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Disclaimer: The Listing Group as a consortium and in their individual capacities are not licensed broker dealers or financial institutions within the
jurisdiction of the Frankfurt Markets or any other market, they are working in the capacity of consultants listing the company and performing investor
relations of which they have been able to successfully assist in making introductions for raising funds for past ventures traded on the Frankfurt Stock
Exchange and privately.
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Number of Companies Listed On The Frankfurt Stock Exchange Per Region and Country (March 31st

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Listing On the Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Initial Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listing Package includes:

• Initial consultation and application for the Frankfurt Stock Listing
• Press release announcing your company’s Frankfurt Stock Exchange approval
• Specialist setup & maintaining of the electronic Order Book on your company’s shares
• Issuance of an ISIN number.
• Routing and processing of bid and ask orders
• Clearing and tracking of the electronic register
• Real-time quotes with Worldwide access from all European financial portals (in Java)
• Monitoring of new threads of leading Financial Community Message Boards in Europe including
Comdirect.de, Wallstreet-online.de, CortalConsors.de, financial.de, etc. Once your company is approved for
trading it will enable you to increase investor awareness across the EU resulting in the ability to raise
additional funds through equity sales.

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We would be pleased to schedule a conference call with one of our senior partners in Europe to answer
any questions or concerns that you may have and discuss costs and procedures.

Capital Raising and Financing

With expertise in forming diverse capital structures and a reputation for outstanding execution, FSE Listings
has become the consortium of choice for large and middle market African companies seeking financing. FSE
Listings seeks to create an optimal, long-term capital structure that will meet our client’s ongoing strategic,
operational and financial needs.

FSE Listings provides access to many forms of capital including:

• Equity
• Senior Debt
• Subordinated Debt
• Convertible Debt
• Mezzanine Financing,
• Project financing
• Common uses of proceeds include:
• Expansion/Growth
• Financing Acquisitions
• Refinancing existing debt
• Becoming a Public Listing

In each client engagement we examine a number of different financing alternatives while assessing the
applicable structures, cost, and timing considerations. FSE listings leverages our strong , global distribution
capabilities and our diverse group of institutional buyers who have come to recognize the high quality
transactions that FSE Listings brings to the market.

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Mergers and Acquisitions
FSE Listings provides buy-side advisory services to large and middle-market companies whether privately
held or publicly traded.

We are a full service group with experience in mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, strategic alternatives,
recapitalizations, restructurings, spin-offs, management buyouts, joint ventures, minority investments and
defensive assignments.

Because we view Mergers and Acquisitions as an important
part of a client’s overall growth strategy, we provide firm-
wide commitment and senior level attention across the
organization to effect successful transactions.

We develop and implement integrated M&A solutions by
coordinating and leveraging our execution skills, structuring
expertise, comprehensive financing capabilities and insight
into capital markets.

The firm applies its transaction experience, technical
expertise, and extensive industry research through-out the
process, including the valuation of potential targets,
developing bidding strategies, structuring the offer and
executing the transaction.

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             FSEListings.com: Listing on the Frankfurt Exchange

                      Qualifying Companies for FSE Listings
To qualify, a company must meet the following basic criteria:

      At least one year in existence or 5 year projections (as a new firm)
      Privately owned (this is not a dual-listing for existing public companies, but is an IPO)
      Can be domiciled anywhere in the world.
      Good financial statements in International or U.S. GAAP format (but do NOT need to be audited)
      At least 30 shareholders (if necessary, owners can gift small numbers of shares to family and friends to
       insure this minimum number)
      A minimum of 500,000 Euros shareholder equity has been issued in the company (Capital)

Shares to be listed

Up to 100% of the owners’ shares will be “registered” and become free trading and listed on the

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Exchange, but these shares may be subject to a “lock up” agreement for a determined period of time to permit
the financing to take place first.

Company Valuation

A company can expect a substantially higher public market valuation than would be attributed to it as a private
concern. For example, private companies are typically valued at a multiple of 3 to 5 times EBIT, whereas this
same company, in a public market with liquidity of its stock, would have valuation of 15 to 20 or more times
EBIT and even development stage companies with no revenue or profits often have very high valuations as
public companies.

Time for Listing/Trading

Typically, once due diligence information has been fully delivered by the Company, the entire process takes 4-
6 weeks to complete the listing and to commence trading.

Raising Capital; Investor Road Show

Once trading commences, the Company will be taken on an extensive road show across Germany and
Switzerland to expose the financing to appropriate groups with the expectation to secure funding commitments
within one to two weeks. The investor groups will buy new stock at a negotiated discount to the market price.
The cost of the road show is included in FSEListings.com’s fee, except for the travel and accommodation
expenses of the representatives of the Company. Also, you can expect an industry typical success fee payable
upon funding.

Multi City Show: Cities may include: Zurich, Munich, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Face to face meetings with funding groups and strategic investors, arranged to generate substantial interest for
the Company’s stock in major European equity markets.

Maximized results by handpicking the parties for each presentation to ensure the best possible fit between the
attendees and the Company.

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Contact Name:
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Amount of Capital invested to date:
Amount of Capital required:
Reasons for wanting to list:
Description of Business:
Website if available:

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