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									                                   JOB DESCRIPTION

Title of Post:      Estates Operations Technician (Decontamination)

Grade of Post:      Band 5 & RRP (if applicable)

Reports to:         Estates Operations Officer (Decontamination Engineering)

Accountable to:     Estates Operations Decontamination Engineer Manager

Location:           Estates Services Department the Ulster or Lagan Valley Hospitals but
                    successful applicants may require to relocate to other sites within the

Hours:              37.5 Hours per week 08:30 – 16:30 Monday - Friday

Job Purpose

The post holder will be part of a team of Decontamination Technicians and will assist and
support the Decontamination Engineer, or nominated deputy, in the development and
provision of a Maintenance, Validation and Verification service in support of all
decontamination equipment and systems used within the Trust and other nominated

As part of the Estates Decontamination Team the post holder will assist in the
management of a cost effective and efficient service that supports the corporate aims of
the Trust to meet its aims of quality of service commensurate with a modern Health

He/she will provide technical advice and support to other Estates staff and contractors
relating to Decontamination engineering contents in building projects as required.

Main Responsibilities

   1. Post holder will undergo training to enable them to fulfil the role of competent
      Person (Decontamination) as outlined in Health Technical Memorandum 01-01
      Decontamination of re-usable medical devices

   2. Manage own work and be responsible for undertaking all weekly, quarterly and
      annual testing, revalidation and verification routines required for all decontamination
      equipment in use within the Trust and for completing same in the fullest in
      accordance with HTM 01.01 and all other relevant advice and instruction.

3. Test, diagnose, service, repair and calibrate advanced electrical, electronic and
   mechanical engineering systems and in particular the full range of decontamination
   and disinfection equipment, including Clinical Sterilisers, Laboratory Sterilisers,
   Washer Disinfectors (all types), Automatic Endoscope Re-processors, Ultrasonic
   cleaners, Water Purification Systems and other decontamination systems.

4. Responsible for the timely and accurate completion of in-house generated
   equipment service reports and for the ‘feeding back’ of all related information,
   including time and spare parts used, into a computer based asset management
   system such that a full and accurate service history for each item of
   decontamination equipment is maintained.

5. Ensuring acceptable standards of productivity and workmanship in the execution of

6. Observing statutory and other relevant requirements, in particular those relating to
   Health & Safety.

7. Responsible for the taking of water/steam samples, from decontamination
   equipment, as and when required, using aseptic sampling and handling techniques

8. Responsible for the proper handling, storage and packaging of water and other
   samples in preparation for dispatch to testing laboratories.

9. Participate fully in the operation of a ‘Permit to Work’ system for decontamination
   equipment as described in HTM 01.01.

10. Undertake extensive and on-going training as and when required and pass new and
    existing knowledge onto others.

11. Comply will all written and verbal instructions in accordance with relevant Health &
    Safety Legislation, internal trust policies and Health Service Guidance Notes.

12. Assist the Decontamination Engineer with the supervision and control of external

13. Complete technical reports on untoward incidents, defects and / or hazards as
    required / instructed.

14. Responsible for ensuring that adequate supplies of spare parts are maintained at all
    times to ensure the rapid repair of decontamination equipment.

15. Liaise with Medical, Nursing and other user staff as appropriate to effect an efficient
    service delivery.
16. Demonstrate the correct and safe use of equipment as and when required.

17. Understand the complete working of the electrical, electronic and building services
    systems in the Sterile Services Department.

  18. Use laptop computer/software to collate information during test to produce technical
      reports. Carry out adjustments repairs as required during periodic testing

  19. Responsible for maintenance and organising calibration of test equipment.

  20. Participate in the provision of an emergency on call service for Decontamination if

Human Resource Management Responsibilities

  1. Review the organisation plan and establish level of the service for which he/she is
     responsible to ensure that each is consistent with achieving objectives, and
     recommend change where appropriate.

  2. Delegate appropriate responsibility and authority to the level of staff within his/her
     control consistent with effective decision making, while retaining overall
     responsibility and accountability for results.

            a) Be aware of the Infection Control guidance within the Trust’s Infection
               Control Manual and ensure they obtain mandatory Infection prevention
               control training or other specific infection control related training as

General Responsibilities


The Trust is an Equal Opportunities Employer and welcomes applications from all sectors
of the community irrespective of their religion, politics, race, gender, sexual orientation or

However, due to under-representation, the Trust particularly welcomes applications from
Catholics for vacancies in the North Down and Ards geographical area and Protestants for
vacancies in the Downpatrick area.

All staff are required to comply with our Equal Opportunities Policy and each employee
must make him/herself aware of their obligations. Managers/Supervisors have a
responsibility to ensure compliance with this requirement.

Smoking and Health

The Trust is a Smoke Free Organisation.

Health & Safety

All employees must comply with the Trust’s various Health & Safety Policies and
Procedures including relevant legislation and Codes of Practice.


Staff must maintain high standards of personal accountability and abide by the Code or
Business Conduct.


Employees are expected to demonstrate commitment to the Trust by ensuring regular
attendance at work and the efficient discharge of their duties.

Staff will participate in the Trust’s Personal Development and Contribution review process
which is designed to ensure staff can contribute to organisational goals and ensure their
skills are relevant to the tasks to be undertaken and that patient and client care is of a high

Service Quality

The South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust is committed to providing the highest
possible quality of service to all patients, clients and community. Members of staff are
expected at all times to provide a caring service and to treat those with whom they come
into contact in a courteous and respectful manner.

Records Management

All employees of the Trust are legally responsible for all records held, created or used as
part of their business within the Trust including patient/client, corporate and administrative
records whether paper based or electronic and also including e-mails.

All such records are public records and are accessible to the general public with limited
exceptions, under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, the Environmental Information
Regulations 2004 and the Data Protection Act 1998. Employees are required to be
conversant with the Trust’s policy and procedures on records management and to seek
advice if in doubt.

Environmental Cleaning Strategy

The Trust’s Environmental Cleaning Strategy, recognises the key principle that
‘Cleanliness Matters. It is everyone’s responsibility, not just the cleaners’. Whilst there are
staff employed by the Trust who are responsible for cleaning services, all staff employed
by the Trust have a responsibility to ensure a clean, comfortable and safe environment for
patients, clients, residents, visitors, staff and members of the general public.

Infection Prevention & Control

All staff should be aware of the Trust’s Infection Prevention & Control Strategy and their
local reduction of infection plan and know their role, in keeping with key principle Infection
Prevention & Control is everyone’s business.

Staff, in delivery of all care must:-

   •   Wash their hands thoroughly between each patient contact.

   •   Be compliant with Standard Infection Control Precautions, Hand Hygiene and
       decontamination and other relevant infection prevent and control measures.

   •   Be aware of the Infection Control Guidance within the Trust’s Infection Control
       Manual and ensure they obtain mandatory Infection Prevention Control training or
       other specific infection control related training as required.

Terms and Conditions

Applicants should note that the terms and conditions attached to this post may change as
a result of National negotiations and the NHS pay system called Agenda for Change.

This job description is not definitive and may be amended to meet the changing
needs of the Trust.

All Job Descriptions are subject to regular review within a two year period. This is not
intended to be a comprehensive list of all the duties involved in the post, consequently an
employee may be required to perform other duties appropriate to post as assigned to

All staff are required to observe the Trust’s No Smoking Policy.

                               PERSONNEL SPECIFICATION

Title of Post:        Estates Operations Technician (Decontamination)

Grade of Post:        Band 5 & RRP (if applicable)

The following are essential criteria which will initially be measured at Shortlisting
Stage although may also be further explored during the interview stage;


   •    Completion of a recognised or registered apprenticeship in a electrical, electronic or
        mechanical discipline (Details of apprenticeship must be given on the Application


        Five years relevant post apprenticeship experience in a maintenance environment,
        having demonstrated high versatility and flexibility.


   •    Higher National Certificate / Diploma / Degree in Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical

   Plus 3 years experience

   •    A sound Knowledge and experience of decontamination periodic testing.

   •    Hold a full current driving license valid for use in the UK with access to a car on

        This criterion will be waived in the case of applicants who are presented from
        driving due to a disability, providing the applicant but can organise suitable
        alternative arrangements in order to meet the requirements of the post in full.

The following are essential criteria which will be measured during the interview

   •    Excellent communication skills to meet the needs of the post in full

   •    Ability to work accurately and produce work of a high standard under pressure and
        to strict deadlines

   •    Excellent administrative and organisational skills

   •   Ability to work independently and as part of a team

   •   Working knowledge of current Health & safety Legislation; decontamination

   •   Ability to work flexibly to meet the needs of the post fully including out-of-hours
       emergency cover, bank holidays and/or weekend working

   •   Willing to undergo appropriate training if required and pass on knowledge to others

Desirable Criteria

   •   Be computer literate

   •   Be a qualified test person in HTM 2010, HTM 2030

   •   Experience in periodic testing of Decontamination equipment

   •   Health & Safety Training

Key Skills Framework – Levels


Develop and maintain communication with people about difficult matters and/ or difficult

Personal and people development

Develop oneself and contribute to the development of others

Health, Safety and Security

Promote, monitor and maintain best practice in health, safety and security.

Service improvement

Appraise, interpret and apply suggestions, recommendations and directives to improve


Contribute to improving quality.

Equality and Diversity

Support equality and value diversity

Systems, Vehicles and Equipment

Review, develop and improve systems, vehicles and equipment.

Information Processing

Modify, structure, maintain and present data and information

Information Collection and Analysis

Gather, analyse, interpret and present extensive and/or complex data and information.

Knowledge and Information Resources

Develop the acquisition, organisation provision and use of knowledge and information.

People Management

Co-ordinate and delegate work and review people’s performance

Additional Information:

Candidates shortlisted for interview will be required to produce original certificates and
photocopies of the same.

If successful staff will be required to produce documentary evidence that they are legally
entitled to live and work in the UK e.g. P45, payslip, National Insurance Card, Birth
Certificate. Failure to do so will result in a non appointment.

Canvassing either directly or indirectly will be an absolute disqualification for

29th June 2010


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