Two component thixotropic epoxy adhesive with modified rheology by nikeborome


       le 4
      i G
thixotropic, epoxy
adhesive with modified-
rheology for bonding
Mapeband and
Mapeband TPE, PVC
braces, Hypalon and
for structural bonding

WHERE TO USE                                             Adesilex PG4 is also characterised by its low viscosity
Adesilex PG4 is particularly recommended both for        and, as a result, offers good wetting of the substrate.
bonding synthetic braces used in waterproofing           This makes it easy to apply with a spatula on horizontal
applications and for repairing, sealing and bonding      surfaces, vertical surfaces and on ceilings without
elements in concrete, reinforced concrete, metal and     dripping, due to its high thixotropy.
natural stone.
                                                         After preparation, Adesilex PG4 hardens in 5 hours
Some application examples                                (at +23°C - 50% R.H.) through chemical cross-linkage
• Waterproofing wide joints by bonding pre-formed        without shrinking. The composite obtained is
  straps (PVC, Hypalon, Mapeband and Mapeband TPE)       characterised by its high bonding properties and by its
  to the concrete.                                       considerable mechanical strength.

• Rigid structural bonding of prefabricated concrete
  elements.                                              RECOMMENDATIONS
                                                         • Adesilex PG4 must not be used for sealing flexible
• Sealing large cracks in industrial floors subject to     joints or those which are subject to movement (use
  traffic.                                                 Mapesil AC, Mapeflex PU20, Mapeflex PU21 or
                                                           Mapeflex PU55 SL).
• Bonding slabs and pipes in concrete and fibre-
  reinforced concrete.                                   • Adesilex PG4 must not be used for construction joints
                                                           between fresh and old concrete (use Eporip).
• Bonding steel to concrete.
                                                         • Adesilex PG4 must not be used on wet surfaces.
Adesilex PG4 is a two-component adhesive based on        • Adesilex PG4 must not be used on dirty or crumbly
epoxy resin, fine-grained selected aggregates and          surfaces.
special additives blended according to a formula
developed in MAPEI’s own Research Laboratories.          • Adesilex PG4 must not be used for bonding or
                                                           grouting acid resistant ceramic tiles (use Kerapoxy).
Unlike Adesilex PG1 and Adesilex PG2, two-
component thixotropic epoxy adhesives used for           • MapeWrap 11 or MapeWrap 12 are recommended
structural bonds, this product is characterised by its     for levelling off concrete surfaces before bonding
extended workability time. This property makes the         carbon fibre fabrics (such as MapeWrap C UNI-AX,
product easier to use, even at high temperatures.          MapeWrap C BI-AX and MapeWrap C QUADRI-AX).
       x                 APPLICATION PROCEDURE                              • If Adesilex PG4 is to be used for bonding

   sile 4                Preparation of the material and the                  concrete, metallic or natural stone surfaces,

 de PG
                         substrate to be bonded                               we recommend spreading the product on
                         Hypalon straps must be cleaned beforehand            both surfaces to be bonded, and to make
A                        with a solvent, as recommended by the
                         producer of the material, to improve bonding
                                                                              sure that it penetrates well into uneven
                                                                              areas in order to obtain a good bond.
                         of the resin to the product.                         After spreading on the product, join the two
                         In the case of metallic surfaces, remove all         surfaces and hold them firmly together and
                         traces of rust, paint and oil. Sandblasting          still until the adhesive is completely
                         down to a bare metal finish (SA 21/2) is             hardened. The correct thickness in order to
                         recommended.                                         guarantee a good bond between the two
                         Concrete or natural stone substrates must be         parts is approximately 1-2 mm.
                         clean, solid and dry.
                         The most suitable method is either                 Surrounding temperature effects the
                         sandblasting or brushing of the surface, in        hardening time of the product: at +23°C
                         order to remove loose or detached parts,           Adesilex PG4 remains workable for
                         efflorescence, cement laitance and traces of       75 minutes and at +10°C for 150 minutes.
                         form-release oil.                                  Once these times have been reached, the
                         After this operation, clean the remaining dust     hardening process starts.
                         off the surface with compressed air.               Adesilex PG4 must be applied within the
                         To avoid the stresses induced by hygrometric       working times indicated. Therefore, we
                         shrinkage of the cementitious conglomerate         recommend organising the work to be carried
                         being concentrated at the interface which is       out in order to finish the job within the
                         to be bonded, freshly laid concrete must be        aforementioned times.
                         cured for at least 4 weeks before applying
                         Adesilex PG4.                                      Precautions to be taken before
                         When applying the product, the temperature         application
Preparing the mix        must be between +5°C and +30°C.                    No particular precautions need to be taken
                                                                            when the temperature is between +10°C and
                         Preparation of the product                         +30°C.
                         The two components which make up                   Thermal insulation must be maintained for at
                         Adesilex PG4 must be mixed together. Pour          least 24 hours after application. Before use,
                         component B (white) into component A (grey)        store the product in a heated area.
                         and mix together with a low-speed drill fitted
                         with a mixing attachment until a homogenous        Cleaning
                         mix is obtained (uniform grey colour). The         Adesilex PG4 bonds strongly even to metal.
                         packages are pre-dosed. Therefore, do not          We therefore recommend that tools are
                         use partial quantities of the two components       cleaned with solvent (ethanol, toluene, etc.)
                         in order to avoid accidental errors when           before the product hardens.
                         calculating the mixing ratio; this could lead to
                         incorrect hardening of the product. If only        CONSUMPTION
                         partial quantities of the components are to be     1.55 kg/m2 per mm of thickness
                         used, use high-precision electronic scales.
                         Mixing ratio:                                      6 kg packs (4.5 kg component A, 1.5 kg
                         - 3 parts by weight of component A;                component B).
                         - 1 part by weight of component B.
                                                                            30 kg packs (22.5 kg component A, 7.5 kg
                         Application of the product                         component B).
Applying Adesilex PG4    Adesilex PG4 may be applied with either a
with a trowel            flat spatula or trowel on Mapeband,                STORAGE
                         Mapeband TPE on PVC braces, on Hypalon             The products must be kept in their original
                         between concrete surfaces, between                 packaging and stored in areas at a
                         concrete and metal or on natural stone.            temperature of between +5°C and +30°C.

                         • If Adesilex PG4 is to be used for bonding        SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS FOR
                           straps, we recommend applying masking            PREPARATION AND APPLICATION
                           tape on the outside surface of the joint         Adesilex PG4 component A is irritating to
                           where the adhesive is to be spread to            eyes and skin. Component B is corrosive
                           obtain a well-defined profile.                   and may cause severe burns. It is also
                           Apply a first, 1-2 mm-thick uniform layer of     harmful if it comes into contact with the skin
                           Adesilex PG4 on the clean, dry substrate         or if swallowed. Both component A and
                           with a smooth spatula; avoid applying the        component B may provoke rashes in those
                           adhesive inside the joint.                       who are allergic to such substances. Always
                           Lay on the straps to be bonded by pressing       use protective gloves and goggles when
                           lightly along the sides. Make sure that all      handling and using the products. If they
                           wrinkles and creases are eliminated and          come into contact with the eyes, wash well
                           that air bubbles are not formed. Spread on       with plenty of clean water and seek medical
                           a second layer of Adesilex PG4 while still       attention.
                           fresh, and completely cover the lateral parts    Adesilex PG4 (components A and B) is
                           of the tape with the new layer. Smooth off       dangerous for aquatic environment - avoid
Laying a copper neck-      the product with a flat spatula.                 release to the environment.
flange and drain spout
TECHNICAL DATA (typical values):


                                                    component A               component B

Consistency:                                        thick paste               thick paste

Colour:                                             grey                      white

Density (g/cm3):                                    1.40                      1.65

Brookfield viscosity (mPa•s):                       440,000                   320,000
                                                    (rotor F - 5 rpm)         (rotor D - 2.5 rpm)

Storage:                                            12 months in its original, unopened packaging

Hazard classification according to EC 1999/45:      irritant, dangerous       corrosive, dangerous
                                                    to the environment.       to the environment.
                                                    Before using refer to the “Safety instructions for
                                                    preparation and application” paragraph and the
                                                    information on the packing and Safety Data Sheet
                                                                                                         Subsequent smoothing
                                                                                                         with Adesilex PG4
Customs class:                                      3506 91 00

APPLICATION DATA (at +23°C and 50% R.H.)

Consistency of the mix:                             thixotropic paste

Colour of mix:                                      grey

Mixing ratio:                                       component A : component B = 3 : 1

Density of mix (kg/m3):                             1,550

Dry solids content (%):                             100

Brookfield viscosity (mPa•s):                       450,000
                                                    (rotor F - 5 rpm)

Pot life of mix (minutes):
– at 30°C:                                          45
– at 23°C:                                          75
– at 10°C:                                          150
                                                                                                         Laying flexible
Setting time (hours):                                                                                    hyphalon brace
– at 30°C:                                          2.30
– at 23°C:                                          5
– at 10°C:                                          12

Application temperature range:                      from +5°C to +30°C

Final setting time (days):                          7


Resistance to humidity:                             excellent

Resistance to ageing:                               excellent

Bonding strength concrete - Mapeband (N/mm2):       > 2.5

Compressive strength (ASTM D 695) (N/mm2):          50

Tensile strength (ASTM D 638) (N/mm2):              20

Flexural strength (ISO 178) (N/mm2):                30
                                                                                                         Final covering with
Compressive modulus of elasticity (ASTM D 695)                                                           Adesilex PG4
(N/mm2):                                            1,200

Flexural modulus of elasticity (ISO 178) (N/mm2):   4,500
       x    PRODUCT FOR PROFESSIONAL USE.                     that it is suitable for the intended application

   sile 4   WARNING
                                                              and, in all cases, the user is to be held
                                                              responsible for any consequences deriving

Ade PG      While the indications and guidelines
            contained in this data sheet correspond to
            the company's knowledge and wide
                                                              from its use.

            experience, they must be considered,

                                                                                                                                                     (GB) A.G. BETA
            under all circumstances, merely as an                   All relevant references
            indication and subject to confirmation only          for the product are available
            after long-term, practical applications.                upon request and from
            Therefore, anybody who undertakes to              
            use this product, must ensure beforehand

                                                                                                                  Any reproduction of texts, photos and illustrations published
                                                                                                                         here is prohibited and subject to prosecution


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