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					                            2010 UMW READING LIST (book availability)               Feb. 3, 2010

**Where Mercy Fails: Darfur’s Struggle(10)   Chris Herlinger       144 pp      St.P, Book Club
My Faith So Far (10)                         Dodd, Patton          174 pp      Linda
Creating a Habitat for Humanity (09)         Reckford, Jonathan    112 pp      St.P, MSB
Three Cups of Tea (09)                       Mortenson, Greg       349 pp      MSB
Walking the Choctaw Road (09) (youth)        Tingle, Tim           142 pp      St.P
End of the Spear (08)                        Saint, Steve          337 pp      St.P
God's Golden Acre (08)                       Le Veck, Dale         319 pp      St.P
They Poured Fire from the Sky (08)           Benson Deng           311 pp      MSB
The Hospital by the River (07)               Hamlin, Catherine     300 pp      St.P
The Kite Runner (07)                         Hosseini              371 pp      St.P, MSB
The Good Women of China (06)                 Xinran                240 pp      St.P, MSB
When Religion Becomes Evil (05)              Charles Kimball       213 pp      St.P

Growing Friendships (10)                       Klehn, Tracy        202 pp      St. P
No Turning Back: My Summer with MLK            Brewster, Gurdon    233 pp      St. P
Living with Purpose in a Worn-out Body (10) Buchanan, Missy        94 pp       St. P
Something to Sing About (youth) (10)           Payne, C.C.         167 pp      Linda
Too Many Irons in the Fire…All Smoking (10) Hopson, Cynthia        112 pp      St. P
The Undertaker's Wife: Wisdom & Musings(10) Hastings, Celia        190 pp      St. P/Book Club
Acts of Faith: Story of an Amer. Muslim (09) Patel, Eboo           189 pp      St.P
Amish Grace: (09)(bonus - 2 in NC)             Kraybill, Donald    237 pp      St.P
Crisis in the Village: Restoring Hope (09)     Franklin, Robert    271 pp      MSB
Who Stole My Church? (09)                      MacDonald, Gordon   247 pp      St.P
A Thousand Splendid Suns (09)                  Hosseini, Khaled    415 pp      St.P, MSB
Keeping Spiritual Balance as we grow older(08) Srode, Molly        188 pp      St.P
Grace Matters (08)                             Chris Rice          303 pp      St.P, MSB
A Song to Sing, A Life to Live (07)            Saliers, Don        180 pp      St.P
52 Simple Ways to Make a Difference (07)       Paul Simon          140 pp      St.P
Beginning Again: Benedictine Wisdom (07)       Mary C. Earle       132 pp      St.P

**Where Mercy Fails: Darfur’s Struggle(10) Chris Herlinger         144 pp      St. P, Book Club
The Road of Lost Innocence (10)                Somaly Mam          192 pp      St. P
The Suicidal Planet (10)                       Millman, Mayer      244 pp      Linda
Blessed are the Pacifists: The Beatitudes (09) Trzyna, Thomas      136 pp      MSB
Confronting the Controversies (09)             Hamilton, Adam      157 pp      St.P
William Wilburforce - A Biography (09)         Tomkins, Stephen    225 pp      St.P
Energy - Use Less, Save More (09)              Clift, Jon          77 pp       St.P
Hard Line-Life & Death on Mexican Border(08) Ellingwood, Ken       235 pp      St.P
Earth Trek (08)                                Joanne Moyer        209 pp      St.P, MSB
What’s Wrong With the Christian Right (08)     Jan Linn            168 pp      St.P
Enrique's Journey (08)                         Sonia Nazario       267 pp      St.P
What One Person Can Do (07)                    Sabina Alkire       200 pp      MSB
The One Hour Activist (07)                     Christopher Kush    211 pp      MSB
Taught by America: (Teach America) (07)        Sarah Sentilles     196 pp      St.P
The Red Rose Box - (youth) (07)                Brenda Woods        136 pp      St.P

St.P = St. Paul's Library - UMW shelf                MSB = My Sister's Books
A Life Shaping prayer: 52 Meditations        Chilcote, Paul Wesley 208 pp     Jean
A Monk in the Inner City(10)                 Kownacki, Mary Lou 155 pp        St. P
Bless This Food (10)                         Butash, Adrian        175 pp     Linda
Great Joy (children) (10)                    DiCamillo, Kate       15 pp      MSB, Linda
Locked Up: Letters and Papers of a
            Prisoner of Conscience (10)      Beisswenger, Don      120 pp     St. P
Longing for Enough in a Culture of More(10)Paul Escamila           134 pp     St. P
My Tummy Talked in Church Today (10)         Heno, Christy Colby   128 pp     St. P
Holy Stuff of Life (09)                      Heather Elkins        145 pp     St.P, MSB
Peace in the Storm: Meditations on
         Chronic Pain and Illness (09)       Maureen Pratt         321 pp     St.P
Jesus’ Parables of the Lost and Found (08)   James Moore           104 pp     St.P
Leap of Faith (08)                           Queen Noor            440 pp     St.P, MSB
Letters to a Young Doubter (08)              William S. Coffin     185 pp     St.P
Walk in a Relaxed Manner (08)                Joyce Rupp            264 pp     St.P, MSB
Faith and Feminism: A Holy Alliance (07)     Helen Hunt            208 pp     St.P
Meditations on the Psalms (07)               Barbara Crafton       267 pp     MSB
52 Hymn Story Devotions (06)                 Lucy Neeley Adams     80 pp      St.P, MSB
Joshua’s Bible (06)                          Shelly Leanne         367 pp     St.P, MSB

St.P = St. Paul's Library - UMW shelf               MSB = My Sister's Books