Fiber coupled High Power Diode Laser LDF

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					Fiber-coupled High Power Diode Laser LDF

The industrial high power diode lasers, ranging
from 100-6000 W output power, deliver the laser
beam to the work piece through on optical fiber.
Depending on the laser power, optical fibers with
diameters of 200, 400, 600, 1000, and 1500 µm
are used. The optical fibers are equipped with
sensors to monitor temperature and rupture and
can be simply connected and exchanged.

The fiber-coupled diode lasers stack and failure management ensures               Key Features:

maximum reliability for diode lasers in a mass production environment.
                                                                                  •    High power diode laser
The laser can be modular upgraded and therefore perfectly adapted to                   system up to 6000W
any application.                                                                  •    Fiber diameter 200-1500 µm

The diode lasers of the LDF series are particularly suited for multi station      •    Easy control and integration
                                                                                  •    Uniform beam profile
operations in conjunction with beam switches and multiple fibers. Their
                                                                                  •    Excellent short and long
mobility and compactness allows for new strategies in achieving
                                                                                       term power stability
maximum uptime for multiple processing stations.
                                                                                  •    Compact and modular setup
                                                                                  •    High efficiency with low
Dimensions:                                                                            cooling requirements


                                                                         Laser Cladding
                                                                                                     •   Welding
                                                                                                     •   Cladding
                                                                                                     •   Hardening
                                                                                                     •   Brazing

                                                                        Laserline, Processing Head

                                                                  Power Configurations for 0.2 NA Fiber:

                                                                  200 µm diameter            up to 500 W

                                                                  400 µm diameter            up to 4000 W

                                                                  600 µm diameter            up to 6000 W
   Model: VG 4L, all dimentions in mm
                                                                  1000-1500 µm dia.          up to 8000 W
Fiber-coupled High Power Diode Laser LDF

Optical Specification
Power supply model                        VG 3/4             VG 4L              VG 5
Output power                            100-6000 W        100-6000 W         100-6000 W
Center wavelength                                        790 – 980 nm
Beam divergence (NA)                                      0.2 +/- 0.02
Fiber diameter                                        400 µm to 1500 µm
Power stability                                             +/- 2 %
Beam switch                                non           up to 2 fibers      up to 4 fibers

Weight                                  310/430 kg           500 kg            650 kg
Dimensions (in mm)                      1050x600x          1400x800          1400x1100
                                        1200/1500             1700             1700
Operation voltage                                  380-480V/ 3 phase/ 60Hz
Maximum power consumption               up to 18 kW      up to 20 kW      up to 20 kW
External cooling requirements           up to 14 kW      up to14 kW       up to 14 kW

Operation Conditions
Temperature range                                          10-35 ºC
Altitude                                                   0-3000 m
Humidity                                            10-80 %, non condensing
Warm-up time                                              >1 minute                  Laserline Inc.
                                                                                     18035 Redwood Dr.
Storage temperature                                        5-65 ºC
                                                                                     Los Gatos, CA 95033
Controls                                                                             Phone: 408 834 4660
                                                                                     Fax:    408 834 4671
Interface Options               Interbus-S, Devicenet, Profibus, Ethernet            Email:
External input                  Digital 24V, analog power control 0-10V
Optional                             Teleservice, Pilot laser, Shutter


Laserline includes a two years, unlimited hour warranty on the complete
diode laser systems. The warranty excludes consumables and mechanical
damaging. Laserline’s liability is limited to replacing, repairing or issuing
credit, at its option, for any products, which are returned by the original
purchaser during the warranty period. Laserline makes no warranty that its
products are fit for the use or purpose to which they may be put by the buyer,
whether or not the products are specifically designed and/or manufactured
for buyer’s use or purpose.