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Journey to the Great Apes of Africa


									                                      The No. 1 gorilla
                                       safari company

Journey to the Great Apes of Africa
“Wow... What a breathtaking, beyond all expectations,
professional, emotional and privileged trip of a lifetime
we have just experienced.”
At Volcanoes Safaris we specialise in mountain gorilla
and chimpanzee safaris to Uganda and Rwanda. As
award winning pioneers in ecotourism we ensure our
safaris respect the culture of local communities, the
fragility of the environment and the need to use
resources in a sustainable way. Over the past ten years
we have been at the forefront of mountain gorilla
tourism and are the only safari company to have signed
the UN Kinshasa Declaration on Great Apes.

A journey with Volcanoes Safaris takes you on an
unforgettable voyage into the misty forests of Africa
and gives you a privileged insight into the fascinating
world of the great apes. Led by
our outstanding guides, you will
stay at our unique and intimate
eco-lodges near the gorilla and
chimpanzee parks. Your journey
will be an amazing experience
thanks to the unrivalled expertise
of the No. 1 gorilla safari company.

                                       Yusuf Mulima Mubiru   Praveen Moman, Co-founders
E x p l o re t h e G re at We ste r n R i f t Va l l ey
 With our 12 day Classic Uganda and Rwanda safari

Volcanoes Safaris takes you on a mesmerising journey through the Great Western Rift Valley in Uganda
and Rwanda, where their friendly people will welcome you, sharing their rich and colourful culture.

View the great variety of wildlife in the magnificent Queen Elizabeth National Park, climb the ice-covered
peaks of the Rwenzoris or the densely forested Virunga Volcanoes. You can track chimpanzees in the
hidden Kyambura Gorge, or the beautiful Kibale forest. You can also track gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable
Forest in Uganda and Parc National des Volcans in Rwanda, where Dian Fossey studied her beloved
mountain gorillas.

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            Volcanoes property

               National park


                                                           Fort Portal


               Main road


                                                                     UGANDA             Entebbe


                                                     KYAMBURA GORGE




                                                                         LAKE MBURO

                                         MT. GAHINGA
                  DJOMBA         MGAHINGA
                Virungas         Kinigi
            DES VOLCANS                           VIRUNGA
                 Goma                                         AKAGERA
                   Gisenyi                            OFFICE

                      RWA N D A

  Bukavu         NYUNGWE

                                                    In contrast to the six billion human beings
                                                    living on our planet there are only some
                                                    seven hundred and eighty mountain
                                                    gorillas left. They live in the Virunga
                                                    Volcanoes, which lie on the borders of
Tra c k g o r i l l a s                             Uganda, Rwanda and the DRC and in the
                                                    Bwindi Forest in Uganda.

Visit all three gorilla parks on our 8 day safari
                                                    Tracking the mountain gorilla through the
                                                    misty forests requires patience and
                                                    stamina, often walking for hours through
                                                    dense vegetation. Finally meeting them in
                                                    the undergrowth is awe-inspiring.

                                                    Volcanoes Safaris has been organising
                                                    mountain gorilla safaris since 1997:
                                                    our expertise and knowledge in this area
                                                    are unrivalled.

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“...Unbelievable, a wonderful,
             wonderful thing!”
                      STEPHEN FRY

                                                       Chimpanzees are one of man’s closest
                                                       relatives. They are fascinating and
                                                       charming creatures to encounter in the
                                                       wild. Our safaris take you to see the
                                                       threatened chimp community in the
Tra c k c h i m p s & g o l d e n m o n key s          enchanting forest of Kyambura Gorge and
                                                       in Kibale Forest. You can also see chimps
                                                       in the Budongo Forest and the Ngamba
See chimps on our 6 day gorillas and wildlife safari
                                                       Island Chimp Sanctuary.

                                                       The golden monkey is one of the most
                                                       endangered primate species in Africa; you
                                                       can track them in Mgahinga in Uganda
                                                       and Parc National des Volcans in Rwanda.

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“Chimp tracking in Kibale
   Forest and the Bigodi
   Wetlands were great”

                   “My journey has exceeded all
                   expectations. A dream come true!”

Wildlife Safaris

                                        You can see a wide variety of wildlife in
                                        the game parks and forests of Uganda
                                        and Rwanda, including the famous tree
                                        climbing lions at Ishasha, elephants,
                                        buffalo, leopard, zebra, hippo and
                                        different antelope species. Uganda also
                                        has more than 1,200 bird species
                                        recorded, including the rare shoebill stork,
                                        making it a hugely rich birding destination.

                                        Wildlife viewing in Uganda and Rwanda
                                        is free of the mass tourism often found
                                        in some African countries, allowing you
                                        to truly enjoy these animals in their
                                        natural habitat.

See all this on our 7 day gorillas, wildlife and chimps safari

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                                              Uganda and Rwanda have some of the
                                              most dramatic and spectacular scenery in
                                              Africa, ideal for climbing, hiking and other
                                              adventure activities. Our safaris offer a
                                              number of beautiful hiking possibilities
Climb and hike                                from climbing the brooding Visoke,
                                              Muhavura or Gahinga Volcanoes, walking
                                              in the foothills of the Rwenzoris, hiking to
Climb a volcano on our 6 day gorilla safari
                                              Dian Fossey's grave or simply strolling in
                                              the villages near our lodges.

                                              At Jinja, near the source of the Nile, you
                                              can go white water rafting or bungee
                                              jumping. There are also a number of
                                              opportunities to take a relaxing boat or
                                              canoe trip, a fantastic way to spot animals
                                              and birds that gather at the water’s edge.

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Track gorillas in the mist                                   The magnificent Virunga Lodge has
                                                             panoramic views of the Virunga Volcanoes
                                                             and Lakes Ruhondo and Bulera. The
                                                             bedrooms and bathrooms are being
                                                             rebuilt to provide greater elegance and
VIRUNGA LODGE                                                comfort. The mature gardens create a
                                                             peaceful place to relax.
                                                             Aside from gorilla tracking in Parc
Stay here on our main gorilla safaris in Rwanda and Uganda   National des Volcans, you can climb a
                                                             volcano, track golden monkeys, visit Dian
                                                             Fossey's grave, or stroll to the picturesque
                                                             villages near the lakes and Mwiko school,
                                                             which Virunga Lodge and our guests

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"The most wonderful
     place in Africa"

Track gorillas in the Impenetrable Forest         Bwindi Lodge overlooks the primeval
                                                  Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, home to
                                                  gorillas, monkeys, chimpanzees and birds.
                                                  Gorilla tracking in the “impenetrable”
                                                  forest is an exhilarating experience!
                                                  When not exploring the forest you can
Uganda                                            visit a number of community projects in
                                                  the villages nearby or simply spend the
Stay in Bwindi and Virunga on our 12 day safari   day relaxing on the terrace, overlooking
                                                  the forest, listening to its exotic sounds,
                                                  and watching primates and birds in
                                                  the canopy.

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“The best lodge in Uganda.”
                                         Mount Gahinga Lodge sits in a stunning
Adventure in the volcanoes               location in the Ugandan foothills of the
                                         Virunga Volcanoes. The sun-room facing
                                         the volcanoes, terrace and beautiful
                                         walled gardens make it the ideal place
MOUNT GAHINGA LODGE                      to relax and drink in the surrounding
                                         The lodge is ideally located for tracking
Stay here on all of our 12 day safaris   the transient family of gorillas in Mgahinga
                                         National Park when they are there,
                                         tracking golden monkeys, climbing a
                                         volcano, spotting some of the unique bird
                                         life in the area or visiting some of the
                                         fascinating local community projects.
                                         Gorilla tracking is also available in nearby
                                         Nkuringo in Southern Bwindi.

“Great destination for birders
and hikers. Lovely lodge!”

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                                                         This secret valley, located at the edge of Queen Elizabeth
Track chimps in Kyambura Gorge                           National Park, is almost at the centre of the Greater Virunga
                                                         Landscape, at the heart of the Albertine Rift that straddles
                                                         Uganda, Rwanda and the DRC.

K YA M B U R A G O R G E L O D G E                       It is one of the most important areas in Africa for avian,
                                                         primate and wildlife biodiversity. Research sponsored by
Uganda                                                   Volcanoes Safaris has revealed that only 20 chimpanzees
                                                         remain in this isolated troop, about half that of 20 years ago.
Visit the gorge on any of our Ugandan wildlife safaris
                                                         The Volcanoes Kyambura Gorge Ecotourism Partnership will
                                                         link the eco-lodge we are building to the community, promote
                                                         the conservation of chimpanzees, and create a buffer zone to
                                                         help protect the gorge. The lodge will open in 2010, with eight
                                                         bandas initially, overlooking the gorge and the rolling savannah
                                                         of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

                                                                                        “Brilliant eco-initiative”

                                                      Volcanoes Safaris has developed a responsible and
                                                      sensitive ecotourism vision. We believe carefully
                                                      controlled ecotourism is essential to the survival of
                                                      the great apes and the conservation of their
                                                      habitats, and must allow local people to earn a
Connecting to conservation                            livelihood. The Volcanoes Trust, a separate non-
                                                      profit entity, works to support communities and
and communities                                       conservation projects in Uganda and Rwanda. We
                                                      donate a portion of your safari costs to the Trust,
See community projects in action on all our safaris   so that tourism contributes to this vital work.

                                                      Many of the “Volcanoes family”, from the guides
                                                      and waitresses to the lodge managers, drawn from
                                                      different countries and ethnic communities, have
                                                      survived conflict. Volcanoes’ extensive training
                                                      programme and empowerment of local staff is
                                                      unique amongst leading safari companies.

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Virunga Lodge Intore
community dance troupe   19
Our safaris start either in Kampala, Uganda or Kigali, Rwanda, and you can travel either as part of a small group departing on scheduled dates, or on
a safari tailored to your specific interests. We also organise flying safaris, honeymoons and larger specialist groups. Below are some of our favourite
itineraries; please contact us, or your Africa specialist, for further details. It is recommended that clients take private charter flights on part of their
safari to reduce long car journeys.

Volcanoes prices are all-inclusive to cover accommodation, transport, meals, a driver/guide and all drinks at Volcanoes lodges, and include a choice
of daily activities. They also have the safety of international back-up and insurance cover. For details see or price list.

12 DAY                                                                                  8 DAY
CLASSIC UGANDA AND RWANDA SAFARI                                                        GORILLAS IN THE VIRUNGAS AND BWINDI
Departs from Kampala or Kigali                                                           Departs from Kigali
Gorilla tracking                                                                         Gorilla tracking
Game drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park                                             Dian Fossey’s grave/Ros Carr’s orphanage
Boat cruise on the Kazinga Channel                                                       Golden monkeys in Mgahinga/PNV
Chimpanzees in Kyambura Gorge                                                            Climb the Muhavura or Gahinga Volcanoes
Tree climbing lions in Ishasha                                                           Nature walk in Bwindi Forest
Climb the Muhavura or Gahinga Volcanoes
Golden monkeys in Mgahinga/PNV                                                          4 DAY
Dian Fossey’s grave/Ros Carr’s orphanage
                                                                                        GORILLA TRACKING SAFARI IN BWINDI,
                                                                                         Departs from Kampala or Kigali
             Contact us now to book your
                                                                                         Gorilla tracking
             journey to the great apes on                                                Nature walk in Bwindi Forest
                                                   Canoe trip and game drive at Lake Mburo
                                                                                         Climb the Muhavura or Gahinga Volcanoes
7 DAY                                                                               6 DAY
GORILLAS, CHIMPS AND WILDLIFE                                                       GORILLAS & WILDLIFE SAFARI
Departs from Kampala                                                                 Departs from Kampala
Gorilla tracking                                                                     Gorilla tracking
Chimpanzees and primates in Kibale Forest                                            Canoe trip on Lake Mburo
Swamp birds in Bigodi Wetland                                                        Nature walk in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest
Walk the Rwenzori foothills                                                          Tree climbing lions in Ishasha
Game drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park                                         Chimpanzees in Kyambura Gorge
Chimpanzees in Kyambura Gorge                                                        Boat cruise on the Kazinga Channel
Tree climbing lions in Ishasha                                                       Primates, bat cave and Blue Lake in Maramagambo Forest
Nature walk in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

9 DAY                                                                               4 DAY
DISCOVER RWANDA                                                                     GORILLAS IN PARC NATIONAL DES VOLCANS,
Departs from Kigali                                                                  Departs from Kigali
Gorilla tracking                                                                     Gorilla tracking
Game drive in Akagera Park                                                           Dian Fossey’s grave/Ros Carr’s orphanage
Dian Fossey’s grave/Ros Carr’s orphanage                                             Golden monkeys
Chimpanzees in Nyungwe                                                               Climb the Visoke/Muhavura Volcanoes
Guided nature walk in Nyungwe                                                        Visit the local school/community projects

                                           Photo credits: David Baard, Oliver Dreike, Riccardo Gangale, Mike O. Johnson, Michelle Khailova, Bill McCarthy, Barbara Miller, Praveen Moman,
                                                                 Juan Pablo Moreiras, Andy P. Nelson, David Pluth, Darren Rees, Donna Sevilla, Peggy Sokoloff, Ariadne van Zandbergen
                                   The No. 1 gorilla safari company
Central Booking Office:

         Uganda                      Rwanda                      UK                            USA
T + 256 (0) 414 346464 / 5       T + 250 502452       T + 44 (0) 870 870 8480   TOLL FREE + 1 866 599 APES (2737)
  M + 256 (0) 772 741718     M + 250 (0) 78830 2069

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