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					                                     C.K. McClatchy High School
                      Humanities and International Studies Program (ckmhisp.org)
                             3066 Freeport Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95818
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                 10th Grade Summer Reading List / Assignments 2010
     Students enrolled in HISP for 10th grade must read a minimum of four books during the summer—
two from the semester lists (one from each list) PLUS Kaffir Boy by Mark Mathabane for your social
science class AND The Sound of Waves by Yukio Mishima for your English class.
        The first week of school you will have assignments in your social science and English classes
pertaining to these books, regardless of which core you are in. You can expect for 5 to 10 percent of your
first semester grade to be based on assignments from these books.
        For The Sound of Waves, you must complete a two-page reader response essay to the novel. In
your response, DO NOT simply summarize the novel. You will not receive credit for summaries. Instead
your reader response essay should be a personal reflection on the potential themes of The Sound of
Waves and how you think these themes relate to the culture of the village illustrated in the novel.
        For Kaffir Boy you will have a test during the first week of school. Prepare for this test by
taking notes on the novel as you read, and bring them with you the first week of school.
     For the two books that you may choose from the lists below, you will keep a quote log to remind
yourself of the book’s content and your responses to them. These logs will consist of ten direct quotations
from throughout each novel, and a thoughtful analysis of each quotation. (For a copy of the quote log
form and a sample of a complete quote log, look on the HISP website at the 10th grade Summer Reading
assignment.) You will need to submit these logs to your teacher along with the bibliographic data for the
books you chose. Be sure your bibliographic data includes: author, title, place of publication,
publisher, copyright date, number of pages.

                              Reading List for the Middle East and Asia*
*(if you have questions, please contact Miss Jonas at 813-2117. Leave a message with return phone number)
                                           (Choose 1 from this list)
Author                        Title                          Author                          Title
Alsanea                       Girls of Riyadh                Mistry                          A Fine Balance
                                                             Hirsh                           Kabul
Ballard                       Empire of the Sun              Benedict                        The Chrysanthemum and the
Mortenson                     Three Cups of Tea                                              Sword
                              Stones Into Schools            Weisel                          Night
Jain                          Marrying Anita                 Hosseini                        A Thousand Splendid Suns
Dali Llama                    The Art of Happiness           Friendman                       From Beirut to Jerusalem
Kawabata                      A Thousand Cranes              Kingston                        China Men
Lahiri                        The Namesake                   Lao She                         Rickshaw
Liu Shaotang                  Catkin Willow Flats            Michener                        The Source
Jin                           Waiting                        Mishima                         Death in Midsummer and
Hoff                          Tao of Pooh                                                    Other Stories
Nafisi                        Reading Lolita in Tehran       Naipaul                         Among the Believers: An
                                                                                             Islamic Journey
Satrapi                       The Complete Persepolis        Salzman                         Iron and Silk
Singer                        Enemies, A Love Story          Staples                         Shabanu
Weisel                        The Testament                  Wong                            Fifth Chinese Daughter
                              Reading List for Africa and Latin America*
                (* If you have questions, email Ms. Christensen at elissa-christensen@sac-city.k12.ca.us)
                         (Choose 1 from this list)
Author       Title                         Author       Title
Achebe       -Anthills of Savannah         Allende      -Of Love and Shadow
             -No Longer at Ease                         -Eva Luna
             -Contemporary African Short                -Stories of Eva Luna
Anaya        -Bless Me, Ultima             Cather       -Death Comes to the
             -Heart of Aztlan                           Archbishop
Amadi        The Great Ponds               Chatwin      In Patagonia
Chinodya     Harvest of Thorns             Clarke       Childhood’s End
De Poncins   Kabloona                      De Zapata    Short Stories by Latin
                                                        American Women: The
                                                        Magic and the Real
Emecheta     -Double Yoke                  Galarza      Barrio Boy
             -Joys of Motherhood
Gay          Red Dust on Green Leaves      Harris       Cannibals and Kings
Lansing      Endurance                     Llosa        The Story Teller
Mahfouz      Children of Gebelawi          Markham      West with the Night
Marquez      Collected Stories             Mathabane    Kaffir Boy in America
McCullough   Brave Companions              Mead         Blackberry Winter
Mowat        The Siberians
Ngugi        -I will Marry When I Want     Packer       The Village of Waiting
             -Weep Not, Child
Soyinka      Ake: The Years of Childhood   Villasenor   -Rain of Gold