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       March, 2011
          Critical update on Japan's nuclear crisis:
           what the media and regulators AREN'T telling you

       Nick note: never has the human race been under so much peril. In the past, wars, famines
and pestilence were localized events. Incredibly, now we face the universal destruction of our
wealth... our freedoms... the food we eat... the water we drink... even the air we breathe... all at the
same time.
       We live in a global police state. Governments say they want to protect us. Instead they
imprison us in record, growing numbers.
        One and a half billion people are foot soldiers in the global Islamic uprising. They believe
their god-ordained duty is to kill everyone who is not a Muslim. If you are a Jew, Christian or
American, you can multiply their hatred of you by a hundred. They are in armed conflict with the
human race, in every corner of the world.
       Our wealth is being stolen. Governments confiscate it, to push ahead their Marxist/socialist
utopia. They redistribute our wealth to the lazy. To the sick, foolish and infirm. In essence, we
finance the people and institutions that bankrupt and imprison us.
      Bankers of the world hold all our money. They pay us 1% interest. Yet they leverage that
same money a hundred times over.
       If their sleaze leveraged deals work, we get our 1%. Maybe. If they don't work, we get
nothing. We lose the interest, and often our principal as well.
        Bankers set up their monster hedge funds. With those funds, they use derivatives to
manipulate every market under the sun. The house you live in. The food you eat. The fuel that
drives your car. The precious metals that were supposed to protect your wealth... and the industrial
metals that make up everything in our modern world.
       All are trading at bizarre valuations, with a volatility that confounds most players. In
essence, Wall Street uses our own money to gouge us.
        Now on top of all that, we also face the possibility of an unprecedented natural disaster. The
Japanese quake, horrific as it was, was not an isolated event. Much of the Pacific basin sits on top
of a vast tectonic plate. In the last year, major eruptions have taken place at three of the four
corners of this plate. The quakes in New Zealand. The huge 8.8 quake in Chile. And now the 9.0
quake in Japan.
        Please note, the quakes are getting bigger. More deadly. That is because when one side of a
tectonic plate shifts, it sends shock waves to the other corners. It triggers quakes in those regions,
where the fault lines are especially unstable.
        Where is the last corner of this plate? The one that lies along one of the most unstable fault
lines in the world? The only one that has not yet erupted?
       California. Right under San Francisco. Talk about a game changer. California will not
dodge this next bullet.
         And now we face a vast man-made disaster as well. The world's largest nuclear complex is
in at least partial meltdown. Three weeks of Herculean efforts – of desperate consultations with the
world's top scientists, who are assisting around the clock – have not extinguished the nuclear fires.
        Yes, they are hiding the truth. Industry insiders – the scientists who make their living from
this technology – know the future of the nuclear industry hangs in the balance.
       Three weeks after the most lethal quake in modern history, Japanese reactors are still
spewing radiation into the air, ground and water. Rods in at least one of the reactor buildings (and
possibly three) are still melting down. The radioactive cloud still is spreading around the globe.
Each day it grows bigger.
         This disaster is already worse than 3 Mile Island, which rated 5 on the nuclear disaster scale.
It's one away from Chernobyl, that was rated 7 (the highest score possible). And the Fukushima
crisis is not over. The meltdown still has not been brought under control.
       The Japanese disaster was brought to us by the nuclear plant management company with the
worst safety record on the planet. With the biggest number of accidents in the field. With a
documented history of hiding EVERY accident and deadly radiation release from its reactors.
        Believe nothing you read or hear from the Japanese nuclear power company (TEPCO). The
devastation is far bigger than they are letting on. It is far greater than the Japanese government is
letting on.
        If they don't get things under control (and soon) they could turn the world's most costly
natural disaster into the greatest disaster mankind has ever created. A nuclear volcano that spews
radiation into the atmosphere for a generation to come.. Chances of this taking place currently are
around two or three in ten, and rising. I explain this in the article below.
        I know the stock market is climbing, after its initial selloff. Precious metals are rallying. Oil
is over $100 a barrel and commodities prices are approaching new highs. We are told it's a
recovery. That's why demand for commodities from energy to precious and industrial metals and
food is supposedly soaring through the roof. Total b.s. The only thing soaring here is the desperate
greed of hedge funds and their extreme leverage.
        Don't be fooled. That shit won't last much longer. Even the authorities admit the Japanese
earthquake will cost $300 billion to clean up. In my opinion it will easily climb to over $1 trillion.
That is if they ever fully recover. The Japanese government is already the most indebted in the
world, with a debt that equals 200% of GDP.
       And that 's not counting the nuclear disaster. The authorities' naivete, denial and coverup
could well turn the ongoing crisis into a worst-case scenario. In that case, we could face something
far worse than any of the above-mentioned threats.
       I don't believe that will happen. But it could. Either way, this Japanese wipeout is a crucial
event. It kicks off the next phase of the ongoing depressionary wipeout.
        The news these days is filled with the riots in N. Africa. With the Libyan “sophisticated
weapons test fire zone.” Those are little more than sideshows. They are designed to take our
attention off the money ball.
       The real story now is the depressionary impact of a trillion dollars of wealth and
productivity, that were wiped out in twenty minutes. And maybe a nuclear disaster of untold
dimensions. These incredible bubbles in oil, precious metals, industrial metals and commodities are
about to blow up in the sleazy bankers' faces. All I can say is, GOD help us all.

     I haven't slept for days. I've been trying to get to the
bottom of what could turn into the worst nuclear disaster in
     From the start of this catastrophe, nothing the Japanese said
or did made sense. I suspected intrigue. Now those suspicions
have been tragically verified.
     Tokyo Electric Company (TEPCO) owns the reactors in meltdown.
TEPCO has a long record of lying, cheating and covering up nuclear
accidents. Over and over, it has falsified records, hidden
hazards and even covered up fatalities. (See the box later in
this report for more on this. Warning: it's shocking.)
     Through it all, they have maintained a “we don't give a shit,
we are investment bankers immune from the law” kind of attitude.
     And now they have given us the world's first nuclear
     Is it not incredible? They built the world's biggest nuclear
complex built right smack dab in the middle of the world's
biggest, most active earthquake zone. They were even going to add
more reactors there. It show you the power of money and the
corruption of politicians.
     Several of the junk reactors at the heart of this crisis are
forty years old. They should have been shut down a decade ago.
In fact, TEPCO repeatedly promised to do exactly that. But each
time the company stalled. Each time the bought-off politicians
     I found out why. Those nuclear power plants were very
valuable, both to TEPCO and the Japanese government. More so than
your average garden-variety nuclear power plant.
     That's because TEPCO discovered a better way to make money,
than simply by generating electricity. Japan's government found a
better use for these plants, than merely as power generators.
     Japan is carefully managing the news stream. Reports of the
catastrophe are sketchy at best. But even they admit huge amounts
of cesium, radioactive iodine and strontium-90 are spewing out of
the reactors.
     That made me suspicious. These are deadly, radioactive
materials. They should not come out in such quantities -– from
such simple Uranium-235 reactors -– if those reactors had only
been generating power.
     The evacuation zone around the nuclear power plant quickly
widened. The company removed the vast majority of its personnel.
Only 80 volunteers stayed behind, trying to contain the radiation.
The radiation was so strong, they could only stay on site for a
few hours at a time.
     Still the crisis got worse. Japan was forced to admit to
growing fatalities. Obviously, something was very, very wrong.
     The clincher came several days after the quake hit. In
desperation, the Japanese used water cannons to shoot sea water
onto the crippled reactors. They dumped water from helicopters.
    What the hell is going on, was my immediate thought.    That is
like shooting a squirt gun at a forest fire -– if in fact the
cores were at risk, as the Japanese kept claiming.
     Let me explain. The dirty work at nuclear power plants is
done at the reactor core. The core is located deep underground.
Solid steel/concrete walls encase it. It's protected better than
Fort Knox.
     Dumping/shooting water would not touch the core. It would
only reach the upper floors of the reactor. That's where the
cooling pools are located. They (normally) hold the spent Uranium
rods, that are not so radioactive. The rods slowly cool down,
under water, until they can be disassembled and moved.
     While spent uranium rods must be handled with care, they don't
carry anywhere near the risk that the live core rods do. If the
core was in danger, why would you water bomb the upper pools,
where the spent uranium was located? Made no sense.
     Two of the reactors had been closed for maintenance. i.e.
they were not in operation. Why would so much radiation escape
into the atmosphere -– from reactors that had been 'turned off' -–
and if they only stored spent, low-radiation uranium rods there?
`    The answer is terrifying. TEPCO wasn't simply generating
electricity... and the rods were not merely uranium.
           What TEPCO really was doing at the Daiichi plant
     Companies that own nuclear reactors have a deep dark secret.
They can generate electricity for free. At the same time, they
can pay for all the uranium they need.
    How?   By using the reactors as breeders.
     Along with electricity, they can make (or breed) other
products. In fact, the models used in Japan can breed all kinds
of enriched nuclear products.
     e.g. they can make medical isotopes. Such as the radio-
pharmaceuticals used in nuclear medicine. Very valuable stuff.
Nuclear power companies can pull it out of their reactor stacks,
if they are careful.
     Now say the nuclear power plant has an especially cozy
relationship with government. (As I'll show you in a moment,
TEPCO has exactly that.)
     In that case, the reactors can breed a product worth far more
than merely medical isotopes. They can breed plutonium.
     Plutonium is many, many times more valuable than gold. In
fact a troy ounce of plutonium currently sells for over $179,000.
     That's because plutonium is an essential ingredient for the
most powerful weapon known to man. Nuclear bombs.
     A few problems, though. Besides being powerful, plutonium is
also one of the most deadly substances known to man. It must be
kept cool, in perfect conditions. It's the ultimate hazardous
     Reactors #3 and #4 were plutonium enrichment reactors.                      i.e.
Japan wasn't just generating electricity.
     It was producing weapons-grade plutonium, to be used in
nuclear weapons. In fact, it finally admitted it was producing
plutonium there, in a special
mixture with uranium, called
                                       Japan Disaster Caps Decades of
     Plutonium is never, and I            Faked Reports, Accidents
mean never, mixed with uranium
in reactors that only generate       As Bloomberg News reported, the unfolding
electricity. It is done when         disaster at the Fukushima nuclear plant follows
they use the reactor as a            decades of falsified safety reports, fatal
breeder for nuclear bombs.           accidents and underestimated earthquake risk in
                                     Japan’s atomic power industry.
     This explains all the
bizarre things that did not add      In 2002 and 2007, revelations the utility had
up, ever since this crisis           faked repair records forced the resignation of the
erupted on March 11.                 company’s chairman and president, and a three-
                                     week shutdown of all 17 of its reactors.
     Japan claims it has no
nuclear weapons program. You         Nuclear engineers and academics who have
have to ask yourself, why then       worked in Japan’s atomic power industry spoke
do they have nuclear breeder         of a history of accidents, faked reports and
reactors?                            inaction by Liberal Democratic Party
     Why don't they allow the        governments that ran Japan for nearly all the
IAEA (International Atomic           postwar period.
Energy Agency) to examine their      Katsuhiko Ishibashi, a seismology professor at
reactors? Why isn't the IAEA         Kobe University, says Japan’s history of nuclear
taking the lead on this              accidents stems from an overconfidence in plant
emergency, as it normally            engineering. In 2006, he resigned from a
would?                               government panel on reactor safety, saying the
     I told you how Tokyo            review process was rigged and “unscientific.”
Electric has the most sordid                        Coverup admitted
safety record in the nuclear
industry. For 20 years it has        Mitsuhiko Tanaka, 67, working as an engineer at
hidden nuclear accidents,            Babcock Hitachi K.K., helped design and
radioactive discharges and even      supervise the manufacture of a $250 million
deaths of employees. See the         steel pressure vessel for Tokyo Electric in 1975.
boxes to the right and on the        Today, that vessel holds the fuel rods in the core
next several pages for more on       of the No. 4 reactor at Fukushima’s Dai-Ichi
this.                                plant, hit by explosion and fire after the tsunami.
     Why is the Japanese                   (Continued in box on next page)
government letting this lying
gang of thieves manage the biggest nuclear crisis of all time?
Because TEPCO IS the government -– and they have a whole lot to
hide. Namely that Japan has run a covert nuclear weapons program
for years.
                                        (Nuclear coverup continued from previous page)
     Who can blame them?
China, their historic enemy,            Tanaka says the vessel was damaged in the
has a nuclear program. Its              production process. He says he knows because he
missiles can strike Japan in            orchestrated the cover-up. When he brought his
minutes. Iran, with no love             accusations to the government more than a decade
lost for Japan, also has a              later, he was ignored, he says.
nuclear program. Even 3rd-              The accident occurred when Tanaka and his team
rate Pakistan has nukes.                were strengthening the steel in the pressure vessel,
     Then there are the North           heating it in a furnace to more than 600 degrees
Koreans. They regularly                 Celsius (1,112 degrees Fahrenheit), a temperature
threaten war against South              that melts metal. Braces that should have been
Korea, who Japan has a                  inside the vessel during the blasting were either
defense treaty with.                    forgotten or fell over. After it cooled, Tanaka found
     You can see why Japan,             that its walls had warped.
with nuclear enemies just                    Saved the company – ‘Felt Like a Hero’
minutes away, urgently wants
                                        The law required the flawed vessel be scrapped, a
nukes of its own. And you
                                        loss that Tanaka said might have bankrupted the
can understand why they keep
                                        company. Rather than sacrifice years of work and
it secret.
                                        risk the company’s survival, Tanaka used computer
     Let's look at this                 modeling to reshape the vessel so that no one would
further. TEPCO is the 4th               know it had been damaged. He did that with
largest electric company in             Hitachi’s blessings, he said.
the world. It is a
government-sanctioned                   “I saved the company billions of yen,” Tanaka said
monopoly. That is why they              in an interview March 12, the day after the
were able to quietly refuse             earthquake. Tanaka says he got a 3 million yen
entry to all outside                    bonus ($38,000) from Hitachi and a plaque
inspectors for years. Why,              acknowledging his “extraordinary” effort in 1974.
despite their dismal safety             “At the time, I felt like a hero.”
record, the Japanese                    That changed with Chernobyl. Two years after the
government let them operate             world’s worst nuclear accident, Tanaka went to the
with impunity.                          Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to report
     It's why these four                the cover-up he’d engineered more than a decade
ancient reactors, several of            earlier. Hitachi denied his accusation. Government
which are way past their                refused to investigate.
expiration date, that were                       Falsified reports for two decades
scheduled to shut down years
ago, were still operating.     Tokyo Electric in 2002 admitted it had falsified
                               repair reports at nuclear plants for more than two
     None of it makes sense -– decades. Chairman Hiroshi Araki and President
until you understand this was Nobuyama Minami resigned to take responsibility
part of Japan's covert         for hundred of occasions on which the company had
nuclear weapons factory.       submitted false data to the regulator.
     They built their nuclear Then in 2007, the utility said it hadn’t come entirely
plant on the world's biggest   clean five years earlier. It had concealed at least six
known earthquake fault line.   emergency stoppages at its Fukushima Dai-Ichi
Many of their reactors did     power station and a “critical” reaction at the plant’s
not even have concrete         No. 3 unit that lasted for seven hours.
containment buildings (unlike
their counterparts in the      TEPCO ignored warnings about the tsunami risks
                                                            (continued in box on next page)
U.S.) They let the plants operate, even after they received
repeated warnings from their own nuclear scientists, engineers and
officials about the likelihood of catastrophe.
     To take these risks seems      (Japanese nuclear coverup continued)
inexplicable. Until you
understand it was a matter of    that caused the crisis at Fukushima, Tatsuya Ito,
national security.               who represented Fukushima prefecture in the
                                 national parliament from 1991 to 2003, said in a
     Japan has 54 nuclear
                                 March 16 telephone interview.
reactors. After the quake,
the others were easily brought   The world’s biggest nuclear power plant had been
under control. Their             built on an earthquake fault line that generated
automatic shutdown procedures    three times as much seismic acceleration, or 606
worked fine. You don't hear      gals, as it was designed to withstand, the utility
about them.                      said. One gal, a measure of shock effect, represents
                                 acceleration of 1 centimeter (0.4 inch) per square
     That's because they
weren't used as breeder          second.
reactors. They weren't as        After Hokuriku Electric’s Shika nuclear power
hot. It was much easier to       plant in Ishikawa prefecture was rocked by a 6.9
contain them.                    magnitude quake in March 2007, government
     Not so at the Fukushima     scientists found it had been built near an earthquake
reactors. That is why the        fault that was more than twice as long as regulators
EU's energy chief, Günther       deemed threatening.
Oettinger, told the European     “Regulators just rubber-stamp the utilities’ reports,”
parliament the situation was     Takashi Nakata, a former Hiroshima Institute of
out of control. He said it       Technology seismologist, said at the time.
was impossible to "exclude the
worst.” He said, "There is       While Japan had never suffered a failure
talk of an apocalypse and I      comparable to Chernobyl, the Fukushima disaster
think the word is particularly   caps a decade of fatal accidents.
well chosen.”                    Two workers at a fuel processing plant were killed
     It's why even the           by radiation exposure in 1999, when they used
Japanese have been forced to     buckets, instead of the prescribed containers, to
admit they have neared the       eye-ball a uranium mixture, triggering a chain-
point of no return.              reaction that went unchecked for 20 hours.
                                 Regulators failed to ensure that safety alarms were
    Nuclear volcano              installed at the plant run by Sumitomo Metal
     Despite all the nicey-      Mining Co. because they believed there was “no
nice reports, time is running    possibility” of a major accident at the facility,
short. At the very least,        according to an analysis by the NRC in the U.S.
these reactors are in partial    The report said there were ‘indications’ the
meltdown. The rods are fusing    company instructed workers to take shortcuts,
together. That is why all        without regulatory approval.
this radiation keeps steaming    In 2004, an eruption of super-heated steam from a
out into the atmosphere.         burst pipe at a reactor run by Kansai Electric killed
     Radiation is already        five workers and scalded six others. A government
found in Japanese milk and       investigation showed the burst pipe section had
spinach. Over 27 times the       been omitted from safety checklists and had not
safe level. The Japanese         been inspected for the 28 years the plant had been
government has banned all food   in operation.
sales in and from that entire    The Fukushima Dai-Ichi plant was only designed to
                                 withstand a 5.7-meter tsunami, not the 7-meter wall
                                 of water generated by last week’s earthquake or
                                                           (continued on next page)
area. So has the rest of the
                                    Japanese nuclear coverup continued
     Radioactive iodine has
been detected in Tokyo tap      the 6.4-meter tsunami that struck neighboring
water. Many Japanese people     Miyagi prefecture after the Valdiva earthquake in
-– those who can afford it --   1960, Ito said.
are attempting a mass exodus    The dangers posed by a tsunami the size of the one
out of the country.             generated by the 9.5-magnitude Valdiva temblor off
     And it's not just Japan.   Chile are described in a 2002 report by the Japan
Radiation is already being      Society of Civil Engineers, Ito said. But TEPCO
detected across the ocean, in   ignored that.
California, Texas and even      “Tokyo Electric brought this upon itself,” said Ito,
Illinois. It's showing up in    who now heads the National Center for the Citizens’
Europe.                         Movement Against the Nuclear Threat, based in
     You are seeing a slow-     Tokyo. “This accident unfolded as expected.”
motion nuclear meltdown.                           Coming Clean
     Radiation is measured in   Ito said he has met Tepco employees to discuss his
units called “millisieverts”    concerns at least 20 times since 2003 and sent a
(mSv). The safe level for
                                formal letter to then- president Tsunehisa Katsumata
the public is one mSv per
                                in 2005.
year. In most countries the
max dose permitted for          “We are prioritizing the safety of the plant and are
radiation workers is 20 mSv     not at a point where we can reflect upon and
per year, averaged over five    properly assess the root causes,” said Naoki
years, with a maximum of 50     Tsunoda, a Tokyo Electric spokesman in Tokyo. He
mSv in any one year.            said he couldn’t immediately confirm the exchanges
                                made between Ito and the company.
     As I wrote this report,
the radiation level at the      Kansai Electric Power Co., the utility that provides
Fukushima plant was             Osaka with electricity, said it also faked nuclear
fluctuating between 2906 mSv    safety records. Chubu Electric Power Co., Tohoku
and 3342 mSv per hour. i.e.     Electric Power Co. and Hokuriku Electric Power
in one hour, workers were       Co. said the same.
getting around 30 times more
                                Only months after that second round of revelations,
radiation than they are
                                an earthquake struck a cluster of seven reactors run
supposed to get in five
                                by Tokyo Electric on Japan’s north coast. The
                                Kashiwazaki Kariwa nuclear plant, the world’s
     These are samurai          biggest, was hit by a 6.8 magnitude temblor that
warriors, committing suicide.   buckled walls and caused a fire at a transformer.
Which is why Japan has          About 1.5 liters (half gallon) of radioactive water
repeatedly pulled ALL           sloshed out of a container and ran into the sea
emergency workers out of the    through drains because sealing plugs hadn’t been
plant. It's simply too          installed.
                                                     Fault Line
     Here's the real
potential problem. The four     While there were no deaths from the accident, the
reactors hold over 40,000       damage was such that three of the plant’s reactors
pounds of nuclear material.     are still offline.
Part of that deadly load is     After the quake, Trade Minister Akira Amari said
plutonium.                      regulators hadn’t properly reviewed Tokyo Electric’s
    All four reactors are or    geological survey when they approved the site in
have been spewing radiation. They've been subject to explosions
and/or fires. They are venting off Cesium 137, Iodine 131 and
Strontium-90, which has a half-life of 28.8 years. i.e. after
28.8 years, half the deadly radiation is still there. After
another 28.8 years, one-quarter (½ of ½) is still there.
     Don't get me wrong.   The reactors have not yet gone into total
meltdown. They may not.    It's a race against the clock.
     For now the Japanese are pumping water. Even they admit that
is not going to work. They finally conceded they will be forced
to pump sand and cement, to literally try and cover up the nuclear
     Best case scenario: they are able to contain the crisis.     They
get the meltdowns under control, and bury the plants under
millions of tons of concrete.
     Even in this best-case outcome, the world has another
abandoned nuclear waste site. Another radioactive hazardous dump.
One that sits next to the sea, on top of the world's hottest
geological fault line, vulnerable to quakes and tsunamis.
     The cost of decommissioning these reactors alone is over $50
billion. TEPCO alone has already asked for a $300 billion loan.
The cost to Japan's overall infrastructure will exceed a trillion
dollars. That's if everything goes perfectly from now on.
     But even that may only put off the destruction. Because the
next quake/tsunami could trigger the whole meltdown again. As
other recent earthquakes there (2007) show... as the continuing
aftershocks warn... this is far from unlikely. In fact,
seismologists expect another major 8.0 earthquake there sometime
in the next few months.
     The world is in the middle of its third major nuclear meltdown
hotspot. First was 3 Mile Island. The core there melted down,
and still can't be moved. Thank God the radiation is minimal. 3
Mile Island was the least deadly of these three crises.
     Second was Chernobyl. Melted down in 1986. 25 years later,
still a nuclear hot spot. You can't walk there, without a
complete radiation Hazmat (hazardous materials) suit.
     To this day, the area surrounding Chernobyl has 100 times the
cancer rate. 1000 times the birth defects. And it's not really
contained. To build a portable containment structure around
Chernobyl would cost $50 billion. No one wants to pay that.
     But this Japanese crisis could turn into the granddaddy of
them all. Because so far I have only given you the best-case
scenario. Now let me give you the worst.
     Japan does not contain the meltdown. The reactors could then
hit critical mass. Once started, this process cannot be stopped.
It would create the world's first nuclear volcano.
     Similar to volcanoes in Hawaii and Italy that spew lava non-
stop, the nuclear volcano constantly spews radioactive steam
clouds. The big difference with 'mere' lava-spewing volcanoes:
this man-made nuclear volcano would spew the most deadly
radioactive isotopes known to man. Not just for days, or months.
For decades.
      Radioactive Iodine 131, Cesium 137 and Strontium 90 could end
up raining down from the clouds. It would eventually fall on
every square mile of the planet. It would get into the air we
breathe. The water we drink. The food we eat. Just like already
is taking place in Japan, only in far greater amounts.
     The chances of this happening are less than they were a few
days ago. Maybe one or two chances in ten. But I guarantee you,
even the best-case scenario is far, far worse than the Japanese
authorities are letting on.
     To sum up: the world's largest nuclear power facility has been
trashed. It is in meltdown.
     It was tragically under-built. Both against earthquakes (this
quake was around 35 times more powerful than than the max it was
designed to withstand)... and tsunamis (the tsunami that hit it
was twice as high as the biggest the plant was built for).
     Those reactors were not supposed to have plutonium. They
weren't designed or built for it. On top of that, they held three
times the amount of radioactive materials they were designed for.
     GE (General Electric) built all six reactors. GE also built
the #1, #2 and #6 reactors. No surprise the company is
desperately trying to distance itself.
     Each and every reactor suffered damage. Radiation has been
spewing out since the day the quake hit. It's being measured all
over Japan and now the world over.
     It's in the food supply. It's in Hawaii, mainland U.S. and
Europe. The crisis has not been averted. It could well turn into
the worst nuclear disaster in history.
     And they tell us there is nothing to worry about.   Ain't that
some sick shit?
    Nick Guarino
     Late-breaking news: reactors 5 and 6 also went into partial
meltdown. i.e. the earthquake/tsunami crippled all six reactors,
at the world's biggest nuclear power plant.
     * Meanwhile, in the Pacific Ocean near the plant, radioactive
iodine was 127.6 times the legal limit. Cesium was 24.8 times the
limit. TEPCO says this poses no immediate danger.
     * March 21, reactors #2 and #3 were again venting off
radioactive steam into the atmosphere. This “steam” contains the
most deadly radioactive substances known to man.
     * The U.S, UK and Australia are urging their citizens to
leave Japan. All cite the extremely high levels of radiation.
France is doing the same, both with its citizens and its embassy.
Same with Belgium, Norway, Russia and China.
     * The #4 reactor's plutonium-filled pool lost all its water
on more than one occasion. Fuel rods in the other three reactors
have been exposed as well. They are releasing huge amounts of
     * I have definite reports that water levels at reactors #5
and #6 either have no water in their fuel pools; or the water is
dropping very fast. When the water boils away, the fuel rods are
exposed. They start burning. The uranium and plutonium corrodes,
releasing the radiation.
     * Yukiya Amano, Director General of the IAEA (International
Atomic Energy Agency), visited the plant. He said, “the crisis
has not been resolved. The situation remains very serious.”
     * Amano also said, “buildings have been severely damaged by
explosions. For most there has been no electric power. Radiation
levels are elevated. It is no exaggeration to describe the work
of the emergency teams as heroic.”
     * Japanese Health Ministry has urged residents to stop
drinking tap water, because of extremely high levels of
radioactive iodine.
     * In 1990, the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) warned
about just such a crisis. The NRC identified power outage leading
to the failure of cooling systems, as one of the most likely
causes of nuclear accidents. They were ignored.
     * TEPCO admitted that, two weeks before the quake, it failed
to check 33 pieces of equipment. Including the backup generator
that failed.
     * The spent fuel rods, including the ones with plutonium,
were only protected by the flimsy sheet metal outer shell of the
reactor buildings. They only had a single pump to circulate the
cooling water. No backup.
     * Without any engineering work or study, TEPCO increased the
fuel rod storage capacity of the plant way beyond its original
design. They re-adjusted the pools, to increase their capacity.
They even built a separate pool outside the reactor, to store more
rods, without any building around it at all.
     * Japan's nuclear safety energy agency only has two field
inspectors for the nation's 54 nuclear plants.
* Container ships carrying Japanese goods were turned away when
they arrived in China. Why? Because they were radioactive,
contaminated from the Japanese reactors in partial meltdown. How
about this for ending exports to the rest of the world.
     * The Japanese announced a rigorous examination, to find out
why so much radiation is coming from reactor #3. Radiation levels
there are 10,000 times normal.
     * Japan is also quietly expanding the evacuation zone from 12
miles to 19. That in part is because radiation levels are above
the safe level for infants outside the 12 mile evacuation zone.
Further proof of how out of control the situation has become.

                     The Libya “crisis”
       It's added $25 to the price of a barrel of oil.
       It's dominating the world news.
     And as often is the case, the event is blown way out of
     At best, Libya is responsible for 2% of world oil production.
Not a drop of that goes to America. It goes to Italy.
     These Libyan theatrics are nothing new. Ever since the war of
1801-1805, the U.S. has had a 200 year hard-on for Libya. In
fact, the U.S. Marine Corps song memorializes this. “From the
halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli.”
     Usually NOT mentioned is the fact that our Libya excursions
have always ended in disaster.
     For now you are seeing nothing more than a party for the U.S.
military. Our fighter pilots get to bomb and strafe. Our navy
gets target practice with its Cruise and Tomahawk missiles. Like
in Iraq, that will change in a hurry, if we send in the army.
More on this below.
     Libya is split into scores of tribes. 3 major ones duke it
out for power and the riches Libya's oil fields bring. Ghadafi is
hugely popular in his own tribe. i.e. we are now involved in a
tribal dispute. If we win, what do we get?
     Say we get Ghadafi out. Not likely, but for sake of argument
say we do. Then we divide the nation into pieces, that are
constantly at war with each other. Similar to what you see in
Iraq and Afghanistan. Do we really need another war, because
Islamic crazies want to brawl it out with each other?
     It's insane. Predictably, the hedge funds are using this, as
the perfect excuse to see how high they can push oil, before it
collapses..... again!
     Obama is big on coalitions. Already the coalition Hillary
rushed to piece together in the middle of the night is falling

              We CANNOT win unless we fight on land
     America is making the classic mistake. Yes, we dominate the
skies of Libya. We dominate the waters off Libya.
     But people don't live in the sky.    They don't live in the
     What we don't dominate is the land. That is where the people
do live. And that is where wars are won or lost. On land.
       We haven't won the land war. We haven't even entered the land
war.    And Ghadafi hasn't lost the land war. Despite the ass
kicking he's taking, he still has numerical superiority and arms
superiority, over the other tribes he is fighting.
     Ghadafi may still walk away the winner here. Because Obama
sure doesn't want to go in there on the ground. Neither does
NATO. Neither do the other Arab nations.
     So how will this end up? Another senseless war, fought ad
nauseum, without a clear winner or loser. The U.N. loves that
kind of war. Since World War II, it has specialized in creating
these endless global battles. They require non-stop fighting and
endless negotiations.
     From the U.N. standpoint, it's good for business. But for the
people of Korea, Israel, and the African hellholes, it's an
endless confrontation. You could soon add Libya to the list.
     That's what the U.N. creates. These places where war never
ends. And that's where America's “leaders” are heading us.

          PIGIES continue to go broke
     As I reported to you over a year ago, the PIGIES of Europe
continue to wipe out. Things get uglier by the day.
     It's the same silly pattern. First the governments deny they
need bailouts. Then they reluctantly are forced to take a
bailout. Then the bailout isn't enough. So they get another
     Greece is still on life support, about to collapse for good.
Ireland keeps receiving aid, for all the good it doesn't do.
     Portugal is the latest to be destabilized. Spain isn't far
behind. And Italy is warming up in the bullpen.
     The dead-broke bankers are responsible for this mess.    Yet
they skate off, scot-free.

             More proof the “recovery” is total b.s.:
             U.S. home sales again fall off the cliff
     The U.S. housing market is a great bellwether of what's really
going on in the economy. Just a few months ago we were told
housing was in a phenomenal recovery. Yet actual stats prove it
keeps sinking deeper into the abyss.
     Home sales are collapsing. In February new home sales fell to
an all-time low, of just 250,000 per year. To put this in
perspective, the U.S. used to sell over 1.4 million new homes per
     New home sales (and construction) have crashed a stunning 82%.
This is a recovery, Wall Street banker style.
    No shock then that home prices are again collapsing.     Down
13.9% in February alone.    More signs the depression is far from
     And this is just the start. Foreclosures are mounting higher
by the day. The inventory of unsold new homes rose to a record
8.9 months. Even that hides the true number: bankers hold most
homes to be liquidated off the market. This is known as
     It makes me sick to my stomach. The TV pundits (mostly
beholden to and funded by the banker whores and hedge funds) are
paraded before the public and financial press. They declare what
a great recovery we have.
     Yet every real measure of the economy shows that is 100%
false. e.g. industrial production keeps sinking the world over.
Since 2007 it is down 5%. Last month it fell again.
     And still the Wall Street b.s. artists continue to scream
“material shortages.” Nothing could be further from the truth.
     The farmers of the world are producing grain like there's no
tomorrow. They aren't just selling this year's production now.
They are selling next year's production... and the year after
that... in advance.
     They know these sky-high prices can't last.    So they are
locking them in now, while they can.
     Despite the huge food supplies, grain and food prices are
soaring. Incredibly, the U.S. government pays farmers a premium
to grow corn, the food commodity of the planet, as fuel! i.e. NOT
for food!
     The U.S. government gives farmers an immense subsidy for corn
fuel no one wants (ethanol). This is destabilizing the
agricultural commodities equation...

                The ethanol scam: it takes up to
      7500 gallons of water to make one gallon of ethanol
     Ethanol is your basic screw-you fuel. The cost to make it is
ten times more than the price it sells for.
     Ethanol is also an ecological nightmare. It consumes 70% more
energy than it produces. i.e. ethanol is a huge net energy loss!
     Ethanol's water consumption is even more bizarre. Researchers
at the University of Minnesota found each gallon of ethanol
requires up to 7,500 gallons of water to produce! The exact
amount depends on the irrigation practices of the region it is
produced in.
     Ethanol is a scam.    As Cornell agriculture professor David
Pimental says,
    "Abusing our precious croplands to grow corn for an energy-
    inefficient process that yields low-grade automobile fuel
    amounts to unsustainable, subsidized food burning.”
     Shockingly, our government given tens of billions of dollars
in subsidies to this inefficient, costly, energy-sucking fuel. It
also throws away money on the biggest auto boondoggle of all time,
the electric car. See my next article for more on this.
     Sky-high energy prices are choking our economy. Yet
government refuses to let the vast amount of shale natural gas
come to market.
     Consider the amount of energy natural gas produces, compared
to oil. Natural gas at $4 a cubic foot is the equivalent of $20 a
barrel oil.
     So either gas is too cheap... or oil is too high. The answer
is pretty obvious. The investment bankers and hedge funds have
manipulated the oil market. They have literally made oil sell for
at least five times what it's worth.
     Meanwhile we have the perfect automobile fuel. LPG, or
liquified petroleum gas. It costs about half as much as gasoline.
(As I write this, even less than that.) It is the cleanest fuel
on the planet: we would eliminate all automotive air pollution, if
all cars ran on LPG. Your engine would last three times as
long... your spark plugs twice as long... regular maintenance
would cost less... and it's safer to boot.
     The U.S. has vast natural gas reserves. Biggest in the world.
They would make us energy independent. So why don't we use them?
It's very simple.
     When (not if) we move to natural gas vehicles, oil companies
refinery operations (where they make the bulk of their profits)
will get killed. They will be as needed as horse buggies were,
after cars became widespread.
     By the way, do you know who has the world's largest oil
reserves, not counting natural gas? It's not Saudi Arabia. They
only have a trillion barrels. The U.S. is the world leaders.
With our oil sands fields alone, we have over 3 trillion barrels.
     Yet U.S. oil is nearly entirely off limits to production.
Making us dependent on other nations, for the single most critical
resource of all. Giving power to Russia, OPEC and the Islamic
regimes, that they could otherwise never dream of.
     In short, we have the biggest oil supplies in the world.    The
biggest natural gas supplies. We are (or should be) truly
     There's more. Our natural gas supplies are near our
population centers. Making it extremely cheap to transport. But
that gas never comes to market. Just like our vast oil reserves.
Because of the oil lobby.
     Our leaders are driving us into oblivion. Whether it's our
trade policy with China... our economic policy with oil... or our
financial policy that lets bankers and hedge funds rape us all...
we've been sold out by the special interests and lobbies.
    All great empires end up getting sold up the river by their
leaders.     America is no different.               It's a crying shame.

      The mind-boggling electric car boondoggle

                   It will drive GM back into bankruptcy

                 Ford's Edsel. Biggest flop in auto history -- till now...

 Move over Edsel. The Chevy Volt is about to take your “Biggest Loser” crown. Its 25-mile
range would seem to limit it to trips to the local grocery store. But there is a simple solution:
                  carry a 300-mile-long extension cord, charging cable!
     The electric car is turning into the biggest boondoggle in
automotive history.
     President Obama heralded electric cars as the future of the
auto industry. GM said its Volt e-car would turn around the
     Investors plowed billions of dollars into e-battery & parts
companies. Car manufacturers invested billions in plants. All so
they could produce hundreds of thousands of these vehicles a year.
     For its first year of sales (2011) Chevy ramped up production
to ten thousand e-cars. It projects to produce 60,000-to-120,000
e-cars in 2013. After that, things are supposed to really take
off. Obama wants a million e-cars on U.S. roads by 2015.
     Nissan makes the Leaf e-car. It has an even more optimistic
outlook. Nissan/Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn said he expects to
produce 500,000 to a million e-cars every year, starting in 2013.
     The biggest-selling vehicle in the world is the F-series
pickup truck. It sold 528,000 units last year. Government, GM
and Nissan would have you believe their e-cars are about to take
over the title of “best-selling car in the world.” They will soon
out-pace even the F-series pickup.
     So with all these glowing projections, how is the e-car
actually doing? Electric car sales surely must be taking off like
a rocket, right?
     In January, 2011, GM sold 321 units. The Leaf sold 87. Yes,
you read that right. The worst launch in automotive history.
     Then in February, sales of both cars FELL.   GM sold 281 Volts.
Nissan sold 67 Leafs.
     This is at a time when overall car sales went up. Oil prices
cracked $100 a barrel. Yet e-cars, that are supposed to save the
auto industry -– that the administration promises will rescue the
people of the planet from rising oil prices and the much
ballyhooed peak in oil production -- saw their sales fall from
microscopic to sub-atomic.
     What's the problem? Well, Mr. President, it's the freaking
battery, stupid. A hundred-year-old problem that still has not
been solved. Odds are, it never will.
     Contrary to all the hooplah, electric cars are not new. They
have been around since 1890. During that time, auto companies
have sunk billions of dollars into e-car R&D. They've researched
and tested countless battery configurations. Including the
lithium ion battery, that current e-models use.
     Every single battery has the same fatal problem. They take 8-
to-10 hours to charge -– and they don't produce enough power to
run the damn cars.
     Then there is the problem of torque. That is what moves a car
from a dead stop, when it has no momentum. Torque drives cars up
hills and mountains. Bottom line, no torque no power.
     Electric motors simply can't produce enough torque.                 Their
batteries are too weak.
     And this doesn't just                     Ford cautions:
bring on acceleration
problems, either. The range          electric car future uncertain
is so small, in many cases          Chairman says firm unclear on how
the cars can't handle a day's
                                           market will develop
worth of errands, without
requiring recharging.           March 3, 2011 - Ford Chairman William Ford said
                                the automaker is hedging its bets when it comes to
     At first, Chevy claimed
                                electric car technology. He said the shape of the
its Volt could go 70 miles
                                electric car market remains uncertain and other
per charge. Chevy was soon
                                alternative fuel technologies could prove viable.
forced to drop that estimated
range. Now they say “25 to      “Electric is a focus of investment,” Ford said at The
50 miles.”                      Wall Street Journal’s ECO:nomics Conference in
     Imagine driving a          Santa Barbara, Calif. But he added that, “We still
electric car that can only go   don’t know what the winning technology is going to
25 to 50 miles at best on a     be... We’re continuing to invest in hydrogen, we’re
charge. Then you have to        continuing to invest in biofuels.”
recharge its battery for        Ford also said the company is not sure that an electric
eight to ten hours, before      power grid will be developed that can support droves
you can drive it again. Is      of electric vehicles on the roads.
there any wonder that sales
are infinitesimal?              “Prior to the Model T, a third of all vehicles in this
                                country were electric… this isn’t a new technology,”
     But even Chevy's new,      said Ford.
lower range overstates the
real numbers most drivers       “The reason it died away was the ubiquity of
will get.                       charging,” Ford said of electric car technology,
                                adding that today, “We have the same issue.”
     Chevy assumes people
will drive the Volt on flat     Ford continued: “We’ve made a big bet on electric…
land. They assume outside       but the pace at which that develops, I think anyone
temperatures will stay          who can tell you that is lying.
moderate. Not too hot. Not
too cold.
     Drive on hills and your e-battery drains faster. Same thing
if you turn on the air conditioner... or the heater... or carry a
heavier load. Your e-car will eat power like a coke addict snorts
     Consider real-life driving conditions. The real world battery
range for the Volt averages around 20 miles.
     It's a matter of physics. We are at the mathematical limit of
how much power batteries can store and deliver. Not for lack of
trying, either.
     Batteries have been around for two hundred years. We use them
in everything from computers to telephones to vehicles to light
generation. (To name a few.)
     That is why batteries have been exhaustively researched,
tested, and experimented on since the late 1800s.
     And the world's best minds know that we have hit the
technological wall. They can't make batteries significantly
better, any more than we can make planes that travel at the speed
of light, or people who can jump over tall buildings in a single
bound. There will be no breakthrough, that dramatically improves
the batteries.
     To invest tens of billions of dollars -- to base economic
turnaround on technology you don't have, that your scientists and
engineers warn you will never get -- is absolute insanity. That
is what Obama and GM have done.
        Electric cars pollute MORE than cars now on the road
     It gets uglier. Environmentalists spin the e-car as a
revolutionary green machine. That is not so. E-cars pollute far
more than the greenies admit. They may end up polluting more than
many cars now on the road.
     One reason is those lithium ion batteries e-cars run on.
Lithium is an environmental disaster. European governments
classify it as hazardous waste. It can contaminate ground water.
It poses fire hazards.
     It is possible to recycle these batteries. But it costs more
than the batteries are worth. So the vast majority of lithium ion
batteries are NOT recycled. They are dumped into the environment.
     Drive a Volt just 6000 miles a year on electricity. (6000
miles is just half the average miles driven in a standard car.)
Your e-battery wears out in two years.
     i.e. in two years, the batteries are junk. If e-cars are ever
produced in any volume, they will end up contaminating the
environment, not cleaning it up.
     It's ironic. The greenies are concerned about nuclear waste
disposal. But the green dream electric cars will produce millions
of tons of toxic waste. That waste will have to be stored
somewhere. I guess now you get to pick your poison.
     Then there is the problem with emissions. It's true that e-
cars themselves are emissions-free -- at the car. But they run on
electricity. A hell of a lot of electricity. All that
electricity must be generated.
     Most electricity in the world is generated by coal. A nasty,
dirty, polluting energy source. So even while the e-car doesn't
produce tail pipe emissions, the electricity produced at the coal-
fired generator (used to charge the batteries it runs on) does.
     Calculate the electricity e-cars use. The pollution is far
more than the greenies let you know. To give you an idea how
much, let's do a side by side comparison.
     Let's put the Chevy Volt next to the most hated car on the
planet. The 6.2 liter, 8000 pound Hummer. Let's run the Hummer
on LPG. I already told you how LPG is a proven fuel, widely used
across Europe, that costs less than half gasoline, and is far
cleaner. Your car can be outfitted for LPG for under $2000.
     We'll drive the Volt and the Hummer down the same roads. The
same distances. At the same times, under the same conditions.
     Which do you think pollutes more?   The big nasty ugly black
Hummer... or the green-dream Volt?
     The answer may shock you. The Hummer will produce 25% less
emissions. It will meet all proposed pollution standards, both in
Europe and the U.S., for 2015 -– by large margins. It is a true
green machine.
     As a condition for rescuing GM, Obama forced the company to
stop producing the Hummer. Even though with LPG the Hummer
pollutes less... sells one hundred times the number of cars the
Volt will... and was the most profitable car GM ever produced.
     By comparison, the PC greenie Volt loses GM $5k to $10k per
auto. That figure could soon skyrocket. The Volt could turn into
the biggest money-losing car in automotive history.
     Why? For one thing, GM guarantees the Volt's e-battery for
eight years. With a real range of just 25 miles... with only 400
to 500 total recharges possible... these batteries won't last more
than 12,500 miles. This is a god-awful mess for GM.
     Also, no one knows what the Volt's service liability will cost
GM. Preliminary indications I get are the car is a repair
nightmare. Computer systems constantly break down. Problems with
the braking and charging systems are pandemic.
     Dealers hate the cars.   They tell their good customers not to
touch them.
     This should surprise no one. Obama never a thing before he
became president. What makes anyone think he could run a car
company, much less the country? Remember, government owns GM lock
stock and barrel.
     Obama, in his utopian socialist dreams, will end up putting GM
out of business. This time, for good. Before he took over the
company, he demanded it close the highly-profitable Hummer
division. He demanded GM invest big-time in the electric car.
     Despite the fact that projections showed the car was not ready
technologically... and engineers said they had no solution to the
battery problem.
     Engineers and management who questioned the e-car strategy,
were silenced and/or forced to resign. Including GM's CEO.
    More money will be lost on the e-car than any other car made.
     Note: just like Obama pressured GM to develop its e-car, the
French government pressured Renault/Nissan to develop its e-car.
(The Leaf.) 500,000 to one million units per year is their
projection. So far, they have sold 173. Another full-blown
            China: the U.S. has invited
            the fox into the hen house
     Great empires fail when they start making incredibly stupid
policy decisions. America's policy with China is a classic
     Our leaders gave China complete, unfettered access to U.S.
markets. That has destroyed our manufacturing industry. Never
forget, manufacturing is where real wealth is created.
     Chinese products are made with slave labor. They are built to
the lowest standard. The fact that we let this junk into our
economy is insanity. This one single bizarre decision has
devastated our home-grown manufacturers.
     Then on top of that we make another deadly mistake. We let
China undervalue its currency. Giving the Chinese an incredible
competitive advantage. This is why they run huge balance of trade
surpluses with us each year.
     (Let me explain how this works. Say the Chinese yuan is worth
the same as the dollar. Then Americans must pay $10 for a product
that costs 10 yuan. Now say the yuan is only worth $.50. That
same product that costs 10 yuan only costs $5 in America. You see
why China is so eager to keep its currency artificially low. It
makes their products much cheaper to Americans.)
     U.S. government has tools to deal with this. Treasury
Department monitors exchange rates. Say a country keeps its
currency artificially low. This gives them an unfair advantage in
the world trade marketplace. Treasury by law is supposed to
declare them “currency manipulators.”
     Treasury admits China is manipulating its currency. In a
January, 2011 report to Congress (that was four months late),
Treasury said, “the Chinese yuan remains substantially
     But in its next breath Treasury said, “no major trading
partner meets the legal standard of improperly manipulating its
     i.e. the administration admits China's currency is way
undervalued. But it refuses to do anything about it.
     This is crazy. China's communist government has cheated us
out of $3 trillion of our money. All due to slave labor and
China's absurdly low, manipulated currency.
     Those $3 trillion are lost to the U.S. economy, businesses and
workers forever. It is one reason so many Americans are
     U.S. companies are tripping all over themselves, rushing to
set up manufacturing facilities in China. They fire American
workers at home, who demand fair pay... and hire Chinese slave
laborers from communist China. People so desperate, they work for
under a dollar an hour.
     The most recent trade stats cover the first 11 months of 2010.
Over that period, China had a $250 billion trade surplus with the
     That means every four years, China sucks another trillion+
dollars out of the U.S. economy. It takes millions more American
jobs. It bombards us with trillions of dollars of shit goods,
that are shoddy and downright dangerous.
      The question is, how many more trillions of U.S. wealth will
our sold-out politicians allow them to take, before we no longer
are a wealthy country?
     Balance of trade numbers, bad as they are, cover up an even
worse fact. We buy high value-added exports from China. Products
with a high markup (profits) to China. They are labor intensive.
They employ lots of people in China.
     The opposite is true of our exports to China. China buys low
value-added (often NO value-added) agricultural products from us.
They employ very few people in the U.S. They carry the skinniest
profit margins imaginable.
     Point being, the quality of imports and exports must be
considered in the trade equation. How many jobs they create.      How
much profit they earn. In this case it's all one-sided, in
China's favor.
     America exports mostly agricultural and crude goods to China.
They create few jobs and low profits for us. We import high value
added goods that create lots of jobs and profits for them.
     Net result: Americans are becoming unemployed in droves...
factories are closing... and America is becoming even more
impoverished. This is no accident. It's by design.
     You could solve the problem in ten minutes. Slap a 20% duty
on Chinese imports to America. Use the duty to pay down our
     Inside a year, manufacturing jobs would skyrocket in America.
Factories would open again. Prices on the Walmart shelves would
go up slightly. Unemployment would drop to 2% and our national
debt would be sinking faster then it is rising today.
     Our balance of trade deficit would become a surplus. American
manufacturing would be reborn, and usher in an unprecedented era
of prosperity.
     This has zero chance of occurring. Just like there is no
chance our sold-out politicians will open up our vast oil
deposits. Oil that would turn America almost overnight into a net
energy exporter.
     Chinese government lobbyists make sure their bought-and-paid
for U.S. politicians are bought and paid for. They make sure they
stay that way. Our government can't even achieve the first baby
step of declaring China's government a currency manipulator. Sad
times indeed.
     Please note that China does NOT make the mistakes we do. They
put heavy restrictions on their imports from the U.S. And while
they keep their currency artificially low, they bitterly complain
to U.S. officials if the dollar starts to fall.
     Is there any question who is smarter in this war for world
dominance -- and unless we make drastic changes, who will win in
the end?

            Conservative recommendations
     One of our subscribers wrote me a letter. He wanted to know
if I was right. He asked if there really is a depression. Is
there really no inflation?
     He told me every other analyst but me says inflation is going
to soar. They say the economy is recovering. He eagerly pointed
out that I was the ONLY one still predicting a depression with no
     Guys, I don't practice consensus analysis. This ain't about a
majority vote. That's a sure-fire ticket to ruin.
     Just because they got a big rally going in the stock market,
doesn't mean the economy is recovering. As the jobless and
housing numbers prove, the economy is still getting hammered. Not
just in the U.S., but around the world.
     Inflation? Prices in certain manipulated markets are going
higher. As I've discussed with you, this is true in precious
metals, industrial metals and agricultural commodities. But that
does not mean inflation is coming.
     You can have higher prices for some goods, and not have
overall inflation. Why? Because if few people buy those goods at
higher prices, there's no inflation.
     Inflation means more money chases the same number of goods.
But money supply (M3) is falling. And we have fewer jobs. If
people aren't working, they can't afford to buy the higher-priced
goods. That's exactly what you're seeing.
     The higher prices in precious metals and commodities do not
come from properly functioning markets. “Properly functioning”
means demand stay steady... and so prices
     That's how a true inflation cycle starts. People must then
buy at the higher price. Workers must demand higher wages. Money
supply goes up. You start the inflationary spiral.
     But we are in the opposite. A deflationary downturn. Not
only is money supply falling, but most items are still falling in
       Take the most expensive thing the vast majority of people ever
buy.    Their house. Housing prices are plunging.
     Far fewer people have jobs. Those who do, get less pay.
Their benefits, like health care and retirement, are getting cut.
     The banker bastards are using the vast assets/leverage of
hedge funds to manipulate select markets higher. They dupe the
public into believing in nonexistent inflation -– and that they
can protect themselves -- by buying precious metals. Even though
metals are at all-time record high prices! But spin and lies and
majority opinion do not make the argument right.
     A great example is the Japanese earthquake. Japan's economy
has taken at least a $1 trillion hit. That doesn't count damage
from the radiation, that keeps spewing out of the wrecked
     Say Japan is able to rebuild everything. (No sure thing.) It
will take them a decade to get back to where they were. That's if
everything goes perfect. In other words, this is a no-shit
disaster. It could well spell the end of Japan as an economic
     So what did the yen do during this catastrophe?     It rallied to
its highest level ever against the dollar!
     How does that happen? Well, the masses now believe they can
become millionaires trading currencies. Everyone and their mother
have become internet currency traders. After the Japanese
wipeout, they started shorting the yen.
     So the banker assholes, who run the currency markets, used
their enormous leverage to force the yen higher. They rigged the
market, and cleaned up on the suckers' money.
     But the higher yen has nothing to do with supply/demand. It
is not due to correctly appraising the Japanese economy, now or in
the future.
     It's simply another banker/hedge fund manipulation.     One that
will run its course, and come crashing back to earth.
       Has the Japanese economy recovered? No.    Is the crisis over?
No.    Have they opened the factories? No.
     So in terms of economic reality, the rising yen is a
meaningless, manipulated event. Not a barometer of what's going
on in Japan.
     Similarly, the rally in the U.S. stock market is not a
barometer of recovery. If you want to know how the U.S. economy
is doing, look at the housing market. The jobs market. The
unemployment disaster. Look at industrial production.
     You'll see things are falling apart.    Sooner or later the
stock market will follow.
       Don't forget.   The higher oil prices go, the less oil gets
sold. Higher prices curtail demand. The more the market turns to
alternative sources of energy.
     Same with copper and the other industrial metals. Real demand
-– user demand other than from the speculators -- is plunging.
Sooner or later reality will catch up with those real demand
figures. Prices will crash, just like they did in 2008. Just
like they do from every bubble.
     As for our conservative recommendations: they basically stay
the same. I expect that to hold true for a good while longer. In
case you lost your last issue, I have re-posted the recos below.
     You want to make big money, or do you want to trade a lot?
You can trade your ass off. Plenty of brokers and analysts are
more than glad to assist you. You won't make no damn money.
     My job is to protect your wealth... and show you how you could
score the really big one. That means we must trade the
fundamentals. The key fundamental is that we are in a depression.
     The global wipeout is spreading. People are rioting from
England to Portugal to North Africa to the Middle East.
     This ain't about freedom.   It ain't about which ruler they
have. It's about money.
     If they were making money, living the prosperous life, they
wouldn't care what king or president they had.
     Here's how you can make more money, and lead a more prosperous
life, in these very trying times:
     Corporate bonds. They pay a higher yield. For a reason.       You
are loaning money to companies that are dead-broke, and need a
boom economy to survive.
     But we are not in a boom economy. We are in a depression.
Customers of nearly every big company are going broke. Buying
corporate bonds, loaning them your money, is insanity.
     Same with municipal bonds and foreign bonds. California is
broke. So is every state in America. Municipal bonds will bring
us a epic financial wipeout.
    Do NOT own ANY bonds -– except U.S. government securities!
     Let's talk about bond mutual funds. They no longer carry any
kind of guarantee. Government quietly removed that guarantee, in
the dead of night. And bond mutual funds primarily invest in CDs
and the short-term debt of corporations.
     CDs? Are you out of your mind? Banks are broke. They will
be allowed to fail, as we have shown you in great detail. Their
stockholders, bondholders and CD holders will be left holding an
empty bag.
     I've been a market analyst and trader for over 30 years. Ask
me how people have lost the most money. The answer is simple. By
chasing a little higher yield. Madoff investors immediately come
to mind.
     This idea that your money always must grow is insanity. In an
inflation, you can make a valid argument for that. Prices keep
rising. Your money is worth less and less.
     But not now. Your cash in coffee cans, buried in the back
yard, has done phenomenally well the past three years. Today you
can buy a $400,000 house anywhere in the country for $200,000. In
the next few years, you'll buy that same house for $20,000.
    In a deflation, prices plunge.    Cash makes you king.
     It breaks my heart to see people throw their money into mutual
funds. Into money markets, banks, or stocks. Even gold and
silver. I know they will lose everything.
     Here are my two most controversial recos. First and foremost,
put your money in cash. Do it legally. Bankers don't want people
to take money out of their banks. That cuts off the money they
use to play in the derivatives casino. So they don't make it easy
for you.
     It is still legal to keep your money in cash, though.   I urge
you to do so.
     Another controversial   opinion: I believe the day will come
when you can wipe your ass   with FDIC insurance. I believe
government is going to let   dead-broke banks go broke and stay
broke. I believe “too big    to fail” will be a thing of the past.
     I believe government will take over these dead-broke banks and
liquidate them. You already are seeing this, in major European
nations like Ireland, Spain and Portugal. America's turn will
come soon.
     I think the vast bulk of your money will be locked in these
institutions for years. Perhaps for decades. You won't be able
to get your hands on it. Your withdrawals will be strictly
limited to chump change.
     That means one thing.   Keep your money in your lumpy mattress,
in dollars and Euros.
     The dollar will go up and down against the Euro. Boo hoo.
The dollar plunged this past year. Many people were convinced
that was because the government was printing money.
     Bull. Since then the dollar has gone up against the Euro. As
the dollar rallies, and the Euro falls, it gets cheaper for you to
diversify into Euros. I recommend you do so.
     I expect the Euro to trade around $1.15 to $1.20 bottom side.
Around $1.60 to $1.70 on the high side.
     I recommend you only hold enough money in banks to keep your
debit cards going, and to make orderly transactions. Keep money
in banks and money market funds at an absolute minimum.
     Credit cards? You got to be on drugs if you use them.
Interest rates are the highest they have ever been. Cut every one
of them into itsy bitsy pieces and burn them.
    Debit cards only!
     If you must own debt, if you can't bring yourself to top off
your lumpy mattress, there is one and one only debt you can safely
hold. Debt of the U.S. government. U.S. Treasury debt. T-bills.
T-notes. T-bonds.
     There is a great misconception here. It goes with the record
amount of debt, that the U.S. government is creating. The Fed
supposedly will have to monetize that debt, i.e. print money to
cover it.
     Nothing could be further from the truth. Of the close to $20
trillion in government-issued debt, the Fed and Treasury hold less
than $1 trillion. About the same they always have.
     Why is U.S. government debt the best, and all others bad?
Very simple. The number one economy on earth is the U.S. Number
two is Japan. Number three is China. Number four is Germany.
     Take the economies of Japan, Germany and China.   Add them all
together. They are still less than the U.S.
     I expect global business activity to fall in half. That would
be an unimaginable depression. It still leaves the U.S. as the
world's biggest economy, by far.
     And there is more. You are going to see sovereign debt
defaults. Countries like Greece, Spain and Italy will soon
default. So will the Scandinavian countries. So will England and
even China, before this is over.
     The only Triple-A debt really left is U.S. debt. Because the
U.S. government has always paid off. The smart money knows this.
     Yes, the U.S. government is issuing record-high amounts of
debt. The world wants that debt, more than ever. U.S. debt
auctions have been unbelievably successful. Far more buyers than
sellers. Even though interest rates keep dropping to record-low
     U.S. government does not have to monetize debt. It doesn't
have to print money. Banks the world over must hold dollars.
Same with governments, businesses and individuals. The only safe
place they can do that is cash in their lumpy mattresses, or U.S.
government debt.
     Believe the internet Wall Street spin at your peril. Two
years of the biggest financial wipeout the world has ever seen,
prove one fact. The dollar is king. So is U.S. government debt.
All other debt is dogshit.
     In my conservative recommendations, you should avoid two other
things like the plague. Real estate of any kind, with one
exception: a self-sufficient farm or survival retreat. You must
be ready to head for the hills. Recent events in the sovereign
debt wipeout prove this. The revolutions taking place in Northern
Africa underline it even more.
     Governments are going to default en masse. You are going to
see people starving -– not only in Africa, but in Europe, the U.S.
and the world over. Along with the African revolutions, they are
demonstrating in Europe. Soon they will be rioting in the
streets. America will follow suit.
     So be ready.   You must be able to head for the hills, on a
moment's notice.
     The social safety net will collapse. Food stamps, government
welfare and subsidies will come to a quick end. The masses will
get little more than a tent and a bowl of gruel. They will soon
be starving. There will be anarchy on the streets.
     We have time. But events could unravel quickly. Like I say,
North Africa is the canary in the coal mine. The US riots could
start as early as this summer.
     By far the worst, dumbest, money-losing thing you can do...
     ... is to buy gold. Buying real estate is close. But you
could end up with 10 cents or so on the dollar in real estate.
     Not gold. I expect gold to fall to under $100 an ounce.       To
5% of its current price.
     Gold is one of those emotional decisions. Put ten 1-ounce
gold coins in a pile. Put $20,000 cash in another pile. Ask
people which they want. They almost always go for the ten ounces
of gold, currently worth around $14,200.
     You often hear gold does well during a crisis. Not true.
During real prolonged imbedded inflation, gold does well. More or
less. During deflation, during depressions, gold wipes out. As
do all commodities. The 1930s are one example.
     It only makes sense. Right now mines are producing huge
amounts of gold. Yet that is only one part of overall supply: as
much gold is coming from people scrapping their rings and gold
chains. For many people the question is do you want to eat, or
have a gold bangle? The answer is obvious.
     Here's another thing. With gold over $1400 an ounce, the cost
of gold jewelry has skyrocketed. And we are in a depression. So
sales of gold jewelry have collapsed.
     Every mining company is bringing all the production on stream
it can. As fast as they can. They know this is a bubble. They
know the party won't last.
     There is no inflation.   There will be no inflation.   A gold
wipeout is inevitable.
     I don't know how many different ways I can say this.    Green
cash is king. Everything else is a wipeout.
     So that takes care of how not to LOSE money. But there is
another side to this. Something you must master, to survive and
     It's called “making money when most everyone else is losing
theirs.” Turning these massive losses into profits. More profits
than, till now, small investors could realistically make.
    Look, this is the biggest wipeout in world history.     Of course
the powers that be are not going to tell you that. The world is in
denial about this ongoing depression. That's when you could make
the most money. When there is blood in the streets. There has
never been more blood in the financial streets than now.
     And you've never needed money more than now. Things are about
to get bad. Real bad, real fast. What do you think the masses
will do, when they learn the banks have lost all their money? As
in ALL of it! Their benefits like health care and retirement
checks will be a fraction of what they were promised.
     Those demonstrations you saw in France, England, Greece and
Spain and the revolutions in North Africa will look like a
friendly Bingo Parlor get-together.
     The stock market is a great bubble. The biggest ever. It is
in la-la land. Everyone admits it. But they aren’t telling you
that the financial/economic/earnings wipeout continues. They’re
not telling you the stock market is valuing a recovery that has
not happened...and will not happen.
     We’re not in a minor tech wreck or a 9/11 reaction. We are
in an epic wipeout. It will completely change the orbit of the
planet. The United States is going to be a banana republic.
Europe is going to be a shadow of its former self.
     Don’t think the Chinese are coming to town to save the day.
They’re not. Their wipeout is even bigger.
     All around the world, governments and banks are desperate.
They are pulling stimulus tricks. They are forcing short-term
liquidity into the system. This gives the bankers some fast
     But they are losing money where it really counts: in their
portfolios. They are losing money faster than they can swindle it
with their rigged market manipulations.
     One recent report said each job the stimulus created cost
taxpayers $160,000. Why so much? Because most of the stimulus
money is pork. It went into the pockets of the Big Boys.
      Today's stock market is the greatest short I have ever seen
in my 30 years of doing this. It’s going to collapse. Damn soon.
If so, any trades that sell the market could do spectacularly

          Speculative trade recommendations

Warning. Warning. The following applies to all our Speculative
                 Trade Recommendations
Always keep in mind this is speculating. You could lose money. If you're not
prepared to potentially lose money, don't make the trades.
We have conflicts to report, in that our people (i.e. family, friends, girlfriends,
contractors, consultants, brothers, sisters, wives and children) are by our policy
free to make these trades. They must wait at least 5 business days AFTER we first
post any trade on our website to our Insiders Premium Pub subscribers. We/they
may or may not make the trades.
For a more complete discussion of risks, and find out what a criminal rogue I am,
please read our Disclosures and Disclaimers. We try to send this document to all
You can download and read a copy of this document on the Internet, at this link:
To get an email copy, or to get a printed version sent by first class mail, call: 1-913-
And if you have a serious fax machine that can take BIG faxes call 604-608-5496 and
we will fax you a copy.
Now if you have not been scared off -- like in my opinion Wall Street and
its country cousins hope you will be -- I have some trade
recommendations to give you. They are very speculative in nature. I
would not recommend them unless in my heart and soul I believed they
could make you a hell of a lot of money. I could be wrong and full of
shit. So you take your chances, place your bet, spin the wheel and
hope Lady Luck doesn't fail you now.

     The next section lists many of my favorite speculative recos.
They are easy to do. You can try them at home.
     The beauty of these recos is, you can never lose any more
than you put up. You never face a margin call. No expiration
dates or rollovers. Yet the leverage means you could potentially
make many, many times your investment.
     I designed these trades for depression-era investing. They
should do very well as the deflationary nightmare continues to
      The fireworks should start real soon now.                  If so, our big
paydays could be right around the corner...

                                      Gold trade
     Gold ran up to over $1400. I believe that is its peak.
Within 12 to 24 months I expect gold to trade for no more than a
few hundred dollars an ounce. Very possibly it will sink to under
     So here are my specific trade recommendations. The trades are
in my preferred order. First trade is my first choice and so
      Gold wipeout trade number 1:
      DZZ. This Exchange Traded Note (or ETN) trades as an inverse.
That means as gold goes down, it goes up. You simple BUY the
shares of this ETF, that gives you two times leverage.
     I like this instrument. A lot. It's as close to a gold
futures short as you can get, without trading futures yourself or
having to short.
     On average, the DZZ moves about $10 a share, loss or gain, for
every hundred dollar move in gold. So say my wet dream fantasy
comes true. We get $100 an ounce gold.
     The DZZ could go up by over $120, to $129 a share. (It
currently trades for about $8 per share.) So if by some miracle I
am right, you could make 15 times your money. No muss no fuss.
     Now let's say I am wrong. Gold goes to $2000 an ounce. You
would lose most of your $8 per share investment. So the risk to
reward is $120 per share in potential profits, with AT MOST $8
downside. That puts our reward/reward at around 15 to 1. I like
those odds.
     More important, I believe this trade is really with us here.
Any time now I expect gold to head right back down. ETFs are
already seeing net outflows. When the bubble bursts, they will
race for the burning theater exits.
     How much should you trade? Ahh, yes the eternal question. I
think it's time to go all in. i.e. figure out how much you want
to devote to this trade. Use all that money now, to buy the DZZ
(or our other gold reco below).
     The DZZ is obviously the most aggressive way to do this. If
you want less risk, but smaller profit potential, consider my next
trade recommendation.
      Gold wipeut trade number 2:
     DGZ: this Exchange Traded Note tracks gold futures. Same as
the ETN above, but without the doubling provision. It has no
leverage. Which means it makes half as much, if by some miracle
we are right. Of course it loses half of the DZZ, if we are
     Where I look for the DZZ to potentially make $120 a share --
if we get the move I expect -- the DGZ will make $60. Now if we
are wrong, our loss should be around half as much as well.
        Good luck, happy trading. Remember this is speculation. Never speculate with money you
cannot afford to lose.
                  Oil trade: going even better than we planned

     Oil is one of the three most over-supplied, over-priced
commodities. It is doomed.
     When we started operations in oil, crude was in the mid-$60
area. Our strategy was to do the trade in up to 4 layers. We
were going to buy more positions at different prices, as the
market moved up and down. Our specific strategy was to add
another position every time crude went ten dollars or so higher or
     Oil rose, as we expected. So if you followed our strategy
from the start, you have put on (bought) three layers of
positions. The first when oil was in the mid-$60s; the second
when oil was in the mid-$70s; the third when oil was in the low-
     Now oil is trading over $100. If you haven't added your
fourth layer of positions, do so now. I give you the precise ETFs
-– that I recommend you buy -- later in this section.
     I expected the Big Boys to do what they do best: screw the
masses, and baffle them with bullshit. They have never done a
better (or worse) job of that than now.
     Their latest myth is that the Libya crisis will cut back oil
production by a huge amount. 100% false. Libya supplies no more
than 2% of world oil. It supplies nothing to the U.S.
     Overall, there are more   oil supplies than ever before. Enough
to power the world, and meet   expected demand, for hundreds of
years. The spin about “peak    oil,” or that “we are running out of
oil,” is one of the big lies   of our time.
     The real crisis for the oil market is the opposite. There is
too much of the stuff. Desperate producers are trying to figure
out what to do with their excess supplies. Same with OPEC and the
big banks.
     They used heavily leveraged derivatives, to buy up every
barrel of production. That is how they drove prices to bubble
highs. Prices did not soar due to demand. Demand has been
falling by double digit amounts for the past two years.
     The biggest problem for the manipulators is not running out of
oil. It's how to hide the stuff. Where to store the billions of
barrels they bought up...that are overhanging the market...and
would send prices crashing, if even a small amount of them got
     Now here is the next part of this bullshit manipulation. The
spin that “supply doesn't count” in the oil price equation: only
demand does. And not even current demand, which is collapsing in
this depression. Future demand is the key, according to Wall
     According to this fairy tale, the masses in China are about to
consume every last drop of oil on the planet, as they speed their
sleek modern automobiles down the fabled Chinese Interstate
system. What a load of crap.
     There is no interstate in China. There are barely any roads.
The people there earn about $1 an hour. Government lies to the
contrary, the Chinese economy is not booming. It is collapsing.
Just like every other economy in the world.
     Naturally. China's economy depends on exports. Which are
crashing in the global depression. China was just forced to admit
that they suffered a balance of trade DEFICIT.
     Chinese oil demand is TINY. In fact, it is forecast that
Chinese oil demand this year will DROP by 23%.
     Same is true in India. The teeming masses there are not
taking leisurely spins in their nonexistent SUVs, down idyllic
roads to their favorite Bed & Breakfast getaways. They are
struggling to feed themselves.
     Do not get taken in by oil company propaganda. Future demand
will be LESS than current demand. That's what happens in a global
depression. And the world is not running out of oil. Not even
     We won't run out of oil for the next thousand years. Recent
oil finds and new production techniques have opened up huge new
supplies of oil.
     America alone has trillions of barrels of oil in the ground --
in oil shale. And yes, the technology now exists to extract it.
     What's more, U.S. coal fields are among the biggest in the
world. In short, we are awash in oil and other fuels.
     I believe the start of the next oil plunge is just months
away. So we should get our ducks in a row now. We should layer
in more positions when our average points are reached, as the
mega-manipulators get more fools to buy into the “future oil
demand” myth.
     That's where you ignore supplies. You phony up the future
demand numbers. You drive up oil prices, five to ten times what
they should be. You hide inventories, manipulate price, create a
bubble and take the suckers' money once again. Nothing new.
     It amazes me how many people buy into this crap.   They will
pay a heavy price.
     Time and time again you have seen this same oil scam. The
manipulators jack up the price to absurd highs, only to have it
plunge. Funny how they never quite explain the plunge.

                Specific OIL ETF Recommendations

     Consider the following ETFs in this trade recommendation.
These ETFs are inverses. Their share prices go up as oil prices
go down (and vice versa). That means by simply BUYING the shares
of the ETF, you position yourself to make money as oil prices
     Pick and choose how many shares of stock in the following ETFs
you want to buy. Be ready to add at least one more layer, as the
price goes higher.
     DUG. This inverse ETF trades over a half million shares a
day. It has plenty of liquidity. Plenty of volume. In my
opinion, this is a great way to get at the oil market on the short
    DUG tracks the Dow Jones US Oil and Gas index.   This index is
made up of the 100 biggest energy companies. It is an inverse,
that gives you two times leverage. In dollar terms, it doubles
the move the index makes.
     DUG is not a pure oil trade: instead of tracking oil itself,
it tracks the value of the big oil companies' share price. But
it's damn close. Because these companies' stock prices closely
follow crude.
     DUG gives you a great way to short the top oil   companies in
America. Yet you never actually short any of those    shares of
stock. With the new short rules that would be real    difficult and
real expensive. Instead, DUG does the shorting for    you.
     DUG is a phenomenal tool. Oil is now trading in the low-
$100s. And the Dug is trading around $27.50. In late 2008, crude
oil was trading under $40 a barrel. The DUG was at $280 a share.
I believe, in my humble dishwasher opinion, oil is a slam dunk to
trade at $40 a barrel again. Actually a whole lot less.
     If I am right, you could make $250 a share. That's if crude
merely goes back to where it was last March. What I really
believe is that crude will go to $10 a barrel. If by some lucky
chance I have guessed right, you could potentially make over $370
a share. Around 1000% profits.
     Now this is pie in the sky. The “experts” say it's not in the
realm of possibilities. They may be right. If oil goes to $150 a
barrel, like they say it will, you will lose your ass.
     Remember, all the experts and their dogs say I am full of
shit. To be honest, I like it that way.
    Here is another cup of poison for you to consider:
    DTO.   What a great way to trade crude oil. DTO tracks the
performance of the Deutsche Bank Liquid Commodity Index-Optimum
Yield Oil Excess Return. The index is a rules-based index. It is
made up of futures contracts on light sweet crude oil. This is a
pure play on the price of crude oil per barrel.
     DTO is an inverse ETF. As crude falls, it goes up.    As crude
goes up, DTO falls. It also gives you 2-to-1 leverage.
     DTO has average volume of over 300,000 shares a day. More
than enough for our purposes. It tracks the movements in crude
oil very nicely. Not perfectly, but close enough for hand
     As I write this, DTO is trading around $43 a share. When
crude put in its lows last February, the DTO traded at $250 a
     DAMN! THAT IS GREAT LEVERAGE! DTO is an incredible tool,
like I have been telling you. If you want a more pure play,
tracking crude on leverage -- and without the risk of futures --
this baby is for you.
     If by some miracle crude oil goes back to its more recent lows
-- at $40 a barrel -- and this baby tracks correctly -- you could
make a killing. We are looking at potentially a 600% return.
Maybe a lot more. Never mind what we could make if crude oil goes
to $10 a barrel, like I in my sick mind believe it will.
     Suppose I am wrong.   What will happen to you? You could lose
your initial investment.   But nothing more. That is why this is
called speculating...
      Here is a milder way to potentially lose your ass:
     SZO. For those of you did not want as much volatility or risk
-- who want to play more conservatively -- we recommended this
     Like DTO, the SZO tracks the performance of the Deutsche Bank
Liquid Commodity Index-Optimum Yield Oil Excess Return. Like DTO,
the SZO is an inverse.
     The difference is that DTO gives you two times leverage. The
SZO does not. Which means it's less risky. That doesn't mean NO
risk. It means LESS risk.
     Don't let anyone shit you. Trading in any shape, way or form
is speculating. When you speculate you can lose money. Stock
market mutual fund super savers have learned that the hard way.
     When crude hit its lows, SZO traded around $85 a share. We
put on our first positions around $53 a share. It's now trading
around $40 a share.
     The SZO may be the way to go if you are a new trader... have
no positions... and want to move cautiously.
      I don't really like SZO. For me, it is the scaredy-cat way to
go.   Either I'm playing or I'm not.
     But if you got that queasy feeling in your stomach -- if you
are new at this and want to take it slow at first -- the SZO is
for you.
     For those of you who are new and want to take the plunge
conservatively, put half the money you want to blow by speculating
into the SZO.
     Look, the SZO is still viable. You still have potential to
make $40 for every $40 invested on this trade -- if we get lucky
and oil goes down to $25 a barrel.

                       4th oil ETF reco
     I just love this next oil ETF. It is the most aggressive way
to blow your money on oil. It gives you no-shit 3-times leverage.
And to my mind it tracks the underlying cash oil market
      I'm talking about the...
     ERY. This ETF trades the Russell 1000 Energy index, on an
inverse. But get this. It strives to give you 3 times leverage.
     Don't you love it. Wow, baby, we could do some serious damage
to our oil market manipulator friends with this one. When and if
the oil market takes its next death plunge with the ground. (To
my sick mind that is a sure thing.)
     Volume is averaging over a million shares a day for this
beauty. The ERY has over $54 million dollars in assets. That
means it has the bucks to back its bet. It can use instruments
you and I never could touch alone.
     It started trading in November 2008. which means it has enough
of a track record to meet my “throwing hand grenades” criteria.
With soaring oil prices, ERY has plunged. From around $350 to
around $14 a share. That's the power of triple leverage.
     Now let your mind ponder, what this baby will look like when
and IF oil starts its next death plunge. DAMN SAM. I love this
triple leverage inverse energy market tracker. I can't wait to
watch it go airborne.
     Understand that triple leverage is a mother. It's a beautiful
sight to behold when it goes for you. When it goes against you,
it's a ball buster.
     I've given you four of the best trades I know of to take
advantage of a plunge in the price of oil. DUG, DTO, SZO, ERY.
    Please Note:      there is no such thing as risk free trading.
When you trade you risk losing your money, pure and simple. Never
ever trade with money you can't afford to lose!
     In my view, the new ERY is the best way to get at oil. If we
are wrong, it will lose the most. If by some fluke we are right,
it could make you a buck or two.
    Warning. We are now stuck into another oil trade.   Don't you
love it. The manipulators are at it big time. In oil, gold and
the stock market. As usual they have created more bubbles. I
believe these bubbles will blow up AGAIN. Just as they have
repeatedly in the past.
     I am not sure how big a rally they will get. Every dollar
higher takes them further way from the fundamentals. In my
opinion. I see them straining more and more, the higher oil goes.
     I also see more and more supplies coming to market. Refinery
margins are terrible: lack of demand means many refiners can't
make a profit in gasoline. An ominous sign of things to come.
     As I told you earlier, there's no way to know how far from
fundamentals they can take a market. And I remind you once again
of my disastrous oil trade of a few years ago. It was only
rescued when oil plunged from $150 a barrel.
     At that time I thought $50 a barrel oil would be the
manipulation high. I was wrong. But when oil went to over $100 a
barrel, I knew disaster loomed for the oil market manipulators. I
said so. We were able to get in. If you stuck with your trades,
you could have made real good money.
    I still don't see oil breaking much over $110 a barrel.         If at
     Even the market manipulators don't know how far they can take
this manipulated oil market from the fundamentals. That is what
makes our ETFs the perfect option for us. No margin calls. No
expiration dates. Buy them, sit on them, and wait as long as you
need for the market to go your way.
                    Bond reco still right on target

    I believe this trade will unfold over a number of years.
     People are more fooled than ever. They think the Fed is
printing money. They believe we will get massive inflation, and
that interest rates will go up.
     I do not agree. I believe the Fed will keep buying long-term
securities, to bring down long rates. I also believe the smart
money will keep buying US government debt. Even though interest
rates fall lower and lower. They see that debt as the only place
to shield their money, from this raging depressionary storm.
     At one time the Fed Funds rate was 8%.      Now it is around
0.25%. For all intents and purposes, zero.

             Why I think the Fed must cut long-term rates:
                   short-term rates are nearly ZERO

     The Fed has next to no room to cut short-term rates. Which
leaves them one option. The Fed must lower long-term rates. Just
like it has repeatedly done. Just like it says it will:
    On August 27th Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said the Federal
    Reserve stands ready to boost the flagging US economy and has
    the tools to do so, including increasing holdings of long-term
    assets such as Treasury bonds and other securities.
     I repeat what I said before. I see 30-year mortgages going to
1.5% or less –- if you can find anyone foolish enough to lend the
money. I expect the 30-year US government bond, which now yields
about 4.5%, to fall to under 1%. The 10-year bond should fall to
     If I'm right, you could make a ton of money in these markets.
i.e. we still have time to get in on the Quantum Easing bonanza.
     In the trading game there are no guarantees.   There ain't no
such thing as a sure thing.
     That said, when the next wake-up call happens -– when the next
round of credit defaults hit the markets en masse -– I believe
long rates will nose dive.
     I love long-term U.S. government bonds and zero coupons. I
have recommended that subscribers buy the actual bonds -– the
actual zero coupon strips -- for quite some time now. They have
done great. I want these zero coupons and long bonds more than
     Here is my specific zero coupon U.S. Treasury Bond reco. It
has not changed from previous issues. I think you should buy
right now. That is my preferred way to take advantage of long-
term interest rates, that I believe will plunge.
     10-year zero-coupon bonds: Right now you should be able to
purchase a U.S. Government 10 year till maturity zero coupon bond
-- with around 2.77% yield and a face value of $25,000 -- for
around $12,600. Please note the yield constantly changes. But
you should be able to buy them around that price.
     Suppose long-term interest rates fall on the ten year by 2
percentage points. That's what I expect over the next 16 months.
Your bond's market value could go to over $20,000. Up a whopping
     A fantastic potential return, when most everything else is
crashing...prices are falling (making the real yield even
better)...and your investment is 100% backed by the U.S.
     Thousands of stock brokers and bond dealers can make this
transaction for you. Be sure to shop around. Get their bid/ask
price and commissions and charges. Shop, shop, shop and compare
     Bottom line, it's a deflation. Rates will keep dropping for
years to come. Any talk of inflation is just spin. A way to take
more of the masses' money.
     I doubt in this crisis they will RAISE rates for more than the
short term. But you never know. These are crazy times.
              The other way to trade bonds: buy ETFs
    In addition to buying the bond, you could buy ETF's or
Exchange Traded Funds.   I present two ETF's here for your
     The first ETF buys the long bond (ticker symbol: TLT). This
fund buys the actual long bond. It is designed to track the price
and yield of the Long Term United States Treasury Market.
     TLT puts 95% of its holdings in U.S. government securities.
And 90% of those assets are in long bonds.
     The TLT is huge. It has $2.7 billion in assets. The fund now
trades at around $92 a share. It is designed to go up in price,
as interest rates on the underlying bonds go down. This fund even
has a nice yield of 4.23%.
     I could see TLT trading up to $130 a share before 2011 ends.
I think you should put up to 5% of your speculative capital in
this fund -- if you do not hold Treasuries or zero coupon bonds.
     This is   a “buy it and forget it” kind of trade. I think it
will take at   least a year to give you big returns. If interest
rates make a   fundamental change in direction (and I don't mean the
usual market   swings), we will dump these positions.
     Bottom line, I see global interest rates going to zero. The
TLT takes advantage of that move, if I am right. Before you make
this trade, get a bid/ask quote. Also, give your stock broker a
price order. Do not use an “at the market” order.
     This next ETF buys the Zero Coupon bond (ticker symbol: EDV).
This fund trades in zero coupon bonds. No muss, no fuss. They do
the work for you.
     EDV tracks the Treasury STRIPS 20-30 Year Equal Par Bond
Index. It holds 97.92% of its assets in these bonds. This ETF
currently trades at around $77 a share. I could see the EDV going
to $170 a share or more -- if we have guessed right and long
interest rates fall as much as I think they will.
     I recommend you hold up to 5% of your speculative funds in
this ETF. This is really a simple way to trade bonds, if you
don't cotton to working with a bond broker to buy my much
preferred Zero Coupon Bonds. I can tell you, some brokers are
really sleazy. If they smell amateurs they can't help themselves.
They try to screw you to the wall.
     Before you make this trade, get several bid/ask quotes.    Be
sure to give your stock broker a price order on the ETF's.
     In closing: it's pretty obvious, this is a shitty time.
Fraught with danger and challenges, the likes of which mankind has
never seen before.
     If you want to believe the bull, that's your business. But
just think back a few years. Wall Street and the financial press
had everyone convinced the way to riches was their home. Before
that it was the dogshit Internet stocks.
    Now they want you to jump on the gold bandwagon/peak
oil/commodities scarcity hooplah.   It's the same band.   They are
just playing a different song.
     We do NOT have shortages of oil, gold, grains, or industrial
metals. Just the opposite. Supplies are near or at all-time
highs. Demand is shrinking.
     As for Japan, the crisis there is not over. They don't even
know how many dead people they have, except that it numbers in the
tens of thousands. Possibly more.
     Japan was already in a decade-long depression. Nothing it did
could pull itself out. Now not just one, but three devastating
blows have hit its economy. And this is a good thing? As Wall
Street spin claims?
    Use your brain.   How is that possible?
     This triple Japanese crisis -– the earthquake, tsunami and
nuclear meltdown -– could go down as one of the most significant
events in world history.
     It will put to rest another modern fable. Just in time
manufacturing. The curse of our time. You will soon see it
devastate the factories of the world. Thanks to the Japanese
disaster, they will shut down.
     Here's why. Japan, the world's 2nd largest economy, supplies
key high-tech manufacturing goods around the globe. I don't care
if you drive a Ford, Chevy, Mercedes or Toyota. Your car has a
huge number of key Japanese parts in it. And despite the spin,
Japan will not deliver those parts to any factories for months to
come. In some cases, years.
     Japan rebuilding won't come close to making up what their
economy has lost. It will take years. If they are able to
rebuild at all. You see, they have two problems.
     One, they have been in a depression for over ten years. They
already owed vast sums of money. This blow could take them down
for the count.
     Second is a major unknown: just how bad will this nuclear
accident become? Several reactors are in some degree of meltdown.
The world is starting to figure that out. Every day on the
nightly news, we see the radioactive clouds grow bigger.
     Even if the parts crisis gets resolved, do you really want to
buy a radioactive Lexus? China sure doesn't. It already is
banning Japanese goods. The rest of the world could soon follow
     You can't eat food from irradiated farm lands. You can't
consume goods that were made in radioactive factories. Let that
roll around in your head, and what that suggests for the global
     Now to the North African “crisis.” I don't know what the hell
Obama was smoking, when he decided to involve America in the North
African power struggles.
     Libya is not a factor in the oil equation. It is a sideshow,
to divert the world's attention from the truly serious issues we
face. Which are the world-wide depression... the bubbles in
everything from stocks to commodities to oil to food... and now
this unprecedented triple disaster, whose side effects are
spreading around the globe.
     The markets. Wall Street's spin is all wrong. The prices you
see in oil, precious metals, industrial metals and agricultural
commodities are absolutely insane. They are based on lies, not
market fundamentals.
     One quick example. Before the Japanese crisis, natural gas in
the U.S. was trading at $3.75 a cubic foot. Since then it has
traded as high as $4.50. Why? The story goes that because Japan
shut down some nuclear power plants, it will turn to natural gas
to generate power. Demand will rise, pushing prices higher.
     100% false. Another example of the incredible self-serving
spin even Wall Street knows is b.s.
     First, Japan will turn to coal and diesel generators to make
up for the wrecked nuclear plants.
     Second, Japan will import any natural gas it does need from
Qatar. World's largest exporter of natural gas. One of the few
places that can compress and load natural gas on specially made
     The U.S. cannot do that. We don't have a single terminal
capable of compressing natural gas and loading it.
     Yes, America is choking on natural gas. With the new
fracturing technique, we have the greatest natural gas resource
known to man.
     But U.S. natural gas does not ship to Japan. Our market is
entirely self-contained, within our own borders. We don't export
the stuff, we don't import it. Because of the special interests
that own our whore politicians, we barely use the most non-
polluting fossil fuel known to man.
     So whatever Japan does with natural gas does not affect our
natural gas market. The idea that it does is lunacy. And the
price rise on supposed Japanese demand is ludicrous.
       A similar lunacy is occurring in industrial metals.   In crude
oil.    In precious metals and agricultural commodities.
     Very simply, the dead-broke banks are using their Frankenstein
creations, the hedge funds. They are manipulating as many markets
as they possibly can, to create bubbles.
     In my opinion, there's a fortune that could be made in this.
It will take balls, brains, patience and some bucks.
       You saw the wipe out. You saw the housing market wipe
out.    You saw $150 a barrel oil drop to $40.
     You ain't seen shit, compared to what's coming. I believe we
are on the verge of the biggest, most devastating commodities
wipeout in history.
     This depression isn't over.   It's about to get a whole lot

           These extraordinary times are about to get
                 a whole lot more extraordinary
     You are in a rare situation. Soon you could be enriched
beyond your wildest dreams... or in the twinkling of an eye, get
thrust into abject poverty.
     Look at the world events taking place all around you. Surely
you see we are living in extraordinary times. They represent
extraordinary risk. They also represent extraordinary
     It's up to you. You must decide how to handle things. I've
dedicated my life to saving as many people as possible from this
wipeout... and to showing as many people as I can how to become
filthy, stinking rich.
     I know you face a very difficult problem. There are so many
voices out there, on the economy and investments. Almost all tell
you the exact opposite of what I say.
     But you have to ask yourself. Did they prepare you for the bubble? Or did they suck you into it?
     Did they get you to buy $300 an ounce gold?   Or are they
trying to get you to buy $1400 an ounce gold?
     Did they get you to sell oil as it rallied to $150 a barrel,
or did they try to get you to buy into it?
     Did they warn you about the derivatives/bank/real estate
wipeout? Or did they do everything in their power to suck you
into that market as well?
      Are they warning you about today's crisis, when the world's
2nd largest economy faces the most costly natural disaster of all
time? Or are they pooh-poohing it and spinning it?
     Are they warning you that today's $100 oil is a bubble...or
are they telling you to prepare for $200 oil?
     Are they tell it's a recovery... or are they warning this next
leg of the wipeout will be more devastating than the first?
     They fool you once, shame on them. They fool you twice, shame
on you. They fool you three times, you may end up living in
abject poverty.
     You better figure this out.   This time there are are no second

          How the Bunker Hunt silver bubble
              made me my first fortune
       It all started in 1979.
     You might remember. Silver took off, like a rocket to the
moon. Within a year it crashed back to earth. All due to a vast
manipulation, that cost many people their life savings.
     Just like now, commodities prices were rising. The economy
was in the shitter. People were scared. They didn't know what to
     Everyone and their mother was telling them to buy silver.   It
would save their wealth. It would make them rich. The higher
silver went, the more people believed the spin.
     Ordinary people started putting their life savings into
silver. They bought into the same b.s. you hear today:
       * They were told silver demand was skyrocketing. (False. In
       1979-80, the U.S. was in a deep recession. Demand was
       plunging. Just like now, as I'll prove to you in a moment.)
       * They were told silver supplies were shrinking. (Total b.s.
       The soaring prices made old mines profitable again.
       Production was going up, not down. And scrap silver was
       coming out of the woodwork, as millions of people cashed in
       their silver flatware and jewelry. Again, just like what's
       happening now.)
       * They were told the Fed was printing money. Inflation would
       soar. In fact, many experts warned that hyper-inflation was
       around the corner. Silver (and gold) were supposedly the only
       ways you could shelter your wealth against rising prices and
       the falling dollar.
       Again, the same b.s. crap as today. B.S. because in the real
       world, inflation soon plunged to a few percent a year. The
       dollar didn't fall. It rose. You know what happened to
     In other words, every so-called “fact” about silver was either
wrong or a flat-out lie. Just like today.
     But thanks to the manipulation, silver took off on one of the
biggest bubbles ever. It soared from $5 an ounce to just under
       One man was behind this. Bunker Hunt. You probably heard of
him.    He was the billionaire heir to a vast oil fortune.
     Bunker teamed up with some Arab sheiks he knew from the oil
industry. They manipulated silver the same way it's being
manipulated now: by buying every spare ounce they could lay their
hands on.
     Silver was a thin market back then. (Still is.) So it was
easy to corner. That is the sole reason silver went up 1000% in a
year. Plain and simple, a few heavyweight hitters rigged the
     Of course, the masses got sucked late into the game.   Right
near the highs. That's true in every bubble.
     And when the public got whipped into a frenzy... when the
precious metals experts were predicting $200 silver, telling
everyone to jump in with both feet... the silver bubble burst.
The market wiped out virtually overnight.

     As you can see in the chart above, it was a hell of a ride.
Silver went up so fast, so high, it convinced nearly everyone it
would never come down again. Just like now.
     Bunker Hunt had bought 125 million ounces of silver. I saw
his stash with my own eyes, stored in vaults at Engelhard. He
bought at an average of over $20 an ounce. He sold at an average
of $5 an ounce. He lost nearly $3 billion. Every penny due at
     Even Bunker did not have that kind of cash. He was forced to
give Engelhard, the major silver refiner that was his creditor,
his share of the Hunt Oil Company. One of the most valuable
private oil concessions in the world.
     Until then Bunker was one of the richest men in the world.
Silver bankrupted him. It turned him into a broken man. His only
income came from a trust fund, that his brothers and sisters set
up as charity for him.
    Everyone who bought into the silver lie faced a similar fate.
                I started shorting when silver hit $35.
            When the bubble burst, I was there to pounce
     I knew the silver bubble was total bull. A manipulation.    I
knew real demand for silver was getting WEAKER. Supplies were
getting stronger.
     Most important, I knew silver was soaring for only one reason.
It was getting rigged. Market manipulators were buying the hell
out of the stuff. They were driving prices up on b.s. spin and
more b.s. spin. Just like today.
     I also knew Bunker and his merry gang of manipulators had a
serious problem. The same fatal flaw every market manipulator
     At some point, the buying stops. They run out of money and
new suckers to scam. No buying means no rally. No rally means
market forces exert themselves. It's like sticking a pin in a
balloon. The market bursts. That has happened to every bubble in
     So when silver got over $35, I knew Bunker was running out of
time, friends and capital. I started shorting, with every penny I
could beg, borrow or steal.
     It didn't take long. The silver bubble burst overnight. One
day silver was trading at nearly $50 an ounce. The next day, it
was in the $30s.
     Within a few months, silver plunged to $15 an ounce. Within a
year, it fell to under $5. In one four-day panic, it fell 50%!
     Lots of people lost lots of money.    Lots of dreams went up in
     For me it was the exact opposite.    I cashed in over and over.
So did everyone who listened to me.
     Like every crashing market, silver didn't go straight down.
To my astonishment, misguided precious metals gurus kept urging
people to buy more! Every drop was called a “buying opportunity.”
Sound familiar?
     Each time, I traded the opposite side.     We made spectacular
     It was hard. Damn hard. We had to use futures. The market
swings, margin calls, and contract expiration dates played hell
with us.
     Still, many people who followed our recos made a killing.
Again, simply because I knew silver was a bubble... the bubble had
to burst... and we were positioned to make a fortune when it did.
            I've got to pinch myself. I must be dreaming.
                   It's happening all over again!
     A whole new group of market manipulators are back. Their b.s.
spin has lured in a whole new group of suckers. They have created
another vast silver bubble.
     Like in 1980, this silver bubble is built entirely on lies and
spin. Like in 1980, it's about to crash.
     But unlike in 1980, we have a much better way to get at them
than with futures. If you ever kicked yourself over what happened
in 1980... if you would like to make a killing when silver crashes
this time (as I believe is a 100% coming event)... let me tell you
how to do it.
     Please look at the table below. It shows you demand and
supply figures for silver over the last 11 years. You will see a
 remarkable fact:
        Supplies are greater than ever... demand has plunged... yet
        silver has gone from $5 an ounce to over $30!
      First let's look at supply. Despite the b.s. spin, mine
 production is up. Scrap silver (people selling their flatware,
 jewelry, etc.) is coming in from every orifice. Total supply is
 soaring, from 919 million ounces in year 2000 to 1,292 million
 ounces in 2010.

                          World Silver Supply and Demand
                                      (in millions of ounces)

                    2000 2001 2002 2003 2004                 2005 2006 2007 2008           2009   2010
Mine Production     591.0 606.2 593.9 596.6 613.0            636.8 640.9 664.4 684.7 709.6        783
Net Government Sales 60.3 63.0 59.2 88.7 61.9                 65.9 78.2 42.5 27.6     13.7         12
Old Silver Scrap    180.7 182.7 187.5 183.9 183.7            186.0 188.0 181.8 176.0 165.7        497

Total Supply          919.1 870.9 853.1 869.3 868.2 916.3 907.2 888.7 888.3 889.0 1292

Industrial Applications 374.2 335.6   340.1   350.8   367.6   407.0   427.0   456.1   443.4 352.2
Photography             218.3 213.1   204.3   192.9   178.8   160.3   142.4   124.8   104.9  82.9
Jewelry                 170.6 174.3   168.9   179.2   174.8   173.8   166.3   163.5   158.3 156.6
Silverware               96.4 106.1    83.5    83.9    67.2    67.5    61.0    58.4    56.9  59.5
Coins & Medals           32.1 30.5     31.6    35.7    42.4    40.0    39.8    39.7    65.2  78.7
Total                   891.7 859.4   828.3   842.4   830.8   848.7   836.4   842.5   828.6 729.8 734

Price ($/oz)          4.95   4.37     4.60    4.88    6.56    7.51 11.55 13.38 14.99 14.74 30.91

      What about demand? It's dropping like a rock. In year 2000,
 silver demand was around 890 million ounces. In 2010, it was
 around 734 million ounces.
      Do you see? Supply is UP 40%.                          Demand has dropped over 17%.
 Prices should have collapsed.
         Instead, silver skyrocketed from $4.95 an ounce to over $30!
         How does this happen?               Could “inflation” be the answer?
      No. We have no inflation. In fact, we are in the early
 stages of a long-term deflation. Other than this put-up
 commodities rally, prices are falling across the board. As you
 see in the graph below, inflation is the lowest in more than 40
 years. By far.
     So if silver is not going up on inflation... or supply/demand
fundamentals... why is it going up?
     Silver has soared because it's being manipulated.   Just like
in the Bunker Hunt manipulation of 1979-80.
     This time, the sleazy banker assholes and hedge funds are
behind the price fix. The U.S. government is doing its part, too,
by giving them trillions of your tax dollars. They are using that
money to manipulate silver, gold, oil, stocks and a whole host of
other markets. Here's how.
     When the Fed saw how serious the recession was, it panicked.
It knew the world financial system could collapse. So it started
pumping vast amounts of money into the nation's banks. You can
see exactly how much in the chart below:
     This chart should make your jaw drop. It shows you net loans
to the nation's banks, from the Fed. You can see that for 50
years, the Fed had given the banks basically nothing, on a net
basis. Sure, it loaned them small amounts. But they quickly paid
those loans back. That was true, right up to 2009.
     Over the past two years, the Fed has given U.S. bankers more
than a trillion dollars. See how the blue line on the graph goes
straight up, from zero to a trillion?
     Interest rates are around zero. So this is free money to the
bankers. It's also highly-leveraged, source Perrier money. The
bankers can turn each dollar the Fed gives them into ten dollars,
twenty dollars or more.
     And what did the bankers do with these trillions? They sure
as hell didn't lend it out to business. In fact, banks have
stopped making loans. They know they won't get paid back.
     Bankers dumped the trillions of free Fed dollars into their
old friends. Derivatives. The same instruments they used to blow
up the housing bubble, that created this mess to begin with. Now
they are using these leveraged derivatives to buy up precious
metals, stocks, oil, corn, wheat and every commodity under the
     That is why you see so many bubbles, in so many markets, all
at the same time. Not because of increased demand, or the
mythical “recovery.” It's because Wall Street and the banker
whores took trillions of the public's dollars, and rigged
everything they could get their hands on.
     For example, they created bubbles in stocks. Which is why the
Dow has soared -- even though unemployment is the worst since the
Great Depression, and every major U.S. corporation is technically
     (If you believe the b.s.
that U.S. companies are making      Why investment bubbles always burst
money, remember they that don't          ...and why the current silver bubble
count their retirement liability.                 is about to as well
That alone would bankrupt them.
Just like it is bankrupting our
                                         Sometimes a commodity goes up in price,
state, municipal and local
                                    because producers or consumers demand more
governments -– and will
                                    of it. Price increases like that are valid. They
eventually bankrupt the U.S.
                                    are real. They can be sustained.
government as well.)
                                        Not so when price goes up because
     They created bubbles in
basic foods, like rice, wheat,      speculators corner a commodity. Remember,
oats and corn. That is why riots    speculators aren't consuming anything. They
are erupting in poor countries      aren't producing. They are simply adding
around the world. The masses can    temporarily to demand. That word
no longer afford to eat.            “temporarily” is the key.

     And they created this vast         They can be successful – for awhile. They
bubble in silver. Like Bunker       can drive up price, and work the public into a
Hunt, they bought up every ounce    frenzy.
of silver they could find. Like         But to profit, they have to sell. There is no
Bunker Hunt, they now face their    way around it. And that is when the scheme
worst nightmare: a crash that       falls apart. The temporary speculative demand
will take silver down to under $5   goes up in smoke. The bubble bursts. The
an ounce.                           bottom falls out of the market.
       Behind the scenes,                It happened to Bunker Hunt in 1980. In fact,
                                    it's happened to every bubble in history. Now
  hedge funds did the dirty work    it's about to happen to today's silver bubble.
          for the banks             Nothing can stop this, any more than we can
                                    stop the sun from rising each morning.
     The bankers did not buy
silver themselves. You see no           Bunker Hunt's price manipulation brought
silver on their balance sheets.     vast supplies of silver to the market. From
                                    mines. From silver scrap.
     Instead, they invested in
select hedge funds. The hedge          But that silver was never consumed.
fund then buys silver (and the      Industry didn't use it. People didn't buy vast
other markets they manipulate).     amounts of jewelry or silver flatware. Just the
In the case of silver, they do      opposite: they SOLD their jewelry.
this through the ETFs, or               All that extra silver was 100% a speculation.
Exchange Traded Funds.              A bubble. It didn't lead to an ounce more of real
     ETFs are simply shares of      silver demand or consumption.
stock. They trade on the                Now ETFs are doing the same thing. They
exchanges. Just like IBM,           have driven silver prices sky-high. Mines again
Microsoft, or any other share of    are producing record amounts. Scrap sales are
                                    going through the roof.
     But unlike IBM, there is no
                                         These supplies must continually be absorbed.
company behind the ETF. The ETF
                                    i.e. someone must keep buying them. Until now,
takes the money invested in it,
                                    the ETFs have done that. But eventually they
buys physical silver, and stores
                                    run out of money. Then no one is left to buy.
it. ETFs don't buy silver for
                                                        (continued in box below)
industrial reasons. They don't
buy to make jewelry or flatware.
     ETFs are 100% speculative.
They hope to capitalize on rising      Why the silver bubble must burst
silver prices.
                                               (continued from box above)
     The first silver ETFs were
                                         Bunker Hunt ran out of buying power.
announced in 2004. Silver was
                                     Silver collapsed from $50 to $5. Same thing is
trading then at under $5 an ounce.
                                     happening with the silver ETF buyers. As we
It had done so for over two
                                     speak, silver is near its peak. The crash will be
decades, ever since Bunker's
manipulation fell apart.
                                          Don't get taken in by the spin. Silver is no
     But news of the upcoming ETF
                                     longer money. That ended many decades ago.
alone pushed prices higher. When
the first silver ETF finally         It's not an inflation hedge: as you know,
opened, in 2006, silver had risen    inflation is at 60 year lows.
to around $8 an ounce. Again, not        Silver isn't really even an investment. It's
due to any changes in supply and     an industrial metal, with some jewelry
demand. Supply and demand had        applications. The vast majority of it is used in
stayed basically the same. The       industry, photography and jewelry.
rising price was strictly due to
                                         Supplies exceed consumption. By
anticipation over the ETFs.
                                     hundreds of millions of ounces a year. ETFs
     Since 2006, the ETFs have       don't change that equation. Because they don't
acted like King Kong in silver.      consume an ounce of silver. They simply buy
i.e. speculators have again          it now, and hope they can sucker someone into
cornered the market, just like       buying it later, at a higher price. The greater
Bunker Hunt and his cronies did in   fool theory at work.
1979-80. No shock that silver has
soared in price.                        Silver was a bubble at $30 an ounce, when
                                     Bunker was buying it. It's a bubble now at
     The chart below shows you       $30, when the ETFs are buying. Bunker's
this, in glaring detail. The red     bubble burst. The ETF bubble will burst as
line on it is the price of silver.   well. Damn soon now.
The blue line gives you the amount
of silver, in millions of ounces,        Bunker liquidated at $5 an ounce. So will
held by one of the major silver      the ETFs. To me, this is a guaranteed event.
ETFs, the SLV.
     This one ETF now holds over 350 million ounces of silver.
(The graph does not show purchases made in the last month.) Other
ETFs hold hundreds of millions more. Remember that huge excess
supply I showed you earlier in this report? The silver ETFs
scooped up every ounce.
     They have bought hundreds and hundreds of millions of ounces
of silver. Far more than even Bunker Hunt bought. This is the
only reason silver prices have gone from under $5 an ounce to over
$30. The problem is, to keep the prices up they have to keep on
buying. Eventually even our banker buddies will run out of money.
     It's Bunker Hunt all over again. It will end exactly as
Bunker's manipulation ended. I can't believe our good luck.
Because we are positioned perfectly to make a killing when it
   The same magical ETFs – that helped drive silver to new highs –
                   will make the crash even worse

     Here's the next piece of the puzzle.   It makes our opportunity
even better.
     ETFs were set up to do two things. To buy silver and drive
prices higher. They've done that better than the silver
manipulators dreamed possible.
     But what happens when the buying stops? When silver price
starts turning down, and people who own shares of the ETFs panic
out of the market? Remember, that day has come to every bubble
market in history. Silver will be no exception.
    The ETFs will have to pay their shareholders immediately, with
cash. They have no other option. And the ETFs can only do that
in one way. By selling silver. Because silver is their only
     They can't wait till prices bounce back.              They can't try to
ride out the storm. They can't issue IOUs.
     By law, they must sell silver immediately, in the spot market.
It is the only way they can reimburse any and all shareholders who
     In other words, the ETFs will be forced to sell vast amounts
of silver -– at the exact moment silver is collapsing in price.
     This is like pouring gasoline on a raging forest fire. It
will crash silver even harder. In 30 years of trading, I've never
seen anything like it.
     Once the crash starts, I see $35+ an ounce silver plunging to
$18 in a matter of a week or two. To $5 in months. It will stay
there for the rest of our lives. All due to this manipulation and
the bubble it created.
     Now for the best part of all. Not only is silver bound to
crash. We have a way to profit from it. Just like I did in 1980.
Only now things are far easier, far better for you, than they were
31 years ago...

                        The trading gift from God --

              It lets us profit from the collapsing silver bubble...
                potentially make 50x our money or more ... with
      no futures, margins calls, or risk beyond our initial investment!
     You might recall that to trade the Bunker Hunt crash, I had to
use futures. If that were true now, we'd be stuck on the
sidelines. S.O.L. Up the creek without a paddle.
     Futures were hard back then. Now they are impossible, unless
you are a billion-dollar hedge fund.
     In futures, you can be right about the market. Yet the Big
Boys can still force you out of your positions. The dreaded
margin calls mean you might have to close out your account, even
though your analysis is correct.
     The great news is, we don't need futures any more!                   A
(relatively) new trading tool works far, far better.
     I call it the trading gift from God. It levels the playing
field between the little guy and the Big Boys. In fact, we've
already used it a number of times, to tear Wall Street a new
     Like futures, this tool gives you the potential to make huge
leveraged profits. You can potentially make ten, twenty times
your money or more.
    But unlike futures, your risk is strictly limited to your
initial investment.   You can never lose a penny more than that, no
matter what.
     With this trading tool, you have no time limits. No margin
calls. No contract rollovers. You can wait out the bastards, for
as long as it takes: they can't touch you.
     Then when the market tanks, as it always does, you could make
a killing.
     This tool I'm talking about is the silver inverse ETFs. They
are called “inverse” because they go the opposite way silver does.
When silver goes up, they fall. When silver falls, they rise in
     These ETFs trade like shares of stock. You can buy them from
most any stock broker, including online brokerage firms. Because
they are shares of stock, you can never lose more than the price
of the ETF. These ETFs let you sleep at night.
     Best of all, your potential profits are outstanding. In May
2009, for instance, silver was at $13 an ounce. One of the silver
ETFs I recommend traded at nearly $600 a share.
     Now, thanks to the vast silver bubble, you can get this same
ETF for under $30 a share. Meaning if silver merely goes back to
$13, you stand to make around twenty times your money.
     Any way you cut it, that is a great return. But I expect
silver to fall to $5. That is the fair market price considering
supply and demand. It's the price silver was for over two
decades, until this manipulation took hold. Counting inflation,
that is its historical price, going back hundreds of years.
     You could make over fifty times your money. A modest thousand
dollar investment could turn into fifty thousand. Twenty thousand
could turn into a million. Simply if silver goes back to its
historical price, the price it's been for centuries without
     No time limits or expiration dates. No risk beyond your
initial investment. You can sit on these trades till the cows
come home, without margin calls of any kind.
     You simply buy the special inverse ETFs I recommend... and
then wait for the second great silver manipulation to come to its
inevitable end. When it does, you could make a potential killing.
                            My invitation:
       Join me in making a fortune from this silver manipulation
     I'm not going to shit you.   It's not all honey suckle and
     You have to know what you are doing. You have to know when to
do it and how. You have to use exactly the right instruments, in
exactly the right way. You got to know what to do and when to do
it as the market plunges.
    That's what my WSI VIP Premium Pub is all about.      In it I show
you everything you need to know, to turn the coming silver crash
into a mountain of cash.
     WSI comes to you by Internet, SMS messages to your cell phone,
emails and even faxes if you like. That way you get my up-to-the-
second recommendations and analysis -– at the exact time you need
them, to make the most profits.
     With WSI, you never have to to be glued to your computer. You
can sit at work, the beach, enjoy dinner with your friends, even
make love with your spouse, significant other or mistress(es), and
still make a killing. No one will know what you are doing. Isn't
it great?
     And the trades I've told
you about in this report are     ** Disclosure and Disclaimers **
just the beginning. That's      We have conflicts to report on the
because silver is not the       markets we described here as repor-
only commodity being            ted above. Many of us intend to,
manipulated. Gold, oil and      are, or will be making these
stocks are too. So are          trades. That is our family,
commodities like rice, wheat,   friends, employees, contractors and
industrial metals, and semi-    everyone else we can think of we
precious metals like            encourage to get in on this. For
palladium.                      that matter you too.
     We have traded all these
                                Trading is always a risky business, you can
markets with great success.
                                lose money, never trade with money
We have great new tools, that
                                you can't afford to lose.
let you get at these markets
without betting the ranch.      To see a copy of our complete dis-
Because they are being          closure and disclaimers, visit
manipulated, each one has
similar profit opportunities    sclaimers.asp
as silver.
     A one-year subscription to WSI is $5000. If you can't afford
that, you have no business playing these markets anyway.
     But if you do have $10k or more to roll the dice with, WSI
could be the most profitable decision you make for the next
decade. Starting with a few thousand dollars, this silver trade
alone could make a not-so-small fortune for you. Our gold and
stock market recommendations could multiply that many times over.
     That is no exaggeration. Silver soared from $5 to over $35 in
just a few years. With zero inflation. In the biggest
business/economic slowdown since the great depression. Without
any increase in demand, and with supplies rising, not falling.
    How the hell does that happen?
     And now that they've pulled off the 2nd biggest manipulation
in silver history -– now that they have gotten every sucker into
the market -– what is their encore? How do they drive prices even
further into the stratosphere?
    All I can say is look out below.
           These bubbles are months away from bursting.
   This is your second chance to make a killing off Wall Street's lies

     I can sum up my trading experiences of over 30 years, in six
simple words:
    The masses always buy the top.
     You saw this in housing. People went hysterical, paying
$500,000 for homes worth $50,000. Now millions of former
homeowners have gone bankrupt. With foreclosures hitting new
record highs, millions more will soon join them.
     You saw the same thing in mania. The masses were
convinced they could buy struggling Internet companies -– that
owed billions of dollars and never made a dime -– and somehow
retire as millionaires.
     You've seen the same thing in oil, over and over again. The
Big Boys use phony energy crises, to rig prices ten or fifteen
times their true market value.
     You're seeing it now in the commodities and precious metals
     The smart money bought silver at $5, $6, $7 an ounce. They
didn't touch the stuff at $20, 25 and $30. Tell me. Who in their
right minds buys a market that has just gone up by
200%...400%...600% and more? That's when you SELL, not buy!
     To pull off their scams, bubble markets must have one main
ingredient. Hysteria. The masses must buy into the lies of the
market manipulators.
     I have spent a lifetime looking for these markets. Markets
where the hype has lured in the suckers. Where, thanks to
extraordinary spin, people think white is black. Where they think
up is down.
     Then -- when the time is right, and I have the right trading
instruments on my side -- I sell against the insanity.
     I listen as everyone tells me I'm crazy. Every day I hear how
wrong I am. The conventional wisdom lines up, dead set against
     So I wait. I sit there calmly, analyzing the market, knowing
the herd mentality always ends in disaster.
     Sooner or later, the day comes when I'm vindicated. The
heavens open up. Down comes the money shoot, pouring cash into my
bag. It's a sight to behold.
    The present silver market is just such an event.
    Is the 600% rally in silver justified?       No.   In fact, hell no.
     I sure don't see 600% inflation. Just the opposite.
Inflation is the lowest in modern history.
    I don't see a 600% decrease in silver supplies.        Again just
the opposite.    Supplies are soaring.
    I don't see a 600% rise in demand.   Demand is falling.
     I'll tell you what I do see. I see a 600% increase in amateur
buying. A 600% increase in the herd mentality, driven by
desperate people who have been brainwashed by the incredible lies
of Wall Street.
     Most important: I see a chance for you to make a hell of lot
more than 600% on your money, when the inevitable wipeout occurs.
     Where were the Wall Street assholes when silver was $5 an
ounce? Why didn't they tell you to buy then?
     Only now, with the price over $30, are they telling the masses
silver is a must-own investment.
     Two things amaze me. $35 an ounce silver... and that anyone
is naïve enough to buy it.
     We should be happy this is happening. Thank God they can whip
the masses into a frenzy, and create these bubbles. If they
didn't -– if the masses didn't buy into the b.s. -- I would have
to work for a living. And the only job I'm qualified for is
     I can tell you for a fact that dishwashers don't live on
exotic islands. They don't have yachts. They don't live the life
of dreams.
     I can also tell you that people who have mastered the art of
selling bubbles... who have the strength of their conviction, and
the patience to wait out the insanity... certainly DO live the
life of their dreams.
     So the choice is yours. Chase these silly-ass bubbles with
the masses. Lose your ass when the bubbles burst, as they all do.
     Or learn how to sell the shit out of bubbles. Wait for the
cruel hard taskmaster of reality to return. Make a killing when
it does.
    The choice is yours my friend.
     Join me in the WSI VIP Premium Pub by calling 1-866-924-
0607, 9am to 5pm, New York time.   Or you can order online, by
clicking on this button:


    Nick Guarino

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