Tungsten Carbide Shear Blades

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					Tungsten Carbide Shear Blades

Ultra long life blades

                         For many years Shear Blades from Emhart
                         Glass have set the industry standard for
                         consistent accuracy and durability over a wide
                         variety of gob-cutting applications. Now the
                         family of blades is being extended with the
                         introduction of ultra hard Tungsten Carbide
                         blades, which offer an unsurpassed working
                         life span, some 5 to 10 times longer than that
                         of steel blades.
                         Tungsten Carbide shear blades from Emhart
                         Glass are available in the two industry
                         standard sizes, together with a variety of
                         shapes for special applications.
              Tungsten Carbide Shear Blades

              Benefits of Tungsten Carbide Shear Blades                                              Specification

              Reduced downtime                                                                       Material: A composite of Tungsten Carbide,
              Plants with long-running jobs particularly appreciate the                              Cobalt and small amounts of additional alloy
              advantages of much longer blade life, resulting in fewer stops                         specially developed to resist the challenging
              to change blades. In this way, unnecessary downtime and                                conditions in container glass production.
              disturbance can be avoided.
                                                                                                     Sizes: Equivalents to industry sizes 144-6882
                                                                                                     and 760-212 as standard. Additional shapes are
              Cutting accuracy
                                                                                                     available on demand for specific applications.
              The hardness of the blade material enables a higher initial
              sharpness compared with metal blades. The excellent high                               Weight: 121g (small blade), 176g (large blade)
              temperature resistance and thermal conductivity help the
                                                                                                     Hardness: Rockwell 88.1
              blade to maintain its cutting geometry throughout its long life.
                                                                                                     Toughness: 3000 MPa
              Avoidance of shear marks                                                               Elasticity: 630 kN/mm2
              Once set up correctly in the shear mechanism, Tungsten
              Carbide blades require very little re-adjustment during their                          Thermal conductivity: 90 W/mK
              lifetime. Consistent high quality cutting is supported by their
              exceptional wear resistance and fracture toughness.
                                                                                                     100x enlargements of cutting edges of
                                                                                                     Shear Blades
              Shear spray minimisation
              Plants using Tungsten Carbide blades report being able to
              operate with shear spray rates at the lowest end of the range.

              Support and development
              The blades are offered by Emhart Glass as a result of its
              cooperation with Ceratizit (Austria), an acknowledged world-
              leader in Tungsten Carbide technology. Development work                                    Steel shear blade                Tungsten Carbide
              has been carried out with glass plants, and will continue in                                                                     shear blade
              order to meet new customer requirements.

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