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									          Title: FSE Listings: Why the Frankfurt
          Stock Exchange For Listings
          Date: August 30th 2009
          Author: Mark Bragg

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          FSE Listings Inc- Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings

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Disclaimer: The Listing Group as a consortium and in their individual capacities are not licensed broker dealers or financial institutions within the
jurisdiction of the Frankfurt Markets or any other market, they are working in the capacity of consultants listing the company and performing investor
relations of which they have been able to successfully assist in making introductions for raising funds for past ventures traded on the Frankfurt Stock
Exchange and privately.
   Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings

                   Why The Frankfurt Stock Exchange
In an international comparison, the Deutsche Börse (Frankfurt Stock Exchange) remains the most attractive listing
venue for companies aiming for an IPO. Current studies compare the world’s primary market activities and terms for
listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange to the leading international exchanges. The study analyzes terms for IPOs on the
Frankfurt Stock Exchange and compares them with the stock exchanges Euronext, Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE),
London Stock Exchange (LSE), NASDAQ und New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Almost every third listing of a
company, which chose Deutsche Börse as a listing venue, was an Initial Public offering (IPO). This includes a first public
offering of shares with an approved prospectus. Only 0.3 percent of all listed companies on the Alternative Investment
Market (AIM) in London had an IPO at this venue. Sector focus is key to selecting a listing venue for an IPO – especially
for companies from the emerging markets. The Deutsche Börse leads among companies whose business is in the
alternative energies, high technology, chemical and industrial sectors. In alternative energies alone, 97.8 percent of the
entire placed IPO volume has been placed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Another key criterion is the durability of a
stock exchange listing.

Deutsche Börse clearly stands out in this respect:
No company with an IPO in Frankfurt between January 2001 and March 2008 has become insolvent. The percentage of
insolvencies for Euronext is nearly three percent and for LSE more than five percent. The proportion of delistings is also
correspondingly high. The percentage of delistings on LSE is more than ten percent, while at Euronext it is almost seven
percent, with no delistings from HKSE or rnrnFrankfurt Stock Exchange during the period stated. For the period from
January 1999 to March 2008, Deutsche Börse received top marks as a listing venue in a global comparison. Companies
benefit from the lowest capital costs and the highest liquidity. Subjects of the examination included the costs of market
access, the subsequent costs for further capital increases and liquidity. Deutsche Börse’s Prime Standard and General
Standard rank above the other “main markets”, with its Entry Standard also ranking above other alternative markets.

Today, with a total turnover of €5.2 trillion per year the Frankfurt Stock Exchange strengthens its position as the world's
3rd largest trade-place for stocks and the world's 2nd largest by market capitalization.

By Mark Bragg
August 30th 2009

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