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									          Title: FSE Listings: Vietnam Based Firm
          Listing On the Frankfurt Stock Exchange
          Date: September 8thth 2009
          Author: Mark Bragg

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   Vietnam Based Firm Listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange
FRANKFURT, GERMANY and LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - September 8, 2009) - Philand Ranch Limited
(FRANKFURT: 1P8) WKN: AORPEA, a company engaged in the development and management of real estate properties
in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, announced today that the Frankfurt Stock Exchange has granted permission for its
ordinary shares to begin trading on the Open Market Segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, effective September 7,
2009 with the trading symbol 1P8.F and the German Security Code WKN: AORPEA.

Unlike the listings of a handful of private equity funds that invest in Vietnam, this marks the first time a company, not a
fund, with core operations in Vietnam is approved for trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Thanks to ease of access
and potential improved liquidity through the world's third largest organized exchange-trading market, this listing
provides an opportunity for European and international investors to participate in the growing economy of Vietnam,
especially in the areas of real estate development, hospitality, tourism, industrial parks, education, and health care, in
which the company engages.

Philand Ranch master plan in Quang Nam Province, Central Vietnam, best known for Hoi An City, a tourism hot spot
where the ancient culture of Vietnam and its modern culture meet, is a long-term multi-billion dollar development
project, which includes the Pointe91 luxury living community, the private residence club properties, the featured five-star
Riviera Hotel Spa, the 3,950-acre free trade zone, the open economic zone, and Philand housing, is expected to produce
stable, long-term recurring revenues, more jobs and economic growth for several decades to come.

Pointe91, the company's first phase of development, is a 118-acre high-end residential seaside resort community
featuring 227 grand private homes and villas in seven neighborhoods, a five star resort hotel and spa, and 30 detached
select residences that will be offered as a private residence club. Miles of walking and jogging trails and several large
parks take advantage of the scenic and natural terrain exclusive to this area. An industrial park, university facilities,
worship centers, and a 250-seat indigenous stone outdoor amphitheater with the backdrop of the South China Sea round
out the community.

Urban Arena, the California-based architectural firm chosen by Walt Disney for its prize-winning design of "Home of the
Future" and responsible for the design of the Pointe91 property, has orchestrated a balance between the outdoors and
indoors that will flow from Violin Lake, a natural pond at the entrance of the property, down to the beachfront five-star
resort hotel and spa. The interior design will combine Vietnam's cultural heritage with modern luxury to mirror South
Hoi An's unique identity. An outdoor marketplace for local artisans will introduce the element of local flavor and give
residents and guests an opportunity to experience the traditional Vietnamese culture.

Henry Fahman, Chairman of Philand Ranch Ltd., said, "We're devoted to the responsible development of Quang Nam
and have plans to build in the area for the next several decades. Central Vietnam is the place where the next big wave of
development will happen, and Philand is poised to help direct the growth that this area will see in the near future."

Daniel St. John, Philand Ranch project director, is excited about the new project for the company. "Quang Nam is one of
the most visually majestic areas of the world -- it's easy to imagine a new life in a place of such natural beauty," he said.
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"We understand that Vietnam is ready for a development that combines much needed elbow room with the unique
cultural heritage of Asia. We want to bring the spacious layout and orderly ease of a planned community that has been
missing in Vietnam."

About Philand Ranch Limited

Philand Ranch Limited, a United Kingdom corporation (Company No. 6923797) and majority-owned subsidiary of PHI
GROUP, INC. (OTCBB: PHIE) (FRANKFURT: PR7) (www.phiglobal.com) is the holding company for the development
and management of real estate properties throughout Southeast Asia. The company is the parent of Philand Corporation,
a U.S. corporation, and Philand Ranch Ltd., a Singapore corporation. It manages its real estate development activities in
Central Vietnam through Philand Vietnam Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Philand Corporation. Web site:

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By Mark Bragg
August 30th 2009

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