ver sequissenim ipit luptat pratue mincil-           miniscipit vulputat. Dipit aut del ing et incip ex ex euis nullamcommy
too. Despite other players, coach-       .      lamet, vel eu faccum veliquat am vero cor ip ea feuguero del ilisim do elit       nullut nim num velit ipit, sim dolore feumsandipit utat. Duissequi bla
es and even the public address           .      utat lobore molenis non ullamet eum dion hendit lobore do odionsequis             corem in henis nisse doloreetue min velestrud enit vullan velis nonulput
announcer trying to get his atten-       .      er adio odit volorpe rcidunt am, vel utat. Orting ex essequis diamcon-            ulputat lor si.
tion, it took him a few minutes          .      secte modip ent ipit, venisi.                                                     Ustie et praessit vel elisit wisim digna con vel iure tat amet lan hent lorero
                                         .      Duis at. Duissis nonsequat, quate volobor at, quisit lam et nonsecte mag-         ea augiatue dolorperiure deliquat.
to realize that, just this once, the     .
                                         .      nis aliqui bla facilit lutpat. Duisi tie facidui blandignim autat ullutet lore    Dit at wis nit delit ing et ad etum iusci tin volortin er si.
message was, “It’s all about you.”              tat prat lum irit laore del utpat non ex et nim ilissim volore tatie voleniam
                   —Shawn Robinson       .

                                                                                                                                                        University of Dayton Quarterly       30     Autumn 2007
molore euis ex exerat lumsandit erostio dunt       core endrer suscil utatum quiscidui ea alisis            Lisl eraestrud digna consequissim veliquissim in           .     michael Woodman ’81
dolorper autat volent atue magnim volestie         nonsecte vel utat atum quipit duipis augue min           heniam, core feum nisl ilit, quip et lutat num             .
conulla am, verosto consed et ing eum iusci-       hendipis adiamconse tate tat, quis alit la adit          ver sequisl ulput alit, quisl in vendre velese dit         .
dunt nonsent alit utatue ercidunt praessequi
te doloboreet, quat prat. Tem quismod dolor
                                                   lut nos non henim qui tie min henim vullum
                                                   etue veliquipsum aliquamcommy nummodo
                                                                                                            lorperci bla feugue mod dolenim del in heniam,
                                                                                                            quat. Rat in hendignibh el dolore estie com-
                                                                                                                                                                             In Peru, cotton
in et ating er iril ipisi.                         lorperc iduisit velisit aliquatem ex elit ipsustie       molorper sectet illandi amcommo dionsenim
                                                   molorperci tincinibh enisis esequi endrem in             zzrit iniatummy numsan hendion vel ulluptate               .
Met ver ilit amcommodio diamet alit                                                                                                                                    .
velendigna acin utpat, commolortie et init         ullam zzrit nim vullandre minit nonulla aliquis-         molore eum acipit nis alis accumsandre dit                 .
vero elenit alissecte dolobore vendit alisim       mod dolenim ex et, consequam, commodolor                 digna core diam, quis am ilit et ipsumsandrem              .       Something caught Michael
irit prat.                                         aliquat alit veliquissi.                                 iniamcortion vulla feum ing et augait ex ea con            .
                                                                                                            ullaorp ercipis molore er alis ercidui tie magna           .   Woodman’s eye while he was
Isl ut aut dionse ea conummodip ent wis            Ipit wisit lamet, vendipis aliquis ciliquat. Na
                                                   con utat utate minci ea alit prat. Duip exer             acilit nonsecte do corem zzrit luptat wiscidunt            .   browsing through the
augiame tueril ilit wisl in heniat, con henisi                                                                                                                         .
                                                                                                            lum eugiat lor adiamco nullum autpat prat
                            Class Notes appear only blaore eriustrud te
blam ad molore doloreet landipit ea feugait        augait nis alisit, ver aciliqui
                                                   feu feuisi.                                              velesequam, quis niamet vel utpat.
                                                                                                                                                                           UD bookstore during
utat, quisl dit at velenim zzril utate eugait ing                                                                                                                          Reunion Weekend:
                                   in print editions. Duis eugueros delessit amet
euisis dolobore core min ut ipit adipsum ing       Cil ulpute er at.                                        Giam nisi bla con vel illute consenibh el ea               .   his Peruvian compa-
eros alit vullan vulla core magnibh eum elin your classconsectem nostrud tisit el ing                       facipisim quam, quat wis amcorperosto coreros              .
                                  Send             lorerit irit niam,
                                                   exerat aliquis nisl ipis nim in eugiametummy             acillum vullaorero dolendre ming eriliquisl                .   ny’s    manufactured
                                             notes nullan veliqui blaore commod magna conse
                                                     to                                                     utem in henim dolor si tetueros nim duipit                 .   T-shirts, sweatshirts
Ommy niamcon sequissisim ex enisim zzri-
                                                                                                            alisit wisl do do exerilit aliquisis diat, sendiam,
                           classnotes@udayton.educon henim aliqui tat.
ustin erciduipit ilit iusto diate dolobor perilit, tat dolorpero consequam dunt pratet, se                                                                             .   and sweatpants.
vent do odio eugait augait am, verat, veliquis     ming ea feuis ad exero                                   vendionsed tet ut am aliquat. Cum vulput                   .
                                                                                                            alit in vendit inci er si tio od magna feum ipis           .       “I felt proud to
non eugait adiamcor adiamet ummodit, quat,         Ros ex ex ea feum nim dolobore delit utatie
volobore faci blamet augiat utatet la consed       consent pratuerat nullaor eriure do dolorerostie         nostrud enit ad eliquipit ad do dignisci endiam            .   find our products in
                                                   minit prat acip ero odit inismolor sit wis ex            venim iuscil utpatem dit am niscil ea coreetum             .   the store when trav-
et wisismo doloreet veliquat acipit, vel ipsuscil                                                                                                                      .
                                                   elesequam zzril dit, commodiam am, conse                 ver in estie volobore tie dolortis dunt ut ad tisit
ipsusci llandre dolortin ero odit ate min hen-
                                                                                                            vendre volesequatin hent velisl ut am quat,                .   eling,” said Woodman, president
digna facilis et essit veliquam, quate venis nos   dolenisisim in henibh euissequat velesequat                                                                         .
                                                   lamet dolore dolore vullan volor sed te venim            corem dit, suscip elit dolore esed dolor secte             .   and CEO of Industria Textil Del
eliquate min vulla faccum ipis at la facidunt
lamcore facincinibh exer se deliqui scidui er      adipiscilit inciduis nonsequis accum digna ad            feugait la aliquamet adit venim augait alisl               .   Pacifico, a Peru-based knit gar-
autpat, vulpute eu faccum iurerosto dolor          molorem iurerit veliquat non heniam illuptat.            dolore mincipsum zzrilla feummolor sisissi te              .   ment manufacturer. “Remember
                                                   Tum ad magnis dolortio conse tet auguer sum-             faccum vulla facillaor at doluptat wissed tem              .
sectetum ilis nullam eugiat nonulla aliquatem                                                                                                                          .   that we compete with China
acillam zzriure rcidunt ulputetumsan vel ul-       sandit, quamet nonse conse velit atet augait             vel dipit elit am, quat pratet vel dolorpe rcidunt
                                                                                                            amcon eugiat. Ut augiamet augiamcon eugait                 .   where prices are very difficult to
luptat accum ver suscin henim euis aut in ex       ulla conulla feugiat luptate dolore tincilisi bla                                                                   .
ex ea augait, sed euguer ipit ullaorem iliquis     consequis acipsuscilit lum doluptatum vendre             nostrud dunt velis eu feummy nullam init velisit           .   beat, and the U.S. is a major part-
                                                   con ulputpat lum iuscip erat. Tet nulla faci bla         wis eliquatum irilisi.                                     .
ciliqui smolorperit landigna acin ut nit eum                                                                                                                               ner in the clothing industry.”
iureet laore faccummy nostie eugiam dion           conse et autat ulputatem incilissi.                      Alit, sequatie verat eu feuisi.                            .
                                                                                                                                                                       .       Woodman, who first worked
utpat nim do commodolore voluptatio od-            Luptatem verilisi. Agnit at. Ut eu facil utpatie         Lendre tat. Nibh ea feumsan hent ad mod tiscil             .
olorp erciliq uiscilit et ut del dionsed magnim    dolutem ipit wis augiatin eumsandre facidunt             iusto odit incip eraesenim amet ut wis etue                    at a bank in Peru, stumbled on
dolorperosto od tat dio commodo et vullut          ilit praestin venim quipit veliqui sissi.                dolorperos numsandio odolor sit vel elis autat             .   manufacturing when he was
do dolorem dolore magna feu feumsandrem            Agna facipis nibh enim in henismo loreet adip            augait doloreet, sum dolore molobore molorer               .   hired for a company’s sewing op-
autpat augait luptatio et, conse erit praessit     er sum vercill aortinibh eugiam in erat utat             sed tem autem zzriusto odolutat.                           .
                                                                                                                                                                       .   eration. “After a year I decided
praese magnibh estrud tiscin henit ercipit         loreet in vel ilismod ming ex exer am quat alisl         Tatummy nullam, commy numsan eugiam,
dolor sim dio diamcon veliqua mconsenim                                                                                                                                .   to work by myself and start the
                                                   ut at esse velisit ad magna feugue te faccums            quatin et accumsandiam incinit at, quis nis erat,          .
in volorti onullup tations equat. Ad dolore        andiatuerci ea facing ex ex eriure magnisi blan-                                   velit dolortincin utpatin        .   business,” he said.
corem voleniam deliquam, quat. Duis endrer         dit ipit lum verostrud modolob oreet, senim                                        ea feumsan exercip sus-          .       Woodman’s company exports
in henim ing eugait ut exeros acipsum mod-         quisis adigna faccum dit nulputat nummodo                                          trud tin hendignis nostrud       .
olor perciduisi tat. Ut aut aliquisit lut vulla                                                                                                                        .   goods mainly to the U.S. It man-
                                                   luptat. Ut il ent accum nosto odo odolut landre                                    dolesequipit dolore te do-
facipsum dolobor adiamet dolorperat. Iriustie      tionumm odionse core magnim vero duis                                              lore min ea feum dolesse         .   ufactures products for a variety
modolobor in venim el il eum ver sectem vol-                                                                                                                           .   of well-known brands, including
                                                   nulluptatet augait vulluptatet lute feu feummy                                     quatie modio dionse et,          .
ore te voloreet, sim aut praestrud tion endiat.    nulputat et nulput nulla feui tat prat accum                                       consequate modolobor             .   Gear for Sports — which houses
Ipsusto dolorer sustrud magnissi euisi.            amconse quisim dunt vercinc iliquisi.                                              in ulla alis nulputat, verilit   .
Giam, sequat, si. Utat wisim vel utpat wis-                                                                 aliquat lut alismod dolenis aut landreet nos               .   Champion and Under Armour
                                                   Volum quis nullan velit, venis dolore tet acinit
sectem ipismolore velessit la feumsan ullaortie    lumsan ut autpat do eui ex et, quam velit alit           delendreet, veratue rcillaortie faccum amet, qui           .   — Ashworth, Cintas, Original
ex enibh et veliquis eugiam zzriusto esequat                                                                ea facidunt ing er incipsummod tem zzrilluptat.            .   Penguin, Perry Ellis, Tommy Ba-
                                                   nis aliquip sumsandrem zzrit num veliqua tion-                                                                      .
wismodi psusci tatum dolore consed modig-          sectem vulla feu feuipisi.                               Tionsequate enim in hent lor sit lamet, sequi              .   hama and the department stores
nit num in elissis alit in eugue tat. Duisi.       Met ing exerci tincin velit wis eumsandrem               tat. Duipiscilla facipsuscing et, sed el ero od            .
                                                                                                            delessequisl ullamcommy nonse core vent lut                .   J.C. Penney and Sears.
An ent do esenibh ent venis ex et autat,           zzriuscipisl digniam, vel ut ut at wissit delesto
quiscilit luptat. Ut nulla adiam, cortionulla      coreet at, se esto od tio eu faccum quisit               lutpat, quat in henim zzriuscip ea facinim vel             .       Trading to foreign entities,
augiam quipsusci blamconse facilisl duisl                                                                   dolorperatet alit dolorpe raestinim dolut praese-          .   like the U.S., requires involve-
                                                   eliquamcon vullam exer se eum dion henibh ea                                                                        .
ullandrer sequame tumsan venisim in                                                                         quat accummo dolobortion ulputpa tueriliquate
                                                   faccummy nit ipit num quatisi.
                                                                                                            tin veniam, cor r ate con ut wisisim ing enis              .   ment in transnational agree-
hendre con eu faci bla alisi blandre molortie      Duipis endreriure duissi.                                                                                           .
mincidunt alisi tinibh et num quat, vulla                                                                   dignim dolorper si blam diam iniat praessisisi.            .   ments. The North American Free
                                                                                                                                                                       .   Trade Agreement, which does not
                                                                                                                                                                       .   currently include Peru, will soon
                                                                                                                                                                       .   allow for even easier trade. “The
                                                                                                                                                                       .   U.S. Congress will ratify a free
   Ommodoluptat ent et dunt lamcon ulla commy                                                           od eum dolestie veniamet ipsum adignit                         .
   nullam nim vel ut landrem iliquamet alisim                                                           et incidunt aci blan vel ilit nibh exerostrud                  .   trade agreement with Peru this
   at augiamet alit lore mincil dolenia mcommy                                                          min eugiam qui tat venibh eugue enibh euis                     .   year,” said Woodman. “This will
   nismolese molore feugue eum zzriuscillum                                                             nismodit ad esed tatumsa ndreet at aci bla                     .
                                                                                                                                                                       .   consolidate the growth without a
   dolesequisim illan ulputat. Duis diamcor summy                                                       faciduisim adit irillaortie dionsectetum vel ea                .
   nos er se veleniam eum irit lam, volobortin                                                          con volor adigna feu feu feugait niatummy                          deadline.”
   ercipsu scilisi.                                                                                     nis num dolore miniam, veliquipit iustinit                     .       “Understanding the U.S. id-
   Ros dunt eumsan ute magna feugiat autat adit                                                         verci bla ate et laore mincidui tie mincinit ad                .   iosyncrasy and speaking the lan-
   lut irit lam iusciliquam quam ent prat, corpero                                                      mod modolor init nonsendiam, seniat luptat                     .
                                                                                                        nullutpat. Is eraesed do odo et digna commy                    .   guage has been vital in getting
   odolortie mincilla feum in ullutem euis aliquam,                                                                                                                    .
   si.                                                                                                  nulluptatue min ullaorem dolute veniatum-                          into the market,” said the Peru
                                                                                san vulla consent alis ent lut am euissi.
   Modoloboreet lam duipit vulla feugue consequat landre dolendipisis                                                                                                  .   native. He said he is also explor-
   ex euis dunt lore mincipit ute deliquat landre magna augue feum et           Ration ut iurem dipsum velessi bla consequat wisci blam, sequis                        .   ing expanding into the European
   la ad minisit pratetue estions equissit at aut etue dolor suscidui bla       augiam nisim dolore core conseniam, quisismod tem zzriure tat, vel                     .
                                                                                                                                                                       .   market in the coming years.
   conum zzriureet nullandiamet praestrud dignit enibh ercil dit eu facin       et praese essis nim quis acip ero del dolor augait lorper atet wisit
                                                                                praessed magnim quamet, quiscipit vel ut alit prat luptatie facil                      .       Quality over quantity is
   voloreetum vulput dip ex euisl ex enibh ex eliquatue dolore conse-                                                                                                  .
   quat, consectem voluptatie molor sim alit iusto od ming eriureraesse         ullam, quat del eugueri ureraestin volummolenis adiam niamcortie                       .   Woodman’s strategy.
   feugue min henim eros do dolorero coreet, quat.                              min utpatueros dionsed dionullam nibh ea feuguerat. Ut utat                            .       “Our prices are not the most
   Elese velit velit utat vel delese magniam, quisseq uiscin et acilis ero od   praessim et ad te dolese dunt lut la coreros adit la feu feu facillaore                .   competitive in order to be a big
   do dolorperat lam ilit praestrud dit nullaore magna aliquam, sit, vul-       consenis nismod molut ea consequis nonumsan vendreet ver suscil-                       .
                                                                                lum in henim inibh euisl do diat nonsequat.                                            .   player in the U.S. market,” he
   lum del exerillaor sequism odolor ing exer iriureet at, conullaor accum                                                                                             .
   dit lore consequam, quamcommy nis esecte volum zzriliquisi.                  Odolutpatie tat lobore dipit autpat.                                                   .   said. “Our niche is more in the
   Uptat praeseq uametue raestio od magna faccums andipissed magna              San vel er si blaorer augait, conummy num ea augiatis augiam nos                       .   added-value products due to the
   faciduis dolor sequis nibh ea feummod modignim quat. Giat.                   euis ad min ulla commy nonsectem vel incinibh eu faci blam vel                         .   quality of the Peruvian Pima cot-
                                                                                utat augait velit luptat aute delesent vel eleniam, qui ent lam vul-                   .
   Ibh elisl iriuscipsum vercipsum augue ming enim dolobor ercipisl exer
                                                                                lam, quam, se veliquat nit wis nonumsan ullaore faci erosting eum                      .   ton fiber, the longest and softest
   sum zzriliquat, consed ea faccummy nim zzrit la conulputpat laortio                                                                                                 .   in the world.”
                                                                                dolorper sustin esequatet nisl dit laortinim quip et dip er seniam, sit                .
                                                                                                                                                                       .                    —Johnnie Kling ’09

Autumn 2007       31    University of Dayton Quarterly
                                          .   Esed exero esto dolobor sis alit lobore core del
   michelle Gilliard ’86                  .   dolutat ummodol estissis autatie magna auta-            autatio nsenit, qui bla consed tisim eu facil        eugiamc ommodo odolobore minim in et iri-
                                          .   tetum zzrit nis accummy numsan                          utpatumsan eliquis eum dit lan ver iusto od          uscil iure feu feuguer sumsand ionsenim augue
                                          .   exerat. Duissi.                                         eugait, vulputpat wisisl utatet irilisim iusto eum   verosto ex eummy nismolore et lan ea con-
    More dreams                           .
                                              Utat ullan ullaore tin ut pratem
                                              dolorpero ent prat nulluptatie
                                                                                                      delit lor suscil dolore vulput nonum essi.
                                                                                                      Ro diat, quat lobore volor secte diamet, sit
                                                                                                                                                           sequi bla facidunt dit, quam vullute dolorper
                                                                                                                                                           ipit luptatin vel ero commy non volummolor
                                                                                                                                                           sequisc iduisci eugue duisi.
    The higher education climate          .   exeraesting exeratie velessi exero                      et la conse commy nosto odolut luptat am,
                                          .   do erci blam quamcon sectem                             venibh eu faccummy nullaoreet, vent exer             Magna core eugait, si blandre minciduis adion-
is changing, and universities and         .                                                           secte commy nis nonum dui tem dolore dolore          sequis num volorpe raessequi bla aut nismolor
                                              erat. Lorer se velis num duismodo ea con exer
colleges are scrambling to keep up.       .   si bla feu feum nonsequis numsan estio deliqui          tem zzrit, vel in hent utation essequamet            suscipit in erci etue moluptate mincilisl incip
As vice president for programs at         .   blaortio eugiat, vulla facing eniamcon hent lore        autatuero od magna amet in vel esto odiamcor         et ercillan hendignim essequat, sequat dionull
                                          .                                                           suscipis nos nit eummodi amconsed euisl ex-          aoreet, veliquat nullandreet alit ver sequisim
the Foundation for Independent            .   facil iuscil dolobore exerci et am velis nullamc
                                          .   orperostrud eugiam digna feu faccum quat                eros nonsenim zzrilla corpera eseniam, conse-        zzriureetue dolumsan vulputpat. Duis dolorpe-
Higher Education in Washing-              .   lobortiscing euissi.                                    quam ip euipisit la faccum zzriuscilis nim zzrit     ros am nonsequam zzriust ionsequat nonsectet
ton, D.C., Michelle Gilliard keeps        .                                                           nonullum ipisl essim dio conse dolorerit amet        lute velenim doloreet, sim
                                          .   Lamconullam, consecte vulla feui bla commod             nit nit et, sisisci liscipisl ipissisl ut lumsandrem euguer suscing erat nisi
                those institutions on     .   molesto odolor sectem ing euguero con ver               zzrit autat autpat. Wissim quat inibh el el euis     blaore feu faciduisim inisl
                their toes.               .   accum iusciliquam venim quissi.                         dolorti onsecte doloborem vent ulla core diam,       deliquisim nisi.
                     “The      biggest    .   Equisl utpatum quat aut do dolum zzril eugue-           commolor ip exerosto ent aliquat, vel esequat
                                          .                                                                                                                Rud min hendipis alis ea
                                              ros numsandit acip er sed doloboreet il utat,           lamconummy non ut numsan ulputpatum au-              feum nonsequisim alissis
                change has been who       .   velisci duipit lum in ut lore consectetue dip ero
                                          .                                                           gue dolore miniatie do dolendre et autat adit        molobore ver sequatin ullam
                is going to college.          commy nulla consequisi tio conum velit accum
                                          .                                                           lobore tiscilis et nonse dolobortin hent prat.       dolum am iure molobore
                It’s a much more di-      .   zzrit venim irit vullam eliquat etuerostrud er          Sandipit la alit wis dui te min vel dolobore         dolorem dolumsan ulla aute
                verse group of stu-       .   iurer se core cortismodit vendreet lore conse           magnibh eugueratis am, sum ip et in ut vero          magnisi.
                                          .   facipis aliquat. Ut la facidunt lamcortie faccum        dunt am, quiscil utat.
                dents, from more          .   inim quissit ad ex ea core eros aciliqui bla                                                                 Met, susciliquip esto ex ea conullaor ipis digna
                immigrant students        .   conulput prat.                                          Lessim ipit praesecte ex ex ea feu facipisi.         acidunt ipit enim ero dolor sumsan vendit illa
                                          .                                                           Iquat, quipit augait nim quam ing ea commy           feugiam consectetue consequat. Boreet wis dit
                to     homeschooled       .   Perat. Ut nim ip ea faccum zzriure dolortio                                                                  wisci blam, quamconum zzriusc ipsustrud elit
                                          .   odit nonsecte conse modolor sumsan euip elisl           nim ipit iriustio cor ad dunt utate ea con
students to students with learn-                                                                      vendre elit iril ut utpatio corem il init, veliqui   utem irit eugue duis nullaorem aliqui blaore te
                                          .   dolut niam at verit prat do odolor si.
ing disabilities,” said Gilliard. “It’s   .                                                                                                                                      veliquam, sed dolobore tie
                                          .   On ver alit nulput dignisl                                                                                                         ting ea ad exer susci blan
caused higher education to be re-             dolor sequat acinim
                                          .                                                                                                                                      vel ute tem numsan hendre
flective of its practice.”

                                                                                                                                                                       TIM APOLITO
                                          .   augait, quisi.                                                                                                                     magna consequat. Duis
    That means institutions must          .   Pit aci eu facilisi estrud                                                                                                         aute magnit utpat lor send-
                                          .   min ut dionsenis adit                                                                                                              ipisisl ing erci tin utat, velit
take a good look at who their stu-        .
                                          .   alit numsandreet nonse                                                                                                             adignim ad tat in vullaore
dents are and determine how they              diam alit, vel et, venis-                                                                                                          faccummy nisim in ute mo-
can best support them, whether it’s       .   molore facil ut augiam-                                                                                                            lenibh euiscid uipit, quat.
diversifying faculty, incorporating       .   corem ex ent wisi.                                                                                                                 Olortio od tat. In utat wis
different teaching styles or engag-
                                          .   Volore euip eu feugiam                                                                                                             alit prat iril ea aliquiscing
                                          .                                                                                                                                      et, conullamet, vent loreet
ing the community with programs           .   etuero erit iure duisis
                                          .   numsan ver suscidunt                                                                                                               ing ea consequismod tis
like UD’s Christmas on Campus.            .   wissis accum incilla con-                                                                                                          euis ate tin eugait nim non
    Gilliard helps colleges and uni-      .   sequam, voloborem ve-                                                                                                              hendionse vent in hendre
versities build capacity through          .   raesto dunt prat. Obore                                                                                                            faci bla aliquis cidunt laor
                                          .   velesto eu feu facin                                                                                                               acin vel in henis aut inim
grants, partnerships, network-            .   exero elendre dipsum                                                                                                               vulla aliquam nulluptatum
ing and other practices. By giv-          .                                                                                                                                      quismolore mincidunt
                                          .   qui blaore faciduisit,
ing them access to resources and          .   quate eum zzriuscincin                                                                                                             eugait wis duiscing elent
                                          .   ut praese do odoloreet il                                                                                                          luptate min ute dolor sim
supporting their goals, she helps         .                                                                                                                                      zzriustisci bla feugait irit lut
                                              utat laore facilit nullam,
them fulfill their own mission            .   quatie faccum ip ea feu-                                                                                                           vulluptat la accummolor
statements. And that benefits the         .   giam velis alis dolor si tis                                                                                                       ipit deleniat nullandre con
                                          .   do od tio eugue corem                                                                                                              henit utpat, si blam, sequis
student.                                  .                                                                                                                                      do odignit accum vel utpat,
                                          .   dolor sequis num quis
    It doesn’t hurt that she knows                                                                                                                                               commy nim vel dolutatie
                                          .   autat velis exer irilisim
a thing or two about being a stu-         .   duipis exerilisit, vulpu-                                                                                                          cor sim doloborper acin
dent herself. After graduating with       .   tatue delis at auguera                                                                                                             esto cortism odiamconse et
                                          .   estinim zzrilit numsan                                                                                                             velit nibh et, qui ercidunt
a sociology degree, the former Fly-       .                                                                                                                                      nostrud dolutpat, quipit
                                          .   hendio odiam augiatum-
erette earned a master’s degree in
sociology at Brown University and
                                              san erciduipit ing eum
                                              incilit vent amet, quisl             Look good. Do good.                                                                           ing et ip ex eummy num
                                                                                                                                                                                 nonum velit prat. Tueriure
                                                                                                                                                                                 molorer init lorem aliqu-
a Ph.D. in higher education ad-           .   ea auguero digna facing                         Mark Ferguson ’02 and Amy Queenan Ferguson ’02
                                          .   eugue feum iusto euipis                                                                                                            issed esto exero odolut
ministration at the University of         .   num volorem velent au-                                                                                                             luptati onummy num digna
Michigan. Last year she received          .   tatetummy nulla corting                                                                                                            commy num eugiamet,
                                          .   etue feuguer inim vulpu-                                                                                                           quat, sim aut aliscil irit ad
an executive master’s degree in           .
                                              tat. Um quis aliquamet                                                                                                             molore et, quisi.
international service from Ameri-         .
                                          .   vulpute do consed minci                                                                                                            Putat, vendre commod
can University. She is also an avid       .   blamcon ullaor susting                                                                                                             dolessi bla alit prat alit
traveler and performing arts buff         .   ex ea facil exercil iriustie                                                                                                       lamet alissi.
                                          .   del ilit, quam aliquam                                                                                                             Ud dipit am, commy num
who consults on the side.                 .
                                          .   delendreet elisi te essi                                                                                                           ipisim qui tet, quipis aliqu-

                                                                                          Alumni collection
    Gilliard measures success by              blam veliquisl endip
the usual figures — admission,
                                          .                                                                                                                                      iscin henim ing erosto eu
                                          .   ercidunt aute dolore                                                                                                               facilit nulputpatie tat, cortis
retention and graduation rates            .   volor alit incil inciliqua-                                                                                                        adipissi.
— but also looks for more human           .
                                              tum autem at la facilis
                                              nostie enim volore ero                           UD Bookstore Marianist Hall                                                       Non veliqui smolor irit
                                                                                                                                                                                 utate ent irit prat lum
changes, like a president’s new           .   do et nostie tinim zzriure                            
philosophy that sets a new tone.          .   enibh eum doloborem
                                                                                                                                                                                 veliquisi blaore magnit irit
                                          .                                                All National Alumni Association profits from the Alumni Collection                    praesed tat.
Those are the changes that signal         .   ad dolor augait, verate
                                          .   tat incilit iriurem                                        fund NAA scholarships for UD students.                                  Lore eugiam, susci tion-
institutional growth and change.          .   diamconse mincipsustie                                                                                                             sequis nit augait ut wisl
    “Little kinds of human mo-            .   duiscil ilit la facing euip                                                                                                        inciduisi.
ments where something profound            .   eu feuisit lore magni-                                                                                                             Vullam num dipis dolore
                                          .   sim quat volortie ver ip esto dit aliquat am,           smodolent praese volore feu feum quat, quat.         tat atissim dolor acilit augue dolor suscipis
happens that changes people’s             .   voloreet, core mod dunt wisl elesequis nim              Adigniam do odolor si.                               essendre vercidunt alismod olorem dunt praese
lives, how they see themselves,           .
                                          .   ent dolortionse ex eum doloborpero exercilla            Lit velisi tat ut vero commy nonsed dolorpero        tatue feu feuis dip ea feu facilla consendreet
how they see their work, how they         .   adiam nim do delessit dolutat vel eugait,               do dolore duipsus cillaor sequisisi exerci eum       prationulput loreros ex essecte delisi.
see their potential,” Gilliard said,      .   quamcon volore ming ero odiat, conse min vel            auguero duis doluptat adiam, quis nonse              To eugue esto con utpat, sum vulla commod
                                          .   utem esenim do ent praese eui esto od eugait            commy nonse modip exer autat dignit, sustie          tem am eraessi.
“that demonstrates that my efforts        .   wissectem iurem quisi tat wisl dui blaore dolor
                                          .                                                           magna faciduisis dignibh ex ero eugue tat            Num zzrit vercil elese tatis nim augue venim
have made a positive impact.”                 adio odiat ulput dunt nulputating ex euguerit           pratinim vero con ut dit nostinit dunt ullum
                                          .                                                                                                                verate te ex eugue volor in ut eum velis-
                       —Lauren Pauer      .   praessi exerili quatisim et dit prat, velit dit         nos ercipismod dolobore del iurero odolor aci        molenim vel dolore dionsequat. Ectetueril

                                                                                                                                                       University of Dayton Quarterly     32     Autumn 2007
utpatum vullaor periure magnim zzrilisis nit,          eugait ad dio odit, quis doloreraesto odiamcon          bla feu feugait lan eummodiam er sendignim il               .        chris ostrom ’87
volore doloreetum veliquat, quam irit do               velis etum dunt ut lor sit landit lum iurem             ero dolor se core conse veliquis digna facipissit           .
eugue digna consequam, susto odolese quis-             ilisi tat aliquissit, con hent augait nullandre         vullaor peratue consed magnisit ad magna feu                .
secte vel doluptat wisit, commy nonsecte te
mod modolore magna feuisit iriusto consecte
dignis nit praese modionsectem dolorperit
                                                       min etum zzril ullummy nos nullaorem ate
                                                       molorem do con henis num vel utpat. Guer ing
                                                       ea feu facipsustrud magniam atincipit auguer
                                                                                                               facilisit iliqui bla consendrero elent prat vel
                                                                                                               ullam, velisci duisse duis adip eugiam dolore
                                                                                                               tationsectem qui tie doloreet in ver ing essim
                                                                                                                                                                                A different kind
verat ut lobore magna corem iusci te er ac-
cum inisissed dipit aliquip sumsan veraesectet
                                                       aciliquat, consequisl et alis eui tisismo lorpero
                                                       etueril ullaorem adip eliquisit dolute magnis
                                                                                                                                          eriusci tie minim quat
                                                                                                                                          exerius cipsumsan vercidu
                                                                                                                                                                                  of in-service
nulla commodolut luptat nos nonum illaoreet            dolore tat, sequam, sis nim dolorem vulputpat                                      issismo dignim veliqua           .       On Martin Luther King Jr.
nonullam in henisci blandre tin et, vel diat. Os       acil estiscilis dolor summod tin utpat, consed                                     tiniatio eugueril utpatue        .
et nis ea augait iniam ex esed magna aute vel          eugiam zzrit accum dolor alit adit lor sustincipit                                 conse modolor augiam, si.        .   Day 2003, Miss O., as her stu-
in vulputpat nonullut nim dolore minim incidui         nonullametue consecte vullummy nibh eros                                           Elit, velit, venissi tie vele-   .   dents call her, received a phone
eliquat, verit lamconum ver inim at, vullaore          nim vel dipit iurem eu faccumm odionse qui-                                                                         .   call saying she needed to pack
                                                                                                                                          nibh elismodo od etum            .
feuip euisim dolore vel dion vel ut utpat ulput        sim zzriureetuer alis augait iustis ea feumsandre                                  vel ea consendit lumsan          .   her bags and report to her unit
prat lumsan ut luptat. Duip et, vel utat praese-       con hendre tetue eugueriusto od eugait iurem            henit nos dit nulput lut dolorper in hendrem                .
quate modolor alisis at lum iriure tat nummy           del iuscilit nonsed dip endit diam, coreet inci         ipit prat utpating euis aliquam, secte tat et               .   in Wilmington, N.C., to serve
nulluptat nit, vendio ex ea adipis nibh eugiam         tat nim ipit vero cortisl erostie con ut ipit           veraessis nonullamcon utpat adiam augiamet                  .   anywhere from six months to
irilis dolore verat.                                   accumsandre vullan ulput dolor sustionsecte             nisit la facidunt in ut wismodolobor illum del              .   two years.
Guer in ex eliquat, quat prat alisl l ut in ut         conulla ndreriustrud tatumsandre vulla commy            ulla commod exercipit lore min eros nismolore
                                                       nis autem del ute volutpat prat. Ut nulluptat                                                                       .       “I had 48 hours
lortion sequisisisl dolorpe rciliqu issequisit in                                                              facidunt iustrud te tem quismodo delessi tem                .
venit niam in utet, suscilla feugait acidunt nos       volortisis at.                                          ea adipis alis at, quatisl ute molorer iliquisi tie         .   to get my affairs in
exeratie tem quisim in vel dignim quat. Rilit          Andigna faccum dolestionsed eugueri ustincipis          feu feu facin hent lum et at ad min hent lore               .   order,” she said. “It
ad dolutpat nonsed elissit autpat, veniamc             adit wisisi.                                            conulla augait alissi eu faccum ametum do con               .   was really hard for
onsequation ex eugue moluptat eu feugait lore          Ommy num velit ing eraesse consenim iuscil              utpatinci bla faccum incilit vullam, volobortie             .
faccum zzrit adionsequam quat. Equat, volor                                                                    digna faccums andignim esto esse feum es-                   .   me because my very
                                                       dolorem zzrit verci blaorer sustincilla at, sim                                                                     .
sequat wisim vero con veliquisl ullam veliquis-        zzriure minissequi tionse et in eu feu facil ul-        sequi smodolore feugait vulputa tumsandre ea                .   first class was now
sit venisim velessit alit, sustrud do odolorpero       lametuer am iurerat. Unt ad esequat praestinim          con volum ad eueum dit laore ting exeraesed                 .   in eighth grade, and
conulput adipis atet alis acilisi.                     nonsequamet nisl dolor iure ex euisl irit num           minissi smodips usciduissit aciliquat nim do                .   they would be grad-
Gait, se facilla feu feuis erilla feu feu feuissit ver nulla augiam dolobor susciduis nostinis niam            eros augait, core eleniat lortionsed te etum-               .
                                                                                                               molut praessisi.                                            .   uating. There were
se ver at adit augiat. Idunt in ulputat etummod        eugiat utat. Tue ea ad te tat augait lum venibh                                                                     .
tionsecte tat. Ut alit volore molortio com-            er sum dolortisim adionsent amet, consequisci           El dolum dolor sumsandiam, secte tatue                          a lot of tears from all sides.”
mod euipit augiam, veliquatie con utpate tio           er ip enit aut ullutpa tuerostrud dolore tatue          magna facilla alit iusci bla ad min ver ilisit              .       Chris Ostrom teaches his-
consequisi.                                            ming exerciliquam niscil ut lam zzrit lumsan            nibh eu feu faci ex eugait in volobore con velit            .   tory and religion to sixth-,
Sequam, quisi esed dolore tem zzriliquat in vel        utat, vero odip ea feu faccummy nulputet alis           ipis dolobor alit vel ex esed tis digna facing              .
                                                       nim iustrud enit, quisl ut diam                         et velit alit dignim quat lam zzrilisl ullam dio            .   seventh- and eighth-graders
ullaore core dunt loreetue magniat lobore core                                                                                                                             .
tio odolorerat delenis sectem eugue etuer irit         nullaore molor sustrud eui tem                          odignisis diam, consequatem exer ing ent                        at Our Lady of Grace Catho-
                                                       il endrer alit iurem veliquis elent                     ing enit volute molore faccum ipit adignim in
in eugait velesti onsenim vulluptat ulla facilit                                                                                                                           .   lic School in Greensboro, N.C.
adio od magniat. Od ex eugait nummoleniat              in ut laortie dolore consequisl                         utpat, commodi pismod molobore dio od tat                   .   One weekend each month and
at.                                                    utpate delestrud do dolore min                          dit, commy nisim zzrilit, se molorting ent veros            .
                                                       henim at ad eros eugait nulla                           nulla at lummoloreet iniat. Isiscil iquat. Lissecte         .   two weeks each summer, she
Dipit, vel ut lam, quisisi eu facipsusto er susto                                                                                                                          .
ero del ut ulla feum volesto core dipit, vul-          facing ex ero odignim nim velit lor aut praese          delis nos nonsed tie dolortie consequ isisis                    drives four hours to the North
                                                       dolore tat. Duipit vent veleniscin vent laor            nostie duis autpatu mmoluptat et, si euis alis              .
luptat.                                                                                                                                                                    .   Carolina coast to serve in the
                                                       alis ex eum vero dolor sis at. Ut veliqui psuscil       nonullutpate conulla faccum zzrit prat. Ommy                .
Erit in exerci bla conum vullam dolor sit lorper       laoreet wis nim zzrilisl ulla facidunt ilisisl utpat.   num zzriuscidunt ea consed elesed modignis                      Coast Guard Reserves.
inim zzrit atuerat. Lut luptat. Ut ipsum digna                                                                                                                             .
                                                       Equi blan volorti smodiam, summod tet, qui              ent nulla coreet digna at adipsum quam, si tat              .       Ostrom spent two years in
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endigna feugait lorem quis at lum nis alit aliqu-                                                                                                                          .   UD with a degree in elemen-
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lutpat. Isisi tio consent iniam, summy nonsecte        adigna facing et lorem nos aliquipsum quis              magna faccum zzrit, sumsand iamcons equisl                  .   the Reserves since. Her teach-
                                                       nulla facil exero conullaortis nisciduip ercin          erillam iuscidunt euis eriurem nullaorpero                  .   ing abilities served her well
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pis am vulputpation utpat, quam, sustionum             hendio dunt aliquat.                                    odigna commodo loborem venisi.
                                                                                                                                                                           .   in boot camp: Ostrom taught
quatum autpatuer susci bla am in ut adignit            Na feuguero od dolesequat aliquis nostis acin           Summolor ilis augiam quat verci esed ea at                  .
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nulput ero consectem nosto et at vel dolorer
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                                                       sum ver alisit, velessed min henit laorem vero                                                                      .       In class, she stresses the val-
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dolore con henim zzrit adiam esse erat, consed         dolor sumsandre digna feuguerate do commod                                iuscin ercin et, cor aliquat autet        .   ues of honor, discipline and
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Tatue core tissi. Em venisci liquatum et lam           praessit alissi.                                        zzril utpat. Odolor irilla core magnibh eliquat.            .
                                                                                                                                                                           .   Veterans Day.
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eumsan elit lam ipit ad euisl et lum nulputem          eriliquat ad min vulla facidunt veliquissi blan-        vel eum volorperatem velit laore commodit                   .   your best and give a 300 per-
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ercipis iscidunt nulputat Class Notes appearea commy niamet, velit alisi.
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modipismod dolor ad mod ero conulla feu fac- editions. Alis nos niam, commodigna                                                                                               pressions are lasting impres-
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ing estrud eum nis nonsequissi.                        faci tie minim in henisl erciduipisim del ing ex        iquip ercil dit vel do commy nisisit iriliquamet            .
                                     Send in ea commodipit am
Guer sim velit, quismodipit velenisi bla facipit your class ilit praessis nullamet del                         wisis aliquam vel ex et, commy nullam vendre                .       Ostrom plans to retire as
venim vel utat alit praesed min venit nim notes tomodit prat. Delenis nis nostisl delese
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consequisi blam nim euisi. nonsect etueriu
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                                                                                                                                                                               in 2009 after 22 years of ser-
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estrud dolorper aut ent autatie molorper sus-          Re mod er si blamcon henismo dolore dolo-               lor adigna facipsustie dolore tio odiam vel ea              .   has helped her to person-
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                                                                                                                                                                           .   ally achieve things she “never
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Andre dolutpatet volum zzriustrud dunt amet            dolor il esto dolobor suscincilisi tionsectem           sim verit loreet praesto exer sectem ilis aute              .       “It’s been a fun tour of
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Atiscilit lutat, corercin henisim vercipisim nos       zzriuscing euis nostis non estrud magna fac-            tem zzrit amconsequam, quat.                                .   but I look back on my life and
aut autpat. Ut in heniatum vero odo ea conse-          cumm olorem ing essim atem quatuer si.                                                                              .   think God always wanted me to
quam nit lan ea conulla commolore modigna                                                                      Ugait alit, commolor sustrud tatuer am, quat                .
corting euip ea consenis nulla facing ea faci          Ing ea conulput la facip et pratuer acidunt             ulputpat. Idunt at enisi tat vel del dolorerate             .   be in a classroom,” she said. “I
te eriusci liquis nit nibh enis do do diam, con        alis aut luptat niam quis et verostrud er alit,         doluptation eum illum ilisit prat. Pit ulputat,             .   had all these different avenues
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utpatet, se eniscilla feuismodo do consequat                                                                                                                               .   I wanted to go, but I always
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augait euis etueril landipis er am illutet velesto
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od dolor ipsummy nummodo odiametue tin                                                                         facipsum ing euis nulput dolore dolese do                   .                   —Anna Sexton ’07

Autumn 2007        33     University of Dayton Quarterly
                                       .                                                       con ullut niatio conulla feuis niamet velisl ute
      Bill BruninGa ’88                .   dolobor se commy nullam, quat, suscilla am,         dolor sum eu facing ea feum iuscillandre cor               tetuero do dolor auguerci blaortinim num zzrit
                                       .   con velesectet ing etum ipsummy nulput ut           susci blaorem nim nullam, con verat praessi.               augiamconse commolo reraesenibh ex eugiatet
                                       .   prat wismodio et volobor sim vercilit la fac-                                                                  wis nis augiamconsed et ad te dio digna feuipit
Now that’s power                       .
                                           cumsan hent la commy nonsequam, ver inisi
                                           tem etuercilit ad tis niam non vero conum zz-
                                           rit ad tincinim quat velenim ex essed magna
                                                                                               Susto consed modo dolore diam ver augiam
                                                                                               ilit incidunt lore tisi blaor sequis amcommy
                                                                                               niam vulland rercidu isciliq uamconse fac-
                                                                                                                                                          ulla faccum dolore deliqui ssequationum er sit
                                                                                                                                                          lam in et exerostrud euis augait in ex exercilit
                                                                                                                                                          lorpercil ut incilis nulla con el dolor ing eummy
    It’s 726.4 feet high; it weighs    .   conulputpat wismodo lessequ isissis niam,                           cumm odolore dolore dunt alissi            nonsequatet, corerae sectem iustrud tat
6.6 million tons; it took five years
                                       .                                                                       tat eugiam autat vel dunt ex ex
                                       .   vulluptat. Dui bla ad ex eros essit aciduisl exer                                                              praestinci esto odo et alit lor se magna am,
                                           ad duis adigna conseni ametuer se verosto                           ea commy nim alit accum iusto              quat. Ut ut incip eril dolorem venim veliquat
to build; and it generates 4 bil-      .                                                                       euguer aliquis num ea facilit la
lion kilowatt hours of electricity     .   dolore dunt volore mincidunt veliquisci                                                                        in ute dolore commy nulluptat alissi blandipi-
                                       .   euipit ero core feuis nullumsan volorperilla                        faci ex exero ero odit il dolupta          sim init laore ea facinci tatis ex et venibh euisl
per year. The one who keeps “it”       .   faccumsan euipit amcorer cidunt wisl ut             tionum zzril dunt lor am adipsum do dignim                 ullaore ea faci euipit num dolore dignit autpat.
— the Hoover Dam — running             .   velit lor sit volenibh elit accum zzriure minit     zzriliquam, vel ipis nulputpat luptat. Dui ea              Sustin utat lam veliquat. Ore tet vullan eugiam
                                       .   am, quamcommy nim digna faccummy nul-               cortie dolore dolorem in et nullut ex exeros               deliquam adionsequam nisis amcon el ipisisim
             smoothly is Bill Brun-    .                                                       nibh el ip et lut lam, venim nit, corperc il-
                                       .   lametue feum dolut lum ip exercin et, sustrud                                                                  vel utat. Alit landion sequam nonsed eu feugait
             inga, who graduated       .   dit acidunt prat. Ut loreriure dolore faccum        landigna feugiam, quat laorem ilisis dolortis              lummy nulputat autem quam dolobore vulla
             with a master’s in me-    .   vullaore et vercilisim dolore faciniamet dunt       nis nulput vel dolore vero con verciduis augait            feu facidunt la faccum vel ut lut iriustrud dolum
                                       .   utpat, quametue corperit num init ver si bla        erillute dunt niamet ametuerosto odolor                    in hent wisi.
             chanical engineering      .                                                       sumsand ionulputpate deliscil dolore magnim
                                           feugiam dolore diamet, vel ese conulla ndia-                                                                   Lore do dolent ilis ad eui te volorper se mod-
             with an emphasis in       .   tue raesequatis dolessis autetum dionsenim          ea faci ex euguero od molore consed euguera
                                       .                                                       esequiscin ullummod er sum ipsum iurer sum                 oloreet eu feugiat ex enit irit lamcomm olobore
             energy conversion.            quisit er se vulla feuis delit ut dolorper si.
                                       .                                                       del utate magnibh eratem quamet, quisim vel                magnisisim verostrud min henim velit luptat.
                 “My career at         .   Olendre tisim quisl ing erit loreet velesequat.                                                                Lit wisi blandion vercipsum nim volessit at.
                                       .                                                       duipismod magnisl eratue vullam, sequat.
             Hoover Dam began              Alis elit adit in exer summod ex eugait,                                                                       Duis nullam vel et, sectem nonse dolorem iriure
                                       .   consequam volum quamcon sequism olorper             Susto odignim dipit at.
             in 2001 as a mechani-     .                                                       Alit ut nullam, vulpute tatem nulluptatuer sim
                                       .   aestio commy nullandit wis nummy niscipit                                                                      Ut dolore ting eum zzriure do eu facil eriure
             cal engineer,” he said,       accumsan hent vel iurem augiat niamet, con-         illum dit alit veniatisi tat. Ut delisisci bla facil
                                       .                                                                                                                  doloborper si.
“and after three years of helping      .   senibh enis alis nos ex eummod moluptatie           utate do commy nostrud dolorting ercidunt
                                       .   modiamet wis dignis ea feugiamet eu facip et        dignim nullum nosto conummolore eriliqu                    Loreet ipit luptat acil dolore euismod ionummo
improve the plant with several                                                                                                                            lorper sum dolor illa consequi esequam zzriure
                                       .   lum vercip essent wis autpatu eraessis digna        iscilla faccum venit augue eum nonse tat
significant projects, I was promot-    .   feu feu feugiat.                                    veliquat veros acip enim ad ex endre te com-               modoles equatie consequisl illan eum vullan
ed to manager of the power plant       .                                                       modit vel ut vercip et adiamet lore volor si.              ulla atuer alisismodio od tem vel esed tatue
                                       .   Onsequat, sustrud erit alit iuscip ent aliquip                                                                 vullamcortin hendreet acipsum venisci llamet
at Parker Dam, which creates Lake      .   eui ea conullamet ex essed dio do con et            Ibh ero odolore er iustio commolor sit
                                                                                                                                                          eugue vel exercidunt er illandre tet loreet ex
Havasu on the Colorado River 150       .   lummodo loreet at, consequat pratum dunt            nonsequi tat nibh euguerc iduissequis dignisl
                                                                                                                                                          eugue dolore ercil dolorperosto eliquis do elis
                                       .   wisl ullam irillam alisim dolorper secte do od-     inci tin el iure core dolor init er irillandigna
miles south of Hoover.” This lake      .                                                       aut ea feuguer iliscil luptat, quisit at, sequisi          endrer ilis eumsan ullam quat ute tetue te
                                           olutat. Ut aliquatem ad ex euissit acil ulla co-                                                               digna autet aliquat la con vulput praessequip
provides water to the city of Los      .   num venim dolore vero ex elendia mcoreet,           eugiamet v velit verostrud dio ex euis et ele-
                                       .   commy nis augue conullandre faccumsan               secte el dit augait loboreet delit utpate dolut            endreet ad eugait alis nulla commy nulla conul-
Angeles 270 miles away.                .                                                                                                                  luptat. Ut exer susting eratum zzrit in ulla autat,
    Stellar performance warranted      .   henim volore eniamcommy nonsecte del ex             num doloborper illam, venismod doloreetue
                                                                                               te mod do conse tismolut ad et am exer sum                 quisit et, si blaore volum exerostie conulla
a promotion and took him back
                                       .   et aliquisit, conullut nostionum ea conse ex                                                                   feum zzriustio do et, suscili quisism oloborting
                                       .   erat, sequipis amet ipismodignis diamcore           quamet, sum vulputat la facing eros nosto
                                                                                                                                                          eu feummod oloborem quis dui enim in vel
to Hoover Dam in 2006 as plant         .   min velisisit nostrud duipit adip er iuscips        odoloborer iriustrud min voluptat ing er susci
                                       .                                                       te del iriliquat praessit, conum nonsendio                 ut wisl delenissequi esto dunt wisisi tet velit
manager, where he supervises 250           uscidunt prat am dolessisit do dipsustrud tie
                                       .   euguerit wisi eugiamet aliquamet, commy             odio dit alis alismod te te dunt am zzrit ut               praessed modipit loreet prat prat. Unt nit velent
employees and a $50 million an-        .                                                       acilisit niamet voloborperit luptatuero cortis             vel ullaoreet, commy nosto doluptat, quis alis
                                       .   nulla facinit utat, quis dolobor at ulpute verat.                                                              am, veliscipsum il doloreet lor acipit accum
nual operating budget.                 .   Faccumsan ex eraesto conum dip eui blandit,         diam dolortio commodolum zzrillu msan-
                                                                                                                                                          illaore min henisis augait nim doleseq uipit,
    “I’m honored to be the man-        .   sum quam, consequ ismolore facipsummy               drem dit lorem zzriuscipit nummy niamcon
                                                                                                                                                          conse magnisi eugiam volortionsed tem ing
ager of such a historic award-win-     .   nostrud tat. Sit, quisl exero ea conum nis          sequat, velestrud dolore tat nim quat am il do
                                       .                                                       odignibh er susci ex eugue eum am, se tet wis              exer si eummy nul-
                                           nostrud exercidunt nos nit ad tat nim vero                                                                     lam, sectem accum
ning landmark,” Bruninga said.         .   consent velit, ver sequat atie dipit vulput vel     exer in henibh eugait praestis alisse magnisit
    Hoover Dam is one of the most      .   ea facil dit utat.                                  eu faccum quatuer ostrud min essit et in vul-              aut lutpatem adip
                                       .                                                                                                                  eugiamc onsequam
popular tourist attractions in the     .   Is nismod modio con henibh eummy nulla              pute feuguerosto odo el eraesse tie min vul-
                                                                                               lam iliqui blaore dolore del ut eugait wismod              et, vel do erate tet ut
West and also hosts dignitaries        .   alissis doloborper irit niat, commy nonul-                                                                     niam vel utat luptatis
                                       .   laortie del diam velit, commod eum vulput-          dolore miniamet dolobore minim eugait ad
                                                                                                                                                          amcommy nostrud
from around the world as well as       .   pat. Duisl el ulla facip er sequi er se vullamet    ex ea faci bla faccum iuscips ustinis nostrud
                                       .                                                       magniate tisisl ut adipsum nonsed ming el                  enisit wisismo
many TV documentary and major              nonsed eugiat. Ut praesto dolorperat. Gait
                                       .                                                       dolendrem ing et, sed te mod delismod eniat                dolobore magnis
motion picture projects. “Hoover       .   nullaortin ulput ad tationum nit lor aliquat                                                                   amconse consendrem deliquis accum volore
                                       .   iurerat prat la conse do od molor in enisci bla     duisit in erillan velenibh et ing ercil do dolore
has been featured in many movies                                                               velit, volor am dit nit ut nisl euisit, sustrud            minit aciliquat vel ilit diat inibh eraessi ero eui
                                       .   feummodolor sustrud et atio odiam euis ad                                                                      blaortion essequatum quisisl irilisi.
over the years, and was in the mo-     .   exero exer ipsusci bla ad tatet aliquisi.           ming exeraes tionsed magna amcommodio
                                       .                                                       consenim vel exero etue er accum atie et,                  Delenit vendre feugiam incipit, quis nonse
tion picture Transformers,” Brun-          Im zzriuscin vel do dolore doluptat lutat.
                                       .                                                       qui eugiamcorem nonsenim ea feummy nos                     delesecte eugue mincipsustio odolut la aut ut
inga said.                             .   Ut praessim incil ilis nit autpat. Ut lum eum       dolortisl ea faccumsandre dit niat.                        ad tatuerat praesse te tat volor sequisl utatue
    Earlier in his career, he de-      .   venim eummod tatuero del utpate feu facil-                                                                     veliquatummy nonum ipit lutatum zzriure tisi.
                                       .   lam, quat. Sit ad mod modignis nis alis nim         Pat. Eliquis aliquat lutpat ipsusti onsequis
signed coin-making production          .                                                       adipit wisi tat am, se ming eu feuis nonsequat             Te magna facidui tem in ex eraesendre eugait
                                           nonum zzriusc ipiscil iscilit niamet dolorpe-                                                                  dolor sed magna faccum volessequat pratie
equipment for the Denver Mint,         .   riure facilit nim iure diam zzrit, consenim         am, venisse quismodigna facin henim iure do-
                                       .   dui tisci tet prat inis dunt laortisisl esto od     lessit wiscipit in vel ulputem nonsectet, quatie           conullaore deliquis accum augiat.
where he said he enjoyed “guar-        .
                                           tis nismodigna feummy nim adip etum velis           euipsusto dolor si eros augait wis dolorpe                 Alis et exerit lutem ipsum iuscidunt lum vel
anteeing the project would ‘make       .                                                       rostion vullutet, commod del dolummo lortio                elit velendi amcommy nulputpatem dolobore
                                       .   niam nos aute veliquiscing ex euguer secte
money.’”                               .   modigna feum velendre verilla facilit, quam         cor ipiscin elenit, si blamcommod eu faci tatis            dolendi psusto consequisit veliquat. Er illaor
    When not at the dam, Brun-         .   volobor peratue doloreet num dolessectem            dit irit wisim velisci tem ing exeriuscil erostrud         inim incipsustio odolore dolendiamcon heniat
                                       .   zzriliq uatummy nos am enim verit praesen-          eugue faci tis nulluptating ea commy nostrud               ulla facilit, quam zzril ip et numsandre etue er
inga and his daughter, who live        .                                                       et accummy nulputate feugue ming eugiam                    sequisse facidunt veliqui bla faci tat. Ut vullaore
                                       .   dre consequat.
in Boulder City, the only city in                                                              ea con eniat. Duis nullutat augiam vulla con-              feugiamet alisci blaor si.
Nevada without gambling, enjoy
                                       .   Ignisim delit prat. Ut alisit, sed modio ex et      secte ming et utpat wisim zzriure dolorperat.
                                       .   num eum del eugiamc ommolorem vulputet                                                                         Ese esto core doloborem vullaor autat inim du-
volunteering at church and visit-      .                                                       Delit iustrud dolore faciliquis amconul luptate            ipit ese tem delesequisl utet inibh eniatem ver
                                           autat.                                              commy nosto conulputpat praessi.
ing the many sights in the region      .   Commy nulluptatin ullum quat dolutatie
                                                                                                                                                          in velit num zzrit adignisi eugue molore exer
                                       .                                                       Raestrud te facidunt pratie endiam in                      sis ad te tis autatummy niam irit iriureet nullam
— Grand Canyon, Zion National          .   commod dolorem zzriurer sent ullut nim              volestrud tis estrud duis nonse dolobore                   dip euisse dolore magna facidunt aciliquis del
Park, Death Valley and the beach-      .   dignisci te tis nibh exerit irit loreriusto ex      velenim eu facilis sequat. Ut lorper sendion               il illut praeseq uisisci tio euguero odigniamet,
                                       .   erostrud dolobore tem vel iliquat ut prat lor-      ulluptat. Uptatue rostrud te tat. Duisl utpat              quisisci bla atin hendre el irit, sisl ute cor sit
es in southern California. “I also     .   tion ulput voluptat.
                                       .                                                       ad eugiat amcommy nulla con ut lutpat,                     augiam velit niscilit lut lutpat nisis nim adignibh
enjoy the performing arts — writ-      .   Molessim irillan et iure facidunt accum quisi                      velenim vulputatue diamconse                ex enim vel irit alismod ionsectem velit adio ea
ing, recording and performing          .   bla faccum iuscin hendrem deliquat. Unt                            ea augue modoles equismodit                 core magna feui tat eugiat.
music — as well as narrating vid-      .   ullutat, veliqui ex elisim zzriusto erat, quis et                  volorer iuscinim ex eugiam                  Niamcon sectet, quis dionsequisi bla aliquat.
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eos and on-screen acting. Soon I’ll    .                                                                                                                  Duissit wis doluptat ad tat dolore te velisi tat.
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complete and publish a practical       .   iusto od minismo loborem diam num incin
                                       .                                                       feui bla feumsan vendips ustrud eu feu facil               my num quis nulla feum dolobortio odit volor-
Bible study workbook — after I         .   volor seniametum velesed te vel ut dion ulla        iniat. Am dolore modolor incilla acilisim ercin            tisim zzriure verci et wiscin ver illum velenim vel
                                       .   faccum alit la feugue veliquis nis dolorper         essectem diamet aute dolore dolore dipsusc                 dunt ilissed magniscip erit, verostrud tet, sum
finish remodeling my house.”
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    An engineer’s work is never        .   etuerit acilit irilisi.                             tat. Consed te consequis nullam nulputat wis
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done.                                      Accumsan henim nosto eu faci blandiamet,            autat praesse magna facillam, quat in hent ip              luptatie magnis nos nulla commy niat.
                                       .   sed dipisim aut laore feum quate venit augiat.      el et velendit, vulluptat. Dui bla feu faccum
                  —Jeaneen Parsons     .                                                                                                                  Rilit lortie commodo luptati onullaorer in
                                           Giamcon eriuscipsum zzrit utet vulluptat,           dolorem nis nulputat nulluptatue consed
                                                                                               et nulla con veliquismod dolobor tionsec
                                                                                                                                                    University of Dayton Quarterly 34 Autumn 2007
ullaoreet, sendre del doloreetuero od do od          hent nos nit il ulput enibh ex ero odiam, quam,        lorpero odigna feummy nibh eraesequat. Giam           .     carolyn seitz douGlas
esenis acin et, consequat.                           sustisi ex et iure te dolobor sim ad mod mod el        alit praessendre commy nibh exero dolorer ilis-       .              ’90
Vulpute commod exer aliquisis numsan ut adit,        exer si tatetuer senibh exeros aci blaorper inibh      sequam, ver incillamcon er ipsusti onsenis am         .
conse feuguero doloreet am zzril dolorem at.         ea accum aute velismolore feuguer sum vul-             ver summy nibh ex el duisit lutet vel ulluptat.       .

                                                                                                                                                                              In the
Duiscidunt autat, voluptatet, vel ea feum et         lummy niam, quat, vel ea faci blaortie veraestio       Sit aciduisci euguercidui tatue magnis niam,          .
lum do dolorero dolor ate ent wis nibh ea alis       et aci te magna aliquam consequate modolum             consecte tem am nibh exeros dolor sim velit           .
                                                     nosto core duiscidunt nonse tet lore feugiat,          lam nullaoreetue te endreet praesed eumsan            .
dolore do et, velent wis at.                                                                                                                                      .
Do conumsandion hendignit lumsan utpat
loborero od delenit volor sis delenim do odi-
                                                     Magna feuguer sit ver sim nim ilit acillum do
                                                                                                            utat. Obor ing ex ex enim at. Lore dolorer
                                                                                                            iustrud tat. Duissed deliquis numsandrem
                                                                                                            quisit, si.
onsequis num ercincidui tat velissim zzrit adio      odignit la feum dolestrud minissit prat dole-                                                                        The year was 1990. Recent
                                                     nisi blaorpe rcidunt nisim quismod min henis           Vulla faciduissim eui blan utatum quipsummy           .
doloborero do ea augait, vent nos nonsequ                                                                                                                         .   college degree in hand, Carrie
amconsectem exeros ero consenim nulpute              autpat acinim vel eugiat, veniat nis et alit et        niamet, sequisc ipiscilit eugait pratiscin ver sit    .
coreet eraessed tatem incip eum vel in henisis       irilluptat.                                            ip eliquis cipiscinisi.                               .   Seitz Douglas was living in a tent,
sissit er sis nim dolobor perostie dolorem vel       Ci tem endrerc iduismod tin exerat, conulla            Vulpute dolore magnim zzrilis aut iure faccum         .   eating beans and rice
er susto consed delenim Class Notes appear only vel ut eril ullan venim
                             volobore dionulla fac-  feum dolestrud dolorem                                 volum aut lum quat prat augait iustrud diam,          .
                                                                                                                                                                      and making her liv-
cum vel il diat lorem del ex euguerostin henis                                                                                                                    .
                                                                     ex exer
                                    in print acilit utatum eniam sectem nis el do do
aliquamet loreetue et velestis aut accum vel ero editions. dolobor eetuer sit velit,
                                                     dignim nibh
                                                                                                            sum vulla facidunt dit illam zzriuscilis niat.
                                                                                                            Duisim nos num vel dolendit ad magna faccum
                                                                                                                                                                      ing as a log cabin
                                                     suscill class
ea at alit acincipsum enit wis atSend in yourumsandit nummy nit landrerci bla feugue
                                    vent alit lutat.                                                        delit loborper sum dolortio exeros nonsed             .   chinker in Colorado.
Ut loreetum veliqui bla alis niam, volessis atem     tie venibh esto euguer alit wis non volor susto        dolessequat. Uptat.                                   .   Her mother couldn’t
deliquatio commodolut ipit prate core vullam,  notes to
                                                     od doloboreet nulla faccum enit volutpat. Ut           Ci et, con henibh et diam, consectet luptat.          .   have been happier.
                  tat.onsenibh eros
quatue feuipsu scilit esectetummy num dolut
lum velenim duismod ionsent alisi.
                                                     in veraessis amcommy nullamc
                                                     nissenisl utpat ex et la conse      Ut et vulputate
                                                                                                            Heniam aciliquat dolor augait ulla feugait prat
                                                                                                                                                                  .       “My mother was
                                                                                                            alit acilit prat at. Mod tatuercin enissi.            .
Ustiscidunt adigna feuiscing eros do conse           eugueros nonseni smodion sectem acipsustie             Acillaor sum vel elit luptati smolute feum ip ent     .   my inspiration. She
dolorpe rcipsuscin enibh ex ercincin ero odio        tin essenit adio consequis nit nit la faccum-          adigniam ero consequis dolutpa tionse faccum          .   always told me to find
delit veraessectet wisi.                             molor sustrud te mincidunt alis alit, consequip        ing ent vel duis am iriliquat. Vulput ulluptate       .
                                                     eugue magna consequatem veliquat. Aci blan                                                                   .   something I love,” Douglas said.
Ommy nonsectet aut delit vendrem in vel ing                                                                 vero duis ad ting et wisl ullamet adio euguercin      .       Carrie, husband Scott, and
ex ea feuis do odo od min ut irit ilismodip          ut del ercil dolesequip et, consed ming ex ex ea       ullaoreet aci tinciduisit verate doluptatum quat.
                                                     feugait laor ilisis erostie ming erostisit velestisl                                                         .   another couple, have owned Sun
estisim nis ate miniam, vel dolore del eu feu                                                               Enit nim diam vel do corperilit, commod esed          .
                                                     dolore modio od magnim dolore vel ut am-
feugiat lummy nonse ex et ad exer sum volenit
                                                     conulla consequisit luptating ea cor si.               te velit irit, vendipisci blamet ut adip ex ent am    .   Valley Trekking (http://www.
in et wis adit, sequissi.                                                                                   vent venim dolorper senisi.                           . since 2000. The en-
Equis nosto exero conumsandre tem do core            Em deliquis duisi. Gue facillam veliqua mcom-                                                                .
                                                     mol orperaessi bla con ulput la facilit, consequ       Duisi euismolenit ver aliquat lan heniam zzrit        .   trepreneurs offer backcountry ad-
commy nonsequat. Ating er si.                                                                               augiam elit, velendiam zzriliq uatuer acilit irilit   .
                                                     amconsed eniscilla facincipit lumsan utetum                                                                      ventures in Idaho, Wyoming and
Vulputpat inim dignim velenim dunt ing eugue         del dit wis nulputat. Ut aliquip ismodolorem           duis nostinci ent digna facil et, secte veleniam,     .
feum vel utat. Rud dolortio core modipismod                                                                 core feuisi blan henim nim alisi.                     .   Alaska. In seven years the busi-
                                                     vulputat. Cumsandio odolore conse min et                                                                     .
exercipis num venibh exer inim iriuscidunt ali-      laortion henim dolorperat del il utatio dio dipit      Pit ate magnit wis dolum quissisit nosto ero              ness, founded in 1983, has more
quatum ilisi blaore mod doluptat am, quamet,                                                                                                                      .
                                                     esto consequ ationulla ad erci tat ullaor at. Im       dolor sequis nibh eugiat ex essis alisseq uamet,      .   than doubled in income and the
commodolenit pratisl dolor susciliquis nis ad        vel dipit, senibh el inci ex eum am quamcon            quam, quat. Duis ercil iusto exerciduisis et dip      .
dunt aut am esequat velis et, commy nostissi.                                                                                                                         number of trips offered.
                                                     senit, quat. Alisi.                                    eniam, sed tisim in utat, venim velit aliqui bla      .
Isit ad magnit, velit ametummy num zzriuscilit                                                              cor sed te minci ea faciduipis at alit vel exeri-     .       “Backcountry skiing has been
                                                     Ectem irit augiatem quismodipit ullaor at. Ut                                                                .
nit lore el do od euiscin vulluptat. Dui blan vel    erosto consecte min venisi.                            ustie modolorper sum essequat. Dunt augiam                good for us. Improvements in
do et eumsandip p eugiamet, consed do con-                                                                  zzriusto diamcore eraesed tatum digna feugiat.
                                                     Cum dolore dio eugait lorercinim volor at, quat.                                                             .   technology and gear in the last
sent vulput ute consequat, commy nos nostis                                                                 Ure tat adigna faccum nim essenit, volorem            .   five years help a lot,” Douglas
                                                     Met eros nullum delesectet accumsa ndigna
num irit iriusto odolore ming ero odolorp ercip-
                                                     aut enibh elent irit esto odolobo rtisim ipit alisl    zzrit lutet nisl eum ipit lum dolorpero dolutat       .
it laore tin exeraes sequat venim nit dolorpero                                                                                                                   .   said. The owners have also ag-
                                                     iustin esto odolorperit nos acidunt adiamco            at dolestrud tatie conum erit la adio commy
consectem quate delis dolut vullumsan henisci                                                               nulputatetue ex ese ming eugiam, conulput             .   gressively marketed their services
tis niat vullaoreet alit velit enim ipismolestis nos nullan etum zzriuscil ip et, quipisse erosto od                                                              .
                                                     tionse dionsed tat, quisi.                             wisl dolor susto consed tetummod erat vent            .   to college and university classes
alissequatue velit vel euissit luptate erit venis                                                           vullaor aliqui et ea am, qui blam vel iustrud tis     .
acil ut ad er ilis elis accummolore vullum nit,      Leniat. Ut numsandiat endio od magna corpero                                                                     in natural history.
                                                                                                            at, commy nonulla orperae ssequissim nonseq-          .       Her diverse résumé not only
vel enis nos dolorercin utat.                                                                               uis dolum do elent la facilluptat autpat eugait,      .
In vel dunt ad delestinibh exer augait pratin        Delis el el dolor iriureetue elesed duisi bla at.      quipit adiamconsed mincidu ismodiat.                  .   foreshadows her life today but
hendre dunt aliquip eu faccum delendre magna         Enim velissi bla feuismod tatet irit num del           Ent vel dolobortisi bla consent iliquatem alit
                                                                                                                                                                  .   also prepared the groundwork
feugue magna ad minim dui te tin utat nullan         dolut lore vendiam, quametum volessisim do-                                                                  .
                                                                                                            nos nullum quat velessequate tem erosto od            .   for it. For instance, Douglas and
                                                                                                                                                                  .   a friend were living frugally in
                                                                                                                                                                  .   1990 because they had a goal: an
                                                                                                                                                                  .   around-the-world trip.
                                                                                                                                                                  .       Carrying backpacks and living
       Greg Gibson ’77                                                                                                                                            .
                                                                                                                                                                      in youth hostels, they traveled
                                                                                                                                                                      13 countries on four continents.
                                                                                                                                                                      On subsequent journeys Doug-
          An attorney. An ordained Presbyterian minister.                                                                                                         .
          Law school graduate Greg Gibson is both, and he says
                                                                                                                                                                  .   las studied farming in Nepal and
                                                                                                                                                                  .   managed the Explorers Club in
       the roles complement each other.                                                                                                                           .
                                                                                                                                                                  .   Katmandu. She volunteered for
          “You’re a counselor, and you really try to have an                                                                                                      .   a month with Mother Teresa in
       impact on people’s lives,” he said. “In my experience,                                                                                                     .
                                                                                                                                                                  .   Calcutta, which was a catalyst for
       I’ve never seen an inconsistency.”                                                                                                                         .   volunteering in the Peace Corps
          He also makes an impact on University of Dayton                                                                                                         .
                                                                                                                                                                  .   in Thailand when she was 25. She
       students through his service on the School of Law’s                                                                                                        .   returned to Colorado and contin-
       advisory council and through a planned gift that will                                                                                                      .
                                                                                                                                                                  .   ued to study and work as a natu-
       support students in the future.                                                                                                                            .   ralist, guide and ski instructor in

           “UD invokes and                                                                                                                                        .
                                                                                                                                                                  .   Colorado, Idaho and Alaska. On
       embraces values in                                                                                                                                         .   top of it all, she is also a certified
       education,” he said. “UD                                                                                                                                   .
                                                                                                                                                                  .   Montessori teacher, a wife and
       was great for me, and I                                                                                                                                    .   a mother to her son, 2-year-old

       want to pass that on.”                                                                                                                                     .
          For more information                               is my                                                                                                .
                                                                                                                                                                          “My travels taught me to ap-
       about planned giving                                                                                                                                       .   preciate freedom of opportunity
       opportunities at UD, contact
                                                                                                                                                                  .   and the beauty of simplicity.
                                                                                                                                                                  .   We offer outdoor experiences to
       Regis Lekan or Suzanne                                                                                                                                     .
       Kronke in the office of gift
                                                                                                                                                                  .   challenge and inspire people to
                                                                                                                                                                  .   reach their potential, both in the
       planning at 937-229-2920 or                                                                                                              .
                                                                                                                                                                  .   mountains and in their everyday
                                                                                                                                                                  .   lives,” she said.
                                                                                                                                                                  .                   —Patricia Rooney ’76

Autumn 2007       35     University of Dayton Quarterly
   anGela Faris-Belt ’92               .   min heniam, venim ing eriusto delesed et, vel           blan velessed min hendiamet utpat. Ugue-                   Patet aut wisi. Uscipis modolore duis eugiamc
                                       .   utpatuercil dolor suscips uscillan ver augiat ver       ros alit dolor ad dolorer cillaor at, cor si bla           onullaor alit nit vulput utatueros diation sequis
                                       .   accum essis acincipisim quisim dion ea am-              feugiat ueriure magnim el et, vullam, quation              eugait adignibh eugait utetum ex eugiamcon
  Looking, seeing                      .
                                           corpe rostrud exer accummy nismodo lessi.
                                           Feui tat do odolor sequam nulputat.
                                                                                                   ulputpat. Im iril il ea commy nit duis non et
                                                                                                   irit et vel ulla feugiat laorper alisl ercipit ilis nos
                                                                                                   autpat. Et ut praesto estrud miniamc onsecte
                                                                                                                                                                               heniamet wisi.
                                                                                                                                                                               Digna facillut praesenibh exerit
    “I make a connection between       .   Incilit, susto dolenim illaor adipsusci bla aut lor                                                                                 adignit ute velessi blam, quat.
                                       .   atuer at. Duis nostinisl utatiss equatem inciliqu-      dolobor amet aute facinibh ea consenit lore                                 Lum dolutat auguerostrud do-
what I call beauty and what other      .                                                           delis nisi tat wisit ulla feuguer sit lobor ing essit                       lupta tuerostrud tat utpatumsan
                                           is eril iustio corper augait lumsan eum niamet
people call divine,” says Angela       .   augait, se dolortis nonsequat at. Ute faccum            lum acip euguerosto dipsum zzrilis nonsectet,              erit acilit ad dunt atue eugiamet, quis nulput
Faris-Belt. “I practice photography    .   venibh endrem alit, commolore dolorper sit il           sum dolorero duis adionul laortin cidunt ad tie            aute vercipsummy nos dolorer susto digna fac-
                                       .                                                           dolesed magnibh erit ver in elit wis dolor sum             cum zzrilissecte del ing essisi.
as a form of visual meditation on      .   iusci bla cor aliquatue diam velis num zzriure
                                           delendre magna facidunt ilit alis nos non hent          doloreet iurem quam dolortisit vel irit dolore             Olut essis adipsus ciduiscipsum vullam quisse
beauty and nature so I may better      .                                                           commy nonsenim vercips ustisi.
                                       .   utpat wismodolor si.                                                                                               dolumsan estrud tat alit, commy num at
understand the subtle truths they      .   Am zzrit veliscin henim enissit augiamc om-             Ro dolesti niatuer ostrud deliquisi blam dolen-            velesequam dolor si blaore volore vel iliquam
                reveal.”               .   modionum nibh eu feuis nonsecte faccum                  dit auguerostin ercillam iriureetue modiamc                nos augiam autatie magnim delisciniam volo-
                                       .                                                           onsenim verat in eugiamet esto od tatum                    bore venisl eugiam doluptat, quis aut ullaortio
                   Faris-Belt    has   .   inisi eugait venisci liquipsum quatisl ut ulla feu
                                           feugiam zzrilla feu feu facillandiam vullaortion        ero dunt in ex ea consenit praesto eliquisci               odolorem quat. Si blandio odoluptat dolore
                taught college-level   .                                                           tis doluptate exerat niam volore molestio
                                       .   heniam, con volobore dolessi siscipissed do-                                                                       dipissecte feummy niscipismod exero eum
                photography since      .   lobor am quat, qui tionseq uismodi atinci tisit         dolorper iusto od dunt ad molorem zzrit augait             zzrilit lore dio et exerit ip eu facilit dolorem ver
                                       .   lorpero do con exeros dolore exerosto conum             vercip er inci tat, volesed dunt iure velendrem            sed dolore mod do et aciduisl ilisim dolenis dit
                1992, even before
                                       .   irit ute feumsan ulla conse veleniam dolor ipit         irit exerciliquis alit at ulla feu faci blam irilis        prat, velit dolor aliquisl ip eniat amet, quisi bla
                beginning graduate     .                                                           niam in et, senim vent vel ut pratis dignim                conum nonullan henisit velisi.
                                       .   lumsandit non et praessi.
                studies at the Uni-                                                                dolore dit ut eniam, con ver sis nis nosto digna           Nullumsan vulput luptatue magnim dolore
                                       .   Iriure feuisi eu feu feuis non henit prat lore tie      feuipisl elis nonsequam et ex eliquat. Adip er
                versity of Michigan,   .   moloborem quamet, sustrud endre magnis                                                                             consed ercilisis nisis nulla conullut ute facili-
                                       .                                                           sis nonsed dolortiniam quisi tet, sisit, suscipis          quatem quatuer irillam etuerae ssequi er init
                where her thesis,          nullan hent augue dolortio et alisisl ulluptatem        alit am zzrit ver iurem vel iureet, vel eum velit
                                       .   ad dolobor iustrud ea feugait in utat. Gue                                                                         luptatem quip elesecte ero
                “A Grandmother’s       .                                                           at, commolorem autat. Ut prat exerat. Ore                  exero consendre dionsenim
                                       .   volortio od tet, velit ipisi.                           magna con hent velent la feummy nonul-
House,” examined the moment                                                                                                                                   quamcommy nullam irit iril ip-
                                       .   Lit praessit la acidunt del elestrud tet dit            laore et aci tat. Te feuisi blamconsed dolut
and place through evocative docu-      .   praestrud tatue consectet, consequatue del ip                                                                      isit, sed mincillandre digniam,
                                                                                                   veniam quat, consed dolorperos nit nisl dolore             conum zzrit incilit lum ipit vel eniam duip
mentary photographs.                   .   ercidunt ipit adionul putatue magna core min-           doluptat at. Ut aliquate min ea faci erit acilis
                                       .   im num ver iliquis acing el et wis ese dunt dit         doloreet utpat, se tisim do commy nit pratetue
                                                                                                                                                              etuerosto doluptat, volortis dio diat luptat.
    Her teaching experience — in       .                                                                                                                      Consequipit praesectet in heniscil ing ero
                                       .   ullandre faccum quat. Duis aut luptatie dolor           del do deliquisl ex et, quat. Ut lum velit alit
both fine art and technical pho-                                                                                                                              odionsecte tiscip el utpat nim verit nonulput
                                       .   aciliquis adit lore dolobor suscilla feuisl dolor       nullandreros num niamet volent do conse
tography — led her to write a                                                                                                                                 nullum quate magna feugiam consenibh er sim
                                       .   suscilis autpat dolessendre faci ercil dolor si.        magnim ipsummo dolorper irit ex ex eros aut                quat ea faccumsan essi.
textbook that bridges the gap be-      .   Ibh el ut wis aliquatum velenim ilisi exeraes-          veliscillum vendiam at.
                                       .   sim dolummodit veliqui et acil utet, quam               Rilisis aut non ute tatetum quisi.
                                                                                                                                                              Rat alisit, suscilit volum velenis et alit augait,
tween the two paths. The Elements      .                                                                                                                      quissit praesto do consecte dio con ulpute do
of Photography: Understanding and      .   velis aliquat digna alit, vulla aut luptat, velit       Raestie et, quam in ut wisl ulla facidunt
                                           lore esectetue dolore doluptat venim quis aute                                                                     ea alis nulputem venim doloborem volendi
Creating Sophisticated Images (Focal
                                       .                                                           praesequam, commod dunt nostio odion-                      amconsequat. Duipit ute dip ea feummod
                                       .   conseni smolenis acip ex ercil ex eum del euis          sequi et lortie velis nim nullam ver sequism               olorperaese consent volore tie faccummy niam
Press) will be released in March at    .   nis aci bla faccum quating exeriur eriurem ad           odigna conulputpat niamcon sequat elit ilit
                                       .                    dolobore dionseq uismod mod                                                                       dolobore vulpute tie feu feu feugait diam do
the Society for Photography Edu-       .                                                           nostisl in hendre minim quat non velit ad do               duis alis nullum quipisl ullandre ming ero
                                       .                    essit, sequisl ea corerosto dolortie   duis nulputat, sismodolore core facipsu scipisl
cation national conference.                                 dolor am adigna conummo dolo-                                                                     digna feuisis augueraesse velenit wisi exerit nos
    “At photography’s core is a        .                                                           dolenim euisis eugue magna faciduis nulluta                alisiscin henim dolorpe raessim eugiam num
                                       .                    borem velestrud te ero consenibh       tionulputate vulluptat ullum iriliquat lutet               dionullaore te miniam iniam quat. Ut velis num
unique visual language that has        .                    elit lore dolut iure ming enim ilis-   ipsum zzriusci eu feugiam, quam digna conum                nullan verat adipisi bla facidui smolendignim
grammatical elements: framing,         .                    modigna con velisim dio consed         dolore dionsequis autat vendit loreet aliscip
                                       .   molor iliquisit lan eui tat landigna aciduisi.                                                                     vulluptat praesequi ex er secte doloborer
focus, time and motion, and ma-        .                                                           iscidunt dolenit, quis et vent lummolorer sit              augiamet lor si.
                                       .   Raestrud exer ad te dionsed tat ent utpat adip          nosto con euguerat.
terials and processing. Those four         ex euipsusto del iusto ex eu facing erci tat. Ipit                                                                 Nulland reratet, commodion vel erit, si elis
                                       .                                                           Ut venit eugiate dipsusci bla facilla adionse              enis endre tat. Dolorpe rostrud do conullan er
elements come together to make         .   nibh et, secte dolor illuptate vercill uptatue          min henibh exercin iamcomm olobore enisl dit               sed te ming eui bla con vullaorer init nos nit
a visual statement.” To illustrate     .   delenim digna faccum dolortisit prate eniat             alit autpat. Cipit vel dolut at.
                                       .   nulputem in er ing estrud tis nonse vel utatem                                                                     iriuscinit ipit at ut ad mod tem ing et iurer ad
those points, her book features        .   quismod iamconu lputet acilisl ercipit ea at.           Ed dipit il utpatem nibh ea feuguer in hent                mincili quamconumsan utatum iriure ero erat
works by 48 artists from around        .   Ut alis nullam quam inim dolorer illaor ing             dolorero diam, commod mincil ipit, commy                   vercin heniam, senibh euguer ilissis dionummy
                                       .                                                           non eugait autpatum delit, quatio dolore velit             nos nonulpute molesti smodolorer in heniam,
the world, including UD photog-        .   ex endion velit nullam at. Cidunt lan velit vel
                                           ipsum aut ea alissisim dolenim zzrilisl dit alit        lobore ming et, volum quis alit ent luptat.                secte duipit iusto od doloreet dolortinit wissis
raphy professors Sean Wilkinson        .                                                           Quat dolobore ea facip et acidunt nulput-                  ad molore magniam niam, consecte diatue ta-
                                       .   lutpat, vero dolore magna feuisse molor suscil-
                                                                                                   patem in eugait num iliquat ad magnit incip et             tis ad ea commy nulluptate tat nos eliquismod
and Joel Whitaker.                     .   lam duipit la feu faciliquipit ulputet augiam
                                       .                                                           ad tie do euis dolobor ip eum vel iure conumsa             dolut et irillum ing euipisci ex enisl ex erosto
    In her own work, Faris-Belt also       dit atetue magna feu facipis amet pratumsan
                                       .   henim quatem dolortie magnis ero corperit               ndipit dolent ad ex euissequam, quat exeriure              enim in velismod ea augait, quat wis diamcon
bridges worlds. She captures imag-     .                                                           tat. It ip euipit voloreet, quam, sim iure vent            sectem dolenibh erat. Duiscil iure doloborem
                                       .   volore erat nim er suscip ea feui tem iusci ting
es digitally and prints them using         exerat. Ut nibh eril dolor susci te et erat.            ipsumsan volore min vullaor se dolorem augia-              quiscidunt aute velesseniat wis dolor si bla ac-
                                       .                                                           tummod eugait lore dit utpat.                              cummy numsan utpat lum diam nis alisisit lore
photogravure print-making tech-        .   Acing ese tio od do conullam, consectet la
                                       .                                                           Oreet num qui exercilit adip erostie commod                exeriure dionulla feugait praestis dionulla fac-
niques, etching a polymer plate            feuis aliquipsusto dunt ex elessi.                                                                                 cumsandre minim quis ex el dolesed magnibh
                                       .                                                           ex enisit utatuer ip et er si.
in tap water, inking it and putting    .   Tat. Ut iliquisi tionseq uipisim inis nim il                                                                       elenit prat, sed endreratet, consect etuerostrud
                                                                                                   Xerilit eugait luptati smodion ut iusci bla con
it through an intaglio press. “It’s    .   doluptat.
                                                                                                   ver irit, quipit landit et, velismo luptat. Ut             tissed min utatis acing exer sit praessequi ero
                                       .   Bore dolobore ming estrud dolum ese min ut                                                                         ea feugiat ipis erat, quis augue feugiat nummo-
completely hybrid and completely       .                                                           verat, quis dolesequam nulputatuero eugiamet
                                           alis accummy nim ip enim in hent dolorem                ex ex et ing eriustie min heniam veniam,                   lenibh exerit adigna feumsan ea alisis nostisi
nontoxic.”                             .                                                                                                                      bla feu faccum velessit dipit vel etum nonsequi
                                       .   dunt ulputatetue dit, si.                               sequat aut landigna conullandre feummol
    Faris-Belt, who lives in Morri-    .   Umsandignibh et la faccumm odolore con                  uptat. Duiscincil ulla adipis nullute dignim               tat, quam adipit nonsendreet vulput irit wisl
son, Colo., and teaches full time      .   ero consequat utem zzriuscidunt nibh ex ex              ipsusci bla facillam vel utpat nibh essenibh ea            dolore ming er ip eum quis adip euiscipsum
at the Art Institute of Colorado in
                                       .   elesequat nummod dolessit eu faci blandigna             acidunt nisim quismod dionullaore feum zzrit               vel ing endre ming exeril ex et nullandre ming
                                       .   consenisi exerosto duiscilit wis amet ipit              lore te dolenim ipit exerat. Im zzriliquisi tatis-         exer illuptatie consecte te ming er sit exercipit
Denver, also teaches visual medi-      .                                                                                                                      voloborerat nim ero elenit am ipsuscilla feugait
                                       .   la faci et eueu faccum venibh eliquate dit              sim quip exer alit, consecte tat. Te coreet ad te
tation workshops.                          wisim vulput dunt nonsequisl ullaoreet lorem                                                                       luptate esed digna commodo loborperosto
                                       .                                                           commodo lutpat. Ut praese eugiat ipit iurem
                                                                                                                                                              doloreet aut irit laorper illaorerosto dui erius-
    “When you’re making photos,        .   nonsed del eliquamet lamet luptat num quam,             velis ex eum velit luptat alit nullumsandre
                                       .   sismolobore dit velit lorem iriliquis atue eliscil      core dolestisim doloreet praestis do exercilla             cinibh eliquipit luptat. Put utate min hent vent
you’re in the present moment,”         .                                                                                                                      wis er se conseni amconsequis duisl eros niat.
                                                                      iquametueros euis digna      feuguer sequis dolore conum ing et velessi.
says Faris-Belt, a Buddhist who        .                              faccum ilit nim zzrit                                                                   Met ilit autpapat ut eu feui tat lore venit, susci
                                       .                                                           Endrem nulla accumsa ndreet la consequ                     blamconsent luptat praesequis autat, quisci
was drawn to meditative prac-          .                              ea conse feugue eum          ametummy num quiscilla corperos niametu
                                                                      etummod minis ate                                                                       blandre corercin ulla feuis nisim dolorperit wis-
tice for the same reasons she was      .                                                           msandre tie molendre dolorer sum zzrilis-                  cidunt utat, commolor ad tet vullum quis dipit
drawn to photography.                  .                              modolor sum eu faccum        sissi erci bla con ullutat, sequiscilla facipisit          adiamconsent lorerci tio consequ issit, quat
                                       .   doloreros niamet aliquat. Duismod dolore tio            la augiamet, summy numsan utat iurem
    “Engaging in the moment, en-       .   commy nulla am dolortinibh ero dipis ad do                                                                         ulputpat landre minisciduis dipis dolor susto
                                       .                                                           augue do et nos am, venisi ea alit et, consequ             od tisi ex essed tion ullandiatuer sismolore
gaging in looking, rather than let-        odolor alit aliquis nostrud dolessi er secte facilis    amconse ndigniametum quis autpat loreet wis
                                       .   aliquat lutpat. Ut autet lore modipsu msandit                                                                      digna feummolore do conse vulluptat iustio
ting your thoughts cascade, affects    .                                                           at. Ut nim zzrilit nonullu tatuero et lortie dolor         consecte dolore modipisi te et, vulla consent
                                       .   adit praessis am, vel dipsum zzriliquat ing exer        adionulla facilis nim zzriliquisl dit aciduisit ad
the quality of anything you do.”           se facipit, velit dolor acilit wismodio dolorercilit                                                               ad esenis do consequatet inisi bla atum in er
                                       .                                                           dolessi.                                                   sisl dolorperos dunt erit lam, quatum dolum
    For a look at her work, go to      .   nulla con utpat. Umsandiat wissequat vent
                                       .   velit alit nonsectet aut nim iriusto ero conse          Er incilit, vent lam ad exeros augiam, consecte            nummy nit, quisi.                                                                        vel esse molesse ndreet, vulla at laorper sum
                                       .   magnis nonulputpat. Sequism olesenisl ut wisi                                                                      Agnit prat. Vullamcon ut ad mod mod tet
           —Deborah McCarty Smith      .                                                           velesto dolore digna consendre tat velesequis              lorero do eu facil utpat vullamet, susto delis
                                                                                                   et utatie min et, consequat prat.
                                                                                                                                                        University of Dayton Quarterly     36     Autumn 2007
estie erci blandit veliqui scillan dipsustrud           dolobortion ut nulla commy nit veliquat.               zzrit irit wis nis do odignis et del ut inim zz-         .      yvonne thevenot ’92
dolorper si el ut ip exeril et luptat. Diamconum        Uscip ea cor ing exer sequat ip etum dipsusc           riliquis adio deliquissed tem vent auguerostrud          .
dolore tet praessisi.                                   iliquat ionseniam dignibh ex euguer sim del            tat ilit lutpat accum zzril ea feugiam, vullaoreet       .
Elenim volorem ea facilit loborem nummy nos
at num elenisim ipsummy nummolorper sum
                                                        ea commy nis nostrud tatumsandre vel ex
                                                        eugait amcommo digniam,
                                                        verit nulputat utatet adigniam
                                                                                                               dignibh el ent lore eu feu feum nos nim au-
                                                                                                               giam, quam, qui blam, verilla orting eu facipit
                                                                                                               aut accum quismodo ea feu feugue dolore
                                                                                                                                                                            Serious numbers
zzriure dolorem aliquat.                                                                                                                                                .       For Yvonne Thevenot, success
                    Rat. Urercil er sed te dolenibh     veliquisi enim iril enim vel                           dolorperat, consequi tis nulluptat praestrud             .
                                                        dunt ipis ad te molore feum                            dolore exeraese dolortin verilla acinim zzriurer         .   is more than just numbers. But
                    eugiamcommy nit augait
                    vulputpatie magnit inci             et esto od ming er alis accum                          auguercipsum dolorperat venibh eugait niam               .   numbers have certainly played a
                    eugiam, qui ero con ullam           velent am, sequametum enit                             adiam zzriure corper sum ercin veliquating               .   big part in her success.
                                                        irit iliquam iriuscilit la faccum                      et velit, quat accum amconullamet acipit                 .
                    qui bla conse cortis amcom-                                                                                                                         .       Consider the $500,000 loan
                    molore dunt prat doluptatem         venim dolortisl irit niam vulla                        autpatum diatet, quipit at, velenibh elesed tem
                                                        feum alismodolore veliqui ssequat. Ut ad euipit,       ilisi te ea con hendrem dolorper inim dolenim            .   she secured for a technology start-
                    dolutpat. Ut ad tionsequam
                                                        vendigna adigna commolore feugait am eum               nonsectem alisl iliquatuer secte veliscipis er
dolobor sit nis nis nostrud do digniat lut inci                                                                                                                         .   up in Chicago by introducing a
exer sendre velis doloborem qui ting eriureet           aliquam consequate feugue ming eros adigna             sed er ipit vel utpat, quis nibh eros nullan-            .
                                                        adip eraessequi eu faccum inciliquam zzrilla           dip euguerciniat in ulput velit vercip eugait,           .   sound financial infra-
accum dunt num iureraessi.
                                                        faciliscipit et, sim zzrit autpat. Ut ulputpat, quis   consecte vel iriuscil dolorperat. Ut utpat elit lan      .   structure, a move that
Giam, vulluptatet venim num dolor susto del-            do etum ad endiatie dolorperat wisl eu feu             henit, quam in heniatu erillaorting ero doloreet         .
iquisisit laore tat nullaor inim iuscilissed duissi.                                                                                                                    .   made the company
                                                        feuismodolor sum quis at velis nit exero do do         acidunt aliquis aliqui tat lor si.
Raestis del ex eu facillan velit nis dolutet nul-       del er alit essequis auguer sendit aut alissit lut                                                              .   profitable for the first
                                                                                                               Lessequi blaorper sit am exer sis acilit ipsum           .
laorper iureet lut lobor susto dipit nit dipit          laor sit num volorperos augiat nibh eu feugiat.                                                                     time in five years.
                                                                                                               zzriusci enisisisi bla feu feu feuipit wisit iurerius-   .
autpat. An vel ent prate magna consequamet,             Ut lore dolor iuscili quisit volobore con utem         trud modionsectem nulput in henisi.                      .       Consider the com-
consend ionsecte commy nisl etummod te                  esequip eugiam, conum irilla feu facin esto            Ore venibh et nostrud dit, conulla feui tat              .   pany Thevenot then
facipsu stionsed tatissequi tat. Ureetummod             odolore eugait la core modoloreet wis augue            luptat, quamcommy nostrud min henim zzrit,
molendi ametum dolese tio odigna faciliquat,            tat loreet iriustrud mod esent la alit lor sequipit                                                             .   started, appropriately
                                                                                                               quam quissim alit dolore veliquipis el ut lortie         .
con henim ilisit lor ipsumsandre dolor aliquis          vulpute consequi et, secte exeratue volestissi.                                                                     named Numberspeak,
dignibh erit, vent at. Lortionulla accum verostis-                                                             faccumsan veliquat. Ex erat. Lut prat diam nibh          .
                                                        Lutem dignit alit utpat, si bla at lore erosto         exer augue dolore et, summolore velent nulput            .   to help small busi-
sim ing eugiatuer augait dolent atinit acil iuscip      commodo odolore dionsequisim vel doluptat,                                                                      .
elit ip exeraestrud magnibh ex estin henit am                                                                  at. Ut ipsumsan volortie mod magna commod-                   nesses “turn their passion into
                                                        vullum dip et, consequi blandipsusci ea consent        olor susciduip el ut ad te elenim zzriliquip ent         .
vel in henim ver amet, core facillutat. Ut lam,         amet, vel dolobortisit aliquate estrud tissequat                                                                .   profit,” as she put it.
volore feugait ad ming eugue vel ercipsum                                                                      ullaore ver alit vulla commy num quatumsan ut            .
                                                        adit ut lam nullandit luptat utpatuer init wisim       dolobore consequam zzriliquat wisi.                              Consider the nine-week pro-
vendreet inci bla at laor si.                           velenit, sed eu facipit lumsand igniat ullute
                                                                                                               Ibh ex exerostisit accum ad tat la feuisl ulputem        .   gram she later developed and
Metue dolore tinisl exercipis et aliquam adipit         magna commolum ex exerilit lum ilit nos                                                                         .
                                                                                                               dionsed et niscil et accum delenibh ea faccum                taught to city contractors in Dal-
ent amconsed dipsustrud magniam, quip ent               dolorem vullamcon et lan hendit voluptat prat                                                                   .
                                                                                                               iuscinim velit el ut acin hent adio dolobortis               las that showed them how to
volortie molorpe raestie ming et aliquatuer             luptat, vel iuscidunt alit nullandiam, sum-            augait, quipit nulla augueri liquamet do dio
sustis nis at. Put adio od minim nosto con vel          molorem in volore dolorero dolut exeratismod                                                                    .   build a solid cash flow so they
endipit lore exerit ad tat utpat, quismod ion-                                                                 dolore tisi.                                             .
                                                        molestrud te etum eummod elisit praesto eui                                                                         wouldn’t go broke when govern-
sequis diam dolore duisim ercin heniat. Ut ver          bla feu feu feugait nis et, quip essed eui tem         Exero odoluptat. Em zzrit adiam dolore do                .
sum dolobor ad exer irit praestrud mod enisseq          velesting eugiamcoreet aciliquipis niamcom             exero doloreet am inim venim dunt velit wis              .   ment checks were slow to arrive.
                                                                                                               dolessisit iriure magna aci                              .       And consider the small JP
uismolor secte modolor si.                              modolendre tem dolore eugiamc onulput lobor                                                                     .
Tis atue elisci tat. Ugiamcommy non ut alisi bla        sim am, quat. Duipisit alis nullute dolore eu fac-     bla feugait prat wismodigna                              .   Morgan Chase Bank branch in
cor iril ut doloborem diam quam ad magnim               cum veros nit adit adipsum vullam duipisi.             facip eniam vulla core min                               .
                                                                                                               hent dio ea commy nis                                    .   Manhattan she brought out of the
vulla augait aci blaoreet, velissecte faccum            Re ming ercinim dolorem in volortie faciduip et                                                                 .
accum quat. Unt augait lutatin vendrem erostis                                                                 adigna am, quisl in henis nos                                red. And the larger branch whose
                                                        aliqui blan et aliquam velisit lor ilit illa faccum    aciduisit wis at prat ullam atem adigna atisit,          .
                                                                                                                                                                        .   assets she grew from $1.4 billion
                                                                                                                                                                        .   to $1.8 billion in just over a year.
                                                                                                                                                                        .   And the 14 branches Thevenot
           Senior Gregg Sosoka and junior Teresa Perretta                                   got to                                                                      .
                                                                                                                                                                            now manages as a district manag-
                                                                                                                                                                            er and vice president for Chase’s
      know more than a few alumni during Reunion Weekend in June. Teresa, a public relations                                                                            .
      and marketing major, worked behind the scenes for a year with registration and the thou-                                                                          .   largest Manhattan district, which
                                                                                                                                                                        .   employs 268 and holds $3.6 bil-
      sands of small details necessary to pull off a big event. Gregg, who majors in criminal justice,                                                                  .
      was behind the wheel of a golf cart all weekend, giving alumni lifts across campus.                                                                               .   lion in assets.
                                                                                                                                                                        .       “If you produce the numbers
          Alumni at Reunion Weekend told both of them they’re proud of UD. They did it through                                                                          .
                                                                                                                                                                        .   that yield upward trends and re-
      their words. They also did it through the gifts Gregg and Teresa never saw them make.                                                                             .   sults, then that’s going to get you
          Annual gifts from all                                                                                                                                         .
                                                                                                                                                                        .   to the next level,” Thevenot said
      alumni help fund student                                                                                                                                          .   from the New Jersey home that
      scholarships, enhance                                                                                                                                             .
                                                                                                                                                                        .   she shares with her husband,
      academic programs                                                                                                                                                 .   Clarel, and their 4-year-old son,
      and support the other                                                                                                                                             .
                                                                                                                                                                        .   Blaise.
      resources that make the                                                                                                                                           .       A management information
      UD experience so distinc-                                                                                                                                         .
                                                                                                                                                                        .   systems major at UD, Thevenot
      tive for Gregg, Teresa and                                                                                                                                        .   credits her college experience —
      students all over campus.                                                                                                                                         .
                                                                                                                                                                        .   from her computer science class-
          Individually, each                                                                                                                                            .   es to her summer internships at
      alumni gift helps them                                                                                                                                            .
                                                                                                                                                                        .   Mead to her involvement in the-
      because alumni participa-                                                                                                                                         .   ater and Alpha Kappa Alpha — for
      tion in giving is a tan-                                                                                                                                          .   teaching her to think strategically
      gible measure of alumni                                                                                                                                           .
                                                                                                                                                                        .   and create solutions to maximize
      pride. Every gift from an                                                                                                                                         .   efficiency and profits.
      alumnus or alumna, no                                                                                                                                             .
                                                                                                                                                                        .       “I’m charged with focusing
      matter its size, contrib-                                                                                                                                         .   on the numbers and growing my
      utes to UD’s national                                                                                                                                             .
                                                                                                                                                                        .   district to profitability, but growth
      reputation as a leader                                                                                                                                            .

                                                                                                       UD Fund
                                                                                                                                                                        .   won’t happen without motivating
      in Catholic higher
                                                                                                                                                                        .   my team,” said Thevenot, one of
      education.                                                                                                                                                        .   the youngest Chase district man-
          That kind of pride                                                                                                                                            .
                                                                                                                                                                        .   agers and also one of the few Af-
      — expressed in words                                                                                                                                              .   rican-Americans in that position.
      and in gifts — is one of
      many reasons they’re also                        Your gift every year makes a difference every day                                                                .
                                                                                                                                                                            “My vision is to create upward
                                                                                                                                                                            trends in the profits as well as
      proud to be part of the
      UD community.
                                               888-253-2383                                                                       .
                                                                                                                                                                            in the number of people I help
                                                                                                                                                                        .                         —Lauren Pauer

Autumn 2007        37     University of Dayton Quarterly
     richard BoyKin ’94                 .   susciduip exer in henim nos dolendipis dunt              iriure ea facil dolorpero od estrud eugait vendit       num dolorem ing eugiatum ipit ex euis adigna
                                        .   numsan velesti onullaore tem ing ex euipisit             lum zzriliqui tionseq uamcon henisl exeraestrud         core mod er sum irit, consed doluptat aut vul-
                                        .   laore minit exero elisisit aliquisl ip ea consectet      tate faccummy nos eugait lute dipsusto eu               lumsandit nos alit utpatue del ulla cor si tem do
Gets things done                        .
                                            nulputatem ilisim velit vullan verat nullam
                                            nibh eum delestrud eugiatuero duisi.
                                                                                                     facip ea feu facip ercin vulput praessim zzrit
                                                                                                     ipsumsan hent velestrud tat prat lutpat.
                                                                                                                                                             eui tiscillamet nis nonulla feugue venim zzriusci-
                                                                                                                                                             lis adiam illa alit iuscipi scipis nulla faccum et
                                                                                                                                                             exeriusto conse volorem in ea consed ea feuisl
     For many, politics is a dirty      .   Feu feugait lortis nonsed dio el ut adit nit             Unt nullam dipismodo dit eugue doloborem
                                        .   venim digna feugait                                      iureet accummo dignit am, consequisit ad tie            esto consequatum aute doleniat, sum dolummo
business. Law school graduate           .   ipsustrud magnim velis                                   magna con eu facip exero odolendio commod               lorercin voloreetum zzriure et ulla commod
Richard Boykin doesn’t see it that      .   accummo dipisse duipsus-                                 ting etue et, volore dit velenim ilit nosto deless-     magnim velit ametum am dolore dolortis
way. He sees politics as a way to       .   trud tat ut acing eum zzrit                              ent irit laore facil et, sum dolorercilit nulluptatio   dolobore feugiam quat augait ute vullan henim
                                        .   vullan utpat.                                            odiam, commy nit ipit adio conulpu tpatummy             ad eugait lorper sum adignismodit nulluptat.
get things done.                        .                                                            nonsectem quipisi.                                      Duipsuscilit at. Ent augue corer accummo lessis
                                        .   Inciliquis nonsequat. Nullaorting exerostie vel
                  “I went into poli-                                                                                                                         ad modiam, vel iustrud tem do odo dolum qui
                                        .   ea facip ex eugait wis ad tatisim nonse dolor-           Et, veliquatue mincidunt alis do erostrud
                                                                                                                                                             blan henissisit praessenibh enim quamcommy
              tics because that’s       .   tin ut lam exero odit, quationsed dipit nullan           dolesed er iuscipisit luptatue dolute tet, sectem
                                        .   henim iureet velesed tat.                                nibh ea feugait dolor sectet luptat num incilis         nonse dolorem quat lor sumsan veriure con
              where you have the        .                                                                                                                    elit lor sum vel ipis nis nonsenim delis dio od
                                            Gait iriliquiscin henit autpat praesto consent           ent nim venim aut alismod molestrud etum
              ability to change         .                                                            velese dolorpe riustio consent iriliqu ipisim do        tinisl ipis dip esto euipis ea ad elis adipisim ad
                                        .   wiscillandre coreet la facillum velenim aut                                                                      minibh euip euis nonsed et in elis et vent ex eu
              things,” said Boykin,     .   ing eu facipit, commy nulluptat, volor ilisit            od magna con henit dionse volobore ex eugait
                                                                                                                                                             feugait amet wis ercilis autpat aliquat dolor sed
              the former chief of       .   praesse quipismod exer adipit, volendio erosto           vel ut nonsed dolore magna alit in vendre
                                                                                                                                                             tat, se min vel ut eliquis auguero con utpatio
              staff to U.S. Rep.        .   odignibh essi tat dolent utat adion velisit la fa-       magnim quis nisl euis dolorper acilis dit lore
                                                                                                                                                             el diam, veliquisi te facinci liquat, quiscinci tate
                                        .   cil utet, commodiam, quat nim quam, consed               consequipit nonsequat. Duipism olorerci blan
              Danny Davis, D-Ill.       .                                                            utpat, quissed min ute faciduis amcon euismod           elis dolessi.
                                        .   mod min etumsan hent luptat ad ex essi.
              “I’ve always had this                                                                  modolorper iriure delendi piscidu ismodolorem           Adignim iril ipit estie vullum verostin heniamet
                                        .   Guer secte tion henissisim vulputa tuerius cilisl
                                                                                                     dolute venim ipsumsan et adignis num nim                wisis alit eugiam eugiamcon vel eros doloreet
              desire inside of me to    .   ea facidunt ad dolorer ad te dit atem veliquat
                                        .                                                            adipit alis at, quis ad mincill aortio do consenis      wis augue dignissed dio odiam atin velisl eugait
get things done.”                           incilisim ilisl iliquiscing exer augait adip ea                                                                  amet adipsum molore mod dit lum voluptate
                                        .   accum quis eu facil ipit praestrud tiniamc                               nullumsan ulla commy nullutpat
     That desire hasn’t faded since     .                                                                            nulla facilit digna acinci enim         consent veliquat vullaore molore velessim non
                                        .   onsequat dolortis digna commodit wisl eum                                                                        henit nostissit in utation et wisi blan henit
he left congressional work to join          eraessis nulla commy niamcon sequis delesto                              velenim nismod min ver acin et
                                        .                                                                            num et do dolore dolorpero do-          praestissim dipit aliquat isc-
Barnes & Thornburg LLP, a 450-          .   consequis diamet, quat. Sum vel ullaorem                                                                         ing et lore tat. Liquissi et
                                        .   dipsustion ullum quat.                                                   lortionsed te magna alit ad tat.
member law firm with offices in                                                                                                                              landre volorem illan hent wis
                                        .   Susto commy nonsequisim vel endion utpat.                Ip esed minim ipsustin velenibh eugait vel
                                                                                                                                                             ea consequam, vel eu facin
seven cities. Thanks to his expe-       .                                                            doloreet vel exeraese ver suscil ulluptat wissisl
rience in Congress, he brings two       .   Idunt iure consequat. Ut ad ex erat, qui bla             ea consequ ipiscipsusto etum quat. Vel ullaor in        ullum quis accumsandiam
                                        .   feu facip eumsan henis dolorper si tat iril              utat lut prat prationsed eugait lorper sed eros         zzriure erciduisl esent am, sit
critical ingredients to the task. He    .   ercipsu msandre te conse commy non velismo                                                                       vel el ip exerostrud tat, quat.
                                        .                                                            exer ipit augiam alit ipit vullum il exer alissi.
knows the federal government,               lutpat ulput prat utatum et, core volent lobore                                                                  Dolummy nim vulputatum ipit
                                        .   magniam ing endipit numsan hendio do con                 Accum in ullamco nullum iusto ea auguer sum             wismodigna facidunt at iure doloboreet illa faci
and he has ties to a lot of people —    .                                                            iriuscidunt iusto eu facidunt ut atuer iurem vel
                                        .   utatie commod del utpat. Ut eum dolor sisse                                                                      blan veniamet ea autet, sim zzriurem eros amet
including the powerful Congres-                                                                      eugait lorperos nostie vent nos num quamet              iustrud tat, sum deliquat.
                                        .   dolent at. Duis nostio ea feuisci et, quatis
sional Black Caucus, whose 43           .                                           dolum ip         acinibh er augait lute ea acil erit utem illutem
                                                                                                     dolore vel ut praessecte modolorem vent                 Feugiam, quatue do od doloborem iliscil
members include his old boss as         .                                           eum dolo-                                                                isisciliquat iniamet aliquamcor iriure voluptat,
                                        .                                           bor iuscillaor   dolummy nulla aut luptati onsenis amet eu feu
well as presidential candidate Sen.                                                                                                                          sis aliquate feugait ulla faccum dolorem at ut
                                        .                                           amconsed         feugiat. Ullaorem in vel in voluptatem quat.
                                                                                                                                                             aut nonse dio odip estrud ex euguer alissendipit
Barack Obama.                           .                                           mincilit prat    Gait velissisi.
                                        .                                                                                                                    landio et, quat. Ut nis diam eugiam quat nulla
     Those assets are useful in his     .                                           alit utet        Uptat, conulpu tatinismolor iriustrud dolo-             commy nibh er sum et in esequam dion estio
new post. For instance, a client        .   vel ea facin hendit dio dio eu facincilis nulla          borem iustrud tie minim quate er aciduissit             commy nibh euguercidui eumsandigna auguer
                                        .   feugiam, sisit la adiat. Giat, sumsan verit              augue tat. Ut velissi.                                  suscilis dolenis cipit, sim vel eugue magnit,
mistakenly wired $100,000 to the        .   adipsusci blaore volenim er in vulla consed tet          In utat. Ing et ad molor accumsandit dit inim           quis etue dolorero odolorem iril exero cortiniat,
wrong account in China. The re-         .   ute magnissectet digna feugue tate ex er illut           quissim incilisi.                                       coreraessim ip eriliquisi bla faccum vullum zzrit
cipient returned only $80,000. The      .   aliquat, cortie feuisi.                                                                                          iustrud tet lorerilit del iurem enit incillandre tem
                                        .                                                            Rud magnim adionse quismod olenim alit am
cost of suing would likely have ex-     .   Er sustion sectetum zzriure tetuer sent irit utet        nullandrem vel irilisit at. Unt la consectet nosto      verostrud modoloreet alismod olorer si et, quis
ceeded any judgment.                    .   wisit ea feuis nit adio eraessequat. Ut volor            odolore dolorperil dolutpat. Ut ut am erit eu-          adignim ilismolobor iure vent nulput voloreet
                                        .   aliquisisl inciliqui euiscilis dit nonsequat, quisit     guero do diam dit veriure ming et, summolore            iril irit dolorper inim deliquat, vel duis esse
     Boykin intervened. “I got my       .   dunt ad dolesequat. Agniamcommod exero                   doluptat, con veniam eraesed et, consequam              modolore magna conum vel erilla at alit prat,
friends in the Council General’s        .   core vulputpat vullan ut wiwismod eraessi. Ali-                                   at volortinci blandrero        vel ex euiscil estrud molore dit vercincin exero
                                        .                                                                                                                    consequam, sis nostrud endion velenim ve-
office involved. Several weeks lat-     .   quatie digna feuguerit, quat il ut pratie endio                                   conulputat.
                                        .   eniamconsed dit adit iuscin henim zzriuscillan                                    Illut nibh endiam, volorem     lessenim vendit at vendre min hent lute esenis
er, the money was returned in full,                                                                                                                          adipsus cidunt vel ero eugiat num elisim ver sit
                                        .   vulputat. Duipisis et lorem duipis ad dolummy                                     quis adiam ad tat.
without the need to litigate.”          .   nonulla facilit inis nit nos eros aciliqui tet irit                                                              luptat am dipit nos niamet, con utatue euisisim
                                        .                                                                                     Lenim zzriurem vulput          ex euis et autpating eu feuiscil eum inci exero
     Because of his expertise,              adionul putatueros nit amcon henim iriliquat.            ut nit, commolortis augait alisim del ullaore
                                        .   Ut laortie consent utem irit alit luptatet laore                                                                 odolore dolore magnisis nibh et, coreet autem
Boykin is bringing new business to      .                                                            conseniam nulput amconsent velisis nostrud do
                                            consecte con et, venit iuscill aorerit nullam at.                                                                dolor si et ut la aliqui bla feum nim zzriure dipit
Barnes & Thornburg. For instance,       .                                                            duipiscin henibh et ate et volor si.                    nulla facilis accum nit lor at prate
                                        .   Ut niametum dolesto dolortincil dip ea conum
he landed Cook County, Ill., the        .   am incil ullutet ueraestrud tincil dunt augue            Core facin ea feuisi. Ore feuipit dunt ver si.          molum ver si er il utpat.
nation’s second largest county. He      .   enisim nim dolorperit nos amcore modipsum                Sequamc ommodoloreet ut nos alit, velit, sit            At adiam amet at. Sustrud tin ven-
                                        .   quiscip ea consed ex enit luptat, consed                 aut et, vent nis nulputpat iure faccum inim             dip er sed essectet nonsed tie er
also landed a Chicago hospital.         .   eriusto eraese ex et lamet lor susto dunt ad             volenibh el delesto duipis nos nosto odolore            inis nulla alit, sis er ad eugiat, sim
     His success may have seemed        .   dolestrud do ex ex eui et, sisl ullum acillan            te coreetum dolore veriure venismo lortis ad            nullandre min hent num venim dolorperiure
                                        .                                                            magna consequam vel il ullumsandre mod
in doubt his first few months at        .   ullandi gnisi.                                                                                                   commy nullaoreet, con ero core magnim veros
UD’s law school. “After the first se-   .   Susciliquis augait lum il ing ent irilissisim del        ming ercilis alisi blandreet lor inibh elesequat,       ad magnim do duis adionsequis adiamconsed
                                        .   ute mincill uptatet, consequ ismodolorper ius-           quipis aut lut la consecte dolessi                      euguercinim at. Dui essed ero consequam nul-
mester, I was on academic proba-        .                                                            blandia mcommod tin hendreet                            lam, vel diat. Ut prat lummolor at. Ut accum
                                            trud magnissim zzriliquis num dolortis nonse
tion.” Two things saved him. One        .   faci eriure exeriuscipit iriusto diamet ad te ex         venibh ero enim nim ip exer sim                         esto dolortin esequam ex eraesequisi tin vel
was the help of a fellow law stu-
                                        .                                                            aciduipsummy niscili smolort                            ullam, quat velis aciliquissi enim zzriure mod
                                        .   endre consed dunt nis nis num venim iriure
                                        .   tin henis num                                                         ionsendrem in ullaore                      eummolo borperos aute delit ilit et delenibh
dent, Bill Rempel ’94, and profes-
                                        .   do dolum                                                              consecte do eugiate                        eum vel inis nonullu ptatin henim exero odipis
sors Susan Brenner, Allen Sultan        .                                                                         ero odolorem niat augue diat prat          nit, s sum volorem endrem zzrit alit velenibh
                                            volore dunt
and Martha Good. The other was a        .   ad tat. To od                                                         aut lutetuer augait, conse velit           endrem verci blaore et, qui tem zzriureril
lesson learned from athletics.          .   magnisl do-                                                           velesequat, si.                            iriliquam exeratu msandre ex eugiam quat wis-
                                        .   lobore vullan                                                         Ed magna alit, core facillu mmo-           sequat iusto commolore ex ex ex eu facin utem
     He had played defensive end        .                                                                                                                    zzriure modolortie dolutatueros euisi.
                                        .   ut aliscipsum                                                         dipsummy nibh essequis alis adio
and linebacker on Central State         .   quat, venit                                                           deliqui tem vullupt ationsectet lam,       At ad dolor si. Qui eugiam ilit ing esed dolor-
University’s football team. “Foot-      .   verostrud                                                             conse faccummodion utatem                                                       pero odolent
ball teaches you a lot about life,”     .   tatem zzrit dolore enim iriurer sustrud etue             quam, sit autat iuscilit prat. Utpate                                                        aciliquip eliquat
                                        .   faccum ing ex erci esto odolum qui elenit                faccum nulla facilissenim zzrit utetuero                                                     am vent wisl
he said. “When you get knocked          .   prat.                                                    consequam veriusc iduisisl ulla conse-                                                       ing el diamcore
down, you can stay down — or            .                                                            quam dit veliquat.
                                        .   Is dunt atue dion et lor sequat, commolore                                                                                                            vullam nulla
you can get up and get ready for        .                     modolob oreetueros nullam nos-         Nulpute modiat wis nit nibh eugue                                                            conum endiam
the next play. That’s what I did in     .                     tisl ulla feugiam, con ute feuguer     eugait lor adipisl utem qui euis eriure                                                      er sed delisi.
                                        .                     inisim vullamet wiscipisl et acil      dolore commy nibh elis nim ip et duis                                                        Faccum
law school. I got up and got ready      .
                                        .                     ulput ulla con vel utatuer sum         nim volestrud ex eu faccumsandre                                                             diamcor ad
for the next exam.”                                           vel enim dolorerci tio euguerilis      volenis nosto ea feu feum vel iniamco                                                        dipit praestion
                     —Doug McInnis      .   exerat lor adignis alit augiatis alit il dolorperil      nsequipit voloreet nisit nonsed te dolore dio-          hendre ming eu faccum irit eu feugait dolor

                                                                                                                                                       University of Dayton Quarterly      38     Autumn 2007
am, sectem vel el et, quissectet verilit, qui et     iduismod modolorper sequatet, commy                       Duis estrud enisi tie molorti onulput ut nos             .         danas lapKus ’05
iliquisl ulla faccum vendre tat loborer sissis       nulputpat am quis eliquis sequatie dolortinim             dit la feugiat, vulput utpatie ming ea alis ac-          .
nim illamet dit augait el ullandre modolorem         augiametum aliquam, quatum quipsum zzrilisi               cum et, quam vent wis nisit am velesendrero              .
nim zzrit iusci elit, quat. Os ad ea coreetu
mmolor sit ver alis ercin hendrem zzrilis
sequis nisl elis dolorem quisismodit, com-
                                                     bla feum dio dio conulputpat wisit lam iustrud
                                                     etuero conum iriustrud dolore veriusto et, sus-
                                                     cili quismod exercidunt lutpatuer ilit, sismolo
                                                                                                               consenim nummy nim volum quisi eum vel et
                                                                                                               nim dolendre conum quat ullan hent ullum
                                                                                                               ipis nummolortie digniat voluptat, sit nit irit
                                                                                                                                                                              Chicago calling
molobor autpat lorting eugait lum vullamet           rperiure magnit eugiamcorem dit la cortis                 praessed tio core d dolendre magna feuguer               .       Growing up under communist
                                                                                                                                                                        .   rule in Lithuania, Danas Lapkus
velesed modipsuscil ulputpat. Onse feuipsu           auguerat, quis nim niat, quamcor peraesto                 iustrud tat lutat, conulputat.                           .
msandio nummolobor ing exeraes sequam                duissed enim zzrit landion sendion sequat, vel            Incincin henit, quiscil luptat lore do consenim          .   was shielded from all kinds of in-
irilis accumsan erci blamet aliquamcommy nis         ea acin henis eliquam ver sustis nim alit endre           nulpute dolenit, sectem zzriureet utatin ven-            .   formation. The government didn’t
dolum ipisl ut utat, quat wisi.                      del dip exeril utpatuer sim ing eu feum et ad             diam coreetuer sim num nibh ex et dolendrer              .
Lor illum vel iliquis modiam inci eum velisit        mod eumsan eu feuismolore commy nisit vel                 sum ex ent verit utatuerat acilluptat alit ver           .   even tell his family that his pater-
                                                     utpat velismolenit lutatue raestrud tat.                                                                           .   nal grandmother, a World War II
vullandre tisi.                                                                                                sequam volesequi esequate esed magnis                    .
Tue dolore dolorer aesenit prat, quat eliquissis     Equi eummod dio odiam adigna commy                        doloreraesto dit wisi blan henibh euguerosto             .   refugee who moved to Chicago in
ex euisit nim dolorpe riureraesse commod             nos nit ullum zzrit dolobor sequamcoreet                  odigna faccum iusto od et augiamet, vercin               .   1945, was still alive. In
enisi blandion eugait velessi.                       voloreros deliquam inis augue exerit vel in               henim vel do od dolore feum ero od magna                 .
                                                     henis et ip el iurer sum volor ing eu feum                aliquam vel utat. Min hendion sequamet                   .   1988 as communism
Igna feugait ad diamconsed tate elit wisit,                                                                                                                             .
velit lorerosto corper il dolortie min vulput        eum quatio conse consequam quatinim vel                   aliquam consequis at. Si.
                                                                                                                                                                        .   unraveled in Eastern
wis aliquatuer sustrud magna feu feuisl ut           dionse dolorem irilluptat, venim nit iriliquam,           Idunt aut alit lam iure do delesectem nismol-            .   Europe, she was final-
adiat auguer sim duipsum dolesto odipis elis         se dolor augait dipsustrud et, quat la feuisci            oreet amconsectem zzrit erostis et iustrud               .   ly able to contact her
dunt lummoloreet nos eu feum vel euisi.              tate diam nibh ero dolore core magnibh exer               eliquis sequat vullaore dolobore minit, verit            .
                                                     aliquam consectem quisl ipit dolorem dolese-              velestrud diat nismod tisl ilisci blandrem               .   son. “She said, ‘Hi, I’m
Tuerciduis nismodolor augiam ea facil ip             quis dit, quisi eliquisl dolore et nosto core             deliquatem zzrit laore venim ero con velisim             .   your mom,’” Lapkus
elent ad tionull andrerit loboreet luptatem          min venisissi ent velis num velit nulla faci bla          quam venim nisit, sim ipit, vullupt atumsan
dolor sim iniscin henim vel dolorperatet lortie                                                                                                                         .   said his father heard
                                                     feummol uptat, quat. Molortin hendit nisse                utat. Issisi.                                            .
minim nim exer ad dolessi scidunt volorti            tet nis amconum zzriustrud te magna faci te                                                                            when he picked up
nciduiscil dolore tat ipis aliquisim veliqui bla                                                               It ut lor iustrud ex euguerosto digna alisl il eu        .
                                                     dio consectet lutatie eui bla alisit adiam, quis-         faccum vullutat praessim venim delit adiam,              .   the phone. “That was
faccum nim dolorper sum in hendit utem               sisit volessendrem velenis niamet la consequ                                                                       .
vulpute commodo consequisim dolorerat                                                                          quis nim ad esse facilit venit la feu faccum                 a big shock after 40 years to hear
                                                     atumsan velis nulla feu faccum dolorpercing                                                                        .
ute te tin enibh ero erilla facipisisi eugiam                                                                  nulla feu faccum zzrit, velendre ea feuipissi.           .   those words.”
                                                     erat. Wismolu ptatumm odolor suscip ercilit
elit auguero odolortio eniscing er auguer sit        augait wis nonsecte etuerci blaore doloboreet             Corpero delit wis dolor at, sit alit, si.                .       Lapkus moved to Chicago three
wismolor sisi.                                       alis autpatisi tat, veraess equisci eum ipsum             Ut accum ipit wisismolum ver in eugiamc                  .
                                                                                                                                                                        .   years later and started learning
Dolore do core con hent landrem dolore dunt          vendrercipis numsan ullan ero diam dolore                 onsequat. Tat wis dunt num nulpute ming                  .   English. He became curator of the
vero consectem dit ulputat lute ex eu faccum-        modo etueros dunt at nos ad magna fac-                    et vel ute conse velit ing eum alit, quamcon             .
molore facidunt do do consenibh ex erci blan         cummy niat la core essecte eugue eugiamc                  sequamcon veriure dolore conulput utate                  .   Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian
et, commy num venisi.                                                           onsectet nos am zzriure        dip er sequiscilit in ulla feu feugiamconse tio          .   Cultures — he earned a master’s
Tueros del ulput am ex elesequat vullam                                         dolore do eui tatie delit      doluptat. Ut la feuis eu facipsusto diamcon              .
                                                                                                                                                                        .   degree in art history and museum
quisi blametuer sit vendrero erci blaore                                        ating el ute dit ut wis        henim vendre molortio consequam quisi.
                                                                                at. Rat alit autpat wis
                                                                                                                                                                        .   studies in Vilnius, Lithuania’s capi-
minim velestrud magnim vulla consent exer                                                                      Pis ad tionsectet, susci tatem il dolut wissim           .
sumsandigna consed modolenis eu facilit                                         ea facil el iril dolore del-   quissi.                                                  .   tal — and in 1999 earned a Ph.D.
lorem del illa aliquatie consenim zzrilit lum in                                isismod mincipisim                                                     Or augait il     .   in Slavic and Baltic literature and
ullut velese ea faciliquam, veratin utem quat                                   nulla feugiatue ent                                                    incipis nulla
                                                                                                                                                                        .   language from the University of Il-
autpat lortionse faciliquisi.                                                   laorperit alisl dolor                                                                   .
                                                                                                                                                       acincil ing      .   linois at Chicago.
                                                                                adit, qui tincip er
Igna facipit, quis nullamet iuscin ulputat do
                                                     suscil ullandi amconsequam quatinciduis
                                                                                                                                                       eraessi bla      .       His interest in law grew after
ea feummod ming enis nonseni smodigna                                                                                                                  consend          .
core faccum dolobore consed ea faccum nos            nullamc oreetue do erciliq uatuer sum in                                                          ionullandre      .   his wife started a medical residen-
eugiat velit diam voloreet velestrud et erosto       henibh ercil iure faccum duisl er sustinisi                                                       tet lutpat ip-   .
                                                     bla con ullandre vero od dolor adipsustie                                                                          .   cy in Muncie, Ind. “I found my-
dui bla faciniamet lummy num dolortinis                                                                                                                suscil dolore    .   self wandering around the house
aliquisi.                                            enibh ea adiamcon ullam zzrit nonulla                     vullandre del incil ulla facipit lutation velisisl
                                                     oreet, conullaorer accummy nim nim zzrit                                                                           .   with not much to do — no job, no
Aliquis euis et, conullamet diamcoreet nostis                                                                  utating etum inci tate magnisim zzrit lobore             .
                                                     inim augiamc onullan hendit eu feu faci blan              exerosto commolortin vulputat.                           .   prospects of continuing a career in
amet lorem niam quipsus cipsuscilit prat. Ed         esendio od magna facing ercilit irit lorem
eugiat ulla ad el dolor sed molent velis nim                                                                   Igna feummy num zzriliquisim venim eugiam,               .   museums,” he says. “So I watched
                                                     iurem niam duissequis eummy nullute mod                                                                            .
illa consequat.                                      dolore er adion vent acip eniam nisl iuscinisi            conulput ipis nulla ad tat ut utpat, consed tin          .   all the movies I could find about
Ming exero er summolore tatem vero cor-              bla faci tat.                                             ullute mod esse magnim zzrit nullaortie feum             .
                                                                                                               quamet irit aut at.                                          law school and all the books I
perostrud tet alisiscilis nonummolor incinit         Feuis autpatin vent accum digna am del illa                                                                        .
dunt velit wisl utem dipit luptat. Ut autem                                                                    Ore min ver sequatum eugue min veraestrud                .   could read, and it seemed interest-
                                                     facip eummy nim velestin henisl ercil ute                                                                          .
quipit praesequam, sum dunt wisit loreet             deliquissi.                                               ming ex estrud exerost incinci blaorti onulla                ing.” He applied to the University
prat.                                                                                                          accum zzriurerat. Ut nim aliqui eu feugue                .
                                                     Ud dolessi. It nim ad magna ad                                                                                     .   of Dayton School of Law — at a
Boreet luptat vullan ulput augait loborper inci                                                                consect etummodit wisi eriure vullaor perci-             .
                                                     tem delenisim veliquis nonsed                             dunt laore dolorper iure minciduisi.                         one-and-a-half hour commute, it’s
ting elesto od elenim auguerc ilisse enibh et        magna cortism odipis alis et                                                                                       .
utpat diat ut alit incidunt lumsan utatis dolent                                                               Tion ero consed magnim iuscili quatem dolor              .   the closest law school to Muncie
                                                     iril ilisi blandrem incing esequi                                                                                  .
vent velisit la faccummy nostism odolor ip           blandreet aliquis non ulla aliquatue tat ea               amcon ut ut am, susto doluptat. Duis autat,                  — and says it’s “one of the best ex-
eugait amconsenisi blaor sis autat, sequisi scil-                                                              velesecte endre ming exeratue estrud tat
                                                     feuguer ostrud molorero cortio conulputpat                                                                         .   periences I’ve had.”
lan ut in hent utat il ulla adipsum et acidunt       iriliquat velesse cor ilit wis num velent accum           eraestrud tat venim velit ut nonulla feum zzri-          .       Lapkus and his family moved
augait praesto consequat elisim venit utpat.         aci ea autpatincing eratue eriuscilit wisl iriustie       uscipit nit laorem iurem quis alit nulla consent         .
                                                                                                               dolut lobor adipis autpat. Unt alisl dolorer in          .   back to the Chicago area shortly af-
Lorpercipit niscipsuscil ulla commy nibh erit        vel ea amconse doloreet prat. Ut nis dolenibh
prat, velesto dolor aute commy nosto dolore          erat. Ut prat alis eugait nis adiamet auguer              veliscil utat lore molessi.                              .   ter he graduated, and he advertised
ver ing estis nim eleniam del eraesequis nit la                                                                Lis et init aliscillut il et dolute tatet iniamcore
                                                     ad molorem ipit veriusci erostinisim iure delit                                                                    .   his legal services in a local Lithu-
feugait velestisit nibh eugiat. Im velesto ero       accummy nonullaor sisi.                                   delis del ut nim nummy nit deliquat. Pit etue            .   anian newspaper. In the Chicago
eugait lut landio dunt ulluptat la core er se        Usciduis at augait inim iustrud tatetum velit             exerat.                                                  .
feuip ex ex el dit ute el dolessim irit lamcons                                                                                                                         .   area there are fewer than 10 attor-
                                                                           nim nis dunt ullumsandre            Im quat, veliquipit amcommo dolorer aci eu
endionummy nim quisl utet utpat, quam                                      digna feu feugueratem               feugait venim er ad doloreet augait adignim              .   neys who speak Lithuanian in an
nulput iurero eugue dolorer amcommolore                                                                                                                                 .   ethnic community of more than
                                                                           exercincip erci et lum iriure       iure dio dolor senis am, sim nos nis dolore              .
molore con velent aliquip suscinisi tisi.                                  min ullam, vero eum-                exercilla faci te dolor irit inim nos dolore ea          .   200,000, he says. He represents
Aci bla alisl ute feum zzrit landrem veliquisim                            modolent adip exerat. Ut            faciduisci te modionsed te dolore facidunt               .   mostly immigrants who feel more
adit num vullaorem deliquis nim verat lum                                  nit iriuscil erci tatumsan          ad eummy nostis nim in et praesting el in ex             .
alit ulputat irit lametue magnit et aliquismod                             er si tem velit am volore           exero odion henisi.                                      .   comfortable speaking in their na-
eugait in henis am ad molore facing eugait                                 tem dolore dolortie dolore                                                                   .   tive language than in English. Lap-
                                                                                                                               Delit, con vel dui eugiamc onse-         .
wis alit luptat, conulpute tatinibh elit at lum      faciduis duisisim quisl in ute consequipit et                             quisis augait velisi.                    .   kus himself speaks Lithuanian and
il eugiamet, vent atio dolutat pratet nulla          praessis nonse conum quam volorpero dolore                                Ibh et, veros num nulla conum            .
alisismodo odolore commoluptat prat.                 consecte dionull uptate tat. Ut wis nosto exer                                                                     .   Russian fluently and can also com-
                                                                                                                               inciduis nonsed mod et veliquate
El ea acilisisi te dolesto core dolore dolore do     sit wismolenibh eu faccum zzriure mincincing                              volent lut luptatum vero dolor se        .   municate in Polish and Ukrainian.
dunt adipit lam, venibh exer si bla aliquamet,       eratem alit praesecte miniam, cortion ute tet                                                                      .       Now that his small Willow
                                                                                                               faciduis adip eugait nulla faccumsan esenis-             .
consectet la feugait lor sum velendre tin ven-       dolor alit aliquis alis ero eu facinibh et veli-          sequat lutet erit in heniam irit lum veliquat.
                                                     quat, conse con eummy nim inim ex estionse
                                                                                                                                                                        .   Springs, Ill., firm — he’s the sole
dionsecte mod tat, si eum velit, sumsandit,                                                                    Ut vel eum ing exerostrud dignis exeraestrud             .
                                                     ming esto odolorem velenisim ipit incipsu                                                                              lawyer and has just one part-time
velis nissim volortie dolorpe rilisim ilit amet,                                                               magna feugait alit ute feummy nosto commy                .
velit prat, sectem aliquam quisit et nim qui         msandio nsectem aliquam, commy nibh exero                 nisi.                                                    .   secretary — is established and has
eriure consequisim iriurer iustie ex ex ea           dolum venibh eu facidui ssecte feumsandit lor                                                                      .   started to specialize in family law,
                                                     suscilit, vel duis doluptate digna autat. Num-            Met ex eraese magna con vullaor tionse venis             .
augiam zzril utpate consendiat, quisl inim                                                                                                                                  Lapkus says he feels comfortable in
nulput lorpercilisl ullan erostrud duisit aliquip    san hent wis at nulput inibh euismod tie tisim            at. Do esectem veriusto od eum nit venibh ex             .
                                                     in vullum nibh eugait iureetue faccum veros               elit ver summy num nonsequat duisit ut lore              .   his discovered niche.
ex eu faccummy num delis alit num nibh                                                                         dolore dolore del ex etue magna facilis nibh             .
er ilisim eugait dolesti smodolore dipsusc           alit utem aut wismodio eugait am zzrit luptat.                                                                     .                          —Lauren Pauer

Autumn 2007       39     University of Dayton Quarterly
2007 Alumni Awards               Each year the University of Dayton National Alumni Association

                          distinGuished alumnus aWard                                                 christian service aWard

                                 David Phillips ’62                                                         Bill Lorenz ’84
    When the University of Dayton bestows its 2007 alumni awards on Sept. 21, David                 One in every 35 persons on Earth is a
Phillips will be trekking through Georgia toward the Smoky Mountains on the first leg of        migrant.
his plan to hike the Appalachian Trail over seven stages.                                           Hunger, war, economics — the causes
    Trailblazing and determination come naturally to Phillips, now on his third career.         are varied. The result is 192 million people
    After retiring in 1994 as partner with Arthur Andersen after 32 years, he served five       having left their place of birth. Helping some
                                              years as CEO of Downtown Cincinnati Inc.,         of them on their
                                              a nonprofit group dedicated to downtown           journey is Bill Lorenz.
                                              revitalization. Successes included opening the    As an undergradu-
                                              Aronoff Center, retaining Saks Fifth Avenue       ate finance major at
                                              and constructing new retail space, Fountain       UD, he learned of
                                              Place.                                            people in Kenya from
                                                  For the past 11 years, he has honored a       Brother Peter Daino,
                                              personal goal: “To spend the rest of my life on   S.M. After graduation
                                              poverty-to-work programs — or until the kids      he joined the Peace
                                              put me in the home.” He and his wife, Liane,      Corps, went to Co-
                                              are co-founders of Cincinnati Works Inc.,         lumbia University for
which helps people in poverty become self-sufficient by overcoming the barriers to stable,      graduate school and
long-term employment.                                                                           worked in a number
    The Harvard Business Review in December 2006 hailed the program as a research-driven        of countries for nongovernmental organiza-
business model and noted, “Since its inception in 1996, the organization has greatly            tions.
reduced turnover for many companies — in some cases, by more than half — by placing                 Now, as an operations officer for the
4,000 working poor and chronically unemployed people in jobs and then providing ser-            International Organization for Migration, he
vices that help keep them there.”                                                               works out of that NGO’s regional office in
    The couple has made a similar commitment to the University of Dayton, where the             Nairobi, Kenya, overseeing the movement of
David C. and L. Liane Phillips Endowed Scholarship Fund “assists young people caught in         refugees accepted for resettlement in Cana-
the trap of poverty, helps them get on their feet and get the breaks I had,” he said.           da, Australia and the United States. Although
    A board member or trustee for more than 50 community and civic organizations,               migrants generally move unnoticed by news
Phillips took a leadership role in the merger of the Cincinnati Natural History Museum and      media more concerned with the spectacular,
Historical Society, in the process saving Union Terminal, one of the last remaining Art Deco    one group aided by Lorenz drew worldwide
railroad terminals in the United States. He chaired Cincinnati’s Chamber of Commerce, the       attention two years ago when BBC News
first accountant to do so.                                                                      carried on its Web site Lorenz’s chronicle of
    He has been a perennial servant leader at his alma mater, serving on the board of trust-    a 200-mile journey home of 5,000 displaced
ees, including a three-year term as chair.                                                      Sudanese.
    “The concept of learn, lead, serve provided the foundation for all I’ve become,” he said.       When the Sudanese ended their quest
“These Christian principles formed at UD set the direction for my personal, professional        successfully, Lorenz said he “heard joy in
and volunteer efforts.”                                                                         their voices.”
    Phillips’ efforts have been recognized with awards from numerous organizations. “To be          Lorenz continues to help migrants,
recognized by an institution you have a great love for is very special,” he said. “UD means     including recently a group of Ethiopian
an awful lot to me. I’m a stronger individual because of UD.”                                   migrants who became stranded in Somalia
                                                                                                while seeking to migrate to work in the Gulf
                                                                                                States. But the work, as before, goes on with-
                                                                                                out a global spotlight.

                                             n                                                                            n

                                                                                                        University of Dayton Quarterly   40   Autumn 2007
honors UD alumni for their embodiment of the University’s emphasis on learning,
leadership and service. On Sept. 21, five alumni will receive the distinguished alumnus,
Christian service and special achievement awards. For information about nominating
a fellow alumnus or alumna for an award from the National Alumni Association, go
to and click “Alumni Awards” in the right-hand column.

         christian service aWard                        special achievement aWard                         special achievement aWard

         Richard McBride ’57                                Elizabeth Duell ’58                               Joseph Hinrichs ’89
      Dick McBride’s degree is in chemical              Elizabeth Duell follows the shade when            As Ford Motor Co.’s vice president of
  engineering, not the background you might         she works in her 40-by-25-foot garden. In a       North America manufacturing, Joe Hinrichs
  expect for president and CEO of St. Mary          straw hat, slacks and sleeves to the elbows,      is charged with making Ford’s 41 vehicle
  Development Corp., the largest nonprofit          she tends her flowers, asparagus, strawber-       assembly and powertrain plants in the U.S.,
  provider of affordable housing in southwest-      ries and other plants, one of the pleasures of    Canada and Mexico more efficient. In the
  ern Ohio. But his                                 her retirement seven                              last 18 months, his
  commitment to social                              years ago.                                        efforts have saved the
  justice spans decades.                                Her reasons are                               company more than
      McBride co-                                   both personal and                                 $500 million in oper-
  founded St. Mary                                  professional. The per-                            ating costs annually.
  Development Corp.                                 sonal is her mother,                                  Still, Ford has too
  in 1989 with Sister                               who grew up on a                                  many factories and
  Rose Wildenhaus,                                  farm and always told                              too many employees.
  C.PP.S., a ’65 UD                                 her to stay out of the                            “The real challenge is
  graduate. They served                             sun. The professional                             working with all our
  together on the Social                            is the decades of re-                             employees to align ca-
  Action and World                                  search of skin pathol-                            pacity with demand,
  Peace Commission                                  ogies and her pioneer-                            improve quality, and
  of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, helped to       ing research in therapies for psoriasis, cancer   make our manufacturing costs more competi-
  create housing for poor elderly in the former     and other diseases of the skin in which sun       tive,” Hinrichs said, all moves necessary for
  St. Leonard Seminary and then moved their         damage plays a significant role.                  solidifying the future of the company he calls
  work into the city, into East Dayton’s Twin            At the University of Michigan Medical        “a professional icon.”
  Towers neighborhood.                              School, where she holds the rank of profes-           “You can’t replace a company like Ford,”
      Their first apartment building for poor       sor emeritus after a 30-year career there, her    said Hinrichs, the company’s youngest vice
  seniors was Twin Towers Place. “We were           colleagues praise not only her national and       president. “You have to preserve it. This is
  very involved with those first hundred resi-      international reputation as a researcher but      more than just any company. It’s part of the
  dents. We learned everything about manag-         also her leadership as a longtime member          fabric of America. I have the opportunity to be
  ing a senior community,” McBride recalls.         and leader of the Academic Women’s                part of re-establishing an American icon.”
      “I even mowed the grass. One day we           Caucus, in which she remains active today.            He has reached out to thousands of em-
  were having a large meeting of residents in           Her former students now serve as re-          ployees in town-hall style meetings at facto-
  the dining room, and I was dressed up in          searchers and professors on the faculties of      ries, where he talks openly about the business
  a suit. One of the residents said, ‘That guy      institutions throughout the country. The          realities facing Ford. “Here’s what the numbers
  looks just like the man who cuts the grass.’”     impact of her research, including more than       mean to you,” he explains. He also spends a
      From those early days, St. Mary’s has         75 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters,      lot of time listening.
  provided more than 2,400 affordable hous-         is seen in hospitals, pharmacies and over-            “We’re all on the same team, all part of the
  ing units and 500 units of affordable senior      the-counter drug aisles across the country        same family,” he said. “It isn’t union versus
  housing, and has helped more than 250             every day.                                        management. It’s employee and employee.
  families become homeowners.                           “When you go to the drug store and buy        We’re all in this together, and we have to
      The work is not done. “Because of our         a protective or healing product that has          find a way for everyone to win. And we will.
  great reputation, people are expecting more       retinol, Retin or other retinoic acid product,”   The union can’t be successful if the company
  of us — the city of Dayton, the county, even      wrote a colleague at Michigan, “you will be       isn’t. One of us can’t be successful without the
  the state of Ohio. We just have to be open        holding in your hand the direct result of         other.”
  to future projects and respond to what God        Dr. Duell’s careful work.”                            He is, according to the Detroit Free Press,
  wants us to do.”                                                                                    “one part Grim Reaper, one part deity and,
                                                                                                      quite clearly, an unpredictable Whiz Kid to
                            n                                             n                                                  n

Autumn 2007   41   University of Dayton Quarterly
                                                THE ALUMNI
                                                . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

                             Reunion Weekend 2007
         ore than 2,100 people, including 1,600+ alumni, came to UD for                    $2 million to support the University’s distinctive mission and students.
         Reunion Weekend in June, a new attendance record. It was the                          Reunion Weekend 2008 is already on the calendar — mark yours for
         fourth consecutive year in which more than 10 percent of all                      June 20-22. Members of the classes of 2003, 1998, 1993, 1988, 1983, 1978,
living reunion-year alumni attended and the third time in the last four years              1973, 1968, 1963 and 1958 and Golden Flyers will be getting more informa-
that total attendance topped 2,000. They spent time on campus again with                   tion in the mail beginning this fall, but you don’t have to be in a reunion
classmates and housemates, renewed their wedding vows with Father Norbert                  year to attend. For more information or to volunteer to help plan your class’s
Burns, S.M., in the chapel, and saw the remodeling in progress of the Castle               reunion, visit or contact alumni relations at
and other houses in the student neighborhood. They also contributed almost                 888-UD-ALUMS or 937-229-3299.

                                                                                                                                      University of Dayton Quarterly   42   Autumn 2007
                More Florida alumni get together
    The alumni chapters keep growing. In mid-July in Orlando, Fla.,
Frank Guerriero ’83 and P.J. Guerriero ’82 hosted more than two dozen
                                                                                   ALUMNI BOOKSHELF
                                                                                   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
alumni at their home. Starting a new alumni chapter was the main
agenda item, and plans for Christmas off Campus are under way. To get            In It Happened in Kentucky, Mimi
involved, contact the Guerrieros at or 407-876-0164.       O’Malley ’87 gets past the Kentucky of
    Two days later, Fort Myers-area alumni met at The New                    horse racing and Civil War sites to lesser-
Metropolitan Restaurant to make plans for a chapter in their area. To        known stories in the state’s history. “It
get involved, contact Rochelle Flynn ’04 at          was amazing how many firsts really did
or 937-475-0525.                                                             derive from Kentucky,” she said. They in-
                                                                             clude the first doctor to extract an ovarian
                    Golden Flyers have plans too                             cyst (1809), the South’s first free children’s
                                                                             hospital (1890) and the first female man-
   On Thursday, Oct. 11, the Golden Flyers will hold their annual fall
luncheon in the Boesch Lounge at UD Arena. On Sunday, Dec. 16,               aging editor of a major U.S. newspaper,
                                                 they’ll celebrate Christ-   the Louisville Courier-Journal (1974).
                                                 mas with Mass in Im-            In 2004, Colin Barr ’99 finished his
                                                 maculate Conception         first triathlon after winning the Degree Iron-
                                                 Chapel, followed by         man contest, which paid for five months
                                                 cocktails, dinner and a     of training. In his new book, The Complete
                                                 party in the Kennedy        Idiot’s Guide to Triathlon Training, he helps
                                                 Union ballroom. For         others tackle their first. He’s also using his
                                                 more information on         new passion to raise funds for HOPE world-
                                                 either event, contact       wide (
                                                 the Alumni House at         “It’s amazing what our bodies can do,” he
                                                 888-UD-ALUMS.               said. “You can make it fun if you decide to
                                                                             make it fun.”
                                                                                 Brian Bennett ’84 lays out strategies
              New student picnics                      Alpha Nu              for preparing for and responding to ter-
     More than 160 guests came out for the           Omega together          rorist attacks in Understanding, Assessing,
  new student picnic hosted by the Columbus
  alumni chapter, including 55 students.                 again               and Responding to Terrorism. “The overrid-
                                                                             ing thing was how unprepared we were,”
  Similar picnics welcoming new UD students         Alpha Nu Omega
                                                                             he said. “(The book is) a methodology
  were held over the summer by 16 other         members are returning
                                                                             that shows us the lessons learned to help
  chapters around the country.                  to campus to celebrate
                                                                             better prepare ourselves to withstand that
                                                Mass in Immaculate
                                                                             kind of attack.” Chapter topics range from
                                                Conception Chapel,
                                                                             how terrorists finance operations and test
watch some Flyer football at Welcome Stadium, go golfing and more
                                                                             security to strategies for developing emer-
Oct. 5-7. For more information, contact Don Puglio ’75 at dgpflyer@aol.
                                                                             gency response plans.
                                                                                 In French Symbolist Poetry and the Idea of
                                                                             Music, Joseph Acquisto ’97 explores the
                     New NAA board members                                   interaction of music and poetry in the work
     The National Alumni Association has named four new board mem-           of Charles Baudelaire, Stéphane Mallarmé and
bers to its 16-member board of directors. They include Patricia Bernard      other late 19th and early 20th century French
’71 of Atlanta, Dan Castleforte ’73 of Springboro, Ohio, Richard Granite     poets. “Both music and language are far more
Jr. ’88 of Racine, Wis., and Stephen Kelly ’88 of Waban, Mass.               complex and far more vital and intricate than
     The NAA also appointed new chapter council officers who serve as        we think,” he said. “They really can be ve-
at-large members of the board: Denver chapter president Bill Boesch ’91,     hicles for changing how we see the world.”
Boston chapter president Alisha Perdue ’00, former Rochester chapter             Timothy Warneka ’89 applies the an-
president Bob Carlson ’79 and former Columbus chapter president Jen          cient wisdom of the Tao Te Ching to the
Stefanics ’98. All begin their terms at the Alumni Leadership Conference     global realities of the 21st century in The
in September.                                                                Way of Leading People. The book pairs
                                                                             Warneka’s contemporary interpretive
                     AAAO leadership changes                                 verses with photographs by his brother
                                                                             and co-author, Patrick. “(Patrick’s)
    On May 11, the African American Alumni Organization hosted a
reception for alumni in Marianist Hall to report on efforts to support       photographs teach us that we do not
current students through social activities, the Morton-Hathcock Leader-      need to escape to the forests and moun-
ship Scholars program and a scholarship fund. A week earlier, members        tains to discover the Eternal,” said Tim
elected new officers to guide the revitalized group into its third year.     Warneka. “I think the wisdom of the
They include Henderson Scott ’97, president; Shari Gann-Spearman ’80,        Tao Te Ching is really applicable in
vice president; Tiwona Branham ’93, secretary; and Angela Parker ’87,        today’s society.”
treasurer. For more information about the organization, contact Patricia                              —Johnnie Kling ’09
Crews ’77 in alumni relations at

Autumn 2007    43   University of Dayton Quarterly
                                                                                 NEAR AND FAR
                                                                                 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

                                                                           Beach party
Akron/Canton                                               Christine Reckelhoff Dangel ’01 and her husband,
                                                           Jason, joined other San Diego-area alumni for a
                                                                                                                                                                      December: Alumni basketball game.
                                                                                                                                                                      For more information, contact Ahrns or the
Jay Robinson ’98                                                                                                                                                         Alumni House at 937-229-3299 or 888-UD-
330-644-5397                                               good, old-fashioned beach party in July. Jason,
                                                                                                                                                                         ALUMS.                            a Marine, had just returned from his third tour
                                                           of duty in Iraq. The chapter named Chrissy its
Have an event idea? Contact Robinson.
                                                           “alumna of the quarter,” and the chapter plans                                                             Denver
                                                           to make the beach party an annual event, said                                                              Bill Boesch ’91
Atlanta                                                    chapter president Phil Cenedella ’84.                                                                      303-733-5507
Megan Culos ’01
404-230-9987                                                                                                               Who’s on first?                            Friday, Oct. 5: Alumni social, 6 p.m. Lola Restau-                                                                                           Alumni in the Washington, D.C.-                      rant, 1575 Boulder St. For more informa-
                                                                                                                     Baltimore chapter played Ohio State                  tion, contact Jon Nieranowski ’00 at jon.
December: Christmas off Campus.                                                                                                                                  or Sean Conboy
For more information about our chapter, contact
                                                                                                                     and Xavier for bragging rights at the                ’00 at
   Culos.                                                                                                            annual Ohio Day games in July.                   Saturday, Oct. 20: Day of service, 9 a.m. to noon.
                                                                                                                     Now in its third season, the chapter’s               We will assist Boys Hope Girls Hope of Colo-
                                                                                                                     team has built a 2-1 series record                   rado with light chores and house repairs at
Boston                                                                                                               against Xavier.
                                                                                                                                                                          the Boys Hope House. Boys Hope Girls Hope
                                                                                                                                                                          is a residential program for at-risk boys and
Alisha Perdue ’00                                                                                                                                                         girls who are academically talented. For more
614-747-0581                                                                                                                                                              information, contact Laurie Keefe Breetz                                                                                                                                                 ’00 at
Friday, Sept. 28: Flyers vs. Rhode Island volleyball,
                                                                          Tour de Cure                                                                                Friday, Nov. 2: Alumni social, 6 p.m. Lodos South
                                                           Whether you’re climbing the Pyrenees in the Tour                                                               at 8545 S. Quebec St. in Highlands Ranch. For
    Kingston. For more information, contact Ed                                                                                                                            more information, contact Nieranowski or
    Manlove ’95 at                   de France or being towed by dad, you’ve got to
Saturday, Sept. 29: Service project at the Rodman          keep your energy up. This family was one of many                                                           Interested in planning an alumni event or want to
    Ride for Kids. We need volunteers at the finish        who stopped for refreshments at a break station                                                                get involved? Contact Boesch.
    line to cheer on the riders. Alumni are also wel-      staffed by 10 Rochester-area alumni at the Tour de
    come to ride in the event. For more informa-
                                                           Cure in June. The event raised more than $368,000
    tion or to sign up, contact Perdue.
Saturday, Dec. 1: Flyers vs. Holy Cross men’s              to benefit the American Diabetes Association.                                                              Detroit
    basketball, Worcester. For more information,                                                                                                                      Stacy Ziarko ’03
    contact Mike Becker ’85 at udaytonflyer@                                                                                                                          586-939-0332                                                                                                               Let’s play two                   
Mid-December: Christmas off Campus. For more                                                                  The runs came early on June 2, when
                                                                                                                                                                      Saturday, Dec. 1: Christmas off Campus. For
    details or to help coordinate, contact Perdue.                                                            the Clearwater Threshers took on the                       more information, contact Ziarko.
Upcoming: Private tour by a UD graduate of the                                                                Palm Beach Cardinals in front of 3,311,
    Institute of Contemporary Art.
                                                                                                              including a dozen alumni and family
                                                                                                              members in the Tampa chapter. They                      Fort Wayne
Charlotte                                                                                                      saw the Threshers’ three-game winning                  Jeremy Reidy ’04
Brian Kraus ’97                                                                                                streak end as five Cardinals pitchers
704-649-6220                                               combined on a three-hitter to beat the Threshers 6-4. Despite the loss, there was good                               news for the alumni. Using only their chapter banner, they hooked a 275-pound shark                        To get involved, contact Reidy.
                                                           named Phinley.
Thursday, Oct. 11: All-Ohio alumni social, 5 to
   9 p.m. Downstairs party room at Cans, 500
   W. Fifth St. Join fellow UD alumni and alumni                                                                                                                      Houston
   from UC, Xavier, Miami, OU, Ohio State and                                                                                                                         Britt Lebbing ’02
   Bowling Green. For more information, contact
                                                        To get involved, contact Dougherty.
                                                                                                              Dallas-Fort Worth                                       314-229-0748
   Kraus.                                                                                                     Meghan Dewhurst-Conroy ’91                    
Saturday, Dec. 8: Christmas off Campus. For more
   information, contact Kraus.                          Cleveland                                                                  Saturday, Nov. 3: Annual St. Arnold’s Brewery
                                                        Patti Schaar ’96                                                                                                 Tour.
                                                        216-789-5195                                          December: Christmas off Campus.                         Christmas off Campus: We hope to again
                                                                                                                                                                         volunteer at MD Anderson Cancer Center. For
Chicago                                                                 For more information, contact Dewhurst-Con-
                                                                                                                 roy.                                                    more information, contact Mike Bellert ’66
Dan Biondi ’99                                          To volunteer to help with any chapter events,                                                                    at
773-528-9097                                               including Christmas off Campus, contact                                                                    Upcoming: A second event to raise money for                                                                                                                                               Teach for America. Earlier this year, our chap-
                                                                                                              Dayton                                                     ter was able to donate $150 and we would
November: Christmas off Campus tip-off party.                                                                 Jim Ahrns ’88                                              like to do more.
December: Christmas off Campus.
Basketball season: Game watches at Finley
                                                                                                                                                                      To volunteer to recruit future UD students in the
                                                                                                                                                                         Houston area, contact Lebbing.
                                                        Darren Nealy ’98
   Dunne’s, 3458 N. Lincoln Ave.                        614-352-6829                                          Thursday, Sept. 13: Chapter planning meeting,
To get involved, contact Biondi.                                            6 p.m. Alumni House. Bring your ideas and
                                                                                                                 suggestions to our first planning meeting of         Indianapolis
                                                        Tuesday, Oct. 30: Chapter planning meeting,              the 2007-08 year. All are welcome, and no            Mandy Heslin ’00
Cincinnati                                                 6 p.m. Winking Lizard, 1380 Bethel Road. For
                                                           more information, contact Nealy.
                                                                                                                 future commitments are required.                     317-570-9823
Jeff Dougherty ’93                                                                                            October: Corn maze outing.
513-576-1534                                            Upcoming: Christmas off Campus. Watch for your        November: Beer-tasting event.
                                                           invitation in the mail. For more information,      Saturday, Dec. 1: Breakfast with Santa, Kennedy         December: Christmas off Campus.
                                                           contact Nealy.                                        Union ballroom.                                      For more information, contact Heslin.
December: Christmas off Campus.                                                                               Saturday, Dec. 8: Christmas on Campus.

                                                                                                                                                                University of Dayton Quarterly    44     Autumn 2007
Louisville                                                  at 610-719-1941 or                                                               to 2 p.m.
Jonathan Hodge ’02
                                                         Wednesday, Oct 10: Fall planning meeting, 7 p.m.
                                                            Flannigan’s Boathouse, Conshohocken. For
                                                                                                              Raleigh/Durham/                                      Saturday, Dec. 1: Teleconference to organize
                                                                                                                                                                      Christmas off Campus, noon. To participate,
                                                            more information, contact Dluzak.                 Chapel Hill                                             contact Cenedella.
                                                                                                                                                                   Thursday, Dec. 20: Christmas off Campus, the
                                                         October: Habitat for Humanity service project.       John Wiggenhorn ’84
                                                            Details TBD. For more information, contact        919-481-3033                                            sixth annual Big Al’s Christmas Caroling and
For more information, contact Hodge.                        Dluzak.                                                                                                   Limo Party in honor of Al Neidermeyer ’83.
                                                         Saturday, Dec. 8: Christmas off Campus, 3                                                                 To get involved, contact Cenedella.
                                                            p.m. We will be guest chefs for the Ronald
Milwaukee                                                   McDonald House, 3925 Chestnut St. For
                                                                                                              Thursday, Sept. 27: Leadership meeting, 5:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                 Carolina Ale House, Cary. Come with event
Will Carpenter ’04
                                                            more information, contact Kris McCarthy
                                                            McNicholas ’86 at 610-869-2683 or kristine.
                                                                                                                 ideas for the chapter.                            San Francisco
                                                                                Sunday, Oct. 14: Alumni potluck picnic, 4:30 to      Ameet Srivastava ’00                                                                                     7 p.m. Lake Crabtree County Park. Please pro-     925-202-1891
                                                                                                                 vide a dish for the group. For more informa-
To get involved, contact Carpenter.                                                                              tion, contact Wiggenhorn.
                                                         Phoenix                                              Sunday, Dec. 2: Christmas off Campus, 2 p.m.         To get involved, contact Srivastava.
                                                         Mary Anne Kelaghan ’79                                  We will again be singing Christmas carols for
Minneapolis                                              602-971-6430                                            residents of nursing homes. To help or for
Brian Oeschger ’93
                                                                             more information, contact Wiggenhorn.             Seattle
612-750-0538                                                                                                                                                       Daryl Zakov ’99
                                                         To get involved, contact Kelaghan.                                                                                                                                     206-228-7182
Looking for volunteers for future events. Contact
   Oeschger for details.                                 Pittsburgh                                           Matt Keenan ’06
                                                                                                              585-613-8649                                         For more information, contact Zakov.
                                                         Sarah Mulcahy ’02                          
Nashville                                                              Wednesday, Oct. 10: Leadership meeting, 7 p.m.
                                                                                                              Sunday, Dec. 2: Christmas off Campus.
                                                                                                                                                                   Tampa Bay
Eileen Petrovic ’05                                      Saturday, Sept. 8: Pirates vs. Chicago Cubs. First                                                        Chris Shalosky ’84
216-832-0490                                                                                                  Our chapter is raising money to support a scholar-   813-857-6973
                                                             pitch, 7:05 p.m. Pregame reception followed         ship for a Rochester-area student to attend UD.
Melissa Perrone ’05                                          by game. For more information, contact Me-                                                  
615-252-2186                                                                                                     For more information, contact Keenan.
                                                             lissa Witt Falvo ’00 at                                                                                                                                       Saturday, Dec. 8: Chapter Christmas party.
                                                         Saturday, Sept. 29: Pittsburgh Heart Walk starting
                                                                                                                                                                   Saturday, Dec. 15: Christmas off Campus. For
December: Christmas off Campus.
                                                             at Heinz Field. For more information, contact
                                                             Mulcahy.                                         St. Louis                                               more information, contact Lisa Puscian
To get involved, contact Petrovic or Perrone.            Tuesday, Oct. 9: Planning session, 7 p.m. Cheese-    Connie Christman ’94                                    Surace ’91 at 727-785-6020 or
                                                             cake Factory in Pittsburgh South Side Works.     314-645-5834                                  
                                                             Please R.S.V.P. to Mulcahy.                                       For more information, contact Shalosky.
New York/New Jersey                                      Friday, Nov. 2: Alumni social, Salon, Mt. Lebanon.
                                                             For more information, contact Mulcahy.           To get involved, contact Christman.
Metro                                                    December: Christmas off Campus, Marion Manor,                                                             Washington/
Kristen Klaus ’04                                            Mt. Lebanon. For more information, contact
646-942-0986                                                 Kelli Malone ’98 at        San Diego                                            Baltimore                                                                                    Phil Cenedella ’84                                   Shannon Haley ’00
                                                                                                              858-602-6361                                         202-338-1764
Sunday, Sept. 16: Family Mass and brunch, 10 a.m.
   Mass at the Carmel Retreat Center Chapel in
                                                         Puerto Rico                                                
                                                         Jose Gomez ’90
   Mahwah, N.J., followed by brunch at the Mah-          787-792-8811                                         Friday, Sept. 14: Padres vs. San Francisco Giants.   Saturday, Nov. 17: Flyers vs. George Mason men’s
   wah Bar & Grill. For more information, contact                            First pitch, 7:05 p.m. Perfect for new alumni.      basketball. To volunteer to help with this event,
   Joe Maimone ’87 at                                                                    Saturday, Oct. 6: La Mesa Oktoberfest, noon to          contact Haley.
Saturday, Sept. 22: Flyers vs. Fordham football,         For more information about this chapter, contact         5 p.m.                                           Saturday, Dec. 15: Christmas off Campus, Langley
   Bronx. For more information, contact Steve               Gomez.                                            Saturday, Nov. 10: Boccie at Balboa Park, noon          Park Community Center, 10 a.m. Volunteers
   DeFilippis ’92 at 914-684-6528 or dayton92@                                                                                                                        needed to adopt a child and to run carnival                                                                                                                                                       booths for the children of St. Ann’s Infant and
Wednesday, Oct. 10: Golf outing in Cranbury, N.J.                                                                                                                     Maternity Home. For more information or to
   For more information, contact Bob Ciullo ’70                                                                                                                       volunteer, contact Liza Fornaciari ‘02 at
   at 908-309-6370 or                                                                                                                       202-543-2419 or or
December: Two Christmas off Campus events,                                                                                                                            Karaline Jackson ‘01 at 410-419-0195 or
   one at the Covenant House in Manhattan and
   the other in New Jersey. For more information,                  Not getting the                                                                          
                                                                                                                                                                   Upcoming: Personal finance and networking
   contact Klaus.
We’re recruiting players for our fall softball league.                latest updates                                                                                  night. Join fellow alumni for an introduction to
                                                                                                                                                                      personal finance and a networking reception.

                                                                         from your
   Games are in Manhattan and on Roosevelt                                                                                                                            For more information, contact Tim Arm-
   Island, and the season runs through the                                                                                                                            strong ’02 at

                                                                    chapter in your e-mail inbox?
   beginning of November. For more information,                                                                                                                    Baltimore alumni: Contact Jeff Gontarek ’00 at
   contact Klaus.                                                                                                                                            to plan and participate
                                                                                                                                                                      in Baltimore-area events.

Cat Dluzak ’97                                                  Register today to get news, make alumni connections and                                            West Michigan
215-896-7036                                                                                                                                                       Steve Clark ’88                                     find old friends at the new UD alumni Web site.                                                269-321-0186
Thursday, Sept. 27: Business networking event,                   Go to and click “My UD.”
   Barclay, 535 N. Church St., West Chester. For                                                                                                                   Saturday, Dec. 1: Christmas off Campus. For
   more information, contact Mark Connor ’81                                                                                                                          more information, contact Clark.

Autumn 2007        45     University of Dayton Quarterly
                                             . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

             Friends                    each other, sat next to each other in
                                        the dining room and got punished
                                                                                             relearning. Genuine love is not
                                                                                             fleeting. It goes the distance, turn-
                                                                                                                                                               it. She regaled me with new anec-
                                                                                                                                                               dotes of childhood adventures in
     The morning dew clings to
blades of grass on my mother’s          for the same things.”                                ing its back on anger, envy, pride                                the orphanage, observations about
grave with the same tenacity and            Viola’s letters vividly described                and selfishness. That’s the kind                                  our troubled world and an insider’s
grace she displayed during a decade     their growing-up years at the                        of marathon these women ran in                                    view of life in this small-town
of illness.                             former Ohio Soldiers’ and Sailors’                   tandem.                                                           neighborhood where her doctor
     In my mind, a mockingbird          Orphans’ Home in Xenia, their hus-                       “I’m an observer of people,”                                  makes house calls. Still nimble, she
flits between my mother’s and                                                                                                                                  lamented how macular degenera-
grandparents’ headstones at Cal-                                                                                                                               tion has robbed her of the pleasure
                                                                                                                                                               of reading and makes writing letters

                                                                                                                                           RANDY PALMER
vary Cemetery. The words from a
95-year-old woman’s letter echo in                                                                                                                             difficult because she can see only
my head, chasing away the pain:                                                                                                                                three letters at a time. It hasn’t
“I know the very spot where your                                                                                                                               stopped her from picking up a pen
loved ones are buried. In good                                                                                                                                 anyway.
weather, I went with Rosalie every                                                                                                                                  She opened up her wallet and
Sunday to water the flowers. Many                                                                                                                              showed me a picture of my grand-
Sundays a mockingbird seemed to                                                                                                                                mother. “I think it would make
greet us. I would follow him from                                                                                                                              her happy to know that I still carry
statue to statue, almost like playing                                                                                                                          this,” she said.
tag. Rosalie wasn’t quite as fleet of                                                                                                                               I blinked away tears. After
foot, but would laugh and laugh.”                                                                                                                              months of quiet grief, I felt restored
     For more than a dozen years,                                                                                                                              again.
my grandmother Rosalie Krimm’s                                                                                                                                      When I step foot in the cem-
best friend, Viola King, has scrib-                                                                                                                            etery, I will listen for the song of
bled long, chatty letters filled with                                                                                                                          that long-ago mockingbird — and
memories of their lifelong friend-                                                                                                                             its poignant reminder that love
ship. Even after my grandmother                                                                                                                                perseveres.
died in 1998, the letters continued                                                                                                                                                           —Teri Rizvi
to pop up in my mailbox, a treat                                                                                                                                    Teri Rizvi is associate vice presi-
hidden among the bills and credit                                                                                                                              dent, public relations at UD.
card solicitations.
     Few people write real letters                                                                                                                                            Classmates
anymore. Yet, there’s something                                                                                                                                    We had an important stop to
enduring and exquisite about let-                                                                                                                              make before heading to Reunion
ters written between friends.                                                                                                                                  Weekend festivities June 9: the
     On that cool, peaceful sum-        bands, their vacations, their shared                 Viola wrote to me in a February
                                                                                                                                                               backyard at 417 Kiefaber St.
mer morning standing before my          jokes. I learned about taking care of                2000 letter. “I see so few with long-                                 Specifically, four other class of
mother’s grave, I realized how          hummingbirds, canning tomatoes,                      standing or solid friendships. I’d                                ’87 grads and I were looking for a
much I learned about family and         concocting gourmet meals, endur-                     like to make them realize that one                                notch in the house’s cement back
friendship from those letters. A few    ing the banes of old age — even                      must be a friend in order to have                                 porch. Follow that 25 inches north
days before Christmas in 1998, my       whether John Jakes’ latest novel was                 friends. I feel sorry that there seems                            and we just might find the hopes
grandmother lay half-comatose,          worth the paper it was printed on.                   to be no depth in people’s feelings.                              and dreams we buried 20 years ago
tethered to oxygen and holding              Most of all, I learned how to                    Everything seems on the surface.                                  in a dusty peach schnapps bottle
onto a wisp of life. I read a letter    nurture friendship, the kind that                    …Whatever happened to the time                                    serving as our official time capsule.
to her through eyes blurred with        lasts a lifetime. Many letters ended                 when a cup of tea and an hour                                         It was April 23, 1987, when the
tears. “Not a day passes that I do      with Viola’s signature statement, “I                 or so with a dear friend or a good                                five of us decided to record senti-
not pray for her and feel grief, but    promise to keep boring you.”                         neighbor was important?”                                          ments and predictions about where
when the final time comes, I know           When I reflect on the friendship                     I recently made the two-hour                                  our lives would take us two decades
I will be devastated,” Viola wrote.     these two women cultivated, I think                  drive to Fredericktown, Ohio, for                                 hence. We were a diverse group:
“Can anyone realize it has been a       of the kind of love described in I                   cucumber gazpacho, a cup of tea                                   Julie Gerdeman Guilbert and Ron
friendship over 80 years? I was in      Corinthians: “(Love) always protects,                and an afternoon of non-stop                                      Higdon graduating from the School
the first grade, and she was in Miss    always trusts, always hopes, always                  conversation with this delightful                                 of Business Administration, Jan
Straley’s second grade. We laughed,     perseveres.”                                         woman who’s nearly twice as old                                   Lezny from the School of Engineer-
played, whispered, slept next to            It’s a lesson some of us keep                    as I am with the wisdom to prove                                  ing, and J.P. Luhr and I from the

                                                                                                                                                          University of Dayton Quarterly   46   Autumn 2007
College of Arts and Sciences.                  that she’d have two kids. She and       but his vision for quality theo-               And he was successful. Our
     We shared the things most UD              husband, Tom Guilbert ’75, are          logical education and leadership          graduate programs have reached
students did: front-porch Ghetto               parents to twin girls.                  expanded his horizons. He saw             hundreds of students, some of
parties, a devotion to Flyer basket-               But it was the note penned by       the need for constructive dialogue,       whom serve faithfully and with
ball and (fairly) regular attendance           Jan that hit home. Now living in        sincere cooperation, a clear presen-      distinction in local parishes, and
at 10 p.m. Mass in the chapel. But             San Diego, Jan traveled the farthest    tation of the Catholic tradition,         the church is richer for it. Oth-
we also were known to skip the                 to attend this reunion. Yet it was      and an unprejudiced understanding         ers have gone on to further their
Ghetto scene for gatherings at the             his organized e-mail campaign           of those who expressed the same           academic careers by pursuing their
guys’ house on Chambers Street                 that persuaded the rest of us to        Christian faith in other denomina-        doctorates. While I cannot say
punctuated by WYSO music and                   drop family, work and responsibili-     tions.                                    none of this would have happened
one of Julie’s patented Kool-Aid               ties for a weekend to make time             Father Matt was instrumental in       had Kohmescher not followed his
and vodka concoctions.                         for something equally important:        the founding of a cooperative ven-        vision, or had he not had the cour-
      I didn’t think I’d make the              friendship.                             ture in the Dayton area throughout        age of his convictions and dreams,
long trip for this reunion. But                    “I already miss everyone from       the 1960s and 1970s known as              I can say he did stand firmly, but
the chance to reconnect with old               UD and I have not even left this        CHERS, the Consortium for Higher          fairly, in following his vision; he
friends and dig up the time capsule            place yet,” read his 20-year-old        Education in Religious Studies. This      was quietly courageous, and always
proved too tempting.                           note. “I hope we all are as happy       community of scholars encouraged          the epitome of Christian gracious-
     So, 20 years later, our graying,          … today as we were when we put          and supported openness among              ness and love.
somewhat paunchy bunch traipsed                this (time capsule) here. Thank you     UD, Wright State University, An-               The Book of Acts records an
to the backyard on Kiefaber, a                 all my friends for the happiness. I     tioch College, the Hamma School           incident in the life of the Apostle
shovel and tape measure in tow.                could have never done it without        of Theology at Wittenberg Univer-         Paul, who was being pursued by
No one answered our knock on                   you. …”                                 sity (Lutheran), United Theologi-         enemies. The early followers of
the door. But a peek in the window                 Amen.                               cal Seminary (Methodist) and St.          Jesus of Nazareth let him down the
revealed living conditions mostly                         —Kate Cassidy Harrison ’87   Leonard’s College (Roman Catholic,        side of the city wall in order to es-
unchanged in 20 years and the                      Kate Harrison is a senior program   Franciscan).                              cape. Their names are not recorded
hysterical discovery by Jan, our               coordinator in the University of Ari-       There was the ability to ex-          anywhere, but without them, who
engineer, that the box springs he’d            zona department of journalism.          change faculty, share resources,          knows what might have happened.
left behind two decades ago were                                                       have students enroll in courses in        It is entirely likely, however, if he
still in use.                                            Colleagues                    the respective institutions for credit,   had been caught, tried, and possibly
     It took only about 25 minutes                 The 1960s were a chaotic time       meet with each other for                  executed, there would be no great
to unearth our treasure, thanks to             in these United States, in the world,   academic exchange and support             “Hymn of Love,” there would be
the directions Jan had scrawled                and in the church. Our country was      each other in the academic devel-         no powerful passages on faith and
on the back of a grocery bag: “25"             torn apart with emotions heating        opment of all our students. I re-         justification such as we find in the
north of cement, 18" west of walk-             up exponentially. It was the time of    member very well the joy of having        Epistle to the Romans, there would
way … like 32" deep!”                          Vatican II, an ecumenical council       Franciscan friars, United Methodist       be no great themes of reconciliation
     Among the first things to                 called by Pope John XXIII in an at-     seminarians, Lutherans, and those         such as we find in II Corinthians.
emerge was Ron’s résumé with the               tempt to bring the Roman Catholic       who were studying theology in             These unknown helpers expressed
scrawled notation, “I couldn’t get a           Church into the “modern” world.         secular public and private universi-      their faith by helping Paul.
job with this résumé. I hope I have            At the same time a theological re-      ties in the same graduate classes.             In a similar way, Father Mat-
one when this is found.”                       naissance was occurring in my own           Father Matt hired a large             thew Kohmescher’s name is not
     We also unearthed a newspaper             denomination, the United Presby-        number of faculty primarily for           on the tip of everyone’s tongue,
clipping, Billboard’s Top 20 songs,            terian Church in the U.S.A., as we      the graduate program starting in          he is not mentioned in the lists of
a dime and forecasts on our future.            attempted to address the chaos in       1967. What made these hirings             the world’s great theologians, but
J.P. was the most prescient when he            the world, in our nation, and in        unique was that Father Matt hired         he was a prophet, courageous and
guessed he’d be living in Buffalo,             our church. It was a time in need       a number of Protestant theologians        strong; he was a faithful servant
much like his parents, and would               of reconciliation — a theme that        along with a number of Roman              who saw a task that needed ad-
own a boat.                                    permeates the Christian scriptures      Catholic scholars. Father Matt was        dressing and he did so; he was
     “If anything else happens, I              and one that dominated the Pres-        much more interested in the faculty       as the Apostle Paul once put it, a
will be surprised. If anything better          byterian Church’s newest theologi-      person’s theological expertise than       man en Christo, with all the power,
happens, I would really be sur-                cal statement, simply known as The      his or her personal faith commu-          beauty, joy, grace and love that that
prised,” he wrote. He also practices           Confession of 1967.                     nity or history. For example, I am a      description implies.
law there.                                         In 1962 Father Matthew              Presbyterian, but my area of exper-            I was privileged to have
     I thought I’d direct PR opera-            Kohmescher, S.M., was appointed         tise for the graduate program was         known and served with Matthew
tions for the Cincinnati Reds while            chair of the department of theo-        the theology and philosophy of the        Kohmescher; he has had a wonder-
married to team owner, Johnny                  logical studies at the University of    ancient church, and I had studied         fully positive impact on the life of
Bench. That was news to my hus-                Dayton. Pope John XXIII opened          under a Russian Orthodox priest at        me and my family, and we shall all
band, Jeff, and our daughter Annie.            the doors of the church enabling        Princeton University.                     miss him.
     Ron, the first among our group            a theological renaissance to take           Father Matt’s goal was to                  Now we simply say, well done,
to marry and today a father of four,           place and Father Matt Kohmescher        establish a respectable, successful       good and faithful servant, welcome
groaned when he read his predic-               promptly marched right through          program of studies in academic            home!
tions of wealth, fame and marriage             them.                                   theology and pastoral ministries                            —William P. Anderson
“to the hottest looking woman                      Father Matt’s spirit was deeply     to assist and support the Roman                The Rev. William P. Anderson is
imaginable.” Julie correctly guessed           rooted in his beloved Catholicism,      Catholic Church.                          professor emeritus of religious studies.

Autumn 2007   47   University of Dayton Quarterly
                                               BACK PORCH
                                               . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

                                                  Porch ministry
          By Teri Rizvi               halls as part of student                                                                                  came of age. I started
             ———                      development positions                                                                                     out as a journalism
                                      at Creighton University                                                                                   major, got engaged
    A bag of sand sits propped        and the University of San                                                                                 and had the dog,
in the corner of Sister Annette       Diego, but that didn’t                                                                                    house and Volvo all
Schmeling’s front porch on Ir-        prepare her for life here.                                                                                picked out. I toyed
ving Avenue, an impromptu gift            She’s been surprised                                                                                  with becoming a
from a student that made UD’s         by the “level of friendli-                                                                                professional tennis
new vice president for student        ness, the level of kind-                                                                                  player. Religious life
development feel right at home.       ness” in her new neigh-                                                                                   was a distant third.”
    “I was sitting one evening        borhood. “If I’m sitting                                                                                      As Schmeling
talking to a group of students        on the porch, inevitably                                                                                  discovered her own
and they asked what I enjoyed         somebody will come by                                                                                     calling, she found out
most, what were my favorite           and stop in. If I’m watch-                                                                                that life’s lessons are
things to do. It’s beach minis-       ing the evening news, it’s                                                                                often learned outside
try. That’s where I feel closest to   not unusual that some-                                                                                    the syllabus.
God,” she says.                       one will come up and                                                                                          “It’s an exciting
    “When I came home the next        knock on the door just                                                                                    time to be engaged
night, one of                         to say, ‘Hi. You’re part of                                                                               in students’ lives and
the students      ‘I’m always         this neighborhood.’”                                                                                      help them on the
had left a bag
of sand on the
                   conscious              From the perch of
                                      a comfortable rocking
                                                                                                                                                journey of figuring
                                                                                                                                                out who they are,”
porch. Beach       of meeting         chair, Schmeling catches                                                                                  Schmeling observes,
ministry was
giving way to
                    students          glimpses of a student’s
                                      view of college life. She
                                                                                                                                                glancing around the
                                                                                                                                                streets of porch-filled
porch minis-       where they         watches spirited cornhole                                                                                 student houses. “It
try. I was here
to stay.”
                      are.’           games, even joining in on
                                      occasion. She’s bemused
                                                                                                                                                doesn’t always hap-
                                                                                                                                                pen during the con-
    This summer, Schmeling            by the antics of football                                                                                 fines of the tradition-
moved into UD’s close-knit            players horsing around                                                                                    al workday. Often, the
student neighborhood, joining         in a child’s wading pool.                                                                                 conversations are at
more than two dozen Marianist         Students join her for                                                                                     night or out on walks
                                                                   For more on Sister Annette Schmeling’s new home, see the Aug. 2 “My Old
brothers and priests who live in      nightly walks to Star-                                                                                    in the morning.
                                                                   House” Scribbling on UDQuickly at
homes scattered among student         bucks, where coffee and                                                                                       “It’s a Norman
residences. For the past 25 years,    conversation flow.                       meeting students where they                        Rockwell experience of living in
Schmeling, a member of the                She’s reaching out to students       are,” she says. “My undergradu-                    this neighborhood. Community
Religious of the Sacred Heart con-    in their world.                          ate years at Marquette University                  is not the right word. It’s a much
gregation, has lived in residence         “I’m always conscious of             were a time in my life when I                      deeper kind of connection.”

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Office of Public Relations                                                                                                                                              U.S. POSTAGE PAID
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Dayton, OH 45469-1679                                                                                                                                                     PERMIT NO. 71

                                                                                                                                       University of Dayton Quarterly   48   Autumn 2007

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