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					          FSE Listings –Frankfurt Stock Exchange
          Requirements May Have Just Made It
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          Author: Mark Bragg

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  Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings
Frankfurt Stock Exchange Requirements May Have Just Made It
Easier To List!
Wednesday, February 23, 2011 @ 05:02 AM
posted by admin

For the last 5 years of listing firms on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange clients were required to have a capital-in
of 250,000 euro. Even if clients had spent 100,000,000 euro on the company, unless the capital in component
in cash was available, they couldn’t be accepted without a prospectus.

The new regulations passed on February 14th 2011 changed this requirement from 250,000 euro capital in to
500,000 euro shareholder equity. Thus, an asset with a value over 500,000 euro vended into a company for
shares, as long as the share value is higher than 0.10 euro, would qualify.

This new requirement enables FSE Listings Inc. to list firms in 3-6 weeks that have:

      An asset worth over 500,000 euro
      A firm delisted from another exchange or that is private and has taken in capital that gives it a value
       over 500,000 euro

Our team has the specialized documents required specifically to complete the transaction of incorporating,
issuing the shares, completing the transaction to ensure the value is legal to provide the auditor letter to list and
meet the new rules. This is generally done through a Holding Company from Europe.

Our 100% listed track record is enabled by the team of Lawyers who have built the specialized system for
purchasing and vending in the assets. In addition, our company can engage in the role of Secretary to ensure a
clean listing that meets the Registrar’s requirements for electronic trading eligibility.

If you want to list your firm in the next 3-6 weeks and have over 500k euro in assets, the cost of listing has just
dropped drastically and the timeframe as well!

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