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									                                                March 2011

                                                Maximize your IT investment value.

                                Android is #1 smartphone:
                                More mobiles, are you ready?
                                Are you ready for the mobile computing revolu-         Android has many configurations and different
                                tion in your own organization? It may already be       operating systems, supporting different device
                                here.                                                  management options. In this competitive market,
                                                                                       manufacturers want to differentiate their phones
                                A few weeks ago, Cisco Systems, the company
                                                                                       so they develop their own user interfaces and use
                                that makes much of the equipment that powers
                                                                                       a variety of Android versions. Mobile carriers are
                                the internet, said they expected a 26-fold increase
Lucky Genes                     in mobile traffic in the next five years, due to the
                                                                                       also making device changes. The combination
                                                                                       possibilities are mathematically complex! And
   Last summer researchers      surge in mobile internet devices. In related news,
                                                                                       though Apple has only a few devices on the mar-
                                the fourth quarter of 2010 shipments of Android
announced they’d found the                                                             ket, when they release the iPad 2 this spring, they
                                phones rose by more than 600% year-over-year,
gene that makes clover                                                                 will be contributing to the problem.
                                surging past expected levels and pushing An-
grow into the coveted 4-leaf    droid into the number one spot for smartphone          Your company could easily be overwhelmed try-
shape. In the wild, one 4-      operating systems.                                     ing to figure out how to keep company data and
                                                                                       customer information safe when it’s stored on
leaf clover grows for every     As more and more information is handled and
                                                                                       these devices. For example, if a smartphone is
10,000 of the 3-leaf variety.   transferred by these mobile devices, companies
                                                                                       lost or stolen, which models can be remotely
                                will need to think about how to support and pro-
How that happened puzzled                                                              wiped of data or locked? How is it done? Who
                                tect the devices and their users. And it won’t be
scientists for a long time.     easy.                                                                                   (Continued on page 2)
   Why would researchers
want to find the 4-leaf gene?
Clover is often planted in      High tech marketing: cracking the code
pastures because it’s rich in   Quick response, or QR codes have officially            How to use them Download the QR app for
protein and nitrogen, so the    arrived — they made the cover of the New York          your smartphone by visiting your provider’s
ability to breed and plant 4-   Times Magazine in December. They had al-               application store. When you find a code (there’s
                                ready started to appear in many publications,          one on the next page), follow the app’s direc-
leaf clover would actually
                                storefronts, and buildings, now that smartphones       tions. Usually this means you’ll take a picture of
be good for cows!               are able to read them.                                 the QR code and the app will browse to the loca-
                                The QR code is a two-dimensional bar code              tion on the code.
                                made up of geometric patterns instead of the           Would a QR code be good for your business?
                                previous linear striped one-dimensional codes.         Here are some common uses.
                                They are designed to be published, or posted on
                                places, and are intended to help businesses of all     Drive web site traffic Catch someone’s eye
                                sizes connect quickly and easily to potential cus-     with a QR code and they’ll use their smartphone
                                tomers via the web and social networking sites.                                       (Continued on page 2)

                       Smart and mobile, are you ready...
                       (Continued from page 1)                                 least limiting the number of options and con-
                       will do it and how long will it take? The task can      figurations you support for your team.
                       be daunting.
                                                                             ▪ If your employees or consultants will buy their
                       You might be able to “forbid” the use of smart          own smartphones, focus on the baseline set of
                       phones for company business for a short while           capabilities and then develop a list of recom-
                       but that tactic will likely fail in the long run.       mended devices.
                       Here are a few ideas on how to control the chaos      ▪ Work with a single carrier and monitor their
                       of the growing smartphone marketplace.                  product line.
                       ▪ If your company is purchasing devices, stan-        Better yet, add your devices to a service contract
                         dardize on one device, one operating system,        with us so we can manage your smartphone and
                         and one carrier. When this isn’t possible, try at   smart pads like the powerful computing platforms
                                                                             they are. Call us today.

                       Cracking the code…
                       (Continued from page 1)                               an opportunity to send them updates for a long
                       to visit your website. Savvy marketers take it a      period after they’ve visited your offering.
                       step further and use the QR codes to drive people
                                                                             Electronic business cards Put a QR code on
                       to a web page requesting the user enter their con-
                                                                             your business card and bridge the gap between the
                       tact information in exchange for some sort of
                                                                             last century’s network-
                       giveaway. The marketer collects the email ad-
                                                                             ing mechanism and this
                       dresses for future marketing messages.
                                                                             century’s technology.
                       Facebook me You can use QR codes to send              If you’ve networked
                       users directly to your favorite social media site     with someone via cards,
                       such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Users         it’s a quick and easy
                       can “like” you or follow your tweets, giving you      way for someone to
                                                                             follow up and see how
                                                                             to do business with you,
                                                                             reinforcing your in-
                                                                             person contacts.                  QR code for
                                                                             Advertising the old
                                                                             fashioned way Newspapers and magazines are
                                                                             a great place to use QR codes to reinforce a print
                                                                             message and provide more information than you
                                                                             can afford to do in the advertisement itself. Post-
                                                                             ers can help too. Imagine hanging your QR code
                                                                             in your window – pedestrians can learn more about
                                                                             your business by walking by and scanning your
                                                                             code on their smart phone.
                                                                             Create a QR code for yourself You can create a
                                                                             QR code using online creation software. Search
                                                                             for a QR code generator, or ask a local marketing
                                                                             firm if they can provide free advice about how to
                                                                             create and use one for your business.

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                March 2011

Keys to increasing Windows productivity
Watch a professional typist use a computer. You        F5 refreshes your current folder or directory or
won’t see them reach for the mouse. Instead they       Web page.
use the keyboard shortcuts. Removing your fin-         Alt+D selects the address bar in your Web
gers from the keyboard slows down the act of           browser or folder view.
touch typing and using a single
hand to move a mouse is inher-                                          Ctrl+Right Arrow (or Left Ar-
ently less efficient than using ten                                     row) in Word, moves the cursor
fingers.                                                                one word to the left or right,
                                                                        much faster than holding down
Windows shortcuts are usually                                           the arrow key. Hold down Shift
intuitive and easy to use. Avoid-                                       to select the text simultaneously.
ing the mouse and keeping your
hands in proper form on the keyboard can also          Party tricks to amaze your friends Use the
reduce stress injury to your wrists over time, as an   lesser known Windows key for these tricks. They
added bonus. Give these shortcuts a try:               work with Windows 7 and Vista but if you’re
                                                       using XP or earlier versions, you may not be able
High value shortcuts Use your LEFT hand to             to use these.
tackle most of these shortcuts by putting your
thumb on Alt or Ctrl key:                         Windows Key+D shows your desktop, hit Win-
                                                  dows Key+D again to bring the windows back
Ctrl+T opens a new tab in all major Web browsers. again. This is a great way to quickly hide what-
Alt+Tab cycles through currently-open programs.   ever is on your screen.
If you also hold down Shift, it cycles backwards. Windows Key alone pops up the Start Menu and
Ctrl+Tab cycles through Web browser tabs (you          focuses on the “search/run” box, then type the
can use Shift to go backwards too).                    name of an application and press enter to run it.
Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V copies selected text (you can        Windows Key+Tab displays a pretty, Aero Flip
use Shift and arrow keys to select text), and then     version of Alt+Tab so you can browse through
paste it.                                              your open applications in 3-D.

O’Bother: Technological bad luck for the Irish
Even in today’s wired world, computer systems and databases still struggle
with names containing apostrophes such as Irish last names like O’Leary or
O’Donnell. The Gaelic spelling was a problem even before computers: Spell-
ing the name for non-English telephone operators made placing international
telephone calls a chore! Today, those with an apostrophe in their last names face challenges
▪ Online purchases may fail because the name’s punctuation cannot be saved by the web-
   site, so the user has to start over and enter their name with no punctuation
▪ Driver’s license databases may drop the apostrophe so the user’s identification doesn’t
   match more sophisticated credit records or less sophisticated birth records
▪ Airline boarding passes may not print the punctuation, but passports may include it, causing
   extra security reviews at the gate. It could even happen at O’Hare Airport in Chicago!

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                Maximize your IT investment value.

                                                            Don’t Rely On Luck!
March 2011
                                                             What if a hacker gained access to your company information, client
CadréNET Headquarters                                        data, or financial documents? What if the attack brought down your
1110 South Avenue, Second Floor                              network and no one was able to access e-mail or files until the breach
Staten Island, NY 10314                                      was resolved. Could your company survive? Don’t wait to find out.
(347) 273-1263                                               Give us a call today to set up your FREE Network Security Audit. We
                                                             will identify potential threats to your network and suggest changes to
CadréNET - NYC Office                                        help you safeguard your network and prevent downtime. We can also
226 West 37th Street, Fourth Floor                           help with a password change policy.
New York, NY 10018
(212) 731-0644                                                                           CadréNET
                                                                                      (347) 273-1263

 Inquiring Minds...
              Lucky Charms work By now we’ve heard                   times what it was in 2009. One of the unexpected growth
             about Tiger Woods wearing a red shirt for luck          sectors is video from fixed sources, such as surveillance
             in the final round, and Michael Jordan wearing          video, child care and health monitoring, and “puppy cams”.
             his college gym shorts under his professional           Cisco Systems gave a readout at the conference and noted that
uniform. They’re great examples of lucky charms.                     the ShibaInu Puppy Cam site had more internet viewing hours
Researchers in Germany have proven there’s more to the               than all of ESPN’s online video!
charms than superstition. In their study, volunteers brought in      Studies have shown that pets can lower blood pressure and
their favorite good luck charms (stuffed animals, key chains,        reduce stress. That means a lower risk for a lot of other seri-
jewelry). Half the participants were allowed to keep the             ous diseases, like heart disease and diabetes. And the puppies
charms with them while they played a computer game, the              are really cute, so it’s probably safe to predict a continued
other half were not. Volunteers with their lucky objects in their    increase in puppy cam viewing.
possession did better at the game than those without.
                                                                                                     Networking mapped out
Research psychologists surmise that the lucky charms give                                            How are you doing at net-
people confidence, so they try harder and perform better.                                            working? LinkedIn now in-
Strangely enough, it works with other people’s charms as well!       cludes a feature called “InMaps”, which shows you a visual
Researchers gave participants a golf ball for a putting game –       picture of your connections and their connections. The fea-
one half were told nothing about the ball but the other half         ture helps you picture how you’ve spread your networking
were told it was a lucky ball that had performed well for others     across different groups of people.
in past games. Golfers with the “lucky ball” managed to sink         Use this information to figure out if you can leverage contact
35 percent more balls than those who thought they were play-         with one person to connect to another group of people or an-
ing with an ordinary ball. Simply thinking they had a lucky          other industry, or help others do the same. Assess whether
ball was enough to improve their performance.                        you’ve created enough networking in your target audiences.
Remember, if you think your charm is lucky, it probably will         Perhaps you can even see if your key links between groups
be lucky for you!                                                    might help you merge the two groups into one, creating net-
                                                                     working opportunities for everyone in both groups.
             Puppy cams drive internet growth Accord-
             ing to readouts given at the recent Pacific Tele-       In order to make it work, you’ll need at least 50 connections
             communications Council meeting, by 2014 global          and have completed 75% or more of your profile. To access
             internet traffic is expected to be more than four       your own map, visit

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