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Incorporating Penneshaw, Island Beach,               • Sunset Winery – Hog Bay Road, 6km from         Fuel
Baudin Beach, Brown Beach, Cape                        Penneshaw (08) 8553 1378 (Page 36)
                                                                                                      • Penneshaw Fuel & Hardware – Thomas
Willoughby, Antechamber Bay.                         • Isola Pizza – North Terrace, Penneshaw           Willson Street, Penneshaw (08) 8553 1044
                                                       (08) 8553 1227                                   (Page 65)

Many visitors start their Kangaroo Island            • Penguin Stop Café – Middle Terrace,            • Carey’s General Store – Island Beach Road,
experience on Dudley Peninsula.                        Penneshaw 0427 615 844                           Island Beach (08) 8553 7009

In some ways it’s a microcosm of the Island,         Catering                                         Public Phones
with plenty of wildlife, lots of safe swimming       • 2 Birds & A Squid – North Terrace, Penneshaw   • Thomas Willson Street, Penneshaw
beaches, rugged cliffs, a river, a lighthouse, art     (08) 8553 7406 or 0439 803 843 (Page 32)
galleries, cellar doors and of course stunning                                                        Internet Services
                                                     • Kangaroo Island Source –
views. Dudley Peninsula is also home to the                                                           • Kangaroo Island Gateway Visitor Information
                                                       Penneshaw (08) 8553 1275 (Page 32)
quintessential seaside town of Penneshaw,                                                               Centre – Howard Drive, Penneshaw
where the SeaLink ferry docks.                       Visitor Information                                (08) 8553 1185 (Page 38)
But be sure to get off the beaten track. Some of     • Kangaroo Island Gateway Visitor Information
                                                                                                      • Penneshaw Business Centre – Middle
your most memorable places will be those you          Centre, Howard Drive,
                                                                                                        Terrace, Penneshaw (08) 8553 1020
discover for yourself.                                Penneshaw (08) 8553 1185 (Page 38)
                                                                                                      BBQ Facilities
QUICK FIND GUIDE                                     • Penneshaw IGA – Middle Terrace,
                                                                                                      • Lloyd Collins Reserve – Penneshaw Foreshore
                                                                                                      • Antechamber Bay / Chapman River – via Cape
                                                       Penneshaw (08) 8553 1023
Services and Facilities                                                                                 Willoughby Road
                                                     • Carey's General Store – Island Beach Road,
Please refer to individual business                                                                   • Brown Beach
                                                       Island Beach (08) 8553 7009
advertisements for opening hours. Where
applicable, page numbers are given in brackets.      Hotels & Bottle Shops                            Playgrounds
                                                                                                      • Penneshaw – Middle Terrace (behind tennis
Where to Eat                                         • Penneshaw Hotel – North Terrace,
                                                       Penneshaw (08) 8553 1042 (Page 36)
• Chapman River Cellar Door - Off Cape
                                                                                                      • Chapman River Cellar Door - Off Cape
  Willoughby Road at Antechamber Bay East            Banks / ATMs                                       Willoughby Road at Antechamber Bay East
  (08) 8553 1371, (08) 8553 1121 (Page 37)           • Penneshaw Business Centre – Agency for           (08) 8553 1371, (08) 8553 1121 (Page 37)
• Dudley Cellar Door & Café – Corner of                ANZ, Bank SA, Commonwealth Bank and
                                                                                                      • Penneshaw Skate Park – end Middle Terrace
  Thomas Willson Street & North Terrace,               Bank@Post – Middle Terrace, Penneshaw
                                                                                                        (above Lloyd Collins Reserve)
  Penneshaw (08) 8553 1333 (Page 35)                   (08) 8553 1020
                                                                                                      Public Toilets
• Fish – North Terrace, Penneshaw                    • Penneshaw Hotel (ATM) – North Terrace,
                                                                                                      • Kangaroo Island Gateway Visitor Information
  0439 803 843 (Page 31)                               Penneshaw (08) 8553 1042 (Page 36)
                                                                                                        Centre – Howard Drive, Penneshaw (Page 38)
• Penneshaw Hotel – North Terrace,                   Post Office                                      • Penneshaw Town Hall (rear of the building) –
  Penneshaw (08) 8553 1042 (Page 36)
                                                     • Penneshaw Business Centre – Middle               Middle Terrace, Penneshaw
• Sorrento’s Restaurant @ KI Seafront Resort           Terrace, Penneshaw (08) 8553 1020
                                                                                                      • Baudin Beach – Bessel Drive, Baudin Beach
  – North Terrace, Penneshaw (08) 8553 1028
  (Page 41)                                                                                           • Brown Beach

                                                                                                                       DuDlEy PENINSulA

                                                                                                                  ASK A LOCAL…
                                                                                                                  WHAT I LOVE ABOUT
                                                                                                                  DUDLEY PENINSULA
                                                                                                    I love the beautiful empty long beaches, the
                                                                                                    beauty of Chapman River, the hustle and bustle
                                                                                                    (well for Kangaroo Island!) of the ferries coming
                                                                                                    and going, the village of Penneshaw and our farm
                                                                                                    and the life it has given us.
                                                                                                    Jayne Bates, Dudley Peninsula resident & Mayor
                                                                                                    of Kangaroo Island.

• Antechamber Bay / Chapman River – via Cape    • Rob’s Shearing Demo’s – Cape Willoughby         Sports
  Willoughby Road                                 Road, 7km from Penneshaw (08) 8553 1068
                                                                                                  • Penneshaw Golf Course –
• Penneshaw Wharf                                 (Page 32)
                                                                                                    The Lane, Penneshaw
• Lloyd Collins Reserve – Penneshaw Foreshore   Cellar Doors                                      • Tennis Courts, Middle Terrace, Penneshaw

Boat Ramps                                      • Chapman River Cellar Door - Off Cape
                                                                                                  Health and Wellbeing
                                                  Willoughby Road at Antechamber Bay East
• Christmas Cove – Howard Drive, Penneshaw                                                        • The Island Temple - Nat Thomas Street,
                                                  (08) 8553 1371, (08) 8553 1121 (Page 37)
• Baudin Beach – Bessel Drive, Baudin Beach                                                         Penneshaw (08) 8553 1222 (Page 35)
                                                • Dudley Wines – Corner of Thomas Willson
• Island Beach (Beach Launching) – Penguin        Street & North Terrace, Penneshaw               Markets
  Street, Island Beach                            (08) 8553 1333 (Page 35)                        • Penneshaw Farmers Market - Lloyd Collins
Campgrounds                                     • False Cape - Sorrento’s Restaurant @ KI           Reserve, Penneshaw
                                                  Seafront Resort, Penneshaw (08) 8553 1028         0412 194 840 or (08) 8553 1185 (1st Sunday
• Brown Beach
                                                  or (08) 8537 3017 (Page 35)                       of the Month May to October, various dates
• Antechamber Bay / Chapman River
                                                • Sunset Winery – Hog Bay Road, 6km from            November to April).
• Antechamber Bay Ecocabins - (08) 8553 1557
                                                  Penneshaw (08) 8553 1378 (Page 36)
• Kangaroo Island Shores Caravan Park –
                                                Art Galleries                                     Where to Eat
  Penneshaw (08) 8553 1075
                                                • Kangaroo Island Artworks Gallery – Bessell      Fish
                                                  Drive, Baudin Beach (08) 8553 1381              B9, North Terrace, Penneshaw
                                                  (Page 35)
                                                                                                  4.30pm-7.45pm Daily October to April. Closed
Wildlife                                        • M.B. Stonor Art Glass - Hog Bay Road, Pelican   May to September. Extended trading hours in
• Penneshaw Penguin Centre – Lloyd Collins        Lagoon (08) 8553 7383 (Page 33)                 SA School Public Holidays and Farmers’ Market
  Reserve, Penneshaw (08) 8553 1103                                                               days. Cooking Demonstrations: Last Friday
                                                Fun Activities
  (Page 35)                                                                                       of the month, December to March. Bookings
                                                • Wallaby Bob’s Night Fishing Tours – Tours
Heritage                                          Depart Baudin Beach (08) 8553 1032
• Cape Willoughby Lightstation – Cape             (Page 33)                                       Ph: 0439 803 843
  Willoughby Road (08) 8553 1191 (Page 16)      • East Island Scenic Tours                        The 2 Birds & A Squid team bring ‘Fish’
• Frenchman’s Rock – Hog Bay Beach,               0429 692 909 (Page 33)                          – a gourmet takeaway seafood shop – to
  Penneshaw                                                                                       Penneshaw. Enjoy in-season seafood including
• Penneshaw Maritime & Folk Museum -                                                              lobster, scallops, marron, prawns, whiting,
  Howard Drive, Penneshaw (08) 8553 1109,
  (08) 8553 1070 or (08) 8553 1510                                                                Pennington Bay; Penguin sign

oysters and garfish with delicious home-made          Let someone else take care of your food                special nautical section highlights the shopping
sauces. For something special, join renowned          requirements during your visit to Kangaroo             history of the Island.
Fish chef Sue Pearson at the shop on the last         Island. Specialising in local and seasonal             Rob’s Shearing Demo’s
Friday of each month (December to March) as           produce, the 2 Birds & A Squid team have a             B9, Cape Willoughby Road, 7km from
she hosts one of her cooking demonstrations.          selection of top quality meals for you to choose       Penneshaw
Each lesson is different and can cover topics         from. Simply order your meal, pick it up (or have
such as shucking oysters, cooking the perfect         it delivered) and enjoy restaurant quality food in     By appointment only (minimum four people)
lobster and creating the perfect seafood sauce.       the comfort of your own accommodation.                 Ph: (08) 8553 1068

Penneshaw Hotel (Page 36)                             Kangaroo Island Source                                 Ever wondered what happens in a real Aussie
B9, North Terrace, Penneshaw                          B9, Across Island                                      shearing shed? Meet Rob Howard and his

Lunch and dinner daily.                               By prior arrangement all year.                         dog Toby on their working farm just outside of
                                                                                                             Penneshaw. Rob has been involved in farming
Ph: (08) 8553 1042                                    Ph: 0412 194 840                                       on Kangaroo Island all his life and has many
Newly renovated with top quality pub meals            Our menus are designed to reflect the seasons          interesting facts and stories to share with
offering great value for money and sea views          of Kangaroo Island so you know you are eating          visitors. He will demonstrate shearing, wool
back towards the mainland. If you have a              only the freshest and the very best our region has     classing and hand-spinning as well as mustering
penchant for schnitzels, this is the place. A         to offer. Reintroducing the natural flavours of the    and yarding with Toby. Whether you’re from
favourite spot for locals to catch up and one         soil and the sea, Kangaroo Island Source brings        Australia or overseas, you’re sure to learn
of the best family-friendly places to eat on the      international food and wine experience to the          something new and find Rob both informative
Dudley Peninsula.                                     Island and its visitors. Our menus are available for   and entertaining.
                                                      a romantic dinner for 2 or a formal occasion for
Sorrento’s Restaurant @ KI Seafront
Resort (Page 41)                                                                                             Cellar Doors
B9, North Terrace, Penneshaw                                                                                 Chapman River Cellar Door (Page 37)
                                                      Heritage and Culture                                   C10, Off Cape Willoughby Road at
Daily Breakfast and Dinner only.
                                                      Cape Willoughby Lightstation                           Antechamber Bay East
Ph:(08) 8553 1028
                                                      C10, Cape Willoughby Road                              Thursday to Monday 11.00am-4:30pm. Closed
Informal yet elegant dining with stunning                                                                    July & August and on days of extreme heat over
                                                      Tour Times: 11:30am, 12:30pm, 2pm daily.
ocean views. Maitre d’, Richard Purvis and                                                                   40C.
team combine to present a memorable dining            Extra tours during school holiday periods.
experience. Sorrento’s modern Australian              Ph:(08) 8553 1191                                      Ph: (08) 8553 1371 or (08) 8553 1121
cuisine incorporates regional produce such as         Please refer to page 16 for more information           Set in an old tin shed aircraft hangar, behind
Kangaroo Island Marron, Whiting, Cheeses,                                                                    the sand dunes at Antechamber Bay, the
Honey and seasonal produce. Complemented by           Frenchman’s Rock                                       Chapman River Cellar Door and Art Gallery has
an extensive wine list of the finest Island labels.   B9, Hog Bay Beach, Penneshaw                           been a labour of love for Bruce and Diana Keir.
Sorrento’s is also home to the cellar door for        Open access. In 1803 Captain Nicolas Baudin,           Eccentric, welcoming and thoroughly charming
False Cape Wines.                                     the French explorer, anchored in Hog Bay and           there’s free tastings of Happiness Wines, from
                                                      sent a party ashore to find fresh meat and water.      the four acre vineyard just up the hill, delicious
Penneshaw Farmers Market
                                                      While waiting for the water casks to fill, one of      platters, cakes and espresso coffee. Relax and
B9, Lloyd Collins Reserve, Penneshaw
                                                      the sailors carved on a nearby rock, Expedition        enjoy the Chapman River Cellar Door experience
Sunday Mornings: 1st Sunday of the Month.             de decouverte par le commandant Baudin                 - and if you bring the kids, there’s a great
May to October.Various dates in November to           sur le Geographe 1803. Translated it reads,            playground to keep them busy!
April. Phone for details.                             ‘Expedition of discovery by Captain Baudin             Dudley Wines (Page 35)
Ph: 0412 194 840 or (08) 8553 1185                    in the Geographe 1803’. The original stone is          B9, Corner of Thomas Willson Street & North
                                                      now housed at the Gateway Visitor Information          Terrace, Penneshaw
Join a selection of Kangaroo Island’s top food
                                                      Centre, Penneshaw and a replica can be viewed
producers at the Penneshaw Farmers Market.
                                                      under the white dome situated next to the Hog          Daily 10.00am-5.00pm
Purchase a range of fresh local produce from the
                                                      Bay Beach.                                             Ph: (08) 8553 1333
very people who grow, farm or make it. Tastings,
breakfast, coffee and a great village atmosphere      Penneshaw Maritime & Folk Museum                       Dudley Wines Cellar Door and Café is located
are all on offer... be sure to make a morning out     B9, Howard Drive, Penneshaw (opposite school)          at the gateway to Kangaroo Island in the
of it.                                                                                                       picturesque township of Penneshaw. Enjoy
                                                      3.00pm – 5.00pm Wednesday to Sunday
                                                                                                             a glass of fine Dudley wine (nine varieties
                                                      (September to May inclusive) and by
                                                                                                             available) or a coffee, sit back and take in the
Catering                                              appointment.
                                                                                                             spectacular sea views over Backstairs Passage
2 Birds & A Squid                                     Ph: (08) 8553 1109, (08) 8553 1070 or (08)             towards the Fleurieu Peninsula. Treat yourself
B9, Pick up from Penneshaw or Kingscote               8553 1510                                              to a gourmet lunch from the innovative chef-
                                                                                                             designed menu that has a strong emphasis
Available October - April. Prior booking essential.   Formerly the Penneshaw (Hog Bay) School, the
                                                                                                             on local Kangaroo Island and South Australian
                                                      museum is opposite the current Penneshaw
Ph: (08) 8553 7406 or 0439 803 843                                                                           produce, most of which can be purchase right at
                                                      School. In addition to a fine collection of items
                                                                                                             the cellar door.
                                                      relating to the history of the Dudley Peninsula, a

                                                                                                                                 DuDlEy PENINSulA
False Cape Wines (Page 35)                           Fun Activities                                         exfoliations and day spa packages. In the gift
B9, Sorrento’s Restaurant, North Terrace,                                                                   shop you will find everything from candles
                                                     Wallaby Bob’s Night Fishing Tours                      to jewellery to clothing to creations made on
                                                     B9, Tours Depart Baudin Beach, Areas toured
                                                                                                            Kangaroo Island… and everything in between.
Daily from 6.00pm.                                   are within Eastern Cove

Ph: (08) 8553 1028 (Sorrento’s) or (08) 8537         Nightly by Appointment Mid-November to April
3017 (Winery)                                        (subject to weather and tides)                         Walks
                                                                                                            Ironstone Hill Hike
False Cape established their vineyard on the         Ph: (08) 8553 1032
Dudley Peninsula in 1999 and have been                                                                      B9, Baudin Conservation Park
                                                     For something really different, join ‘Wallaby
consistently producing quality whites and reds                                                              This 4km hike follows the coast east of
                                                     Bob’, an ex-professional fisherman, on a guided
ever since. Although widely available around the                                                            Penneshaw along a section of the original
                                                     shore-based fishing tour exploring the sandy
Island, False Cape has their home at Sorrento’s                                                             bullock track to Cape Willoughby. After climbing
                                                     beaches and small reefs around Eastern Cove.
Restaurant at the KI Seafront Resort. Enjoy a                                                               through regenerating sheoak vegetation, the
                                                     Wade in the shallows, learn about the different
pre-dinner tasting of the False Cape range and                                                              hike leads to the ruins of Harry Bates’ cottage
                                                     marine life and try your luck fishing for a range of
find the perfect bottle to compliment your dinner                                                           and a stone threshing floor on Ironstone Hill. The
                                                     species. Tours are designed for small groups of
in the restaurant.                                                                                          farming heritage of the area is interpreted on
                                                     up to four people.
                                                                                                            signs along the hike.
Sunset Winery (Page 36)
                                                     Penneshaw Penguin Centre (Page 35)
B9, Hog Bay Road, 6km from Penneshaw                                                                        Penneshaw Historic Walk
                                                     B9, Lloyd Collins Reserve, 300m right of Sealink
Daily 11.00am-5.00pm.                                Ferry Terminal, Penneshaw                              B9
                                                                                                            A stroll around Penneshaw will give you a
Ph: (08) 8553 1378                                   Tour Times: Tours 7.30pm and 8.30pm April.
                                                                                                            real appreciation for the town’s heritage.
                                                     Tours 6.30pm, 7.30pm and 8.30pm May to
Ideally located on the main road, just 6kms west                                                            Interpretative signage is dotted around the
                                                     September. Tours 8.30pm and 9.30pm October
of Penneshaw, Sunset offers visitors stunning                                                               streets pointing out some of the key sites.
                                                     to March. Closed 1-21 February 2011.
elevated 180-degree sea views of Eastern Cove                                                               Alternatively, a detailed self-guided Penneshaw
and beyond. Enjoy a complimentary wine tasting       Ph: (08) 8553 1103                                     walking book is available for purchase from the
or relax on the outdoor deck with a glass of wine                                                           Gateway Visitor Information Centre.
                                                     Ever wondered where Little Penguins go at
and a savoury platter featuring local and regional
                                                     night? Join an informative nightly tour to see
produce. Coffee and muffins are available for
                                                     these unique birds up close in their habitat.          Beaches & Coast
purchase, as is a range of local produce and art.
                                                     Lasting approximately 45 minutes, tours include
                                                                                                            Antechamber Bay − Chapman River
                                                     entrance to the interpretive centre and viewing
Art Galleries                                        platform walks. Bookings are not required.             B10
                                                                                                            You could easily spend a day relaxing at
KI Artworks Gallery (Page 35)                        East Island Scenic Tours
                                                                                                            Antechamber Bay and Chapman River. The
B9, Bessell Drive, Baudin Beach                      B9, Operating out of Penneshaw
                                                                                                            area is full of tracks leading through bush land,
Friday to Tuesday 10.00am-4.00pm. Extended           Tours conducted by appointment all year.               sand-hills and lagoons, and is a favourite spot
hours during holidays and by appointment.                                                                   for canoeists and campers. Chapman River is a
                                                     Ph: 0429 692 909
                                                                                                            wonderful place to spend a day and a great place
Ph: (08) 8553 1381                                   Allow an experienced guide to show you the             for children to play in the shallow waters of the
This exciting gallery, only 10 minutes from          eastern end of Kangaroo Island. Go at your             river mouth. A stroll on the long, sandy beach
Penneshaw, and home to the ‘Octopus’s                pace as you have a relaxing look at the beautiful      will reveal the splendor of Antechamber Bay, and
Garden’ limestone sculpture, features a diversity    beaches, spectacular vistas and historical             more often than not, you’ll have the beach to
of media by Kangaroo Island’s talented artists.      locations that are often bypassed by visitors.         yourself. Swimming, picnic areas, camping and
Original works of art as well as many small gift     You’ll be stopping at some of the Island’s most        toilets are available.
items are for sale, displayed in an exhibition       photogenic locations, places of interest and at
space where you can often see artists at work.       local producers. Specialty tours, wine tasting and     Baudin Beach
                                                     nocturnal tours can be arranged by appointment.        E9
M.B. Stonor Art Glass
C8, Hog Bay Road, Pelican Lagoon                                                                            This small community of approximately 50

                                                     Health and Wellbeing                                   residents is actively preserving the local area for
10.00am-4.00pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday.                                                                 the enjoyment of all. Next to the boat ramp is an
Closed June & July.                                  The Island Temple (Page 35)                            interesting copper sculpture celebrating Mary
                                                     B9, Natt Thomas Street, Penneshaw                      Beckwith, the first recorded European woman
Ph: (08) 8553 7383
                                                                                                            to set foot on South Australian soil. East of the
An art glass studio run by Bernard Stonor.           9.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday, Long
                                                                                                            town you will find a staircase to the Deep Creek
Specialising in superb one off pieces including      Weekends, SA School holidays and Penneshaw
                                                                                                            Mouth, while to the west of the township follow
marbles, scent bottles, sculptural pieces,           Farmers Market 9.00am to 2.00pm
                                                                                                            the board walk to a sheltered beach, perfect for
jewellery and beads. Each piece is individually      Ph: (08) 8553 1222                                     watching the sunset. Facilities include a boat
made by Bernard Stonor on Kangaroo Island.                                                                  ramp, viewing platform, cliff-top walking path
                                                     Ease away the days stresses and strains and
                                                     bring your body and mind back into balance with        and public toilet.

                                                     your choice of massage, facials, body wraps,

Brown Beach
A sheltered and easily accessible beach suitable
for families with children. Great for swimming,
snorkeling, wading in the shallows or fossicking
for shells on the beach. Camping facilities, picnic
area and public toilets are available.

Hog Bay Beach, Penneshaw
Clean sand, safe swimming and views across
Backstairs Passage to the mainland make Hog
Bay the ideal holiday beach for all ages.
The Lloyd Collins Reserve provides toilets,
electric barbecue and picnic facilities, and being
in Penneshaw, you’re not too far away from the
ice cream shop!

Island Beach
Known locally as Millionaires’ Row for its
fabulous real estate, Island Beach is the
quintessential beach holiday location. Fringed
by dense bush land, the sandy beach stretches
almost as far as the eye can see and provides
very safe swimming. A walk along the coast
towards American River has plenty of bird
watching opportunities. Boats can be launched
from the beach.


  Be a part of the adventure!
  • In Penneshaw, 100m from the ferry terminal
  • Budget Accommodation
  • Short walk to shops, beach, penguin tours,
    Penneshaw Hotel & Sealink Tours Office
  • Spacious games room, TV/DVD
  • Kitchen & BBQ facilities
  • Air conditioned Single, Twin & Dorm rooms
  North Tce, Penneshaw (behind Pizza & Fish Shops)
  Ph: (08) 8553 1042 Fax: (08) 8553 1265

                                                                                                                                    DuDlEy PENINSulA



False Cape’s outstanding selection of wines are
                                                                penguin Centre
available for tastings at Sorrento’s @ KI Seafront Resort                                            •	 Discover wild penguins
overlooking the ocean at Penneshaw, during restaurant                                                •		Learn amazing facts
opening hours.
This award winning range of wines are also available at
                                                                                                     •		Experience magnificent stars,
restaurants and fine wine stores on Kangaroo Island.                                                    wallabies & more
Sorrento’s @ KI Seafront
North Terrace Penneshaw                                                                              Lloyd Collins Reserve, Penneshaw
Ph: (08) 8553 1028                                                                                   (300m right of the Sealink ferry terminal)
Enquiries: (08) 8537 3017
                                                                                                     •	Penguin	Discovery	Centre	
                                                                                                     •	Guided	nocturnal	walks	
                                                                                                     •	Little	penguin	shop
                                                                                                     •	8.30	&	9.30pm	–	Oct	to	Mar	inc*
                                                                                                     •	7.30	&	8.30pm	–	Apr	to	Sep	inc
                                                                                                     •	6.30,	7.30	&	8.30pm	–	May	to	Sep

                                                                                                     Phone     (08) 8553 1103

                                                                                                     *Closed Dec 25 and from the 1 Feb – 21 Feb incl each year
Works by Artists Collective KI Inc
Wide selection of paintings, photos and prints,                                                                                              …it’s all about you
jewellery, pottery, cards and other tempting treasures!
Bessell Drive, Baudin Beach
(10km from Penneshaw)                                             MASSAGE & BEAUTY Ease away the day’s stresses and strains
                                                            and bring your body and mind back into balance with your choice of
Gallery open Friday through Tuesday                                            a	massage,	facial,	body	wrap,	day	spa	packages.
10am – 4pm                                                    GIFT SHOP From candles to clothing to jewellry to creations made
Extended hours in holidays.                                                   on	Kangaroo	Island…	and	everything	in	between
Ph: (08) 8553 1381                                                               Lot 2, Nat Thomas St. Penneshaw SA 5222
Email:                        Phone: (08) 8553 1222 Email:

Corner North Tce overlooking the Sea
•	 Historic	completely	renovated	Hotel	with	seaviews	to		
   the	mainland
•	 A	la	carte	Dining	Room,	Lounge	Bar	with	Coffee	Corner,		
   Front	Bar	and	Pool	Room
•	 New	Beer	Garden	offering	alfresco	dining
•	 Menu	features	local	seafood	and	Island	produce
•	 Penneshaw	Cellars	Bottleshop	with	local	KI	wines
•	 Takeaway	Food	Shop	including	Souvenirs	and	Local	Produce
•	 X-Lotto	and	ATM	Facilities

Ph: (08) 8553 1042
F: (08) 8553 1265

                    Kang a r o o      I s l a n d
                                                     Visit our Cellar door for Tastings, Sales and Lunch Platters.
                                                     Open Daily 11am - 5pm
                                                     >	Complimentary	tasting	of	our	7	premium	wines.
                                                     >	Savoury	platter	featuring	KI	produce.
                                                     >	Coffee	and	Muffins.
                                                     >	Wine	Sales,	Mail	Order,	Local	Produce	Sales.
                                                     	 Sunset...Share	the	award	winning	experience...

                                                         Main Penneshaw to Kingscote Road,
                                                              6km west of Penneshaw
                                                                    PO Box 133
                                                                South Australia 5222
                                                               Phone +61 8 8553 1378

                                                                                                                                     DuDlEy PENINSulA


                                                                                                                      CHAPMAN RIVER WINES
                                                                                                                      KANGAROO ISLAND

Located 9kms from Penneshaw &                               A fully equipped beach home commanding views
ferry. Quiet seaside community.                             from large balcony.
•	Popular	fishing	area	•	Nature	coastal	walks	              •	I	min	walk	to	beach		     •	4	bedrooms,	2	bathrooms	
•	Short	walk	to	beach,	boat	ramp	&	jetty.	                  •	R/C	airconditioning		     •	linen	supplied
•	Bright,	cosy	self-contained	accommodation                 •	TV/DVD/CD
	-	1	cottage,	sleeps	5	(Queen/Double	&	Single)	R/C	A/C
                                                            •	RAA	★★★★
	-	2	units	-	2	bedroom,	sleeps	4,	R/C	A/C
•	Covered	outdoor	area	with	seating	&	gas	BBQ.
Don & Maree Lade                                            Bookings
Ph/Fax: (08) 8553 1442 Mob: 0417 080 033                    Pegg Holt Mob: 0408 814 443
Email:                             Email:

KEPALS OF PENNESHAW                                         SEA DRAGON LODGE

Modern & delightful 3-bedroom home
with stunning ocean views.
•	Fully-self	contained,	R/C	air-con,	sleeps	6
•	Spacious	verandah,	outdoor	dining,	BBQ
                                                            Luxury Kangaroo Island Lodge
                                                            Warm, welcoming luxury accommodation in a
                                                            spectacular natural setting. Three stylish suites - all
                                                            with balcony access and stunning beach & ocean views.
•	Fully-equipped	kitchen,	dishwasher,	microwave
                                                            •	Top	local	food	&	wines	     •	Wildlife	galore           CABERNET I SHIRAZ I MERLOT I ROSE
•	Large	screen	TV,	DVD,	CD	player
                                                            •	Personalised	KI	tours	      •	250	acres	of	solitude
•	Ideal	location,	close	to	all	conveniences
                                                            •	Secluded	sandy	beach        •	4.5	Star	Accommodation
•	$140	per	night	(for	2).	Stay	6,	7th	night	free
✩✩✩✩ 132 Flinders Terrace, Penneshaw                        Ph: +61 (0)8 8553 1449                                    By the glass, bottle and box
Mob: 0417 806 758, E:             email:

                                                                                                                      CHAPMAN RIVER
KING GEORGE RETREAT                                         PENTELOWS                                                 CELLAR DOOR
                                                                                                                      Wine I Food Platters of Local Produce
                                                                                                                      Espresso Coffee & Cake

                                                                                                                      Private Functions and Celebrations welcome.
                                                                                                                      Coaches by appointment please.

                                                                                                                      OPEN 11 - 4.30 THURSDAYS TO MONDAYS
Baudin Beach                                                                                                          (Closed Tuesdays - Wednesdays)
3 Bedroom,2 Bathroom fully self contained holiday           Beach-front home on                                       Winter closure July and August
home. Sleeps up to 10. All linen provided. 2 Queen size     pristine Island Beach.
beds in each of 2 bedrooms and 2 sets of double bunks
                                                            Contemporary, spacious living and deck areas, all with    Off the Cape Willoughby Road at Antechamber Bay.
in the third bedroom,sofa bed if required in lounge area.
r/c aircon TV,DVD,CD,Pool table. Large Balcony with
                                                            stunning views of the serene beach and bushland.          Just follow the signs from Chapman River East.
BBQ, covered fish cleaning area. Property is fully          House accommodates 10. 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.           P 08 8553 1371
fenced and pets are welcome outside. 100mtrs to beach       Visit our website for more information and photographs.   E
and boat ramp.                                              Mob: 0418 847 498                                         Check us out at;
Bookings - Arthur Ralph - Mob: 0419 859 988                 Email:                               and                       


                                     If you’re coming to
                                     Kangaroo Island,
                                     you need to speak with us
                                     •	Kangaroo	Island’s	only	fully	accredited	Visitor	Information	Centre
                                     •	Full	range	of	brochures,	information	on	local	attractions,	maps		
                                       and	other	South	Australian	information
                                     •	Good	quality	souvenirs,	local	produce,	books,	clothing	and	local	artwork
                                     •	Free	accommodation	booking	service
                                     •	Internet	access
                                     •	Freshly	ground	coffee	and	cool	drinks
                                     Monday	to	Friday	9	–	5pm
                                     Saturday,	Sunday	&	Public	Holidays	10	–		4pm
                                     Closed	Christmas	Day
                                     Phone:	+61	8	8553	1185
                                     Fax:	+	61	8	8553	1255
                                     Free	Call:	1800	811	080
                                     Howard	Street,	Penneshaw		
                                     (opposite	Christmas	Cove	on	the	way	out	of	Penneshaw)

                                                                                                                                       DuDlEy PENINSulA

ALCHEMY ON ISLAND BEACH                               ISLAND BEACH COTTAGES                                      ADAGIO BED & BREAKFAST
                                                                                                                 ISLAND BEACH

                                                      A beautiful long sandy beach is only a few minutes walk
• Absolute Beachfront.     • Wraparound Deck.                                                                     Where the bush meets the beach
• 50 steps to beach.       • Q/size Beds & Ensuite.   from your door. Ideal for family groups.
                                                                                                                  •	AAA	Tourism	HHHHI	 •	Romantic	getaway
• Stunning Views.          • DVD/CD/BBQ/DW.           • Two bedrooms                • Laundry
                                                                                                                  •	Stylish	luxury		     •	Swimming	and		
• Beautifully Furnished.   • Pristine Swimming        • Accomodates five            • Fish cleaning area,           hosted	B&B             beach	walks
• Modern Design.             Beach.                   • Spacious living area           bait fridge                •	Panoramic	Views      •	Birdlife	and	wildlife
• Tranquil Setting.        • Sleeps Six.              • Colour TV & DVD player • Three night minimum stay         •	Peaceful	surrounds
                                                      • RC airconditioner           • Linen optional
For booking information please call                   • Microwave & gas BBQ
                                                                                                                  Branka and Pierre Gregor
(08) 8272 2794 or 0400 001 619                        Phone Ricky and Wendy Hamood: 0437440604                    Phone: 08 8553 7222 or 0400 989 033
or email:                                               E-mail:                                              Web:

ISLAND BEACH ESCAPE                                   LANTAUANAN - THE LOOKOUT                                  THE HAVEN AT ISLAND BEACH

Modern family home nestled in a native bush setting   Comfort, peace, tranquility                               The	Haven	at	Island	Beach	is	a	comprehensively	
with elevated sea views from a spacious deck.         Island Beach HHHH AAA Tourism                             equipped	modern	home,	nestled	amid	dunes	just	
                                                      An executive’s hide-away...only 15km from ferry.          200m from the shore.
• Comfortably accommodates 10
• Stunning panoramic views                            •	Perched	atop a sand dune, 2 bedroom house               You	deserve	to	reward	yourself.	Just	relax	and	rejuvenate.
• Prime beachfront position                           •	Six	people	can	be	accommodated                          •	Accommodates	ten	•	4	bedrooms,	en-suite	to	main
• Safe swimming beach                                 •	Restaurant/Dining	only	15	mins	away                     •	Linen	and	towelling	inc	•	3	toilets,	2	showers
Head to our website for more photos and information   •	Convenient	location	to	explore	Kangaroo	Island          •	Reverse	cycle	air-cond	•	Fully	appointed	kitchen
mob: 0411 119 601
                                                                       Contact: Celestina Whittle Mob: 0429 414 912 Email:

dune – ISLAND BEACH                                     SAAR BEACH HOUSE AT ISLAND BEACH                             PENGUINS HIDEOUT

Brand new, modern luxury                                • Beautifully appointed luxury seaside home                  A blend of colonial charm.
seaside home.                                           • Sleeps two families in comfort. • 4 Bedrooms               This hand structured limestone guesthouse combines
                                                        • Ensuite to main • Full laundry facilities                  an eco-friendly, property with modern conveniences in
Dune has sweeping sea views from its spacious deck.                                                                  natural surroundings. Situated on 165 acres of native
                                                        • R/C air conditioning • Sweeping decks, fantastic           bushland and pasture with approximately 2kms of north
It is within walking distance to the beach. The house
                                                        views • Colour TV, video, microwave • Gas BBQ                facing coastal frontage. Penguin’s Hideout Bed and
accommodates nine people, and has 4 bedrooms and 2                                                                   Breakfast guarantees seclusion and serenity.
                                                        & Weber • Bait fridge, fish-cleaning area
bathrooms.                                                                                                           • Beach Location • TV/CD/DVD • BBQ • Heating
                                                        Further information and bookings                             • Linen included • Non-smoking • High chair and cot
                                                        please contact Sulev and Adrienne Suursaar.                  • Al Fresco Dining available        (available on request)
                                                        Ph: (08) 8370 7119                                           Minimum 2 night stay.
Mobile: 0407 618 388 or 0418 828 265                    Email:                       Ph: +61 8 8553 1547
E-mail:                                                 Email:

THE FIG TREE B&B                                        THE FIG TREE LIBRARY                                         SEA WATCH

Comfortable well appointed accommodation, designed      Fully self-contained with its own private entry.
for couples who value privacy. Each unit has its own    The Fig Tree Library is designed for those seeking           Baudin Beach is just 9kms from Penneshaw • Quiet beach
entrance, bedroom and dining/lounge area, bathroom      more spacious accommodation.                                 & local walks to enjoy • Great views from deck • Adj to
and patio.                                              The Fig Tree Library consists of bedroom, bathroom and       beach & boat ramp • 3 brs & 2 sofa beds • Sleeps 6-8
Guest kitchen and enclosed BBQ area.                    open plan living (with fold out divan bed), dining, and      • Gas bbq on deck • Colour TVs/CD/DVD player
                                                        kitchen area, and of course over 1,000 books.                • Games Room with table tennis, darts, computer games
                                                                                                                     etc • Quilts & pillows provided • Combustion heater
The Fig Tree B&B and Library                            Booking and enquiries to
Quality Hosted Accommodation                            Chris or Allen Guthleben                                     • New kitchen & laundry facilities • Air Conditioning
107 Leander Avenue                                      Ph: (08) 8553 1326 Fax: (08) 8553 1356                       $110/night for two. $10/night for each extra person.
Baudin Beach (near Penneshaw)              AAA Rating   Email:                             Enquiries and bookings: Jo or Steve Sellers
Kangaroo Island SA 5222                                 Book direct from our website                                 Ph: (08) 8294 5023 or 0408 832 840
In the the sea                                                           Email:

THE LOOKOUT BED AND BREAKFAST                           THE ROOKERY AT CHRISTMAS COVE                                THE HIDEAWAY

                                                        •	Stylish,	new	&	private	B&B	for	2	with	absolute	ocean	
Kangaroo Island in style                                                                                             Relax in your very own seafront
                                                          frontage AAA	Rating	
• Beautifully appointed 2 bedroom apartment             •	Own	entrance,	parking	&	deck	with	BBQ
                                                                                                                     hideaway, perfect for couples,
  accommodating up to 4 people                          •	Luxury	fittings,	air	conditioning,	breakfast	provisions	   friends and families
• Private and exclusive rural retreat                                                                                • Sleeps 6 guests in 3 bedrooms
                                                          and	linen	included	
• Panoramic ocean views across to the mainland                                                                       • Fully self contained
• Set in magnificent landscaped gardens                 •	Walking	distance	to	nocturnal	penguin	tour,	ferry,	        • All linen provided
• 10 kms from Penneshaw and the ferry terminal            beach,	shops,	pubs	and	cafés                               • Reasonable rates
• Meals by arrangement                                  Bookings                                                     • Spectacular views
Contact 08 8553 1048                                    Ph: (08) 8553 1263 / Mob: 0428 376 891                       Ph/Fax: (08) 8553 1230
email:                         Email:                            Email:

                                                                                                                             DuDlEy PENINSulA


Caravan & camping at Penneshaw
An excellent base for for your KI holiday, over looking
beautiful Hog Bay beach.
•	Powered	and	unpowered	camp	sites
                                                           What makes                                      Experience the warmth of this family
                                                                                                           operated Resort; we will ensure
•	Location	Just	200m	from	the	Sealink	Ferry	terminal
•	Shady	grassed	sites
                                                           Kangaroo Island                                 your stay on Kangaroo Island an
                                                                                                           unforgettable one.
•	Fully	serviced	amenities
•	Covered	barbecue	areas                                   Seafront Resort                                 Sorrento’s Restaurant- is chic
•	50m	to	beautiful,	safe,	sandy	beach                                                                      yet casually inviting, with cool
•	Centrally	located                                        perfect for                                     Mediterranean colours combined with
                                                                                                           magnificent uninterrupted ocean views,
•	Great	fishing
•	Plenty	of	wildlife
•	 Brighton	Beach	Huts	Coming	Soon!
                                                           an Island Holiday??                             and you might be lucky enough to see
                                                                                                           visits from our
Bookings and enquires                                                                                      little Penguin friends
Ph/Fax: 088553 1075                                                                                        as you dine with us.
Po Box 352 Penneshaw SA 5222                                                                               Executive Head Chef
email:                                                                       creates wonderful
                                                                                                           regional dishes,
                                                                                                           and let our Matire’D
SEAVIEW LODGE                     AAA RATED HHHHI                                                          pamper you with a
                                                                                                           great selection of wines
                                                           First off it’s location, location, location….   including KI Wines.
                                                           Only 300 metres from the Sealink
                                                           Ferry terminal.
                                                                                                           When holidaying on KI
                                                           Penneshaw is the gateway to one of
                                                                                                           Sorrento’s is the dining
                                                           the most beautiful and magnificent              experience you will not
                                                           wilderness destinations in the world            want to miss.
                                                           and home to the “LITTLE PENGUINS”
This charming 1890’s guesthouse has magnificent sea
                                                           The Kangaroo Island Seafront Resort is
views and cottage gardens. 5 guestrooms with ensuites                                                      49 NORTH TERRACE PENNESHAW
& R/C A/C, 4 rooms with QSB, 2 with 4 poster beds,         a unique property of only 25 rooms, the
                                                                                                           KANGAROO ISLAND
1 with twin beds. Cooked breakfast. Short walk to hotels   property offers 4 Star Oceanview rooms,
                                                                                                           SOUTH AUSTRALIA 5222
and cafes. 1km from Penneshaw ferry & nightly penguin      4 Star Garden Villa, 4 Star Heritage
walk. Ferry transfers. Barbara Ewens lives on premises                                                     T: +61 8 8553 1028
                                                           rooms and 2.5 Star Family Cottages.
to ensure your stay is a truly memorable experience.                                                       F: +61 8 85531204
                                                           Including Swimming Pool, Spa, Sauna,            E:
Willoughby Road, Penneshaw SA 5222                         Half Tennis Court and Mini Golf.      
Ph: (08) 8553 1132 Fax: (08) 8553 1183

Cape Willoughby Lightstation

CAPEVIEW COTTAGE                                          WHYNUNGA HOLIDAY COTTAGE                                ECO-STYLE CABINS & PRIVATE CAMPING

Absolute beachfront at Penneshaw                          Penneshaw                                               Nestled between Chapman River & Antechamber Bay
Location, style, comfort HHHH. Only 10 metres from        Overlooking Penneshaw Beach.                            • Secluded eco-accommodation 19km from Penneshaw
the beach, Capeview Cottage is ideal for a relaxing and                                                           • Private access to spectacular beach • 2 cabins
                                                          2 bedroom, fully furnished with colour TV, microwave.
comfortable holiday.                                                                                              sleeping 6-8 people • Shared unique eco-amenities
                                                          Will accommodate 6 persons.
                                                                                                                  • Private camping & shelter • Solar power, solar hot
• Quality 3-bedroom holiday home                          Linen available on request
                                                                                                                  water & waterless toilets • Kayak, fishing gear, linen hire
• Fully self-contained • All modern amenities                                                                     • Fishing, wildlife, bird watching, kayaking, family fun
• Up to 6 guests • linen provided                                                                                 or simply relax! • Group bookings welcome!
Ph/Fax: (08) 8553 1087                                                                                            Ph/Fax: (08) 8553 1557
Email:                                                                               Email:                                Ph: (08) 8553 1038                            

                                                                                                                                            DuDlEy PENINSulA

KANGAROO ISLAND YHA                                      CURRAWONG ISLAND HOLIDAY

Kangaroo Island YHA hostel overlooks beautiful Hog Bay
                                                         South Terrace, Penneshaw                                    •	4	bedrooms	/	2	toilets    •	Spectacular	sea	views
in the town of Penneshaw. The hostel has a garden with
                                                         Luxurious, modern, architect designed holiday home,         •	Undercover	parking	for	   •	Large	entertaining	deck		
sea views, on-site laundry, light airy rooms, friendly
                                                         sleeps 10. Huge living area, magnificent sea views, close     car and boat              •	Outdoor	dining	
staff, two-minute walk to beach and ferry.
                                                         to beach & bushland. AAAT HHHH                              •	Disabled	facilities       •	Fish	cleaning	facilities
An abundance of wildlife, with penguins often seen in
                                                         Modern kitchen with dishwasher, luxurious bathroom          •	TV/DVD/CD                 •	Separate	catch	&	bait	
the hostel garden.
                                                         with spa bath.                                              •	R/C	Air	conditioner         chest	freezer
33 Middle Terrace, Penneshaw 5222
                                                                                                                     •	S/C	Heater                •	Pet	friendly
Phone: (+618) 8553 1344 Fax: (+618) 8553 1278            ANNIE & DAVID COOPER                                           Ph: 0418 804 779                                            •	Gas	hooded	BBQ            •	Full	laundry	facilities
Email:                       Email:                                  •	Telephone                 •	Bush	garden
Reception: 9.00am to 12pm & 5.30pm to 7.30pm                                        •	Linen	available

                                                              Stay 7 Nights,
                                                                      Pay 6
                                                                      Rates from
                                                              $130 p/Night

   39 South Terrace                         Ph1: 0410 660 963
   Penneshaw, Kangaroo Island
   South Australia, 5222                    Ph2: (08) 9733 2145
    • 2 Bedrooms Sleeps 6
    • Magnificent Ocean Views to the Mainland • 4 Mins From The Ferry Terminal • Close to Shops, Restaurants & Penguin Tours
    • LCD TV/CD/DVD Player • Fully Equipped Modern Kitchen • Washing Machine / Clothes Dryer • Iron / Ironing Board
    • Open Log Fire • Claw Foot Bath • Hair Dryer • Reverse Cycle Airconditioning • Gas BBQ / Outdoor Furniture
    • Boat Parking • Visiting Wildlife • Quality Linen / Electric Blankets • Cot / High Chair Available


Incorporating Nepean Bay, Pelican                      Where to Eat                                       - Ryberg Road, American River
Lagoon, Pennington Bay, Prospect Hill,                                                                  • Tangara Drive, near tennis courts.
                                                       • Reflections Restaurant @ All Seasons
Western Cove                                             Kangaroo Island Lodge – Scenic Drive,          Internet Services
                                                         American River 1800 355 581 (Page 47)
                                                                                                        • American River Post Office – Ryberg Rd,
American River is a quiet, friendly fishing village    • Ulonga Café – Scenic Drive, American River       American River (08) 8553 7020
nestled on a hillside in native bushland, and            (08) 8553 7010 (Page 48)
                                                                                                        • All Seasons Kangaroo Island Lodge – Scenic
home to some 250 people, as well as countless          • Wanderers Rest American River – Bayview          Drive, American River 1800 355 581
Tammar Wallabies – an interesting little town            Road, American River (08) 8553 7140              (Page 47)
with its own story to tell.                              (Page 49)
                                                                                                        BBQ Facilities
But it is neither American, nor does it have           • American River Community Club (‘The Shed’)
a river. It’s named after a group of American                                                           • American River Foreshore – Tangara Drive
                                                         – Tangara Drive, American River
sealers who landed here in 1803 and camped               (08) 8553 7288                                 Playgrounds
alongside a narrow inlet from the sea – at the
time mistaken for a river.                             Shops                                            • American River Foreshore – Tangara Drive

American River is a bird-watching paradise and         • American River General Store – Scenic Drive,   Public Toilets
a great place to savour some of the fruits of the        American River (08) 8553 7051
                                                                                                        • American River Campground – Tangara Drive
sea – not least, a dozen of the finest oysters,        Bottle Shops                                     • American River Hall – Corner Ryberg Rd and
best enjoyed on the wharf overlooking Pelican
                                                       • American River General Store – Scenic Drive,     Wattle Avenue
                                                         American River (08) 8553 7051
Out of the village, follow the coast via Nepean                                                         Public Showers
Bay to take in some spectacular views to the           Banks / ATMs                                     • American River Campground – Tangara Drive
mainland and around to Kingscote – a drive well        • American River Post Office – Agency for
                                                                                                        Boat Ramps
worth doing. Alternatively, head back towards            Commonwealth Bank (passbook accounts
the Dudley Peninsula and climb to the top of             only) – Ryberg Road, American River            • 100m south of the American River Wharf
Prospect Hill. The 512 steps may seem daunting,          (08) 8553 7020                                 • Western Cove (Beach Launching) – Min-Oil
but it’s worth the effort and will give you an         • American River General Store: ATM and            Road
appreciation for the lay of the land on this special     Agency for Bank SA – Scenic Drive, American    Campground
part of the Island.                                      River (08) 8553 7051
                                                                                                        • Tangara Drive.
                                                       Post Office
QUICK FIND GUIDE                                       • American River Post Office                     Attractions
                                                         – Ryberg Road, American River
Services and Facilities                                                                                 Wildlife
                                                         (08) 8553 7020
Please refer to individual business
                                                                                                        • Alkirna Nocturnal Tours – Departs American
advertisements for opening hours. Where                Fuel                                               River (08) 8553 7464 (Page 46)
applicable, page numbers are given in brackets.
                                                       • American River General Store – Scenic Drive,
                                                         American River (08) 8553 7051
                                                                                                        • Prospect Hill – Hog Bay Road
                                                       Public Phones
                                                       • American River Post Office

                                                                                                                                 AmERICAN RIVER

Fishing Charters                                    Wanderers Rest American River (Page 49)
• Cooinda Fishing and Diving – Departs              B8, Bayview Road, American River
  American River (08) 8553 1072                     Prior bookings essential to join in-house guests
• The Kings Fishing Charters – Departs              for dinner at 7.00pm.
  American River (08) 8553 7003
                                                    Ph: (08) 8553 7140
• Tory M Fishing Charters – Departs American
                                                    You are invited to join guests staying at this
  River (08) 8553 7041
                                                    small guest house for an evening of fine
Fun Activities                                      country cuisine in the relaxed ambience of
• Cruising Kangaroo Island (Kayak Tours)            the restaurant. Enjoy a menu headlined by the
                                                    best local produce, 180-degree sea views over
  0409 096 847 (Page 99)
                                                    American River and Pelican Lagoon, and good
Sports                                              old fashioned hospitality. Wanderer’s Rest suits
• Tennis Courts – Tangara Drive,                    those looking for a more intimate Kangaroo                           ASK A LOCAL…
  American River                                    Island dining experience.
                                                                                                                         WHAT I LOVE ABOUT
                                                    Reflections Restaurant @ All Seasons                                 AMERICAN RIVER
Where to Eat                                        Kangaroo Island Lodge (Page 47)                      American River is the ideal spot to live on the
                                                                                                         Island as there are bush birds, sea birds and
                                                    B8, Scenic Drive, American River
Ulonga Café (Page 48)                                                                                    migratory waders. When I’m bush walking I have
                                                                                                         trouble deciding whether to look up for birds or
B8, Scenic Drive, American River                    Daily for Breakfast and Dinner. Breakfast
                                                                                                         down for flowering orchids…
                                                    7:30am-9:00am; Dinner from 6:00pm. Lunch by
11.30am-4.00pm Wednesday to Sunday                                                                       But Pennington Bay is the place I love most…
                                                    prior arrangement.                                   long beach walks with the family on sunny days.
(October to May); Closed June to September.
                                                                                                         The first time I ever went there I couldn’t believe
Private functions by arrangement.                   Ph: 1800 355 581                                     the stunning colour of the water, the majesty of
                                                    Visit Reflections, the Lodge’s a la carte            the cliffs, and the sight of a Sea-lion surfing a
Ph: (08) 8553 7010                                                                                       giant wave.
                                                    restaurant for vine canopied alfresco dining in
                                                                                                         I never drive away from Pennington without
If you’re after lunch in a relaxed atmosphere,      summer or a romantic meal in winter. Enjoy           feeling refreshed in spirit and feeling honoured
with the option of dining inside or out, enjoying   pre-dinner drinks in the intimate fireside bar       to live here.
views towards Island Beach, then Ulonga Café        before selecting from the Chef’s seasonally          Jane Renwick, American River resident
is the perfect spot. The menu is simple, yet        changing menu featuring fresh Kangaroo Island
satisfying and good value for money. From           seafood, including American River Oysters and
Kangaroo Island King George Whiting to the          King George Whiting. The extensive wine list
perennial favourite – salt and pepper squid – the   showcases some of the finest Kangaroo Island
menu is sure to keep all the family satisfied.      and South Australian wines to enjoy with dinner.   View from Prospect Hill

Wildlife                                                Muston Wharf                                          Fishing Charters
Alkirna Nocturnal Tours                                 C8                                                    The sheltered waters around American River are
B8, Departs American River                              A little to the south of Independence Point,          home to some fantastic fishing grounds. The
                                                        you’ll find the remains of Muston Wharf. Here         best way to explore them is with a local who can
Tour Times: nightly by appointment.
                                                        you’ll see evidence of the only railway operated      take you in their boat to all the good spots to fish
Ph: (08) 8553 7464                                      on Kangaroo Island, once used to bring salt           for a variety of species. All operators have many
Experience Kangaroo Island at night with a              from Salt Lake near Flour Cask Bay for export         years experience fishing around Kangaroo Island
small group tour. Visit a Little Penguin colony         to the mainland. A range of mining and railway        and supply bait, tackle and all you need for a
and have the opportunity to see other nocturnal         remnants still exist there.                           great day fishing.
species at their most active, including Tammar                                                                • Contact Cooinda Fishing (08) 8553 1072
                                                        American River Interpretive Signage
Wallabies, Brush-tailed Possums and Kangaroo                                                                  • The Kings Fishing Charters (08) 8553 7003
Island Kangaroos. Marvel at the clear night skies       Interested in learning more about the history
                                                        of American River? Look for interpretive signs        • Tory M Fishing Charters (08) 8553 7041
free from artificial light or pollution. Tours depart
from American River and last approximately two          located at the American River wharf, adjacent to
hours.                                                  the CFS shed on Tangara Drive, along the Scenic       Walks
                                                        walkway, Muston Hill Lookout and at the old
Birdwatching                                                                                                  Beyeria Walk
                                                        Muston Jetty site.
American River is home to a flock of endangered                                                               B7, Willsons Road
Glossy Black Cockatoos. These can often be
                                                        Coast & Beaches                                       This walk is a delightful short stroll through
seen towards the north end of town, between
                                                                                                              Kangaroo Island narrow-leaved mallee with
the General Store and the Post Office. Other
                                                        Pennington Bay                                        broombush understorey. Beyeria Conservation
species of bird include Cape Barren Geese,
                                                        C8                                                    Park was named after the endemic turpentine
various types of parrot and the ever-graceful
                                                        Just 2km off the main Hog Bay Road you                bush, Beyeria subtecta. The walk has 20
pelican (the area was named by Nicholas Baudin
                                                        will find spectacular Pennington Bay – a              interpretive signs along the way, highlighting
in 1803 as ‘Port des Pelikans’). The morning and
                                                        photographer’s dream, a superb surf beach             ‘The many faces of mallee scrub’.
evening pelican fly-pasts are not to be missed
                                                        and a popular place for fishing and swimming.         Independence Trail
                                                        But as with all South Coast beaches, care must
Heritage                                                                                                      B8, Tangara Drive, American River
                                                        be taken, as Pennington Bay can, at times, be
                                                        dangerous for even experienced swimmers and           This walk follows the foreshore area between
Prospect Hill
                                                        surfers. In rough weather, the southerly winds        the southern end of the town and
C8, Hog Bay Road.                                                                                             Independence Point. It was here in 1803 that
                                                        blow at gale force, causing huge waves that can
Open access.                                            be heard at American River, 9km away.                 a group of American sealers built a boat using
Feeling energetic? Prospect Hill is the highest                                                               native timbers. The return walk takes a little over
                                                        Red Banks                                             an hour.
point in the area, and well worth a climb. First
climbed by Captain Matthew Flinders, the top            B8
                                                                                                              Fish Cannery Walk
of the hill was used by the famous explorer to          One of Kangaroo Island’s best-kept secrets,
                                                                                                              B8, Lierich Drive, American River
survey the Island. There are 512 steps leading to       Red Banks is a stretch of interesting, coloured
a rewarding view over American River, Pelican           cliffs just five minutes north of American River.     Departing from the northern side of the town,
Lagoon, the Southern Ocean and Pennington               Take in the views of the bay from atop of the         this walk takes you on a fascinating coastal trail
Bay. On a clear day, you can even see Mount             cliffs, walk along the beach, or better still, view   to the Historic Fish Cannery. During the walk,
Lofty in the Adelaide Hills.                            it all from a boat in Western Cove. Watching the      keep an eye out for bird life, a variety of coastal
                                                        sunset on the cliffs is a special experience. Note:   vegetation and dolphins swimming in the cove.
                                                        infrastructure at Red Banks is minimal so please      The walk takes about 1.5 hours; a guide is
                                                        take care, follow designated tracks and respect       available at American River shops.

American River Oyster Boat                              the environment.

                                                                                                                                 AmERICAN RIVER

                                                        ALL SEASONS
                                                        Island Lodge
Fun Activities
Cruising Kangaroo Island
B8, Based in American River, but operates
across KI. (See Page 99)
Tours operate August to May. Bookings
Ph: 0409 096 847
At Cruising Kangaroo Island we look forward
                                                      Unspoilt Island, Spoilt Guests
to providing you with an experience to be          All Seasons Kangaroo Island Lodge is sheltered in a small village overlooking
remembered. Our kayak tours focus on the           the bay at American River. The lodge has welcomed generations of holiday
beauty and abundant wildlife of our stunning       makers since 1892.
island. Cruising Kangaroo Island Kayak Tours
utilise very safe, stable and unsinkable kayaks.   •	 Peaceful,	protected	natural	setting	overlooking	   •	 Reflections,	one	of	the	islands	best	restaurants
                                                      spectacular	Eastern	Cove                           •	 Superbly	appointed	4 star rooms	with	sea	views
Our activities operate in sheltered waters
                                                   •	 Fantastic fishing,	walking,	bird	watching	         •	 Large	in	ground	saltwater	pool
making this a holiday experience everyone             (including	Glossy	Blacks)                          •	 Sauna	&	tennis	court
can enjoy.                                         •	 Nationally	accredited                              •	 A	diverse	nocturnal	population,	inc	wallabies
                                                   •	 Nocturnal	tours                                    •	 Tour desk	&	booking service	for	activities,	
                                                   •	 Friendly	staff	who	treat	you	like	family              hire	cars,	tours	as	well	as	on	booking
                                                   •	 Centrally located to	Penneshaw	&	Kingscote	

                                                             Scenic Drive (PO Box 285) American River SA 5221
                                                             T: 1800 355 581 [toll free] F: 61 8 8553 7030
                                                             E: W:

       Award winning Eco accommodation
       Situated on 50 acres
       Min stay 4 nights
       Mobile: 0409 980 378
                                                                                                                 B e a c h r e t r e at

                                                                                                                 B e a c h r e t r e at

                                                                                                   Perfect One Day, Wild the Next
                                                                                                         Pennington Bay, Kangaroo isl an d


                                                                                                   Perfect One Day, Wild the Next
                                                                                                         Pennington Bay, Kangaroo isl an d
SAAR RIVER HOUSE AT AMERICAN RIVER                          CASUARINA COASTAL UNITS                                      MATTHEW FLINDERS TERRACES

Beautifully appointed luxury self
contained house.
Sleeps two families in comfort.
•	4	Bedrooms	–	Sleeps	up	to	10
•	2	bathrooms	–	Ensuite	with	Alfresco	Spa	overlooking	
  Eastern	Cove
•	Fully	Self	–	Contained
•	Ducted	Reverse	Cycle	Air	Conditioning                     Ryberg Road, American River                                  Studio style apartment
•	TV’s	to	all	Bedrooms	and	Lounge                           	 •Fully	self-contained,	sleeping	4                          Newly upgraded self contained units that accommodate
•	DVD	player.                                                 •Boat	parking                                              3-4 people. Extensive seaviews across to Island Beach.
•	Fantastic	views	over	Eastern	Cove                           •BBQ,	playground                                           •	Private	deck	with	electric	BBQ
•	BBQ	on	Deck                                                 •Wildlife	at	your	door                                     •	Nestled	in	terraced	hillside
•	Secure	Parking                                              •DVD	in	all	units                                          •	Stylish	coastal	destination
Further information and bookings                              •Best	value	on	the	River
Sulev & Adrienne Suursaar                                                                                                Bayview Road, American River
Ph: (08) 8370 7119                                          Tel (08) 8553 7020                                           Mob: 0427 772 646
Email:                                                            Email: & follow links.                   Email:                             

                ULONGA HOUSE                                          ULONGA LODGE & CAFÉ                                         ISLAND COASTAL UNITS
             - AMERICAN RIVER -                                        - AMERICAN RIVER -                                           - AMERICAN RIVER -

 View from house                                           View from café                                              View from units

          ***                                                        ***                                                         ***
B&B or self contained water front accommodation,           Self-contained refurbished units by the water, 2 bedroom,   Affordable seafront accommodation.
airy three bedroom house with spectacular views over the   air conditioned holiday units with cool verandahs           Also new 2 bedroom air conditioned nature cabins.
bay and boat harbour. Wildlife at your doorstep.           overlooking beautiful Eastern Cove. (Breakfast available)   60 metres from water, peaceful quiet location.
For Bookings for Ulonga House                              For Bookings for Ulonga Lodge & Café                        For Bookings for Island Coastal Units
Ph: (08) 8553 7010 Mobile 0428 855 370                     Ph: (08) 8553 7010 Mobile 0428 855 370                      Ph: (08) 8553 7010 Mobile 0428 855 370
Email:      Email:       Email:                                                                 
     Also secluded hideaway for couples. Panoramic views, Private beach. Phone 08 8553 7235 Mobile 0428 855 355

                                                                                                                                                     AmERICAN RIVER

NEPEAN BAY GETAWAY                                            THE KINGS BED & BREAKFAST                                  WANDERERS REST OF
                                                                                                                         KANGAROO ISLAND
                                    RAA	RATING	HHHI

                                                                                                                                                               BOOK ME

                                                              AAA	Tourism	★★★★★

Sea frontage!                                                 Traditional Bed and Breakfast
•	Self	contained	4	bedroom	holiday	house	on	500	              Relax & enjoy the natural beauty of American River in
  acre	farm	sleeps	up	to	10.	Nepean	Bay	overlooks	            complete privacy. Featured on Getaway and Postcards.
  Kingscote,	Point	Morrison	and	Capre	Jervis,	and	is	         •	King	size	brass	bed,	ensuite	&	separate	guests	lounge	
  well	known	for	King	George	Whiting	fishing                  •	Satellite	TV,	CD,	DVD	•	Bookings	made	direct
•	All	modern	conveniences	•	Wheelchair	friendly               •	Chocolates	and	melting	moments	
•		 inter	Special	Available                                   •	Full	traditional	breakfast	•	R/C	air	conditioning

PO Box 8, Kingscote SA 5223                                   Ph: (08) 8553 7003 Fax: (08) 8553 7277
Ph/Fax: (08) 8553 9181                                        Email:
Website:                             Web:

                                                                                                                         The Best of Island Hospitality
AUSTRALIAN TOURISM                                            AMERICAN RIVER LONGVIEW LODGE                              Delightfully different Country Inn nestled amidst
ACCREDITATION PROGRAM                                                                                                    native trees & shrubs. All 8 rooms have king size
                                                                                                                         beds & reverse cycle airconditioning in motel style
                                                                                                                         accommodation with a view overlooking American River.
                                                                                                                         Experience bushland in comfort and style.
                                                                                                                         Fully licensed a la carte restaurant, country style
                                                                                                                         cuisine, tour desk, transfers. Non smoking &
                                                                                                                         inappropriate for children U 10 yrs.
                                                                                                                         AAAT HHHH
                                                              Longview Lodge is the perfect location to enjoy your
Trust the tick!
                                                              KI holiday experience. Enjoy the peace and quiet offered
South Australian Tourism businesses, which meet
                                                              by this quality holiday home, nestled in a valley of
the standards of the Australian Tourism Accreditation
                                                              native bushland with views of American River. Suitable
Program, are able to display this accreditation tick...       for an entire family, romantic weekend with your
For ‘peace of mind’ look for the tick as your assurance of:   partner, or time out with some friends, as its sleeps up
3 Quality              3 Environmental Practices                                                                         Hosts: Chris & Ros Schofield
                                                              to eight. Well equipped with modern appliances and all
3 Reliability          3 Accuracy in Advertising                                                                         Bayview Road, American River, SA 5221
                                                              the comforts of home, yet away from all to ensure you
                                                                                                                         Phone: (+61) 8 8553 7140
3 Professionalism 3 Adherence to a Code of Ethics             can sit back and relax!                                    Fax: (+61) 8 8553 7282
Search for all Accredited Tourism Businesses at...            Contact: 0400 349 074                                      E-mail:                                                 Web